Nov 14 870 Holy Priest (6/7 H EN) LF Raiding Guild Bnet Jojo#137346 Nov 14
Nov 14 <WCD> [5/7]H Late Night Recruiting <War Crimes Division> About Us We are a group of people that have played together since Burning Crusade. We recently transfered here and love the atmosphere of the realm. Our main mission is to have fun, this is a game after all. =D Hopefully finding some like-minded people to dungeon, pvp, raid, and just hang out with. Discord is what we use for communication. We do want to be clearing all of the current content and progress into Mythic provided we get some awesome people like you! Side note, we have no profanity filter, we are all 23+ =P Goals We want to find guild members, no... friends that want to have a good time with us and other people. We are laid back and friendly guild that's accepting anyone whether you are a 10 year veteran to someone just picking up Legion, we are more than happy to help you out. Raiding: Our focus is on Heroic. We will want to push for Mythic but considering we have to start fresh, it is not at the top of the list for now. We all took a bit of a break and are ready to get back into the swing of things. Mythic+: We are starting to form some groups to begin pushing keystones. For this we are needing ranged. What We Expect From You Please be respectful to fellow guildmates and players, a kind word goes a long way. Raiding: • No experience necessary but definitely preferred =P • Be on time to raids, preferably 10 minutes early • Do a bit of research on the fights before hand • Not required but super helpful - Have food, flasks, potions, etc ready. • Be reliable. • If you cannot make a raid, no worries just please let someone know =D Most importantly, have a good time. *Little Disclaimer* We do not tolerate toxic attitudes, it doesn't benefit anyone. What You Can Expect From Us ALL THE THINGS! Anywhere from helping with class/ spec choices or questions, gearing and crafting, or just figuring out the game in general. We are open books =D Raid Times Wednesday/ Thursday: 11pm-2am Server Time Monday: Optional Raid Recruitment Shooting for a 20-25 man roster right now Item Level 850+ Preferred w/ 3rd Relic Slot unlocked We will accept exceptional raiders if the spot you desire is currently taken, let us know and we will see what we can do! (Once we get more people, we can fine tune the roster) Tanks: Filled Melee DPS: Needing 1 or 2 Ranged DPS: High priority on the following roles • Fire Mage x2 • Shadow Priest • Mark Hunter Healers: Holy Paladin and Priest Whether you just want a guild to join to hang out, get into raiding, or just more info, feel free to hit us up! Hit up WhiteWolf#12858 (myself) or Elkstra#1518 for raid recruitment needs. Chenderson#1434 is our officer on more during the day for general recruitment and questions. =DGalemist77 Nov 14
Nov 14 Looking for Drudge Ghoul This is the pet that drops from Arthas in ICC. It's not considered any more rare that the other pets. The Snowbold Runt is the only pet mentioned by Blizzard that has a low drop rate (as it's not part of the Raiding with Leashes IV achievement). Right now there are 3 listings in the AH for the Drudge Ghoul (40k, 65k, 70k). I'm not sure if people are buying them at this price. I certainly can't. I will offer 20k - 25k for the pet. I know you may laugh at this but consider this a RFP. So, in short, if anyone will sell me one (and I can augment it with other pets if you need them and I have extras), send me a message. Thanks!Tukwilla1 Nov 14
Nov 14 866 Pally Tank LF raid guild 866 Pally Tank LF H/M guild. I am 7/7 Heroic EN and 1/7 Mythic. Looking for a guild to raid with and progress. Only looking to raid two days, but I cannot raid Thurs-Sat. and I'm EST My BT is Ninja#1415 to contact meSincity3 Nov 14
Nov 14 prot/ww/boomy lf heroic or higher raid Hello guys Im looking for a heroic guild to raid with or just do stuff with. 860+ prot pally 860+ boomy/feral (boomy preffered but less dps) 860+ windwalker im not looking for a weekend guild so if anyone is looking hit me upChaoslight11 Nov 14
Nov 14 871 RDruid/865 Veng DH LF Mythic Prog. Guild Please do not advertise guilds that do not meet the times listed below. Good evening, As the title states I am looking for a new place to call home. I am willing to server transfer and/or faction change if need be. Recently I have received new hours at work so I was unable to continue with my previous guild. My progression is currently 7/7H and 1/3N with pokes at both Guarm and Helya. Prior to my schedule change, I was a raid leader. Raid times must be between 10PM ST - 2AM ST, or 6AM ST - 10AM ST. Monday through Saturday due to work. Currently I am available all times throughout the day Sunday. Please do not advertise guilds that do not meet the times listed above.Relyria0 Nov 14
