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[H] Healing Priest LF Raiding guild .... Hello. I have just returned to wow after a extended break. Now I am starting to look forward to the upcoming expan Legion. ***About myself*** - I have been playing wow since BC. And I have been healing raids with my priest since WotLK ICC. I consider myself a compentent raider, I don't stand in fire lol. I do make mistakes, I'm only human but I try my best to learn from my mistakes and not make them anymore. As for WoD I have all the aotc achievements and after I got that I decided that I was gonna take a break from wow till a couple months before Legion comes out. So here I am. I am currently playing disc with 724 ilvl. But moving into legion I am not sure as to what I will heal with disc or holy with all the major changes coming to priests. I want to try out both specs in legion before I set anything in stone for what I will heal as. ***What I'm looking for*** - I'm looking for a raiding guild that is social and has a good community. That makes the world of difference when it comes to raiding for me while we are bashing our heads in as wipe and wipe again as we progress threw the raiding content in Legion. Let's face it, you know it's gonna happen lol. I'm not looking for a all out hardcore raiding guild, but I'm also not looking for a casual raiding guild that only raids once a week for a couple of hours. I would like to raid 2-3 nights a week Sun-Thurs are the best nights of availability for me. Fri and sat party time lol. And As to what raid start time works best for me is 630 pm ST or later. I am looking forward to hearing from people and making new friends. Feel free to msg me in game the o in my name is alt + 0243 or add me to battle tags which is Vomitory#1138 or just leave a post on here. Thank you for your time it took to read my book I just wrote, but I want to be as detailed as possible cuz I want to find the right fit for me in a guild and be able to stay with a guild threw Legion and future expans. Vómlet0
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[US][H] <XiT> @10/13M T/W Late Night LF Tank <XiT> on Kil'jaeden's horde side is looking to improve our roster to finish out Warlords of Draenor and move into Legion strong! We're currently in need of a tank, but we'd be interested in hearing from any players wishing to bolster our roster. Raid Times: Currently we raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting at 10:00pm PST - 01:00am PST. We are currently considering moving the start time up an hour however, so keep that in mind. Recruiting Needs: We're very interested in finding a new tank, preferably plate wearing going into legion. We're also interested in Rogues and any exceptional dps. Currently our healing team is very strong but we'd be interested in hearing from healers too! There just isn't as strong a need. What we expect from you: Attendance - We invite via in game calendar a week out. While we understand things come up, mythic raiding requires we go with a strong group. We expect our raiders to sign up on the calendar or let us know ahead of time if they can't make it. Class Knowledge - No one likes to carry. We want a raid team full of players knowledgable about their class and willing to put in the effort required to succeed. This includes your selected spec, talent choices, gearing priorities, and rotation Openness to Improvement - No one's perfect, sometimes we all mess up. We expect our raiders to be open to suggestions so that they, and through them the raid can improve. Positive Attitude - "We can do this." The moment you start thinking negatively it impacts your play. Each attempt can be a kill and each wipe is a step towards that. AOTC / Upgraded ring - We're 10/13 mythic. We can't realistically catch people up from not having completed heroic. A trial period- Cross realm is fine for this. It's important that we see if we like you, you like us, and if XiT is a good fit for you. What you can expect from us: Discord Voice Guild repairs GBank with flasks/pots/food Constructive criticism from officers and members willing to impart advice for improvement Loot Council style loot distribution Very social atmosphere - many of us often play other games together as well and during raid there's definitely going to be some jokes, but once the pull starts, it's all business. Gambling during down time - We try to keep down time to a minimum, but it does happen, and when it does our raiders gamble their gold away. Contact: Please find our officers below Rohzay - Rohzay#1540 - GM Cerriel - Unriel#1911 - Co-gm and raid lead Taoiseach - Verdigris#1115 - Current tank in need of a new buddy, and OP for this thread We look forward to hearing from you <3 Myystical3
