Mar 8 mythic guild slot 723 level resto shamy lfm guildThraåll1 Mar 8
Mar 7 @GoA @rivals Things i learned from two very noticable pvp guilds on this server. 1. Camping is a bannable offense. 2. 10 deaths is alot while leveling apparently.* *Now that last one is questionable. Dieing 10 times while leveling may be alot now a days. I have no idea i dont level. Which would make me old schooooooooool. P.S. you should be grateful it was only 10. You should be getting ganked alot more so you barely notice dieing 10 times. Just doing my part Stay different PvP servers.Bozomojo9 Mar 7
Mar 7 Resto Druid lf raiding guild Returning player. Most recent experience is 5/7 heroic highmaul before taking break. Past mythic progression experience. Gear is low,but working on it. Currently 683 ilvl. Looking for a guild that raids a combination of wed/thurs/fri/sun. Willing to xfr/faction change for the right guild.Kaía0 Mar 7
Mar 4 WTB - BRF Achieve "Ya, We've Got Time" - 40K I need just one more achieve to get Glory of the Draenor Raider, and I'm too busy to keep wiping on BRF achieve runs, only to not get to the Blackrock Furnace. So I am offering 40K to a group to help me get this done so I can move on. Of course, I expect it to be done on Normal mode. We don't need to do any other bosses, just what we need to clear to get to the Blackrock Furnace.Kozzok0 Mar 4
Mar 4 [A-MG] Weekday raiding! <EZ> 5/13M Ethala Zaram is on Moon Guard. We started because myself, and a few other good raiders, didn't want to leave our RP hub just to be able to raid. <Ethala Zaram> An alliance Moon Guard guild. About us: Ethala Zaram is on Moon Guard. We started because myself, and a few other good raiders, didn't want to leave our RP hub just to be able to raid. We are a very friendly group of players who enjoy having fun in and out of the game. During HM and BRF we dipped some into mythic but never really killed past the first few bosses before the next raid came out. For HFC we're gonna change it up a bit, we aim to finish it and kill Archimonde on Mythic before Legion drops. We're looking for a few more players who aim to not just have a fun time, but kill this last boss in a good amount of time. Raid Nights: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7pm-10pm Server time (CST) What we are looking for: Ranged DPS healersTo be expected: Discord (voice chat - Boss Mod Attendance RC loot council Exsorsus Raid ToolsLastly I do understand we're on a role playing server so I won't require anyone to server transfer if they do not want to. As long as you're willing to show up every day, wanting to kill that last boss, and are a good player. All are welcome. If there was anything I missed, contact us down below! Lazyboy001#1694 Mactavish#1757 Thank you for reading, hope to hear from you all soon.Magniir0 Mar 4
Mar 3 WTS 16 x Minion of Grumpus for 750kg or bulk WTS 16 x Minion of Grumpus for 750kg. I'm willing to sell smaller bulk packages like 4 for 190kg. Add me on btag Teknique#1617Teknîque1 Mar 3
Mar 2 [A]Dead of Winter is recruiting Dead of Winter is a casual social guild looking for people who want to join us for both PvP and PvE content. We have a PvP night every Tuesday (6:45PM ST) in which we usually do RBGs as well as a mythic dungeon night on Thursdays and a HFC raid night on Friday (both of these at 6PM ST). There are some requirements for the events such as you must have vent, 730+ for the RBGs and 685 for the raid night. We're currently 13/13N in HFC with 13/13H experienced raid leaders and we're looking to push into heroics soon once more people have their tier pieces. We're relaxed, friendly and have an active roster and plenty of experienced players willing to help out with just about anything regardless of whether your leveling or gearing and we run a fair bit of content throughout the week to help players who are interested in joining us with our events. If you're interested in joining or have any questions you can PST either myself, Trucke or any of our ingame officers and if we're not online then send us an in game mail and we'll get back to you asap!Asheidan0 Mar 2
Mar 2 Classy Nice game you got here. His comment about being a team player, as I told him, makes no sense. Mar 2
Mar 1 [A] Refraction Recruiting for Heroic HFC Refraction Raid times - Tuesday-Thursday (heroic), Friday (normal) 7pm - 10:30pm server time Where we come from we are a guild that has been around since BC-Wrath-Cata, and then the guild decided to take a break after Mist launched. Some of our core DPS has come back to play Legion and want to push the current content (HFC) to practice and get a good core for legion. How we handle Loot We use master loot in our current raids, and as we start to fill our core group we will be switching over to loot council. We reward our players with -Attendance -Performance -the ability to come to raids ready What we are looking for We are looking for raiders that come to raid with Flasks, Pots, Runes, and Food, who can follow directions and has a good attitude towards raiding. We are looking for friendly raiders with knowledge of their classes and specs Recruitment - Legendary Rings - Ilvl 705-710 Tank - Monk/Warrior/Paladin/Druid Healers - Monk/Paladin/Druid/Priest Dps - Range DPS we are not looking for any melee dps If your class is not listed but you feel that you can still bring something to our raid team please feel free to apply and we will look over your application. Contact Information Guild Website - Ingame - Chí (Deathpope#1445) Thank you for taking the time to read this post.Chí17 Mar 1
