Aug 6, 2013 Happy B-Day Equinockz have a good one bro.Gråpes3 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 Thanks Kittystyle for the gold I was pretty surprised.. 5k, really? I only asked for 2.5 I mean, I know I'm charming and stuff, but that was going a little overboard. I want to make it clear that our relationship must stay strictly platonic, and by that I mean the relationship that is standard among anonymous individuals over the internet, while also taking into account seniority and skill, as how the pro relates to the noobie. ThanksRalavik10 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 [H]<Love Hammered> 10m - 7/13H Need Boom/Ele! <Love Hammered> We are currently 7/13H, (6/16H Previous tier) and we raid on Wednesday from 6pm - 8:30pm PST and Sunday from 4pm - 6:45pm PST. We are looking for a Boomkin or Ele Shaman that can play their OS well (healing) for a full time spot. We want someone that can mesh well with our group and keep up with our progression. You must be able to pull your weight. You will primarily DPS, but should be comfortable and up to date on healing, as we'll be using you as our swing healer when needed. We have a solid core, and have been raiding together for years. We have a limited raid schedule but we get a lot done for the time we have. We like to have fun, but we know when to focus up and kill bosses. WE NEVER BENCH, you will have a full time raid spot, so be reliable. Please have strong knowledge of your class, and be willing to learn fights and listen to instructions. Contact Hartlin#1115 (Raid Leader) for info or if you have questions!Postarity16 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 523 Guardian Druid LF Late Night Raiding Hello everyone: Long story short, I live in Hawaii, and raiding oceanic has become too much of a burden (most oceanic guilds raid 7:30 to 10:30 Australia time which is 11:30 to 2:30 am my time). I'm looking for a guild on a west coast server that raids ideally starting at between 10:00 and 11:00 pm pacific time. My experience: I'm currently 12/12 normal ToT and 3/12 Heroic. I'm also 12/12 T14 normal (I took a break when MOP launched so I'm slowly getting all my raids down on openraid). Previous Experience: Cataclysm: T11/T12/T13 meta's all complete while current. Only missed Sinestra. WOTLK: T8/T10 meta's all complete while current, Light of Dawn completed while current as well as 25 man heroic Halion. I'm currently working on a feral off-spec and will have it ready to go shortly. My battletag is Evilwayz1983#1910, feel free to add and whisper any additional questions you may have, you can also respond to this post. Thanks for your time.Sinderian0 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 Kil'Jaeden Down Anybody wanna sess? Wanna sess? You go first. Nou.Foghørn29 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 WTB 1-600 Engineering Kit Please mail me in game with price. I will get back to you ASAP. Or message me in game. The ñ in my name is alt code 164.Cptnplañet1 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 Grrrrr work is so booooooring >:|Ralavik10 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 [H] <In Omnia Paratus> Just Transfered & LFM <In Omnia Paratus> is currently looking for more raiders! We just recently guild server transferred to Kil'jaeden from a dying server and we're looking for some very dedicated raiders. We have cleared ToT 10m 12/12 norm, and are Heroic 2/13. We're looking for some very good dps and an extra tank that know how to play their class, know the fights, are dedicated to be on time, pull the numbers required, and of course to have a good time! We are looking for some main raid spots as well as some bench seats that will be cycled in and out. So don't feel like you will be left out. Everyone has an equal opportunity. Our raid days are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 8:20-midnight server time. We're a mature, but very open bunch and we are all very much looking to progress as far as we can! We definitely want to be ready for when 5.4 comes out. So, if you have any questions or would like to inquire, please feel free to ask me, Matsukai (Matsukai#1992), in game, or Crispee or Zerchai, or post below and I'll be happy to answer any questions! <3 MatsukaiMatsukai4 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 VI's Karaoke Night Full video! (Well almost.) Here it is! The full night of our talent night! Sorry it took so long! Sadly two of the songs didn't make it and I had to shorten some due to low attention spans :3 heehee /love, but its done and I hope you all like it!ánii1 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 Dalaran Yacht Club is closing its doors Dalaran Yacht Club is officially closing its doors to public invites in the guild. We are doing this as a form of quality control because we believe in maintaining a strong interpersonal community within the guild and that diluting ourselves with more invites can affect that. We are sorry to announce this, but we appreciate the feedback and love we have gotten recently. That being said we are still looking for an exceptional Restoration Druid and Discipline priests to help us push Rated Battleground progression. Thanks everyone :3Stagnetti90 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 bad players with bad attitudes. Please use the in-game options to report players if you are feeling harassed. ---RaxBabylon30 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 15 more levels 