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<Third Shift> Selling Heroic HFC RUNS Sales Runs Tired of all the repair bills? The countless hours spent puging bosses and getting nothing in return? Don't want to put in the time it takes to gear an alt? Third Shift has the perfect solution for the frustrated raider! We offer • 13/13 H carry with all loot for your specified class and spec. • Heroic Archimonde (AOTC) carry per character. Heroic HFC • (AOTC) Heroic Archimonde carry - 50k (per character - no loot) • 13/13 H Carry - 125k (per character for ONE spec) • 13/13 H Carry - 125k + 75k for each additional spec (per character) • Additional options of multiple characters and repeat runs available with discounts. Please talk to the sales run contact for more details! You • Pick an Horde character and specify the class and spec that you're interested in gearing. This character may be on ANY server. • Pay the required fees on Kil’jaeden (US) - Horde. • Show up at 1:00 AM CST (2:00 AM EST, 11:00 PM PST) on a predetermined date with your character ready to be summoned to the instance. • Come chill out in our Mumble server [optional]. We • Treat you with respect. • Coordinate with you to make the transaction an easy process. • Stack at least 15 loot eligible characters in BiS gear to make quick work of all HFC bosses. • Help gear your character! FAQs Q. Who do I talk to about getting a run or more information? Kil’jadaen - US character names Fojie/Zaraestiria/Spev/Hauken Battle tag: Yesi#1350, Bunting#1748, Hauken#1959 Q. How much is needed to reserve a spot? We REQUIRE a deposit of 50% of the total payment, at least FOUR calendar days prior to your scheduled run. Q. What happens if I can't make it to my scheduled run? Should you make a deposit and not show up on the scheduled day, you forfeit the deposit. Q. Is there a way I can reschedule my run after paying the deposit? After paying the deposit your spot is locked in for a set date. Should you wish to change this date, we charge a rescheduling fee as a percentage of your total payment based on the following structure • 0 (it is the day of the run) - 50% of total payment • 1 (it is the day prior to the day of the run) - 40% of total payment • 2 (it is two days prior to the day of the run) - 25% of total payment • 3 (it is three days prior to the day of the run) - 10% of total payment Q. Am I able to buy items for another spec if they drop? This is done on a case by case basis and depends on weather we have additional carries that need the other spec's gear. Please remember that the only thing we guarantee is for you to receive the drops for your spec and class that were previously specified. Q. How much gear do I get? We will set up the carry so you have no conflicting gear with other carries in the raid. You will get all the gear you need for the spec you previously specified. Most people will end up getting 8-10 items, but ultimately you must pray to RNJesus for luck. We do not guarantee that the item will drop, we merely guarantee that you will get the item if it drops. Q. How many runs do I get? Each heroic carry run consists of 1 run through the instance with you receiving all the gear for your specified class and spec. We will have a raid of 15+ loot eligible members, but at the end of the day you are at the mercy of RNG and we do not offer refunds if the RNG gods are not in your favor that night. Q. Are BoEs included? BoEs are personal loot since the advent of HFC, so if you get a BoE out of the deal, it is yours to keep. Q. Do you guys have a friends and family discount? Absolutely! If you're a close friend or family member of a raider in the guild (or you are a guildie), we offer a 30% flat discount on the total price for the run. Zaraestiria19
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Gaming Incubator KEK! Lok'tar ogar! Hello WOW friends, My credentials that matter very little: BC Gnomergean top 5 healers ever on the server, Holy Paladin Aruthra Achievement Hunter extraordinaire - closing in on 2200 complete of 2500+ PVP 1990 2v2 record with a great rogue as RET and loving it! S6? in WOTLK If you are the best on your server, the best in your class, or generally best at life I want you to join my incubator. With success myself and a group of marketing professionals will actively seek endorsments and name recognition in and out of game for our group. Here is the deal, be the best, and I will pay your game time monthly. When Legion releases we will raid 3 days a week, specifics TBD, but possibly T W THR 9 CST - 1AM CST. What you receive - I will pay your