Nov 14 7/7 H 1/7M Prot pally LF home Hello, looking for a home where i can tank and have fun while doing it. Guild im in fall apart due to leadership not being responsible enough. Can make raid times any day of the week from 6-9 pm pst. 2-3 days a week. let me know thru here if any of you have any openings. Thanks.Arkellian1 Nov 14
Nov 13 868 Hardcore Ret LF Guild Experienced Player 7/7H LF Guild willing to take me in. Will do Trials so you can see my potential.. Just transferred to Proudmoore Looking to beat stuff up Have logs to proveëch5 Nov 13
Nov 13 Returning player LF Guild and nice players :) Been about 2 years since I've been playing but i'm trying to get back into it. Was clearing heroics in Throne of Thunder and Cata and would love to get into the new raids out right now. Might need some people to bring me up to speed on everything that's come out since then but i'm a quick learner :D I'm 21 and pretty social so I'll fit in with just about anyone!Åltus1 Nov 13
Nov 13 [A]<Chaotic Ending> Is recruiting! <Chaotic Ending> is recruiting players to help us finish up Heroic and push into Mythic. We aspire to step into mythic once we can field 20 reliable souls to venture with us, but are currently looking to shore up our heroic team and finish clearing content. We would be happy if you considered giving us a shot and joined our team to kill some !@#$. Roles Needed: Tank Healers Ranged DPS And as always exceptional players! We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 PST Reliable attendance is a must if we are to successfully progress. If you have any questions the best way to contact me is through battlenet(Exulion#1842) or discord(Exulion#0473).Exulion2 Nov 13
Nov 13 7/7 H EN 2/3N ToV Illadvised is recruiting DPS to fill our roster. We are a semi hardcore guild with goals set in clearing heroic and pushing mythic once we get a full roster. We are looking for bot melee and ranged dps that can pull 240k+ sustained or higher.Mytharias0 Nov 13
Nov 13 4/7 mythic guild LF more. Exalted With Jeeves is recruiting more people for our mythic raid roster. We are currently 4/7 mythic & 1/3 heroic and we raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 PM - 12 AM EST. We also have optional Tuesday runs for heroic EN at the same time. We are looking for dps. We could use 1-2 dps. We prefer ranged but will consider any strong applicant. All applicants must be on Proudmoore or be willing to move to Proudmoore for mythic raiding. To apply please visit: If you have any questions feel free to whisper Jimmynickels or Malefaction in game. You may also add Tiddlyniblet#1531 to battle tag for any questions.Malefaction5 Nov 13
Nov 13 <A> <Judgment> @ Suramar! <Judgment> is a new guild seeking to create a friendly, fun, and respectful community while also focusing on improvement and progression through mythic+ and raids! Quick Information: Region: US Realm Name: Suramar Time Zone: PST Faction: Alliance Style: Social/Progression Guild Name: <Judgment> A little about us: We are a core group of five players who recently transferred realms Suramar! The Guild Master is Paratonic (resto druid, ilvl 864), and the rest of the creators include Droobledore (fire mage, ilvl 867), Ericus (frost death knight, ilvl 868), Valryk (prot warrior, ilvl 864 ), Fenrix (assassination rogue, ilvl 862) and myself (windwalker monk, ilvl 866)! We like to think we're pretty friendly people who are accepting of diversity and just like to have fun and improve! Our goal: Building a community from the ground up that is welcoming, respectful, friendly, and improvement centered! We aim to build a mix of a friend-based social group while also always pushing to improve ourselves and learn more! In the future we hope to have a guild population that is active and accommodates players of varying time commitments who want to focus on having fun while improving and progressing in mythic+ and raids! Who is invited? Players who are open to taking initiative to learn more and improve, are respectful of others and their beliefs and differences, and are looking to build a friendly and welcoming community with us! Raid time: Wednesdays at 7:30-10:30pm! We are open to feedback in the future, but we are starting at one night a week to accommodate players of all time commitments/experience. Contact information: Feel free to contact us by either replying on this thread or messaging any of the following in-game: Paratonic Droobledore TaromeiTaromei0 Nov 13