Feb 29 [H] <Envy> LFM 12/13M HFC Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. About "<Envy>" We are a guild founded by Vanilla experienced players. Our sole focus when playing this game is to progress to new bosses and get out of the old content. Farm content is dull, and if that's all WoW had to offer, we wouldn't be playing. Getting those first kills on tough fights are why we play this game. Aside from that we do enjoy busting each others balls, and having a good time on fights that we can do with our eyes closed. We like to joke and goof around while still getting content cleared; but when it comes to new content, the jokes end and we get serious. Community: We are looking for players that realize WoW is more MMO and less RPG. By which we mean that we want players that recognize the social aspect and goals of this game. Let's be honest, if this were a single player game it would be very bland. We want people that are active on mumble, enjoy hanging out outside of raids, and generally just fun to play with. While we do enjoy goofing on each other, we also want people that understand what respect means, and how to give and earn it. You need to be the kind of player that understands the guild's success is your success. We want the best that your class has to offer. Are you always looking for ways to improve yourself? Are you trying to figure out what a person of your class did to “beat” you rather than sum it up as gear or RNG? Do you look forward to wipes and progression? Do you like everything WoW has to offer? If so, we want you! NO DRAMA: Practically every serious guild makes this promise. Most fail to deliver. We understand that one of the biggest guild killers is stupid, pointless drama. Should an issue arise that can not be immediately resolved, then the offending people(s) are simply removed from raid and we continue on without them; leaving them to wait until we're done with the raid before we deal with them. The raid comes first, always. What you do on your own time is your own business, but the moment you step foot into a raid with 20+ other people, you are no longer on your time. You're on the guilds time. It isn't your 3 hours spent raiding that night, it is the raids collective 60 hours spent raiding that night. NO ONE, and I repeat NO ONE has the right to waste it. Goals: Our goal in our guild is to build a strong community that we can say we are the best here. We wish to push content hard as soon as it is released, and to compete with the very best the server has to offer. Recruitment: We are targeting players who are looking to excel in a team progression format. We are also willing to speak to groups of players and or people who are tired of their current guilds and looking for a push. Again, we seek only great players to push and pass our goals to make names for themselves. We have the leadership and council, now we are just looking for you. If you feel you or a group of players in your guild are leaps and bounds ahead of your fellow raiders in skill/desire to push content hard and do it properly; OR if you are a recruitment officer/GM and want the best for your skilled players but are tired of endless player hunting to round your roster out and just want to join your best with our best - we want you! Currently we are open to any and all exceptional players. Our Raid times are as follows: - Monday 6:45pm - 9:45pm - Tuesday 6:45pm – 9:45pm - Thursday 6:45pm – 9:45pm - Pacific Standard Time Loot: Our loot Council decides who gets what. Be good to us and we will be good to you. The deciding factors are as follows: 1. Attendance 2. Performance 3. Attitude Contacts & Information: Xaphus#1471 Shotz020#1956 Infragilis#1129 Kojy#1486Kojy33 Feb 29
