Moon Guard

Aug 26, 2012 Lord Iomhar Ouestrelin's First Proclamation Upon walls and lamp-posts around Stromgarde and Stormwind City are papers, titled, "Lord Iomhar Ouestrelin's First Proclamation:" To all people of the Grand Alliance, I write today to inform you of a loss of a great man--my brother, Lord Seifried Ouestrelin. We all have been grieving over this terrible loss to our Alliance, and many questions have been risen. First of all, I, Iomhar Ouestrelin will be taking the place as Lord of House Ouestrelin. Secondly, I will be taking my late brother's fiancee's hand in marriage, so that the House will continue to exist now and in the future. We all suffered a great loss, but let this loss remind us that we must continue to grow for the better so that one day we can defeat the forces that aim to send us to our graves. It was signed formally by Iomhar Ouestrelin, Lord of House Ouestrelin and Duke of the Misty Valley.Ìomhar3 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 WTS level 21 Guild 7 tabs Post OfferGoreofakama10 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 The United Force calls on all forces! After the attack on Theramore, a large scroll could be seen tacked up next to the MIA and KIA boards, it read as followed. Greetings men and woman of the Alliance, I call upon you today to remember those that have fallen or those that are missing. My heart weighs heavy with their loss and I pray to Elune that they will be found. However, such thoughts are better to be reserved. I call on the leaders of each military force that was here today to think back about the battle, how well everyone worked together and what we could do if such actions were to keep up. I propose a task force... One with every army, every force and every militia. Every race, every brother and sister of Elune, Of the light, of the ancients and of the Alliance. If we come together and pool our forces, there would be no front we cannot win. For too long I've walked the streets of Stormwind and others, listening to people bicker about withdrawing their forces from distant lands because they feel that they had no aid when it was needed. We are all once Alliance and it's time a force was made to show it. I ask of you, Generals, Commanders..What ever else you are called..Think about this, Your men and women locked together with the horde, you're in desperate need of relief, but the reinforcements you were promised thought it was unjust to their let people fight and possibly die in a land they didn't own. The force shall be made up of the best every race has to offer, The best Footman, the best archers, the best paladins or priests. Everything will be needed and everything will be used. I will be seen in Stormwind all week looking to speak with House Lords, Military commanders and Generals. Anyone that will listen. I thank you for taking the time to read this, Light bless, Elune guide your path and Glory to the Alliance.Kynyssaen1 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 The United Force calls on all forces! After the attack on Theramore, a large scroll could be seen tacked up next to the MIA and KIA boards, it read as followed. Greetings men and woman of the Alliance, I call upon you today to remember those that have fallen or those that are missing. My heart weighs heavy with their loss and I pray to Elune that they will be found. However, such thoughts are better to be reserved. I call on the leaders of each military force that was here today to think back about the battle, how well everyone worked together and what we could do if such actions were to keep up. I propose a task force... One with every army, every force and every militia. Every race, every brother and sister of Elune, Of the light, of the ancients and of the Alliance. If we come together and pool our forces, there would be no front we cannot win. For too long I've walked the streets of Stormwind and others, listening to people bicker about withdrawing their forces from distant lands because they feel that they had no aid when it was needed. We are all once Alliance and it's time a force was made to show it. I ask of you, Generals, Commanders..What ever else you are called..Think about this, Your men and women locked together with the horde, you're in desperate need of relief, but the reinforcements you were promised thought it was unjust to their let people fight and possibly die in a land they didn't own. The force shall be made up of the best every race has to offer, The best Footman, the best archers, the best paladins or priests. Everything will be needed and everything will be used. I will be seen in Stormwind all week looking to speak with House Lords, Military commanders and Generals. Anyone that will listen. I thank you for taking the time to read this, Light bless, Elune guide your path and Glory to the Alliance.Kynyssaen0 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 To faction change or not to? I don't know. I'm stumped here. I like being on the Horde as a Forsaken, but I miss being a human. Yes, I know it's all up to me in the end, but I just want to know what people think.Almentar37 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 A small thank you To odd company and friends! They got me my entire t-13 set early this morning! You guys rock!Tèrenas1 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 [IC] Missing in Action Everything that had happened in Theramore up until this moment had been a blur. Sir Binor Dungalion slogged through the marshy wasteland as the nightlife filled the air with its buzzing and other noises. He held his torch aloft in his left hand, his right grasping his sword at the ready in case of a Horde ambush. He was armored in his typical dull red plate, with his tabard, bloodied and torn as it was, and a black hood and mask with red trim. His white cloak, typical of the Lord's Guard, was left behind in the city, as it would have just hampered his progress. He'd been trudging through the marshes alone for several hours before the call came in. He had only just finished speaking with Tiriel Dawnsinger, the sin'dorei defector–though her infamy was unknown to him–in a chance encounter among the gloomy trees. Not long after he resumed his hunt, the enchanted ring on his finger that bore the seal of Ouestrelin–a ruby cut in the shape of a roaring lion–channeled the communication straight to his thoughts. "We found his lordship... His throat was slit, Sir Dungalion." Binor froze in his tracks, murky water rippling about his plated boots. He stared vacantly for a moment as he absorbed the news. The entire marsh seemed suddenly completely silent, except the crackling of the torch as its flickering cast dancing shadows around his immediate area. Lord