game time in gold or USD. What I receive - The biggest bad asses on the planet that want to be T1 in Raid Clears on Heroic / Mythic diffficulty How does it work? I will send you a pre-paid credit card number to use every month for your subscription. What if your the best, what if you save the day? I will send you a pre-paid CC for $100 USD to spend on human needs that you can enjoy any way you see fit once month, limited to 3 people per month unless something extraordinary occurs. Why would I do this? I'm a succesful business man that has raided for a long time, now it's time to compete! Let's show FatBoss and all the others what a bunch of no names can do. Video Recording - I will video every fight, and upload them to WOW Incubator on showing our progression and how to clear bosses ahead of the curve. Criteria for joining - Top 10 world damage, heals, or tanking from Worldoflogs or a note with a charismatic desire for success. This is the beginning, but let us make it an ending to Legion. I have several excellent tanks, healers, and dps ready to go, we need to fill out our roster with the best of the best. If you want to run raids to achieve the absolute hardest content, send me a note. All apps, e-mails, notes, and in person hand shakes will be considered. I Live in northern Illinois and will be happy to do in person meetings. Let's begin. Aruthra aka Glenn Bluemer Barrington IL Aruthra0
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< Sons of Liberty > Recruiting (Tichondrius) Hello friends! Not trying to disprupt any server for my vist here, but i come to ask and offer a guild invitation. Im the GM of < Sons of Liberty > from Tichondrius server (alliance). We have a very wonderful guild, very active in TS as well as guild activitys with tons of good and friendly men and women. We transfered from ED and have been on tich for about 3 1/2 months and already established a very strong core with almost 500 members (without SGI) continue to thrive and get more members everyday. This is a calling card to all players: if your tired of the dead servers or tired of being just a number, we can show you that true guilds really do exist and if Wpvp/PvP is in your heart we want you to fight for us. Im very easy to get ahold of my battle tag is at the bottom of page and we could even talk in my TS thanks again and hope to see you soon. Thank you for taking the time to come here. We want to focus primarily on WPvP and being as active as we possibly can in it so currently we do plan on holding guild RBG's but WPvP will always come first. PvE is not on our agenda. Dont get me wrong, we have members who regularly participate in these things, myself included, but the guild leadership will not be setting up events for them. As far as staying geared, its usually not a problem finding guild mates that want to do arenas, bgs or ashran groups. Guild leadership is divided among the two of us, the official guild leader Spincer, with my brother as Co-GM Lichthis, The rest of the leadership is made up of our officer core and great guild members. Guild repairs and bank access are based on rank, which is based strictly on WPvP participation. The people who participate the most in WPvP will be the ones reaping the rewards. But with legion on the rise we want to get players ready for WPvP and have fun also! ;) We do provide an environment that is relaxed and fun, but we want to be legit and good at what we do too. This being said, guild members are expected to follow simple directions during WPvP so that we can operate as a unit. Listening and following orders quickly are critical in our success during combat so we do expect all members to download and use Teamspeak during larger engagements. Very easy to do and effective! The ranks in our Guild are based on your Guild dedication and effort and you will be rewarded if you put the work into being a SoL member. Sons of liberty is more then a guild! Here we are famiily... Every single day we grow and we plan to move forward and bring our best to the field. We have a established core with alot of active players and we know how to have a good time.. Our guild foundation is built on family so there is alot of dedication and love for SoL. We also have tons of military people in our guild who have made their home here. If you are a vet or serving the US military we would love to have you here and join our guild. Any questions ask me in game :D Battletag SPENCER#1938 Spincer0
