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Nov 22, 2010
[A]<Obsidian Sky> LF DPS 10/13M 13/13H Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7:30 PM PST - 10:30PM PST Loot Method: RClootcouncil Current Progression: 13/13M 13/13H CURRENTLY RECRUITING: Only DPS and Healers Warrior: Low Deathknight: Low Monks: Low Druid: Medium Paladin: High Rogue: High Hunter: Low Mage: High Warlock: High Priest: Low Shaman: High About Us: Obsidian Sky is a progression raiding guild, we strive to achieve excellence in PvE progression while maintaining to progress farther with each week of raiding. Expectations: 1) Attendance - Nothing is more irritating than postponing a raid due to tardiness. Raid members are expected to be on time and to maintain a 95% attendance rate. Life happens and we are very aware of that. If something happens that will prevent you from raiding please do not pull a no show; Inform an Officer or the GM ahead of time. 2) Preparation - This means coming to raid with potions, flasks, roll tokens, and a positive attitude. This also applies to being gemmed and enchanted. Everyone has plenty of time to prepare their gear during the week! 3) Research - Know your class well. One of the quickest ways to get removed from the raid team is to demonstrate that you have no understanding of your class and its respective mechanics. Research boss fights ahead of time. This is the easiest way of gaining insight into a how a boss fight will play out is through research. 4) Social Obligation - Our guild can be very social. Take part in activities or hang with your guild mates. If you have input, share it. Communicate and interact with your fellow guild mates/raiders. Strengthening your bonds between other raiders serves to strengthen the guild and raid group as a whole. If you have any questions message me or an officer in game. (Recruitment note required on Battletag requests) Sìr - Devonity#1832 (Guild Master) Swordchan - Tekremi#1794 (Co-Guild Master) Thanks & Good luck! Sìr37
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[A] International Daytime Guild LFM Cross Continental (XC) on Lightbringer-US is an international daytime / off-time Alliance guild. Daytime Raid Days: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays progression Tuesdays heroic HFC ALT/Casual run Daytime Raid Times: Server Time: 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM Local Timezone Raid Times: U.S. Pacific – 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM U.S. Mountain – 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM U.S. Central – 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM U.S. Eastern – 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM Dublin, Edinburgh, London – 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM Berlin, Rome, Stockholm – 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Daytime Progression: HFC 13/13 normal, 13/13 heroic, 8/13 mythic We are looking for mele and ranged dps, preferably with a tanking or healing off-spec to progress together through heroic raid instances. <Cross Continental> is a fairly new guild (founded in fall 2014). We are not a hardcore raiding guild, but we still like to get bosses down in a timely manner. We do take raiding seriously, but not at the cost of our fun and friends. We all have the same goal which is to enjoy the game in a friendly atmosphere, explore the expansion, kill bosses and enjoy the social aspects which a guild brings. We all have enough stress at work, let’s make sure to keep our game-time as enjoyable as possible and drama-free! We are using personal loot for our regular runs and loot council for our progression runs. RCLoot Council add on is required. Casuals are welcome! If you’d like to explore the new expansion in a mature, fun and friendly atmosphere then please apply to our guild here: Our Code of Conduct can be found here as well, please take the time to read it before applying. Requirements: Please apply to our guild on Discord is required for communication Must download the add on RCLoot Council Mature and friendly attitude Your guild raiding main will be only raiding progression content with the guild (see our guild rules)Please get in touch with me: Troopingfay#1718 Troopingfay26
