Moon Guard

[A]Between Two Evils <The Sect of Shades> Choose the Safety of the Church. Or choose to fall into darkness. When choosing between two evils, it's sometimes best not to choose at all. But it doesn't have to be such. The wine cellar beneath the estate was damp, aged…and serviceable. A lone hooded figure strode deep into the graveyard of casked vintage, his figures obscured but for the hints of a hazel gaze and flickering lights the hue of hot coals escaping his cowl. Armor links quivered with every step, and his pace left little doubt he was a man with a purpose. It seemed he was pursuing the sound of a loathsome sobbing from the far end of the cellar. Anguished cries of a fellow mortal soul in the throes of terror. His pace quickened as the cries grew louder. The damnable echoes of the cellar made the cries seem to come from all sides. Was he indeed running toward their source, or running from the ghastly shrieks that now pursued and lashed out at his very being with each step? Just as the hooded man came to terms with what he was feeling, and it was indeed fear, genuine and primal, he arrived at the door. The din of misery seemed to all but vanish around him, and once more he heard the singular sobbing from the cell directly before him. Sweat bit fiercely along his neck, as his hand hesitated only once while resting on the door's latch. Morbid curiosity, or foolish bravery compelled him to look through the cells bars to spy upon it's sole occupant. A dreary, pathetic shell of a human being, bound fast in a leather straight-jacket, head completely deprived of follicles. It was, or had once been a man. Inhaling deeply, the man opened the cell door. The pitiable creature did not lash out, but remained wallowing in sorrow. With a steely resolve, the man stepped within to offer the captive a compassionate hand to his shoulder. But the armored hand passed through. Somehow, this didn't surprise him. "Not bad. You had me going there for a while. But the key to any good illusion is believing you can make your target believe in it." Another hooded figure emerged from the cell, features downcast. The armored man rose. "They're going to touch the patients eventually." Dark powers have tempted mortal kind from their first independent thought. Whispers of untold knowledge and might, the like of which could topple empires, have plagued and seduced many a fool. Shadowmancy, Blood Magic, Necromancy, and the vast corrupting power of the Fel have been ever spoken of in hushed whispers, for their mere mention is to invite calamity.Yet, for the most part, mortality continues to triumph against these wicked forces. We endure them. We overcome them. And in the right hands, we can bend such heresy to our will. To do what needs to be done, when there's no other choice, or no one to turn to. To survive. To defy fate…and the very powers we wield. But regardless of the reason, we are branded as monsters, villains, demons and blasphemers. Why? These powers are feared for good reason. Because they can and will turn us into the things we seek to control…if we let them. And it's very easy, very tempting to abuse your gifts when the world doesn't understand them. The Sect of Shades knows all too well what it's like to be shunned and spat upon for doing what comes naturally to you, or what you had no choice in becoming. Not only that, but we understand what it's like to have no true place to call home, to constantly live in fear of discovery by the Clergy or the Kirin Tor…or your friends and family. We're not a cult, nor an academy. We offer you sanctuary. We offer you refuge. And we offer you a chance to cast aside your fear. To master that power before it masters you. Fenham62
[A-RP] Pack Starhowl On the walls and buildings from the cities to the small towns, flyers dotted the landscape. All of them with a similar look of fast paced handwriting, a sketchy sketch of a pack of wolves and Worgen, on a cheap parchment either nailed or stuck to inanimate objects with a sticky substance. The important details, was the written word underneath the picture in as straight of line as possible with as much detail to the wording as humanely possible “Seeking the balance of Azeroth? Sanctuary from the chaos ensued in pockets of the world? Or just seeking the fellowship of fellow pack-bloods? Pack Starhowl, is looking as well for like minded individuals who can help our goal of protecting the wilds, working with other pack-bloods, and ensuring a brighter future!” Below all of these details was a sigil of the heads of two white wolves connected at the neck howling in opposite directions. The background drawn to look like bark, covered in leaves to form a tranquil tree. ((OOC)) Goals: Safeguarding the lands from corruption and those that would do it harm, while acting as a small family. (Think Worgen Cenarion Circle) In addition to this, the whole goal is to create a community dedicated to world RP. Alignment: Neutral good. While there is no specific age limit, we expect you to be mature enough to handle whatever goes on in GChat. Keep whatever happens IC there. Have an RP addon of some sorts; XRP, MRP, TRP3 We use the website for information such as pack rules etc. It's advised to keep up to date by checking this daily. Absolute zero tolerance for drama. You have one warning and that's it. Classes accepted: Everything but warlocks and death knights on a case-by-case basis. This doesn't mean that they can't join on an OOC level. The reason for this is due to the fact that the guild itself is druidic in origin and end goal. Fel corruption is not a thing we take lightly. Contacts: To schedule an interview or ask for more information about the guild, please contact myself (Garrus or Risìngmoon, alt 0236) or Jacob either in-game or below. There is usually an officer on at all times. Officers: Aútumñ (Copypasta to add to friends etc) Interested in joining? Visit our website and apply here: Garrus13