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[H] <chirp shawty> accepting new victims <chirp shawty> home of many exceptional Gladiators and rank 1 players, is a small exclusive guild focused mostly on Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. We are the highest ranked guild on Kil’jaeden in RBGS with an average rating over 2200, and have the highest 5v5 and some of the highest 3v3 ranked players on the server as well. We are an active community that is looking to improve with its members and keep things moving, there is no regimented “core” to RBGs; we run with whoever is on, and that said, we have some requirement to join. Gearing is something we help with, we carry each others’ alts all the time, it’s just a bit of a filter to keep the guild community a trusted and available one. If you are interested in joining, a 2.2k achievement in the 3v3 bracket or 2k in rated battlegrounds is required; if you have a referral through a friend that works just as well. We are a small community that likes to be able to trust its members to play on a similar skill level, but as was mentioned before: we are always looking to improve through good games! Our goal is to remain exclusive, while not being elitist. If you have some past experience in PvP and are looking for a challenging and fun setting (with some possibly mildly retarded mop warriors) whisper or send an in-game mail to myself or one of the players listed below: Snugglebunny, Voh, Warmvodka, Civilrights, Qudz, or Zev **We are also selling guaranteed 2.2k, 2.4k, 2.7k, Gladiator, and Rank 1 carries in 2's, 3's, 5's, and Rated Battlegrounds. If interested please refer to Voh in-game!** We hope to continue to see all of you in the community :) Chirii45
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[H]To Be Determined (12/13M HFC) To Be Determined is recruiting raiders for mythic progression raiding in Warlords of Draenor, as well as more casual players who want to be part of an active guild atmosphere. Everyone: To Be Determined is one of the longest running guilds on the server, having been established early in The Burning Crusade. We expect good attitudes and general courtesy from all of our members and we encourage everyone to be a part of the greater Kil'jaeden community. Things have been slow lately, but we try to make alt runs and other activities available where there is interest and availability. As well, we may bring in casual, raid-ready players for farm content, as our raid spots allow. Raiders: In raids, we try to foster a competitive atmosphere focused on teamwork, progression, and efficiency, while maintaining a healthy sense of comaraderie. We expect all raiders to be prepared to play at a high level, executing boss mechanics and raid instructions properly. We respect that everyone's time is valuable and will not tolerate any raider who wastes that time. We are seeking to expand our roster for Mythic raiding content, recruiting people who are ready for Mythic progression and 730+ ilvl. Currently recruiting: High Priority Death Knight Resto Shaman Examples of preferred backgrounds for raiding applicants include, but are not limited to: previous membership in longstanding raid groups, history of high-end raiding, a mature attitude and being able to handle yourself and your responsibilities during raid. Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Monday from 7 PM - 10 PM server time (PST). To Be Determined's Warlords of Draenor raid progression (completed as current content) Tier 17: 5/7 Mythic HM 7/10 Mythic BRF Tier 18: In Progress Videos of many of our first kills on each boss, including voice recording are available at Other general requirements: - 18+; - Be ready to commit to raid schedule; - Must have a functional headset and be able to speak on Mumble; - Must have a dependable internet connection; - addons: DBM (or Bigwigs), WeakAuras and rclootcouncil are required, requirements may be modified as needed; What About You? Our two requests to you are simple: be prepared and know your class and role. You need to be willing to learn outside of raid times. This means learning how to play your class for a particular boss encounters before we arrive at the boss. We expect you will need some pulls to perfect and adjust, but expect that the first pull isn't just a waste of time. You'll also need to be adept at mastering your class and role. If you just want to play one way and just fit into the puzzle as-is, then you might not be the right fit here. Though you will never be asked to master a role you weren't recruited for, you may be asked to take a specific talent, specialization, or glyph as needed for the group. As an example, mages should be able to play all mage specializations with little notice should the need arise. A resto. druid would be expected to be able to utilize their movement speed abilities, or the tanking or DPS versatility provided by Heart of the Wild, if the need arose. Ready to join us? You can apply on our website If you want to ask more questions, you may message myself or another officer in-game for more information. Deidios136
