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6h Guilds of Proudmoore Greetings, I have returned to Azeroth after an extended break. I will once again keep this sticky updated. I'm removing progression for now and I'm having a bit of an issue with Page #2. It has vanished! I'm working with blizz to get this fixed. -Thanks for your patience! ... Server Related Info: Time Zone: -7:00 Pacific Standard Time Approximately 350,226 Characters Alliance 84% Horde 16% updated 10/3/15 Guild Related Websites: Froosh#1363Franzwa183 6h
11m <Taco Tuesdays> Recruitment <Taco Tuesdays> Is now recruiting mage, warlock, hunter, and WW monk to fill out our ranks. We are currently 7/7 N 6/7 H. Raid nights are friday/saturday from 7pm - 10pm PST. PM for more info. If you are not one of the listed dps we could always use experienced players. Our goal is to push through heroic and if numbers willing mythic. Raid days might be added if we have a consistent core.Lilmouse8 11m
59m Murphy's Law 7/7N 1/7H Murphy's Law has been around a long time. We started on Earthen Ring and then moved over here cause Earthen Ring just wasn't populated anymore. We Raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8PM-11PM server time (11PM-2AM EST) We are in need of just a couple more ppl to complete our guild raid group. We are in high need of a Healer (preferably a Druid, Shammy, or Priest) We are in need of a couple more DPS. (preferably a Warlock, Mage, Death Knight) Please contact me, my battletag is Blight#1288. Hope to hear from yall very soon.Demonblight3 59m
1h [A]<Philosophy> Tu/W/Th 7/7N 7/7H (Philosophy) Is looking to form a team two, all roles currently open. Main team is 7/7h and progressing through mythic. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 5:30 to 8:30 pm server time. Exceptional players will be considered for main team. contact Colbalt#11789 or Varcrist#1333 if you are interested or have questionsColeblue8 1h
1h Looking for a friendly guild Good evening, my name is Softness and I'm searching for a mature and friendly guild that likes to have fun. I'm a 32 year old male and I am employed full time with a schedule that tends to fluctuate enough to make hardcore raiding difficult so I'd prefer a more casual experience with people who enjoy doing activities together. Recently, I started playing again after quitting for two years; I've got a brand new account now because I had the other one permanently closed thinking I'd never be back. Oops. I've been a player since day one and have some raiding experience healing in vanilla and wotlk, but beyond that I mostly focused on other activities such as crafting, exploring, and different kinds of PvP. I consider myself to be rather relaxed and play the game for fun but it does get lonely without friends and so I'd like to make some new ones. Have a nice night and thanks for reading!Softness0 1h
1h [A]Hand of Azeroth LFM for Mythic! 7/7H 7/7N Greetings and salutations, I am RafaX, Guild Master of <Hand of Azeroth>! HoA is a new Raiding Guild to the server of Proudmoore and we're looking to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are a serious, semi-hardcore raiding guild, currently in a mad-dash to fill up to 20 slots for Mythic raids. What makes us stand out among other guilds of similar qualifications? The first thing I would like to bring attention to is time:progression ratio. For the amount of time a guild spends raiding, what is their rate of progression? You'll find that our guild raids less hours weekly than most guilds, but is equal to or just under their progression level. This means when we're in our raids we're getting things done. We're focused, we're prepared, and we're successful. That means if you want to see solid, reliable progression, but you don't have the time to put in 9+ hours a week into it, we might just be the guild for you. Other standout features that separate us from other guilds is our community is small but engaging. We're working on out-of-raid activity, but when we're in raids we know how to have fun. Everyone is respectful of each other, we joke around, we talk during trash, we keep the raid alive and active. Since we're a new guild, cliques aren't a thing and our members are very welcoming to newcomers. In and out of raids we use Discord for voice communication; it is mandatory to raid, but a mic is optional. Finally; we do our best to limit avenues of drama. The largest source of drama, and thus the most impactful solve to prevent it, is loot control. We use a no-blame, no-shame system that unbiasedly distributes loot at random: Personal Loot. If you get loot, hooray! If you don't? Better luck next time. Luckily if you already have an item or it is worse than what you use currently, you can trade it to someone else (which is executively decided for progression)! It allows us more time to focus on raiding, and less time whining over gear. Our raiders are expected to be entirely self-sufficient and maximizing all they can to be at the highest capacity of efficacy for raids. This includes but is not limited to; maintaining your AP growth, keeping your character sufficiently enchanted and gemmed, and providing yourself with consumables (food, flask, potion, runes [both vantus and augment if specified]) for the entire duration of every raid. Raid Schedule: Monday & Wednesday 3:30 - 7:30 P.M. PST. Current Recruitment Needs Healer: 1 Restoration Druid, 1 Discipline Priest. Tank: 1 Non-core Tank for Mythic dungeons, no need for raiding tanks. Melee Damage: We have room for 1, either an Arms Warrior, Rogue, Frost Death Knight, or Paladin. Ranged Damage: We have room for 2, either a Warlock, Shaman, or Mage. Raid Progression: 7/7 H-EN. First boss down on our first night and first raid as a guild. 7/7 N-EN cleared all in one night, the first time we ever attempted it. We do not have a website at the moment, and no existing plans to make one. We find they often collect a lot of dust, and formal applications ask a lot of needless questions and can be easily overlooked. I prefer to perform a live interview with any interested participants. As such, if you would like to inquire more about the guild, please contact me online via my BattleTag; DroganX#1360, or e-mail us at Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you!Rafax35 1h