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RP Guild Interest Check Hello everybody, I just recently transferred my Paladin to this server and am hoping to make a home here. I would like to test the waters with an RP guild concept that's been floating around my head for a few days now and see if anyone would be interested. With so much change in the world, crazy things happen all the time and the people of Azeroth can barely keep up. With the Burning Legion's impending return, I expect a lot of fear and uncertainty in the populace in the days ahead. Would the introduction of a new deity figure alleviate such fear? New cults often spring up in times of great crisis, but most of them simply prey on the fearful, taking advantage of them to gather power. Enter the followers of the Blazing Lion, a nameless deity who, as one might guess, appears in the form of a golden lion with a fiery mane and burning white eyes. His followers claim he is a god of justice, though rather than constables and paladins, the warriors of his cult are known as Exorcist-Knights. Stalwart defenders of the common folk and relentless hunters of daemons and all forms of the undead, the Exorcist-Knights are far more militant than the Silver Hand and the many successor chapters of Paladins that followed. Does That Make Them Heretics? In regards to the Church of the Light, the followers of the Blazing Lion do appear to wield the Light as a source of their power. They claim that the Blazing Lion is aligned with the Light, not a rival or usurper. I am very interested in RPing with the various church-themed guilds here in regard to this and seeing how such a group is accepted, be it cautiously, warmly, or as heretics. It may be easy to see the Exorcist-Knights as frightening at first glance and therefore mistake them as a violent splinter faction akin to the Scarlet Crusade. The reason for this being their appearance. Much as dragonslayers often craft armor, weapons, and trophies from the scales and bones of their kills, the Exorcist-Knights are often bedecked in motifs and designs of lions, bones, skulls, and flames. They wield what they call "the Sacred Fire" to combat the evils that beset this world. What Do They Believe? The Exorcist-Knights, first and foremost, fight the undead and daemons in all their forms. While they will not turn a blind eye to more mundane evils, this is their primary focus and strength. That said, however, they hold justice as the highest virtue. In D&D terms, they would be Lawful Good, but LG is probably the most misunderstood alignment. Lawful Good does not mean Lawful Nice, Lawful Stupid, or Lawful Goody-Goody. The Exorcist-Knights stand for what's right and punish the wicked with a brutal efficiency that gives many modern Paladins pause. While the Church of the Light and modern Paladin Orders regard Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion to be the three great virtues, the Exorcist-Knights hold Honor, Duty, and Sacrifice above them. Too often, they feel the Three Virtues have led to weak leadership and fatal hesitation in military matters. They believe the Church is too often concerned with being "nice" instead of just. ... ============================== Ok, that's enough for now. I would very much like to RP this new sect of knights with the various Church of LIght guilds here on Moon Guard and I hope there are others who would be interested in joining in this RP as well, either as established clergy of the Light or joining the ranks of the Exorcist-Knights. I don't have a guild name or rank structure or anything yet, as I said, this has been bouncing around my head for a few days now. Still, I hope there's some interest! Graévus7
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[A-PvE] &lt;Distance&gt; LF Exceptional Raiders Hey, I'm the co-leader and main recruiting officer for Distance here on Moon Guard. Thank you for taking the time to look at the recruitment thread. Raid times will be listed below so that you don't waste your time if our times cannot work for you. Raid times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30-11:30 PM Central Optional Teaching + Learning raid on Fridays, 8:30-11:30 PM Central Distance started as a guild with a few IRL buddies who went separate ways at points in life, and decided to come back to WoW to play a game together, since everyone frequented different genres (fps, moba, rpg, etc.). Because these friends have moved away from each other, the guild has been named Distance. (I'm not one of the original IRL friends, but I find the story poetic.) This expansion, we hit 12/13 H in Hellfire Citadel, and next expansion we're wanting to take the final plunge into mythic. Raiding casually and having fun is our main goal. We're a roleplay-friendly group of mature individuals looking to get some awesome progression in Legion. Requirements: Dedicated to learning everything needed to become a top-end raider Positive attitude, patient during progression On Moon Guard/willing to transfer Have Discord with working audio (Mic recommended) Will listen to the raid leaders without backtalk (we're a team, don't work against us.) Knowledgeable about every aspect of your class Our raid leaders are very fair and kind in every aspect. We use a loot council for loot, giving it to who is most deserving (based on current gear and performance, as well as any other factors that may go into it.) Specific classes we're interested in: (keep in mind this is for Legion.) Elemental Shaman (high) (flex healer pref) Shadow Priest (medium) (flex healer pref) Balance Druid (medium) (flex healer pref) Ranged DPS (medium-low) UH DK (low) Although these classes we would love to have, we are willing to accept any player that is exceptional in their role. We may not have the greatest progression for right now, but we're looking for the people to make us become a top 5 guild on Moon Guard. Contact myself: Darkfoot#1763 or the guild leader: Jubjub#11923 if you're interested of becoming part of something great. Bearyoncé10
