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Jul 18 Jul 17
[A] ** Grove Warden Mount Runs for Sale ** Siege Perilous (11/13M HFC) is selling Grove Warden Mount runs!. We've already sold roughly 20, but we're interested in continuing this so we can fund our mythic progression repairs and goodies for Tier 18, and continuing into Legion. We are getting an abundance of customers, so the quicker you get in touch with an officer, the faster we can assign you a time slot and get it done for ya :) We offer 4 different types of runs: 1) Full Heroic 13/13 Clear that includes ALL dropped loot. This also includes 2 quests that can eventually be completed with later runs, potential tier drops, weapons, trinkets. Also potentially a new garrison follower, Ariok. 2) Partial Clears - Pick the bosses you want dead, and we'll kill them for you. This includes ALL loot that is dropped (including trash mob BoEs), and potentially easy achievements along the way. 3) Heroic Archimonde kill for the Grove Warden Mount, AoTC, and Personal Loot Option on. Prices: 1) Please Contact for Pricing 2) Please Contact for Pricing 3) 40k Available Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11:00PM - 12:00PM Server Time (CST) We have a spreadsheet where we assign customers time slots. As previously stated, we have a lot of potential customers, and to ensure you get it as soon as possible, you need to contact an officer to sign you up during this time period. There is a possibility we will take walk-ups, but most likely we will not be able to just take you into a run unless you've previously been signed up on our spreadsheet. Essentially, how the process will go, is that you'll join our raid, we'll summon you, and you'll help us clear the trash. At this point, you'll pay the full amount to either Grashore, Frostedblood, or Adriun, and wait for the DBM pull timer. When the pull starts, you'll attack the boss once or twice, and then go stand in the green pool on your left. 5-6 minutes later, H Archimonde will be dead, you'll have your AoTC, Moose Mount, and possibly a piece of loot if you so choose to purchase that package. Partial Clears If you would like a chance to receive gear off of any number of bosses in HFC, we also do runs for those as well. You can choose any number of bosses, in any order, and they will be priced accordingly. Keep in mind that if you choose a boss that is inaccessible until previous bosses are killed, you must pay for the previous bosses as well. You will receive loot from all bosses required to get to the final boss you want, including trash mob BoEs. Please contact an officer for more information and pricing. Discounts: Due to the lowering of the price to keep up with competition, we are unable to offer discounts at this time. What this does NOT mean Player A has 2 guildies (Player B and Player C) that want the moose mount. Raider A pays 40k. Raider B pays 50k. Raider C pays 50k. Raider A, Raider B, and Raider C are all siblings. Raider A pays 45k. Raider B pays 45k. Raider C pays 50k. I understand that it all comes out to the be the same price in the end, when doing it this way, but we can't guarantee that Raider B or C will actually join the group and do the run after we've given a discount to somebody. Because of this, we ask that you notify us of your referral beforehand, pay us full price up front, and we will reimburse you afterwards. This also makes it easier for us, not only to ensure that your referrals come through, but also easier for us to keep up with the amount of gold given to us is the correct amount. Feel free to send us ingame mail, add us as a friend, or whisper in game. Also, feel free to visit our website - To sign up for a time slot - Contact Information Character Name: Frostedblood Role: Officer BattleTag: WildThang2#1205 Thank you and hopefully see ya soon! Grashore178
Jul 17
Creating Character Backgrounds. (Long Post) Hello everyone, Nokregash here. I thought I'd create this post to share some information about character background generation, because as roleplayers, character backgrounds are incredibly important. Now, full disclosure where it's needed and credit where it's due 99% of this information was taken from the Pathfinder RPG books. The team at Paizo are responsible for the creation of this work, and I am by no means attempting to take credit for their efforts. There have been a few changes, minor ones, but these changes have been made to make the following walls of text fit better within the world of warcraft, rather than a tabletop RPG. I hope you all enjoy reading this, and I hope it proves useful. It certainly has for me. ========== What is a Character Background? A character background details the significant events, people, and life experiences that make up the origin story of a character prior to his or her role in a roleplaying saga. Some characters are born under extraordinary circumstances, heralded by prophecy and omen; others