Ouestrelin is dead. The words echoed in his mind. Dead. Our lord is dead. The last decent, competent, and active Stromgardian lord is dead. His thoughts went almost immediately to the house. Who would lead? Before he even finished thinking the question, however, he knew. Iomhar... Iomhar Ouestrelin. The Captain of the Lord's Militia, known to most as Iomhar Barton, was there in Dustwallow with the rest of the Ouestrelin forces. In fact... Binor stared at the tree in front of him. His throat was slit? Iomhar was his personal guard... The knight of Stromgarde felt a chill run up his spine. He looked down at the tepid water he stood in, and slowly forced himself to take a step forward. Then another. And again, and again, until he had resumed his stalking through the marsh. He knew not where he was going. His mind was blank from the enormity of his suspicion. After he recovered from his initial shock, his mind began racing. Iomhar wasn't noble material. He'd damn near had to knock the man out earlier that day in broad daylight because the Captain was drunk and disorderly. With a sudden sense of foreboding, Binor realized the Ouestrelin's fate was on shaky ground at the moment. The twenty-seven hundred year old nobility was at risk of being led astray. All this time, Binor had been completely distracted from his surroundings, and had not noticed the slight shift of reeds behind him as the troll scout crept up. Without another sound, his world went black as he was bludgeoned over the head. (( So this is my IC excuse for disappearing to college! Figured this would work by just saying Binor's been kidnapped by <unnamed Horde order> and will be held for as long as they (read: I) please. A la Varian Wrynn. The IC content of this post was shamelessly copied from my reply to {Short Story} The Fall of a Lord. ))Binor21 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 (Story) Funeral of the Forgotten Wuzzjolt set the gyrocopter down in a grassy area of the mountains just south of Theramore. Unable to contain his disgust any longer, he started trembling violently, doubling over and spilling his guts all over the grass. Blinking away tears, the doctor regained his composure, not knowing who exactly he had to be composed for. Yonli, he imagined. It obviously wasn't the first corpse he'd seen. It was almost impossible for him to have not seen one in his profession, in this world, in all the seventy nine years he'd been alive. Indeed, he'd seen enough, learned enough about the process of death and decay to desensitize him to death all together. But he wasn't. It never went away, not one bit. Numbers, logic, cold hard facts... None could erode the respect the doctor had for living beings. The gnome sighed wearily, rubbing the bags under his eyes as he crawled out of the cockpit of the gyrocopter, almost tenderly undoing the harnesses that bound the body bag. Before removing the last of the binds, the gnome attached small spherical devices to the sides of the bag. When the gnome let go of the rope, the body floated down, held aloft by the anti-gravity field projected by a device at the gnome's belt and boosted by the round tethers. Wuzzjolt moved the body to a flat location, setting it down delicately as he went to grab a shovel from the copter. Wuzzjolt growled as he furiously stabbed into the soil with his spade. Those priests he had asked, too busy with their cordial chat to help with a simple funeral ceremony. Nostrils flaring, the seething gnome buried the metal tool in the heart of the earth, scooping out dirt like so much bile. Gritting his teeth, he pictured their faces; he'd memorized every detail as they'd scorned him. Human scum, too self righteous to care about their own fallen. Why was he stuck with all the sentiment? All the emotion? He was a gnome, for Light's sake, a creature of logic and reason. He didn't even know the man's name. All this trouble for just a decaying pile of biomass, only useful as a source of phosphorus. But it wasn't just biomass. It was a fallen warrior, a man who died defending his values. He couldn't just rationalize that away, try as he might. Wuzzjolt stopped once he hit about six feet, gently lowering the body down into the hole he'd made. Leaning on the shovel, he peered down at the body, his lens idly breaking down and analyzing the elemental composition of the body. But his mind was elsewhere. Bowing his head, he started praying, praying for a man he hadn't met before that night. "The elements are where all things come from. Inorganic matter. But for some, Eonar grants the blessing of life. So that things may grow, flourish, prosper. So that the world doesn't stay dead. But what is given may also be taken. Birthed from the universal uterus, so you must return. Decomposing, breaking down into more matter to be used for other processes. And so the cycle goes." Wuzzjolt bit his lip. Tears flowed freely at this point. "May the Light guide you to paradise, life-brother." With that, he started shoveling dirt down into the hole, working diligently despite being blinded by the unfortunate byproduct of grief. Wuzzjolt took a hunk of scrap metal, cutting it down with his tools into a usable marker and carrying it reverently over. After setting it firmly in the ground, he began welding away, cutting an epitaph into the metal. Here lies the once living. From stardust we all come, to stardust may we return. It wasn't special, but then it wasn't meant to be. It was generic, it could've been anyone. And that just made it all the more special. Wuzzjolt smiled sadly, closing his eyes for a long time in quiet contemplation, his hand lightly tracing the metal where his ear had once been, a symbol of all that he had lost. It was late when Wuzzjolt made it back to his office. As the door slammed, he tore the mental walls he'd erected for himself. He rifled through his desk, papers flying everywhere before being strewn all over the ground. Eventually, he found what he was looking for. A gHarmony file: Danyle McHale. Wuzzjolt smiled. To be continued?Wuzzjolt12 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Rp-Pvp<Theramore Regiment> The day was dark. The blood of Horde and Alliance soldiers stained the swamp, the roads, the bridges. Major Adiar Taylor lead a huge patrol a few days after the battle was over and the rest of the Alliance had left. They wanted to make sure, the Horde was gone for good. A Private turns to the Major and says with a sign of happiness in his voice. "Major, we have walked through Dustwallow up and down, the Horde are gone for now!" Major Taylor took a look around at his men, they were happy even though blood still stained their tabards, he then spoke, "Alright men! Double time back to Theramore!" A noise of an engine comes over head, all 50 soldiers look up. "Major! Horde zepplin in bound! Its...its...headed towards Theramore!" Major Taylor stood their shocked as a Horde zepplin stopped over Theramore. He then saw what was happening, "Into the barrens! Run men! Run!!!" Theramore had been hit by a mana bomb. The regiment was all that remained and were trapped in the barrens, for now at least.....Adiar5 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Not just Theramore falls The 7th legion die too,and most of their officers. Go down to where it has MoP sign over it. It's so sad. Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 [H-RP] Draft Notice; Quel'thalas Criers rush about, flyers pinned upon nearly every wall and notice board. War is on the horizon. The Horde demands bodies to hold sword and shield. A draft has been initiated. The voices ring all throughout Silvermoon City. "Citizens of Silvermoon! Harken to my voice!" The Magister begins. "By royal edict, a draft is to be placed into effect, until further notice. If conscripted, no appeals shall be heard. The Sin'dorei, and the Horde, demand your talents and services. If chosen, consider it an honor, rather than a burden. Prove your loyalty and worth to those you live amongst. Show us that you are capable of the doctrines of the Horde. "Lok'tar Ogar"! Victory, or death!" Public displeasure can be read on the faces of everyone that has heard the spoken words. But not one dares to speak out against the city. Nor do they dare think to defy Garrosh Hellscream. But what of you? ((This is an RP backdrop intended to be more of a conversational peice, in preparation for the Theramore invasion event coming soon. However, I'm certain a few guilds could benefit from using this pretense for IC recruitment if they so desired. Just figured I'd pitch this idea for the community to use or disregard at their leisure.)) ((Update; For reference see Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Kind of dying here. So, being the whiny individual I am, I found myself complaining I'm not toned enough. I went out today, borrowed P90X from my friend, and tried the cardio session for starters. Needless to say, I am sweating buckets right now, and panting like a dog in heat. Have any of you others tried this? What were your results? Or you can just laugh at dying Forte.Fortè21 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 The Dwarven Vanguard Rises! It has been quite a while since I took my place as The Dwarven Vanguard's Thane and even longer since the saddening end of The Mountain Guard. However, The Dwarven Vanguard has finally reached the same height as it's predecessor. Just before the long-awaited Feralas Campaign, The Dwarven Vanguard experienced a sudden rise in recruitment. As a result, we've finally reached level 16; the same level the famous Mountain Guard held just before it's untimely end. We continue our efforts in being the top Dwarf only RP-PvP guild on Moon Guard, and hope to soon be the third Dwarf only guild to reach level 25 on any RP/RP-PvP server. During the first event on Monday, The Dwarven Vanguard became engaged in battle with The Lohngoron, and it's Warseer Dregg. As the two forces faced each other in open field, the Warseer and the Thane stepped forward. Their forces circled around them, eager to watch the fight of these long-time rivals. The fight was bloody, and nearly the end for the Thane, but ended in the Warseer's defeat. The the forces quickly clashed and the Dwarves, completely outnumbered, were forced to withdraw. It is not the end, however; The Dwarven Vanguard and The Lohngoron are now at war, and will attack on sight! To any RP/RP-PvPers who have a Dwarf main, alt, or have been considering rolling a Dwarf, please do so! The Dwarven Vanguard needs you! War encroaches on our lands! Be the ones to defend it! We will be hosting events with The Lohngoron, as well as new events (GHI brewing contests, drinking contests, training events, PvP/PvE events, military assignments and division missions.) If you have any questions about The Dwarven Vanguard, please send me a letter, or whisper me directly. DwarvenVanguard.webs.comThanror7 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Theramore RP PVP Appreciation Thread This is for the organizers of the event, and all the events that led up to this day. Thank you so much for taking time and effort to make these events!Cladriah24 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 @Andry You're such a pretty princess with your red rose petals!Delaynee21 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Offer still stands for anyone who wants to.. Trade enchanting pets! I have mine created and ready to go to anyone who brings me the horde side version!Misseve5 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 [A-RP] <The Fantasy Faire> Circus Afros! ... OOC: <The Fantasy Faire> is a project to broaden the horizons of most roleplayers to a new and exciting RP idea! It is based around the Argent Dawn-EU equivalent: <The Fablewind Faire>. The best thing about the guild: You don't have to join (OOCly) in order to get in on all the fun! (However there are benefits if you do!) Our ranking is as follows: -Ringleader (GM) -Co-Leader(s) -Faire Master -High Carnie -Carnie -Associate -Recruit -Auxillary (OOC)Teldon12 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 cross faction guild bug Not sure how many of you read the general forums, but recently a guild became a cross faction guild due to a blizz bug. Here is the link: While this is a bug and they cannot group, don't understand each other over guild chat, and is not something new blizz is going to do, how would you feel about cross faction guilds that could talk to each other in guild chat, say part chat etc.? Edit: added bug to end of title.Vorien5 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 [Story] Let Sleeping Dragons Lie... ((This is my shot at adding some written love, because Stax has been refusing to poke his head out of the ground. If it doesn't make sense to people, this is also my way of interpreting the upcoming talent/spell changes ICly for Stax.)) The skies were clear, with few clouds and fewer aerial scouts. The surface was piled with corpses from a battle that had never ceased. It was underneath this that Nox resided, taking inventory not of bodies, but of artifacts. He was in a place of his own making, his private workshop underneath Dun Morogh. In the dragon’s own little sanctuary the walls, floor and ceiling all seemed to have been made of flawless yet lifeless stone, not a single crack showing.along any surface. Columns lined the magically-formed walls, glowing blue runes flowing up and down the unnecessary supports and cloaking its existence from the rest of