6d HPal - LF weekend or late night raid guild Chipadelphia#1908 110 Holy Paladin I usually know what I'm doing Not as geared as I would like to be but it is getting there. I have experience raiding up until WoD where I took a break. I'm a lot better at just answering your questions than telling you stuff so please add me and message me. Weeknights - 10pm - 1pmish (CST) Weekends - Pretty much anytime but 12pm - 6pm for sure All I ask is that your guild is ready to raid, I don't want to join a group of aspiring raiders unless you are missing just a piece or two. Thanks!!Jammerx0 6d
Sep 21 (H) Prot War and Havoc DH LF Raiding guild Title Says it all, were very exp players, i have played since Vanilla (war) and my wife has played since BC (DH) looking to get into a guild that raids 1-2 nights a week. let me know whats out there!Brûner3 Sep 21
Sep 21 [H]<BlackWidowCompany> Gaming Community LFM Black Widow Company [BWC] has re-opened our guild to Horde recruitment on Kil'Jaeden. We do not have any class/level requirements and we encourage our members to explore all styles of play -- leveling/exploring old content and/or end-game PvE and PvP. - Now that we have re-opened recruitment, we are seeking current/future raiders to support our four raid teams. We have a progression team along with two semi-progression teams and a casual team. - Raiding is not a requirement to join. We do many other events involving PvP, Pet Battles, and our classic "Intoxication Operations." - We have a rated battleground team along with Arena team nights if PvP is your thing. - Our community does not disappear when content dries out as we play multiple games together. Black Widow Company [BWC] is an award-winning, international, multi-gaming outfit with a thirteen year history of gaming excellence. We are veteran founded, owned and operated with a solid reputation of integrity, fair play, dedication and team work across many games – Arma 3, MechWarrior Online, PlanetSide 2, Star Citizen, World of Tanks/Warships, Overwatch and more. As a community, we operate under a clearly defined Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which serves as our charter and code of conduct. The SOP sets the standard of respect, professionalism, and excellence that every BWC member is expected to uphold. If you are seeking more than just an in-game guild, then BWC may be for you. Check us out at Discover what Black Widow Company has to offer you and what you have to offer BWC. /salute **CURRENT RAID TEAMS** Progression - Tues and Thurs 8PM-11PM PST Casual - Sat and Sun 5PM-8PM PST **NEW TEAMS STILL LOOKING TO FORM CORE GROUP** Semi-progression - Mon and Wed 5PM-730PM PST Semi-progression (early team) - Thurs and Sun 1130AM-3PM PSTJovariss96 Sep 21
Sep 21 848 Resto Druid LFG Hello, resto druid looking to get back into raiding on KJ, 1. Times available & time zone: 3 days per week, 6-9 PST or something close to. 2. Server preference: KJ 3. Faction preference: No preference, but probably horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: My experience is fairly varied as I’ve played since 2004. Mostly played in PvE (raided both competitively, middle of the road and casually), 20% has been casual/PvP. Participated in several world ranked kills over the years. Was part of the guild that achieved the world first Onyxia kill in vanilla. Availability preferred is 9 hours per week maximum over 3 nights per week preferred. Time frame of 6PM PST – 9PM PST or pretty similar. Please provide battle tag so I can contact, or drbnpoison#1183 Thanks.Kitaba3 Sep 21
Sep 21 850 Exp Mage LF 6-10PM EST Mythic Raid Guild Hello. I am a very experienced raider looking for a semi-serious place to raid for legion. You can look at my profile to see some of my accomplishments, but I have raided in top 20 US guilds in the past. I work straight midnights, so these time frames are VERY SPECIFIC! I am not interested in any guild that raids past 10 PM EST. No exceptions! :) I am fully willing to apply and trial, please let me know whats available. I also have a real life friend who would probably come with me, he has a dk/priest available, but having him raid is not a deal breaker. Contact me, thanks.Sciatika0 Sep 21
Sep 21 For horde eyes only. Our guild is recruiting all races, all classes, all specs, and all levels. We at <IWonAMathDebate> are looking to increase our numbers, we got tired of creating alts to increase our numbers so we have turned to recruiting. We welcome anyone, but we would also like to have a tank, some healers, and some ranged dps for our raid team. We are a very friendly guild. We have our very own special guild hall, we it is fully stocked with vendors and all sorts of eye candy, we call it Dalaran. Our raid times consist of Friday and Saturday 8pm-11pm EST, if need be we will also raid on sunday. If for some reason you can't make the raid just let us know, we do understand life events happen, example-your boss decides to ruin your day and make you stay over. We will understand that and also spam him a bunch of man boob pics if you give us his number. To simply apply just add Proehlster#1328 who is me, the gm, or add Sploof#1339 the co-gm/guy that will send moob pics. We are on the realm Dalaran.Ìsaputap1 Sep 21