1h <Cinnamon Challenge> 5/7H LF DPS+Heals <Cinnamon Challenge> is a semi-hardcore Alliance guild on Proudmoore looking for a few good men, women, or animals capable of keyboard acrobatics for our raid team! We're currently recruiting for Legion raiding; we intend to hit content fast, crazy, and have a good time, and get as far as we can as quickly as we can. Basically, just like every other tier >_> Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 Server We are 7/7N, 4/7H Emerald Nightmare. About Us: We are a tight-knit guild with varying amounts raid experience; some of us have been raiding since Vanilla. While we're not the oldest guild on the server, some of us have definitely been around for awhile, lurking and hanging out in Proudmoore's seediest underbelly, waiting to crack terrible jokes mid-pull and make this exceedingly awkward for you. The right people will have near perfect attendance and bring a goofball sense of humor and a willingness to constantly learn, improve, and contribute to the atmosphere of the guild. We do provide repairs, consumables, gems and enchants to our raiders, as well as a sweet, sweet tabard (and bank tabs!) We're currently looking for melee and ranged DPS classess, as well as healers including but not limited to: Death Knights (Unholy) Monks (Mistweaver/Windwalker) Rogues (Outlaw/Assassination) Paladins (Holy/Ret) Demon Hunters (Havoc) Druids (Boomkin\Feral) Warlocks Priests (Shadow) Want to know more? Look us up on the web at or PM Escorducarla (Escorducarla#1226), Lowmaine (Lowmaine#1845) or Skootalloo (Khosan#1876) in-game. *Please include a message with your btag request, or it may be declined. (Please note that we are a friendly lot – unless you’re a raid boss – we’re also a pretty rowdy one at times, and we do ask that applicants be 18+)Lowmaine21 1h
2h Holy priest LF raid spot Holy priest LF raid spot. Can OS disc if needed (i'll probably request it eventually for stuff on farm). Normal/Heroic only. Have your crap together. If people in raid grp don't come prepared and if people aren't pulling their weight I'll likely be out the door. No Friday/Saturday raid times. Hardtack#1804Furgoe6 2h
2h Proper Villains New Team M & W 9-12PM PST Proper Villains is Forming Team Moriarty! Server: Proudmoore - High pop Faction: Alliance Raid Lead: Lioplerodon, Neflesophlic#1329 Monday & Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00pm Pacific (Server time) Raid forms at 8:45pm Goals: Heroic -> Mythic progression on 6 hour schedule. Clear content at our own pace. Formed with the idea that long time raiders with jobs and/or families can still find time to raid on a reduced schedule. Open Recruitment! Anticipate first official raid Monday Oct 31st. Trials may attend Fridays run until then. Key guild differentiators: Our guild, raid, and Discord atmosphere is constructed around being a collaborative low-stress environment. There is absolutely no yelling or raging at people, no egos being thrown about. We discuss problems in a respectful and civil tone in order for everyone to learn about the boss mechanics and push progression faster. We encourage people to speak up with ideas, suggestions, and mistakes without fear of being attacked in some form. We do not require people to level/gear alts for split runs. We do have an alt raid on Friday nights, but it is purely optional for those who like to play alts. What we are looking for: - High skill level with chosen spec (demonstrated in logs and application) - Ability to attend at least 90% of raids. (Miss no more than 1 day out of 10) 100% attendance for tanks. - Have time to play outside of raid to achieve reasonable character progression on your artifact, rep, dungeons, research current and upcoming raid encounters, and to keep up-to-date with any changes to the game. - Mature attitude, Drama free and a Team player. Ability to learn from mistakes - Ability to communicate on Discord - If lacking in raid experience, demonstrate potential to learn and excel in a raid environment - We do not require a verbal interview. Consider the application your time to impress! Please contact Lioplerodon (Btag Neflesophlic#1329) or Thunderkats (Btag Giselle#1498) if you have questions. Please apply here 2h
2h 856 Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild I am looking for guild that raids 3 PST or later. I have completed EN on normal several times and have done some bosses on heroic through pugging.Júnipurr6 2h
2h 858 7/7h Shadow/Holy Priest 858 7/7h Shadow/Holy Priest LF mythic raiding guild Contact me at Disgorgement#1190Disgorgement10 2h
3h <Hands Down> Recruiting for progression. <Hands Down> Is a newly formed Semi-Hardcore progression guild aiming for Cutting Edge for all upcoming raids in legion. As we are a newly formed guild, Cutting Edge Xavius is a little more difficult of a goal, But is something we will still work towards. What can you expect from Hands Down's Leadership? This expansion we have found ourselves tackling the issue of guild drama in all of the guilds we have applied to. Our first guild promised us a top 200 Mentality, however after a week of consistent guild drama, made little to no effort to fix what we lost thus leading to the guild disbanding. As an officer team we plan to make <Hands Down> A serious raid environment with a " No drama Policy" , we expect our raiders to be mature and focused on the goal at hand. What we are looking for as a guild (recruitment needs): As we are a newly formed, our recruitment needs are open to all, however we do have a comp in mind. With that being said heres our priority list: HIGH: Protection Paladin Guardian Druid Holy Priest Holy Paladin Resto Shaman Resto Druid Mage Shadow Priest MEDIUM: All other DPS classes. We will review apps of any player interested in applying to our guild, as we are not super picky in this stage of recruitment. Our Raid Times Our raid times are Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 7PM - 11 PM Pacific standard time. If you are interested or have any questions/concerns please add: Panda#13991 [GM/Raid Lead] Mugatzo#1996 [Heal Lead/ Co-GM] While our guild website is under construction please apply here: 3h
4h MF seeking 2 mythic dps (830-1130 PST) Hey folks. MF is currently 2/7 mythic and working on Ursoc (3%). We are seeking 2 quality dps (860+ preferred) to potentially join our ranks. Looking for ranged but might consider a melee if logs are solid. Listed below is all the info you need to get in touch with us, as well as what we seek. Also, you can whisper me in game if you wish on this toon. 4h
