Dec 16 Origins 5/13 Mythic Recruiting Hello all, We are >Origins< 5/13M & 13/13H. We are currently finalizing our roster to continue on our adventure into mythic content. Our raid days and times are as follows: Tuesday,Wednesday, & Thursday - 9:00 PM -12:00 AM EST. We are currently looking for the following: Updated Needs: Warlock******* Feral Druid******* Hunter******* Ret Pally******* Enhancement/Elemental Shaman******* DPS Warrior******* Rogue******* Unholy DK******* *PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY SUGGESTED AND ALL PLAYERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY* If you are interested in raiding with us and want to progress in a timely manner, please apply at: http://www.origins-korgath.enjin.com/ Here is what we can offer you: -Great friendships -A raid group that gets the job done and has fun -Lots of laughs both inside and outside of raid -AND SO MUCH MORE! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask them! My battletag is: Andrew#13481Halo43 Dec 16
Dec 15 Late Night Guilds Horde or Alliance I have several Alliance toons and a Horde MW Monk on this server, just re-subscribed and want to get back in to PVE and PVP, please let me know if there are any guilds out there active after 11pm central.Robzombië0 Dec 15
Dec 14 Selling Gloomshroud Armor and Feldrake Gloomshroud Armor = 95k Feldrake = 190k Whisper me in game or leave a response here.Bossman1 Dec 14
Dec 13 WTB Grove Warden run (for two accounts). Offering 100k (50k each) for the archimonde kills. Gold is on Korgath, characters are on Bleeding Hollow. Reply or add Willzyx#1534 Thanks!Willzyx0 Dec 13
Dec 13 <Feedback PvP> (A) <Feedback PvP> Is looking for more players for a core RBG team(s) and some arena teams! We're looking for some more active players to pvp with for fun and rated. Add me(Bauski#1906) for more info. All pvpers are welcomeRogueskerz0 Dec 13
Dec 11 WTB BH mount anyone selling?Gluscus10 Dec 11
Dec 8 [A] Divine Intervention! The DI family was formed in early MoP from family and close friends to create an easy and enjoyable guild atmosphere for everyone who wanted to be apart of something amazing. We recently have reformed our raid team and are looking for Dps and healers who want to raid from now and into Legion. Current raid times are set on an eastern time zone at wed/sun 6:30pm-9:30pm. We're currently seeking mostly Ranged dps and a couple healers to finish are raid team. We accept all applicants who are looking for a friendly guild to call home whether it be for killing horde, raiding old content, leveling, raiding, you name it. Right now were raiding Normal HFC to gear up recently returned raiders who have been absent for majority of WoD. The team is being led by players who have cleared full Heroic HFC and we're starting in normal as stated to build up new members as old returning members. Raid spots are for people who are willing to show up on time each week within the raid times as above, who also want to help and improve themselves and also the team as a whole. We do everything as a whole and vote on everything from times, events, loot system, etc... Every member has an opinion and a voice. We look forward to helping out many people and having an awesome rest of WoD and all of Legion! Need more information or are looking to join, just leave a comment or whisper me in game or add Thundercatz#1875.Murkablo2 Dec 8
Dec 2 The Crazy 88s, Semi-cas guild TuWeSu 7-11est Apply now! http://crazy88s.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/create_apply.php?gid=438984 Korgath - 13/13H Mature fun guild w no bull!@#$ rule in place. We are looking for new people to join our guild. Social guild wanting to progress in end game. We are a mature guild looking for people who are age 18 and up. The guild was founded for WoD by former members of vanilla guilds wanting to band back together, and take a shot at the new content. So far we are gearing up for end game but are missing the most important thing when it comes to a having a great guild... people :) Currently 13/13 H HFC Running Tue Wed Sun 7-10pm EST Korgath - Alliance Raid Times = Tues - Weds - Sun @ 7-11 EST This guild was created by friends in the same town in an attempt to create a community that is not only fun but progressive in nature when it comes to content. Hardcore Daily Raiders to RPers, It doesn't matter how you play the game. All that matters is that we are a guild looking to have a good time and if you cause !@#$ you're gone. Currently we are 11/13H and seeking new members. Core spots available, gearing for Mythic. Respect and be respected. Disrespect and be kicked - "No bull%^-*" policy We expect people to have a BIS list made up and to be aware of what gear they need to have, and pass on gear that would a small upgrade. No loot !@#$%s need apply. We are here to kill ^-*! and get phat loots while trying to succeed as a team and maintain an enjoyable raid experience. A @#$% Leopard can't change its spots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82t2n5yobBQ Apply now! http://crazy88s.guildlaunch.com/recruiting/create_apply.php?gid=438984Sethrahtank7 Dec 2