Nov 13 <Judgment> Creating a new community <Judgment> is a new guild seeking to create a friendly, fun, and respectful community while also focusing on improvement and progression through mythic+ and raids! A little about us: We are a core group of five players who recently transferred realms from Anvilmar to Proudmoore! The Guild Master is Paratonic (druid), and the rest of the creators include Droobledore (mage), Ericus (death knight), Valryk (warrior), and myself (monk)! We like to think we're pretty friendly people who are accepting of diversity and just like to have fun! Our goal: Building a community from the ground up that is welcoming, respectful, friendly, and improvement centered! We aim to build a mix of a friend-based social group while also always pushing to improve ourselves and learn more! In the future we hope to have a guild population that is active and accommodates players of varying time commitments who want to focus on improvement/progression and having fun! Who is invited? Players of any skill level who are open to learning more and improving, are respectful of others and their beliefs and differences, and are looking to build a friendly and welcoming community with us! Raid time: Wednesdays at 7:30-10:30pm! We are open to feedback in the future, but we are starting at one night a week to accommodate players of all time commitments/experience. Contact information: Feel free to contact us by either replying on this thread or messaging any of the following in-game: Paratonic Droobledore TaromeiTaromei0 Nov 13
Nov 13 <Taco Tuesdays> Recruitment <Taco Tuesdays> Is now recruiting RDPS and WW monk to fill out our ranks. We are currently 7/7 N 7/7 H. Raid nights are friday/saturday from 7pm - 10pm PST. PM for more info. If you are not one of the listed dps we could always use experienced players. Our goal is to push through heroic and if numbers willing mythic. Raid days might be added if we have a consistent core.Lilmouse12 Nov 13
Nov 13 870 Bearbro - 5/7m exp - weekend raiding Hey all, Looking for a raid for my druid. It's a relatively fresh alt, so my offspecs are doodoo and I'm primarily looking for a tank position. I have 5/7M experience on my main. Preferably looking for a guild in mythic progression during weekends as the main raid is tu/w/thurs. Logs aren't as good as I would like from this tier but I've provided relevant ones below. Hunter (WOD) - Mage - Bear - (lower ilevel kinda screwed overall ranks but they were at a good spot within ilevel) Thanks for your time, Sabby#1289Clutching1 Nov 13
Nov 12 Any Mature, Casual End-Game Guilds? Hi Proudmoore! I'm looking for a casual guild with a family-friendly environment. I'm a 32 year old professional in the video game industry that likes to play WoW primarily for the world and story, but I also occasionally enjoy the social aspects of the game like teaming up for dungeons, raiding, and PVP. The problem I've consistently run into in the past couple of years is that I can't seem to find a guild with mature, family-friendly members. Too many dirty jokes, too much discussion about drugs, and frankly, too many people I can't relate to in terms of life goals (having a career, starting a family, being healthy) and so on which makes it hard for me to enjoy the interactions. Are there any guilds out there looking for a mature, positive, and casual end-game oriented player to join their ranks? Thank you!Felrongdya1 Nov 12
Nov 12 854 R Shaman lf weekend raiding 7/7h exp Hello, **Looking for two days between Saturday, Sunday, or Monday** I'm looking for a guild that is pushing mythic content / beginning progression in ToV. Mature or 18+ and active is preferred. I'm also interested in pushing Mythic+ content, too. I have actively raided since Wrath with the exception of Mists. I was 9/13m before the nerf in HFC on a restoration druid and am currently 7/7H EN. While I'm mostly interested in playing restoration shaman, I will consider playing restoration druid (852 currently) for the right group. I come ready with flasks and consumables, and I'd, obviously, get a real neck enchant before going into a progression environment.Osario1 Nov 12
Nov 12 [A] MURICA (7/7 H) Wants You! MURICA is looking for some patriots with a love to deal damage from afar (RDPS) to fill out it's roster. Bonus points if you can offspec as a healer. Raid nights are Tuesday/Wednesday 6-10pm st. Would you like to know more? Then just whisper Creamixed, Bowflex,Fingoflin or Udar. Or if you just want an invite feel free to whisper anyone and just make sure to mention that you came here from the forums. Let's make Azeroth great again. Disclaimer: Service guarantees citizenship.Bowflex4 Nov 12
Nov 12 870 Enh LFG Hi, i am looking for a guild. I am 7/7H with some attempts on mythic nythendra. I am a 23 year old living in RI. Available times: anytime between 7-12AM EST Days: 2 to 3 days a week (pref 2) M, T, W, Th I have been playing with this on and off since BC. I did my best raiding on my hunter during MoP and Highmaul (US 17th Lei Shen 10 man, US 32 Garrosh, US 37 Margok). I rerolled to shaman because i've always wanted to play enhancement. feel free to reach out to me here or via slurred#1326. ThanksKewmi3 Nov 12
