May 27, 2013 transferring back resto/ele shammy 503 transferrig back to korgath lf raiding guild for tot, raiding est timeShockinu0 May 27, 2013
May 26, 2013 518 Rouge 6/12 Exp LFG Hey guys I am in search of a new raid group I use all addons and a pretty active player ready to work on some progression. Pref 10 man but will do 25 have had plenty of other raid exp and have played this game since vanilla (rouge since cata) Contact me through here or in game. Thanks.Muwookie0 May 26, 2013
May 25, 2013 [H]] Villains Looking for active raiders. 10 Villains is a reformed guild of Mayhem. We are currently rebuilding a PVE roster and building a PVP RBG roster. This is not a "Hardcore" guild but more of a "please so up or let us know if we need to find a replacement ahead of time" guild. I will try to run a 12 man roster to cover a 10 man base. The PVP aspect will be during off nights of raiding. Currently recruitment is open for ALL classes and SPECS but players will be chosen based on maturity and skill level not item level. (skill can be taught ilvl can be gained, maturity can not). I am looking for players who are interested in taking an officer/leadership role for raid leading, pvp leading, guild bank management, and guild player management. Quality recruitment is hard so patience is necessary. We are willing to take your alts so you can raid on them as long as you can commit to the raid schedule (which has yet to be determined). All guild enchants, gems, repairs, and crafted PVE-RBG/PVP guild will be provided for free as long as we have the mats to cover it (in 99% of the case we do). Ventrilo is the voice server we use, and the guild website is currently being reconstructed from Mayhem. ADD Malvicious#1424 if you are interested in becoming a Villain.Malblight0 May 25, 2013
May 24, 2013 4 players ilvl 515-525 lf raiding guild We have a guardian druid fury warrior frost dk and rogue all ilvl above 515. We are currently looking for a raiding guild we are not elitist but we are competent and experienced. We are open to transferring as long as we all get a raid spot. If you want to know anything else just ask.Icantwin0 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 Raiding guild LFM to fill 25m group Inhibitor is converting our 10m group into a 25m, and we are in need of more competent raiders to join us. As of now, we need dps, healers and possibly 1 tank with a dps OS. Our raid times are currently 10:30 server to 1:30 server, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. However, when we get our full 25m group together the days may be subject to change. If you'd like anymore information or if you would like to speak to me about joining, please add my Battletag: Flux#1695Losing3 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 lf hunter for 3s hi, looking for a hunter for 3s who's interested in pushing glad as PHD. message me in game or reply here. thanksNorthlain2 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 500 gs hunter lf guild My gear isn't the best but I'm very active and can make all raid times. Just looking to gear up and meet some chill people.Deskclock0 May 24, 2013
May 24, 2013 How many of you are cancelling subscription?? Simple yes/no please. Just getting an idea of what this server population will be after 5.3.Workinit0 May 24, 2013
May 23, 2013 2k+ Experienced Resto Druid LF core RBG/3s. I have been playing Druid since Wrath of the Lich King, and reached 2092 (RBG) rating back in the Cataclysm expansion. I've returned to the game, and am looking for a core RBG team and a core 3s team to push rating with over the summer. The invention of oQueue and the site Battlemasters have been a huge help in getting gear and acquiring some rating, but PUGs always lack the consistency and focus of a core team. Rated Battlegrounds I'm currently rated 1815, full Tyrannical, with PvP gems and enchants optimized for the 5.3 patch. Arena I don't have as much experience in arena, but I have gotten to the 1550 bracket in 2s and the 1750 bracket in 3s. My secondary spec is optimized for arena. Send me an in-game letter (mailbox) if you are interested, or just reply to this posting with some information and your BattleTag. (I also have a Warlock alt. that is currently rated 1747 in RBGs.)Sassbogs0 May 23, 2013
May 23, 2013 WTB [A] Lvl 25ish guild Looking for a lvl 25 guild or close to it on alliance paying 30kRêlic2 May 23, 2013
May 22, 2013 514 destro lock LF guild Looking for a Raiding guild that starts at 9pmserver ( 10 est ) 10 or 25 man guilds that are still working on normal modes or maybe the first few Heroics please.Hávoç1 May 22, 2013
