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In Responce to Nixxiom's video. He asked in his most recent video "Possible Future WoW Expansions? - (A Disscussion)", and this is my responce to it. The Final War: After the war efforts in Dreanor against the Iron Horde and Burning Legion, you are summoned by your leader, and are put in high rank of the army. Tensions are high after the assassination of a highly known and beloved character from your faction (i.e. Jaina for Alliance, Thrall for Horde), you are told by your faction leader it's time for war. After long, world changing quest lines, and the deaths of other lore characters, the world is left in near ruin. This is when a massive supernatural force comes forth and reveals itself as the killer of Jaina/Thrall, and has made it out so it seems it was the opposing faction so to start this war. You'd find this out through every expansion dungeon and a raid on the opposing factions city, where they would tell you of this. You and your team of heroes must run back to your leader to tell them the lies and stop the war. But it is too late, for the final battle has begun, and it is tearing the lands apart. You get your final quest line of the expansion, where you stop the battle, and go forward to assault the main villains base, both Alliance and Horde players alike. After the expansions main raid, you kill the main boss, and restore order. Vol'jin and Varian sit down and decide for peace, if another situation like this ever occurs again. Alliance and Horde players alike can go to any city or capital from either faction. PvP would get a little weird, trying to make it work, but could be seen as just sparing, if need be. RP would be way more fun, since you could chat with and guild up with Orcs and Trolls and the rest. PvE could work out better with a combination or racial ability combos. Over all, it would be a good send off for the game, letting everyone interact, learn the languages so they could all chat together, and have access to more quests and dungeons in other factions. I think this would be a cool expansion, letting us roleplayers who roleplay more neutrally have our dreams of having all possible races in our guilds come true. And the ones who hate them can be racist to their face, and have more city brawls, which is always fun to watch and even participate in! But, again, this is all my opinion, and most others will believe this stupid and will most likely mock me for this arbitrary idea. I just wanted to share my feelings and thoughts on this, since I've been thinking of it for quite some time! Enjoy your days, ~L Levïathaan0
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[A+H]Rigs's Challenge Mode Carrying Emporium Important Notice: I deployed Monday February 1st, 2016 and will unfortunately not be in the country for the next approximated 3-6 months. In light of the situation my group will still be offering Moon Guard players the opportunity to purchase and complete their 8/8 gold challenge modes. For interest in Horde side carries contact the following: Paseht#1661 | Zevade#1311 For interest in Alliance side carries contact the following: Varguba#1865 About: Rig's Carrying Emporium is an orchestrated group of US top 100 raiders, multiple gladiator & rank one PvPers, as well as some of challenge mode’s finest offering you help to the more difficult parts of the game. The Team: Power Ranger Red: The Blue: The Orange: The green that should've been a blue: Fake Orange: Silly Rabbit Green: Alternating in and out, we are currently one of the top 3 best US challenge mode time teams. Take a gander at the rankings in region best challenge mode times and you'll see the names above throughout the lists! Gold Challenge Mode: The priority of this forum is to offer players a reliable, easy, and affordable 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode carry. By completing the Gold Challenge Modes you obtain access to the variety of transmogable weapons, the Challenger's War Yeti, the title "The Indomitable", a direct portal to all the dungeons, and 360 achievement points. Realm Best/Challenge Master: For those also interested we sell Challenge Masters or commonly known as realm best times. In the act of completing said dungeon in a realm best time, you'll receive a temporary title, a Feats of Strength achievement, and at the end of the expansion you'll receive a permanent title for obtaining a Challenge Master. Pricing: 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode: 250,000g Specified Gold Challenge Mode - 31,250g Realm Best Time - 200,000g These are self-plays only. You're playing your own character. How it Works: Scheduling: Generally we run during the afternoon throughout the week. We work hard to make sure that we provide you the carry within convenience of your schedule. Payment: To ease the fear of the customer being scammed we offer the amount of the carry to be paid split before each dungeon. In the event of the carry being uncompleted (You have to go, you disconnect, emergencies, etc) all funds will be refunded. Communication: Though it is not required we conduct the entirety of our carries communication via Skype. If you care to join us and want to make giving instructions easier then you're more than welcome to do so; if not it is not required - just pay attention to your chat! Challenge Mode Optimization: A question we get asked frequently is "What do we need, what gear, consumables, etc?" So to simply put you don't