Sep 21 [H] Ångst Recruitment Ångst is a casual guild looking to build it's first raid team. Most of our members have been together since WotLK, and are looking to reform with new members. Recruiting Currently taking all classes and specs. We are working on gearing up members for Normal Raiding to move on to heroics. Raid times Tues / Thurs 7-10 Server time. Possible third day cleanup TBD. Send a in game message to either myself , Horshack or Salzman with any questions or if interested.Aenise0 Sep 21
Sep 21 [H] <Infected> Recruiting For Raid About <Infected>: We are are a recently formed guild looking to expand our ranks in hopes of creating a semi-competitive raid team, as well as provide a friendly community for players of all types to enjoy. While we are open to recruiting early daytime players, most of our members are quite nocturnal and will generally be on from 7:00 p.m. CST to 4:00 a.m. CST. Additionally, because we value community greatly, you can rest assure that our leadership will treat members fairly and with the utmost of respect. Why <Infected> Is The Right Fit For You: Because most of us have been away from WoW for some time, we're looking to start fresh. What this means for you is that prior raid experience, while certainly helpful, is not a must. So if you've been on the fence about raiding or have had bad experiences with PUGs and/or guild leadership in the past, we'd like you to consider joining us. Our goal is to be semi-competitive and progress content on a fairly consistent basis. We aren't looking to shatter meters and accomplish world firsts by any means, but we'd like to have a reliable core group who is willing to have fun and kill some bosses. We are also very much interested in creating a secondary raid team so that as the guild grows, no player feels like they don't have a chance to raid each week. Creating two raid teams will also allow us to tackle Mythic content as a guild, which we are very much looking forward to. In terms of leadership, this isn't a military structured or regimented guild; we want everyone to have a voice and feel as if they contribute to the guild in a meaningful way. If you've experienced difficulty with guild leadership in the past or felt like you were outside the central "clique", then by all means give us a try. We promise your raid experience will be nothing short of stellar! Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. CST (6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. REALM) Thursday 8:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. CST (6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. REALM) While we are flexible on most things, our raid times are fairly cemented at the moment. What <Infected> Is Looking For: Because we are a brand new guild our numbers are quite low, so we aren't looking for anything specific right now. We of course need a couple of tanks, a handful of healers, and a mixture of ranged/melee damage dealers. As recruitment ramps up, we will likely alter this section of the post to reflect what we need specifically. Until then, however, we are looking for anyone who feels <Infected> could be a lasting home for their characters! How To Join Or Get In Touch: Feel free to post any interest or questions below. If you would like to contact me via in game mail, you may do so by mailing Norovìrus. The ì is created by using Alt + 141. Additionally, you may add me on @ Munchies#1721, though if you do wish to contact me through this method I ask that you send me a letter via in game mail detailing who you are, otherwise you will likely get lost in the sea that is my friends list. We look forward to hearing from you!Norovìrus5 Sep 21
Sep 20 [A] Looking for a healer and two DPS Hi, my guild, Organization XIII, is looking for another healer and two DPS positions to be filled for our raiding group. We are planning on raiding at 6:00-6:30 server time on Tuesday/Thursday and will possibly raid on Fridays in the future. Message me in game if you're interested. We are all highly geared and server ranked, ilvl845-851.Yennëfer0 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] <Our Valor> Mythic Raiding 4pm-7pm PST "Against the Legion, all we have is Our Valor." With over 10 years of leadership experience, <Our Valor> is opening it's doors to potential recruits. We're looking for skilled, strong-willed, mature players for Mythic Progression. "Forged in blood. Hardened with steel. We are the ones that knock." ---Raid Times--- Monday - 4-7 Server Time (PST) Tuesday - 4-7 Server Time (PST) Thursday - 4-7 Server Time (PST) With the Emerald Nightmare freshly released <Our Valor> will be stepping into Normal and Heroic during the first week. Apply now! ---Recruitment Openings--- Heals - High Ranged - Medium-High Melee - Medium Tanks - Low Death Knight - DPS (Medium) Demon Hunter - Low Druid - Feral (Medium), Balance (Medium-High), Resto (Medium-high) Hunter - Marksmen/Beast Master (Medium-High) Mage - Medium Monk - Winkwalker (High), Mistweaver (Medium-High) Paladin - Ret (Medium), Holy (High) Priest - Shadowpriest (Medium), Holy (High) Rogue - Medium Shaman - Elemental (Medium), Resto (Medium-High) Warlock - Medium Warrior - DPS (Medium) "We're more than just friends... Come join the family." For more information contact Racker#1664Racker0 Sep 20