May 21, 2013 (H) [Above the Law] Recruiting ToT Were looking for dependable and skilled players with experience. We're recently formed and need: a Non pally healer, caster, a 1 tank... To interview my battletag is bdk#1836 We raid Wednesday and Thursday nights and clean up on Fridays if need be Must be dependable were currently doing 10 man until we get more core people for 25. Add me and ill interviewNurd0 May 21, 2013
May 20, 2013 (A) Cabalistic 25 Core Recruitment ABOUT US: Raiding Times: 9:00 pm- 12:00 am Tuesday/Sunday)/Monday Server -We start on time and we end on time. We are a brand new guild on Korgath. We transferred recently and desire to become a 25man raiding guild. Quite a few of us have high level raiding experience with previous top 10-200 us guilds.That being said we have done the hard core thing, we are NOT looking to be world or realm firsts. We are looking to down content while its fresh at our groups own pace. Its a game, its suppose to be fun, not a job. Current Progress is 6/13 ToT Our guild is 18+. We are laid back with real lives, jobs, school. G chat and Vent can and does have mature content and a great deal of sarcasm, and offensive. It is important to note that unlike most guilds we do not put up with drama, negativity, or general loot !@#$%s. Most of these behaviors will result in you being immediately removed from the guild. Social or casual raiders will also be accepted (because we know there will invariably be absences due to real life) but we will generally weed out people who like to eat balls, stand in fire, cannot do basic stuff, etc. We do have guildies who love to PVP. Note: We went backwards a bit on progression till we fill our 25 man core team. That being said, 5.2 is coming out shortly we intend to be competitive. We are looking for a few more players who are dedicated to progression, can make our raid days and times. WHAT WE NEED FOR OUR 25 Core: 1 Holy Priest 1 DPS - either a warrior / ww monk, / feral druid / boomie ABOUT YOU: Put forth due diligence - know your class, read up, watch videos on the fights, be on time, ready to kill ^-*!, that means we pull at 9 server so have your flasks, food, pots what every you need Be analytical - Gear will come and is easy to fix, Standing in pretty crap, and not being able to grasp mechanics not so much Putting the GUILD before yourself - I.e. if you cant make it. give 24 hrs notice so we can find a replacement - we understand its not always possible emergency's happen, but they don't happen all the time. Your time is not more important than your guild mates. Be respectful of that. Be able to play TWO specs of your class - eg tank and dps or heals and dps A positive attitude, generally like to raid, if you are the type of player who "burns out" don't bother applying after all we are only asking for 9 hrs a week of your time. Have the ability to communicate effectively on vent If interested contact Caylarin, Barealai, Wearyy or any officer.Wearyy2 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 Horde just won CTA Alterac Valley... No, I'm not deceiving you. We !@#$in' destroyed, ahaha. Here is a SS to prove it. :) Just took it! [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/348ip36.png[/IMG] Then the following game...? Failed. As usual. Welcome to the Horde. <3Haitron0 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 [A] <Didactic> - 1/13H LF Heals T,W,Th 7-11 [A] <Didactic> -12/12N 1/13H LF Heals T,W,Th – 7-11 CST ================= About Us ================= Didactic is an Alliance 25-man raiding guild, located on the server Korgath, which is a PVP, high population server. We are a long standing guild of over 7 years that started on the server Lethon and moved to Korgath during Cata. We are a progression oriented guild and expect the best out of our raiders each week. Our raiders are often ranked on WoL parses and take pride in their raiding abilities. Didactic is in the process of changing from 10 man raiding back to 25 man for the remainder of this expansion. We have an almost full roster, but needs some additional positions filled to completely round things out. ================= Current Information ================= Raid progression: 12/12N, 1/13H ToT. A number of our core raiders have further progression, but this is the guilds current 25 man progression. Raid nights: 7-11 Sever time (Central). Tues, Wed, Thurs. Must be able to attend all raid nights. ================= Current Needs ================= We are looking for solid players of any class, but especially looking for raiders