need anything more than just yourself! You're more than welcome to use DPS potions, flasks, and food but it is not required. No! We do not use invisibility potions; so fear not! If you want to optimize your gear know that tier sets do not work in CMs, tertiary stats do not work in CMs, legendary rings do not work in CMs, and all gear scales down to 630 ilvl. Stat wise use pieces with the most useful stats in retrospect to your class. Also to note Class trinkets usually have really really bad scaling so dig out those BRF trinkets if that interests you! Dungeon Process: For starts we will summon you directly to each dungeon, so don't fear having to fly out to all of them. From there you'll just tag along with us DPSing what you can throughout the instance and follow our instructions and you'll soon find yourself with 8/8 gold! Important Information: The transmogable weapons achieved via 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes will be account wide transmogable in Legion. Confirmed via WoW twitter. You'll apparently be able to purchase a token of some nature unlocking all of the transmogable weapons. Rigsz55
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[H RP-PvP] Tournament of Wills - July 10th <Posted on message boards throughout Horde territory...> ... OOC: On Sunday, July 10th, at 9 PM Server Time, First Light’s Wolf Guard will be hosting an RP-PvP tournament with the intention of creating and strengthening bonds within the Horde RP community. Even if you do not intend to PvP, you are welcome and encouraged to attend simply to RP. Whether individual or guild, all are welcome to attend according to the context of the IC notice. It wouldn’t be much of a tournament without gold prizes, of course. The first place winner will be awarded 25,000 gold, second place will receive 20,000 gold and third place will receive 15,000 gold. In addition, the top 8 players will receive a 5k consolation prize. Rules are simple: All gear is allowed except legendary rings. Tank/healer specializations will not be accepted in any match level. No 10 minute cooldown abilities are allowed… With one exception. That exception is the beginning of what will differentiate this event from the other wonderful events that have been run for the server in recent months. Rather than running the tournament under a single bracket type, there will be variable match types that will change almost every match. The exact format is eligible to change based on how many participants sign/show up, but the rough outline will follow in a second post. Team compositions will be decided by random generators in all brackets. Non-participant referees will invite each team to a party to ensure that no outside buffs are being used, as well as to double-check to make sure no legendary rings are being used. Final participant registration will occur on the day of the event, but feel free to contact myself, Larrendias or Hyrall with any questions, or to receive an invite for the in-game calendar event. Surtruk24
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[PVP-RP] GNEWS: The Stromgarde Battle ****************************************** OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC: ****************************************** Screenshots at the bottom of the post! ****************************************** OOC ENDOOC ENDOOC END ****************************************** Braggol Brasspot took out the curler from his one, infamous red curl and tucked it into his pocket. A quick combing, a little hair product, and a spritz of cologne into his beard had the Gnews Gnome ready for the Gnews. He gulped, as this was his first serious Gnews report beyond calling to arms the very soldiers in Stromgarde he had just reported on the day before. Braggol climbed onto the boxes, looked to his left at Breel and gave the Draenei a flirtatious wink that left the chef uncomfortable, and waited. The bells of Stormwind tolled once, twice... Four... Six... Nine times. Elnor started reporting. He curled his mustache as he waited, building up his own confidence as the time dragged on. Finally, Elnor tossed it over to him. This was it. He took in a deep breath. "Hey there, girls, ladies, and women of Stormwind. Hello, hello, lads and men! Braggol Brasspot here with another groovy Gnews flash." He licked his lips, working up the charm. Yonli had told him to be charming. Eloquent. Easy and calm. He was going to work that angle. "It's a real fright up north. I got the chance to kick back with a few lords and ladies up top in Arathi while they readied sword, shield, and spell against the oncoming Horde invasion. "And boy, those ladies had some biceps. I mean, wow. Don't get me wrong, I like me a strong woman, but these ladies could beat you in an arm-wrestle with both hands tied behind their back!" He grinned as a few laughs from the audience rekindled some confidence in him. He put his hands on his hips like a showman and jutted his chest out, the little Gnome giving it all for this Gnewscast. "Now, I got to stick around and chat up some'a these folks for a chance to see into the minds of the soldiers before they crossed blades with the Horde. Got a good and groovy feel from everybody, even the doorman to the command tent. "For example, I got to meet a gal who called herself 'Yu'posche, Field Commander of the Alliance, Sword of Wrynn'. I don't know about any of that, but she had a rigid jaw and her aura was -all- hateful. Not good for the chi, my friends, but