Nov 26 Me drawing Durotan! *.* Hi guys! So, i did a really cool art of our dear Durotan, from the Warcraft movie trailer: D For those who want to take a peek at the video ... it would help a lot. Here it is guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xmHNycZdNI AH! One mere thing, had posted here before a drawing I did of Garrosh. is old but well worth checking out! I will leave the post below: http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/forum/topic/13840764125#1 Thanks for everyone !!! and... sorry for bad english :DAlcantis0 Nov 26
Nov 26 Ex hardcore looking for semi-hardcore guild Hey, So myself and my Girlfriend are returning to WoW and looking for a semihardcore raiding guild with a casual atmosphere I'm available most days and nights to play and am fairly flexible with any class that you need (preferably this hunter i'm leveling but as I said i'm flexible ) my Girlfriend is playing a Druid healer as well, we both plan to be geared up and raid ready within the month as we relearn this game (stronger learning curve for myself as I haven't played in 5 years) Myself: Mage,Warrior,Priest All vanilla(includes AQ40 and naxx40),BC,Wotlk content completed Her: Rogue BC, Wotlk(all content minus LK heroic 25) Let me know if you'd like more info and I can shoot you a PM Should Also say we're both allianceAlteravitea0 Nov 26
Nov 26 PvP Server Jitters Damnit, Jim. I'm a raider, not a PvPer! I'm Alliance and currently looking for a new raiding guild and one of the better fits I've found happens to reside on this server ... this, horrible, stinky, awful *PvP* server. /gag. I enjoy BGs and the occasional horde city raid, but on my terms. The LAST thing I want to deal with is a couple of horde antagonists running around getting their jollies by harassing me while I'm doing my second-least favorite thing in the game: questing. That's just two layers of aggravation that I don't need. So, my question for the community here is, how enraged am I going to be by this particular PvP server? Not just this late in the expansion, but when things begin running at full capacity again at the start of Legion? Wowprogress currently shows the server at 80/20 alliance split but, in all honesty, I view Sargeras and Kel'Thuzad as the only good PvP servers (99.5 / .5 ratio). 80/20 sounds like a bad gamble to me, but some people in the guild I'm talking to swear that they rarely see a horde character on the server and PvP happens so infrequently that they forget they're on a PvP server 99% of the time. What say you guys? Knowing my absolute hatred for forced-pvp, will I eventually pull my hair out and curse the Gods for leading me here? Or will it be, at worst, a rare annoyance that I'll learn to live with? Thanks folks.Jarnzak4 Nov 26
Nov 26 WTB H HFC TIER and ARCHI KILLS pst with in game mail, obviously I expect tier + trinket + weapon if they drop.Tróy0 Nov 26
Nov 25 Looking for raiding guild. looking for a raiding guild for Dreanor and legion/ 675 ilvl warrior thats been raiding since Wotlk. I've only done raid finder in dreanor but im a fast learner. looking for after 8PM or 9PM EST. Would rather dps but i wouldnt mind tanking either.Redhulk0 Nov 25
Nov 25 [A] Lineage - Casual raiding team <Lineage> is recruiting for H HFC and whoever wants to hang out! Our casual raid team is currently 13/13N, 12/13 H HFC, with a few core members having 13/13H HFC experience. We run a tight 2/4/9 group for now that consists of guildies and consistent homies from other servers. Raid Times (subject to change) Tues: 5:30 - 8:30 PM Server Weds: 5:30 - 8:30 PM Server random 3rd day for alt runs Recruitment Needs: High priority RDPS We're a laid back guild that enjoys content, knows our classes and jokes around. If you're offended easily, this place is not for you. If you can't take constructive criticism this is also not for you. If you like late night walks to the fridge holla back! Please contact maxiipadx (binkvs#1193), or coachiePeeternorth20 Nov 25