live completely ordinary lives until some dramatic event casts them onto the dangerous roads traveled by heroes and monsters. A character's background forms the basis for complex variations and emotional vulnerabilities, and these past experiences guide the way the character responds to circumstances in his or her present life. As a child born into nobility, do you view ordinary creatures as inferior beings? Having grown up in abject poverty, how do you react when someone steals from you? If a militant theocracy burned your siblings as heretics, how do you respond to priests of other religions? When playing a new character, the details in your background give you a quick handle on your past, making it easier to slip into the character's skin and embrace the mind-set in play. As you continue to roleplay, your early adventures gradually become part of that background -- a seamless chain of events that make your life and contribute to your constantly changing and evolving persona. How to Create a Background. There are several ways you can approach character backgrounds. One approach I like to use is an organic method -- brainstorming character details, guided by the questions written below. These questions go into depth about your character early life as a child, their adolescence and their maturity into adulthood and should prove to be extremely helpful. Of course if you have your own preferred method, you're more than free to use that. How you create your character's background is entirely up to you. No matter how you go about developing your character's background though, the next step is to quantify that background with traits and drawbacks. These traits may give your character additional skills and knowledge that you gained from those life experiences. The drawback, if you choose to take one, represents the emotional vulnerability or character flaw that should not only provide a slight disadvantage, but also serve as a roleplaying tool for making interesting choices. After all, nobody's perfect! Brainstorming Your Background Before you start working on your background, choose your race and class. With this very basic information determined, you can focus on creating a backstory consistent with those key elements, brainstorming the details of your background in a way that makes sense with your race and class. The following sections of this post examine your characters life leading up to the beginning of your roleplaying journey. Starting from your birth, proceeding through the formative experiences of childhood and adolescence, and ending with the development of your worldview in early adulthood. Each section poses a number of questions to consider. You don't need to know the answers to all of these questions, and some things you might prefer to discover as your character develops. However you may find it easier to step into your character's head if you spend some time contemplating these questions, simply because you'll have more information to draw from. These questions are prompts to focus your imagination toward certain points in your life in order to create strong roleplaying and story hooks for you, and potentially the group you roleplay with. Nokregash29
Jul 17 Jul 17
[A-RP] <The Blackwald Brigade> The Blackwald Brigade The Blackwald Brigade is a Gilnean-centric military company that operates under the banner of the Alliance for the good of its people. Introduction: ... History: The dawn of destruction for the original Blackwald Brigade would not come from the homeland threats of the Horde during the Second War, but instead the turmoil that relentlessly churned inside the family itself. The glory and spoils achieved for their assistance to Lordaeron in the Hillsbrad Foothills did little but secure the inevitable falling out that would rip the Honeywell and Argall families in two. Upon return from their tour of duty, the family was tasked to overseer the Greymane Wall’s construction. The promise of a cushy position ironically undid the family, with the Honeywells siding in favor of the Crown, and the Argalls eventually taking up arms with the rebel insurgency that would plague Gilneas. Unable to tell family from foe, the Honeywells and Argalls recklessly feuded until the end of Gilneas’ days. Caught between two worlds, matriarch Adaciah Argall fled outwards to Lordaeron where she would remain. Her war-scorned husband Durnn stayed within Gilneas as the wall sealed them off from the Alliance of Lordaeron. Ulysses III, Modera Honeywell’s father, announced the broken tie between the Honeywells and the Argalls by marrying her off to a prominent noble family that aligned with fierce loyalist ideals. Oliver Yardley, the son of Marquis Yardley, fell madly in love with Modera and offered more than an alliance between the families. The Blackwald Brigade was strained to the breaking point, though held fast until the Worgen onslaught, coupled with the Forsaken invasion, tore