boy, I wouldn't want to be on her bad side! "When she heard about the war effort, she sure as hell came runnin' folks. I asked her if she had anything to say to you all back home, but she just gripped her sword all the tighter and said: 'I am eager for the battle to commence.' "And good on her, huh? Fighting hadn't even started yet and she was ready to slaughter. We're in good hands, ladies and gentlemen. "Her friend, a cool cat named Davisal Silverblood, went on to say that their biggest trial is going to be taking Thoradin's Wall. Now, I think ol' Yu'posche can do it single-handedly, but... "Davisal's right. They need some troops up there, stat! If you've got a sword or some talent with a spell, the battle's raging on right now as I speak! The Horde march through Arathi, starting from their base of Hammerfell, before they start a pincer attack on Stromgarde! "... Or at least, that's what I'm wagering they're gonna do." Braggol pulled on his collar. This was getting a bit serious for such a light tone. He grimaced a bit as he tried to find the right tone, but the greenhorn of a Gnews Gnome failed that miserably. "Now, I got to know some other folks too, even a guy named Dahvos who had a Darnassian Saber named Dia, who were all sorts of nervous about the thing. He said he hoped it would all go down without too much bloodshed, but... "Let's hope this batch of Horde are full of lovers and not fighters, heh? "Negotiations started to try and parley about twenty-five minutes ago, and since then the Gnews hasn't heard anything regarding the war effort. But either way, we'll be here to keep you informed as details emerge. "When we get more info, we'll surely let you know. But I got some sweet shots of the battlements and the fighters there to share! Come 'round and I'll give you a peek before I publish them." "Until more info, though, that's all that Braggol Brasspot has for you handsome gents and pretty ladies out there. If you liked the show, come see me after. A kiss on the cheek is all this Gnews Gnome needs for payment." ****************************************** OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC:OOC: ****************************************** Screenshots! The Horde make an appearance, too. ****************************************** OOC ENDOOC ENDOOC END ****************************************** Braggol0
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Pre-Patch lore/timeline and you: Just putting another post like this out since the others seemed helpful with the whole "Where are we" in the timeline bit. This post will contain spoilers, please be advised. Magni: Magni starts walking around again in the comics that have been put out. According to a blizzard blue post by Muffinus, link below, Magni does NOT start walking around the day that comic came out. He'll be out presumably a day or two before the actual Pre-patch hits around 17th if the 19th pre-patch date is to be believed. I got this date due to, as Muffinus says, it'll be relevant and proper when the Pre-patch hits. Since in Magni's comic he shows up a few days before the pre-patch (This is supported by Brann's conversation with Khadgar), 17th-18th is probably a reasonable time frame. The Nightborn: Going off the Muffinus post, it's likely that the Nightborn stuff does not happen until the Pre-patch it's self. Apparently, going off Beta quests, it's a fairly recent thing that the Nightborn have allied with the Legion. I'm going to play it safe and just go by what Muffinus said and go that it's the day the pre-patch hits, since that's when the invasion force arrives. Varian/Vol'jin: Whenever Blizzard allows us to do Broken Shore. From what it looks like Broken Shore will be available day one? So if that's the case, then get ready for Anduin/Sylvanas. This could be inaccurate, however, but whenever the scenario is released is when this bit is considered happening. Demon Hunter questline: Prepatch day (Corrected!). While we will not be able to experience it personally until two weeks before Legion's launch, their arrival is much sooner. This is due to the early access of Demon Hunters and the arrival of the Illidari in the major cities, as well as the "pre-patch faction" status they boast. As a result, while we personally will not be able to experience it at that precise time, demon hunters will be present among us around that period. If there's anything else people are curious on, I'll look into it and add it to the post. Muffinus post: Berenal3
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[Story] A Gathering Storm It begins... A bleak morning sun rose over the hills of Lordaeron to be greeted by the dilapidated stone walls of the ruined human capital. Forsaken patrols shuffled along their daily routes, unceasing in their mandate to secure the Dark Lady's territories from various threats. As the light of the new day provided illumination, chasing away night's shadows, a number of the undead guardsmen began to gather around one of the banners of the Banshee Queen. The group was tense. Muttering broke out amongst them before one split from the group and disappeared underneath the human ruins to the Undercity that thrived below. The rest of the group remained, making agitated conversation and occasionally gesturing at the Forsaken emblem, which had been covered by rough brushstrokes of blue paint, creating the image of the Alliance lion. One of the Forsaken raised a bony finger, pointing. His companions' gazes followed