15 more levels before a reckoning happens. I hope you guys have your pants buckled up tight.Ralavik15 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 It has come to my attention that by level 70 I won't have enough funds for my flying upgrade. I'm now accepting any and all donations. Thank youRalavik15 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 LF horde for organized ToT alt run Trying to see what the interest is for an organized alt run of competentent raiders. I know there are quite a few people in my guild with serious alts(like this toon) but am tempted to want to run a 25 man just for the sake of loot. Let me know if this is something you might be interested in and/or how many guildies you have that might want to do this. Right now I have something like Saturday night in my head but who knows. No reason we can't do heroics if people aren't showing up with full carry toons.Wreck0 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 [H]Mÿth is recruiting for 10M raiding & RBGs Mÿth is recruiting for our multiple 10M raid and RBG teams. Raid teams are semi-casual, serious enough to progress, but not be militant about everything and have fun. Looking for the following: ToT Wed/Thurs 7-10PM server Protection Paladin - Pending Mistweaver Monk Please have experience as well as a 500 ilvl minimum, 510 is preferred. ToT group 2: Sun/Mon 7-10PM server Resto Shaman or Mistweaver Monk Protection Warrior or Paladin - Pending 500 ilvl is fine. New 3rd group, will run ToES 2 weeks then move into ToT. Sunday 3-8PM server. 1 long raid night instead of 2 shorter. Mage or Shadow Priest 500 ilvl is fine. Also recruiting for our weekend RBG teams that run Sat and Sun usually at 5PM. Depending on how many people we are able to recruit and their availability, additional days may be added. Recruiting all classes, however Holy Paladin is at the top of the list. Feel free to reply here if interested, or send an in game mail to myself, or anyone in guild to have an officer message you for more info. Thanks!Høpesfall4 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 Brewing Ideas Hello fellow forum goers! I've been brewing beer and mead as an apprentice now for about 6 months and have recently struck out on my own attempting to start a few batches with a friend of mine. We've got a Cinnamon batch currently aging and we just completed a Raspberry batch that's in the pre-carboy stage. What does this matter to you all? I need ideas for another batch! Only the most patricious of suggestions will do. What are some fruits that you think would compliment honey nicely? Possibly a Fruit/Spice combo?Vorinthe19 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 Yeah, I still might go Alliance But after the Siege of Orgimmar.Ralavik17 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 mmmmmMMmmm Just made some nachos. It's got Buffalo meat, greek olives, green/red peppers, red onions, velveeta cheese, and Old El Paso sauce. YummyRalavik8 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 What is the best rep to grind? Like it was a question.Stagnetti2 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 @ [Removed] [Removed] inb4 excuses EDIT: Please take care not to name and shame in the forums - doing so may be construed as a form of harassment, and can lead to a suspension or revocation of posting privileges. Such posts may be edited, removed and/or locked.Skillstep22 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 New transfer I just xfer'ed to this server after hearing all the good things about world pvp and population. For some reason, I can't post on my ele shammy main, so I'm on my warrior - I'll be playing both equally going forward. I'm looking around for a trollish semi-casual pvp guild who's all about doing random !@#$ for fun. My experience is only ~1900 rating (once hit 2200 way back in season 3 on my rogue, but that's ancient history). Anywho, was just saying hello and seeing what sort of %^-*!@# irreverent troll pvp guilds are out there! (aside: I'm really a nice person I swear)Chucklesmash8 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 5/13h BDK (H) LF Heroic Raiding Guild Alt BDK 532 lf Heroic Raiding guild. I'm just looking for a guild to raid with on my DK, I'm 5/13h Exp atm with the guild Insomnia on the horde side, but switching my DK out of that team for my Monk means that my DK will need her own raiding team. Looking for a team that is 3/13h+ and competent. Message me in-game or on here if you need my times.. kthx Akanda Willing to go Alliance..Äkanda2 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 Getting out of the transmog business Like the title says I'm tired of keeping up with the transmog business. So I'm selling my HUGE collection of peices. It's mostly green low level items but you'd be suprised at how well they sell at high prices. I'll be happy to sell individual pieces but am really looking for someone to buy in bulk if not buy it all. 6 bank tabs full and who knows how many peices in the mail Any questions add snagletooth#1577Swaggletooth2 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 Selling TCG Mounts & Pets Hello, I am looking to Sell the following TCG mounts and Pets. Open to all offers. Mounts are on Horde & Alliance WTS on Alliance and Horde Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger A + H Reins of the Spectral Tiger A + H X-51 Nether-Rocket A + H Magic Rooster Egg A Feldrake A Blazing Hippogryph A X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME