Oct 13 H-<Caedas> 7/7N 2/7H recruiting Caedas is an old school, family style guild that formed during BC and the core-both people and values-remain in tact today. In the decade since Caedas has been around, our lives have all changed; therefore, so has our raid schedule. We raid Tue/Mon 5PM-8PM server time. With such a short schedule, we try to make the best of our time. We expect all raiders to be prepared. Know the fights, know their class, have food/flask(supplied or discounted by guild), and be repaired prior to raid time. What we Offer: A stable, friendly, and welcoming environment Guild supplied food and repairs Flask at a 50% AH discount(this will become free once the herb market settles) Discord server and websiteWho we are looking for: Quality and mature people. We operate like a family and spend quite a bit of our free time together. This is in line with keeping that stable and welcoming atmosphere. 1 Non-Disc priest healer. Preferably comfortable DPSing as needed 1-2 quality melee dps. Bonus if willing to tank in a pinch(M+/tank misses raid) 1-2 quality ranged dpsIf you have any questions, would like to meet the gang, or are interested in joining; please contact myself(Sokane#1711), my raid leader Kadem(Kadem#2997) or swing on by the website( Oct 13
Oct 13 Horde Guild 7/7(H) LF DPS T/W 10pm - 1am PST Server: Kil' Jaeden Raid Times: 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Tuesday and Wednesday. 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Currently building up to do Mythic progression. Are you that guy or gal that comes home after a long days work and joins a raid full of stress and elitist jerks? Wouldn't you rather relax and enjoy with your guildies while raiding and progressing steadily? Well, we are the guild for you! The officers are a band of RL friends who have leaded raids together since Cataclysm but our long raid history goes back from Vanilla and TBC. We welcome you to join us! We currently are looking for all skilled DPS classes who are ready for progression. Battle tag: garappa#1474 Thank you for your interest. -LegendaryLegendarydps3 Oct 13
Oct 13 Wts Heroic EN + Mythic Xavius - <DNOgaming> Hello hello friends on Kil'jaeden! DNOgaming-Kil'Jaeden is opening up our sale spots for Mythic Emerald Nightmare Gold is accepted on any US-Realm. Next Available Sale Week: Contact Me for Details General Details for raid runs: - Sales runs can be done cross-realm. - We do discounts for previous buyers when possible. - US runs include all North American Region servers, which are located under the lower tabs named United States, Oceanic, Latin America and Brazil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price List Mythic Xavius - 2.5M Heroic Full Clear - 1M Heroic Xavius - 200K (Full clears of Mythic EN coming soon) Sale Details: 1. Deposits A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required to be paid when booking a sale. If an emergency situation arises, contact us and let us know, and we will do our best to work with you to reschedule. 2. Payment The remaining balance is due the start your scheduled raid. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQs How do I contact you in setting up a run? Whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is thekidfresh#1211 Recommended that you only deal with me or my GM - Jinzel#1971 Leave your question here in this thread, and I'll try to answer them as soon as possibleUntameable3 Oct 13
Oct 13 LF Raid Team Any raid teams/ guilds that raid at 9 server. I can not raid early cause of class and work. ID: Wingo09#1197Wingbows0 Oct 13
Oct 12 [M] <Cinder Works> LF DPS 7/7H [M] <Cinder Works> LF DPS 7/7H Hello! Cinder Works is looking to fill our Core Raid team! Raid Times are Tues/Thursday 6-9 server PST. Additional raid days may be added in preparation for Legion. We are a Mythic Raiding guild, looking to progress as quickly as possible in Legion. Current Demands: High Priority: Lock Hunter Mages Raider: Be on 10 minutes before raid time, be fully geared, have bis gems & enchants. Farming on your own is expected, so is utilizing your professions to benefit the guild. You can apply at or contact me in game at MisterStick#11659 Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!Deathcurl0 Oct 12
Oct 12 [H] <Get the Camera> (4/7H) M/T/W 6-9 PST Recruiting for Heroic raiding (maybe mythics later on) and Mythic+ groups. Raid times are M/T/W 6-9 PST. Contact: Numex, Goobypks, or Boomzap for more info or to join guild.Numex0 Oct 12