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(A-RP) The Wardens of the Highlands OOC INFO The Wardens of the Highlands are an organization composed of volunteers intent on the restoration of the realm of Stromgarde and the safety of the peoples of the Alliance. Consider the Wardens more of a group of plucky adventurers and militiamen than a proper army or claimant group. The windswept land that they call home now stands as the first line of defense against the encroachment of the Forsaken, and they have people they need to protect. We're a RP guild first and foremost, with a focus on the lore of the Arathi Highlands and the surrounding regions, and the stories that can be drawn from it all. Now, a guild is nothing more than the sum of its parts. The setting, the backdrop, that's the stage for rpers to play on. Our intent is to create a community of writers who want to use this compelling backdrop, a nation on the brink, to weave rich stories and build a strong narrative. There's room for roguish cutthroats just as much as there is for valiant knights. Desperate times make strange bedfellows of such people, after all. Not every bit of story has to be about 'the war'! Let's develop our characters! Let's have those moments of genuine character interaction that are so often lost to overarching, massive plots. That being said, there's more to WoW than RP! In addition to cultivating a group of really strong and passionate rpers, we want to enjoy our time here, we want to be a tight-knit, familial community! PvP? PvE? Why don't we try a PUG and just have a fun time of it? THE NITTY-GRITTY Name: The Wardens of the Highlands Leader: Alastrîna Grantham Current Contacts: Alastrîna, Banholt, Gorec, Myrå Send us mail or a whisper! Add my BTag: McCarthy#1297, or our guild lead's: PaleEmpress#1432. Simply get in touch with us and we can go from there. Expect an IC interview and 'initiation', and also expect at least a small discussion OOC so that we can try to gauge if we're going to be a good fit for each other. Race Restrictions: N/A. While the premise itself may seem very 'humanocentric', this is a struggle that could plausibly be taken up by any number of peoples. Class/Level Restrictions: Level 20 by default. Level 70 for death knights. A token level of dedication to the character is appreciated. Alignment: Chaotic Good. This is an organization primarily focused on the well-being of the defenseless, but wars aren't won with charity. Those of ... questionable morality ... may just be able to find a place for themselves in the Wardens. RP?: Yeah! PvE?: Yeah! PvP?: Yeah! (I'm mediocre, but it's too fun to quit.) RULES Ideally, this guild won't need to be a 'tight ship', but it's always good to have a few ground rules. Ideally, we won't need to enforce any of this. Banter's fine. Jokes can get raunchy. We get that. There's a difference between good fun and actually attacking someone though. This guild is not the place for it. Don't be THAT guy. - Again, just be a decent person. Guildmates or not, there shouldn't be an exception to this rule. Whatever grievances you might have with someone are not the guild's. There's a time and place for certain conversations, I don't need to lecture you on that. - Try to maintain at least a semi-regular level of activity and attendance. If we recruited you, it probably means we want to see more of you! Inactivity extending up to thirty consecutive days will likely result in removal for the sake of keeping the roster from being bloated. Just tell us if something has come up. We get it. IRL comes first. - Mistakes in spelling and grammar happen. That's fine. As long as you're trying and as long as you're putting your heart into it, we're not going to look down our noses at you. Banholt38
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A-RP<Lightwardens> Advocates of the Light The LIGHTWARDENS are an orthodox order of rangers serving as part of the Church Militant, and are charged with defending the faithful from the depredations of evil, in particular those wrought by Fel- and Shadow-wielders and other servants of the Great Dark. Lightwardens specialise in high-importance, small-unit, special operations, often requiring stealth, for which ordinary infantry bodies are less suited. Members of the Lightwardens are devoutly adherent to the Holy Light, living according to the virtues of Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion, and in this capacity some of its members do assist with matters spiritual. Ordained or anointed members provide instruction, education, and liturgical functions both within the Lightwardens and at the wider direction of the Wardenmaster. The vast majority of positions within the Lightwardens are filled by individuals of all races and occupations who desire to put their skills and talents to work for the protection of the faithful. The Lightwardens believe in a profoundly active defence: members can expect extremely dangerous and arduous service in gritty and unsparing locales, without the prospect of fortune or fame. Those who would prefer to wield an impressive list of honourifics and titles rather than a trusty warhammer; those who prefer to be seen standing in spotless armour alongside the powerful; and those who would prefer to revered by all as spotless models of holy gentility are all advised to seek some other employment more suitable to their refinement. The Lightwardens value service to the Light and its people first, in which cause vanity of any sort has no part. The Lightwardens seek to serve the faithful rather than rule over them; they are the guardians of righteous civilisation; they seek to improve their individual skills and capabilities; they value the needs of the faithful before their own; and they are the enemies of vanity, luxury, and sloth in thought, word, and deed. Those who would seek to pledge their skills in this noble and holy cause are enthusiastically urged to contact any of the following individuals for a pre-admission interview GM: Melchiz AGM: Popohnia, Banes Officers: Kyriel, Anlyen, Jezebel, Elestri (APPLY TODAY AT Melchiz15