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[A]&lt;Exiled Alliance&gt; 13/13M LF DPS Exiled Alliance is currently recruiting raiders for Mythic Hellfire Citadel on Lightbringer. Region: North America Faction: Alliance Realm: Lightbringer Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday Raid Times: 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m Server Time (Pacific Standard Time). About: Currently, we are 13/13M in HFC. We're looking for competent raiders who can attend the aforementioned raid times; people with appropriate gear for the content (730 ilvl+) and, more importantly, the ability to perform the mechanics required to progress into Mythic content. People who know mechanics, study the fights, and have awareness and adaptability. People who have have experienced all of the Heroic HFC fights, some of the Mythic encounters, and are willing and eager to progress throughout the higher bosses of Mythic. Again, we also require stability from raiders, attending the scheduled raid times is mandatory. We are currently looking for people comfortable and with experience on Mythic bosses in HFC. Experience further on into Mythic HFC progression is considered a massive plus. We use a loot council with regard to loot. We distribute it based on attendance, performance, and how it would best suit the raid. Loot is a tool to help with progression, so putting the loot in the proper place to facilitate that is paramount. We provide repairs, flasks, pots, food, enchants, gems, and runes for our raiders. All raid supplies and mats are provided. Current Needs: Currently, for DPS, we are seeking exceptional Ranged DPS applicants (and Death Knights) who can consistently make scheduled raid times. All will be considered if the gear is appropriate for the content level, and the experience/attendance is deemed sufficient. We own a Mumble server, and use this for our raids and other guild activities. Use of this is mandatory. Information of said server will be provided. Having a working headset and mic, and the ability to communicate when necessary is a plus. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to post here, but you can also message one of the following people with recruiting applications, questions and concerns: Sky#1879 (Guild and Raid Leader) Ghosty#1481 (Me, Raid Officer, Recruitment Officer) BlitzCorp#1913 (Director of Sales, Recruitment Officer) You can also visit our website, at Ghosty457
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[A] <MetaCortex> 8/13M Recruiting for Legion Hello there, we are recruiting for both Mythic raids and Dungeons moving forward in Legion. We are currently in open recruitment mode, all classes are welcome. Only Main tank spots are filled up, though we can always use backup tanks. Our raid times are Tue/Wed/Thu 7-9:30 server (PT). Invites start at 6:45 server. We require near perfect raid attendance! We are also recruiting more casual members who would like to hang out and run Mythic+ dungeons on weekends Raiding Environment Casual but disciplined. We only spend 7.5 hours a week so we like to make the most of it. No one is forced to play a certain class, play what you like, but you are expected to switch to your off-spec occasionally if the need arises. Dungeon Environment Casual environment, this is separate from raiding, Mythic+ Dungeons are new in Legion and how serious we plan on getting and our exact schedule etc will be up to individual teams. About us Most of our members are longtime players that moved with us from Alexstrasza to Lightbringer after failing to raid HFC consistently (dead server), on this server we quickly rose and managed to reach the top 10 rank before starting to wind down. We are planning to clear Mythic content in Legion. More about recruitment and loot rules on our official site: (being updated for Legion, the loot rules and membership structure will be adjusted) Best way to contact me is via B.tag: topapa#1200 EDIT: As per our recent guild meeting, raid days have been changed to Tue/Wed/Thu and should apply to all of Legion. Amarånt2
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[A]<The Unforgìven> - 12/13H LF DPS <The Unforgìven> is a mature content Alliance guild on US-Lightbringer looking to fill its ranks. We are 13/13N and 12/13H in Hellfire Citadel progression, and a group of likeminded people with all levels of raiding experience, from being new to the game to seasoned veterans with prior raid leading experience. We’re currently looking to fill many slots, our biggest priorities being reliable healers and tanks with spots for DPS as well to get a solid roster for Heroics and Mythics. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS Tanks: All exceptional tanks who don't mind DPS'ing most of the time considered (We currently have two but would like three in case somebody can't make it) Healers: All exceptional healers considered Damage: Frost/Unholy Death Knight, Feral Druid, Destruction/Affliction/Demonology Warlock, Enhancement/Elemental Shaman, Arms/Fury Warrior, Assassination/Subtlety Rogue LEGION RECRUITMENT NEEDS Tanks: All exceptional tanks who don't mind DPS'ing most of the time considered (We currently have two but would like three in case somebody can't make it) Healers: All exceptional healers considered, we currently have one of each class with a resto shaman as an offspec. DPS: Arms/Fury