A Mottled Drake A + H Amani Dragonhawk A + H Wooly White Rhino A + H Tabard of the Lightbringer A + H Pets Soul-Trader Beacon Spectral Tiger Cub Rocket Chicken Dragon Kite Please contact me by battle tag - Frontline#1641 Thanks!Insanityx0 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 [H] Cheap and Dirty Horde Cheap and Dirty Horde is recruiting anyone one who wants to casually PVP and have overall shenanigans on KJ. We're a chill guild for people who don't have the time to make scheduled things in game because they have a hectic real life and like to play WoW to relax and also want to create an awesome community of players. We have a chat server and if your interested whisper me, Doomslice, or Nocturia in game!Hematosaurus0 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Looking to start an RBG team. Hey guys, I'm looking to start a low mmr rbg team. I dont have much experience in the rbg world (mostly because every time i try to jump in one everyone leaves it after the first game), but I love battlegrounds and pvp in general. I guess I'm not really looking for any specific players other than that you be pretty geared and are willing to stick it out. I want to push a rating, but manage to have a fun time doing it with some good people. It would be pretty cool to be able to just play it like you would any old battleground with some try-hards. If you're interested in helping me get a group going or just want to be a part of one you can message me in game or reply to this thread. :)Palybaba0 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 I am Vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMOO! DA NANANANANANANANANA! BATMOOOOO!ánii11 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 King Famine I would like to request Refuge in your Kingdom while there is an active threat on my life. Thank you for your consideration. ~Kat~Kittystyle10 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Hello,thinking of joining this realm Hello, I come from rp server mainly...but I just want more pvp action!=) I was going to roll a draenei shaman which is ally but I'm a bit worried because I think this realm is mainly horde >.> This will be my first pvp server and I don't want to make a mistake and have to pay for transfer but everyone seems to like this realm.=)Kiiky37 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 LF Skilled Disc Priest with Shadow Offspec. Name: <After The Storm> Guild Level: 25 Raid Size: 10man Progression: [2/13 H] Realm: Kil’Jaeden Faction: Horde Raid Times: Tues/Weds/Mon --- 6:30pm to 10:00pm Server Time (Pacific) Who we are: After The Storm is a relatively new Raiding Guild comprised of what we like to call a group of misfits. Many of our raiders have been playing together for years, while others just met in previous guilds and now have new friendships; some are even RL friends. Despite getting a late start in Throne of Thunder and unfortunately losing a few raiders due to their own personal reasons, we have maintained a steady progression rate while having a fun time doing it. What we’re looking for: ATS is currently interested in adding another healer to our roster for a starting spot in our main core. Although we would like to fill the spot with a DISC PRIEST WITH SHADOW OFFSPEC, we are accepting applications from all healing classes if you believe you are a good fit for our group and can perform well in raids. What we expect from you: When we consider a players performance, we look at a variety of key drivers. We are fully aware that a strong raider is more than a player who can perform well on the charts. We expect our raiders to be well rounded individuals who not only know how to play their class, but also have raid awareness and experience with heroic raid mechanics. Like any other Heroic raiding group, those who can’t follow directions or consistently fail at the expense of other raiders will not last long in our raid core. We expect our raiders to be on time and have knowledge of current boss encounters (even if that simply means studying a youtube video). Additionally, we ask that our raiders bring 300 stat food for new Heroic attempts when we start getting close to a kill. What you can expect from us: Although we try our best to keep our raids organized and on task, the fact is that most of our raiders have played this game with each other for a long time and we enjoy the time we spend together. All of our raiders are adults and we have a fun time while keeping things in a mature setting. Those who are either too uptight or too immature will probably be out the door faster than they came in. We’re here to have fun and it is very important for all our raiders to get along. Additionally, all raiders enjoy benefits including free repairs, flasks, potions, and feasts. Loot: Ahh, the age old question of loot. We run a typical Loot Council system. When determining how we ration out gear, many aspects are taken into consideration. Items include who it’s a bigger upgrade for, who has been on time and contributing to the raid group, and most importantly, who has received gear lately and who hasn’t. All the loot that drops is recorded into a Google Docs file that can be viewed by any raider via our Guild Facebook Group. We keep track of who receives which items, so we can make sure loot is being distributed evenly. We all believe this is the best way to avoid any loot related issues. If you are interested in becoming part of our 10 man team, please send an