Sep 20 845 Havoc DH LF raiding guild Found one, thanks!Hellion0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Leading Emerald Nightmare Raid Tuesday-Noon If you have found this post then I am looking for you. Let me brief you on who and why I'm looking to lead a "pug" raid. I am a very experienced high end raider spanning multiple MMO and now a decade. I have a career that does not allow me to conform to traditional raid times. Every third day i work a 24 hour shift. so my scheduled needs to be a little more flexible. I love the thrill of learning fights and stabbing dragons with pals. My style: Not looking to belittle or trash talk players. Laid back constructive criticism to help you improve if needed. I will take advice when its needed. I do not know everything. I'm looking for players with alts, or mains who want to raid weekly. Once a group gets more established it will conform to maybe two-three nights a week. Most likely between Friday-Monday. I'm not looking to make a guild. Just lead a raid with a semi core and a small revolving door. Gear your alts, play your mains. have fun. If you have made it this far then i expect you are interested. What i need from you is to post in this thread; Your class; ilvl, and spec. I need you to ask yourself honestly how you are as a player. If you are not good, then i expect you want to be better and you need to read up on your class and rotation, and look into ad-dons and mouse over macros before considering grouping with us. If you can not put in the effort to be better than we will not put the effort in carrying you. Beta testing info on the raid to review Tanks (2) Rukro - Protection Warrior Healers (3-4) one off spec dps would be nice DPSRukro1 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] <Rivals> Recruiting For Core Raid Flex Hey everyone, <Rivals> is recruiting members that are interested in doing PvE progression of all types in Legion. About <Rivals> is a small, chill and relaxed guild created by friends and family, some of us playing since Vanilla and some during Wrath. We came from Boulderfist to KJ in hopes to create a core raid team for Legion. Led by players who have been playing for years and always willing to help out new members whenever possible. What we're looking for Currently looking for Ranged DPS (Boomkin, Mage, Warlock or even Hunter) for our core 10-20 man flex raid team. Raid Times Sunday 7:30pm - 11:30pm PDT (Also Server Time) Monday 9:00pm - 1:00am PDT (Also Server Time) *If were all on early the day of a raid, we might even considering starting a lot earlier! We're always looking for new members of all kinds to even just join us and we might even start multiple Mythic(+) groups to gear members to join us on raid days. We like to hangout in the Discord, get some activities going from PvP, World Quests, Achievements and whatever Legion has to offer. If you are interested in joining for the core raid team or just to hangout with us, send us mail or whisper us if you catch us online! You can contact any of our mains here; -Cawl -Cherryblast -Pd If you can't contact our mains, add my Bnet RenKei#1623 and I can answer any questions you may have.Cawl0 Sep 20
Sep 20 Selling Poor Unfortunate Souls Achiv runs Selling "Poor Unfortunate Souls" achievement which is required to get "Glory to the Legion Dungeon Hero" Meta-Achievement and getting the pet "Lagan" which is a homage to "The Little Mermaid". 50k per run; allowed 2 attempts in case you mess up. Discord is required and 30~ minutes of your time. Add me to btag: Kenn#1949Chichis1 Sep 20
Sep 20 <Blood Defenders> [H] Recruiting **<Blood Defenders> @ US-Kil'Jaeden | Recruiting for Legion Progression** **Raid Times - Tuesday/ Wednesday 5:30pm-8:30pm server time** **About the Guild** This guild was formed near the end of WoD with the goal of forming a raid team in preparation for the upcoming expansion Legion. The guild is co-lead by three people who were tired of raiding under horrible leadership and decided to take it upon themselves to create the ideal raid group and guild. **WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN** In two months time we had formed a raid group consisting of experienced raiders who had forsaken the WoD expansion, but decided to come back and clear the content before Legion. Almost all of the raid group were level boosted 100's, who have had no prior experience in Hellfire Citadel, however...within 2 months we had progressed to completely clearing HFC normal and heroic. If you would like