the world. Within the room itself were artifacts and relics arranged in piles both large and small, dozens of them throughout the room, each housing a category of their own. However there was always a clear path from the entrance of the room to its opposite side where a single polished darkwood podium sat, a single purple-and-silver covered tome nearly as thick as a gnome resting on it. It was to this tome of his that Nox briskly walked to, glancing to either side of him and smiling at the sight of his amassed riches so far. Even at his pace, it still took him all of twenty seconds to cross the room using the straight path he made sure was always there; He would not tolerate unnecessary obstacles in his domain. Picking up the weighty tome in a single plated hand, he simply waved his other over it, watching pages fly on by, until he finally reached a section clearly titled: Recent Acquisitions. The recent acquisitions section was always changing. These were the items that needed to have research done on them, and only basic examinations were done to ensure the items would not cause misfortune to befall the owner. As he came to the first item on the list, he began heading to a pile of jewelry a good thirty feet and to the left. Atop the pile was a small ring, of which he only knew as “Kiltress’s Ring of the Abyss” from a thoroughly-soaked parchment. that didn’t make the trip to his cache. As he picked up the thick ring, he noted the small details in it, including its light-blue color that seemed to shine like many miniscule scales, white border, and aquamarine gem at the top. This was a relic he recovered days ago, learning from pirates that it was intended to shield the wearer from becoming frozen and allow them to breathe underwater. With further ‘encouragement’ he found it’s location: in a chest in a ship that had sunk off the coast east of northern Stranglethorn. It would be useful to him in time, but not today, leaving him to drop it in a clearly-visible spot on the pile of enchanted jewelry. Moving down the list, the next thing that was recently acquired was something called “Atreissian’s Longblade”.A blade made famous by the paladin that wielded it, however something about the age of the metal collected thus far spoke to him of a time far before the first order of paladins. Made of an unknown alloy, Stax had collected nearly all the fragments of the blade, the hilt being in three pieces that he had found. The blade itself had pieces missing, pieces that glowed a soft blue on their own. He decided he would reforge this blade if possible, for the legend went that the sword cut metal, wood, stone, flesh and bone equally so. Perhaps, he figured, he would forgo his restraining runeblade if it meant actively working to keep the ancient blade together. Placing a glass cover over the shards, he admired his work so far in collecting the metal that his twilight constructs actively sought. The final item on the list was of immense interest to him: A set of scrolls he had recovered yesterday. Knowledge was indeed power to him, and he made it his goal to acquire as much of it as he could. He often made baseless assumptions that he must have been one of the blue dragonflight prior to his ‘transformation’, insisting to himself that had the Twilight’s Hammer never interfered, he would have studied something that had been examined by a thousand eyes, such as Ley Lines or perhaps have simply died young at the hands of the other flights during the Nexus War. Now however, with history having ran its course, he commanded an element entirely unknown by them. He was in what he perceived to be a blue’s dream, and he had every intention of exploring every possible feature about it, to be the first to record it all in detail that his prodigies would continue should he ever meet his fall. He knew he wasn’t invincible. He knew that Deathwing’s promise of inheriting the world was an empty one. That wouldn’t stop him from paving the way for his children though, for unlike the aspect that claimed to be his father, he kept his word.Stax6 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 (Story) Regret Things were so much easier when all we had to fight was the Lich King. Tiriel stared out over the water, arms folded across her chest, pale blue (not right) eyes looking into the distance. The ebb and flow of traffic, dockworkers unloading the ships, moving cargo into and out of the fortress itself, made an impression on her, but she didn't really pay them close attention. Her mind was, instead, on the night previous. Your people were not the only to suffer! Perhaps you should ask yourself what you are fighting for, Lady Sin'dorei. If you renounce Silvermoon, you can claim asylum. How can I renounce my people? They are all I have left. With a grimace, she turned away from the sight, walking further down the shore, the quiet rustle of her robes drowned out by the call of gulls, the shouts of men and women hard at work. She couldn't decide if the Common grated in her ears, reminding her of what she had walked away from, or if, after so many years of Orcish, it was a blessed relief. Reaching up to finger the glittering pendant (a blessing, a curse, a chain, so much worse) dangling from her throat, she turned to stare up at the fortress that was Theramore Isle, lips curved into a small frown in the shadows of her hood. Was it worth it? Worth...all of it? Swear to me, on your honor and the blood of our people, that you did not do what he says you did. I swear to you. Burying her face in her hands, she shuddered for a long moment, then sank down onto the sand with a small sound. Hunched over her lap, she shook her head slowly, hands lowered, fingers digging into the sand. There is no going home from this. There is no going back. They saw your face, and Ruscion recognized you. Besides, you always were a poor liar. A small, bitter smile as she traced the shapes into the sand. And if they capture you, you know what they'll do. Your death will be neither easy nor quick. And she was afraid. She was so, so damn afraid. The thought brought yet another frown to her face as she stared down at the pattern she'd etched into the sand. Yes, she was afraid. Did that make her a coward, then? Her eyes filled with tears as she stared at the beloved name, the name she still could not - across distance and years - bring herself to speak. You told me once that you shouldn't be alive. That men, women, and children had died so that you might live. do you go on, knowing that? We cannot change the past, Tiriel. No mortal, not even one as long lived as I, can do that. But we can change the future. How? How do I change the future? I'm just one person. And I am all alone. She put her head into her hands, then, and