it, and the group fell quiet. Every single one of the undead's banners in the ruins of Lordaeron had been similarly defaced. This was no idle vandalism. Someone was sending a message. _______________________ Days later... Little stirred the night air of Silverpine Forest - home to dead flora, dead fauna, and a dead people. The silence of the grave perpetuated throughout the Sepulcher and the surrounding woods, punctuated softly by the patrol of unresting Forsaken guards. An abrupt crack-boom shattered the stillness from the vicinity of the Deep Elem Mine before the explosion echoed throughout the valleys. Sepulcher Deathguards, being the closest to the sound, began rushing to investigate. Moments ticked slowly by as shadows shifted unnoticed from tree to tree whilst the Deathguards searched for the source of the disturbance. A small, blackened crater was found at last, hidden behind an immense boulder near the mine's entrance. It did not appear to cause the mine structure any damage. The Forsaken who discovered it were naturally perplexed by the superficial nature of the damage. Most split off to search the surrounding area for who had caused the explosion, while some returned to their posts, as the situation proved not as dangerous as first thought. Warm, flickering orange light greeted those that returned to the Sepulcher. Smoke that blended into the night sky above rose from crackling flames that were rapidly - too rapidly to be natural - growing into a roaring inferno. Too late, the guards realized that the detonation had been a distraction. Shouts began to split the quiet once again, all too soon joined by the sound of the now-raging fire. The Sepulcher burned. _______________________ Over the next week, across Lordaeron... Bodies were beginning to turn up: Forsaken, sin'dorei, trolls. Even the odd orc, tauren, and goblin. Travelers, adventurers, guardsmen, even villagers. There was only one common link. The victims were all Horde. They were stripped, beaten, and strung up, though it couldn't be certain in what order. The Forsaken, when they could be found, seemed to be dismembered and burned. Scraps of blue cloth with golden trim could be found in most of these instances, perhaps torn off in whatever struggle there had been. (( This is a series of short stories that are leading up to a server-wide RP-PVP campaign next week! Interested? Check it out at You can also enjoy our new trailer, canon as of the third short story, at )) Binor13
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[Alliance] Pirate/Nautical non-guild org Ahoy mates! Captain Baltus Flynt of the Dead Man's Luck here and I'm invitin' all you swabs and scallywags to sign this accord and join in the parlay. I'm aimin' to keep all of us salty types accounted for and start a network if you will of any such folk that conduct proper business among the nautical types, saavy? Signed, Baltus E. Flynt Captain of the Dead Man's Luck South Sea Privateer and Smuggler (( OOC )) As Legion approaches and it's apparent there are several nautical themed sub-zones (Azsuna being a big one), including the addition of some new Kul Tiran forces, it only makes sense that folks will get that sailing bug and we'll see a rise in nautical-based RP. This is an invite to any nautical / navy / pirate / privateer / sea-faring merchant RP folks to join a non-guild OOC channel to keep in contact for upcoming events, nautical adventures, or non-guild specific RP. This includes an open invite to the various sailing guilds (Blacktide, Storm Glaive, Greypaw) as well. To join, simply add the following chat channel in-game to parlay with others of similar interests: /cjoin Ahoy Not in a guild but your character deals with sea-going types? You're welcome to join as well! Got an event planned in Booty Bay? Perfect! Announce it in this channel and invite others. Thinking of a cross-guild event that might include pirates? Then /cjoin Ahoy to seek out salty ol' pirates. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me in-game. I don't share out my BNet tag as I do like some solo farming every now and then, but I'm online often. Cheers mateys! Baltus Flynt: Flynt3
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[A-RP] Gnewscast: The Crystal King After attending the Ironforge Summit, the possibilities raced through Yonli's mind like a complicated schematic as she tried to put to sense all the avenues fate could twist and turn. The announcement and the prophecies and the claims were just all too much to calculate at once. The Gnome climbed atop the boxes in the Dwarven District, waiting for those nine tones of the bells to announce, once again, as it had for every night for the last Gnine years, it was time again for the Gnews. When the last tone finally passed she took in a deep breath, pride and fear swelling in her chest, before her shrill voice yelled out the Gnews once more: "Good evening, Stormwind! My name is Mrs. Yonli Sparkplug and do I have some Gnews for you! "Just an hour ago The Dwarven Vanguard and the Dwarves of Khaz Modan called together a council of the ALliance as a whole, banding together any and all Alliance that would hear their call. For those of you who couldn't make it, we have the scoop! "Groundbreaking and traumatic claims that King Magni has returned rocked the entirety of the Hall of Arms, where the summit was held to expose further and darker claims! Though the Crystal King is claimed to have been woken, there are still some stones unturned! "Indeed! As