Nov 23 <A> AutoTuned 13/13H Recruiting! AutoTuned is currently recruiting Mythic Ready Players for our raid team in Hellfire Citadel. 700+ ilvl. Looking for progression-minded people that are team oriented to help push through content. We aren't elitist by any means but like to get bosses down in the alotted raid time. Raid times and days are Tues, Weds and Thurs 10:15-1:15 A.M CST (Server Time). Highmaul: 7/7N 7/7H 1/7M, BRF: 10/10H 1/10M HFC 13/13N 13/13H. If interested, contact me at Battle tag: ChocolateOne#1549. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.Tyquaysha136 Nov 23
Nov 23 Ally PVP Haven't been serious bout PVP.. just w/ friends n whatnot. Any serious PVP guilds here?Gluscus0 Nov 23
Nov 22 [A] WTB H Arch kill Msg or mail me in game the price. Thanks.Bluebomber0 Nov 22
Nov 22 WTB H Tyrant/Soc kill and loot WTB Heroic Tyrant and Soc kill plus loot. Send me an in game mail with offer. Also Interested in H Archi kill.Bankme0 Nov 22
Nov 18 Moose Mount Is there a Horde raiding guild on this server to even buy the moose mount from?Yuko3 Nov 18
Nov 17 server status whats going on with korgath why is it down right now? any ETA on when it will b back?Provoak14 Nov 17
Nov 15 Mythic Draenor Raider Hello Everyone! Over the next few weeks I will be starting, progressing and completing the achievement [Mythic Draenor Raider]. This achievement requires that raiders complete BRF and HM on the Mythic difficulty. I will be starting this Friday, Nov 20th at 7:00 pm EST. We will start with The Slagworks [Gruul, Oregorger and Furnace] and then continue to The Black Forge all factors permitting. 700 ilvl loot will drop. Please: -Be around 700 ilvl -Use Vent -Bring your own consumables -Be courteous I will teach you the fights but I will not carry you. Please bring a problem solving/progressive mindset. No loot is reserved. Thank you for your time! Astrylian [Battle tag: Gankeveryone]Astrylian0 Nov 15
Nov 14 just came back looking for active raiding guild with voice server adult please Shammythis#1415 b-tagShammythis0 Nov 14
Nov 14 (A) <Fallen Titans> looking for members Hey guys! New guild "Fallen Titans" looking for people who want to get into raiding HFC. New or Experienced players are welcome to come and join to come raid and have fun with the game since it has become a little dry now. Pst in game or whisper someone else from the guild!Torê0 Nov 14
Nov 11 anyone from the original placeholder here? is around from the original placeholder when drew and odywon were in charge still around? back in cata before htey broke upBeard0 Nov 11
Nov 10 LF Horde PVP Guild I mostly PvP and would like to start rated battleground and arena. I have all the honor gear and some of the conquest gear.Snively0 Nov 10
Nov 5 Old progress raider returning to WOW LFGuild Hi my name is Kyle. I haven't played wow since lich king. When I was active I was a core in Committed. I have a LOT of raid experience ranging from vanilla to cataclsym, lich king etc. the only expsansion i havent played is panda. I just resubbed my account today. I play Sensimilla *elemental tauren shaman* message me ingame if you think i could fit. Thanks - KyleSensimilla0 Nov 5
Nov 5 [A] EST 2/day week LF DPS and Heals (13/13H) Hello! <Spicy> from Korgath [A] is recruiting! See the TL;DR below and read more at the bottom if you are interested in joining! Current Progression: 13/13H Kills - Moose! Previous Progression: Full AOTC for WoD Raid Times: 9pm to 12pm EST on Tuesday and Wednesday Recruitment: 2 Heals, 4 DPS, and 1 Back up Tank. 1 Disc Priest 1 Resto Shaman 1 Boomkin 1 Shadow Priest 1 Hunter 1 Rogue 1 Feral Druid 1 Non Warrior Tank/DPS (Back up Tank Role) Who to Contact: Arriv (Arriv#1535) - Officer Tempusbane (Cryogenix#1778) - Guild Master Any other exceptional players are encouraged to apply. If you can provide combat logs of any recent encounters, please do so in order to expedite your application process. About us! <Spicy> is a two-to-three night Alliance raiding guild on Korgath-US. We raid 9pm-12am EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the occasional extra raid on Thursday during the same hours decided by member vote. We are currently 13/13 in Normal HFC and 12/13 in Heroic. We are looking to get a few more good players due to flex heroic raids favoring larger groups, and we like new friends! Our core has finished AOTC from the current teams inception (SoO) and we will continue to do so through Legion. We are a semi-casual guild looking to have a good time while experiencing content. If you're looking for server first achievements, look elsewhere. What we CAN offer you is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where progression is important - but not at the expense of real-world priorities. That being said, we expect applicants to know their class, including proper rotation, stat priorities, gems, enchants, etc. We are more than willing to help people improve their game play if asked, but we are not here to teach you how to play your class or the game. Our policy for new raiders is that you will be brought into the raid group immediately as a trial member. The trial period lasts 2 weeks, during which time you will have low loot priority - this means you won't receive loot unless none of the other core raiders need it. This actually happens pretty frequently since most bosses are on farm, so don't fret! You are welcome to apply and raid with us cross-server for your trial, but if you wish to become a full-fledged raider you will need to transfer to Korgath and join our guild. We look forward to hearing from you!Arriv7 Nov 5