Nov 12 7/7H EN 3/3N TOV LF TANK N HEALER <DNA> Late Night Raiding Guild 7/7H EN 3/3N TOV currently looking for reliable raiders to complete our 20 man team so we can hit EN Mythics .. Our Guild Has been around for many years and still have multiple raiders that have been with us from day 1... We are currently looking for an off tank, 1 Healer H.Priest/Monk .. We raid Wednesday / Thursday 1am -4am Server which is 8pm-11pm Aussie time... Please comment below or add me to battle tag- starryshammy#1715 or in game starryshammy .. Hope to hear from u soon <3Starryshammy3 Nov 12
Nov 12 Looking for the name "Aurelia" Hello! I know this is a longshot but I am looking to buy the name Aurelia from whoever currently has it. Shoot me a message in game or leave a reply here, I'll give you oodles of gold!! =DBwubble2 Nov 12
Nov 12 [A] MF (EST) raid LF DPS [7/7 H - 1/7 M] Who We Are Malum Factum is a long established adult only gaming community of over 15 years experience. We offer a new take on what it means to be in a guild for WoW. Here at MF, we provide a refreshingly relaxed raiding environment with proven success. We do this by creating a guild compromised of adult gamers who share similar interests with the end result of a community that cares. This concept is easier said than done, especially with the atmosphere that WoW has created over the years. But through dedicated, proven leadership and a loyal community of followers, MF shines where others can not. Come join the ranks of Malum Factum and see why we are the last guild you'll ever join. Who We Want In an effort to continue the community values we've spent so long to develop, we have some basic requirements that we ask all potential applicants to meet before applying. -Adults (20+) -Mumble with working mic -Goal/Team oriented -Positive Attitude -Available Guild Logistics Website: Voip: Mumble (info can be found on website) Server: Proudmoore Faction: Alliance Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday Raid Times: 8:00pm - 11:30pm EST Main Goal: Competitive Mythic Raiding Other Goals: Mythic 5 man / Heroic Raiding / Rated BG's / Arenas How to Apply Applying is easy. Simply go to www. and create a forum account. Be sure to read through our stickies that detail application information and more information about Malum Factum as a whole. After creating a forum account and reading our stickies, create a new thread and post your application. Once your application is received you'll be contacted by one of our officers about hopping on mumble for a quick chat. Wrapping This Up If you like what you hear or have any questions please feel free to contact one of our officers for more information or simply visit We strongly believe we have a working model for a successful guild. We have spent many years building our community to what it is today and we are generally well recognized and received across the MMO universe. We market ourselves as the last guild you'll ever join and we encourage you to come find out what that means. Officers/Contacts Godrik#1501 Hoax#1883 Kira#1541 Shalimar#1521 Tanix#1779Tanixmf16 Nov 12
Nov 11 Selling AOTC Hello our guild <What the Fel> is selling AOTC personal loot carries this saturday at 4pm server time tomorrow please either post here or talk to one of us in game for more information. Bnet tags are Mike#11828 Fayt#1904Quackk0 Nov 11
Nov 11 [A] Butter Train 2-night raiding We are a guild of adult players who have a strong desire to rise to all the challenges that WoW presents us, but also value our time outside the game. We raid only 2 nights per week, and bring our “A” game so we can clear as much content as possible. Our core group is very good, and our greatest strength is our chemistry and accountability towards one another. Raiders are expected to do all necessary preparatory work (gearing, learning fights, etc.) on their own schedule, come to scheduled raid times ready to go, and use our time as efficiently as possible. While we bring a semi-hardcore attitude towards raids, we also feel it's very important to keep raids fun. Most of us are working adults, and we don't play this game to spend our evenings getting yelled at or listening to people hating on each other. Please bring a positive attitude and a willingness to take constructive criticism. Raid times are Monday and Wednesday, 6-9 PST. We use Discord for communications. We expect players to show up 15 minutes early and be ready to pull at 6. We are currently 1/7M and will be starting ToV this coming Monday. We keep a tight roster because we want all of our raiders to be actively playing and not benched, but we do recruit till we’re slightly over 20, to cover the inevitable real-life stuff that comes up. We expect nearly 100% attendance from our raiders, because our schedule is so light. At the moment, we are sitting right at about 20 people, so we have room for a few more. Our current needs: 1 Ranged dps: Prefer hunter or lock, will consider others One final note: We are not LGBTQ-focused, but we are most definitely LGBTQ-friendly. If you’re not comfortable with that, please look elsewhere. Want to be part of our buttery goodness? Please contact: Tamiller tamiller#1950Tamiller5 Nov 11