(A-RP) <Apostasy Accord> Apostasy Accord is a brother/sisterhood of individuals seeking asylum to learn and practice the arts forbidden by society and the light. A haven for the dissident to embrace Apostasy and Hedonism. To gain power through knowledge and like-minded community. A criminal backing, funds our research and lifestyle. While well trained, subtle, and open minded fighters serve to protect this unique way of life. Currently recruiting Apostasy Accord is an 18+ guild due to mature content that ranges from violence, sexual content, mature language, and adult situations. Please keep in mind, 18+ does not mean this is an ERP guild. Heavy RP, Chaotic Neutral-Lawful evil aligned. There is a lot of room for different alignments. Currently seeking people who are interested in active storytelling. The website is totally complete and I am particularly interested in people that enjoy writing and sharing stories within a forum setting. This guild style leaves anyone and everyone open to setting up events. People who enjoy DMing their own events and storylines are very welcome. Currently interested in recruiting more Experimenter, Scientists, dark magic users, Ritualists, Cultists, and undead. Also interested in more combat style Rpers. Characters that are more Scouts, Couriers, Warriors, Death Knights, Snipers, Guards, Protectors. Now seeking characters that are interested in becoming Hate Guard. Basically these will be guards within our order that will be magically enhanced. We are also seeking entertainers. These people would have the Helot rank and would not be Oath sworn members. They would be used for the entertainment of oath sworn members. The rank of Helot also includes prisoners, test subjects, slaves and other type of person that is connected to the Accord but is not a member. Keep in mind, we are not an "Employer". This is a more a social group, a club or gathering of like-minded people. The work that is done, is for personal individual needs. We ask the group for assistance with our personal projects. Any 'employee' would be highly specialized. Example: Our Ship Captain is an employee because the crew are not members and working the ship is their livelihood. Currently only Paid member is the Ship Captain. NPC guards are also paid employees. Likewise, someone wishing to play that role would also be paid. This includes people wishing to play a Barkeep, cooks, servants ext. Please contact Moonandre, Xariselli, Maddytherda, Rownan, Àlììza or Cardaen for more information. Application is on the website. Moonandre80
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[A-RP] Sun and Shadow Conclave There is a storm brewing. Fel winds carry it closer and closer with each passing day, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. We can only prepare for its coming. Even now, whispers and portents can be heard in all corners or Azeroth and beyond, gibbering mouthings from those who were too weak to resist its call, foul deeds performed by its puppets and its minions. But this is no new enemy, no threat we have not dealt with before, and so we will be ready. From all walks of life we come, be pirate or paladin, shaman or soldier, blacksmith or berserker, to join together to face the coming foe head on. Be your path be one of darkness or of light, as long as you are willing to stand with us side by side, to fight and die with us, then you shall be welcomed with open arms. Come and join us, and be part of something greater than just a collection of men and women, become part of a cause. The Enclave of Sun and Shadow. OOC Information: Sun and Shadow is a newly formed guild with an entirely different sort of concept behind it. Many guilds across Azeroth only invite a specific type of player. Raiding guilds look for well geared, experienced people, and recruit specifically based off of raid mechanic and/or class needs. Roleplaying guilds, in turn, look more specifically for characters who fit into their guild storyline. Whether it be Criminal, Town Based, Pirate, Religious, Military, Gilnean… most roleplaying guilds are only recruiting for one specific genre of role-player. Sun and Shadow has elected to move beyond that and create a versatile group of roleplayers, be it a Brave Holy Crusader or a Blood Thirsty Thief. The guild itself is set up to be more of a new faction, much like the ones you find in game. But unlike the Alliance or Horde-- where old prejudices die hard, or even The Hand of The Prophet-- Where their belief in The Light can be almost blinding, Sun and Shadow offers an alternative. From an In-Character standpoint, the faction itself is neutral, accepting any and all assistance that is offered to aid in their plight. As the Legion encroaches upon our homeland, threatening to destroy all we know, Sun and Shadow seeks to move beyond old prejudices, politics, and religious constrictions. We are currently still working within the Alliance but as the guild grows we hope to break the barriers between Alliance and Horde, creating a cross-faction environment for players to enjoy. Sun and Shadow highly encourages all members to utilize the extended features available on the Guild Website. There will be content included on the site as well as special events you might otherwise miss out on. Applications are required to gain access to the site, however, we promise it’s short and sweet. Just a few basic questions and you’re done. How to find us and join up!: People to look for: Sÿbìl - alt code = ÿ -152, ì -141(I know, I'm sorry. x_x) Natàlia - alt code = 133 Gredlikk Hero Board Posting - A Mysterious Note was found in your pocket. The parchment was well worn and wrinkled with only a pair of words scrawled quickly across the surface. *Included are a Place and a name that are subject to change upon availability. Word of Mouth is simply character hear-say. If you prefer to use this method, please keep your knowledge of the guild to a minimum to avoid that pesky thing we refer to as meta-gaming. Final words: As stated, this is a newly formed guild and we'd love to have you guys join us! Outside of RP, we plan on doing plenty of things. Whether a casual player that loves to see raids and dungeons, to my lovely PvP friends that want to do some arenas and kick some butt, we've got a place for you here. Thank you all for taking the time to read through this lengthy post and we hope to hear from you all in game! Sÿbìl2