with the following specs: Monk (MW) Priest (disc) Shaman (resto) Paladin (holy) Ranged DPS ================= Contact Information ================= On Korgath, Contact any of the officers: Polishprince Totemz Knifewalker Timka Or Contact Timka on Korgath or battletag - Lisa#1760. Polishprince Real ID polishprynce@gmail.com Please place character name/current server/main spec in the friend request note.Timka21 May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013 (A) <Twisted Serentiy> LF Awesome People Hello Korgath, I am the co guild master of the guild <Twisted Serenity>. we originally came to korgath from darkspear, before that we were on bloodscalp. We were a private guild and did things on our own. However, we xsfered here to Korgath to be with someone that we thought was our friend. He was a good friend of my wife for 6 years and wanted us to come here. Needless to say that didn't work out, turns out that he's just a douche. We want to make the best of a bad situation and want to recruit for our guild. We are looking to recruit anyone that is new or old to this server. We are looking for people that are friendly and helpful. we are willing to help anyone out and get things rolling. we don't have any requirements for class or level. We are looking to make friends on this server and do things with you. Be it leveling, 5mans, or just chatting. Feel free to ask for an invite or send me a battle tag request. NasaGaming#1334. Thank you for taking the time to read my little post.Korumu0 May 20, 2013
May 19, 2013 Horde lvl 25 guild WTS 70k oboPwnytails0 May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013 [A]<Strife>(6/12) recruiting for 10 mans Who we are: <Strife> Was originally formed on Horde side Korgath in late DS (known as <I I I>). In just two weeks we went from forming the guild to getting a full guild run of 2/8 Heroic DS. Shortly after that ourselves and a few other members decided to see how the "other side" lives. Once on alliance side the guild was named <Primatum> as we waited the 60 days for <I I I> to become avaliable once again. We finally decided on <Strife> and have been awesome ever since. We want to progress: Our raid schedule is only 3 hours per night for 3 days per week. That means we expect our raiders to show up on time, know the fights that we are progressing on, know their class, have all their consumables ready, and most importantly FOCUS. 3 hours is not a long time and there will be breaks in between for bio/smoke/whatever, but we ask that while we are raiding you bring your game face. No one likes wiping on the same boss because the same person saw that same butterfly and had to go afk to chase it. Our Schedule: Tuesday 8:00-11:00 ST Thursday 8:00-11:00 ST Sunday 8:00-11:00 ST We expect our raiders to: Be consistent and dependable. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to the raid, the start time is when we will be making our first pull. We understand that RL > WoW, but in the same breath, 9 other people have made time in their lives to commit to this group. If you cannot commit 9 hours a week in 3 hour intervals, this is not the place for you. In order to progress we are in need of consistency. Be polite and courteous: No, you do not have to be best friends with everyone in the guild or even the raid team. You do, however; need to be polite. Wipes will happen, its part of the game, and an even bigger part of progression. If there is an issue with one specific person, the raid leader sees it. It will be handled in a private and non-demeaning manner. In the history of wow, not one boss has ever died faster because someone publicly humiliated another raider. Be knowledgeable: Whether it be the fight, your class, your spec, your role, or even your rotation. We are not here to babysit anyone and teach them their class. Do your research, practice your rotation on dummys or in heroics/lfr, we need everyone to be the best that their class/gear will allow. How we loot: Loot is divided and given to the person that it would benefit the RAID most. That means, if you constantly show up late or go afk, do a mediocre job during the raid, don't try to improve your gear outside of raiding (valor cap for item upgrades/rep gear/LFR), then don't expect to be first on the list for any upgrade. Communication: We use Mumble as our primary VoIP. If you do not have it, you are expected to download it and configure everything PRIOR to the first raid. If you need help with mumble (it can be confusing for first time users) do not be afraid to ask, but do not ask when we are 3 bosses into a