Warriors, Windwalker Monks, Assassination/Outlaw/Subtlety Rogues, Feral/Balance Druids, Frost/Unholy Death Knights, Retribution Paladins, Affliction/Demonology/Destruction Warlocks, Havoc Demon Hunters, Shadow Priests Damage: At this time we are no longer taking ANY additional Hunters or Mages. DISCLAIMER - RECRUITMENT NEEDS We will be looking to recruit Vengeance and Havoc Demon Hunters when they are available for play. If you are currently playing another DPS/Tank class, please let us know if you're interested anyway. RAID TIMES Friday – 7:00pm – 10:00pm Central Time Saturday – 6:00pm – 9:00pm Central Time LOOT RULES We currently run an open roll master looter system with set pieces being given preference to those who will receive 2 or 4 set bonuses. ATTENDANCE We’re requiring that players be online 15 to 30 minutes prior to raid start for invites. Beyond that, as long as you let us know 24 hours prior to raid (emergencies being the exception) that you can’t make it due to real life reasons, we won’t be too upset if you don’t show up. CONTACT INFORMATION If you would like to contact us and run a dungeon with a few of us or come on discord and meet or get to know us, or are interested in joining, please add Looseminded#1505 (Recruitment & DPS Officer), Buttins#1585 (Raid Leader), or scruff8778#1170 (Guild Master) to battle tag and send us a message. FINAL THOUGHTS If you would like to see how we raid and mesh as a group prior to checking us out, I upload raid archives to this playlist: Thank you for taking the time to check us out and have a good day! The leadership of <The Unforgìven> Looseminded7
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[A] <Credo in Lege> Recruiting for Legion [A] <Credo in Lege> Recruiting and building towards Legion Background: Credo in Lege was formed by former raiders as a social guild to level and raid casually. We have started recruiting recently to bolster our membership heading into Legion. Our composition is varied; we have veteran players with a lot of knowledge, returning players, and new players starting their WoW adventure new. Aim: We strive to keep the WoW experience enjoyable by our members. While we are raiding HFC now, it is very casual while we gear newer members and try out different specs. We intend to start raiding in Legion at the first opportunity. Our goal is to build a raiding team and progress in Legion. Social and leveling: Building other areas in the guild is also important to us. Making the guild feel like a great place to be is one area. For newer and returning players we provide assistance wherever we can to help them with unfamiliar aspects of the game. Our calendar is open to all members that want to create events. We offer the usual guild perks like repairs, but we also help out with quests, dungeons, glyphs, enchants, and professions. Raiding: Our raid group has a solid core of players, but we are always looking for more. Our raiding is casual; we are not a hardcore group. We want the raid to be fun for everyone and we progress. There are some basic expectations on members that want to raid. Our raids are posted on for members to view. Raid times are: Tue/Thur/Sun 6-8 server. Raid needs: Currently DPS is our biggest area of need. A tank or DPS with tank OS would also be nice. To find out more or ask questions about our guild feel free to contact me btag Anville#1647. Anville3
[A]<Entourage> Recruiting For Legion Guild: Entourage Server: US - Lightbringer (PVE) Faction: Alliance Loot System: RC Loot Council Voice: Mumble Website: Raid Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Raid Times: 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m Server Time (Pacific Standard Time). About Us: Entourage is a newly formed guild comprised from veteran players across many servers. Most of us have played world of Warcraft from the inception, we are a bunch of veteran players who share the same passion and value about gaming. We are primarily a PVE guild, though who doesn't enjoy the occasional battleground. Many of us have known each other over the years and have become friends. We have hardcore raiders, semi-hardcore raiders, and casual players. We are currently recruiting all types of players, a mature attitude is a must, respect that your guild-mates are people not just names on a screen. Vision: While almost all of us are from hardcore Mythic progression guilds we are looking to build a large stress-free community that is focused on clearing the hardest content but at the same time have fun while doing so in a casual environment (This is the mmo "dream" right). Raid: We are focused on raiding as efficiently as possible with minimal hours/days spent. We are looking for like minded players that have the drive to succeed and are ready to become a part of our team as we push into Legion. Our raid