cried for the home she couldn't go back to. For the people she couldn't save. For the family she'd lost, that she simply couldn't let go of. She cried until she had no more tears left, more alone than she could ever remember feeling before. ---------------- At least partially inspired by this piece:él16 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 An odd request… So I’m working on a little writing project of mine that’s two chapters in. I have basically the entirety of the story set up in my head and ready to go. Only problem is a certain roadblock. I have to describe the night sky in the intro of the third chapter, and I’ve honestly blanked out on how to do it. I’ve literally let it sit for 2 and a half weeks to see if I can’t get a burst of inspiration but no matter how I slice I still can’t think of a way to properly portray a picturesque night sky. So I’m asking for a little help. Not for anyone to do it, but give me words, phrases…something that I can use because I’m honestly at a loss. >.>’Stonehealer6 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Midsummer Sands: A Siren Concert (RP Event) Before Midsummer escapes us for another year, let us escape to a realm of enchantment, bearing a torch of Midsummer spirit. In accordance with with popular plays and folklore, Midsummer calls for mystery and magic, epic journeys and undiscovered or forgotten places. Join the Siren and her amazing troupe of performers to celebrate Midsummer in one of the more mystifying corners of the world, Uldum. An evening of music, poetry, dance, spirit and FIRE. What: Midsummer Concert When: Saturday, August 25th 2012, 8:00 PM realm time Where: Vir'naal Oasis, below the town of Marat in Uldum (next to the dam, above the Akhenet fields) Features: Concert, pre-show refreshments and floor show. ((All are welcome, but performance politeness and etiquette is requested and will be strongly enforced. Warlock summons will be available to all who request a calendar invitation. The show is appropriate for ages seven and up.))Sephora56 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 Pvper insulted because of server I normally ignore most things that flies my way in a battle ground, if you look at the ranters rankings it helps. This time however I was singled out after /ty to a mage for placing a table. Instantly told to /afk you rp nub from Moon Guard. =/ Throughout the whole battle he continued. I do not understand why people feel the need to try to make others feel shame for doing something that they enjoy. I know all I had to do was ignore him/her? Remember you only have so many slots for ignore. Insult me all day and I will not ignore you, insult another your chances go up, spam instant ignore. So my question is does anyone else on Moon Guard get this?Kosan39 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 26, 2012 <Operation Vulture> If interested please contact : If anyone's curious what the hell is going on you'll have to wait.Ronim3 Aug 26, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 What're you gonna do first in MoP? Hello fellow Moon Guardians! Simple question: as it nears, what are you all gonna do first for MoP? Personally I plan to level this toon to 90 and grind out as much rep and raiding/pvp sets so I can be good to go gear wise as early as possible! So what will you all be doing once MoP drops?Manaclaw81 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 @Alliance Hey there. Yeah, you Alliance.. When I am killing you in Outland, why do you have to bring you 85 friends? It ruins the fun! And it makes me sad. :(Falanath10 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Mother and Daughter ((Story)) (( Partially inspired by Within Temptation - Iron )) Seeing Celeste as a young woman was a rather welcome thing. She had blossomed quite beautifully, but Adira could see it. There was metal there; Celeste had taken to the blade and bow. "Celeste, a moment?" "I'm still trying to hit this bloody target dead center. What am I missing here?!" Adira chuckled lightly and took her bow, aiming herself. "What you are fire." Adira released the string and sent the arrow flying dead center. "Fire. The one element that makes you stronger and wiser." "How? I'm listening." Adira smiled gently as she sat beside her daughter on the firing line in Old Town. "Metal is quite weak unless you fire it. It burns out impurities, rearranges its structure. In people, it does the same exact thing. Celeste, I have been through trials far more annoying and far more dangerous than hitting a simple bull's eye. In the crucible of trials, I have become much stronger. I'm a far cry from that young woman who was nearly sacrificed by her own father, lost her own mother, in a scant few minutes. It is strength I have gained. I was reforged into a weapon of order. But..." Adira looked into the sky and sighed. "The trip was not always easy. The lessons had me doing things I really did not like when I really thought about it long and hard. To kill a human being, even if they did deserve it? To torture others when information could become vital to my safety or the safety of others? To work with people who were thought of as enemies when they really were on the same side? I had to stop thinking in terms of black and white. I had to become a bard, a poet, a philosopher, a sage...I had to see beyond my limited understanding of things." "You killed, though, right?" "I took no enjoyment in most of those deaths. It was strictly business. Bloody, horrible, messy business. The only real time I took any enjoyment was when gunning down Twilight Cultists. Then again, everybody took sport in that. I was no exception." Adira motioned to the SI:7 building. "What I did was always in connection with SI:7. I got a list of potential threats to be dealt with secretly, and I picked and choosed which ones would get my attention first. As Misstress of the Cruciformed Shadow, that was often what I did. I made a list for my Hunters." "But not anymore?" "No, my crusade is over. Hunting blackens the soul over time. The smart ones give up, quietly. They remember their victories and stand by them as their proof of a good life." "Revered blades, as it were?" asked Celeste. "Yes, revered blades. But they had to be forged first. Remember that, Celeste." Adira motioned to the Pig and Whistle; they had much more to discuss. A lot more.Adira4 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Noble People! I got a question. How many people are nobles?Gnomeling58 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 @Blacktip Shark I WILL EAT YOUR SOULXtrabulator0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 What's the closest you've ever come... dying horribly, or otherwise being in a really terrible