through the Honeywell family and reaped much of its numbers. Modera's father perished defending Gilneas and reunited the Argalls under the hardship they had previously faced. Modera, the only rightful heir to the Blackwald Brigade was left stranded without a clue how to properly lead her dismantled people. She and her husband headed the rescue effort of the three families and took much of its budding youth, unfortunately while sacrificing the most venerable of warriors, namely Durnn Argall. Years passed as the family struggled to retain their identity. Out of the blue, Adaciah received a letter addressed from her niece, pleading with her to reinforce the Brigade and bring a source of pride back to the Honeywell and Argall legacies under a common cause. Rundown GM: Mode Officers: Arrogance, Adaciah RP Style: Unorthodox military RP Purpose: Kick !@# and drink brandy Recruitment: Open Recruitment Method: OOC contact, IC interview If you have questions, we have answers. Feel free to contact me or one of the officers if you have any questions. Anything you ask will be added to give everyone else a better understanding of what we do! Mode9
Jul 17
[MG] - Moosegeddon 2016 - Moose Run Dates! The Moosepocalypse will soon be upon us! Check here for future updates! UPDATE: According to Watcher, the Grove Warden should be available until the release of Legion -- August 30th, 2016! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this thread will be to compile dates and times that Moon Guard Moose Runs / Moose Carries are being offered along with details on how each team's respective organizer can be reached. The list will be limited exclusively to Moon Guard teams that are hosting carries, but I'll make exceptions for Friendship Moose guilds or others offering completely free carries to Moon Guard players. We will not include paid carries hosted by off-server guilds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =Upcoming MG Moose Runs= Wednesday, July 13th - 8:00 PM Server - First Light (Horde) - Contact: Kierlani#1443 ------ Carry Types Provided: Free (Lottery), Free (Promotion), Paid (20K / Run). ------ Payments Accepted On: MG-H, MG-A, WrA-H, ED-H, or equitable Pet Trades. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =Information for MG Moose Run Organizers= If you lead / organize a Moon Guard based raid team and have an upcoming Moose Run scheduled, I will periodically update this post with information pertaining to it, upon request. Please provide all relevant information in a reply, below. Larrendias27
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[RP-PVP] The Fall of Stromgarde ... In the undead lands of Lordaeron, fallen Prince Galen Trollbane is determined to reclaim his birthright. At his behest, the Forsaken mobilize to finally secure the continent of Lordaeron in the name of the Dark Lady, once and for all. The drums of war thunder over the Highlands once again... The Fall of Stromgarde is a server-wide RP-PVP campaign event planned with the concerted efforts of a multitude of guild leaders and representatives in order to offer the server a chance to participate in the battles surrounding the last stand of the living kingdom of Stromgarde. ... (( Update: Please enjoy this trailer for the campaign! )) For those of you who did not read the spoiler section: we are planning an upcoming server-wide RP-PVP campaign event centered on Stromgarde City and the Arathi Highlands. I and a group of excited guild leaders and representatives have been planning the campaign in detail over the last few months, with topics including the underlying storyline, the conduct of the PVP and D20 events, and the timeline of the campaign. We are planning to hold this campaign event on the dates listed below: ... Each day will see RP and PVP skirmishes throughout the day, as well as the primary RP-PVP event beginning at 7pm server time. A side-objective D20 event will begin each night at 8:30pm. Interested but not sure why your character should care? If you’re Alliance, we’re under attack! If you’re Horde and you bleed red, then there’s Alliance skulls to smash! For those Horde-side who would prefer a less aggressive motivation, please stay tuned for a series of short stories that will add a supplemental, lead-up storyline to allow for more RPers to participate. PvP Details This campaign is planned to be dynamic, with no pre-planned flow of battle to follow. Each day’s battlefield will be determined by the outcome of the previous day. The overall result of the campaign will thus be determined by the course of victories and losses over the week. Victory for each day will be judged by a tug-of-war system (with pushing, instead of pulling). Whichever side pushes the other side back to their “homeplate” for that battle will be declared the victor for the day. There are numerous details and nuances in place to ensure an enjoyable experience for all involved. D20 Details Each day will see a D20 event conducted for some objective that directly impacts the next day’s PVP event. For example, on Day 4, the Horde wins the D20 event and frees or incapacitates the Alliance’s mounts. For Day 5, the Alliance cannot mount up in the PVP event! The First Four Days ... ... ... ... The battles will continue like this, each day’s event depending on the battles leading up to it. This promises to be an exciting campaign, and the direction it takes is entirely in your hands! Binor58