Nov 11 <Non Combat Pet> Recruiting DPS 4/7 Mythic NCP: NCP strives to do cutting-edge raiding in a friendly and relaxed environment. We feature a patient and collaborative approach to learning raid encounters. We pride ourselves on finding strong and dedicated players who enjoy raiding and are relaxed, mature, and intelligent. Raid times: 7-10PM PST Saturday, Sunday, Monday We need: Ranged dps (Mages)(Open to other classes) Melee(Enhancement, Ret)(Open to other classes) Always open to recruiting exceptional players What we are looking for specifically in a player: Performance- You MUST be up to the challenge of 20-man Mythic bosses. You must have experience with your class and spec, and be willing to improve. You should also be able to impress us, in some way or another, with your play. This is an extremely important criterion for us. Attitude- Another huge category, as we value maintaining a positive raid atmosphere. In no way are we softies, or can’t take a joke or criticism, but we do NOT want to hear crap like “This is pointless.” Or “Why are you dying to that? I bet I could do it so much better than you.”. An inkling of that will cause an instant failed trial, as you will not fit into NCP’s culture. Members will NOT make other members feel inferior, in any way possible. Combined with respect, we expect you to have the desire to improve yourself in any circumstance. If you don’t parse, you go and you look at logs for an hour to figure out what you did wrong. Interaction- Yes this is different than communication. We want you to make friends with us. I do not want someone to log on for raids and only raids. Don’t be a stranger. Make an effort. I encourage you to get in contact with me on Proudmoore, talk to me through real id Souless #1831 (, This guild is amazing, and this core group plans to uphold that attitude.Souless2 Nov 11
Nov 11 [A] <Reach> (1/7 M) Who we are: Reach is a raid focused, semi-hardcore group. We aim to progress as a core team. Members are more active towards night as we have a lot of West Coasters and Canadians. There is always something going on, whether it be random dungeons or running old content for mogs! Schedule: Raids are Fridays at 7pm-10pm and Saturdays 6pm-10pm. Dungeon runs happen on the fly throughout the week. Dungeon groups are not really assigned, so they are more casual. What we are looking for: We are currently searching for M EN ready DPS (mostly ranged), preferably not leather wearing classes. We are lacking in the cloth department at the moment. However, feel free to inquire about our raid team! TeamSpeak 3 is required during raid times. If you are a more casual friendly player, are just looking for a place to be social and run dungeons, don't be shy! Shoot us a whisper. :D Contact: LilLemon#1775 (GM) PandaPanda#11745 ddlutz#1444Lillemon7 Nov 11
Nov 11 7/7H MM Hunter LF Raid Grp So I am a 7/7H MM Hunter looking for a serious but not hard core raid group. I have been raiding with Gnomeland Security this xpac but the guild just blew up. I am an older fellow and looking for a raid group that treats each other with respect and doesn't tear each other down. I take raiding seriously but do not appreciate hard core BS. Best times for me are after 6:30 pm server time. If you need a hunter let me know and I can provide additional information to see if I might be a good fit.Linawen5 Nov 11
Nov 11 Shadow(main)/Disc priest LF casual raid guild Hey all, I am quick at leveling and gearing. I am not worried about gearing up. My issue is time. I live in east coast and work early hours. Therefore I need a raid team that starts around 5 or 6 pm eastern on weekdays or anytime during weekends. Let me know if you are interested! kevilicious#1724Ushealthcare5 Nov 11
Nov 11 (A) <To The Skies> recruiting for mythic 7/7H Raid TImes: Thursday 7PM-10PM server Sunday 4PM-7PM server Monday 7pm-??? server (This is a non mandatory clean up day for people who wish to continue where we left off. Empty spots will most likely be filled in group finder.) Our Needs: We have heroic EN on farm and are itching to start up mythic progression. We are accepting Dps and possibly a healer(someone willing to dual spec would be a plus). We have 5 leather wearers so priority would be to classes using other armor types. High priority classes/roles: Hunter, Fire Mage, Shadow Priest, Holy/Disc Priest, Holy Paladin. Other exceptional dps/heals welcome to apply About us: We are a semi-casual guild getting at least AOTC heroic mode. Most of our members have raided somewhat hardcore in the past and are looking just to raid with a good mix of fun and progression. We are looking to start up mythic progression as soon as we have the roster to do so. Add any of our officers if you have any questions. Hydropump#1439 Styven#11676 Uaremyfriend#1788 Xoomi#11517Mitski47 Nov 11