in-game message to Tamien (RichTay#1161). We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!Tamien0 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 [H] <Skidmarks> recruiting for 10 man ToT Skidmarks is recruiting for a second 10 man ToT group for raiders with a less than normal availability schedule. We have a few firefighters / millworkers with shift work that does not support raiding the same nights each week and are tired of not having a core group to raid with each week and or pugging. We are looking to create a group with will run 2 nights a week, for 2-4 hours per night with potentiall a RBG night depending on interest. Raid schedule will be posted on the guild website weekly, and adjusted as needed based on availability of members. We are currently looking for a tank and two healers; with a minimum item level of 502 to start out. Heroic progression is our goal but we will be starting with normal mode depending on how recruitment goes. If you are interested in joining drop by to apply; or contact Pegasusnipps, Gapehornstar, Hudas(hudas#1360), or Nighthawk#1991 for questions.Pegasusnipps10 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 This server has so many pets in the auction house. I am going broke from buying them and I only transferred 50k with me from my old server. :*(Flipflop1 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 534Hpally and 530 Hunter LF Raid spot Hello, Me and my current GM are looking for a more reasonable raiding situation. We are currently alliance but WILL transfer if we find what we are looking for. We both have 2/13H exp and are looking for a guild we can raid in together. We would prefer a 10man core spot if possible. If you would like to talk more in detail about us please add Vig#1855. (As this is my alt that I posted this forum in please do not consider this as who I plan to raid with.)Starsurge0 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 LF Blacksmith tha played during BC to craft.. I can be contacted in game on either Convicted or Carjacked. Would be greatly appreciated.Convicted3 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Hordes1600meter dash in Deeptram So horde couldnt make up their minds regarding where to attack. Ending up in deeptram, Division VII and WSC shamed the horde. Being brutally farmed, the horde is better off without Genkhan or Doritopug. All of D7 was farmed lowbie included. You have to be pretty desperate to bring 85s on a wpvp event. All and all thank you fellow failed so-called wpvp horde guilds for the many hks we recieved looking forwardto you all failing again.Contraktor23 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 I got kicked from a group again.. Just because I get charmed by a mob and help wipe the group, but I survive and laugh at them, they got to get all bent out of shape. Where do all these carebears come from?Ralavik28 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 [H] 25 Man Weekend LFM, Alts welcome. <P Town Gnome Stompers> has resumed raiding again, and we are looking for more. Our raid times are Friday, Saturdy, and Sunday from 8:30 to 12:30 (Server). We are looking to fill out our 25 man, and start raiding in 25's on August 9th. If interested, please contact me in game. Bonsaii#1476Bonsaii0 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 WTS Tabard of the Lightbringer Add my btag and message me if you're interested. 135k Fury#1474Req3 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Attention everyone! Mrrglglglglglg! I have found cookies!!!!!! Omm nomnnonnomnomnom grglglglglglggnomnomnom!Avánii15 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Get Ready. It Is Coming. A reckoning is coming to Kil'Jaeden. Return of the King. 8/15/2013 -Skirpnasty, Immortal King of Ironforge (Trademark of Ironforge, donations to the cause accepted via in game mail to Amaxas/Skirpnasty or online at Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 ---Melee DPS for morning 2's--read all 1st--- I'm looking for any Cocky Melee DPS "but a rogue" that is """highly active in the mornings/daytime""" that is interested in pushing a lot of arena's {looking for a min of 30-50 a day} for a week or so until team work and strats are honed in and we see 2200+ CR and 2450 MMR----where you will be replacing a rogue in 3's for -Disc/SV/you- for a end of the season push for pvp titles I'm not looking for a angry youngster or pro, who thinks they cant learn anything new. pvp and wow changes as fast as the world does if you cant learn and adapt youll never achive, even the best can learn new !@#$.. I know summers out and day time players=a lot of kids so if you are a youngster you'll have nothing held against you but your own attitude, you blow my high your not what im looking for lol, i'm not here to teach your class/babysit .... I'm looking for a stoner who has the desire and patience to strive in pvp and arena's and the time to do so regardless of past achiv's and just play games daily because its what we do lol I am a 1918 CR Disc Priest with solid base skills ---All exp from never walked into the arena to arena master's welcome to pst me in game but must pass a duel test to show you understand your class/cc/burst/silences/and counters---I don't expect you to beat me till oom if at all---but you must be able to hold your own or you just don't have what it takes to push period I hold preference to the following {sorry rogue's I know a lot of you are stoners and fit this post well---but rogue play