the King drew his first breaths in ages, The Dwarven Vanguard announced he brought with him a terrible prophecy from his crystal slumber! Of doom and terror! Of demons and Fel! "If what the Dwarves of KHaz Modan say is true, the Fel we thought was no issue... The demons that we thought would never return... Are on the rise in secret! Plotting, grouping, and just waiting to descend upon our unsuspecting heads! "You heard it here first, folks! THe Legion! Gather your sick and your old, your young and your meek, and take arms to prepare for the oncoming war. This will not be a war that we fight against the Horde... Or a war we fight for petty squabbles of land. "Instead, we fight for our lives. We fight... FOR AZEROTH!!" The Gnome paused, taking in a heavy breath as goosebumps ran over her flesh. A rush of adrenaline ran through her tiny body as a few audience members echoed her war cry, 'For Azeroth!' coming first from a female in the front row and then a few more just behind. Yonli waited for the murmurs to clear before she continued. "Many are in doubt of the Dwarves' claims, but if they are true we cannot afford to be idle. We cannot afford to let our guard down, even at the mere notion the Legion marches once again upon Azeroth's green continents. "Personally, I hope against hope that the Dwarven King Magni remains in his crystal slumber, never to wake, and for no prophecy such as this to ever come to be. Whether it's true or not, armies gather in Ironforge! "Security tightens! Patrols double! If you think you can do your part, seek out The Dwarven Vanguard! Take arms with us, Stormwind, and let's send those bastards back to the nether from whence they came! "Now, in an effort to fight back against the Legion, Elnor will bring you a story about what the Gnomes are trying to do to fight against this looming fel threat. "Elnor?" Yonli looked down and to her right, to the Gnome that was literally her Right Hand Gnome in all things literal and metaphorical lately. Yonli2
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Faith, Fate, Compassion :An open letter is sent out, for anyone interested to read and respond to.: To all who serve the Light, whether it be in this diocese or another, It occurs to me that too often the Virtue of Compassion is distorted, due to the idea of Fate. Too popular is the notion that our lives are predetermined, because it ignores the fact that we have choices. I have seen too many deaths and injuries occur because people abuse the notion of Faith. Yes, Faith is crucial. But as agents of the Light it is our responsibility to take action. We should not rely on miracles. The supernatural intervention of the Light is a very real thing, whether it is an occurrence of our own strengths being enhanced or any other beneficial happening that would be normally impossible. This does not mean we should sit back and allow abuses to occur, hoping for and assuming a miracle will occur, when we have the ability to influence the outcome. Often the Light will require our action and intervene only when our own abilities are spent. This attitude also results in the Light being blamed for human apathy. People who cannot fend for themselves are being stupidly encouraged to wander into hostile situations with no protection. That 'they were probably going to die anyway' is not a good excuse. It is not necessarily the 'Light's Will', it is your will because you chose not to make the right choice for them. The Light gives you options. In closing, I am not contradicting what has been written on Compassion, but suggesting that some fail to realize that the necessity of enduring hardship to grow; is only half of the equation. It is even described as a double edged sword. Someone who has been ripped to pieces, has not grown stronger and benefitted from their pain. Please try to understand the distinction. Light Keep Sister Callistrate. Càllistrate0
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[H-Heavy RP] <Treehoof Tribe> - Recruiting! The tree is the symbol of life. They provide the air we breathe, grow food for the hungry, and provide shelter from the elements. As a Treehoof, you are the trees of Azeroth. A tribe upon druid foundations, we seek to help uphold the balance of nature anywhere it is disrupted, help give lost and wandering druids to bind together for the greater good, and to be a benevolent face upon Azeroth, all while maintaining its shu’halo roots. This world is always under constant threat of those wishing to tear it apart, we will be the ones to help keep it together while trying to bring a future generation for druids to flourish their skill. Who are we? We are a guild focused on bringing more druid based rp to Moonguard, all the while bringing more shu’halo culture. Although the guild is tauren-centric, it does not mean it is tauren exclusive, any and all is welcomed to join if they wish to seek help the balance of nature. Not only will we provide events to fending off adversaries against the land, but also training session for young fledging druids and give purpose for elders and seasoned druids to help spread their knowledge. With the coming druid and Emerald Dream/Nightmare lore in Legion, we’ll be sure to create lots of interesting views and storylines regarding the Broken Isles, as well as coming into terms with the Highmountain Tauren to help with their plights. On top of that, we will be cooperating with other tribes such as the <Stonewind Tribe> and <Stormsong