[H] Naval Captain Seeking Crew / Away Team With the coming host of bad omens and premonitions from Farseers and Dreamwalkers alike, numerous high ranking Horde and Alliance Military figures are growing worried. This concern turned quickly to open fear with the sudden arrival of Doomsayers all across the capitals. Something was coming, and only a fool would ignore that... To this end many High Warlords and Grand Marshals are quickly, but quietly organizing their forces. Mobilizing machinery, and inducting infantry. Among these, Stone Guard Ryoko has been placed once more in a command roll of 'first contact' intention, a forward vanguard. Several ships belonging to the <Sanguine Wake> fleet have been commissioned to serve as the veteran orc's mobile command center and staging point. All she needs now are crewmembers. This is where you come in. I am seeking people, be they IC military or mercenary, who are able to respect a chain of command from top to bottom. What we need are ship's crew, officers, and an away team, and of course... A marine force. We will be working together to explore new game content, RPing, Running dungeons together bth IC and OOC, and possibly even raiding an RGB if we get the manpower. I am also looking into hosting /roll RPG campaigns, making use of a /roll combat system I have been working on for about half a year now. But what are the officer positions available you ask? Well read on. Advisor: This would be a farseer(Shaman), dreamwalker(prophetic druid), or some other form of person able to acquire 'guidance' from a higher power. Be that the spirits, ancestors, elements, or the Dream itself. Heck, it could be a psychic/empathy for all I care. The idea would be someone who can form or acquire an OOC chart they can roll on to gain 'visions' or other such premonitions. Master At Arms: A fellow soldier of high standing, and nothing less. This would be the person in charge of military maneuvers and troop actions when Ryoko is not readily available to give them herself. This would also be the brute in charge of security up and down the chain. Cannon Master / Operations Officer: Both titles fill the same roll, the badass in charge of whatever heavy weapons are mounted to her ship, along with periphery systems such as cloaking/shielding wards and the like. Much of what the ship has for arms and armaments will be at your command, and be your responsibility to coordinate their upkeep and supply. Medical Officer: Pretty straight forward and simple to grasp, you would be in charge of all healers aboard ship, both IC and OOC. You will also be first pick for our away team operations, which will include dungeon running and /roll events. Supply Officer: Not quiet as impressive as the other positions offered here, but it comes with the perk of not forcefully requiring that you be level 100 or higher. Essentially, you organize the cooks, incoming and outbound of mail and supplies. Mercenary King: This is a position less formal and more martial. We have no illusions that the crew will need to beef up their numbers, and the best way to work this is with well paid mercenaries. The position of Merc King is not given, however, but earned. Who, and how this title will be given will be decided among the collective mercenaries that join the crew. Now, onto other details... While I would -really- appreciate people joining the <Sanguine Wake> guild when they join my crew, this is not a stipulation I will force down your throat... But again, it would Really be appreciated for the sake of simplifying communication and event invites/management. An example of the RP combat system I am working on is listed here. A link to the Sanguine Wake's guild page, and related signup sheet is found here. And lastly, you can reach me either on Ryokomuyo here, or my other toons, Merkury, Plainsthorn(My main), and Kyoney. Also, the guild masters of the Wake, Jarethius, as well as many of the members of the Stonewind Tribe have means to reach me out of game if you really can not wait. We will be hosting many, if not all of our events in the afternoons during various days of the week, though mostly Sundays and Monday through Friday, as my Saturdays are typically booked as well. Now! Seeing as we have all of that out of the way, anyone with comments, concerns, or complaints? Ryokomuyo7
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~GWC~ A Cross-Realm, Cross-Server Community ~GWC~ A Cross-Realm Cross-Server and Cross-Faction Community We are a true Community offering many advantages over single guilds groups or individual progression. So check us out if you are looking for that extra healer, tank or a bit more dps to supplement your current guild progression. Maybe you are an individual that is looking for a spot in a regular group but without the need to change guild or realm hop. ~GWC~ offers you ALL a place you can call your home (from home). WE have an established website, a feature rich forum with events calendar and a fully integrated TeamSpeak 3 server. Our associated guild, player groups and individual (Free Agents) are looking for more people to join them in supporting this community What does our Community offer its members: First, and foremost the Community offers a safe haven for its members to come together and collaborate in a wide variety of regular events >> Social and RP based Events - Monthly >> Regular PVP, Ashran, BG, rBG, and Arenas - Multiple Daily Events >> PVE Progression Raiding - Multiple Weekly Events >> PVE Achievement runs - Multiple Weekly Events Gods Warriors Community: So if you are a growing guild, a progression group or a Free Agent that needs just a little bit of support why not register with us. As a global Community ~GWC~ is aimed at providing a collaborative spirit across all of Azeroth. We cordially invite you to join the Gods Warriors Community by checking out our Website, Facebook pages, coming to some of our calendar events, following our Twitter feed for regular updates. But most importantly [url=]Registering on the ~GWC~ Forum bookmarking our TeamSpeak 3 Server and socialising with other ~GWC~ members. If you need more information it can be found on the Community website and Forum, please check out the following links: GWC Calendar Events: Register on the ~GWC~ Forum: GWC Twitter Freed:]@GW_GodsWarriors Community Website: Community TeamSpeak 3 Server: Thank you for looking and please do not hesitate in contacting us if you feel that you can provide support to our community we are always looking for people to help promote and further the cause. ~ Barrak4