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<Remnants of the Illidari> You are a prisoner in your own mind, shackled and chained like a beastly hound. They call you a criminal, a betrayer. But you are your own. An elf with a conscience, sharing a soul with pure evil. You conquered that evil, bended it to your will like flame to steel. Such empowerment takes its toll, twisting and corrupting the physical being into something that gives children and adults alike nightmares. They see you as what you are, not for what you do. Your people are still your people, you claim it despite being disowned. You’ve dedicated your life to destroying all that they feared by becoming what they feared. That has its price. Perhaps one day, they’d realize the truth of your intentions. But as you fester in your chains, fighting off the voice of the demon inside of you, you begin to wonder if that day may ever come. Everything you’ve ever had, you’ve lost as if it were sand slipping through your fingers. Never have you been able to catch it, to grab hold of a hidden pearl. From the sundering of your world to the defeat at Black Temple, you’ve lost. Your spirit has been crushed, pressed down upon like a blade to the throat. You could give up, but that would be against everything you believe in. So you do not. And you thank yourself as the weight is lifted from your neck. Your arms slump to your sides limply and you feel yourself nearly collapse. How long has it been trapped inside of a time capsule hidden deep inside of a vault? You look up, but you do not see color, you see shapes and outlines, hear the trembling breath of a fearful elf. “Quickly! The Legion has invaded the Vault, we need your aid!” She says. She’s a Watcher, one of your prison’s guards who makes sure you stay a secret from the world. Just a memory in time, forgotten forever. You should feel anger and resentment, but that would be petty. Instead, you inhale deeply and the stench of boiling demon blood, hot and evil, fills your senses. The Watcher hands you your warglaives, and they feel at home in your hand. You realize now, that you do hold a pearl. You are still weakened from your bonds, exercising your muscles for the first time in however long. However, your moment of weakness is interrupted. The cutting voice of a female Kaldorei splits through the air like a siren’s call, speaking in her native tongue. “Illidari! Today arrogance has been forgotten! Serve out your purpose and may you take the battle into the next life if you shall fall!” Another voice chimes in unison with her voice, a male Kaldorei’s. “Death to the Legion!” You see her shape briefly, a lithe form standing beside another, the two move fluidly together like the waves in an ocean. They push and pull, twirl and slice, executing more demons together than apart. Your choice is simple. You raise your warglaives, the felfire burning in your eyes erupt with your unrivaled fury, and you jump into the heat of the battle. After however long it has been, the feeling of sinking your glaives into the flesh of demons is as intoxicating as you remember it. As felblood stains your cheeks like hot tears, you do not regret the path you tread on one bit. You are only a remnant of what the Illidari used to be, a small group of your kind who survived the brutal training as well as the onslaught of the Black Temple and the fall of Illidan Stormrage. You were born to do this. This is fate. Bria29
Jul 16
[RP] Demon Hunter perceptions/reactions I've always enjoyed those guides that list off how a particular race or class would react to a certain race/class combo. This helps me establish, not only how a certain character percieves others, but also how others may perceive him or her. So with Demon Hunters coming next month, I thought I'd jot down a list of the standard races and classes and ask you all how you think that class or race would react to a Demon Hunter. Related forum topic: Inevitable Demon Hunters in Bars NOTE: This is a living post and I expect to hear folks' opinions on the topic. The intent here is to have a guide for others (not only myself), but have it not come just from me. I'll take an initial stab at it myself, but I intend to adjust and modify based on peoples' opinions. So how would the following if he/she saw a Demon Hunter on the road pass them by: ::: ALLIANCE RACES ::: Human - A living example of the impending threat of the Legion. I would expect some fear and avoidance if