Oct 12 <Hobo Status> Recruiting for Mythic Core <Hobo Status> of Kil’jaeden Background Hobo Status was created by a group of friends originally from Zuluhed who wanted to create their own raid group and guild on Kil’jaeden, recreating what they had in a new core group. <Hobo Status> contains a fun experience for progression raiders, casual raiders, and individuals interested in getting the most out of WoW. We currently are Realm Top 30 and looking forward into our push into Legion mythic progression and content with all of our members. Progression 7/7 Normal EN (20+) 7/7 Heroic EN (20) Raid Times Tuesday – 6:00 – 9:00pm PST Thursday – 6:00 – 9:00pm PST Sunday – 6:00 – 9:00pm PST Majority of our guild events start around 6:00PM PST including Raids, PvP, and Legacy Content. Raids sometime is extended by 30min depending on progress for the night. Raid invites go out 15 minutes prior to start time. Please be ready with food, pots, and flasks. Attendance Attendance is tracked through the Guild Calendar and Raid attendance. Communication to raid officers or officers about attendance prior to raid start time is valued. Current Needs (Legion Mythic) Priest - Shadow Paladin - Holy Mage We will trial you in the next raid tier starting in N/H and if it is a fit, you can expect in the Mythic Core. PvP & RBGs We are looking into starting to recruit for Arena rankings and also RBG rankings. If you are any type of player interested in joining in on the PvP action, feel free to apply! Loot Rules Our guild uses RCLootCouncil reflecting on attendance, performance, promptness to raids, ability to help progression of raid, and consistency. Required Addons RCLootCouncil Exorsus Raid Tools Deadly Boss Mods Discord required for raiding Please submit an app at our site Contact us through Bnet / In Game / Forum post if interested: Jspangler965#1837 / Phatdubby Zayhev#11342 / HashiyänHashiya0 Oct 12
Oct 11 Item Ninja Thief: neddortnwod The player neddortnwod on this server stole 280+ Yseralline Seed's from me after agreeing to create mana potions for me. I provided the seeds, and 80+ crystal vials. Once I handed them over to him, he ninja logged. (Alt-F4) I have reported it to blizzard, but make sure you do not do business with this person. Again his name is: NedDortnWoDHombre2 Oct 11
Oct 11 6x 860+ 7/7H 1/7M XP Players LF Guild All have legendaries except Enh/Resto and MM Hunter. 1 MM Hunter 1 Resto Shaman 1 Enh/Resto Shaman (Also Plays Holy Priest, Resto Druid) 1 Spriest/DH 1 Prot/Fury Warrior 1 Assas Rogue We all have 860+ ilvl and 7/7H achieve and Nyth down on Mythic. We have logs available and we have had renferal down to 0% twice. Available for weekday nighttime raiding. Everyone but the warrior is available on weekends. Package deal.Prôhibitiôn4 Oct 11
Oct 11 <Illicit> 4/7 H Looking for DPS Raid Days: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for Heroic Progression Optional Wednesday normal clear Raid Times: 7pm-11pm Server PST We are looking for all DPS with a preference for ranged. To apply go to: For more information contact myself in game or on btag quintos#1991 Or contact any of the following people in game: Grëen the 1st E is alt 137, also on btag as Green#1392 Opiomörph the 3rd O is alt 148 Wombomomboh Rudehoof Zuanich or myself my i is alt 141 The in game mail is the best way to ensure a response from any of us.Quìntos0 Oct 11
Oct 11 [H] 861 7/7H Tank & Friends LF Mythic Hi there, I'm Ironglaive, but you can call me Sam if you'd like =) My friends and I are looking for a new place to hang our hats. We quit our last guild when the only way we could get 7/7H was for me to lead a PUG myself. It's important to note that progression is a team effort. If a raid leader is forced to remove a player for low dps, it isn't a "mean thing to do." It's a mean thing to join a raid knowing darned well you can't pull the 240k dps that's necessary to kill Xavius. It's a mean thing to join a raid if you're ADD and you know you can't focus on multiple mechanics at once... I'm hoping that the guild that we join understands this concept as it is imperative to successful progression. We've all been raiding since vanilla. It would be myself(Veng-DH 861) A resto druid(858), and an enhance OR resto shaman(859 both specs.) The resto druid has pro gaming experience and is currently a top 25 League of Legends player in North America. Please add ZENSammyB#11973 if you'd like more information. Optimal raid times would be between 4 and 9pm PST. Thanks!Ironglaive1 Oct 11