raid. What we provide: While raiding with <Strife> your flasks and food are covered! Along with that, your upgrades for raid will be gemmed and enchanted from the guild bank. Guild Repairs are also open to raiders. The only thing we ask you provide is potions for pre potting and potting mid fight. Our current needs are: 1 Resto Druid or 1 Disc Priest Although skill>gear please be at least 495 (prefer higher) EQUIPPED in your raiding spec without any pvp gear, and have "decent" progression. That way you can jump straight into raids without hampering progress. Extracurricular Activities Here at <Strife> not only do we raid but we do lots of other activities as well. We will be putting together a Challenge Mode group for those that want to race the clock for some amazing looking transmog. We also pvp and would be interested in getting a full guild RBG team together, but is not a priority at this time. Contact info: Raid Leader: Haytred (Haytred#1922) Guild Master: Genetic (Daun#1452) Officers: Kalvon, Ruffadiddle Or visit: www.Strife-Korgath.com If you feel like you would be a good fit with us but we aren't in need of your role currently, feel free to drop in an application anyway. We will evaluate it and make our decision based upon past raiding exp, maturity, and a few other factors. Our raid spots are earned, not given.Haytred16 May 19, 2013
May 18, 2013 Cheeky i swer 2 god u korgath gaiz r all cheeky kunts m8Drugaddict0 May 18, 2013
May 17, 2013 WTB Magic Rooster Buying a Magic Rooster Egg 190k, Willing to negotiate Whisper ingame or post hereTreehugging1 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 [A] Ret, Rogue, Hunter, Blood and MW LF Guild Hello, we are a group of folks who have been raiding together since Cata and our current guild has been on the decline for some time now. Mostly issues with attendance have been holding us back from raiding and progressing on a more consistant basis and we are looking for a new home. We are looking for a guild that can take all of us as a group, our ilvl is at 500+ and currently our ToT experience is limited at 2/12. -Prefer a 2 day/wk schedule Tues-Thurs, Mon and possibly Sun 8-11:30CT -Prefer 10m over 25m Please contact me for more info.Brogar4 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 WTB Crimson Charger Add Amy#1324 is you're selling a Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger on horde side. Lets work out a deal ;)Ämÿ0 May 17, 2013
May 17, 2013 <Death and Taxes> LF DPS We're looking for a dps fitting into one of the follow classes: Rogue hunter Enhance Sham DK Raid Times: Tuesday - Wednesday 6pm - 9pm server time Total of 6 hours per week.Nogg0 May 17, 2013
May 16, 2013 <Violet Tragan> Alliance is recruiting <Violet Tragan> newly transferred guild looking to build our raiding and pvp teams. Social members are also welcome. Raid times and days (subject to change): Tuesday and Thursday 7:45pm-11 server Any questions or to join contact me ingame or add my battletag: Antibody999#1189Antihero0 May 16, 2013
May 16, 2013 [A] Constant Velocity 10/25M Now recruiting Constant Velocity is a newly transferred Level 25 Guild. We currently have a solid 10M and are 8/12. We are planning on starting a 2nd 10m to eventually go to 25m's. Visit our website constantvelocity.enjin.com to see what roles we are trying to fill or just to apply. We are always looking for raiders. You can Also pst Minervä, Empando, Juscallmepapi or in game mailMinervä4 May 16, 2013
May 15, 2013 [H] <Murder and Retribution> LF Heal/DPS 10M <Murder and Retribution> 10 Man Raid Team is currently seeking the following: - 2 Healers - at least one with DPS OS (any class) - 3 DPS (any class) - Would love to have a warlock and another melee **Must be ilvl 490+** Our Current Team: Tanks - Monk, DK Heals - Priest, OPEN, OPEN DPS - Enh Shaman, Boomkin, Mage, OPEN, OPEN _______________________________________________________ Our Progression: MSV 10 - 6/6 HoF 10 - 6/6 ToES 10 - 4/4 ToT - 1/12 We raid every WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHT 7:30PM-10:30PM ST Please PST Bavalya (Jordinn#1952), Toozles or Aranalah for more information.Bavalya0 May 15, 2013