4h <WCD> Late Night Recruiting [5/7]H <War Crimes Division> About Us We are a group of people that have played together since Burning Crusade. We recently transfered here and currently love the atmosphere of the realm. Our main mission is to have fun, this is a game after all. =D Hopefully finding some like-minded people to dungeon, pvp, raid, and just hang out with. Discord is what we use for communication. We do want to be clearing all of the current content and progress into Mythic provided we get some awesome people like you! Side note, we have no profanity filter, we are all 23+ =P Goals We want to find guild members, no... friends that want to have a good time with us and other people. We are laid back and friendly guild that's accepting anyone whether you are a 10 year veteran to someone just picking up Legion, we are more than happy to help you out. We do Heroics, Mythic Dungeons and PvP constantly. We are also more than happy to help you gear if you decide to raid later on =D Raiding: Our focus is now Heroic. We will want to push for Mythic but considering we have to start fresh, it is not at the top of the list for now. We all took a bit of a break and are ready to get back into the swing of things. Our raid leader has been in top 100 guilds, participated in the world first Razorscale kill, Mythic Progression in SoO among other feats. Mythic+: We are starting to form some groups to begin pushing keystones. For this we are needing some more tanks. What We Expect From You Please be respectful to fellow guildmates and players, a kind word goes a long way. If you PvP please don't rage on one another, we all know PvP can get frustrating. If you join for raiding: • No experience necessary but definitely preferred =P • Be on time to raids, preferably 10 minutes early • Do a bit of research on the fights before hand • Not required but super helpful - Have food, flasks, potions, etc ready. • Be reliable. If you cannot make a raid, no worries just please let someone know =D Most importantly, have a good time. *Little Disclaimer* We do not tolerate toxic attitudes, it doesn't benefit anyone. What You Can Expect From Us ALL THE THINGS! Anywhere from helping with class/ spec choices or questions, gearing and crafting, or just figuring out the game in general. We are open books =D Raid Times Wednesday/ Thursday: 11pm-2am Server Time Monday: Optional *Note this is just while we get started. This may change depending on the raid group.* Raid Recruitment Shooting for a 20-25 man roster right now Item Level 845+ Preferred w/ 3rd Relic Slot unlocked We will accept exceptional raiders if the spot you desire is currently taken, let us know and we will see what we can do! (Once we get more people, we can fine tune the roster) * = Preferred Tanks: Filled Melee DPS: Low Priority Ranged DPS: High priority on the following roles • Fire Mage • Shadow Priest • Warlock Healers: Low Priority but keeping our eyes open Whether you just want a guild to join to hang out, wanting to pvp, get into raiding, or just more info, feel free to hit us up! Hit up WhiteWolf#12858 (myself) for raid recruitment needs. Chenderson#1434 is our officer on more during the day for general recruitment and questions. =DGalemist67 4h
5h [A]Great Men in History 6/7H LF DPS! <Great Men in History> is looking for players who want to raid heroic/mythic raid content and mythic+ dungeons. Who we are: Originally formed on Destromath in 2008, Great Men in History rerolled on Proudmoore as Alliance in September 2015. Many of us have been playing together since vanilla, and have since transitioned from a more hardcore raiding guild to a casual schedule through the years. Though we only raid one night a week (with a 2nd optional raid time and regular mythic+ runs), we take effort to maintain an efficient and quality raid environment. We're looking for like-minded individuals to join our team. Specifically we're looking for DPS with solid off-specs to flesh out our raid roster and mythic+ groups. Current Needs: DPS - Priority on off-heals Current Progression: 7/7N 6/7H Raid Times (PST): Friday Night Fights: 6:00pm-9:00pm Saturday Breakfast Club: 9:00am-12:00pm (optional) Other Guild Events Saturday/Sunday: randomly scheduled mythic+ and achievement runs. Expectations: Attendance – Show up on time. Life happens and we understand. We just ask that you let us know. Preparation – Read up on strategies before the raid starts. Install and use Ventrilo. Addons Required – DBM, RCLootCouncil, and other encounter specific add-ons RSVP to calendar invites for raids. Other outstanding applicants are encouraged to apply. For any questions, feel free to contact us: Interficiens#1735 (Interficiens) Rissy#1444 (Rissie) Or check out our website and apply using the “Apply Now” button! http://gmihguild.comInterficiens1 5h
5h [A] Lovable Scamps LF Heals/DPS for Mythic Lovable Scamps is looking to push into Mythic after clearing Heroic. Our raid team is looking for raiders who come prepared for raid and have previous raiding experience. Logs are appreciated. Current Progression: 7/7H Emerald Nightmare Raid Times: Fri/Sat 7-10 PM ST We are looking to recruit ranged DPS classes, but will consider melee ones as well. Also looking for 1 healer Shaman or Monk. Btags: PUMA#1792 GM Arata#1312 Recruiting OfficerMeenáh0 5h
5h (S P A C E D O U T) 6/7 H LFM M EN S P A C E D O U T A Heroic/Mythic raiding guild LFM as we push in the Mythic EN and further. As of right now we are in need of RDPS as well as Heals, (RSham) pref, With raid times being Tuesday, Wednesday 6 to 9 server, with a Thursday optional. Tight nit group with no drama. Led with a solid raid lead and co lead with a total progression of 5/7M,All Trails are welcome as long as they are well rounded players. Any questions please feel free to post on the thread or Message me on btag at SirHefALOT#1368. Solid guild, Solid players, looking for like minded people.Cämbrîa1 5h
6h HPal LF Mythic EN Title says a lot, 860 Hpal 7/7H looking for a Mythic EN guild. Top 200 US exp, back for Legion after being on hiatus for WoD. Can provide all the information regarding experience along with logs to those interested. Reach me at Civone#1918Bethemark4 6h
6h 864 Ret LF Guild Hello Everyone Tech here. Proudmoore was my home when i first started WoW and ive gone to miss it. Now i want to return but i have no guild or friends on the server anymore. im friendly and im a very experienced player. im dedicated to what i do. i have links to my Logs so feel free to look at them and send me a tell. The Heroic Logs were progression runs so my rankings are pretty low. on Normal kills are the best. Im a friendly player im not elitist i love playing this game with friends and accomplishing things with others. Looking to be Alliance Again. :)Tëch7 6h