Feb 29 [H] Blood Defenders Recruiting for Heroic HFC Blood Defenders Raid Times - Wednesday / Thursday 5:30pm-8:30pm server time About the Guild This guild was formed 2 months ago with the goal of forming a raid team in preparation for the upcoming expansion Legion. The guild is co-lead by three people who were tired of raiding under horrible leadership and decided to take it upon themselves to create the ideal raid group and guild. WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN In two months time we have formed a raid group consisting of experienced raiders who had forsaken this expansion, but decided it was time to come back and clear the content. Almost all of the raid group is level boosted 100's, who have had no prior experience in Hellfire Citadel, however....within 4 WEEKS we have progressed to completely clearing HFC normal and to being 6/13 Heroic. We anticipate having Heroic HFC completely cleared within a month at our rate of progression and to move into Mythics. If you would like proof, here is our logs Who are we looking for? Blood defenders would ultimately like a raid size of 20, not necessarily because of Mythic raiding, but because of flexibility. We are currently recruiting for all positions, however we do have certain roles we need filled ASAP Currently looking for MELEE DPS AND A NON-MONK TANK HIGH NEED ASAP - DPS/TANK Pally - DPS/TANK Warrior - DPS/TANK Death Knight WILL CONSIDER - rDPS/mDPS/TANK Druid - DPS Monk - Rogue Also will consider any competent Ranged DPS or healers who are looking for a raid group within these times Please contact Afeonim#1754 on if you feel this raid group is something you are interested in.Ygiri2 Feb 29
Feb 29 WTB 8/8 Challenge Mode run I have the gold on Blackrock but want to run my Druid, which is on Kil'jaeden server. Druid has done all dungeons once and has invisibility pots. Willing to transfer to this server if price is right. ThanksSpazgremlin1 Feb 29
Feb 28 Closed =PAeronwyn0 Feb 28
Feb 27 Zero's&Huntriss' Friday Night GDKP's are back We took a long break from leading GDKP's since the last one in MoP, but we think its time to get back in the game of things so without further ado we proudly present to you the re birthing of the great Friday Night GDKP runs! Rules to the GDKP: -All Items are auctioned off to the highest bidder. - Bidders will have 15 seconds to place a legal bid. - After every bid, the 15 second timer will reset to start again. - After 15 seconds of no bids, the timer will expire and the highest placed bid will be the winner. -Anyone can bid on an item of any type. There is no main spec or off spec. - All the gold goes into a collective pot and at the end all the gold is distributed among carriers and buyers. - 85% of the pot is distributed among carriers. - Buyers will receive a portion of the pot based on one of three criteria. - 1) They spent the highest amount of gold in the raid so they will receive a normal buyer portion of pot. - 2) They spent the 2nd highest amount of gold in the run so they will receive 2/3 of a normal buyer portion of the pot - 3) They spend the 3rd highest amount of gold in the run so they will receive 1/3 of a normal buyer portion of the pot. - 4) All remaining buyer amounts will go towards extra carrier shares. - You must be present in the raid to receive gold. - If you leave early, you forfeit your share. - Those raid members that arrive after the raid has officially started will receive a prorated amount for their share equal to the number of bosses they killed. Every boss is worth 7.69% of the pot. (100 / 13) Raid Times: - All of our raids have always started at 6 pm on Fridays and we will be continuing that trend. Raid times will be every Friday from 6 pm to 11 pm server. The exception to this rule will be on the weeks of December 25th and January 1st, as those days are X-mas and New Years Day. So to balance this, we will be moving those specific weeks to Wednesdays, 6 - 11 pm. Requirements: - - Carriers: - 730+ iLvl and able to pull ~ 100k dps -- Buyers: - I ask that you bring a minimum of around 100k to be able to bid comfortably and win every piece that you would like. - Special rules for buyers: - You will be asked for a 25,000g deposit prior to your run. This is to guarantee your spot and to discourage no-shows. If you are a no-show, then your deposit will not be returned. If you are late, I ask that you give prior notice so that your spot will still be reserved and so that you do not lose your deposit. This deposit though will be credited towards you on loot. So once i receive your deposit, you will have a 25,000g credit towards items that you wish to bid on in the raid, and you will not owe anything until you have bid on items passed your 25k mark. Starting Amounts: Lower Half: Non-tier Items - 5k Weapons and trinkets - 8k Tier - 10k Upper Half: Non-tier - 8k Weapons and Trinkets - 12k Tier - 15k Archimonde Loot: Non-Weapons - 10k Weapons - 15k Trinkets - 25k Results: - Friday January 8th: 714,200g in the pot. 11/13H Cleared. (Fel Lord Zakuun and Tyrant Velhari skipped) - Friday January 15th: 682,000g in the pot. 11/13H cleared (Tyrant Velhari and Shadow-Lord Iskar Skipped) Carriers received 39,207.21g each - Friday January 22nd: 618,100g in the pot. 11/13H Cleared (Fel Lord Zakuun and Tyrant Velhari skipped). Carriers Received 31,000g each - Friday February 5th: 862,000 in the pot. 13/13H Cleared. Carriers Received 41,200g each - Friday February 12th: 739,400g in the pot. 13/13H Cleared. Carriers received 36,078g