style is too scary for me. I'm looking for Ooomph so I can play aggressive and force unplaned CD's/trinks} --Ret pally----who has healer BoP's and Freedom's in there base skills and macro's --uh/f DK ----weather can or not, is cocky enough to nuke heals and knows how to peel --Feral druid -who has clone mouse overs --enh shamie-Duh FOTM comps for the win I would like to keep a 70-75%+ win rate but im not even that picky "im a stoner who want to play" : ) ive been around long enough to know 20 games at 50% is 1550 50 games at 50% is 1750 120 games at 50% is 2k and so on if you win the games you need to be winning .... Pst in game for more info and if you fit this post- if im not on Hazy on KJ or Tich the wife should be able to take your message and she's always stoned farming so pst misdirect : )Hazyhealz1 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 what its the name of the mount? Sky terror scry something cant find itObdul4 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 sooo horde should unite.... Just my thoughts. what do you guys says ?Candycrush42 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 [H] Morning Guild LFM for HM Progression <Nap Time>, a daytime/afternoon raiding guild on US-Kil'Jaeden is now recruiting. We are looking to fill 1-2 spots to push hardmode progression. While we are most interested in the classes below, however we encourage all exceptional applicants to apply. Tank - CLOSED Melee DPS - CLOSED Ranged DPS - Boomkin - Mage Healer - Resto Druid - Resto Shaman - Mistweaver Monk RAID TIMES: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-12 PST/server time ( Which is 11a-2p CST / 12p-3p EST) That is progression raiding on a 3-day, 12-hour/week schedule. It doesn't get better than that. We do require all members to have at least 90%+ attendance as we do not maintain an extensive backup roster. Our recruitment is for core raid spots. Nap Time's leadership is composed of former hardcore progression raiders whose schedules no longer permit them to raid at standard hours. The lack of progression-oriented daytime raiding guilds caused us to form our own. We are seeking dedicated, like-minded raiders who are excellent at their class, and always looking to improve. To apply please visit our website, If you have any additional questions please message us in-game. Officer - Captnawesome#1295 GM - Synnderella#1100 **As a side note, we are daytime players, may be tricky to catch us at night.Captnamerica15 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 [H] <Sleep> PVP Guild Recruiting Good Morning, Kil'jaeden. We are <Sleep>, your friendly neighborhood pvp guild, and we are after some people to play with; Randoms, Arenas, World PVP, and hopefully RBGs if we can get a solid team. Old world instances, LFR and perhaps some 5 man dungeons if we're feeling really bored. Challenge modes are something we'd be interested in with the right team. No plans on doing any sort of 10/25m raiding right now. We don't have any strict requirements-- we're a little more casually focused. We aren't too super serious, but we aren't new to the game. Just have a good attitude about yourself, don't keyboard turn and you'll fit in fine. We don't have set times in which we play. We're mostly around during the evenings, but schedules are sporadic. If you have any questions or would like to join, send me a message through in-game mail or just whisper me, Yfele or svampe. Thanks for your time, and good night!Malphegor13 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Selling lv 25 guild. 5 bank tabs Offer up.Ashés0 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Doritopug update Hello, as you may be able to see, the red background behind my toon. I have recently faction changed to the horde. While I plan on staying here for a while, I have joined D7. I would like to thank all of the guilds I talked to. It was a hard decision but D7 has everything that I need. As for me I recently got a new computer so i will be quite active online. I have also recently got a battle tag!!! You can add me Doritopug#1907. Have fun in WoW, I will see you guys in due time.... Edit: Due to recent "actions" taken against me. I retract all positive statements I have said. I am truly disappointed that the guild I once loved. It has now turned to !@#$. Anyone who stays in Ruinous now is truly blind.Doritopug207 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Looking for Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion Well the title mostly states what I'm looking for. Does anyone have this for sale? I really don't want to pay much for it but can never find it on the Auction House and I can't farm the rare mobs because I always end up with 20 horde around me while I'm cowering and trying to fear my way out of them. Scizz#1393 is my Battletag or whisper me in game thanks once again!Sciz0 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 525 Shadow Priest LFG ToT 10 or 25 Meg+ Hello pretties. iGuild won't be clearing this week, and I figure I'd advertise that I'm in the market for a clear. I don't have much heroic experience, only having downed Jin'Rokh and Tortos, and attempts on Horridon. That said, If an alt group needs me, I'd be down to go. I've downed the first four bosses this week. I'd be ready to go from Megaera onward. Thanks.Theyas0 Aug 1, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 wtb bulk herbs wtb bulk herbs motp or northrend herbs, 30g a stack, 5 guild bank tabs worthBingers2 Aug 1, 2013