Oct 10 BG/Arena Que times for Horde I'm thinking about xfering here. How are BG & arena que times? Currently on Darkspear BG que times often hit 8-10minutes.Wrayith3 Oct 10
Oct 10 [H] <Discipline> 1/7H Weekends About Discipline - Kil'Jaeden: The core group of our guild is made up of old school raiders coming back for Legion looking to push into Mythic progression. A lot of us don't have the time to dedicate to a harsh raid schedule like we used to, so we made one to suit our needs and the needs of those like us. Our current progression is @ 1/7H We require all of our members to donate 1k gold to the guild bank a week. In turn the guild will provide raid materials and repairs. Considering the incredible inflation of the AH right now, that is not asking much. We require our members to have the addon RCLootCoucil as our loot is handled by our 5 officer loot council. Friday/Saturday 7pm - 10pm pst, with possible extension during close progression. Druid - Closed Warlock - Open Hunter - Closed Demon Hunter - Closed Rogue - Closed Priest - Open Shaman - Resto/Elemental Paladin - Ret/Prot Monk - Mistweaver Mage - Open Death Knight - Closed Warrior - Closed If you feel you're exceptional and could steamroll any of our current members I urge you to drop me a message anyway - all spots are competitive and we love a good challenge. Drop me a message with any questions. My Btag is Bekah#1634Nefaie9 Oct 10
Oct 10 [H] <Echo419>6/7H 7/7N LFDPS [H] <Echo Four Nineteen> 6/7H 7/7N (US Kil'Jaeden) is back. We are fresh, excited, and looking for great raiders to fill the last slots of our roster. We are experienced mythic raiders with a strong core. We play to 1) Have fun and laugh 2) Kill bosses consistently and 3) Efficiently Progress. We are looking for (in order of preference) ilvl 845+: Ele Sham, Plate DPS (Ret pally Pref), Shadow Priest, Hunter. Ranged DPS(not looking to add Leather DPS at this time) Our raid times are from 7:00 - 9:00+ PM PST on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Our looting system is EPGP. If you have any questions PM me Contact me: BNET: Jobin#1351 Discord: Jobin#0632 Apply Here: Oct 10
Oct 10 [H] Healer LFGuild that Raids 3-6PM ST Hello, I'm looking to get back into Raiding this expansion. I'm in my early 30's and looking for a mature guild to raid with twice a week. Unable to raid Thursday or Friday. I work early mornings (up at 5AM EST) so I'd need to log off by 6PM server time (that would be 9PM EST). 843 Resto Druid (all my artifact points are focused on healing) If my schedule works for any guilds please reach out to me here or in game. Thanks.Texrawr1 Oct 10
Oct 9 <Bellicose> Need All The newly formed Bellicose needs all classes and specs to fill out our ranks and get further into heroic raid tier. Raid times are 8:30 server Tuesday and Sunday nights Lots of Mythic and mythic plus runs Leadership roles available Feel free to message me or any member in game or on these forums for more info. Thanks.Reic0 Oct 9
Oct 9 EAST-COAST FLEXIBLE DAYS LFM CORE *Globaled* (Soon to be changed name) is recruiting for a unique style raid group. Times are aimed to be east-coast friendly, starting at 7EST (4PST), and lasting 3 hours. Days will be flexible, and weekends may start earlier. In search of all roles. PSTKatora1 Oct 9
Oct 9 《Organ Harvesters》 Weekend Raiding Organ Harvesters is a Semi-Hardcore /Hardcore Mythic raiding guild currently 7/7N 7/7 H, that has been around since Wrath, we have a solid core group of guys, many that have been with us since we started. Currently we are looking to fill several rolls within our raid group, including the need for 1-2 healers (any class), we also have room for a few strong range and melee dps. We are a mature guild looking to progress at a fast pace but with no expectation to be server first. We are a drama free group that values and rewards conistency both in raid attendance and raid/class knowledge. We do not expect anyone to make every raid but ask for a lot of notice for any missed days. We run an efficient but fun raid with the expectation you are looking for constant progression without the time investment of a 4-5 night/ week guild. Raid times: Friday + Saturday nights 5:30 - 9:00pm Server Time (PST) For more information or to apply please go to OR Add me in game Tannkster#1230 ThanksWarlockfdoom3 Oct 9