possible. Dwarf - Similar to humans, they would not take kindly to the reminder of the Burning Legion. Overly cautious mixed with disgust Night Elf - DH's are the followers of Illidan, the Betrayer. Most would probably look at them as outcasts to be shunned from society. Outright hatred and disgust I imagine would be apparent. Gnome - fear mixed with scientific interest? Draenei - oddly enough, I think they would have mixed feelings. The draenei also have seen how their people have been changed by the Burning Legion, so would they look upon a Demon Hunter with sorrow or compassion? Not welcoming, but pity? - Alternatively, some draenei might feel outraged these voluntary minions of the Betrayer being allowed a place in the city. Like the Illidari, Demon Hunters would likely be regarded nothing more than just another demon to be destroyed. Worgen - living proof that Genn Greymane was right all along. Disgust and hatred towards such foul representations of the Burning Legion. Pandaren - fear or confusion as to what they represent. They missed the previous history of Illidan's fight in Outland, so would they understand the depth to which these elves have sacrificed themselves? Grimülf33
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(A-RP) Dor'Serrar, The Eternal Blade ... OOC Information: Dor'Serrar is a militia-esque force of Kaldorei from all walks of life who have banded together with the interest of righting the wrongs that have come to pass in our homelands of Kalimdor. Whether that be combatting the forces of the Horde or striking down an insurgence of Naga or fel taint, we go where we are needed and stop only when our people are safe and sound. Unfortunately, due to lore issues with those who choose to play Kaldorei-aligned Worgen, we are no longer accepting Worgen into our guild. Night Elves and Highborne will be the only races taken into the guild. Existing members are more than welcome to bring in Worgen alts as IC members. Humans / Draenei accepted on a case-to-case basis for alts. OOC alts are also allowed (Hence the reason we seem to have other races/classes on the roster). We are considered "medium-to-heavy" RP. Dor'Serrar is a storyline oriented guild, though don't let that deter you--Our storylines are open, welcoming, and quite easy for new members to jump into! While RP is our main (and always will be our main) focus, we also have a raid team and do PvP frequently. The guild itself is heavily lore-abiding, and we do not take lore bending or blatant lore breaking lightly. If you are found breaking lore (your night elf is a Drow, you are the son of Tyrande, etc), god modding, or metagaming, you will be asked to at first asked to change the behavior, and if it continues to be a problem you may be asked to leave the guild.' Jalcynter10
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[A -RP] LF RP guild for me an a friend. Hello forums, Me and a friend are looking for a good RP guild to join and, hopefully, build a place for us in their community. We're looking for a mercenary/criminal guild, or something along the lines of a neutral/Chaotic-neutral guild that is active, as we will be too, mature and social. A little run-down about us to help see if we'd fit in your guild. Sebastion (IC) Sebastion is Chaotic-Neutral, and doesn't have too many qualms about doing whatever mission or job he's been hired for as long as he gets payed. He's selfish and cocky but quick to find friends and if they earn his loyalty they've got it for life. He tries to keep his personal life separate from his work but has a hard time not bragging about his love life. He's been trained since he was young in the ways of the rogue as well as professionalism. As he also ran his own Mercenary guild back in the day he's got a few contacts that he is willing to bring a long for the right group. He really only cares for his own interests but is known to play the long con. (OOC) He's Fel-tainted and his character follows all lore rules. They are four years of RP experience behind him and I myself have had eight years of RP experience outside of wow. I'm versed in most aspects of RP and won't shy away from darker or realistic themes for criminals and mercenaries. Sephorius (IC) Seph, as Sebastion calls him, is a night elf who's presumably lived many years as a mage. His history is either lost to time or he prefers to forget whatever trauma was in the past with the copious amounts of alcohol he drinks. He is True-Neutral and doesn't care about good or evil, right or wrong, as long as he's payed in alcohol he'll do it. He doesn't speak but has a pet fish companion that he's enchanted and infused and experimented on so that he can speak for him, which may or may not have failed and created a sociopath bent on world domination, but whatever, he's a fish. (OOC) My friend only has a year of RP experience under his belt and is fairly new to WOW RP but he's put a lot of effort into learning how to RP and picks up very quickly. Really he just needs to find a good group to get him the experience he needs to bring out the good RPer he is. Sebastionvon0