accident? Personally, my most recent event of "HOLY CRAP" was on the drive home from work tonight, about an hour ago. It had been raining a bit earlier in the evening, so I'm driving about 10 mph slower than usual. I saw movement in the road through the darkness, and then SUDDENLY. POSSUM. IN THE ROAD. I'm not the type to really hit animals on the road (I do consider myself a bit of an animal lover, after all), so I swerved to miss it- only Curtis Parkway is a REALLY narrow street. I undercorrected a bit and the back right tire slipped off the road into the really slick grass. The back end shot out, and I overcorrected on instinct- which led to my car whipping back the other way. Managed to get my body back under control, apply the brakes, and slowly get my car back under control. I didn't sling my car into the steep ditch on the far side of the road or into the FOREST OF TREES on the near side of the road, so all is well. I'm not sure what the normal, healthy emotional responses to nearly being in a 45 mph car wreck are, but I'm fairly certain "laugh hysterically and say 'i kind of want to do that again'" probably isn't one of them. I felt awesome after that and STILL feel awesome now- even if I am kinda shaking from the adrenaline rush. I think it's wearing off now. Anyone else got really fun stories?Ethalarian77 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 As experienced roleplayers... What sort of advice would you give to someone who has never done any sort of roleplaying but is curious about it, and also possibly interested in trying some? Seriously....completely clueless here.Saalii31 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Animation test. Aldaim got some attitude in his strut. Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 @Delaynee Omg not just once, BUT THREE TIMES. I am SO happy. <3 <3Andry21 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 In All Honesty? As children, we all had our spin on the crazy train of imagination. We wanted to be this, or do that, or just be whatever our little hearts desired - salary, social standard, and otherwise... it just didn't matter. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up, munchkins? I wanted to be the ice cream man. Lol.Fortè81 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 T__T Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 [Heavy-RPPVP] Crossed Blades - Mercenaries A courier runs up to you, holding out a Recruitment paper. It read. The Crossed Blades Mercenaries are looking for able bodied Men and Women to join in the fight against the Horde and domestic threats, while doing odd jobs on the side for gold. We are new to Azeroth but all the members we have now, fight valiantly and furiously. We would take anyone of age to hold a Sword and train them into worthy Warriors and the like, watch for one of our many Recruiters in the city or mail Jed C. Swiftshadow if you are interested in joining. Fight well brothers and sisters!Snizzer28 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 House Ouestrelin is Recruiting! House Ouestrelin, ruled by the Ouestrelin family, is one of the most ancient noble houses in Arathor, dating back hundreds of years. House Ouestrelin has always been loyal to Stromgarde, and the Trollbane dynasty, consistently serving the kingdom faithfully over the years. The majority of the Ouestrelin bannermen fought alongside the Stromgarde's forces throughout the Second and Third Wars. Despite Stromgarde's ultimate decline during the Third War, House Ouestrelin continued to serve and provide for the kingdom. The Ouestrelin family has been devoted to the cause of retaking Arathor and Lordaeron for the Alliance, and has contributed much militarily and politically to the cause. Because of stagnant situation in Arathor, House Ouestrelin has begun providing resources and bannermen to many of the Alliance's wars across Azeroth, focusing most of their efforts to the north in the Plaguelands, and recently Gilneas. Although House Ouestrelin is most focused on Lordaeron and Arathor, they have provided soldiers to the campaigns in Northrend as well other Alliance military campaigns. The Ouestrelin seal can easily be recognized as a golden, fearless lion, upon a background of red--Stromgarde's color. The noble House Ouestrelin is always looking for new bannermen, cooks, political advisors, scholars, farmers, seamen, scribes, alchemists, miners, tailors, etc. to work for the family. Not only do the jobs pay well, they are not limited to Humans or Arathians. All one needs to do is send a letter to Lord Seifried Ouestrelin ((Submit an application!)). ((We are a heavy role-play noble household guild. We have many different ranks with very different and fun ways of playing. For example, you could join the guild if you want to role-play as a farmer. You could also join if you wanted to play a soldier, scholar, advisor, and more! And the neat thing is all the ranks and "professions" within the guild will interact and work together. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to play with other role-play guilds. Another cool feature about this guild is that there is a ranking system for knights. If you'd like, you could join as a squire and progress your way up. The same goes for other "professions," like a farmer could eventually progress to own their own farm, essentially becoming a merchant. There are many ideas I have for the guild, and I am open to even more suggestions from potential applicants. I honestly believe this guild, despite being a RP one, could succeed. It will just take a lot of effort on behalf of the members! Players can go to to apply!))Seifried170 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 To All Chopper/Hog Owners GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! look there top right corner y'see dat? that made me flail IRL. I am not ashamed to admit that. edit: actually just have the full list so far, uh it's pretty much everything?Altaiea4 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Art So, while sitting around in Brackenwall Village, waiting for pvp to happen today, I decided to draw my hunter. Well, at least his helmet. Comments and critisizm, as long as they are positive or at least constructive. It's my first time taking a wack at digital art.Auvrae0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 4 Months Old, Just As Interesting. A long read, but well worth it. You newcomers must learn! Hi there I'm Professor Fromicus Maximus Graduate of Starvard Univeristy, one of the most prestigious universities this side of the Eastern Kingdoms. I'd like to break our beloved fourth wall and go over with each and every one of you a subject I majored in and now teach called RPA, or more commonly