6h <A>6/7H weekend raiding team recruiting <Broken Heroes> is a relatively new guild is recruiting Healers and ranged dps for Heroic raiding and mythic+ progression raid times are Fri/sat 730-1030 Pst repairs provided.Mumble required. Our goal of downing current content on a 6 hour schedule may sound a little difficult, but its definitely achievable! This is where YOU come in. Core spots are available, and we are looking to add to our roster with DRIVEN and MOTIVATED individuals to help us push a little further, faster. Progression: N 7/7 H 6/7 M N/A All times are PST, which is also the Proudmoore realm time. ● Fri: 7:30 – 10:30 ● Sat: 7:30 – 10:30 Group experience: The group currently consists of 4-5 ppl with vast WOW experience several who have been playing for 7-10 yrs. Website: Coming Soon Btags: Alikit#1499 & grevan#1322Deadlysavage16 6h
6h [A] <The Space Jam> Mythic Recruitment! We are currently looking for a few more people to round out our roster and progress through this expansions mythic content (currently 1/7)! We have a "casual hardcore" raiding style, raiding only two days a week, three hours each day. We expect all of our raiders to come prepared in order to spend the least amount of time possible in raids while maximizing our ability to clear content. Our raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM server time (8:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST). We are in need of the following classes/spec specifically, but we will consider all interested parties: Warlock Marks Hunter Frost/Unholy DK Holy Paladin Shadow Priest Logs are a plus, but we also prefer to see people in the raid environment before passing judgment. We understand that sometimes not having that specific trinket can lead to severely lowered dps compared to relevant item levels. If you want to down content and spend your time in raid most effectively, please feel free to add me (NotATroll#1227) or our GM (Eureeka#1116) and chat with us!Semierect1 6h
7h Group LF Weekend Raiding Guild My friends and I are 7 in all. A couple of us have been raiding since Vanilla but most of us are fairly new to the game (one guy just started last week). Because of our various levels of experience, we are hoping to find a home in a guild that is very active in raiding of all levels, not just progression. Several of us have 13/!3 Heroic HFC, including: (RDPS) (RDPS) (Healer) (Tank) We are not looking for just any guild but one which will allow us the opportunity to participate, learn, make friends, and play. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am Yami#11320 on Battletag.Zeraphel1 7h
7h Warlock (A) LF weekend raiding guild :) Hiyas! I've been away from the game for a year and a half and have decided to come back give Legion a rattle. What I'm looking for - a mature guild who raids Fri thru Sun who are not super hardcore but with good camaraderie and a desire for progression but most of all - FUN FIRST! So if you are looking for a wee warlock and are building a raid team for Legion give me a shout in-game or here (bnet is Penty#1772). Cheers!Penty1 7h
7h Weekend Mythic Raiding Hello forum browsers... Try a good read before you press that back button! I've been in the hunt for a mythic weekend guild either late night or early morning. Due to a hectic life and work schedule, my raiding has been limited to pugs or "Fun runs" with my mythically geared guild. That great but competition is in my nature, and I dislike being carried. So why am I writing? You may be asking yourself. I'm not really interested in leading a raid, nor a raiding guild. I'm not interested in putting one together, wasting all that time only to see something potentially come to ruin. I AM however writing to see who may be interested in joining a guild as such. Raid times would potentially be: Friday 11pm-3am PST Saturday 11pm-3am PST ---------- OR ----------- Saturday 6am-10am PST Sunday 6am-10am PST I've been raiding semi hard core since BC, I have such raiding experience. I do know how to set up a group. So my proposal IS: If you find this enticing, post under with your battle tag, and experience, I'll send you a request, we can come together and figure out a raid team. We could do a xrealm team, and if it works out well, we can form a guild for legion. Go to: and post below my spam to sign up or give input. My BTAG: Ohshi t#1742 ****No Space****Brazzer1 7h
7h Weekend Warrior Seeking a guild that raids on Saturday evenings. Progression doesn't matter as I am just getting back.into raiding. I have a Dk and Rogue both are ilvl 652. I work long hours during the week although I pop on to do garrison stuff before bed. Have not raided since vanilla.Emelíanenko1 7h
7h [A] <Redux> Small, Adult, T/W Eve Raids Redux is a small group of fun-loving, working adult players looking for more to join our guild. We are raiding as a small team (10-15ish), with the possibility of increasing raid size depending on recruitment. We plan to run mythic+ dungeons with members who are interested. We strive to create a friendly and chill atmosphere with no rage. We just want to down bosses and have fun! Recruitment needs: Recruiting DPS and another healer ( preferably priest or monk). Redux is always ready to welcome social players who want to do their own thing, and have a guild to chat with while doing it. Currently, our raid schedule is set for Tues/Wed 7:30 - 10:00 pm server time. We hang out in TS3. Want to join? Contact our recruitment officer: chazzx#1614 or Chazzx / Chazaraz in game.George34 7h
7h [A] Cupcake Squad 7/7N recruiting for heroic Cupcake Squad is a newly formed friendly progression guild looking for laid back raiders for our progression team. We are currently 7/7 normal Emerald Nightmare and looking for nice folks to join us to start our heroic runs soon. Recruitment is open to all classes and levels. We are looking forward to being relaxed and focused together as friends. Voice chat is via Discord. Respect and kindness and not being overly high-strung is key for our raid team. We are looking for more tanks, healers, and DPS both melee and ranged. Considering that we have completed normal EN as a guild we look forward to starting our heroic EN clears relatively soon. Also even though we are a progression guild we look forward to being not just the best for ourselves as a team but also having lots of fun while progressing together. Our guild leaders have experience clearing heroic EN so they are familiar with the strategies required to lead a team enthused about working together. We currently raid on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5 PM server time. Also we will be running mythic and mythic plus dungeons together. If you want to join us in our exciting journey please contact Edainne (GM) or Lylaka or Dantherias or Syvica or Andaraa in guild. Thanks and hope to see you folks in game soon!Isadorahsing1 7h