leaders have 13/13 mythic experience, patience(far too underestimated value), and a sense of humor. Raid expectations: - We expect you to adapt to new strategies and follow directions, but we also expect constructive contributions to the raid's progress. - Commitment to our raid times. Be on at least 15 minutes before raid time. - Know your class & research. We have constructive conversations about classes constantly. - Exceptional raid awareness - Have all raid mats and seals ready before raid. - Have researched all fights before we get there. - Have DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools, Weak Auras, RC Loot Council installed and be ready to go! - A great attitude. Be able to learn from mistakes, and take constructive criticism. There will be wipes, there will be frustration at times and there will be learning curves, the ability to work as a team and have a few laughs while doing it is crucial. Feel free to contact any officers for more info: Labinac-Lightbringer - Guild Leader - Musei#1168 Anriaa-Lightbringer - Co-Gm - Aritiel#1503 Fauxen - Lightbringer - Officer - Clockwork#12821 Anriaa11
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New old blood coming back seeks guild. Hiya everyone. I'm Minifig the Gnome Hunter. After six years of waiting I finally can be the class and race combo I've wanted to play in this game. I'm seeking a lovely guild (whose members are 18+ please.. I'm 35) to call home. I have a level 86 (I think?) Worgen Hunter on Draka and a 98 (I think) Worgen Druid on Lightbringer, but I've decided to make my home Lightbringer for my hunter because I've heard good things about the ping times on it and it seems to work better with the fact I'm on EST. A little bit about me: As I said, I'm 35, I work for a major theater chain (so I can advise your guildies which movies are worth seeing and which aren't!), I have every major voice client there is, from discord to ventrilo. (I like Discord most), I have a small bit of raiding experience because my raiding guild on Draka never really got around to doing many before it was too late. I plan to go Beast Master. I won't need much help getting around, but I may need help with Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor content as I never really got into them very much. I kinda fell away from the game then. I already have my CE of Legion paid off too. :) My work schedule changes week to week, I get my schedules every Tuesday/Weds. I usually have every weekend off (unless it's a major movie release), and I play D&D every other Sunday (this Sunday 7/24 is our week on). I'm from Indiana. If you'd like to know anything else, please ask. Hope someone would care to have Minifig (Aka Mini) the Gnome Hunter by their side! :) Minifig3
Jul 20
[A]<Lose Your Life> LFM for Legion Alliance | Lightbringer - PVE <Lose Your Life> was established in Vanilla by a group of random internet nerds that became fast friends in game and in real life. Since then LYL has continued on to be one the drunkest… raiding guilds WoW has ever seen. Just Kidding… Sort of... We pride ourselves on being an adult oriented (18+), casual progression focused raiding guild 2 nights a week. Our players have a passion for slaying pixelated monsters and having a good time while doing so. We believe in the concept of fair play and teamwork thus we use EPGP for loot. No playing favorites and no loot drama here. We use our very active Discord server for voice and text chat and we also have a dedicated website. Raid Schedule Tuesday & Thursday; 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST (9:00 PM -12:00 PM EST | 8:00 PM-11:00 PM CST) Previous Content 7/7 Heroic HM AoTC 10/10 Heroic BRF AoTC 13/13 Heroic HFC AoTC Who we are looking for Players that can maintain near 100% attendance Have extensive class and raid encounter knowledge Thick skinned players who are willing to listen and learn from constructive criticism Players who are interested in being an active part of our community We need a Warlock, Hunter, Ele Shaman and non Leather wearing HEAL BOT We are already full on demon hunters and melee leather classes sorry all! All other classes currently considered During downtime on WoW you’ll find us on Overwatch, Diablo, or playing a variety of other games together. If we sound like the type of community you’d like to be part of contact Sugar#1437 or Darann#1686 on for an interview or Apply on our website Sugarvenom3