Nov 1 LF Weekend Raiding Guild What's Up looking for a alliance guild that is progressing in Mythic, I'm a 713 MM Hunter 13/13H HFC 1/13M (Killrogg) , ... due to work schedule WILL REALM TRANSFER!!!! BattleTag is - BattleRod12N#1609 Thank you in advanced for taking the consideration and time to look into my thread.Vozmezdiye1 Nov 1
Oct 29 Arena Player Back After 3 Years... Came back to wow after quitting back in October 2012 but quickly realized that nobody plays this game anymore and finding reliable arena partners is harder than ever. My experience through Wrath and Cata was 2400 on both resto sham and hunter. I plan on leveling those eventually but looking to focus on playing resto druid this time around. Right now I'm just looking to get as many games in as possible to help me get back into the game. Not looking for anything too serious but would prefer players who are at least 2k exp. and 1800+ CR Edit: Armory isn't showing achievements on my druid for some reason so here are my alts for verification. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgath/Dabbski/advanced Shaman http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bleeding-hollow/Dabski/advanced HunterDabski0 Oct 29
Oct 28 <Crusade> 2/13M Selling Carries Suspended till further noticeWillferrâll7 Oct 28
Oct 27 Join the Raider Classifieds Are you a guild looking for better, more creative and direct ways to recruit and network with other players? Are you a player looking for a new guild, new friends or for xrealm puggers to raid with? Want to get to know others better before you commit? If you're on Facebook join the Raider Classifieds group page and post an ad. https://www.facebook.com/groups/211912439007236/Ellenah0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Lf guild For my pally who is prot\ret I can do both but prot is my main go to for mostly everything. I just want a nice friendly family guild who won't break up in the year to come . And also likes to do old achievementsGnomeminator2 Oct 27
Oct 25 Nemesis Kill Trading Hello, Same old story, Nemesis sucks. I have a Night Elf and Draenai that can be farmed for kill credit. In return, I need Pandaren. It's for the best if you can find a healer to chain rez you. Cheers!Isvann0 Oct 25
Oct 23 [H] LF Enchanted Elementium Ore Smelter I have all the mats and will tip.Amplive2 Oct 23
Oct 22 [A] TFO 2/13M Mythic HFC NEED DPS TFO is a nice bunch of laid back raiders looking for some solid members to help push us further into progression and start mythic raiding. We consider ourselves to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We are about having fun and killing bosses. We are 13/13H and 1/13M: Our current raid days: Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday Our current raid times: 8PM - 11PM CST Current needs: MYTHIC READY DPS - 700+ ilvl -Ranged DPS(spriest) -Melee DPS(DK, warrior, rogue, monk, druid) - immediate positions -Healers (Monk) -Tanks (ANY OS tank) All exceptional players considered. Please contact any officer ingame for any questions/concerns. Jotan#1528 Thaowhoa#1489Kitan14 Oct 22
Oct 19 [A] <Spicy> 13/13H LF Ranged/Healers Hello all, <Spicy> is a two night Alliance raiding guild on Korgath-US. We raid 9pm-12am EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Progression is currently 13/13H. NOW WE'RE VERY LAX UNTIL LEGION, DOING GLORY OF DRAENOR/HELLFIRE/MYTHIC BRF/HM/H HFC CLEARS. We are a semi-casual guild looking to have a good time while experiencing content. If you're looking for server first achievements, look elsewhere. What we CAN offer you is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where progression is important - but not at the expense of real-world priorities. That being said, we expect applicants to know their class, including proper rotation, stat priorities, gems, enchants, etc. We are more than willing to help people improve their gameplay if asked, but we are not here to teach you how to play your class or the game. Our policy for