7h [A] MF (EST) raid team LF RDPS [1/7 M] Who We Are Malum Factum is a long established adult only gaming community of over 15 years experience. We offer a new take on what it means to be in a guild for WoW. Here at MF, we provide a refreshingly relaxed raiding environment with proven success. We do this by creating a guild compromised of adult gamers who share similar interests with the end result of a community that cares. This concept is easier said than done, especially with the atmosphere that WoW has created over the years. But through dedicated, proven leadership and a loyal community of followers, MF shines where others can not. Come join the ranks of Malum Factum and see why we are the last guild you'll ever join. Who We Want In an effort to continue the community values we've spent so long to develop, we have some basic requirements that we ask all potential applicants to meet before applying. -Adults (20+) -Mumble with working mic -Goal/Team oriented -Positive Attitude -Available Guild Logistics Website: Voip: Mumble (info can be found on website) Server: Proudmoore Faction: Alliance Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday Raid Times: 8:00pm - 11:30pm EST Main Goal: Competitive Mythic Raiding Other Goals: Mythic 5 man / Heroic Raiding / Rated BG's / Arenas How to Apply Applying is easy. Simply go to www. and create a forum account. Be sure to read through our stickies that detail application information and more information about Malum Factum as a whole. After creating a forum account and reading our stickies, create a new thread and post your application. Once your application is received you'll be contacted by one of our officers about hopping on mumble for a quick chat. Wrapping This Up If you like what you hear or have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers for more information or simply visit We strongly believe we have a working model for a successful guild. We have spent many years building our community to what it is today and we are generally well recognized and received across the MMO universe. We market ourselves as the last guild you'll ever join and we encourage you to come find out what that means. Officers/Contacts Godrik#1501 Hoax#1883 Kira#1541 Tanix#1779Tanixmf7 7h
7h 869 Bear Tank Lf Guild Top 20 world exp looking for something casual but able to clear end level content quickly Can play more tank toons ThatGuy32#1384 Add me for more infoBabykittens6 7h
8h [A] 2/7H Recruiting DPS for Heroic EN Hi! Core members have experience since vanilla and have raided off and on through the years. We are mostly interested in AOTC achievement for raiding and casual play! We are looking for a few MELEE DPS, and RANGED DPS for Normal and Heroic EN. Still leveling up? NP! As long as you show motivation and commitment we can help. High Demand - All DPS will be considered. Mage (Fire) Rogue ... If you want to be a part of a stable and motivated guild of adult players who encourage themselves and each other in end game content, check us out. IN-GAME Contacts: Velcross - abel#1242 Klexie - Klexie#1579 Psylecks - Cylexan#1495 Lactid - Armando#1271 ...Velcross33 8h
8h 7/7H 872 Prot War LF Mythic Guild. Former guild just disbanded and it's really hard to find mythic guilds in need of a tank! I'm 7/7H and also do a ton of mythic+ with 10 being my highest completed. I am on the west coast and would be able to attend raids starting between 6-9 server time. I don't DPS off spec on my war, but I have a 863 fire mage I can dps with if needed. Add me in game if you have any questions! gailthesnail#1395 8h
9h <S P A C E D O U T> 7/7 norm 2/7H Guild Name: <The Mediocre Men> Raid Times: Tues-Wed 6pm-9pm Server, (optional) Thurs 6pm-9pm Server: Proudmoore Faction: Alliance Voice: Discord We are a core of real life friends from Arizona. We are a brand new guild, split from Rawkus. 7 out of our 11 man raid group wanted to do things differently. We are looking for good people who are dedicated, consistent and want to have a good time. We don’t like long waits between pulls and we research every fight before we pull. We will call each other out for below par performances. All we want to do is down bosses and unlock the lore behind the raids. We know we can push Mythic and we will! What we need: • Restoration Druid • Restoration Shaman What we want: • Blood Death Knight • Fire Mage • Warlock Contact: Latorgator#1375Eazy25 9h
9h (A) <To The Skies> recruiting DPS (7/7H) Raid TImes: Thursday 7PM-10PM server Sunday 4PM-7PM server Monday 7pm-??? server (This is a non mandatory clean up day for people who wish to continue where we left off. Empty spots will most likely be filled in group finder.) Our Needs: We have heroic EN on farm and are itching to start up mythic progression. We are accepting Dps and possibly a healer(someone willing to dual spec would be a plus). We have 5 leather wearers so priority would be to classes using other armor types. High priority classes/roles: Hunter, Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, Holy/Disc Priest, Holy Paladin. Other exceptional dps/heals welcome to apply About us: We are a semi-casual guild getting at least AOTC heroic mode. Most of our members have raided somewhat hardcore in the past and are looking just to raid with a good mix of fun and progression. We are looking to start up mythic progression as soon as we have the roster to do so. Add any of our officers if you have any questions. Hydropump#1439 Styven#11676 Uaremyfriend#1788 Xoomi#11517Mitski37 9h
9h Pants Patrol 7/7N LF RDPS/Heals T/Th 9PM-12AM Most of our current core (2/3/3) has been raiding together since Blackrock Foundry. We are a very laid-back and chill guild but we still get bosses down. We do not rage when we wipe but we do call out people that outright ignore mechanics. All we want to do is raid in a stress-free environment while still progressing. We are in dire need of ranged DPS and one more healer. Our current raid composition and needs is as follows. Tanks: Warrior and Druid No needs Healers: Two Shamans and a Paladin We want a Druid but will definitely consider all classes except for Shaman since we already have two. Melee DPS: Shaman, Warrior, and Rogue We are looking for one more melee DPS that is not a Shaman. Ranged DPS: None As you can see, we have no RDPS and will take any RDPS class except Shaman. If you are interested you can shoot me a invite (berrics94#1385), mail me/whisper me (Sneakycheeky-Proudmoore), or respond here. Thank you for looking and happy guild hunting.Sneakycheeky0 9h