each. - Friday February 26th: 965,600g in the pot. 13/13 H Cleared. Carriers received 43,280g each. Swanzai received a 5k bonus for being majority top dps, and Jawyn and Craatus Both received 2,500g each as a bonus for being top healers. Our Next GDKP will be Friday March 4th @ 6 pm Server. We will be selling H Archi Achieve and mounts for 25k each at the start of the run. I highly recommend you reserve a spot on the calendar if you wish to attend. Contact: BattleTag: Zero#11269 If you wish to attend, or have questions, I can answer any that you have. I do invites through the in-game calender, and off of realID / BattleTag. I play daily and am swift imo at responding. You can find me on Zerð (H), Ablung (H), Sayoshi (H), Cjar (H), Moonlight (H) or Scylër (H)Zerõ16 Feb 27
Feb 26 RIP SAR 13/13H Recruiting About Us: RIP SAR is a relatively new raiding guild with a fun, relaxed environment. We're currently farming 13/13H HFC on a weekly basis and are looking to fill our roster and push into Mythic. Our raid leader is 5/13 Mythic. We do achievement runs and mythic dungeons as a guild on the weekends. What We Provide For Our Raiders: Guild Repairs Potions/Flasks/Feasts GCG ;) Raid Times: Wednesday: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Server Time Thursday: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Server Time Recruitment Needs Heals: MW Monk and Resto Druid with Boomkin OS. DPS: Must be 715+ With legendary ring. Specifically looking for a rogue and some mages! If you're interested, respond on this page, contact Oopies, Shamanigans, Fresuvi, or Pallymcbeal in game or add us on Battletag. Fresuvi#1843 Tibbit24#1528Fresuvi7 Feb 26
Feb 25 <H><Cascade> Reforming To Dominate Who we are: <Cascade> is a 10-15 man raiding guild that has just recently been formed and is looking for some new recruits! We are bringing people in from all over Kil'jaeden, with players ranging from heroic to mythic raiders. We prioritize skill, knowing mechanics, and being able to get bosses down rather than simply numbers or ilvl. We also prioritize guild synergy and wanting to help others outside of raid rather than simply just being there for raid. We're building a community focused guild and want to get to know all of our members, rather than everyone simply knowing the GM or Officers. It also can't be understated that we are a guild for professionals and individuals who are intent on prioritizing things over WOW; all of the founders of the guild have high-profile careers, children, or both. Why are we new: We were born out of a desire by officers of various other guilds to form a community guild that could also progress quickly and smoothly through current content, with an eye towards Legion. We were all feeling unsatisfied in our current guild environments and decided to make a switch, and the idea of Cascade was born. We also have a vent server, and are currently working on putting together a website. We also want to be transparent in that many of us were former guild officers who took an extended break at various times during WOD and have come back to the game with an eye towards building a strong, tight-knit community for Legion. What we want from you: Being there, 15 minutes before pull time, with your flasks, pots, and gems and enchants done. Our free-time is precious to us and we will treat your time in the same manner. We also want you to be in the right mindset to raid....raiding with a bad attitude is a recipe for disaster. Also, make sure you have researched the fights we are doing that day, and how your class and role fit into those encounters in particular. We prefer to raid lead educated raiders. However, we do understand that things come up: we will be giving out our raid leader's phone number if an emergency comes up (child is ill, boss is keeping you at work, etc). As said, we are all working professionals with families, and will treat you as a human being above all else. Our Current Raid Times: Saturday/Sunday, 5-8 Server. Many of our members are East Coasters so our raiding times are earlier than many guilds.. We also run Transmog runs on weekends, and are hoping to grow to a size where we can find suitable times for an alt run. We're also going to look at the best times for the raiders that we accept into our guild. Loot: We operate on a loot council system using RCLootCouncil. Members of the loot council who are up for a piece of loot cannot vote for themselves, and we prioritize loot going to raiders who get the biggest upgrade from a piece of loot, and if they might be getting 2 set or 4 set, over gearing someone based on their standing in the guild. Who we want for the guild: As we are at the founding stages right now, we are looking for almost all classes, and are prioritizing HEAVILY on the character/experience side of things rather than on the gear side of things. If you're looking to hop into Mythics right away, this is not the right place for you. If you want to loot ninja and be a tool to others, this is not the place for you. We'll be progressing, having a good time, and eventually get to Mythics. Our goal is to get deep into Mythic progression and kill Mythic Archimonde. We are also looking to recruit any other exceptional players. Where to Come for More Info: Grogore, Tweetwee, Sardona, Axblade. Battletags: Hokares#1214, Mngwa#1730, Grogore#1754, Of course we are taking casuals, levelers, and people who want quick queues on their LFRs as well.Axblade28 Feb 25