May 15, 2013 [A] <Plan B> 2/13H LF Heals Updated: 5/15/2013 3:35pm CST A quick TL;DR.. Alliance - US Korgath 10 Man Raid Monday - Wednesday , 8:30 - 11:30 CST. 2/13H ToT If you're seeking a guild, our contact info is listed below. Come and bring yourself to our attention! We're considering adding a Healer to our roster! Pref.. Holy Paladin Holy/Disc Priest Knowledge with OS are a huge bonus. All other Healing capable classes are not discouraged to apply or message us. I encourage all stellar players to check us out anyway, Always room for change. I'm not going to bore you with a long description of our battle plans and a philosophy. We're a bit rough around the edges but the overall atmosphere is enjoyable. Drama is non-existent. We rule ourselves on the basic principle that while our schedule is casual, our mind sets are not. Determination and self preservation is what drives our progression. Show up, Do Work, Profit. While having a great time doing so. If you're looking toward another route , reconsider and go with Plan B. You can fill out an application here at: http://teamplanb.enjin.com/ Or contact me in-game Via BNet ID Kelgra#1488Kelgra4 May 15, 2013
May 14, 2013 Mistakes were made... Please delete this post.Kasj0 May 14, 2013
May 14, 2013 <UnRest> Recruiting all! <UnRest> is recruiting more for there 10m raiding team. Come join a friendly, active guild that will help you level, Gear and progress. We are recruiting all levels and encourage family and friends to join. Contact one of our members in-game to find out more! Guild repairs are free and help is always available. Looking for all classes at the moment for raid team 1.Pinkispimp0 May 14, 2013
May 13, 2013 Searching for a Player Versus Player guild. Hello all. I'll start with a short intro: My name is ben, and I'm from texas. I played WoW very intensely during the WotLK expansion, playing solely as a mage and ONLY doing PvP. I began with battlegrounds and progressed to arena and rated BGs. Though I have no records of this, I was rated 2400 in both 2s and 3s arena, and a little closer to 2-2.2k in rated BGs. I am looking for a PVP ONLY guild on Korgath. As far as I can tell, there is not a single good guild on the entire realm, and 90% of the realm is made of players with no PvP skill. I am a very skilled frost mage, who has just completed my honor grind, and am looking for a serious PvP guild to join. I have full honor gear and 0 pieces of Arena gear bc I cannot find suitable partners or a consistent rated BG group. If you are looking for skilled players ( I mean skilled and not just people who played a lot therefor have good gear) let me know, I would love to talk further. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!Krub1 May 13, 2013
May 13, 2013 How's the PvP over here? Looking for a more active server and I was wondering how the PvP fares over here. Is there a good amount of World PvP or is it pretty dead here?Tellenkar3 May 13, 2013
May 13, 2013 [A] <The Dirft> Recruiting Everything The Drift is currently looking for a Mage/Hunter/Priest DPS and a Priest/Shaman/Monk healer for our 3rd 10m Group. I would also consider a well qualified warrior/monk/DK tank. -Raid Info- 1 Night a week Saturday's from 5 server till 8. We supply flasks, food, gems and enchants. Under-geared? We'll work hard to get you the gear you need to be on par with the current content. Since we only raid 3 hours a week, it is important that anyone apping have a sense of time. a 5pm raid time means be at the Instance and ready to go! -A little about us- We're a transfer from Mal'ganis (*gasp* alliance side!). We're dedicated raiders. We're very understanding that real life will always come before this game. We have been together since December of 2006 and have always cleared content. -Raid style- Even though we're semi-casual, we don't play like it. We do take raiding very seriously and expect all members to know their class. We'll always take someone who is skilled, has raid awareness and can think on the move over item level. -Currently recruiting- Priest---DISC/HOLY Mage Paladin- HOLY Monk- MW *All unlisted classes/specs are welcome to apply **Priority classes/specs are not going to be recruited just to sit on the bench. If you're a good fit, you'll be given a core spot. If you think you'd be a good addition and want to give us a try, feel free to contact Myself, Coolbreze, Atolf or anyone online in <The Drift> and one of our raiders would be happy to set up a meeting in game. PM me on real ID kimbro1#1319 if that is your cup of tea. I look forward to meeting those of you that are interested. Thank you for your time. Edit: Have had horrible luck with reliable players, would love mature, Skilled and on time people to add to or group!Distro15 May 13, 2013
May 12, 2013 Switching servers I have alliance and horde characters that I plan on transferring to this server. How is the horde and alliance community? I noticed there are a little more alliance players than horde.Raëlian11 May 12, 2013