proof, here is our logs Who are we looking for? Blood Defenders is shooting for a raid size of 20, to progress into Mythic Content. We are currently recruiting for ranged dps * Shadow priest * Balance druid * Warlock * Hunter * Mage Also will consider any competent players who are looking for a raid group within these times Please contact Afeonim#1754 on if you feel this raid group is something you are interested in.Ygiri5 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] <Maximum Effort> Raiding & Mythic+ About: Maximum Effort was founded when we transferred to Kil'Jaeden at the end of Mists. We raided together briefly in Warlords on KJ, but some of us have been raiding as a group since Wrath. Schedule: Main Group: Wed/Thurs/Mon(if needed) 7pm ST until around 10, but no later than 11. Early Group: Wed/Thurs 5:30 ST - 8:30 ST Goals: Our aim for Legion is to down heroic raid content, work on achievements, and gear a few alts along the way. As well as have a team or two of players that want to work on the new Mythic+ dungeons, whether it be along with raiding, or just focusing on that. Off nights usually consist of miscellaneous WoW things, Overwatch, HotS, & much more. We want to have fun playing this game, not make it feel like a second (or third) job. The Raid Groups Main Group: The "Main Group" is the original raid group for the guild, raiding 3 nights a week focusing on heroic progression & having fun downing content. Early Group: The "Early Group" is lead & maintained by raiders from the main group that cannot make the later times or days. They raid 2 nights a week and are by no means a B team or a backup group, just different time schedule. Expectations: Know & learn your class/role Be proactive, do what you can to better yourself without the guild Research the raids Be prepared, gems, enchants, repaired, ect... Current Needs: Main Group: Ranged DPS (pref Boomkin)Early Group: A little bit of everything, contact Burlapsack.Casuals, friends, alts, & more are always welcome. Send a mail or whisper to Doktah, or add Andwer#1346 for more info on the guild or the Main Group. Contact Burlapsack for information on the Early GroupDoktah4 Sep 20
Sep 20 [A] <The Old Guard> Looking for more players. We're a group of handful of friends that have been playing games together for years. We thought we'd put this out there and see what interest people have to joining us on our raids. We are mostly 845 and above and looking forward to the EN and Mythic+. We don't have any set raid times atm. The could however change depending on how big we get. Thanks!Chzz1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Healer, Tank, 1 mDps, 1 rDps Looking for a progression guild: Holy Paladin 850 Brewmaster 847 Havoc 847 Spriest 835 Server transferring is an option, but will only be considered after 2 full raid lockouts. As of now, we have been operating with raid times 7pm-11pm CST Mon/Wed/Sat. The time slot must remain about the same, the day of the week is negotiable.Mïçhëlängëlö1 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] <Convergence> KJ: U.S., 130, 3-Night, LFM [Horde] <Convergence> 13/13 Mythic HFC is looking for more exceptional players to progress in Mythic raids! WEBSITE: APPLICATION: <Convergence> is a semi-hardcore, raiding guild whose core is comprised of a group of friends that raided together for several expansions in various guilds. We expect high performance, but are a relaxed, friendly, and drama-free guild. We have an almost nonexistent turnover rate, even when it comes to new recruits. <Convergence> is located on Kil'jaeden (PVP), a high population, Horde majority, West Coast server that has a lot going on! During progression we raid on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-11 PDST (server time). Halfway through raid, there will be a 15 minute break, and any other breaks as deemed necessary. UPDATED 9/19: Currently looking for an EXCEPTIONAL TANK (No DH/Guardian) and a RESTORATION SHAMAN. Please be advised that all exceptional applications of any class/role/spec will be reviewed and accessed in the normal way even if the recruitment need is not high. Any exceptional DPS, tank, or healer applications will always be considered. We will try our best to make it work for the right person. APPLICANTS: Be able to make full use of voice communications (e.g., TeamSpeak) while being able to listen and communicate with raid members. Standard attendance policy for raiders is that you must make no less than 90% of all scheduled raids. Severe emergency situations are always taken into serious consideration but if you find yourself frequently on the receiving end of “freak occurrences,” you need not apply. All raiders will be provided with repairs, enchants, and consumables if needed. We have multiple raiders who can craft mats or gems if needed, so there is no excuse for not coming to raids prepared. All raiders, trials or otherwise, must be understanding and cooperative when being benched for purposes of progression. Performance is not