10h 840+ Outlaw/Assassination LF Raiding guild. Just moved to Proudmoore. If anyone is recruiting, please add me on BattleNet s0sa7 #1541, or respond here.Sosâ3 10h
10h Looking for an early evening raid guild Looking for a Guild that raid 2-3 nights a week around 5-8 server (8-11 est) I have raided every level since BC. I would prefer a close knit guild that has fun but still gets stuff done.Mintarì3 10h
10h 7/7H LF Mythic raiders Server: Proudmoore-US (PvE) Pacific Standard Time Raid Times: Friday 7:00pm - 11:00pm and Sunday 6:00pm - 10:00pm PST Hello, we are <Fractured Dream>. Created late in the tier of HFC, we steamrolled our way through mythic content and going 10/13, coming up short of 13/13 only due to getting started late and several attendance issues. We are currently 7/7N EN and 7/7 H EN with the goal of mythics In Legion, we're looking forward to a fresh start. We have several good players returning and will be at full speed as soon as we flesh out our roster. All we need is you! Come be part of something great! We’re looking for knowledgeable, dependable, and prepared players that want to down current content. We're friendly, helpful, and have a positive attitude. We don’t like whiners; we don’t like drama. We like to have a good time while still making ample progression. You won’t get screamed at for messing up; we simply expect you to learn from your mistakes and always keep improving. Good attendance and fast pulls are key. Raid Spots are earned thru performance, attitude, and attendance the guild will have around a 24M rooster to prevent the need for pugs. This will mean at some point everyone will sit from boss to boss or a night depending on what is needed on the boss who needs or doesn't need gear. With that said we do not recruit for the bench unless requested you earn a raid spot you will get raid time Loot System: We don't raid for loot; loot is merely a tool we use to reach the endgame. We raid for the progression. That said, we strongly believe in fair loot distribution. We feel EPGP, currently the most balanced and fair system out there. It is affected by attendance and loot history, with a heavy priority on BIS. BIS>MS>OS. Progression: EN 7/7N, 7/7H and 0/7M Casual Raid Night Saturday 9:00pm for around 3 hours this is a casual group the focus is having a good time with progression being secondary. You still need a required ilvl and able to handle mechanics and DPS reasonably Contacts: If you have any questions, you can contact Lillari, Arkynine, Eldarius in-game. Lillari#1148 Tanks : Open to Flex Tanks Healers: Open to Flex Healers Melee: Low need Range: Open to Balance, Elemental, Hunter, Mage, and Spriest Always considering exceptional playersLillari11 10h
10h Eternal Kingdom - Champion Sales Hello Proudmoore! The Champion Team of Eternal Kingdom (US 17th) is selling again! Currently, we are only selling heroic Emerald Nightmare. Mythic will be available in the coming weeks. Heroic Sales Full Clear Masterloot - 600,000 Gold. ... Full Clear Personal Loot - 150,000 Gold. Heroic Cenarius/Xavius Personal Loot - 50,000 GoldIf you have any interest, contact me directly Balto#1148. Do NOT trade gold for these to anyone other than myself. A 10% deposit on full clears/personal loot runs is required to reserve your spot. If you fail to show for your run, the deposit will not be returned. If you cancel 24 hours or more before the run, the deposit will be returned. We had many successful carries through HFC and will continue our commitment to professional sales, by providing efficient, friendly runs. We go out of our way to ensure customers are happy. Runs will typically take place and can be scheduled Mon-Thurs 8:30pm-11:30pm PST. Heroic clears take approximately an hour to an hour and a half.Balto1 10h
10h [H] RMV - RECRUITING (HUNTER/LOCK) H-EN 3/7 RECRUITING>> RANGE DPS-- Hunter (MM/BM), WARLOCK (DESTRO/DEMO) pref. ilvl 850+ CURRENT PROGRESSION : 3/7 HEROIC EN Hello friends, The next expansion is upon us, time to have fun and kill some bosses, and collect loot! Many of us used to raid "hardcore" but are now in positions where bills need to be paid, jobs need to be worked, etc. BUT we still love to raid, only casually. We'll be running 2 nights a week, 2.5 hrs (Casual enough?). If you enjoy raiding, killing bosses, collecting loot, and talking to other friendly, casual, "adults", then Results May Vary is probably a guild for you! We're looking for some ranged DPS mainly, but if you think you'd be a good fit with this guild, feel free to send me a message anyway, you can never have enough like-minded awesome people in a guild. Message me in game to find more details about the guild, raid times, etc. RealID: Tharson801#1915Jendisa7 10h
11h Diehard Casuals Tu/Th 7-10:30 CST LF DPS/Heal Looking for a great guild? We could be a perfect match for you! About us: Diehard Casuals is a guild of great people and great players, recently transferred to Proudmoore US (PvE). The majority of us have all raided on high end teams, but now having grown up with families and work schedules we cap our raid time to 2 days a week. That being said we still drive to perform, progress and be the best we can be. We maintain a positive and fun atmosphere in raids and in Discord. Our priority is to kill bosses and have fun doing it, but we keep a relaxed and laid back vibe. We don’t tolerate negativity, name calling or poor behavior. Raid Info: We raid Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 PM-10:30 PM CST (8-11:30 EST, 6-9:30 MST, 5-8:30 PST). Because we only raid 2 days a week it is crucial that raiders maintain attendance and show up on time. Our raiding practice is to clear each tier in Normal, then Heroic, then push as far as we can into Mythic in every new raid. Being a 2 raid night a week guild means we won’t be at the cutting edge of progression like the 20 hour a week guilds, but we keep a productive and competitive pace. In our history we have cleared every heroic tier and achieved Ahead of the Curve since mid-Cataclysm at a minimum. With the expectation