!! Active Legacy Twink guild recruitment !! Hello everyone! I am looking for anyone who would be interested in joining a Twink guild on horde side (Or Alliance if people prefer that), Wrymrest Accord - US. The name of the guild is called <Legends of Old>. This guild we be created for different purposes and for players to indulge in a new social and fun environment, including numerous different activities while we wait for legion. The list below explains what my ideas would be for the guild: 1.) PVE: Go back and raid in level 60 - 80 content with experience locked characters (Twinks as many people call them.) , this will consist of you leveling a character to level 60, 70, or 80 and raiding in the content set for that level cap/ expansion. For example if you level cap at 80, you will be doing Wrath of the Lich King raids/dungeons. There will be a decision based on the overall vote and popularity of what expansion/ level cap we all wish to do first. (Once people join of course.) 2.) PVP: level 70, 80, or 85 Twinked PVP Arenas: 2s, 3s and 5a rated Battleground fun (for Vicious mounts) 3.) RP: Part-time RolePlaying(RP) guild, This is for anyone who wishes to give RolePlaying a try and this is not a confirmed thing as of yet, but based on the player feedback of the guild we will always have it as an option. Basics of Roleplay: The guild will have an interesting interactive storyline players can indulge in and create a fun Custom Roleplay storyline when active members are on. IMPORTANT: (Not all members have to RP, you can simply just join for the fun experience of Raiding and social aspect if you please.) WRA is a RP server so I said why not give it a try and open it to anyone who likes to RP. Leveling: I know it can be very hard for some people to grind to level 60, 70, or even 80 and keep motivated on the path to make those levels. It happens, and it's happened to me as well, and it happens for a majority of different reasons. I offer my help in leveling a character with anyone who would like to join the guild, that way it will be more social and interactive to keep you motivated. This is also another way to get you to meet your fellow members and have some fun! Communication: As far as communication goes, we will be using 1 of 4 programs or any others that people can suggest. 1.) Skype 2.) Raidcall 3.) Mumble 4.) Vent These are the most reliable ways of communication (in my opinion) that will be best suited for our guild. In the mean time while leveling with you or just having a call with the guild we will use Skype until we figure out our primary communication program. Hours: (To Be Determined) When it comes to our 3 categories of activities, hours will be figured out based on what's best for everyone, and what times we can do what, or whenever everyone is online. Enrollment: If you are interested in joining feel free to add me on Battletag/ Real ID: Limestonee#1845 or you have any feedback to give me! Extras: For any future ideas with the guild, such as making it a multiple level Twink guild. ( 60s, 70s, 80s, 85s, and so on.) Will come later on when more people join and the guild gets lifted off its feet. Thank you for your time in reading this ( Even if you just skimmed through most of it. ) and please check for updates, because they will be posted once in a while. For a long time I have wanted to get a Twink guild rolling but never found the drive or other players to do it, so please consider joining <Legends of Old> for a fun time while we wait for Legion. Limestonee3
Forging the Ashblades [Event Thread] This thread is for the “Forging the Ashblades” event series. To stay updated in game of event happenings, please /join AshguardOOC. Forging the Ashblades is my answer to the question posed by seeing many paladins wielding the Ashbringer in Legion. Rather than ignore them, I’ve endeavored to come up with a plausible series of events explaining how a number of powerful weapons that look like the Ashbringer came to exist on Azeroth. This series is open for any (OOCly friendly) paladin or friend of paladins to participate in. I’ll be hosting about one open event every two weeks until after Legion launches. Look at the post after this one for the regularly updated event schedule and more details on what to expect. It is my hope that this event series will provide interested players with a justification for and a deeper connection to their own Ashbringers in Legion. Weapons can be forged by specific players, the gems powering them seized in epic roleplay battles. Instead of something to ignore, the Ashbringers wielded by players can become a symbol of IC and OOC community for paladin players, and a source of roleplay and connection with their peers. Furthermore, given the lore behind Discipline Priests and their Light's Wrath artifacts in Legion, this event series can also serve as an origin story for the staves born by those priests. The events that spawn the Lightbound Staves (name still open to negotiation) will occur about 2/3rds of the way through the series. Letter: ... Ironholde42