optional. We keep a very small bench and expect players regardless of class/spec to be on top of their game when it comes to their specific role. We are not in the business of carrying players to success. If you are technically prone to failing boss mechanics, unable to keep up with damage/healing/survivability on a regular basis, or you frequently show up unprepared for raid, or any combination of the above--you are not going to fare well here. There is no raging tolerated in our raids and everyone always remains respectful, but you will be given constructive criticism if you mess up. Research and understanding of boss mechanics is a must. Our guild site features boss videos so that you can swiftly familiarize yourself with each encounter’s various strategies. Our raid times are on the lighter side, but we still aim to be a competitive U.S. guild. Typical trial periods may last around two weeks. This duration is not set in stone, and may fluctuate based on performance and/or attendance. Regardless of recruitment needs, please feel free to app at or add kaywhy#1160 if you have any questions. Other than the serious, boring stuff we have a really FUN and FRIENDLY raid environment! During current content we do optional carry runs twice a week, to get our members gold capped and have their subscriptions completely paid for via WoW tokens (also just for fun). Feel free to check out our streams below to get a feel for our raid environment. STREAMERS: Sep 20
Sep 20 [A]Organization XIIl is recruiting! OrganizationXIIl is now recruiting exceptional players for our progression raid team! We currently are accepting any roles, and must be at least 820+. We plan to raid 2-3 times a week, and currently have all mythic dungeons on farm. We are also currently accepting any casual players looking for PVP, world quests, and dungeons. All players are accepted, as long as you are mature, fun, and kind. Whisper me or any guild officer for more information about our guild! Kettaii - thepandaman#1366Kettaii3 Sep 20
Sep 20 [H] Rdruid, new to server, LF mythic guild Been playing since BC, mythic-tier experience in all three roles and almost every class over the years. Some raid-lead experience also. Was a filthy casual in WoD because WoD, but I'm back for legion because it's not WoD. Currently focusing on the resto artifact. Perfectly comfortable switching roles or even classes if there's a need. I'd prefer a guild that raids wed/thurs, or ends raiding at 8pm server time for other nights. It's possible to change my schedule some for the right fit, but that's my availability currently. Feel free to contact me in game, #krijara1114Bludru1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Prot War + MW/WW Monk for Raiding Guild i847 Protection Warrior and i844Mistweaver/i845Windwalker Monk (IRL buddies) looking to join raiding team to progress in Legion. Warrior - Playing since Vanilla and progression raiding since Firelands. Looking to tank this expansion. Monk - Playing since Vanilla and at the forefront of new raid content since Vanilla. Experienced in leading raids as well as doing part as a member. Would prefer to heal, but geared for dps as well. A weekend raiding schedule would be optimal, but we can talk and see if our schedules are compatible. Thank you in advance for your time, and have a good one!Schneegott0 Sep 20
Sep 19 Late Night Raiding Third Shift (Horde) is recruiting for legion. We are a LATE NIGHT raid guild that is progression oriented. Our raid times are fri and sat from 10:00 pm st to 2:00 am st. Please note that kil'jaeden is a Pst server. Guild Bio: Third Shift was founded on Ner'zhul in wrath of the Lich King under the name Dark Lotus, and still has many of the founding members in its ranks. When it comes to raids, our guild uses loot council that takes epgp into consideration. We have a laid back atmosphere when it comes to farm and trash, and a fairly serious one when it comes to progression. Since Third Shift is progression oriented, we use competition for our raid slots. Simply put, those who do not perform will be benched for those who can. Recruitment Needs: We are currently recruiting rogues, ranged dps and healers, but we encourage any exceptional player to apply. How to apply: We have two ways to apply: 1) you can check out our website at and apply there 2) you can add me on btag spev#11322 and do an oral interview with meSpev2 Sep 19
Sep 19 [H] rDruid looking for guild Looking for a semi hardcore progression guild for legion, also planning on doing Mythic+ during off time. Did most my progression raiding back in Vanilla, BC, and WOTLK, and some during BRF in WoD. Time schedule is very flexible. Currently at 845 il and soon to be 19 traits in artifact weapon.Shiftÿ0 Sep 19
Sep 19 {H} Looking for Raid spot 6 server time Have been gone a long time used to raid on my Hunter but went to rogue this expansion. Didn't realize there would be so many. I also have a 110 druid but would need a bit of work to get him ready. Hit me up in game or here.Synikel2 Sep 19
