Howdy howdy. Trying to find more players. Hello there Korgath. I just hit 90 today on this DK I am posting this under. I also play a Warrior, Druid and Mage. I do pretty much everything there is to do in WoW for fun, but, my main focus is PVP and has been since WoW launch. I am super undergeared on this DK because I just hit 90 this morning, but I thought I would post here anyway. Recently a LOT of my WoW friends stopped playing leaving me alone usually or with one other guy. I am trying to find more people to play on a regular basis with doing mostly pvp. A lot of random BGs to get gear at the moment and after that as well just because I love BGs for fun. Also do as many old raids and such as I can every week. Just looking for friendly not terrible but not rank 1 players to start playing with. I use Raidcall or Skype for voice chat. Reply here or talk to me in game to play, or add my Battletag Aaronisbutt#1156. Any gear and class is welcome just have a general understanding of how to use your abilities and don't be all serious. I play for fun and am just looking to expand my social circle because WoW is more fun with more players. I am by NO NO NO means some great DK. I am learning the class steadily but just made the character a couple weeks ago. That all being said, especially about just starting DK I would like to add that I am also trying to find some fairly skilled UH and Frost DKs to help me learn more about the specs and different tricks and tips to improve my play. (I prefer UH because it is the most fun spec in WoW IMO) thank you in advance for any types of tips or help you may offer me. My in game character names are Omganja (Warrior) Ibasstomouth (Mage) Dubferalouch (Druid) and Lowtrick (Death Knight) all Korgath Alliance for now. I hope to see some new players come from this post. See you all around, and thank you. Lowtrick0
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[A] 1/14H 10M <Frozen> LF Resto Shaman PLEASE RESTO SHAMAN, I NEED YOUR MAD HOTS AND DEEP MASTERY! UNH! *cough* WHO WE ARE Frozen is a 10 man raiding guild with a very solid group of players. We just lost our resto shaman to real life. We are currently 1/14H, but we're pretty confident that with the right resto shaman, we will have 3/14H this week. In ToT we were 5/13H (we wanted more, but were limited mostly due to losing someone and needing to recruit a solid DPS mid-tier). We would ideally like someone available by our next raid on Tuesday, November 5. This is a team with very low drama. Any team that tells you they NEVER have conflict is lying, but when we have had issues arise, we've also had swift resolution. Our primary focus is on getting the most out of raiding two nights a week. If you contact me, I'll invite you to talk to other raiders in the team to verify whether I'm full of sh*t or not. Raid Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays (and a very rare Sunday) Raid Times: 7:45 PM to 11:15 PM Server (aka Central) SO, ENOUGH ABOUT ME, LET'S TALK ABOUT YOU! You are an experienced raider who likes to play but doesn't want to make it a job. You know your role inside and out. You have experience in this tier (14/14 N) or pretty damn close to it. You might have extensive raiding history (some of our raiders like to wax on about the "good ol' days" of 40 mans). Gear level is not nearly as important as your experience and ability to learn quickly; however, you definitely have your cloak. HOW DO I JOIN THIS AMAZING TEAM? Contact me here or by RealID: Sakuura#1436. Let the healing rain fall! Sakuura4
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New to Korgath - Duo LF Guild [Alliance] Hello, My wife and I just transferred from Illidan-Horde in preparation for the next expansion. Our goal was to get away from insane 3-5 hour queue times as it was when MoP launched as well as find a server with somewhat decent Faction ratio. I have not seen an alliance on Illidan in years. Having said that, we are extremely excited to be here and looking for a guild to call home, below are some details about us and our character situation. We don't mind new guilds or care about the level of the guild. We are more concerned about having a well organized raid environment and generally fun/nice people within the guild. Our preferred raid times are 7pm - 11pm Server Time, Fri/Sat but can make weekdays if needed as well. Warrior (me) Only ilvl515 currently, I've recently returned to WoW as SoO came out and went back to making my Warrior my main. I've played and raided as a Warrior since Vanilla and consider it my main class. I can Tank or DPS equally well but prefer to DPS currently. Hunter (my wife) She has returned to WoW before 5.4 making her hunter her main, currently at 540 ilvl. Very competent player overall and dedicated. - We are dedicated players, don't miss raids or slack in the details (Consumables etc.) - We are loyal, we don't gquit easily and would much rather work hard with our guild - We are experienced raiders, while the current ilvl does not show it we are both experienced raiding regular and heroic progression through multiple expansions. - No drama, we cause zero drama - Easy to get along with Xcöre0
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(A) Plan B (10m) 4/14H LF Core DPS Sup, yo. Plan B is currently 4/14H SoO, and we're looking for a stellar DPS. This isn't for the bench or part-time; we want a solid, high-attendance core player. Specifically, we're looking for a player from one of following classes: Warlock (Yes, please) Rogue Druid (Feral OR Balance) Note: We'd love for you to have your legendary cloak and 550+ item level, but skill/prior experience trumps gear, in our view. (If you do not have your cloak, we want you to be decently close!) Our raid times are as follows: Monday-Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. (CST/Server, 9:30-12:30 EST) However, please be aware that these times may change in the near future to 7:30 p.m.-11 p.m. (CST/Server, 8:30-12 EST, days remain the same). Why us? We're a fairly young guild, both in terms of player age and guild age. Many of us are in college or are in their mid- to late-twenties, so you can expect a lively Mumble every night--full of trash talk and gold gambling. Many of us have known each other since Burning Crusade and have played in top 100 US guilds along the way. With the release of MoP, an opportunity arose allowing us to play together again. Plan B's vision remains to be competitive while having fun and to not spend 15+ hours a week clearing content at a blistering pace. Thanks for your time! If you're interested, contact one of these people with a note explaining your intent: Zinge (Officer, Zinge#1728) Imabubble (Officer, Imaunicorn#1855) Kelgra (GM, Kelgra#1488) Zinge0
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