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[A] 11/13H <efeX> LFM for 5.4 GOING 25 MAN for 5.4 SIGNUP TODAY! efeX 12/12 Normal ToT 10 Man 11/13 Heroic Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thurs/Sun/(Mon Optional) 8:30-11:30 CST 9-12 Hrs/Wk Progression: 12/12 Normal ToT 11/13H http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/efeX efeX at its core is full of friends from early vanilla WoW days. We might not have always played together but we have kept in touch over the years. Many of us have been in top tier US guilds and ranked in combatlog parses in multiple expansions. We recently have come together to try and be competitive again without raiding as much as we did. In ToT we tried raiding with a 10 man, but for 5.4 we are looking to form a 25 man raid team. About us: We like to consider ourselves casual, but we play like we are hardcore. We raid at least 9 Hours a week, sometimes only 3-4 days. Enough to get content done without overexerting our personal lives. This is just a game and we treat it as such, if you can't take a joke this is not the place for you. We are serious about progression, but not so much to hurt our personal lives. We'd like to down content in a reasonable time. For 5.4 we will try to do 3-4 days a week 9-12 Hrs. We will try to keep a 28-30 person roster for 5.4 25 Man. Currently we have need of most classes. If you are serious about raiding come 5.4 you should come talk to us! Classes we are Looking for: 530ilvl+ be close to having your cloak. We have need for almost every class except Guardian druid atm. What we expect from you: Show up on time and watch the fights beforehand. There are countless videos out there to know everything about a fight before you attempt it. Be properly gemmed for your spec. Have your legendary quest done or be close. We provide all flasks/pots and guild repairs for raids. We will bring banquets but you are encouraged to use your own 300 stat food. If you have any questions add my realid, wilmfred#1901 Willyho6
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[A] <Didactic>-7/13H LF RSha T,W,Th – 7-11CST [A] <Didactic> -8/13H LF Resto Shaman T,W,Th – 7-11 CST ================= About Us ================= Didactic is an Alliance 25-man raiding guild, located on the server Korgath, which is a PVP, high population server. We are a long standing guild of over 7 years that started on the server Lethon and moved to Korgath during Cata. We are a progression oriented guild and expect the best out of our raiders each week. Our raiders are often ranked on WoL parses and take pride in their raiding abilities. ================= Current Information ================= Raid progression: */13H ToT (Jin'Rock, Horridan, Tortos, Ji-Kun, Iron Qon, Council, Twins). A number of our core raiders have further progression, but this is the guilds current 25 man progression. Raid nights: 7-11 Sever time (Central). Tues, Wed, Thurs. Must be able to attend all raid nights. Just to make it easy for you: Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/korgath/Didactic Wow-heroes: http://www.wow-heroes.com/guild/us/Korgath/didactic/ World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/250468/ Videos: Jin'Rok: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CnvlvLn4ZuU Tortos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QTLrkoV6Vfs Ji'Kun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x7owEhn_7bk Horridon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NnUb0UmP3eY Iron Qon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8Z0ZhreQ56Y Council: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=P6_g-dG7aFY Twins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QR60JfEroII Megeara: oops! forgot to start it.. next week ================= Current Needs ================= We are always looking for solid players of any class, but especially looking for a Resto Shaman with a strong DPS off (530+ preferred): ================= Contact Information ================= Visit our website: http://www.didacticguild.com/ You can, but do not need to, fill out an application there. On Korgath, Contact any of the officers: Polishprince Knifewalker Timka Skorpe Or Contact Timka on Korgath or battletag - Lisa#1760. Polishprince Real ID polishprynce@gmail.com Please place character name/current server/main spec in the friend request note. Timka5
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[A] West Coast 25/10 Raid 5.4, Social & PvP <The Evolved> is adding the following specific player types to round out its core for casual and progressive raiding as well as other events for the upcoming 5.4 patch. We recruit for the long term regardless of your skill or experience and hope that anyone who comes aboard will enjoy calling the guild their home. We are currently looking for: West Coast/ PST players of the following classes in the age range of 25+ who experience minimal lag, latency and connection issues; Highest needs: Druid: Restoration, Balance, Guardian Monk: Windwalker Priest: Discipline, Holy Shaman: Enhancement Death Knight: Blood, Unholy, Frost **If you are not raid-ready quite yet, perfect! We are looking ahead to 5.4 for our current recruitment. You have some time to prepare if you are interested in raiding. Core progression team raid spots cannot be guaranteed, however, our casual raid team often has openings. Additionally, raiding is not all we do, and we do our very best to accommodate all players to be able to experience the game content. The following additional information below will help to let you know if the guild will be the right fit for you: More about <The Evolved> We are a socially active adult raiding guild on the US Lightbringer (PST) server and offer a variety of other fun activities to participate in. The Evolved is always happy to bring in friendly players of any class with any level of play experience. An encouraging, team-oriented attitude and willingness to learn are qualities that are more valuable to our guild family than your experience or gear. We are a diverse group of men and women with ages ranging roughly from 20s to later 40s with the core being age-mature (older). The atmosphere is ultra-friendly and very active. It is not unusual to have several members of the guild online no matter what time of the day or night. We do not just "appear" only when it is raid time. Although we are a large guild, members do not tend to get lost in the crowd. The guild is couples-friendly with several couples raiding together actively at present. The raiding environment is positive and lighthearted. No rage, no yelling. We ask for people to arrive at a raid prepared and be open to receiving constructive advice from some of the more experienced raiders now and then. Our raiders have varied experience; ranging from new-to-raiding, to members who are retired from hardcore top-ten guilds. We raid 25-man progression on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:00pm-11:00pm server time. Our core 25-man progression team curently uses a modified DKP system which is subject to change for the 5.4 patch. Our second 25-man team raids Sunday nights using open-roll / round-robin looting. The Sunday team is currently composed of raid-geared alts and late-comers to the game who can use gear from the early ToT bosses the progression team has on farm. New members will generally start raiding on the Sunday team and fill for the Tues/Wed raid team as openings become available. The Evolved splits its 25-man raid groups into 10 man teams on Mondays. 10-mans are also running throughout the week for MoP content; ToT, TES, HoF and MV. Our guild runs old content achievement / xmog raids on Friday nights. At present we are building on our base group of PvP players to head into RBGs regularly on Thursday nights and some weekends. Other days and times will take off as the PvP community continues to grow within the guild. We provide food, flasks, potions gems and enchants to our members. We use Mumble for voice communication. The guild offers live streaming of our 10 and 25-man progression raids, posts video presentations of our boss kills and takes boss kill screen caps with the raid teams as memorabilia for our achievements. If you feel our guild family will be a good fit for you and friends, contact any member in-game, who can also direct you to Falconius/Lyzha, Firecracker/Amulet, Pamares, Wuthealz, Pocahontus with any questions. BattleTags: Firecracker - Firecracker#1719 Wuthealz - punkyeti#1723 You can view our recruiting and guild info on our web page at www.the-evolved.com/recruitment Wuthealz0
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