Feb 24 WTB Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Offering around 500k Battle Tag is ysobluepanda#1902Whysoblue0 Feb 24
Feb 24 Rubberbreath Soloing 100s!!! Rubberbreath out there soloing 100s, if you ignore the other two people who are doing 80% of the damage... Feb 24
Feb 23 [H] Reactivated Guild LFM to Start Casual HFC Deleted .Gadd0 Feb 23
Feb 23 WoW Updating Files still updating??? I ran the launcher, it downloaded the "Update Tools" upon completion the launcher closed. A new window opened up titled "World of Warcraft Setup" The icon is the originaly WoW Icon and has a CD icon on it as well. It blinks saying "Updating Setup Files" and the green bar below it it is roughly at 60ish% But it blinks and refills as if it IS downloading. Its been like this for 3 hours now. Anything else experiencing this? BTW I ran this as administrator to surpass my firewall.Deadlaÿ2 Feb 23
Feb 23 <XiT> 5/13M Recruiting for Mythic Raiding. <XiT> Late Night Raiding Guild is currently recruiting healers and dps to finish up our roster and progress as far as we can before Legion comes out. We are currently looking for an amazing resto druid, mistweaver monk and holy pally. DPS wise we are looking for a feral, rogue, lock, mage, boomkin. But we are always accepting exceptional raiders regardless of what we posted here. Raid days are Tues/Weds 10pm-1am pst(server time). Add Unriel#1911 or Rohzay#1540 for more details.Cerriel3 Feb 23
Feb 22 (Devils Theory)13/13H starting mythic recruit Devils theory is a fun and friendly guild that is looking for some dps to get into mythic our mythic raid group will be on tuesday wednesday 545-845pm server we supply flask, pots, feasts, and enchants we are in need of 2 dps warlock is huge pref 710 min ilvl and legendary ring is required we will be full clearing heroic until the group is filled and ready to enter mythic We like to keeps things easy going and have fun raiding get ahold of Orruul, Angrybullrok, or Ishence in game for more info thanks for taking a lookOrruul0 Feb 22
Feb 22 LF Tank/Healer - M Upper HFC - week of 2/23 Our current MT and a healer is on vacation - looking for a filler for this week. M Upper HFC up to Mann on farm. 45% on Archi. Need to have experience up to Mann and ilvl 735+. 7:45-11:00 PM server time (PST) Tue-Thu Please contact either one if you're interested: Istrovios#1411 Kanpii#1783Istrovios0 Feb 22
Feb 21 paying 20k gold for 250 jump geyser gun toy In Throne of Thunder From what I read, I'm 99% sure if you use a 2 seater OR the druid stag mount glyph, the 2nd person will get credit as well. The only reason I'm doing this is for the toy, which you get mailed to you when you get the debuff stacked up to 250 times, which is 250 jumps. I tried this; there is nothing I'm convinced of more than I cannot do this by myself. My highest is 28 stacks. This is basically me paying for a carry since we both get credit if I'm mounted on you. I have level 100 char's on horde or alliance here. Please let me know if you're interested, either here or whisper/mail groupwiperr on alliance or gankingfool on horde, both hunters. Please have a 2 seater, or ideally, druid stag w/ glyph for mounting. I'd really prefer if you've done this before, or know you can do this. I'll pay 1k gold upfront if it seems you know what you're doing and if you can't do it, then you can keep the gold. My alliance hunter is saved to throne of thunder and can attempt this now, and extend before Tuesday reset. My horde hunter has no saves.Groupwiperr1 Feb 21
Feb 21 <The Kingz> LFM **Pls Read Post** Hello everyone, <The Kingz> is currently recruiting for those interested in -PvP (WPvP(Fun World Battles), RBG Teams, Arena Groups..) <We want to host multiple RBG teams for various days/time frames so everyone can find a home and of course skill level. Arena teams will be formed within the guild through those interested. And when it comes to WPvP I will be creating events for example, For The Horde, harassment against lowbie alliance lol, war's Vs. other alliance guilds, etc.> -PvE (multiple raid teams) <We want to host multiple PvE teams for various day/time frames and of course skill level.> and lastly -we want to be a fun home for those leveling and casuals. <As for our casuals and levelers, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy casual laid back events such as T-Mog competitions, level 1 races, and more.> We are currently LFM of any level and class, if interested please contact me through Btag or here and I will respond asap. We are also in dire need of those interested in leading groups and LF help and a stable environment to do so. Please contact me with any and all questions. Thank You FTWitachi Btag- FTWitachi#1571Itaçhi6 Feb 21