Tribe> of WRA for more variety in collaborative rp. Where are we? Our tribe’s village will be hosted in Ghost Walker Village in Desolace near the Cenarion Grove. The grove will also be a great place for rp, and the zone is accessible to many as it as low lvl 35 zone. It’s also not a far flight from Thunder Bluff. We will also try to bring more rp to Moonglade for training sessions and meditations. Otherwise, wander the world, helping the needy. What are our plans? Our plan is to take advantage of the new coming lore in Legion to create fantastic storylines that adheres away from the “rush in, kill bad dudes, win.” style of RP. We will have plenty of combat rps, but also there has to be someone to help repair the land after battles, or diplomatic encounters with those trying to over-resource farm some of the land. While we’re not out in the land, we’ll also be helping other druids further their skill in either one on one or group sessions of all different schools, helping people grow their own personal storylines within the guild, and take on old tauren traditions such as the great hunt, festivities, and rituals. We will also be contributing to the community as a whole to Moonguard, participating in server-wide events. What do we need? People! We are a fresh guild so we need people to help kickstart the guild in the right direction. But more importantly, we are seeking Elders and Officers to help direct and provide for future members. Contact me through whispers or mail on either Etutreehoof or Etutreescar for more information or interest in joining. How can I join? We will be doing both an IC and OOC interview. A great way to reaching out is to visit the website,, apply, and we will get in contact as soon as we can. Q&A Q: Can I join if I’m not a druid? A: Yes! Any class is able to join. A tribe will be more versatile if we have different hands to help. Q: What about if I’m not a tauren? A: While our guild will have a focus on tauren culture and rp, it does not necessarily mean we will only be accepting tauren. Keep that in mind if you’re willing to join, but all races are welcomed! Q: Do you have a website? A: Yes, over here at (Still under construction) Q: What lvl am I required to join? A: Lvl isn’t a requirement but since our tribe will be located in Desolace it is suggested that you be at least lvl 35 to be able to safely venture. And once we get into the Broken Isles be content lvl appropriate, but we will do our best to bring all levels in. Q: Any requirements? A: We require at least one(1) roleplay addon such as MRP or TRP, and a general knowledge of druid lore (we’ll even take those new to the lore and help inform them icly and oocly), and a drive to be an active member of rp. Q: Will you be Raiding/PvPing? A: As of right now our focus is RP but if our numbers grow considerably in the future we can focus on PvE and PvP content if anyone wishes to contribute. Q: What are the rules? A: Our guild will have a friendly and welcoming environment so please be respectful to your fellow guildmates on all level skills of rp, as well as anyone outside of the guild. Know when to separate IC and OOC, and generally be a good name. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Etutreehoof12
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[A] Aegis of the Dawn (Heavy-RP) This shouldn't be too huge of a wall of text because I prefer quick, concise bits of information that get the point across neatly! -Quick Summary- Aegis of the Dawn is a heavy roleplaying guild that was made with the purpose of creating a recurring, organized storyline and providing its members with a fun experience. The theme is the guild is an explicitly simple one: protect Azeroth. Regardless of origin, with the Legion's inevitable approach everyone has a common goal. We must stand united or fall apart. It is NOT an Argent Dawn/Crusade affiliated guild. The only connection it has is to the Alliance, as that's where its members will stem from. The guild will be primarily aligned to good, and although death knights, demon hunters and warlocks will be permitted to join, they must prove that their motives are solely on the protection of our world and not causing another problem for it down the line - though the same does apply to all of its members. -Events- All casual roleplaying and meetings will take place inside World of Warcraft itself! The primary focus is obviously to play and enjoy the game we're all paying for. Combat events that progress the overall storyline, however, will take place on the Roll20 website for a more in-depth and interactive experience. Unfortunately, WoW itself simply does not support much creativity as far as this type of thing, and actually seeing the battles transpire around you rather than using your imagination not only provides a more memorable experience, but makes things much easier to simply keep track of while they happen! Don't be intimidated by the website! The hardest part is simply making your account, the in-game interface of the website along with our homebrewed combat system is incredibly user-friendly and simple. Send me a PM on the forums or contact me in game if you have any questions at all, I'm happy to provide tutorials for new members that would like to learn the system. -Recruitment and the Website- All guild recruitment will be performed in character, in World of Warcraft. The website is just a way of conveying information about things. The application is incredibly basic because any and all information I'd care about for your character I want to learn through RP, not a synopsis. Contact me if you're interested and we can set something up! Shanaelanu6