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<Behind The Curve> is recruiting for Legion! We have about 4 spots left for trial before we start filling the bench! We are recruiting an off tank, 1 healer and 2 dps with healer or tank off specs. <Behind the Curve> is recruiting solid dps and healers for Legion! We are a newer guild on Lightbringer and we're recruiting for our Legion progression team. We will be hitting normal as soon as it is released and progressing all the way through mythic. Our core group of raiders consists of solid players who know their toons well and are hungry for progression. We have an awesome raid lead in place, so we are expecting significant progression in Legion. What we expect from teammates: - Know your class. This means know your entire toolkit and are able to use any spell, cooldown, or CC immediately when called for. - Have the drive for progression. Understand that wipes happen. Learn from them and move on, but don't make the same mistakes over and over. We LOVE to have fun, but we also all crave progression at a steady rate. - Everyone must have at least two specs and be competent at both - Preference would be for everyone to have two raid ready toons that they are equally competent at - Everyone should come to raid prepared (personal food, flasks, pots, etc) - Sense of humor! And not easily offended, we are an adult raid team and the chat is not always PG. What we provide: - Food, flasks and pots are free to all raiders, provided they help keep the GB stocked with mats to make them - Guild repairs - Good progression - Fun people to hang out with Raid days/times are : Tuesday 8PM - 11PM EST Thursday 8PM - 11PM EST Saturday 8PM - 12AM EST We are looking for another healer and a few strong ranged and melee dps. We are especially recruiting the following, however anyone able to demonstrate that they know their toon well will be considered: Tank: Any class except Paladin Healers: MW Monk Disc Priest Resto Shaman DPS: Rogue Lock Boomkin Spriest Ele/Enchance Shaman Warrior DK Mage Hunter If interested, please contact: Averlynna (GM) Btag: Averlynna#1448 Nessy (Raid Lead/Officer) Btag: Nestik#1327 [b][/b] Lilavery7
Jul 18
Two Camels in a Tiny Car 4/13Mythic (Legion) <TWO CAMELS IN A TINY CAR> 4/13 Mythic HFC Kingdoms will burn as a shadow falls over Azeroth, the tomb of Sargeras will open. Are you prepared for battle, will you heed the call LION? Join the Camels and we will fight for the Alliance, for Azeroth, for loot! Accepting ALL players casual,pvp,and raiders. Raid Times : Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30pm- 10:30pm PST ( 11:30 pm-1:30pm EST ) Previous Progression Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14H (Current Mythic) Highmaul 7/7H 3/7M (When Current) Blackrock Foundry 10/10H Hellfire Citadel 13/13H 4/13M About Us Two Camels in a Tiny Car is a raiding progression guild with a social and fun environment. We pride ourselves in making sure that our raiders are enjoying the game by not making this feel like a second job. The Camels also makes sure the guild is relatively small in order for everyone to know each other to increase our compatibility between each other. We began in Siege of Orgrimmar where we established ourselves on Lightbringer to be one of the most recognizable guilds on that server. With the name Two Camels in a Tiny Car how could we not. Expectations Attendance We expect our raiders to keep an attendance rate of at least 90%, however, if personal issues come up those take priority over anything in game. During the raiding year we will scheduled breaks during the Summer and Winter holidays (Christmas/New Years). There may be a time for other breaks throughout the year if necessary, but not to the extent of the two scheduled. If you are going to not be on or be late, you must inform us by contacting us on the website or by contacting an officer in-game at least 24 hours before. Consistent absences will lead to removal of the raid team. Sense of Humor Our guild is extremely social and has a great sense of humor. Sarcasm is thrown out a lot by all of our members and should not be taken seriously at any time, however, we all know our limits and what is going to far. It should also be noted that this guild is NOT a PG-13 Environment. Respect With sense of humor being said, we expect that you show everyone the same respect, not single out any one player, and not make any offensive remarks. We are not elitist jerks or players that discourage other players either, to put the blame on one person will not be tolerated. What You Can Expect From Us Weekly Raids and Content We provide end-game content for all our members that are willing to put in the effort. We currently push for clearing heroic current content and doing other end-game activities such as achievement runs, Rated Battlegrounds, etc. Mythic is not completely off the table, however, because of the 20 man restriction it may not be done during current content. Enjoyable and Social Raiding Guild With enjoyable members that are in the guild, we do hope people have a great sense of humor and do not take anything seriously. Again, we do not accept any elitist attitude or people that cause drama. This guild is here to provide an environment to have a great group of friends and provide end-game content. Help From the Guild Every day we strive to get better in optimizing and preparing players for raid as much as possible. We do our best to provide any enchants and gems to mains and also have players that can offer help if you are struggling with your class or spec. Please note that begging is different from asking for help. (I.E Begging for Gold, Guilt tripping, etc.) LETS TALK WE USE MUMBLE ! GhostToast#11626 CoCoLattè#1866 Belläzurrä8