May 12, 2013 505 warlock and 505 enh shammy lf tot raiding me and a friend who have been raiding together for years now are looking to get back into raiding a bit more. Currently in a really laid back guild on the server we transed to to play with friends but will likely be transing back over here if we can find a guild for the 2 of us we both pull a sustained 100k+ on most fights and are raid aware. Both of us are available to raid from any time after 6pm mountain time till as late as 11 or 12pm but we aren't looking for anything over 4 days a week of raiding or over 12 hours a week if possible.Resantha5 May 12, 2013
May 12, 2013 522il Ret Pally, looking for new home. 522il Retribution Paladin Currently 1/13(H) ToT Im looking for a new home due to my current server player numbers decreasing steadily. Currently 1/13(H) ToT experience with a solid raiding background. Im looking for a guild that is around the same progression +/- boss or two. Im a serious raider who shows up on time every time and goes above and beyond to help the raid in any way i can. I know my class, my role, my obligation as a hybrid dps. If interested please reply to post as i will be checking back. thank you for your time. -UncertaintyUncertainty1 May 12, 2013
May 10, 2013 Core positions open! <Simplexity> <Simplexity> 10man, 12/12 Has currently opened 3 positions in our core group for exceptional players. A healer (Monk, pally, Priest, Shaman), Range dps (Mage, Eshaman, Hunter) and or a dps with OS heals (Shaman, Boom, monk). We are currently moving into Heroic Content and expect dedicated members! Raids are schedule for Friday at 6pm server, Saturday and Sunday at 5pm till 10pm. For other information please contact one of the following officers: Weinerman Tahleen/ Luoyeng Kookymonsta/ VorrakTahleen3 May 10, 2013
May 10, 2013 Sheriff vs. Pchef Who struck more fear into people? Going with Sheriff.....Shariffsback52 May 10, 2013
May 8, 2013 514 BM hunter looking for TOT tonight 5-8-13 514 BM hunter looking for TOT tonight 5-8-13 any time after 5pm to when ever. add malvicious#1424 id like to get in and clear at least the first 5 bosses, ill have my own pots/food vent/mumble/skype if needed.Malvicious0 May 8, 2013
May 8, 2013 [A]<Brood Awakening> LF Resto Sham/Druid,Mage <Brood Awakening> is a 10M raiding guild that is currently 12/12 normal in ToT. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs night, 9-12 central (server). We're currently recruiting: Restoration Shaman Restoration/Balance Druid Mage If you are interested, please contact me at niomar@gmail.com or via my Battletag Niomar#1754. We also have a website for applicants and more information: http://brood-awakening.com.Niomar0 May 8, 2013
May 8, 2013 [A] Late Night Raid Guild recruiting for ToT Survival of the Fittest is a new guild created on Korgath, by a bunch of friends to raid ToT and beyond. We came from a low population server lacking an adequate pool of people to form a reliable raid team. We have come to Korgath in search of other solid raiders whose schedules dictate a later raid time. Raid times: All raid times are CST Sunday: 11pm - 2am Monday: 11pm - 2am Tuesday: 11pm - 2am Currently Recruiting: 1x Tank 1x Healer 1x Healer with a solid dps set and spec. 3x DPS Looking for 500+ iLevel and some raid experience, but lower iLevels will be considered for solid raiders. Vent and DBM are required. Loot: Loot is handled via Loot Council, designed to not only reward solid play and attendance, but to be most beneficial to the raid, not an individual. If interested please contact Alavash or Ezrith in game.Alavash0 May 8, 2013
May 7, 2013 Alliance? Raids? RBGs? I'm from a very low pop server, and was hoping to get some good feedback concerning the alliance side of the server. Our guild is looking to xfer from a horde dominant low pop server, to a more balanced, though alliance favored server. we are pretty involved in raids (10 man mostly because of the lack of people) and RBGs. are there lots of RBGs and raids going on without needing xrealm support? how has your server population varied over the last few years? how is the world pvp? how balanced are the BGs? basically any information about the server and battlegroup you can provide would be great. I believe this is one of the forerunners in consideration for xfer. thanks to all who take the time to read and respond. -tenTenfiveoff0 May 7, 2013