Nov 11 <AoA> LF community minded raiders! Age of Alleria is looking for a healer and a few ranged dps to fill out our raid roster. Prefer at least 830 ilvl, but if you are lower, we will happily help you gear up. We are a guild that has been growing by leaps and bounds since the start of legion. Our mindset is "casual but skilled." We are currently running normal (4/7) and will be moving into heroic in the coming weeks. We raid wed/thurs from 6:00 to 8:30 pm server time. A little bit about the guild itself: the majority of our members we have attracted are veteran players in their 20s and 30s who don't have the time for hard core raiding anymore but still want a fun and competitive raiding environment. We have a really great community of players and an environment of support, encouragement, and teamwork. We really value the people we play with and would like to add some more of you awesome people to our group! If this sounds like an environment that you would thrive in, send a tell to Guthwine, Elonwynn, or any of our members that you see online. Non raiders are welcome to join as well and take part in our frequent guild events! People of all walks of life welcome!Guthwine12 Nov 11
Nov 11 Found Guild Hi there! I'm a long time raider looking for a new raiding guild. I'm currently 7/7 N and 2/7 H in Legion. I was an officer and healer lead all through BC / Wrath / Cata so I take any raiding responsibilities that I'm given seriously. I will always show up prepared with my own food/flasks/pots etc. After being casual for so long Legion has pulled me back in and I'm dying to join a guild filled with fun members and raid progression! Any guilds that love to run Mythic + is a huge bonus for me too. In addition to my holy priest I bring along an 868+ Enhancement Shaman friend who is just as prepared and willing to raid as I am. My preferred raiding schedule is: Sunday / Monday / Wednesday / Thursday - 5 - 10PM server Thanks for reading and feel free to message me here or in game!Makarius5 Nov 11
Nov 11 860+ Prot pally and restro Druid LF Guild Both of us have Mythic experience in HFC with AotC's. Guild fell apart looking for a home. any days just with a raid time after 7:30 server. 7/7N EN with 1/7H. guild fell apart as soon as enough people were ready for heroic. Artorous#11868Artorous3 Nov 11
Nov 11 [H] Prot WAR Tank LF Skilled Raiding Guild Original vanilla WoW raider from back in the day, returning for raid content. I have tons of experience with tanking in MMOs and am looking for a good guild for M+ runs and Heroic/Mythic raid content. Prefer Sunday raiding but I am flexible. I also have a skilled ilvl 863 DRU healer friend who would likely join. Looking to spike up my ilevel and stop running with PUGs every time! Reply here or find me on Battlenet: Twismotron#1189 ~Thanks~Twism3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Boomie(867) and F Warr(870) LF Mythic Guild We are both currently 7/7 heroic and looking for an active mythic group. Preferably looking for a guild that raids Tuesday-Thursday at night but willing to consider other offers. We both log in the high 90 percentiles for all of our heroic fights. Add battletag StiffDaddy69#1610 if you have any questions for us.Harambizzle13 Nov 11
Nov 11 Holy Priest LF Late Night Raiding/M+ guild As the title states I'm a 863 holy priest and I'm looking for a late night raiding and M+ guild. I'm currently 7/7n EN, 2/7h EN, and I have cleared up to and including mythic +8. 90% of my previous raiding experience comes from BC and WOTLK. Where I completed all raids except SWP (before nerf) (BC). And I completed all heroic/hardmodes (prenerf) (WOTLK). Just got back into the game this expansion and I'm looking to server transfer to Proudmoore and hopefully join an active late night guild. As both my server and guild are practically dead. Ideal raid times would be 1-2 days during the week starting after 9pm PST. Primarily interested in guilds that are at least 5/7h. Although these are all just ideal situations and I am flexible. About myself. I'm in my mid twenties. I live on the west coast of Canada. And I'm a full-time university student.Tariella9 Nov 11
Nov 11 Shadow Priest looking for SemiHardcore guild Hello, I am an 860, 7/7 N 6/7H, shadow priest looking for a semi-hardcore (emphasis on semi) raiding guild. I have a decent amount of Mythic raiding experience prior to Legion, and an ample amount of general raiding experience. My desired raid times are either: Tuesday/Wednesday with ANY time range. OR Any day with raid times 10 P.M (PST) or later. Please feel free to add my Real I.D (Preferred contact) or reply on this forum post. Real I.D: Slappadabass#11661 Priest's Name: WeedkillsSlappadabass9 Nov 11