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[A] <Immortal> Rebuilding for Legion 13/13H [A] <Immortal> Rebuilding for Legion 13/13H History: Immortal is a guild that has been on the Lightbringer server since Beta. We’ve had several strong raid teams from C’thun to Cata but have been casual since. Goals: We are looking to rebuild our raid team as we progress through the remainder of HFC and prepare for the launch of Legion. We enjoy having fun but will always put on a serious face during progression. We are 13/13 Heroic and currently clearing tier bosses on heroic to gear up. The end goal will be to form a solid progression team aiming at Mythic progression. We have a casual Friday team clearing lower and some upper heroic. We also run dozens of Mythic Dungeons weekly and schedule other team activities. Schedule: Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00-8:00 Server PST – This will likely expand slightly for Legion but we are aiming for quality not quantity. Heroic HFC alt runs on Friday at 6:00. What we are looking for: Exceptional, dependable raiders to help us build a strong raid team and positive environment. Casual members welcome as well. Current Requirements: iLvl 720 - Legendary Ring - High Attendance is a must - 55k DPS Minimum - Knowledge and Adherence to Mechanics Current Needs: Warlock Resto Druid (High) We are now logging our runs and making them available to the public at Warcraft Logs. A recent Heroic Archimonde kill if you wish to see our raiding and communication style If you feel you are on par with our numbers and meet our current needs please see the contact information below or reply here. If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact any of the following officers: Jesta – Jesta#1509 Zephi – Zephi#1673 Labiah – Labiah#1132 Jestavia32
Jul 16 Jul 16
(A) soul cleave lightbringer LF raiders <A> Soul Cleave (US PvE Lightbringer) is looking for exceptional raiders to round out our hardcore raiding team for Legion! We are currently 12/13M and are pushing hard on Archimonde to get Cutting Edge! Our Raid Schedule is Tue/Wed/Thur 1030pm to 130am PST with invites going out at 10:15 PM. Monday nights are used as a backup night at the same times. Soul Cleave Raider Requirements: •Complete understanding of their class and how to use it to the benefit of the raid. •We require a 90% attendance rate for raiders, 100% for trials. We realize that real life happens but if the attendance percentage drops below the requirement, we will be looking for replacements. We cannot progress with poor attendance. •All raiders must be able to communicate with our voice chat, currently mumble. Soul Cleave was formed midway through Hellfire Citadel out of the ashes of another guild. Our raid team followed us out of their belief in the new direction. We pushed, recruited, and clawed our way as much as we could to finish out Mythic HFC. Some thought this was a suicide mission and that we would not survive, however we prevailed getting through Mythic HFC even though we had to rebuild half of our Mythic team very late in WoD. Our confidence could not be higher and we need YOU to push further! For Legion, we are seeking to fill our ranks with like minded, progression oriented players to really push toward the top of our realm. We want researchers, numbers crunchers, and theory crafters who will do ANYTHING to maximize DPS and mechanical awareness. We need raiders that will do their job and not rely on leadership to play their class for them. The trial process does not have a gray area. If you miss attendance or your performance isn't up to par, we will move forward without you. You must have the ability to take criticism, be willing to sit on the bench at times, and learn from your mistakes quickly. Once Legion drops, we already have a game plan on timetables, how guild gearing will work, and what we need to do to get there. Raids will begin the day they drop. If you are not geared and prepared, we will move on without you. If you have any questions, or are interested in applying, please visit our website at We can also be reached in game with the Battle Tags below. Leadership Team: Skatterguard (Skatter#1708) Squishyou (WestCoast22#1569) We look forward to Legion and Happy Hunting! Skatterguard0
Jul 15