Sep 19 What happened here? Where's all the drama? Do people just make alts now to keep it private? I miss the old KJ forums of BC, now it's just overloaded with all of these horde guilds recruitment nonsense.. also: recruiting 1 H-pally, a Boomkin and maybe another spriest for mythic progression. 6-9 server, tues-weds with thurs cleanup. So shamless.Kämrad3 Sep 19
Sep 19 846FireMage&843Spriest LF latenite guild Hi everyone. A friend and myself are looking for a PST Horde realm to transfer to with the hopes of finding a late night/early morning raiding guild. Both of us have experience raiding since Zul'Gurub in Vanilla through Draenor with the exception of Pandaria. If any late night guilds are recruiting please let us know, we would be willing to xfer right away. Thank you!Zyrule1 Sep 19
Sep 19 (H) GSO INC! GSO INC of Kil'jaeden is currently looking for ranged DPS to fill out our last few spots in Legion. All applicants will be considered, but the classes we would prefer are: Mage Hunter Warlock Raid times are currently Mon/Tues/Wed 5-8 Server (PST). If you are interested in joining us, add Ganameyede#1369 or Chris#14250. Or reply to this thread, as I will be checking it periodically. Thank you for your time.Solario0 Sep 19
Sep 19 [A] The Heroic Order is recruiting! We are a solid group of 5 who have completed all Mythics and are geared 845+. We are looking to recruit 5 more core members for upcoming raids. We need 2 Healers and 3 Ranged DPS. We are: Demon Hunter (Havoc) Warrior (Arms) Monk (Windwalker) Death Knight (Blood) Demon Hunter (Vengeance) If you would like to join a small guild with a consistent group for 10 man raid content and pvp action. Let me know and we can start talking. Friend/msg me Sk00ba5t3v3 #1396 if interestedPazuzzu5 Sep 19
Sep 18 Enhance Shaman LF PVP Team I main a Horde Enhancement Shaman. I am looking for a 3s and/or RBG team for the upcoming season and beyond. I have earned 1600 in RBG's and 1550 in 3s, during WoD. This will be the first season pushing rating for realzies. Reply, whisper, or in game mail to contact me. LOK TAR O'GARShoccplague0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H] iLVL 845 Frost DK LF Raiding guild Looking for a guild to do raids and mythic dungeons with. Can do Tuesday nights from 7 - 10 pm PST and weekends. This will be my first time trying to get into raiding. If needed I can switch specs to Unholy. I already use discord on a daily basis. Feel free to ask me any questions. Battletag: thelonster#1955Killitkeenan0 Sep 18
Sep 18 temple of elune temple of elune is a fun area its really well designed, anyone agree?Filthythief0 Sep 18
Sep 17 LF: Early evening raiding group Any groups/guilds on KJ raiding around 4PM server? Looking for something solid and dedicated. Hit me up. Mitch#1242Mitch3 Sep 17
Sep 17 846+ Mistweaver&Hunter. Sat/Sun 8pm Pst 846+ Mistweaver and Hunter LF Weekend Night Raiding Guild. Saturday/Sunday 8pm pst or later. We have extensive raiding experience in past expansions. Please feel free to ask questions or contact me at Taste#1816. Really only looking for Saturday and Sunday raids starting at 8pm pst as real life can conflict with other times.Infuze0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Should I switch from DH tank? So Forums, i come to you for a question, one that has merit on both sides of the coin. I started this expac playing a tank DH, i enjoy the class i really do. However, is it really something the game needs? The class is overplayed, and noone really needs tanks these days. Ive put alot of work in on this character (827 ilevel on my own, since my guild isnt exactly very active.) My question goes to now, if i do switch, whats really needed? In terms of healers, i have Holy pally, a priest, and a Shaman. if i do switch, which is the more needed type of healer? I also have alot of DPS classes as well, it seems like RDPS and healers are mostly needed at this point.Paimonia0 Sep 17
Sep 17 2 Exp Raiders LF Mythic Raiding 7-10PM EST Me and a good friend are looking for a home for mythic raiding. We are both ready to go, ilvl 840+. I have a tonne of raid experience and can bring a lot to the table. I am willing to apply and so is my friend. We both can raid no later than 10 PM EST. Please add me or respond if interested, thanks.Sciatika0 Sep 17
Sep 17 H - Mage/Spriest LF Raid Guild 10PM EST Me and a friend are looking for a guild to raid in for Legion and beyond. We are both coming back from long breaks from the game. You can look at my previous achievements with raid content. I have raided in very high end guilds in my past but the raid times listed are very specific as I work night shift, and have to leave by 10:15 EST at the latest! Thank you, please add me if you are interested or would like to chat.Sciatika2 Sep 17