Oct 8 1/7 M guild LF Warlock <Hostile - Kil'Jaeden> 1/7 M is looking for warlock for core raid team. We raid Fri/Sat 7-11 ST. 855 ilvl req. add Foojie#1557Foojíe0 Oct 8
Oct 8 [H]<Caedas> recruiting Who we are: Caedas was formed during BC on Ravenholdt. At that time, we raided on a fairly heavy schedule. We transferred to KJ at the start of Mist, and slowed our raid schedule down as members started careers, had families, and other real life responsibilities. As a long time guild, with the core still in tact, Caedas functions more like a family than a collective of strangers who game together. Raids: We raid on a limited schedule: Tues/Mon 5pm server - 8:15pm server time. It's a hard stop at 8:15 for our members who work night shift. On a limited schedule, we expect everyone to be prepared(food/flask-usually in gbank and know the fight). We try to make the most of our raid time as it is limited. We are currently 7/7 N and 1/7H What we offer: A friendly and welcoming community Discord server and website A stable group community Guild funded repairs, buff food, and discounted flask(This will come to free flask in 7.1)What we are looking for: Healer(non disc priest/holy pally) with a DPS OS Limited ranged DPS Quality people. We are a close knit group, as such we try to surround ourselves with non negative peopleIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in game (Sokane#1711) or swing by the website( ThanksFenritt1 Oct 8
Oct 8 <MangoBay>New 2 night M Guild LF CORE! [H]<MangoBay>NEW RAIDING GUILD recruiting for 2 days a week, 4-5 hour per day Mythic push guild! we are looking to push for US TOP 50 guild!! I'm a old school player returning to the game, sick of doing pugs, and want to start my own guild this time around. Previous top 100 US guild experience in MoP(cutting edge, AOTC Sha) and all previous expansions. Lead's current progression / experience 7/7H / 2/7M Emerald Nightmare Raid Time Sun 8-12am EST / 5-9 PST / 6-11 CST Monday 8-121am EST / 5-9 PST / 6-11 CST Being on a 2 days schedule, and 4-5 hour each, give us a small window to push content, which is why I require experienced players only to apply, Looking to push mythic content in a very casual, stress free setting, this is for those who are very skilled, but don't have very much time to dedicate to the game. Looking to recruit quality players who are willing to do more than just raid with the guild, Mythic+ is definitely also on the list during days off from raid, we'll get +15 mythic+ soon! Current starting roster of 10 core, will expand when we get guild log to attract more potential applicant. ALL FLASK/POT/REPAIR(up to certain %) Will be paid by the guild! stress free environment, no hardcore farming needed to raid! ADD ME Dizzy#12119 on bnet to talk!Dizzynow3 Oct 8
Oct 8 [LFGuild] Late Night Raids (Midnight Server) Long time raider/pvp looking to get back into raiding (started in vanilla got titles to prove it), but I don't get home from work during the week until around midnight. My weekends are usually free. I'm currently a Spriest around 840 ilvl. Looking to push mythics if possible. I theorycraft/sim the hell out of my gear and rotations. Hit me up if you have any questionsWheals1 Oct 8
Oct 8 Nox Pox Late Night 1/7M Recruiting TANK Hello All, Nox Pox is a mythic raiding guild located on Kil'Jaeden US - Horde. The guild was made by a few friends that wanted to raid together at a competitive level, we chose to raid late night because we come from various parts of the world and this schedule works the best for us. We have all raided for most expansions in World of Warcraft and will continue to do so well into the future. Our raid times are 12am - 3am PST Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Mornings (that is Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Nights). We are always looking for people to join our ranks and keep our roster competitive and healthy. We are currently highly interested in a Tank for immediate roster position, a Healer and all DPS. All classes/specs are encouraged to apply. If you are interested in learning more about us please apply @ You can also contact the following: Lokatti#1745 Tomser#1986Lokati0 Oct 8
Oct 8 862 prot warrior lfg 6/7 heroic experience. Ask for any details you want.Bigboydeeps2 Oct 8