May 5, 2013 LF Extremely Social guild I used to be a part of Cookie Monsters, but everyone has gone there ways. I know have some free time to play around and level again so I'm looking for a guild that is extremely social. I could careless if you're progression oriented, pvp oriented, or really what it is that you do. I'm just looking for a fun a social group of people to hang around with. Lemme know if there are any guilds like this still remaining horde side.Sylenced2 May 5, 2013
May 4, 2013 <Anathemate> New Guild Recruiting! Just created last night, we're a group of friends really gearing towards end-game raid content and PVP achievements. Obviously, everyone wants a level 25 perk guild, but we're working on it. Extremely active and have a Mumble server so come socialize! Willing to gear and help you out with your class.Khaila0 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 WTB 5.2 Troll Transmog gear Looking to buy all of the pieces that make up the Mail and Plate troll themed green-quality sets, as well as a few of the weapons. been looking for a few days now on the AH but no luck. PST or respond here with any pieces you're willing to sell!Vàrrius2 May 4, 2013
May 3, 2013 [A] 87 mistweaver monk looking for guild Greetings players of Korgath. I currently xfered my tank away from the server, but have left my monk I'm finishing leveling on the server. Currently looking for a guild to raid with him once he's geared. I don't mind new guilds, and guilds still gearing people as long as there is a basic raid team in the making. I realize this is a long shot seeing as I'm not currently geared or max level, but just tossing this out to see what I can possibly get. Wanting to run heroics and lfr's with guildies when I'm 90 (which will happen over the weekend) and into the content. Current exp is normal 10 man 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF, and Sha down in ToES. Looking for a guild that raids Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and possibly Saturdays as well. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are off limits, since I'll be raiding with my other guild. If there is any interest in a soon to be 90 mistweaver, please let me know!Ràgebar1 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 [H] <Ex Inferno> LFM Hpally & PlateDPS 500+ We are looking for a Holy Pally and a Plate DPS for our 10man core raid group. 500+ ilvl required. Raid Times: Sun / Mon / Wed 7:30pm - 10:00pm Server (Early is on-time, if you are on-time, you are late!) Please be able to bring a minimum of 75-80k DPS 1/12 currently, damned near got Horridon last week. We have had to constantly pug the last 4 slots for a while, but are finally getting a stable group. Fun, but Focused group. Find me, "Sick" on our Mumble server if you are interested. exinferno . com <-- Our website.Sickbeast0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 [A] <Ex Inferno> Need Raid Leader [L25]<Ex Inferno> is a small gaming community with guilds on both Horde & Alliance. We try and foster a laid-back, chilled out environment for fun but focused people. I am looking for a Raid Leader to head up our Core Raid Group. You will be able to set the Raid times that work best for you. What do we have to offer? I'll help with recruiting. We have a 250+ person Mumble server, Website, Forums, IRC Channel and a great existing community of good people. How can I contact you? If interested, find "Sick" on our Mumble server to discuss possibilities. We are open to Guild Mergers too if you perhaps have a smaller guild and lack resources. Make sure you click on our "Apply" page over @ our website and read our "Core Values". They are the ties that bind us together. exinferno . com (Sorry, Blizzard won't let you link to anything *sigh*)Sickster0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 [A] RBG Team Need Boomkin - Thursday/Sunday This is for a core spot. We have been playing together for a few weeks now as the same group but have not filled the boomkin spot yet. We just moved into the 1800s and looking to keep going. We take our sessions as practices as much as anything. Everyone is on board to keep pushing through this season. gateboss#1251Ecoleader0 May 3, 2013
May 3, 2013 [H]Above the Law 25m ATL is recruiting More Healers AND DPS for 25m ToT Progression group - as of now we run 10 mans. Looking for knowledgeable raiders with a 490 495 min. ILvl to start in the group! We need about 5-7 more active players to get a 25m going! Raid nights you will need to be available for are mon-thur (2 of those days a week) as of now start at 8 server no later then 12. Also recruiting players interested in being a higher rank in the guild to help manage and recruit. For any questions you can pst me in game or mail!Bornleader0 May 3, 2013