Nov 11 3 Competent Players LF Mythic Progression Earlier today our guild disbanded, it came down to the fact we're trying to progressive raid on a PvP server. Luckily for you, we 3 are the most comprehensive and competent players from the guild. Also were looking for something starting at 8:30 realm time I'm a 871 Prot Pally, I know all the fights, and know all mechanics perfectly to the T. We have a 872 Havok DH, was formerly our raid leader. Always prepared for the raid and had strats ready to go for any pugs we brought in. We also have an 865 Fire Mage, previously raided with the top guild on Zangarmarsh <South Bank Satellites> as a Fire Mage. Were ready to realm switch at a moments notice. If you'd like to know more if I dont respond to you directly here my Bnet is BakoBread#1476Dakoðread8 Nov 11
Nov 11 862 DH LF Casual/Serious Raiding Guild What do I mean by "casual/serious?" I'm looking for a guild that has kind of a laid back feeling. One that raids a max about times a week and has decent progression but isn't concerned about clearing all of mythic at the current tier. I would however like to try and clear all of heroic at the current tier but I'm not worried about trying to be a server first or anything like that. My current guild was doing great but recently just fell apart out of nowhere. I have 4/7 heroic experience and can dps or tank. (my dps currently has more points put into it but I would be happy to change) I'm a laid back person but I do take raiding/mythics and such seriously and will put my full effort into helping the group succeed. If you think i would be a good fit for your guild please message me! I would like to get back into Heroic EN asap! Battle tag is: Erradic#1671Excidic4 Nov 11
Nov 11 862/866 Fire Mage LF Guild Current guild imploded, not raiding anymore. Looking for a group to do content in. Have cleared EN normal, cleared up to Cenarius in Heroic. Can raid from 8:30 central to whenever Monday through Thursday. Weekends are free. Just pm me or whatever. Update im 7/7 heroic. Last 2 fights not that hard honestly.Roxxùs6 Nov 11
Nov 11 (A) <Quintessential> Recruiting We start officially raiding as a guild this weekend and are short a healer(s) and some DPS. We will also accept characters that wish to run Heroics/Mythics, as we have members who do these daily as well. So all are welcome, you do not have to be a raider to be a part of the guild. Raid Times/info: Raids are 2.5 hours - Discord Rqrd. Sat: 5pm(pst)/7pm(cst)/8pm(est) Sun: 4pm(pst)/6pm(cst)/7pm(est) We are hoping to just go into EN Normal for people who have not been and quickly progress to Heroic. -We expect raiders to come prepared, food, flask and know your class. -We expect you to have your 3rd artifact slot opened and filled. We have helpful members and are willing to help a lvl 110 character get to the point of raiding. If you are interested or have any further questions or inquiries you can whisper the following people or feel free to add our bnets: Shydrai: Bnet Dalet#1171 Wylld: Bnet Deleter#1289 Please be prepared to jump in Discord, we may ask you to pop in to chat. Thank you,Shydrai0 Nov 11
Nov 11 [US][A][Proudmoore] <Fels Kitchen> 7/7 N We are a happily middle-of-the-road raiding guild, with the core of us raiding together since Burning Crusade. We're a range of adults from 20s to 40s from across the US, with a couple of international players. We enjoy the game, but try not to take it or ourselves too seriously. We'd love to pull in 4 or 5 more to make sure we've got enough raiders on, and start building friendships. So, yea, here's the pitch. <Fels Kitchen> is recruiting raiders and really, anyone who wants to join for questing, leveling, goofing around, pvp, whatever. Our raid times are: Monday and Thursday from 7pm server time to 9pm server time, but as a social group we're on pretty much five to midnight most days. We have 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Normal, starting to speed through it, and looking for some folks to work on Trial and Heroic EN, as well. Looking to round out a raid team to keep on moving. We have two different Kara teams, and have it smoothed out. No nightbane timer yet, lol. We are looking for ranged dps over melee dps, but honestly we're kind of a "play what you like and we'll make it work" kind of raid, so if you're melee, give me a shout, we'll find a spot for you. Could also use a dps/healer and a dps/tank for backups. Also, we're pretty awesome. Well, everyone but Scott. Scott's a jerk. We sit in discord most nights and insult each other and most of the rest of the world. Thick skin is probably a must. Cursing like a sailor is a bonus. Be sure to insult Scott as your opener in discord and guildchat to win our hearts. Leave a reply if you have any questions about the guild - or even better, contact one of us in game! aranasyn#1270 qwible#1851Khaerephon0 Nov 11