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[A-RP] The Slayer's Handbook "The Slayer's Handbook to Azeroth and Beyond - OR - Fantastical Beasts and How to Kill Them" Gnomeregan Foreign Affairs has issued an expansive mission for us. The soldiers of the Alliance are often embroiled in combat across the world and must fight monsters, beasts and races that everyday soldiers may never have had contact with previously. Good people, heroic soldiers, are dying because there is no single comprehensive guide to the creatures they will be fighting. Gnomeregan certainly can't spare to have our already limited numbers reduced by mere ignorance. That being said, we will be collecting an extensive collection of knowledge concerning every type of foe the Alliance might face out in the world. Elementals, demons, Horde races, undead of all kinds, insectoids, normal and extraordinary beasts of all kinds. Every week on Friday and/or Saturday, the Far-Fielders will endeavor to venture out into the field and do what we do best. Scout the area and collect intelligence on these threats no matter how far flung they might be. All are welcome to come along, and anyone with a sense of adventure who wants to aid their fellow Alliance are now called upon to aid us! Will you answer the call? Aid your faction today, and get involved! [START DATE: TBD] [FIRST MISSION: TBD] [FIRST CHAPTER: Inter-dimensional Entities - A.K.A. Demons] ((OOC Information: The Gnomeregan Far-Fielders are going to be creating a weekly event wherein we invite you to trek across the very wildest parts of Azeroth and beyond to gather information and fight the most exotic species of the World of Warcraft! We will be compiling actual data gathered through RP and posting it to our website (Insert Link Here - but you can visit us now at and we want to invite anyone interested to get involved with the event and us in general as we plan the first outing! We hope you find this interesting enough to get involved, and if you're gnomish you should definitely get in here and help us! Because we love all our height-challenged brethren!)) Fynevil2
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[H-RP] Bold Enterprises Bold Enterprises A Horde RP Guild On hero boards in major cities and settlements, posters with a golden compass rose emblem are posted. The following is printed out on it: ... Bold: Not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff; courageous and daring. Enterprise: Boldness or readiness in an undertaking that’s important or difficult; adventurous spirit; ingenuity. OOC Introduction Hello everyone! Bold Enterprises’ main goal is to get the community together and strengthen it, as well as help those in need through a variety of ways. Whether that's making fun events for everyone to join and meet new people and make new friends, to aid those who are in trouble, go on quests and adventures, research and develop new helpful potions and devices, inform others on the latest going on through news, and much more. Overall, we’re a fun, friendly, and active guild that gets along very well with each other. We enjoy having fun, making others have fun, and try make the RP community a better place, even if it’s just with small actions. Anyone is welcome to roleplay and set events with us. If you have any questions, wish to join, or wish to collaborate on an event together feel free to contact Zepsi or an officer in game or in this thread. And just in case, if any members are ever causing a problem, whether it’s trolling, griefing, interfering with an event, or anything else that may be bad, please contact Zepsi ASAP. I will try to work with you and resolve the matter as soon as I can. Thank you for reading, and see you in game! Overview ¤ This is a RP guild. We also get involved with PvE and RP-PvP events and activities. ¤ Although this is a Horde guild, we do accept characters who are neutral or with no affiliation. ¤ We accept all races, classes, and levels (above 20). ¤ There is no primary theme. Meaning we’re not focused on business, military, cartel, mercenary, etc. Nor is it a Goblin only guild. We do however incorporate different themes and ideas into our guild, without focusing completely on one. ¤ This is not a place for evil or criminal type characters. ¤ We do a variety of events. From small private guild RP events, to large public monthly events, DnD events, getting involved with RP-PvP campaigns, PvE both old and new, etc. ¤ Bold Enterprises is not Zepsi’s business. However, Kola Kompany does fund the Bold organization. ¤ The guild is almost three years old! Yay! Requirements ¤ You need to be at least level 20 to join. ¤ You must do an OOC interview first, and then an IC one. ¤ Read, agree and follow our rules and guidelines which can be located here: ¤ The character you’re applying to the guild does not have to be your primary one, but we do expect you to be somewhat active. ¤ We do not accept characters who are criminals or do shady and/or illegal activities and work. ¤ Harassment, trolling, griefing, bad mouthing and bad behavior will not be tolerated. Please be respectful to others or at least be civil. Links: ¤ Guild Website: ¤ Guild Rules: ¤ Guild Forums: ¤ Moon Guard Wiki Page: Zepsi9