Feb 20 Win 100k+/wowtoken/TCG mount (Ally or Horde) TL;DR I am recruiting people to post occasionally in Trade Chat to help me find a guy who cannot be found through any other method. In return, if you manage to find the guy and have him contact me, I will reward you with a TCG mount of your choice (up to blue spectral tiger), gold on various servers to buy WoW tokens, OR 100k gold on the server of your choice. I am multi goldcapped and can easily manage this. I have gold on many realms, contacts that can trade gold to your server AND if worse comes to worst I'll personally transfer the gold to you. I am looking for a person who is holding the name "Malady" on Kel'thuzad. It is a level 58 DK that has been inactive for so long that the character is hidden on the armory, meaning no alts/main can be tracked, through armory or wowprogress, nor the forums. The player's account is active, and NOT banned, which I know because I spoke to a GM about it. The only piece of information the GM was allowed to give me is that the account is still active, so the name will not be available on Legion launch without the person's cooperation. I have been spamming on Kel'thuzad for a while and have concluded that the person is most likely not active on Kel'thuzad, but plays on some other realm now. It is unrealistic for me to spam every single realm's Trade chat myself, which is why I am reaching out for help and offering a substantial reward for doing so. I am providing a Trade chat macro for you to post at various hours of the day. You do not have to, nor should you spam it back-to-back, over and over again for long lengths of time. Just post it once in a while when you happen to be in town and maybe you will get lucky and win the reward. I would advise posting it at random times of the day, spread far apart since we have no idea what days or time of day the person plays. The Trade post you should macro: ->> LF owner of name "Malady-Kel'thuzad" Lv58 human DK <<- Paying over 100k for you to forfeit the name. Willing to negotiate! PST If people whisper you weird/rude stuff, just ignore them, don't get yourself in trouble. You will get a lot of irrelevant whispers from curious people; just ignore them to save yourself the potential exhaustion honestly. Some of them just want to be helpful; just say "thanks" and move on. If someone whispers you claiming to own the name but they won't get on the character and prove it, /ignore them -- they're lying. If you do find the guy, explain to him the situation and give him my battletag: Malady#1329 Make sure he knows it is important that he remembers your name and gives it to me. Couple of closing notes: -I will not add you to let you know if/when I find him, but I will edit/close the thread, so just check back here to see. -I know what alt codes are and I know every method of tracking the guy's alts. They all depend on armory. No armory? No wowprogress. -I will not accept tips like "you saw him online at 2pm in Stormwind." He needs to get on the character and message me or I will not believe your word - sorry. -You will still get your reward even if he logs onto the character and tells me no. Good luck hunting and remember to take all things in moderation, don't spam excessively, harass anyone or otherwise get yourself in trouble. It is not my intention to make this into something controversial. If it's silly to you, that's cool by me, feel free to bump my post calling me an idiot or w/e, I'll still appreciate it. Thanks to anyone who makes the effort to help, I really appreciate it.Maladyalt2 Feb 20
Feb 20 CONGRATS KJ FOR COMING IN THIRD! Hello! My name is Ryan and I’d like to share with you what I have found out. A while back I decided to try to figure out which server in my Cross-Realm cries the most. Now I know I know, there were other methods (probably more accurate methods out there) but this one seemed very fun. So what I decided to have as my research pool is the number of complaints that take place while leveling over general chat when it comes to ganking. Out of 101 “complaints,” these were the end results. Now some of these I had to use my best judgement on but I felt it was fair for reasons. FIRST PLACE WINNER OF THE CRYBABY CHALLENGE! Tichondrius (no surprise here) with 28 complaints. Yay! TWO WAY TIE FOR SECOND OF THE CRYBABY CHALLENGE! Darkspear with 16 complaints Kel’thuzad with 16 complaints TWO WAY TIE FOR THIRD OF THE CRYBABY CHALLENGE! Kil’jaeden with 6 complaints Aegwynn with 6 complaints TWO WAY TIE FOR FOURTH OF THE CRYBABY CHALLENGE! Korgath with 4 complaints Akama with 4 complaints AND A THREE WAY TIE FOR FIFTH IN THE CRYBABY CHALLENGE! Bonechewer with 3 complaints Daggerspine with 3 complaints FireTree with 3 complaints Honorable Mentions Boulderfist: 2 Smolderthorn: 2 Shout outs Drak’thon Frostmane Azul’nerub Vashj Frostwolf Nathrezim Stormreaver SOURCES WARNING, ive tried to catch all the foul language i can. However some may have slipped through. BE ADVISED. Feb 20