new raiders is that you will be brought into the raid group immediately as a trial member. The trial period lasts 2 weeks, during which time you will have low loot priority - this means you won't receive loot unless none of the other core raiders need it. This actually happens pretty frequently since most bosses are on farm, so don't fret! You are welcome to apply and raid with us cross-server, but if you wish to become a full-fledged raider you will need to transfer to Korgath and join our guild. We are CURRENTLY running a 10-man roster looking to expand upwards of 2/4/9-2/4/12. We're looking for: Healers: Disc Priest Resto Shaman Resto Druid An Exceptional Mistweaver will be considered. DPS: Hunter Mage Warlock Elemental Shaman Any other exceptional players are encouraged to apply. If you can provide combat logs of any recent encounters, please do so in order to expedite your application process. If you have any questions or would like to apply, please send a PM, a tell or an in-game mail to: Tempusbane (Cryogenix#1778) - Guild Master Arriv (Arriv#1535) - Officer Olvim (Istorvir#1767) - Officer We look forward to hearing from you!Tempusbane1 Oct 19
Oct 19 [A] Blame it on Lag 13/13H LF Healer - Mythic <Blame it on Lag> is looking for a healer (preferably Druid or Paladin) for our Mythic Hellfire Citadel guild group. We raid Saturday 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM and Sunday 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM Central Time (Server Time). Please either visit http://blameitonlag.guildlaunch.com or message to Mariea, Seigfried, Longtut, Eldertut, Fii, or Randell or anyone else online that will be able to point you to one of us.Fii1 Oct 19
Oct 18 <Once Lost Souls> Wants You! Once Lost Souls is currently recruiting to fill a few gaps in our raid roster as we progress through the rest of this expansion. Currently we are sat at 13/13 Normal and 6/13 heroic in hellfire. We are looking for a few more rdps and maybe even a tank (sorry full on healers). We are a pretty laid back bunch who have a fun time in raid but still also get things done. Our raid days and times are Saturday and Sunday 6-9 pm server. Message me in game or reply here with any questions or for more information.Mollee54 Oct 18
Oct 18 [A] VT recruiting dps for HFC <Violet Tragan> 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel is looking for dps for our continuing progression. Raid days and times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7:45pm server to 11pm server.  We're looking for any classes/specs (685 ilevel+) with priority on some listed below: Shadow Priest (high priority) Mage (high priority) Any other dps (medium priority) Any questions feel free to contact me in game or add my battletag:  Antibody, Antipants (Antibody999#1189) or  Merekø, Procontø (jason#1478)Antibody5 Oct 18
Oct 17 "life to lifeless" LF raider for H progress Greetings Heroes. Our guild is looking for raiders for heroic progression. At the moment we have 7 committed dedicated players who have AOTC and multiple alt that are deep into heroics. We are in great need of raiders of any class who are dedicated and competent. Raid times: Wednesday 7-10pm, Thursday 7-10pm Class needed: melee/healer/range/tank (We can substitute any class in response to you because everyone have multiple alt) We are mainly having a dps issue as we have to pug every night for multiple players to help us dps. We will take any dps who have knowledge of their class and are consistent in raiding. But we can substitute any class its just that being tank and heals given the amount of player we have is the best way to carry groups. Personally I lead Heroic Archi pug every week. And if your under geared but are willing to get better I will help you clear instances, normal hfc, heroic hfc even if I am saved for that week on any given day that I am online. If you need conquest points to get some off gear I will also be able to heal you for 2v2 to help you get geared. We would like to progress in mythic within a month. However I will start pugging in the Korgath server for mythic progression within 2 weeks. I understand the possible range of players thats still left. Returning wow players, Casual pvp players, Pvp players who has given up on raid, recently lvl 100 player, guild member who belong to an advanced progression guild waiting for a spot, guild members who don't want to leave their friend even though their guild progression has stalled. For whatever the case recruiting has been hard under various circumstances. If you cannot join us as a guild please consider our guild for joint raid or for mythic pug in the week ahead. Message Acherong, Arbinger, Nontoxic, and Barbrady if you are interested in joining, attempt joint raid, and pugging for mythic. Progress we must!Acherong0 Oct 17