that raids will now last a little bit longer than the last few tiers, we expect ourselves to finish each tier at the very least somewhere in the middle of Mythic progression. Currently we have Heroic EN 7/7 on farm and are recruiting for Mythic progression. Loot: We distribute based on loot council. Raiding flasks, food, as well as guild bank repairs for progression runs are provided for you by the guild. Our Expectations: A thorough knowledge of your class and spec. Know the fights/encounters ahead of time. Do your research. A mature attitude. Raiding experience. Voice programs (Discord), headset and the willingness to communicate when required in raid. Commitment to attendance. Logs are a bonus. Age 18+ We expect you to perform well to the best of your ability, raiders are held accountable to their performance. We can help you improve, but we won’t let anyone drag the raid down. We are currently recruiting the following classes: Ranged DPS Classes Resto Druid If your class is not listed here do not hesitate to apply. We always need more ranged DPS. The hope/expectation is that interested players try out with us for up to a couple of weeks via cross-realm raiding, make sure we're a good fit for each other, but ultimately transfer due to Mythic requiring the same realm. If you're in a financial bind, we might be able to assist via gold for a WoW token, but these will be done on rare occasions. Contact us at: Battletags: Lix#1246 (Caerdynn - Recruitment Officer) Frizzlefry#1495 (GM)Caerdynn0 11h
12h (A) <Savant> Looking for ranged! <Savant> Proudmoore currently recruiting. About us: Serious raiding on a laid back schedule. Currently looking to build up our roster for our heroic progression in The Emerald Nightmare! Current Progression: 7/7 Normal 1/7 Heroic Raid Days/Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 6 p.m. To 9 p.m. Server time (Pacific) Current class needs: We are looking to build up our roster so any class and spec will be considered. Most desired class/spec combinations are: RANGED DPS CLASSES With that in mind we mostly need any DPS. If you're interested in learning more about us or submitting an application our website is Also feel free to message our GM GallyD Btag S3RV0#1467Nitefalling4 12h
12h <Prone to Chaos> 6/7 H, LF Healers and DPS Hey everyone! We're a relatively new guild, 6/7 Heroic and looking for some solid healers and DPS, willing to help people learn as long as you're willing to try :) Our raid times are Wed-Thu 5-8 PST. Please see me, Tearjei, or Xanokk in game about joining, or reply to this thread!Kitaiia1 12h
12h <Nerf IRL> 6/7H LF rDPS for raiding! Hello and welcome to your new raid community <Nerf IRL>! We are a Competitive Community Raiding Guild on Alliance: Proudmoore looking for a handful of raiders that are looking for more in their progression. QUICK INFO: Website: Server: Proudmoore (PvE; PST time zone) Alliance Raid Schedule: 8:30-11:30 PST on Tuesdays and Sundays, alt night on Thursdays. Currently 6/7H. Adult crew (averaging mid 20's to early 30's) with an adult sense of humor. Socially present guild with mythic + runs every night and an efficient raid schedule. Contact Trueofheart#1419, CptJello#1513, Orca#1750, or Xolver#1159 on battlenet if you have any questions! CURRENTLY RECRUITING: ★ We are currently recruiting 3-4 exceptional ranged dps (warlocks, spriests, mages preferred), possibly an exceptional melee dps (demon hunter preferred) ★ We are a kind, friendly, and open guild looking to build a community of try-hards that like to have fun pushing mythic content. ABOUT: Nerf IRL is a newly formed guild created for Legion, comprised of a few friends, a handful of friends-of-friends, and a few other new, colorful personalities. After being frustrated with the current pool of guilds, the leadership decided to create a guild that didn't just exclusively focus on being a social guild or a raiding guild, but instead a community that catered to adult players who craved both. We all have careers, significant others, children, and D&D nights that prevent us from raiding hardcore. We're ready to "settle down" with a group of like-minded players who want to raid efficiently but not frequently, while having fun and making long-term friendships in the process. If you're a raiding vet or new player dedicated to learning, this guild is for you. If you are exhausted trying to find a guild that takes raiding content seriously without sacrificing your personal life, but also enjoys socializing and the feeling of a tight-knit community, this guild is for you. If you are a kind, sarcastic, sassy, and quirky individual, this guild is for you. Did I mention this guild is for you? Come join us for your mythic progression needs. We are currently 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic, looking to push mythic by the end of October. Send me a message in game or check out our website for more info. Would love to hear from anyone and everyone interested.Taaryn2 12h
13h [A] TeamTryHard 3/7M LF Exceptional players Hello and welcome to <Team Try Hard>'s recruitment post! We are currently looking to pick up other skilled members to add to our core roster. About: <Team Try Hard> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Proudmoore-US. Our team is composed of laid back back but highly skilled raiders. We always value hardworking players who are looking to progress quickly while having fun. What to expect: We are currently looking to go above and beyond this expansion and are looking to land within the top 200 US. To do this we need to follow certain guidelines and criteria for our raid environment. It is always expected that you show up on time and ready for raid with all the consumables needed for your class. We are always ready to help out our raid members with consumables if needed. We do consistently check logs to make sure everyone is up to the standard that we will need to complete our goal. We do require that your gear is fully gemmed and enchanted if you have the gem slots. We also expect no AFKs from any of our members, we take a 5 minute break halfway through our raid time (8:30 PST). We also expect that you put in an application on our website and take it seriously, slack apps are not considered. We utilize our guild website for everything, we make posts explaining raid bosses from normal to mythic and expect our members to read these to understand the bosses before hand. We also expect our raiders to make a post if they will be late or not there on a raid day to give us a heads up if you will be missing. Loot: I will start off by saying that fighting over loot will NOT be tolerated. It will drop again. Our loot is counciled by our officers, trials should expect to not receive loot that is needed by our main raiders, they will be priority for loot. We use RCLoot Council to distribute loot and it is expected you should have that prior to your first raid with us. Website: Raid Times and Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7-10 PM PST (10-1 EST) Current Progression: 7/7 Normal EN 7/7 Heroic EN 3/7 Mythic EN Recruiting: -We are always looking for great players, even if your class/spec is not listed below, please feel free to apply!