Feb 20 How's your economy? I'm getting ready to transfer some characters to another account and I'm looking for a good realm. The economy on my realm is so so I guess. I'm just seeing if there is anything better out there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!Oppall2 Feb 20
Feb 19 Hellscreams Angels 13/13H Hellscreams Angels Feel free to add any of our officers for more information! Guild: Hellscreams Angels Realm: US-Thrall - Horde (PvE) Progress:13/13H, HFC Schedule: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 PM EST Loot: Lootcouncil Roles Rogue(high) Hunter(high) Warrior(Medium-High) Paladin(holy(medium)) Monk(mistweaver(medium)) DK(dps(high)) Mage(medium) Warlock(medium) Shaman(elemental(medium)) Hellscreams Angels was formed during this tier and has since made nice progression in our limited time together. Our members range from very new very talented players to players that have been clearing heroic(mythic) content for years. We pride ourselves on our ability to have both an efficient and fun raiding environment. Outside of raiding our guild is active and engages in alt raids and such on off nights. In the end, our goal is to push progression content on a 6 hour per week schedule. And clear Mythic before Legion releases. Expectations In order to begin a trial process with us, your character will need to be geared appropriately (~715+ exceptions CAN be made for incredibly skilled players) and have progress on legendary ring. From there, we would like to see a completed application or contact via btags below. Keep in mind that gear does not make the player. We look for these things in our trials: · Awareness (first and foremost) · Class, role and strategy knowledge ·Have a playable Offspec · Attitude(must have thick skin we have a playful atmosphere) · Reliable attendance · Participation in discussions and guild events · Social fit If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us baloø Huuqwas#1907Baloø2 Feb 19
Feb 19 ~3/13M Rdruid + Lock LF raiding guild~ 3/13M with Mythic experience on Council LF 2day/week raiding guild. Lock is currently maining a Prot warrior but looking to swap to their lock for the rest of HFC. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Echo#1576 thank you :DEchoo0 Feb 19
Feb 19 LF Mythic Iron Maidens Carry Title says it all. I'm looking for a Mythic Iron maidens carry; The only loot I expect from it it the Vial of Convulsive Shadows if it drops. I'm 727 Ilvl with a 783 legendary ring so tbh you won't really even be "carrying" me. I really don't feel like trying to start groups or pugging the fight anymore as it's too tedious. Send me an in game mail, add me on B-tag, or respond here if you're selling this and we can work out a price. Thanks, Fresuvi#1843Fresuvi1 Feb 19
Feb 16 WTB Conquest cap Hello everyone, just coming back to the game and looking to buy a carry to cap my conquest points.Softjab0 Feb 16
Feb 16 [H] PvP Guild? Basically, I'm looking for a PvP Guild. I just got back playing with some friends, and don't feel like making my own guild. Too lazy and did it for too long. What's the best PvP guild on the server? Or the guild full of the biggest jerks. We'd be down with either of those.Abubbica1 Feb 16
Feb 16 [H] <Nexus> 9/13m Recruiting for Legion! <Nexus> is now <Infinity>. Look for our new guild post.ßuhhbbles16 Feb 16
Feb 16 Removed /10charShrauger0 Feb 16
Feb 14 Pally Bomb in action So, finally after some fine tuning and practice, have gotten decent at what I call the "Pally Bomb". Made a quick video and a guildmate and I attacking Volmar. You can see the damage it does when I land, killing 4 instantly, with 1 right after from low health. If you keep an eye on the DPS meter on the right, you can see how it spikes up after the explosion from the trinket. I pop tank ring and 1000 Str potion on falling, to maximize the explosion. When landing, immediately cast Stay of Execution to top myself off, and get a nice HoT to last 12 seconds before explosion can go off again. Can also see the longevity of a Protection Paladin in PVP if geared right. I also had 9 stacks of Fel Sludge, so I was actually taking 45% more damage as well. Hope you enjoy. Feb 14