Oct 17 . Double postGilthemar1 Oct 17
Oct 17 [A] <Loot Train> Recruiting for Mythics <Loot Train> is looking for new raiders! We’re a 13/13H guild that is looking to complete our roster to move into mythics. Our raid days are Tuesday/Thursday at 8-11 server time. We also have been assembling alt runs through heroic HFC on Mondays during the same time block. We operate under a loot council system, with the goal of awarding attendance and spreading out loot fairly between raid members. The only requirements are to maintain a solid attendance, come to raids prepared, and notify an officer if you are unable to make a raid. Gear is really not an issue; we’d prefer people to be closer to the 700+ mark, but we can work with what you have. Currently, we’re looking for several DPS slots (melee or ranged), but any class may contact us! Those with a dps/healing offspec are particularly desirable. DPS: -Warrior -Monk -Mage -Hunter Healer: -Paladin -Any with DPS offspec (contact me) If interested, please contact me or any of Loot Train’s officers in-game: Moonprincess Shandrazel Gilthemar SchmuckinemGilthemar0 Oct 17
Oct 16 fuski on the beat #%^Ekowa3 Oct 16
Oct 15 <Immortality>1/13M now recruiting! <Immortality> of US- Korgath was a Top Tier Alliance raiding guild on US- Skullcrusher since November 23, 2004. From the beginning our focus has been top end raiding. Some of our accomplishments include World First Thunderfury, World First Doom Lord Kazzak kill, second guild to kill Ouro the Sandworm and a week one BWL clear - damn untaunt-able drakes. As our core grew older and our server grew stale we found a semi-hardcore approach to raiding was what the guild needed. Our drive is to see all content while it is still relevant. We have come to Korgath for a fresh start, to escape our dead server and to try and regain some of our former glory. We chose Korgath because of its community, alliance population, server history and current level of progression. We look forward to being a part of this server and it's community. Our Mythic core made the move with us, see our guild information below. Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00pm-12:00am EST Progression: 13/13 Heroic Hell Fire Citadel 1/13 Mythic Hell Fire Citadel! T17 Progression pre 6.2: 7/10 Mythic BRF and 5/7 Mythic Highmaul Loot Type: Loot Council (Based off attendance and performance) We are currently looking for exceptional players to fill various raid spots to start pushing farther into Mythic. Our current needs are a few caster DPS to fill out our core. If your class is not listed, we are ALWAYS looking competent and dedicated raiders. Our main needs are as follows: DPS: 1 Mage 1 Shadow Priest 1 Warlock Healer: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Mistweaver Monk Looking for ANY and ALL exceptional raiders - please get in contact with me Please apply on our forums: http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/ You may also respond to this post, message me or my recruitment partner, OR private message any of our officers in game. REAL ID: Gameday#1686 Fuss#1807Ame110 Oct 15
Oct 15 Druid tank looking to get into raiding again Hi all, it's been a while since I've been able to play WoW even casually (finishing up masters, my job hunt, and getting married; crazy summer) and I have finally gotten to the point where I am interested in raiding again! I'm looking for a casual guild either starting normal or has a second/whatever raiding team on normal. I wouldn't mind being brought into heroic, but I can't make any promises. I've raid tanked in the past (cataclysm, mostly normal modes) on a warrior and have raided intermittently throughout my time playing wow (started near the middle-end of the vanilla and was really just not good). Anyway, if you think you have a guild that sorta fits and would be possible a good fit (I know I haven't provided the most information, on lunch!) drop me a line in here or add me in game and let me know! Thanks!Myxe4 Oct 15
Oct 12 . Moved servers best of luck Korgath!Elcrono5 Oct 12
Oct 12 Bozomojo we need you Anybody know where Bozomojo went? We're looking to hire him or his cronies for a job.Versusinform0 Oct 12
Oct 11 LF RAIDING GUILD {Horde} Multiple 100s and all characters above 90(with exception of one warlock). I have experience on DK, MAGE, and Priest. I have played for many years, and would love to get back into the swing of things. looking to cater to your needs(for roles). hit me up in-game hughston#1698 real ID or message me on here.Oxygenated1 Oct 11