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[A-RP] <The Storm Glaive> Sail the seas.. A new posting has been added to the call boards in Stormwind, Darnassus, Ironforge, Stormshield, and around Azeroth: ... OOC: <The Storm Glaive> now sails the seas of Moon Guard, and is seeking enthusiastic, lore-abiding roleplayers who want to help build a new guild to its full potential! We welcome all races, classes, and levels, and while we're especially looking for experienced RPers, we're also experienced RPers ourselves and welcome the chance to help eager newcomers learn. What is the Storm Glaive? The Storm Glaive is a ship of Kaldorei design belonging to Fafen Evermoon. The guild is the ship's crew and passengers, so the different types of roleplay and stories we can do are pretty limitless. We'll even have RP for the shadier types who want to be pirates. As a whole, the crew will be classified as privateers, and we will be aiming for a more neutral stance and some cross-faction RP. Where are you based? Our base is our ship. The location of our ship will change based on what rp campaign we happen to be running at the time. Now, there aren't ships in very many places that are empty and don't sail through phase lines, so we have a list of ships that we can use for our rp, and we will have to use our imaginations at times depending on where we want to be icly in Azeroth. So, you aren't on Draenor? Incorrect. We will be both on Azeroth and on Draenor. Our previous server collectively agreed that the portals in Ashran are IC; if Moon Guard's RP community has a different take on that, we'll find a way to work with that and still go back and forth at least under some circumstances, because we do want RP on both planets. The ship, however, will always be on Azeroth. Pretty sure it would be impossible for us to bring the whole thing through a portal, or at least more costly than would be worth it for the crew. My character isn't really a sailor, but I'd still like to join. Can I? Most definitely! A ship needs all sorts to function well. We need cooks, guards, and of course actual sailors, but we also welcome those who simply want to journey for pleasure, business, scholarship, or even more nefarious purposes. Recommended Addons! * We mostly use Total RP 3 ( ), but MRP or any other RP add-on that can interact with it is welcome. * Gryphonheart Items ( ) We'll be using this for rp stuffs. I highly recommend you get it. If you don't, you'll miss out on coolness. For more information about the guild... Whisper Fafen, Fafèn, Tyrnathera, or Tyrnáthera in-game, or go to You can also /join AhoySG, our OOC chat channel for friends and interested parties. Please keep chat here family-friendly. Fafen163
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[A-pve/social] <Blood Money> calls! There isn't a story written that isn't about blood and money. People and their relationship to each other is blood, the family. And how they live, the money of it. Blood money is a casual social guild on Moonguard that plans to take its raiding seriously, but doesn't consider itself a raiding guild. We also have plans which include scheduled nights for Wpvp madness, old school raids, and alt raids. Here are our general rules that sort of define our guild: Don't Be a Jerk - If you're a jerk, you won't last. We're a group of people here to enjoy a game together, not act as your punching bag or therapy session. We're looking for people who want a fun and positive environment (that doesn't mean we don't talk about gross things though. We just do it politely) Real Life Comes First - Sorry guys I have to go before I fully finish this post. My Ferret is on Fire. Zero Drama - Studies have shown that a desire for 'drama' is actually genetic and people who are 'drama queens' derive pleasure through it. They actually get dopamine released into their brains when the pot gets all stirred up. Generally I'm against genetic profiling, but alas, if you're one of these poor souls, we don't want you. Respect Our Time - We run things on the Blizzard Calendar, and if you sign up for something, we expect you to show up. People block out time to play the game, and if you sign up, and then the last second you decide not to show up it's kind of jerky. It's a game sure, but if you sign up for a raid with us, consider it signing up to play tennis with a friend at a public park, and if you just don't show up...well you're a jerk. (see real life though... valid excuses are cool, just treat us like people) Raiding - Once we have more max level characters, we will begin setting specific raid times and days based on what works on the majorities schedule. Generally though, expect roughly 8pm - 10pm server time. Note that we will be focusing more on raiding in legion. Current content right now will mostly be just practicing mechanics and getting some mounts. So if you're still reading and interested in joining Blood Money, then send Kronhauf an in-game mail stating you're interested and a brief intro (just some fun facts about yourself), and when I'm online I'll have an officer or myself invite you. Kronhauf0