Oct 7 LF: Early evening raiding group Any groups/guilds on KJ raiding around 4PM server? Looking for something solid and dedicated. Hit me up. Mitch#1242Mitch4 Oct 7
Oct 7 3 Raiders LF Guild We are 3 Real life friends trying to find a guild, we have been playing since BC. Stopped at WoD, and back to raid. We are EST so finding a guild with our time needs has been a bit challenging. Our specs are Guardian Drood (myself)845 Assa. Rogue 844 and a Windwalker Monk 840 add me to talk manguu#1502Manguo3 Oct 7
Oct 7 [H]Redemption Gaming is recruiting We are a Heroic (hopeful mythic) raiding guild on Kil'Jaeden (US). We started the guild back in early June of 2016 with the long term goal of cultivating a semi competitive raiding guild. We are 7/7n & 3/7h. Currently in need of dps (non paladin) and a healer or two to round out our core group. Raid days and times are : Wed/Thurs/Fri 4-7 st. Message in game for more information Raylah (kell#1146) Elaniaa Pikacha (Nokosa#1100) Lindseyloh (Nyancat#1532 Jokersace (Jokersace#1420)Raylah0 Oct 7
Oct 7 [A] Buying Vanguard Legplates Been looking to finish off my Vanguard set, haven't seen the legs on the AH. Please send in-game mail with your price and Ill get back to you asap. IGN; ModimusModimus0 Oct 7
Oct 7 846+ Enhance Sham LF 7-11PM PST Raid Guild Hello, currently looking for a Kil'jaeden Guild home I've been an active player since WoTLK, and have experience raiding in a semi-causal raid groups throughout WoD. Currently looking for a semi-serious group to raid with in legion. I enjoy doing other content, i.e pvp, challenge modes/mythic +, Tmog runs, etc. Days that work best for me: Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur from 8 - 11 PST Feel free to contact me in game c: Meow#1240Nyxlucis1 Oct 7
Oct 5 Lights Out - Kil' jaeden 4/7 Heroic! We are looking for an off tank, healer and few dps to finish our core raid team. Tank - Druid / DK (845+) Healer - Priest / Shaman (845+) RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, and Lock (850+) MDPS - Rogue, Druid, Warrior, and Hunter (850+) Please apply at our website at Oct 5
Oct 5 WTB Obliterum x 54 (Kil'Jaeden Horde) wtb obliterum x54 on Ki'Jaeden hordeQuackingduck1 Oct 5
Oct 5 What happened here? Where's all the drama? Do people just make alts now to keep it private? I miss the old KJ forums of BC, now it's just overloaded with all of these horde guilds recruitment nonsense.. also: recruiting 1 H-pally, a Boomkin and maybe another spriest for mythic progression. 6-9 server, tues-weds with thurs cleanup. So shamless.Kämrad16 Oct 5
Oct 5 New Thursday/Friday evening group. <Anvil> is recruiting for raids. At our core we have very talented MMO raiders who have taken their skills to high levels of content in multiple games and genres. This is not going to be a super hardcore Mythic til your eyes bleed sort of environment. We've been there, and done, and we just want to spend out time in the company of some decent raiders who we don't have to hold their hands through mechanics. We are looking for experienced raiders or might be too burnt out on pushing progression aggressively, or new raiders who think they are good enough to hang with some old pros on the meters. We are not looking for whiny douchebags who are going to cry or rage if we spend the night wiping on a new boss. We want to have fun, and we want to enjoy being around the people we bring in. We're adults with jobs and families and lives, and we like to raid. We are currently looking at raid times of: Thurdsay - 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM Pacific Time (KJ server time.) Friday - 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM Pacific Time That's 9:00 - 1:00 AM Eastern time. We are planning on having a break in the middle of about 15-20 minutes. to break up the night a little bit, but we DO want to accomplish things. We are looking for a little bit of everything. Trying to fill out a 25 man roster for eventual mythics. Why 25? Because life happens. And sometimes you just don't want to log in to WoW. We get it. But we want to make sure your spot is covered as well. We have a history of rotating people out who don't need gear from fight to fight as well, so that everyone will be even on gear. That said we are looking for characters to be at 850+ to get into heroic content as soon as we can. We are also open to alts/groups/package deals so long as everyone can pull their weight and be mostly dependable. We need: 1 tank - Bear or DH. Non paladin healers mix of ranged and melee dps. This is a new group, and as such, we are ok with you staying on your current server up until we are ready for mythics. We will be using TeamSpeak for chat. Please add phizzix#1734 to talk about the group.Krokkar0 Oct 5