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[A-RP] Blood of Lordaeron - "For Peace War" ... Excerpt: Summary: The Blood of Lordaeron is a heavy roleplaying guild founded mid-Wrath of the Lich King. Initially known as <The Crimson Redemption>, the guild has maintained a storyline that began with but a noblewoman seeking to redeem her kingdom and eventually blossoming into a rebirth of that kingdom itself. Those that have played on Moon Guard for some time will also know this guild as the <Brotherhood of the Flame>, a chapter in the guild's history which built much of the basis for what was to come. At its heart, the Blood of Lordaeron is an exercise in storytelling to a degree that many have not yet experienced in roleplay. We focus primarily upon the world within which these characters live, expanding on lore where it has been abandoned but never crossing into the boundaries of invalidating that which was previously established. As such, we attempt to keep our overlap with the lore to a bare minimum, though invariably there will be occasions when roleplaying a character may form a contentious situation lore that has been allowed to decay over years. The Blood of Lordaeron houses some of the most talented players, artists, writers, and roleplayers on the server. Because of this high standard, it must be stated that the Blood of Lordaeron is not a good fit for everyone. We are a fun-loving, though extremely focused group that does not have the time or energy to be bogged down with the tedium that might come from less focused roleplay styles. If "casual RP" is your forte, then let it be said now that you will likely desire another guild. Our focus is on advancing characters and nothing more. As a new expansion approaches, a few new faces would be welcomed within our circle of writers. Expectations: Those that apply to the Blood of Lordaeron are expected to perform at the best that they can, at all times. While this does not mean every player must have equal skill to one another, what we do encourage is that you continue to push yourself and attempt to bring life to the situation you have been placed within. While drama is not something that can ever be avoided, the guild has an extremely low tolerance for drama between its members. We are adults, each of us, and have neither the time nor the energy to babysit anyone. You are expected to handle yourself as maturely as possible and if you cannot, you will be excused from the guild. All members of the Blood of Lordaeron are required to be prepared to accept consequences for their actions. As was stated before, this guild is not one built upon the niceties of novice roleplay. A serious decision may have a serious consequence for your character and as such, we ask that you play them as reasonably as possible for there are times when actions necessitate dire reactions. Amelriah300
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FREE Grove Wardens for NEW Roleplayers! Greetings, New and Fellow Roleplayers! As you are likely well aware, the Grove Warden mount is a looted mount reward that is earned for killing Heroic Archimonde. On August 30th, in correspondence with the release of Legion, the mount will be removed from the game and become unobtainable. Every day, more and more people are asking for the chance to buy carries -- but we realize that not everyone will have the chance to acquire a Grove Warden before they are taken away. In an effort to promote a thriving server community and to attract new players and roleplayers to join Moon Guard, First Light has partnered with ten other guilds to provide a very special promotion that is specifically targeted at roleplayers that are looking for a guild or looking to create a new character: sign up with one of our guilds, meet the criteria of our promotion, and First Light's Mythic Raid Team will provide you with a completely free Grove Warden / Heroic Archimonde / AOTC carry. No gold -- no payments. Entirely free. For more information, please check out the website that we have established especially to facilitate this special offer: Registration details and terms are included on the above link! If you are unable to take advantage of our offer here, we understand. First Light will continue to offer extremely affordable Grove Warden carries on Moon Guard from now until they are removed from the game. In addition to this, in appreciation of the community we are a part of, we will continue to run completely free carries for members of the Roleplaying Community via our standby lottery -- when scheduled slots from our promotion and paid runs are unfilled due to complications, we will randomly draw numbers to offer free runs for those who are ready and waiting during our schedule run times! For more information, please contact Anaeya (Kierlani#1443) or check our more detailed moose sales / free lottery advertisement on the forums: Larrendias98
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Musings of the Winter Wolf (RP introduction) My Vladimir Kain. I am Worgen, but I am also something more, something I don't fully understand. Because of my eyes and...unique abilities, I am often mistaken for a Death Knight, one of the poor wretches resurrected by Arthas, the Lich King, to serve as his instruments of chaos and destruction. I am not so lucky. I awoke in the snows of the Alterac Mountains some weeks ago, armed, armored, and alone. How I had come to be there, I could not say. I remembered my name, my nature, and the history of the world I had left behind, but little else. With nothing surrounding me but the harsh winds and the freezing cold, I descended the mountain into a world that was not how I remembered it. The Great Wall of Gilneas had fallen, it's people mostly Worgen, yet not like me. There were new faces, new peoples among the Alliance now, who were so commonplace they were regarded with never even a second glance. The Pandaren I remembered hearing of, legends of brewmasters and masterful warriors, wise and serene. The Draenei, however, were unlike anything I'd ever seen; tall, graceful, with cloven hooves and horns that I would normally regard as demonic, yet they seemed angelic. Their warriors of the Light were beautiful and terrible to behold and even as I observed them, mystified, I felt a twinge of sorrow and fear. For the Draenei were people of the Light, whereas I was cursed in Shadow. Would they destroy me for what I was? For what was done to me? Or for what *I* had done? What *had* I done? Years had apparently passed without my knowledge since that madman, Arugal, was slain, or so I heard. I could remember no such joyous news, nor could I recall anything of great detail. Of the time I had lost, I had only dreams, flashes, and fragments of shattered memories, none of which were