known as Role Play Acronology, or the study of Role Play Acronyms. Now the point of this thread is to educate you all a little if I will, on something you all use and may not have known it. Role Play Acronyms are used to shorten words or phrases that identify the type of Role Play one is engaging in, The two most common being our standard acronyms of RP and ERP. These in fact are very broad phrases compared to the Acronym formula I’d like to share with you today. Here at Starvard, A few colleagues and I have devised a formula to further specify and identify forms of Role Play. We have dubbed our formula the "Starvard Advanced Formula of Role Play Identification" or SAFRPI (saf-her-pie). SAFRPI is our way of scientifically identifying forms of Role Play in order to further study and classify them. This key information we are learning from the subject is useful to us Acronologists at Starvard as we have been working hard with the Orc Based "Williamton D. Steelchewer: Organization for Better Role Play" to help them provide our youth with better, more identified and understood Role Play. SAFRPI works likes so... Role Plays are scientifically identified by a few major factors and then classified with a phrase and acronym matching the characteristics of the Role Play. Below is an example of a possible Role Play Identification Acronym (RPIDA). -LTCOSHTDIPSDGTRP- This one translating into… -Long Term Commitment Organized Style Hierarchy Type Deep Inter-Personal Story Driven Gilneas Town Role Play- This RPIDA however is not just an assortment of random words and phrases used to identify the specific detail of the Role Play. These phrases are approved and organized by the rules and regulations stated in the SAFRPI formula. Let's go over how this Acronym is broken down in the SAFRPI. The Basic formula is... -Time-Frame /Oranganized or Unorganized /Type of Organization if Organized /Relationship of Participants /Whether it is Story Driven /Location /Role Play Type- :1: The first part of the formula consists of the Time-Frame of the Role Play. There are three possible Time-Frame options to any given Role Play Scene. Our example uses the Long Term Commitment option, which is represented by it's acronym LTC. LTC identifies the Role Play as having a story that lasts more than 48 Role Play Hours. (Role Play hours being the time in the Role Play that has passed. This does not mean 48 hours had to have passed In real life.) The next option is of course the Short Term Commitment or STC. This identifies the Role Play as lasting less than 24 Role Play Hours. For a Role Play that's story lasts anywhere from 25-47 Role Play Hours we give it the identification acronym of TDBMTI or Time Distributed Between Main Time Intervals. :2: The second part of the formula identifies whether or not the Role Play has any sort of organization between the participants. Otherwise put as, do participants have set roles in the role play given to them that they must follow. There are only two simple acronymic answers to this piece of the puzzle, either in the form of Organized Style (OS) or Unorganized Style (US). As in our example we used an OS identification acronym indicating the Role Play scene was organized in some way. :3: The third part of the formula is dependent on if the second part of the formula is answered with Organized Style.(If answered with Unorganized Style, this section becomes “No Type” or “NT”.) This part of the formula is used to identify exactly what type of organizational method is being used to organize said Role Play scene. In our example, we used a Hierarchy Type of organization indicating the members of the Role Play are to be broken into a Hierarchy Type system. One person may be the King, another Queen; some people will be given the rolls of peasants Etc. : Organization styles are many, and as such, there are currently no set amounts of possible identification tags, though this does not mean there are no SAFRPI rules indicating how one should include this identification. When indicating the organization method, one must use a word that is an actual method of organization and the word then must be preceded with the word “type”. When transferring the phrase into an acronym, you use the first letter of the word or phrase describing the type of organization and then the letter “T” for Type. Example being, if we were to alphabetically organize a Role Play we would identify the third part of the RPIDA with Alphabetical Type or AT.Fromie21 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Genn Graymane is awesome... "Our spies report that the Horde seems to think we'd choose Feathermoon Stronghold," said Greymane. He grinned a litte. "I'm continuing to let them think that. Did you know that the Grimtotem of Feralas are planning an attack on the Horde? Taking advantage of their distraction? How terrible for the Horde!" I hope he makes more appearances in the game.Finaj0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 [PVE] <Ursus Minor> Looking for People/Family <Ursus Minor> is a LGBT-friendly guild based on the bear-cub relationship and were looking for more people to join our ranks! Our goals are simple: ~To enjoy end-game content ~ To be a family ~ To enjoy laughs/humor and relax, whether on Skype or Vent (Ventrillo) in raids. What are we? As stated before, we are an LGBT-Friendly Casual PVE (Player Versus Enviroment) guild seeking for general recruiting, and Mists Shenanigans! How long have we been around? Our guild has been on this server for about one and a half years, so the guild name isn't to be confused with instantanious creation due to Mists of Pandaria. What we do seek? We seek friendly, mature, and likable individuals who are interested in Casual content, such as raiding 2 nights a week, running 5 mans, and generally enjoying each other's company and helping each other achieve goals, whether cooking or an old run for transmog. What is our RP like? We have several individuals that can and do have the capacity to RP. While we aren't RP heavy, we welcome RPers and the new splashes of color they can add to the palate of guild activities. Whats our PVP like? We have several individuals that do enjoy PVP when they do. Again, while we don't have a lot of PvPers, you can find someone to bring along to destroy the Alliance menace! Finally, What is our PVE like? Our PVE is EPIC! We fight each boss once, and it dies before us, dropping its loot. Some bosses only look at us and they run in fear, leaving their loot behind!... (Got you, didn't I?) But to be truthful, our PVE/Raids are casual, doing content Once or Twice a week, Meeting at 6:30 ST (Server time) Wednesdays after reset, and Mondays before reset to finish it off. You ask "What does Casual mean? Why not go