Oct 4 [H]<Get Good> Recruiting Tues/Wed 9-Midnight <Get Good> is a newly formed guild made up of old hardcore players. We are looking to get a small, like-minded, and competitive group of raiders. We are considering ourselves to be a "hardcore" guild because while we will not raid a large number hours we are looking to still progress and will need people who are willing to put in their best effort at all times. If you are someone who has been looking for a guild that understands that IRL happens but are looking to get back into "progression raiding", this might be a good fit for you. I do ask that if you join that you do not expect extreme progression right off the bat as we will have to really figure out what works best for the guild. Great things take time and this also applies to guilds. We will do our best to interact with all guild members and not be a guild of 400+ players. At the beginning I will be doing my best to trial as many classes and roles as possible. Because of this I am not going to be limiting the number of recruits that we take. Even if you are not listed as a class we need below people contact me as competition is always a good thing. Currently Recruiting: Tanks Healers Ranged DPS. Raid times Tues/Wed 9-midnight. PM Gurotan, Oreks, and Neurohh for guild details!Gurotan2 Oct 4
Oct 4 [ A ] LF Raiding Guild 849 Boomy ( Alliance ) LF Raiding Guild. I have Heroic XP On Ursoc and Nyth. :)Nexuses2 Oct 4
Oct 3 850 Blood DK LF 5-Man Mythic+ Guilds Blood DK looking for guild to do 5 man mythic+ dungeons. I currently cannot commit to a raid schedule but would like to join a guild that regularly does mythic+ dungeons throughout the week. I've only done up to mythic 4 (have a mythic 5 keystone I'd like to complete today). PST in-game or respond to this post.Gamby1 Oct 3
Oct 3 What ever happened to Strongbad? Did he xfer somewhere?Carlweathers2 Oct 3
Oct 2 [H]<Æternæ>for Mythic-R-DPS+DH DPS+1Heal Various DPS for Mythic progression. Raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday with Thursday cleanup from 6-9pm server. Also looking to fill spots for Normal/heroic group progression. Need tanks, heals, and DPS. We have a raid ready group but would like at least 3 200k+ dps with ~850 ilvl. All classes we're looking for in order of importance: 1 Healer-Holy Priest/MW Monk Spriest Demon Hunter DPS Mage Hunters And these we will most likely take if we have room: Boomkin Ele Shaman We are also looking for anyone and everyone who is interested in doing RANKED PvP- RBGS, 2s & 3s and to handle the <Versus> problem if it arises. Post something in here or contact an officer in game: Myself(Om) Aesr Kfam BlightsOm6 Oct 2
Oct 2 Tank looking for raiding guild. I've been tanking on and off for about 10 years over multiple accounts. I have many memorable stories. I've seen just about every boss and tanked it. Just returned to wow after skipping the last expansion. Looking for a guild that preferably raids on Mondays. But can be somewhat flexible.Naturell0 Oct 2
Oct 1 Lights Out - Kil' jaeden 4/7 Heroic. Healer - Priest / Shaman (845+) RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, and Lock (845+) MDPS - Rogue, Druid, Warrior, and Hunter (845+) ( Raid times are 7 - 11 PT ) Please apply at our website at Lights Out The community website for Lights Out Lights Out The community website for Lights Out Lights Out The community website for Lights OutRyvolt0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Elemental Shaman POV Stream Live every day @ 6 pm Raids are Friday - saturday 10 pm pacific start and sunday starting @ 8 Appreciate any and all support and I hope I can help any with questions they have about the class, and most of all I hope you enjoy.Theskooch0 Oct 1
Oct 1 Challenge Mod - Realm Records Is it just me or is the challenge mode times not updating on the armory? There are 2 times that we have gotten done pretty quick and we arent even listed on the records.Bilbofattzas0 Oct 1