Nov 10 [H] 7/7H MM Hunter LF Weekday Raiding guild! Guild dissolved so I'm looking for a new home! Have AotC and know fights, currently gearing this character (852 atm) as I wasn't raiding on this character. Hopefully looking for a guild that raids weeknights (M T W Th pref) with 6pm server being the absolute earliest I can start. Send me a message in game and lemme know what ya got!Doujinshi0 Nov 10
Nov 10 [A] Sargeras - 1/7M - Lf Tanks & RDPS Guild Name: Hero On Pull Faction: Alliance Server: Sargeras Times: Fri-Sat, 9:30-1:30am EST Progression: 7/7H 1/7M Atmosphere: Semi-Hardcore Optional Tuesday Raid, for friends and family Recruiting: Any Outstanding RDPS of any class, (HIGH PREFERENCE WARLOCK/S PRIEST/MAGE) having logs is a preference. Healers, we need 1 Holy Pally. Tanks: Preference on Prot Pally About the Guild: Group left an old guild do to lack of leadership and caring more about raiding with friends and family, then balancing it to kill bosses. After 1 month of raiding in 6.2 we went 8/13M. The only thing we care about is that you show up on time and can play a class not a spec. We put a big emphasis on being proficient on playing you class over playing a spec, especially if all of them are dps specs. We understand you need to be friends to raid together but as long as we all have the same goal in mind we've all gotten along great and grown close. People can take any days off that they want with notice. Wow is not a job. You're going out for a birthday, a dinner, to get laid, w/e, gives us notice and will take your word for it. Legion: Our plans for Legion are to be the average mythic guild. For example clearing 4/7M HM pre-BRF, or 8/10M BRF pre-HFC, or being 9/13M pre-valor. We are by no one means going to ask people to take time off work or school or do split runs. We want to be average and kill bosses. Website: Contact: valgasstrife#1759, Krazyfox#1430Krazywolf0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Guild transfer looking for people endNpepper1 Nov 10
Nov 10 [A] 846 BRM Monk LF Social Guild The guild I was with up until now is fairly dead, unfortunately, and I'd like to find a new group to play with. I'm a bit anxious about moving on to harder endgame content, but I'm finally getting comfortable tanking mythics and trying to work my way up to mythic+ and Non-LFR raiding. Any guild I join MUST be LGBT/trans friendly, and bonus points for being "adult" friendly as well.Tanktostron1 Nov 10
Nov 10 857 bear tank LF N/H guild Howdy all! Looking to join a casual team pushing normal/heroic. I'm an 852 guardian druid. I've been exclusively tanking since Wrath/Cata where I started with a DK. Also have experience with paladins, warriors, and demon hunters. What I'm looking for: + Faction: Alliance + A guild that is okay with me raiding with them cross-realm for my trial period. If things work out, I would not be against transferring in the end, but I want to make sure we're both good fits for each other first. + 2 nights/week with start times of 8pm PST or later. 9pm PST is strongly preferred. + A guild happy with pushing normal and heroic primarily. If mythic comes later, great! I have raiding experience at all levels of content going all the way back to MC in vanilla. If you have any questions, drop me a line!Beartron3 Nov 10
Nov 10 3/7h Fire Mage LF Weekend Raids Hi! I am currently an 850 Fire Mage ( Will get higher as i continue playing) Looking For a Weekend Raiding Guild. Preferred Raid Times 11a-3p (~2-6pm) Sat/Sun Currently Doing Heroic/Normal Raids but will look into mythics as i progress If you are interested Hit me up at TwoRedRhinos#1493 Thanks!Gelfep4 Nov 10
Nov 10 857 Fury WR LF Fri/Sat Late Night Raid Group Hey all, As the title says, I'm looking for a consistent group on Fri & Sat nights to do raid content (as main or sub) or 5-man content. Raid Experience: Not much in WoW (only LFR and Normal), but I've done years of high-end raiding in SWTOR. I've been running a lot of Mythic+ since Legion start. Desired Environment: Casual, Mature (21+), Chill. I'd love to progress my gear as much as possible as long as its done at a pace that's still fun! Gear: I have two (2) Legendary 895 items (Cloak-enchanted and Ring). I need to wait about 10 more days to wear the ring since my Hall is upgrading. Dummy Parse: Desired Voice Chat: Discord Available Nights: Fri & Sat, 10pm-1am ET (7pm-10pm ST) Toon Name: Marsyas bnet: mlambros79#1194 thanks!Marsyas1 Nov 10
Nov 9 [A]<Philosophy> Tu/W/Th 1/7M Healer Needed (Philosophy) Is looking to form a healer for the main team as well as members for team two, all roles currently open. Main team is 1/7M and is currently continuing progression through mythic. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 5:30 to 8:30 pm server time. Exceptional players will be considered for main team. contact Colbalt#11789 or Varcrist#1333 if you are interested or have questionsColeblue11 Nov 9