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[A RP-PvP] Order of Everstill I suppose it's about time I make a forum thread about this guild. Alright, the Order of Everstill is an order of knights created after the invasion of Draenor. The order serves the Church of the Holy Light and the Grand Alliance, and was created by some of the former members of a guild that only existed for a few months, The Ninth Echelon. It was blessed by and founded in the name of His Holiness, the Archbishop, Alonsus Secundus. In order to apply, please contact myself directly via in-game mail with the following information and a subject title of "[Character Name]'s Application" in order for me to organize applications during this process. Full Character Name: Highest rating achieved in Rated Battlegrounds/Vanilla PvP system: A tidbit of your character's history: Why you believe yourself to be worthy of acceptance within this extremely exclusive guild: Prerequisites in order to apply to join the Order and Application Process. First and foremost, because this is a knight order and because we are a RP-PvP guild, the most basic prerequisite is that you must have obtained the "Knight" achievement from either Rated Battlegrounds or have the achievement from the Vanilla PvP system. Once you have obtained that feat, your application will be placed in front of my panel of officers and myself where we will not only do extensive reviews upon you IC and OOC, but will also ask the community for any information regarding your history on the server, any notable events that had concerned you, etc. Please know that this guild is very selective, and there is a high possibility that your application will be rejected. Rejections may be a result of a number of things: 1) less than 2 out of the 3 within the application panel accept you, 2) the panel believes that your OOC ideals will not fit within the ideals of the guild, 3) questionable acts within your history have been found and notified. Please note that the review panel does have the right to deny your acceptance into this guild for any reason, in the same way that restaurants have the right to deny you service for any reason. I look forward to reviewing any applications you of the Moon Guard community may send our way, and I wish you the best of luck in your application. For those of you knowledgeable in Moon Guard's RP wiki, you may find more information of the guild on the wiki. Verdunz20
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[A] Looking for an RP guild! Hello all! I've recently started playing again, and I'm currently leveling this here shaman on Moon Guard. I'm no stranger to RP and I'm looking for an active, yet friendly and social RP guild to call my home. I'll go ahead and give my character's backstory if it helps at all! TL;DR: Sornir is a shadowy figure who has embraced the power of Azeroth's oceans and the madness below the depths. While not evil, he has glimpsed the horrors at the bottom of the sea and been forever changed by it. In combat, he manipulates water to confuse, distract, and destroy his foes. The elements of Azeroth are powerful and awe-inspiring, sure, but they are not mysterious. The minions of Ragnaros spew forth from Blackrock Mountain, and Al'Akir's servants lay waste to the lands of southern Kalimdor. But not much is known of the oceans. Water is a membrane, separating the realms of sanity and madness. Sailors and merchants sometimes speak of seeing horrible things beneath the waves, things that define reason - but they are often considered to be figments of imaginative minds. Sornir Stonebeard was born in the city of Thelsamar, nestled safely in the hills of Loch Modan. An inquisitive youth, he would often find joy in sneaking away from his responsibilities and climbing into the mountains, peeking over to view the vast ocean in the distance. Despite his parents' warnings that the Twilight Highlands were a place to be feared, not fantasized about, Sornir was resolute to reach the water and explore something bigger than a loch. On the eve of his becoming a man, he left in the dead of night with supplies he had scavenged and stolen from the town. Sornir made his way slowly through the Highlands, taking advantage of the chaotic forces at war. A Dragonmaw scout chased him through hilly terrain, and promptly caught an axe in the back of the head courtesy of a Wildhammer gryphon rider. He came across a dying black whelp, who weakly attempted to breathe fire into his face, but succeeded only in puffing out smoke. As he approached the coast, exhaustion creeping into him from the arduous journey, he was shocked to find that the ocean looked nothing like he had seen from the mountains of Loch Modan. The water was dark like pitch, and did not crash merrily against the beach; it lapped at the sands, almost menacingly, leaving a film where the waves retreated. Appalled and heartbroken, Sornir knew he did not have the strength to return to Thelsamar. He dropped his bag and knife on the sand and waded into the murky water, closing his eyes and letting the waves take him. That was the last memory Sornir Stormbeard ever had, for when he resurfaced in dwarven lands several months later, he was nearly unrecognizable. A thick mist rolled into Thelsamar the day he arrived. His eyes had darkened several shades, and his beard had been braided with ropes of thick seaweed. He stunk of decay and when he visited his horrified parents at his childhood home, they turned him away, fearing what he had become and what he could do. Sornir uttered a single phrase in a chittering language, and vanished into the mist. Sornir7
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