pleasant. I saw violence, death, and terror. Our pack was a weapon of fear, wielded by a lunatic, and some of us were...different. His favorite "projects," poked and prodded, torn apart from the inside out and painfully stitched back together with his foul, arcane magicks. I did not know what he had done to me, or what I had become, only that with Arugal's death, I was free of that madman's control. For the first time that I could ever remember, my life was my own...and I had no idea what to do with it. I had no people to call my own. Worgen and Gilneans alike regard me with disdain, for the stink of Arugal's sorcery runs in my veins like a cancer. The Humans of Stormwind regard me as a monster. Hillsbrad and Silverpine are overrun by the Forsaken. Perhaps I should seek asylum among the teachings of the Pandaren, wise mystics and ascetics. Perhaps they can help me recover my past and guide me to my future. Or should I risk the mercy of the Draenei and hope their Light can absolve and forgive me? Or maybe nothing awaits me but the lonely road of a mercenary, fighting for strangers and guarding merchant caravans for my daily meal. I hefted my axes and chipped away at the ice coating my armor. Such cruel weapons they were, designed to rip and tear rather than cut clean, yet I regarded them with new purpose. With Arugal dead, I could be free. I could set my own course from here, and I looked to the horizon with something I had never experienced before: more powerful than the "gifts" my former master had bestowed upon me, more acute even than the vision my Worgen senses accorded me; the first bitter taste of that terrible illusion... Hope. Vládìmìr5
[A-RP] <First Light> - Alliance Mythic Team! First Light Recruitment: Alliance Raid Team To support our expansion to Alliance side, First Light is opening recruitment to exceptional raiders for our new Alliance Core Team. This team will run in parallel with our Horde side Mythic Core Team, will trade strategies / log evaluations, and will trade members / alternating bench positions as possible. Our Horde side Mythic team has completed 13/13 Heroic AOTC and achieved 11/13 Mythic prior to prepatch. During our evaluation and formation period, the team will run on an off night. The Alliance progression team will run from 8PM - 12AM CST, Tues/Thurs. The Alliance progression team will use the improved Legion Personal Loot. Our Horde team achieved AOTC Highmaul and AOTC Blackrock Foundry. Our guild is over nine years old, and will remain active throughout Legion. Raid team members are encouraged, but not required, to engage in Guild RP. The Alliance team is being solidified in advance of Legion for a strong start. Our multitude of other guild activities help to stabilize our core raid teams. - The Alliance Raid Team will formally solidify between now and the release of Legion. - The Alliance Raid Team will engage in HFC Progression during its trial period. - We are primarily a Heavy Roleplaying Guild, but we are willing to recruit raiders who do not participate in these aspects of the guild, provided they are capable of remaining respectful of those who do. ___________________________________________________________________ Interested candidates for our Alliance Core Team must have the following experience / traits: Have a desire to continue progressing in a friendly environment long-term. Understand how to exhibit the absolute maximum potential of your class. Be comfortable with constructive feedback and/or fair criticism. Be comfortable with the possibility of being benched. Be capable of exhibiting near-perfect execution of mechanics once learned. Be willing to show up on time with flasks, food, and potions on hand. Be willing to research fights, mechanics, and your own class. Be willing and prepared to volunteer to execute task-specific raid mechanics. Be respectful of the members of our server community who engage in RP. Always bring a positive attitude with you to raid nights. Always be courteous to your fellow raiders and guildmates. ___________________________________________________________________ Ideal candidates will have some (or all) of the following experience / traits: Experience running Mythic / "Old Heroic" raid encounters. Take an interest in the guild's other activities (RP-PVP, RP, RBGs, etc.). Be communicative. Be able to offer calm, constructive feedback and ideas. The Alliance Core Team will be set up to operate in conjunction with, and with the support of, our Mythic Core Team -- the Horde counterpart of the overall First Light raid core. It is being built with the intention of running progression content at the same time as our Horde team -- the same days, and the same hours. This is being done to minimize the impact on open evenings for other guild cross-faction events, including cross-faction roleplay (First Light events are open to both our Alliance and Horde guilds simultaneously). This strategy will also give us the option to trade players between the teams as needed, as many players maintain geared characters on both Horde and Alliance side. At this time, ALL candidates for the Alliance Raid Team will be considered -- including interested potential Raid Officers. We are a successful raid core and the expansion of the Alliance team will have the full support of our existing raid team and raid officers -- we will not allow this endeavor to fail, and we are a proven team on Moon Guard. ___________________________________________________________________ Note that the above listed points are not requirements for membership in First Light -- they are only requirements made for possible inclusion on our raid teams. If you are a "package deal" or find the guild interesting, but do not yet meet our requirements, please contact us for additional information regarding normal guild recruitment. For more information on our Roleplay and "non-raid" recruitment information, please see our primary recruitment thread: We will conduct interviews in person, in-game. If you are interested, please contact Anaeya via Battletag: Kierlani#1443 Larrendías13
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