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The Silencer VS. MG's "Unique" culture. Hello Friends, Allies, and Worthy well as the Goblin 的盟國,值得對手的和誰偷了我的錢包後面那個混蛋妖精。 As long time Moonguardin, I've seen the server grow and change in incredible ways! Friends come, friends go, We agree that Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony and wage epic battles about fictional shipping of fictional characters when it can only be AnduinXMoria! Even before the barrans cracked and it's chat was gone, MG's global channels served as medim from whence our culture would grow and sustain almost unchallenged. Now Dao, your getting old in your years and grey around the fur, would you like some Tea? or Beer? Yes to both, just not from the Goblin. But I digress, These global channels allow us to become closer as players. You can ask a serious question, and get a serious answer back. Or more likely you have your mother's honor impuned, Accused of lacking genitalia. And those are just the benign things. After which, Moonguardian's will swoop in to help if the need was genuine. A perfect example is when I was struggling to tank in an LFR as my DK, (Monk and Paladin more my style) Which had several wipes and the vitriol that come with it. One message was from a DK tank, who was in damage mode. He offered to teach me how to tank, because simply, genuinely I asked for help. And looking back all the way to Vanilla, How do we deal with Cromaggus? We asked for help and got it...admittedly after the people assisting convinced us to use our Raid Leader's name a battle cry as if we where 19th century fops. Or in Burning Crusade when we cleared BT simply because our two Raid Leaders couldn't decide if I was a Good Tank or a Good Healer, so depending on who was lead, I was badgered into one or the other. not that minded. Moon Guard's culture isn't itself toxic. We Moonguard's can be acerbic or warm, sarcastic or genuine, disgustingly vile or purveyors of one the best double fudge cookie recipes ever. We insult each other, we cheer for each other when get online. We make up meta stories about each other and others, or just make up stories entirely. We take small stupid things and make them into beautifully moronic bits of Art. Such as the whole: "Reported, Deported, Imported,Extorted, etc, Meme or Righby's YIFF YIFF bellowing out from the fluid soaked halls of Goldshire. We've made them collectively our own. Now for the Elephant in the room, hopefully he sits on that Goblin. Our Goldshire, Pornshire, our precious little Mos Eisely. How many hilarious stories have come out that overlubed emporium of adult adventures? How many impossible scenes get acted out? I mean, a Gnome with a Draenei, That's just an impressive level of critical thinking on their parts to use their "parts". I myself have used the line when que'ing for raids: "Tank/Healer from MG, Knows Fights, Wears Pants." You be surprised how quickly it got me snapped up in raids during MoP. After it was Unique. I met another Moonguardian doing the same, her's was "Mage/Dominatrix from MG, Arcane Blast or Whip, the boss will be my !@#$%. So many more, we've made our rep our own. But this post is going a little of the rails, maybe because of that Goblin...or the two pills of Ambien I just took. But what I want to express is that when the Silence feature goes live, please use it. But be careful when you do. WE DO have people who go to far, WE DO have people who are just mean. By all means use it on them. But in your zeal, I beg you to think about how unique moonguard's community is. How leaving the server for only an hour to another can make the global channels seem so quite, the world so very small and empty. This is Moonguard, Our Global Channels Sling stuff that makes people literally dumber, our Goldshire is the best Brothel this side Maelstrom. And our people, our fellow Moonguardians, as they scream stupidity into the air, breath out silliness and pop out jabs at someone else's expense, will often, far more often then they care to admit. Stop what they are doing and help you. Because you asked, and because they wanted to. When the Silence System goes live, please consider using it to refine what we have, not poke holes in it. Like that Goblin,,, I've said thoughts hopefully not too muddled by the Ambien. And Now I"m off the soapbox, which was apparently the Goblin's home. That explains a few things. Why don't you explain your thoughts? Daolóng7
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