Sep 30 Lights Out - Kil' jaeden 4/7 Heroic. Healer - Priest / Shaman (845+) RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, and Lock (850+) MDPS - Rogue, Druid, Warrior, and Hunter (850+) ( Raid times are 7 - 11 PT ) Please apply at our website at Lights Out The community website for Lights Out Lights Out The community website for Lights OutRyvolt0 Sep 30
Sep 30 850+ Exp Mage LF 6-10PM EST Mythic Raid Guild Hello. I am a very experienced raider looking for a semi-serious place to raid for legion. You can look at my profile to see some of my accomplishments, but I have raided in top 20 US guilds in the past. I work straight midnights, so these time frames are VERY SPECIFIC! I am not interested in any guild that raids past 10 PM EST. No exceptions, so please do not post if your guild raids LATER THAN 10 PM EST. I am fully willing to apply and trial, please let me know whats available. I have some logs (from my normal modes), and am currently 7/7n, 1/7h. I also have a real life friend who would probably come with me, he has a dk/priest available, but having him raid is not a deal breaker. Contact me, thanks.Sciatika1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Lights Out - Kil' jaeden 4/7 Heroic. Tank - Druid / DK / DH (845+) Healer - Priest / Shaman (845+) RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, and Lock (850+) MDPS - Rogue, Druid, Warrior, and Hunter (850+) Please apply at our website at Lights Out The community website for Lights Out Lights Out The community website for Lights OutRyvolt0 Sep 30
Sep 30 Lights Out - Kil' jaeden 4/7 Heroic. Tank - Druid / DK / DH (845+) Healer - Priest / Shaman (845+) RDPS - Mage, Spriest, Boomkin, and Lock (850+) MDPS - Rogue, Druid, Warrior, and Hunter (850+) Please apply at our website at Lights Out The community website for Lights Out Lights Out The community website for Lights OutRyvolt0 Sep 30
Sep 30 [H] 854 Prot Pally 7/7EN LF Guild For Heroic Looking for heroic progression guild Pugged 7/7 EN Norm 849 iLvl Raid experience from BC-Cata Whisper in game or reply here Vendrak#1481Vendrak3 Sep 30
Sep 30 [H][US][Kil' Jaden] <Cinder Works> 7/7H Hello! 7/7H, Cinder Works is looking to fill our Core Raid team! Raid Times are Tues/Thursday 5:30-10 server. Additional raid days may be added in preparation for Legion. We are a Mythic Raiding guild, looking to progress as quickly as possible in Legion. Current Demands: High Priority: Healers(Not Disc) Lock(s) Mage Low Priority -> Hunter Ranged Raider: Be on 10 minutes before raid time, be fully geared, have bis gems & enchants. Farming on your own is expected, so is utilizing your professions to benefit the guild. You can apply at or contact me in game at MisterStick#1347 Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!Sunnei0 Sep 30
Sep 30 [H] <Lets Go> 6/7H Tues/Thurs 6pm-9pm server <Lets Go> 6/7 Heroic Update: We are very close to finishing our roster! Is a newly formed guild LF members to fill our semi-hardcore mythic raid team. Most of us are top 100 players [either in pvp, cms, raiding, etc] who still want to play competitively but don't want to spend all the time in the world to do so. In saying that we are LF exceptionally skilled players so we can push content and not raid 7 days a week. Recruitment needs: Priest All Specs Mage Hunter Warlock Our main concern still stands to finding skilled players over specific classes/specs Requirements: 1) Attendance - As we plan on only raiding 2 days a week (this could change) attendance is very very important to us. 2) Knowledge - By this we mean knowing your class well beyond others and also knowledge about other classes and upcoming fights. We want 2 push content on raid nights not wait for you to watch a video about the fight 5 minutes before pull! 3) Be Friendly - We want to push content and value skill very high but it is a game and we want to enjoy raiding with you so bring a good attitude :) 4) Communication - Be willing to talk and address any issues again we have little time to push a lot of content we don't want to waste time on the little things. As well being able to be vocal during fights when it is relevant. We will be using discord 4 our voice chat. What can you expect: Raiding with some of the best players Free repairs 5-man content Friends/Fun Under-performing players will be replaced Experienced leadership Relaxed environment Common goals Fair loot distribution Drama free Guild events Contact: For any questions, concerns, or an invite add my BTAG: Deathlobsta#1397 Lastly all types of players are welcome 2 the guild free repairs yo!Cutieyuna8 Sep 30