Sep 17 Unparalleled Raid Team Recruiting Unparalleled is looking for some players to flesh out our team. The core group has been together for two years, but is very welcoming to newcomers. I myself joined towards the tail end of WoD, and they've been a pleasant bunch. One would be hard pressed to not feel accepted. Be prepared for a chill and carefree environment, and quite possibly some internal meme trolling. Gear is always dispersed fairly in a just fashion in so far as is possible; stacking gear has never occurred. We are especially looking for ranged DPS, and a couple healers. Specifically: Ranged DPS - Any kind, but high value on Boomkins, Hunters, and Mages. Healers - Holy Paladins and Priests ----------------- Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Mon and 8:30 - 11:30 Pacific Time Contacts: Post here or contact Ohrly#1300, jclark28#1617. Thank you for your time.Allannah0 Sep 17
Sep 16 845+ Mistweave&Hunter LF Weekend Night` 845+ Mistweaver and Hunter LF Weekend Night Raiding Guild. Saturday/Sunday 8pm st or late. Have extensive raiding experience.Infuze2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Darkdk #1 Darkdk #1Sneakysnayke23 Sep 16
Sep 16 <Polomon> Heroic Raid Group Recruitment Hello Kil'jaeden. We are a small group of players (currently 5 all with 845+ gear) on Horde looking to start a new raid group. Our set weekly raid time is Thursdays 7:00 - 10:00 pm server time. Our first scheduled raid is Heroic Emerald Nightmare on the 22nd of September. Planning to attempt the encounter with 11 to 12 players. Currently recruiting: 1 Tank (Not Demon Hunter) 1 Healer 4+ DPS (Both melee and ranged) For anyone that wants to try out raiding, but not a hardcore mythic raider feel free to try us out! Only requirement that we ask is ilvl 840+ (have to draw the line somewhere right?) and having no previous raiding experience is fine. Add Reinswood#1616 for any questions. Thanks!Reinslord5 Sep 16
Sep 16 [M] <Cinder Works> LF RDPS & Heals Hello! Cinder Works is looking to fill our Core Raid team! Raid Times are Tues/Thursday 6-9 server. Additional raid days may be added in preparation for Legion. We are a Mythic Raiding guild, looking to progress as quickly as possible in Legion. Current Demands: High Priority: Healers(Not Disc) Lock(s) Boomkin Mage Low Priority -> Hunter Ranged Raider: Be on 10 minutes before raid time, be fully geared, have bis gems & enchants. Farming on your own is expected, so is utilizing your professions to benefit the guild. You can apply at or contact me in game at Alue#1328 OR msg me in game MisterStick#1347 Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!Sunnei2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Requiem of Souls Recruiting Hi everyone! We are a group of 6 competitive mythic raiders looking to fill out a mythic raid team! We will be raiding 8:30-11:30 PST TUE/WED/THUR. Really simple easy going guild here. Contact me for more information. Moogle#1536.Beaversteve2 Sep 16
Sep 16 -H- Shadow Priest LF raiding Hello, I am currently looking for a core spot in a raiding guild. My availability for raid times and days Sunday-Thursday 6:30pm or later server time. Feel free to contact me in game or leave a reply here. Battle tag Vomitory#1138 or my character name Vómlet. The ó is alt + 162Vómlet3 Sep 16
Sep 16 845 DPS Demon Hunter Demon Hunter dps looking for a guild that raids weekdays 7pm-10pm. I have experience in raiding various tiers since wotlk. Ideally looking for 2 nights a week with progression towards heroics. Add me on bnet Riazen#1339 or comment below for more info.Wingzer0 Sep 16
Sep 15 [H] Experienced Fire Mage LF Raiding Guild Hello, Just little something about myself, I've played WoW since I was 10-11 years old, I'm 21 now. I've raided many times during my time playing and now looking again to do so. I currently am working a full-time job so my time is somewhat restricted. My preferred times for raiding is 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm PST, during the week or weekends are both fine. Raiding Experience - Classic - Played Casually as a Rogue/Hunter Burning Crusade - Raided as Rogue/Hunter. Completed Gruul's Lair/Karazhan/Black Temple/SSC Wrath Of the Lich King - Raided as Hunter. Completed Naxx/Ulduar Cataclysm - Raided as Mage. Completed Dragon Soul Mists Of Pandaria - Raided as Mage. Completed All Content Warlords Of Draenor - Raided as Mage. Completed All Content Legion - Raiding as Fire Mage. Currently Item Level is 825 but continuing to improve daily.I'm looking for a long term guild, friendly and fun to hang with. Also would like to join a guild that has evenly matched experience and has deep roots in the game, a more established guild is preferred but I will still keep an open mind when it comes to newer guilds. Battle Tag - LazyEyez#11203Kravim10 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] <Envy> 13/13M Recruitment for Legion Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. About "<Envy>" We are a guild founded by Vanilla experienced players. Our sole focus when playing this game is to progress to new bosses and get out of the old content. Farm content is dull, and if that's all WoW had to offer, we wouldn't be playing. Getting those first kills on tough