for Heroics?" Well, we wish to attempt heroics, but only when Everyone on our raid team desires to, and even then its not going to be, for example: [Server First: Death to the Warchief]. Our raiding goals are to bring an open mind, have Vent to listen, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Lots of wipes are expected, so please, don't come thinking we will down a boss in a single shot. If you have any questions, or wish to know more, please feel free to contact one of our officers either by PST or Mail. Atuya, Smert, Chanken, Albericus (and numerous alts)Chanken1 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Things you wish were rp-ed more often. Hello all, Nix here, indulge my curosity on what you'd like to see more of. Personally I'd like to see more enchanters and illusionists walking the streets, I can imagine the difficulty, but it be nice to see someone trying to pull a con using simple charm person spells.Nixalegos67 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 So Moonguard In light of the college football thread I got to thinking. (No smart !@#$ comments or I start hitting things.) But surely there is sport in WoW somewhere, how would soldiers and such have their play, people will say they go drinking and stuff sure but there has to be more. I also started thinking about my favourite table top game: Blood Bowl. For those who don't know Blood Bowl is a game from Games Workshop based in an alternative Warhammer fantasy Universe where the different races play a variant of Gridiron Football, just with more maiming and dismembrement. So I sat down and wrote up a very rough draft of some rules for playing this in game. What is required: 1 referee (Me.) 2x teams of approximately 11 players. A pitch we can easily distinguish. And coaches and stuff. How do we play? It's a mix of /roll and some PvP combat. At the start we'll flip a coin to see who will recieve. Then the teams will set up with a minimum of 3 players on the line of scrimmage, then the kicking team kicks off, the designated catcher on the recieving team will /roll to see if he catches it, the result necessary will depend on different factors like weather and stuff, then the game begins. Players start handing out duels like crazy, you are NOT allowed to refuse a Duel, if you do you are sent off for the rest of the game. The object is to get the ball carrier from one end of the field into your opponent's end zone. A game should last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. If the ball is dropped it becomes a scramble, the two closest must either duel if they're from opposite teams or if they're the same each just rolls to pick it up. Then run like hell. If you lose a duel and are reduced to below a 100 health you are KO'd/Injured and must come off the pitch to be seen to by one of our medics, if you are removed 4 times you are seriously injured and can not play the rest of the game. Once healed you can run back on for the next drive. Positions: Each team has a selection of the following: Quarterback: Fairly obvious, will usually catch the kick off and passes the ball. Usually the Captain. Reciever: The light and quick members of the team, leather and cloth wearers and speedy classes. Linemen: the average player clad in armour and ready to hit hard. Blockers: Slower, heavily armoured players who hit like a truck. Like I said guys it's rough, thoughts?Forrgrim9 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Unsolicited Advice and Words to Live By Tell us, whether from personal experience, things you've heard in music, or pieces you've read in literature which particularly intrigued you.Ruvias20 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Dear Ruvias I miss your delicious RP. I've been occupied with work and life in general, and soon to be other games as well. But I miss your words :c. Hope we get to RP again soon. Much love, -Lellex <3Lellex10 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 National Society of Leadership and Success I got a letter today from these guys, via my college. I did a quick Google search, and pretty much came up with the conclusion that this "Honors Society" wasn't really worth the time or money, but I'm looking for people who've actually been involved with them IRL. So... Has anyone here either joined or was going to join this society (AKA Sigma Alpha Pi) for some reason?Hayleígh0 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Is it just me... ... or did everyone look so much better in the middle ages? dem clothes so fly home dogsAelamdor11 Aug 25, 2012
Aug 25, 2012 Conquest: Tirisfal Glades. "I, Lord Westwood, Lord-Commander of the Crown and claimant to the throne, hereby announce our conquest against the Undercity, Tirisfal and most importantly, Sylvanas Windrunner; the Banshee Queen. Our forces are being mobilized as we speak and in the coming weeks we will seek to actively cripple the supply routes and communication posts of the Forsaken. The time and date will be revealed to those participating so if you and yours would be willing to aid us in this conquest then please, send me a notification via the mail and we will schedule a meeting to explain things a bit further. And a final word to the Crown of Lordaeron; thank you. It is because of you brave men and women that allow me to lead them that we are able to make this march and far ahead of schedule. So many have joined in such a short amount of time and that has kept me thankful for nearly every minute of the day. You undoubtedly face an uphill battle. A fierce one, at that. The Forsaken will not take lightly to us marching on their lands and they certainly will not stand idly by as we seek to cripple their empire. But we shall weather this coming storm. And we shall do so and emerge victorious! For the Crown and for Lordaeron! - Darohn Westwood; Lord-Commander of the Crown, Ranger of the Alliance." [[The above message was posted on various boards and walls throughout the city of Stormwind and also issued via the mail to each member of the Crown. There is no one standing there yelling this. Therefore one shouldn't expect an RP out of this thread. We are scheduled to begin a three-week conquest on Tirisfal Glades. Not specifically the Undercity. This conquest will lead us, then, into Silverpine Forest and from there we will decide where it is we intend to go. If you and your guild would like to participate in the upcomings events, please send me mail via the mailbox or a whisper in-game and we'll discuss things further. I have a few guilds set to oppose us on the Horde but things are being kept low-key for now. As one may have ascertained for themselves, we're attempting to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.]]Darohn163 Aug 25, 2012