- Healers: All classes Ranged: Balance Druid Mage (Strong) Shadow Priest (Strong) Warlock Ele shaman Melee: Rogue DK Warr Enh shaman Tank : Prot pally Warr Druid Who to contact: If you have any questions please feel free to add any of the following players: Nornua Nornua#1584 (GM) Suzumi Suzumi#1697 (Officer) Saad Saadxd#1965 (Officer) Ram Ramnation#1844 (Officer) Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon! www.teamtryhard.netSaadxd9 13h
14h Affliction Lock LFG iLVL 848 Affliction Warlock looking for a Weekend Morning Raiding Guild. Haven't done norm raiding yet, but I'm a quick study. LFR is just too easy. Hoping for something along the lines of morning raids so I could still enjoy my family and play this freaking awesome game.Maugrise8 14h
16h <EK> Team Phoenix-Fri/Sat 6/7H Come join Eternal Kingdom's Mythic Raid Team [Phoenix]-Fri/Sat 6-10pst Eternal Kingdom is a multi-team Alliance raiding guild on Proudmoore (US). The guild currently supports 12 mythic raiding teams as well as some Heroic and Normal teams, and offers opportunities for up and down movement between the teams. Team Phoenix is an 8hr/week raid team looking to recruit enthusiastic team players who are ready to clear content. Currently we are 6/7 Heroic EN and will be ready to start Mythic soon. This team would be ideal for early bird west coasters or late night east coasters. HIGHEST NEEDS: Tanks - ***HIGH***- skilled tank w/experience Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest Melee DPS - Rogue - Demon Hunter - Feral Druid - Windwalker Heals - exceptional applicants only Raid Schedule (Friday/Saturday): Invites go out 15 minutes before raid starts: 6:00PM - 10:00PM PST 7:00PM - 11:00PM MTN 8:00PM - 12:00AM CST 9:00PM - 1:00AM EST Requirements for Potential Applicants: at least a 845+ ilvl (no pvp gear), preferably 850+ 20+ points in Artifact Weapon for MAIN spec which you are applying All 3 relic slots unlocked w/weapon at 870+ knowledge of your class and have a willingness to learn Be a team player and have a positive attitude A strong sense of urgency and efficiency during progression Required Add-Ons: Angry Assignments Exorsus Raid Tools DBM -or- Bigwigs WeakAuras RCLootcouncil Greenwall Discord (desktop app to have PTT) To apply or get more information please visit : Or contact us in-game if you have further questions! Battle net: Wckdltldevl#1548, Tjani#1283Anjolina58 16h
20h Risen Legion Raiding Fri/Sat 7:00-11PM 6/7H Risen is recuriting for Legion Heroic / Mythic Friday and Saturday Night raiding. We had our first raid 24/09/2016 and cleared Normal, we will now begin with Heroic Progression. We are looking for dedicated and talented players to join our weekend roster and help us achieve our goals of clearing through the new content in Heroic then moving to Mythic. If you are the type of player that reads forums, watches videos to ensure you play your class to the best of your ability. We want you! Raid times: Friday & Saturday 7:00 – 11PM PST w/ 15 min break in the middle. We try to keep our roster small so minimal swapping is required. We ask that raiders maintain a high attendance rate so progression is not adversely affected. Recruiting needs: Below are some of the gaps in our current raid. If your class is not listed but feel that you are a top tier raider, then please apply. -------------------------------------------------------- Healers Holy Priest Resto ShamanRanged DPS Hunter Shadow PriestMelee DPS Rogue-------------------------------------------------------- Who is Risen? Started by a group of friends who began playing early in the Closed Beta, Risen was established on the live servers on December of 2004. We are an end-game raiding guild with a small roster of highly skilled, high attendance members. Risen strives to defeat every encounter thrown at us in an organized, fully focused and efficient manner. We are dedicated to seeing and defeating the end game content with our tight knit group, working together towards a common goal. You can contact any officer for more information: Vivie (Kitosh#1141) Sorrun Finderáto You can find out more about us at: 20h
21h [A] Control Freaks (7/7H) LFM RDPS and Healer Hello! We are a laid back late night raiding guild on Proudmoore (US) ready to push Mythic content. We are in search of a few more dps interested in progression raiding. We raid Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 9:30 pm to 12:30 am server (Pacific). We also have an optional farm night on Wednesday nights. We are mainly 18+, have jobs, wives/husbands, kids, etc. so we understand the demands of real life but still make time to smash pixelated bad guys. Healer: We are looking for one monk or priest (holy or disc) for the core 4 healers. DPS: We are most interested in following ranged dps classes: mages, shadow priests, locks, and ranged hunters. Any dps class with a usable healing off spec would be outstanding. We are very flexible on item level however please be ready for heroic/mythic content. We use Ventrilo and we do ask that you have a working mic. We ask that you be on time and have a positive attitude and be ready to play! We use a loot council system for loot to make sure everyone gears appropriately. We raid for progression and gear is just a means to get there. If you are interested, please visit our website at You can also IM me in game (Astatylliis or Lillathasha) or any officer (Minala, Applemair, Cynla, or Ronbearamy). Thanks for reading! AstaAstatylliis1 21h
21h Looking to Complete Stay Classy Achievement Willing to pay 2,000g to people who temporary join guild with one of the following: 85 Night Elf Monk 85 Gnome Monk 85 Worgen Priest 90 Pandaren Priest 85 Dwarf Rogue 85 Dwarf Monk 85 Dwarf Mage 85 Dwarf Death Knight 85 Dwarf Warlock *Must be Honored for it to count and be paid.* B-Tag: RandiKeys#1296Cherise0 21h