fights are why we play this game. Aside from that we do enjoy busting each others balls, and having a good time on fights that we can do with our eyes closed. We like to joke and goof around while still getting content cleared; but when it comes to new content, the jokes end and we get serious. Community: We are looking for players that realize WoW is more MMO and less RPG. By which we mean that we want players that recognize the social aspect and goals of this game. Let's be honest, if this were a single player game it would be very bland. We want people that are active on mumble, enjoy hanging out outside of raids, and generally just fun to play with. While we do enjoy goofing on each other, we also want people that understand what respect means, and how to give and earn it. You need to be the kind of player that understands the guild's success is your success. We want the best that your class has to offer. Are you always looking for ways to improve yourself? Are you trying to figure out what a person of your class did to “beat” you rather than sum it up as gear or RNG? Do you look forward to wipes and progression? Do you like everything WoW has to offer? If so, we want you! NO DRAMA: Practically every serious guild makes this promise. Most fail to deliver. We understand that one of the biggest guild killers is stupid, pointless drama. Should an issue arise that can not be immediately resolved, then the offending people(s) are simply removed from raid and we continue on without them; leaving them to wait until we're done with the raid before we deal with them. The raid comes first, always. What you do on your own time is your own business, but the moment you step foot into a raid with 20+ other people, you are no longer on your time. You're on the guilds time. It isn't your 3 hours spent raiding that night, it is the raids collective 60 hours spent raiding that night. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE has the right to waste it. Goals: Our goal in our guild is to build a strong community that we can say we are the best here. We wish to push content hard as soon as it is released, and to compete with the very best the server has to offer. Recruitment: We are targeting players who are looking to excel in a team progression format. We are also willing to speak to groups of players and or people who are tired of their current guilds and looking for a push. Again, we seek only great players to push and pass our goals to make names for themselves. We have the leadership and council, now we are just looking for you. Currently we are open to any and all exceptional players. Our Raid times are as follows: - Monday 7:00 - 10:00pm - Tuesday 7:00 - 10:00pm - Thursday 7:00 - 10:00pm - Pacific Standard Time Loot: Our loot Council decides who gets what. Be good to us and we will be good to you. The deciding factors are as follows: 1. Attendance 2. Performance 3. Attitude Contacts & Information: Xaphus#1471 Shotz020#1956 If you are interested in such a guild, please visit our website, and fill out an application. For more information we can be reached at the above battletags/email addresses.Xaphus6 Sep 15
Sep 15 Returning Player Looking for raiding guild Returning player looking for raiding team for Legion. I have Previously raided in wow and world first raiding in FFXI , I took a break from raiding for a few years and i am interested in going back. Interested in tanking or healing roles. Currently 110 but willing to take another of my 100's up as needed to fill needed role. Druid Shaman Priest Warrior DH Rogue Mage Monk all above 100. Horde or alliance i don't really care i can move factions. Prefered EST 8 to 11 range during the week, with weekends wide open. I have all VOIPs and a working Mic Add me for more information or if you have more questions minipod#1883Shampod1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] <Caravan Master> Recruiting Travelers <Caravan Master> is a group of friends in Hawaii recruiting players for a weekend raiding time slot. Our goal is to complete content in a timely manner, while allowing for a light-hearted and friendly atmosphere. We plan to progress from heroic content and move into mythic raids. Currently, we are looking for everything, so feel free to inquire. Raiding Schedule Friday 10pm-12am (Might be increased for certain situations) Sunday 6pm-10pm PST Add us: Default808#1408 Riazen#1339 Or comment below for more information. Thanks!Strize1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] <ez> Mal'Ganis At <ez> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Mal'Ganis (US-Horde). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: *Sunday: 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT *Monday 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: Medium Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 0/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Battle Tag Solo#1470 Battle Tag Imitate#1825 Battle Tag Megadmg#11387 Or speak to any of our officers in game!Nohugs0 Sep 15