Feb 13 [H]<GSO inc> LF Raiders/PvP -Times available & time zone: Raid times currently are Mon/Tues/Wed at 9pm-12 EST, which is 6-9 server time. We can flex to your schedule if need be. Right now everyone is on EST and almost all of us work a set schedule for the weekends. Hence the weekday raiding. -Faction preference: Horde -Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: We would like to strive to be a hardcore guild even though we are casual atm, but that is not possible right now because there are only 6 of us total. Given we do accumulate the raiders we would very much like to do mythic because we use to be big enough to raid mythic with success. -Current progression/experience: All of us have played wow for a very long time. Myself have been playing since vanilla. Back in HM we all were doing 55 percentile or better. We ended up taking a break though because we couldn't get the raiders to do mythic. -Contact info: I'm going to give Btags here. Me:Gdark#1337 Chris#14250 Gannicus#1516 Ganameyede#1369 Everyone of these guys can answer any questions you have and invite you to the guild. -Anything else: We are all reasonable people and we always have a blast when we get together and raid. Hopefully we can get more people so we can have fun and down bosses without having to pug.Gdärk0 Feb 13
Feb 12 Flyhacking in RBG Livestream and team call recorded by a shaman in the exploiter's team.Olidastrum0 Feb 12
Feb 12 deleted deleteBrûner1 Feb 12
Feb 12 Back to KJ I left Kil'Jaeden a few weeks ago to try to get back to my roots on Emerald Dream. When I got there I realized how broken and torn the server has become. What I left when I originally came to KJ from ED is something that just continues to fall apart. It's very unfortunate, there were lots of very fun times there but the server has become broke. I am back on KJ looking to finish what I started. It is time to rebuild a solid WPvP team that will become the face of The Horde! While I !@#$ talk all Paladins that appear in front of me and deal with a hurting tummy, I will lead you to battle with the Alliance and we will crush them! All in good fun ofc :) I do look forward to KJ WPvP again! <3 If anyone is looking for a guild that will become #1 KJ Horde guild and will host the most epic WPvP team Horde has ever seen, just message me in game! Thank you! -Retgoddess, Lady of WarRetgoddess21 Feb 12
Feb 12 12/13 Moonkin LF Raiding Next Week Hey guys, so next week my raid group is taking the week off due to some people going on vacation, and I would like to find some people to raid with. I am currently 742 ilvl and I wont mind just helping out lower progressed guilds and just raid a bit. If you would like you can add me, my btag is tettles#1480Tettles0 Feb 12
Feb 12 Concordis Cookout Thx for Coming! :) Thanks for coming to the Concordis cookout this fine evening. We had a nice Concordis roast with an extra side of salt. Hope to see you next time. Cheers ;) #RideWithBobbyFreakyfresh15 Feb 12
Feb 12 Selling Darkmantle (leather) Set Selling Full Leather Darkmantle set. 60k gold, and gold Must be on Alliance. Message me in-game or add my Btag, Rutterpost#1480. I only have one set so first message I see will be first person I sell to.Tommygunns1 Feb 12
Feb 11 Ashes Ashes (Blackhand Achievement) Gunna be running this achievement tonight starting at 8pm eastern time, partial guild run, looking for more members to join. Everyone is welcome if interested add btag revvan#1778 Teamspeak is a must! the achievement is easy, just need minimal coordinationRaxiaa0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Horde or Alliance twink guilds? Just curious if we have any active twink guilds on our server and if so which brackets.Ketaclysm2 Feb 11
Feb 11 <Praeterquam Uictoriae> recruiting Hello KJ. We are looking for several individuals that want to push Mythic and have the individual skill to do so. May not be required to be gear appropriate as we can help gear out but we want self-motivated individuals. We raid Sun/Mon 7pm PST (server time). What we are looking for: But not limited too. Mage (1) Rogue (1) Warlock (1) Additionally we are looking for skilled players of all classes to join our team for alt runs, pvp, and other activities. If you are interested please contact me in-game or via b-net at Erohw96#1953. I am generally on in the evenings if your looking to contact me.Nasargiel1 Feb 11
Feb 11 GoA @ Warspear Just in case some of you Horde missed out. : ) Dont worry, we will be back to say hello again. (The Red Bugs are REAL),nv0CmFk#0 <3 KJBrokènglass44 Feb 11
Feb 11 731 Prot Paladin LF a Mythic HFC Raid Like the topic suggests, looking for a mythic raid this week and potentially for future weeks. At the moment my guild is having trouble fielding enough players to do mythic HFC. My experience is limited mostly to heroic but once I grasp a fight I do pretty well.Spitloogys0 Feb 11
Feb 11 @GoA Hi, why did I get gkicked and disqualified from your weekly arena tournament? Im the most active arena player on this server and feel like I deserve to be apart of the local server events and guilds as much as anyone else does. Thanks.Glinkz62 Feb 11
Feb 10 WTB H HFC carry for wife and i Title says it all! Pantharo#1505 please send me a tell and lets work something out! thanks all!!Zirksies0 Feb 10