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[H] Indominus-Thrall 13/13M Recruiting Are you an exceptional healer / damage dealer with Mythic experience looking for a home? <Indominus> One of the top raiding guilds on Thrall, is looking for skilled dps and healers to complete our mythic HfC team! Our progression boss kill pulls have been lower than the average pulls it takes to kill a boss. Hellfire Assault: 7 Iron Reaver: 22 Kormrok: 17 Hellfire High Council: 21 Kilrogg Deadeye: 19 Gorefiend: 116 Iskar: 5 Socrethar: 2 Zakuun: 32 Tyrant: 19 Xhul: 68 Manny: 149 Archimonde: 245 Classes Needed (priority in caps) ALL CLASSES CONSIDERED. We are looking for ilvl 730+ and please have SOLID mythic experience, legendary ring well-upgraded and most of your gear improved by valor upgrades Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 Server till 11 Server. Interested? Have questions? Feel free to message me in game (Jàger), or add me to real id: Aratax#1215and give me a tell! We can also do mumble if you like. AS A SIDE NOTE: we also run a dedicated alt team that is clearing a majority; if not all, of Heroic and Normal HfC (depending on the group composition). This group is in desperate need for healers that are 700 ilvl or higher. This run is on Weds at 8 server. If you are a dps, and are interested in clearing HfC content, we would love to have you. In the unlikely event I am not on feel free to message another one of our officers if you have any questions or you are interested in joining our team. I'll post my btag one more time for clarity: Rutmaul <Guild Master> Rutmaul #1597 Jager <Officer> Aratax#1215 Caeriss<Officer>Kazkek#1444 Popsnlocks<Officer> Chewie#1121 Jàger3
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[H] BlackWidowCompany - Casual/LFM Heya KJ, I'm Tanko, the GL for BlackWidowCompany. We are a gaming community that has recently gotten back into WoW after taking about a year off from WoD. Our community is military veteran-founded and operated, and has been around since 2003 playing games ranging from Planetside 2, to SWTOR, to World of Tanks (and a lot in between)! We've recently re-opened our guild to recruitment on Kil'Jaeden. We do not have any class/level requirements at this time, as we encourage leveling/exploring old content/etc... just as much as end game PvE and PvP. Our only requirements come from our standards of conduct, which can be briefly summarized into one sentence: "don't be a ****". Our first priority was to get our guild up and running again, and to get some of our members that started playing WoW for the first time over the past few months up to max level. We are now opening recruitment to both expand our playerbase and seek out casual raiders that are looking to be a part of a raid team while also being willing to help out players that aren't as experienced in WoW raids. Our goal is to get everyone acquainted with one another and familiar with raid mechanics, moving, their rotations, raid prep and following raid orders, so that we'll be ready to hit the ground running once Legion hits. We encourage players to join our community and actively engage with our members/other games, and thus ask that all potential members have Teamspeak and a working Microphone. Feel free to check us out at If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, go ahead and add me ingame Sicarius#1947, or register on our forums! Thanks all, -Tanko Tankopotomus4
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CANCELED Hello! We are selling any boss in HFC along with Archimonde mount. In addition, we are selling the Blackhand mount as well. The prices can be negotiated. With the exception of a few warforged or socketed items, gear is included! HellFire Citadel Price List Package deals: 13/13(With Mount) - 2,000,000 13/13(No Mount) - 1,300,000 12/13 Mythic - 750,000 11/13 Mythic - 500,000 Individual bosses/wings: Hellbreach: 175k - Hellfire Assault: 50k - Iron Reaver: 50k - Kromrok: 100k Halls of Blood: 250k - Hellfire High Council: 75k - Kilrogg: 75k - Gorefiend: 125k Bastion of Shadows: 325k - Iskar: 100k - Socrethar: 100k - Tyrant Velhari: 150k Destructor's Rise - 450K - Fel Lord Zakuun: 100K - Xhul'horac: 150K - Mannoroth: 250K The Black Gate Archimonde (No Mount): 600k Archimonde + Mount: 1,250,000 We are also selling the Blackhand mount for 175k! Prices can be negotiated, and there can be some discounts granted for larger purchases and long term buyers. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required to be paid a few days before raid. All sales happen on Tuesday 7 PST - 11 PST FAQ 1. Can I pay with ( any realm that isn't Kil'Jaeden ) gold? Yes of course we take gold off realm, but please schedule your run a week in advanced so we are able to setup a guild to collect the gold. 2. What are the loot rules? You will receive any items that are not wanted by the Raiders in the group (this does not include tier). Our main raid's average is 743 ilvl so there is a large number of mythic items currently being disenchanted. On our last mannoroth sale, a hunter buyer received the warforged bow, so it is exceptionally rare that a raider may need a piece of gear over a buyer. BoE's from trash or boss will be looted to you if are on server or isn't an upgrade for a raider in the instance. This also includes BoE's outside of your main stat & armor class. If you are interested in a specific piece of loot, please let the Raid Leader know and he can look into its availability. 3. What times and days are the raids? Tuesday 7:00 PST - 11:00 PST 4. Do you sell Heroic HFC? Yes, we will sell heroic HFC on the weekends scheduled date will arise - but we won't carry anything less then 5 people so it will take a bit before anything is scheduled. 5. How do I contact Convergence to setup a run? Message Emmy @ Emmy#1844 Delas @ Delaz#1928 Kaywhy@ Kaywhy#1160 Keelem@ Keelem#1278 If your questions or concerns were not answered with the FAQ please feel free to add any of the officers of the guild for further assistance, thanks for your interest! Lifegripz26
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(H) <Celerity> 2/13 M Recruiting Celerity was founded in February 2016 on US - Kil'Jaeden by a group of people that shared a vision of killing mythic Archimonde and moving into the next expansion as one of the top guilds on the server. In a period of 5 weeks we cleared heroic Hellfire Citadel as a guild, and in less than 8 weeks we had heroic Hellfire Citadel on farm. We have now defeated mythic Hellfire Assault and are very close to defeating mythic Iron Reaver. We are currently in need of 4 reliable and skilled raid members to fill our mythic roster. These are highly competetive spots, and performance will be analyized on each pull with the use of warcraft logs, skada meters, and observations of mechanics during a raid encounter. Who we are: We consist mostly of mature seasoned raiders that enjoy having a good time while still getting straight down to business. Some of us have known eachother for 10+ years, while others have made it into this family of end gamers more recently. We believe if you want respect, you have to earn it on raid night. That being said, we never lose our cool. Raid times: Saturday and Sunday 5pm - 9pm. It is required that you make every raid and stay for the entire time. Invites go out at 4:30 pm, and you are required to at least be online and in mumble by this time. In legion we will be extending to 3 days per week of raiding during raid progression. Why do we raid only on the weekends? This guild was creating with the busy person in mind. Many of us have kids, a full time job, college classes, or some other commitments to real life that prevent us from raiding during the week. Many people are relieved to finally find a guild that allows them to perform other commitments during that week, like working a normal job without having to go to work tired from midnight progression hours. Requirements: 4 Hours per night on the weekends available without distractions, a clear microphone, high performance (or decent quality PC), the ability to download addons, and thorough knowledge of your class and spec. Our primary recruitment needs are below. If you do not see your class listed, we recommend that you submit an application anyways, as our recruitment needs may vary. DPS: (Need 2 melee and 1 ranged) Feral Druid Warlock Ret Paladin Death Knight Monk Shaman Shadow Priest Healer: (Need 1) Holy Paladin Resto Shaman MW Monk How to apply: Fill out an application at Click on the recruitment tab on the site navagation to be forwarded to our application page. You will be asked a series of questions and then asked to submit a link to warcraft logs on two heroic or mythic boss of your choice. Once the application is submitted, if we like what we see we will contact you within 48 hours to invite you to a voice interview through mumble. If you pass this second stage in the application process, we will invite you to trial where your mechanics will be evaluated and your DPS or Heals will be logged. Sickshotts0
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