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(A)<Dark Hall> 12/14M LF DPS, Socials Hello! Dark Hall is looking for fresh DPS to fill out the remaining spots we have available for Mythic raiding going into WoD. Melee DPS is mostly what I am looking for seeing as we are looking very range heavy at the moment, however exceptional DPS of any role would be welcome. A warlock would be fantastic. Raid times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-9PM ST (9-Midnight EST) High Priorities: Warrior (Fury or Arms, Arms preferred) Rogue Deathknight (Frost preferred) Shaman (Enhancement) Warlock About the guild: We are a guild made up of players from almost every era of the game, starting from retail release of Vanilla all through the expansions. The guild, while having a fresh name, has been around since very early Vanilla and I plan to keep us around til the WoW servers die out. We have welcomed many server transfers and try to the best of our abilities to make everyone feel at home and enjoy themselves. It is my goal as both the guild master and the raid leader to make sure every aspect of the guild has a good time and that our raids stay progressive and fun. On the raiding front, we do have every intention of pushing into Mythics into WoD just as we did heroics in SoO and to continue to better ourselves. While I do not consider us hardcore at all, I will have standards I expect to be met if you are applying to be in the Mythic group of 20 so that we can continue to progress there. Normal (Flex) and Heroic (Normal) I will welcome a much broader range of applicants since we have 30 spots available there. While raiding is my main priority as the raid leader, I am also a OCD hoarder and achievement junky. We regularly take part in every aspect of the game as a guild. We do old content almost weekly to get people achievements and mounts/Xmog/pets and a few of us greatly enjoy taking part in PvP antics. I would love to continue growing our social base within the guild to keep the chat lively and enjoyable, especially since I can bring many more people to the easier parts of raiding if they are interested (and don't lie, most of you are :P) so anyone with a social interest in the game is more than welcome to join us and enjoy! Methods of contact: Place an in-game application. Go to and place an application in the appropriate forums. Contact me directly at Battletag Kyrish#1900 Kyrish12
Nov 24, 2014
Experienced Ret/Holy Pally looking for guild. Experienced Ret/Holy Paladin looking for a stable, active guild for WoD. Prior to taking a hiatus from the game, I raided in the top 500US, and Realm First from BC to mid Cataclysm (experience listed below). I'm looking for a guild with stability and a semi hardcore to hardcore raiding schedule (3-5 days per week preferred). I am available to raid every night of the week and I am able to be online for raids starting at 8 p.m. server time. I am looking to transfer over to the server and I will as soon as I find the right guild. If you have further questions, please add me to Real ID and/or this post. Thanks for reading! PvE Progression: (All kills achieved during relevant patch.) TBC: Karazhan- full clear, realm #1. Gruul's Lair- Full clear, Realm #1 Magtheridon's Lair- Full clear, Realm #1 Zul'Aman- Full Clear, Realm #1. Realm #1 timed run. Serpentshrine Cavern- Full clear, Realm #1 Tempest Keep- Full clear, Realm #2, Alliance #1. (Pre-Kael/attunement Nerf) Mt. Hyjal- Full clear, Realm #2, Alliance #1 Black Temple- Full clear, Realm #2, Alliance #1. Sunwell Plateau- Clear to Mu'ru, Pre-nerf. WotLK- Naxxramas 10/25- full clear, realm #2 25 man, 10 man untracked (Undying- Realm #1) OS 10/25- Full clear, Realm #1 3D 25 man, 10 man untracked Eye of Eternity 10/25- Full clear, Realm #2 25 man. 10 man untracked. Ulduar- 10/25- Full clear, Realm #2 ToC- 25- Full clear, Realm #2, US 401. ICC- 25- 13/14. Finished progression Realm #2, US 547 | 10- Full clear, Realm #3, finished progression US 643 Cataclysm- Blackwing Descent- finished progression 5/6 heroic Notable kills: ODS normal: World 122 / US 23, Heroic US 261, Atramedes heroic US 102, Maloriak heroic US 256 Bastion of Twilight- finished progression 3/5. Notable kills: Heroic Halfus, US 199, Heroic V&T, US 321, Heroic Council US 102 TotFW- Full Clear, world 483, US 103. Real ID- Kappie#1899 Pallypuff3
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<Adventure Time> LF Mage/Lock for 12/2 Hello, good people of Proudmoore! Time is money, friend! And no one knows better than we do. <Adventure Time> is a rebirth of a core guild that has been in existence since the launch of Burning Crusade. In that expansion we led a 25 man guild to middle server status. At the launch of WOTLK we battled to the forefront and got server top 5. In Cata and MoP. we have managed to be pretty low on the progression charts as we struggled to assemble the right group and figure out exactly what we wanted. Now we have done just that. When WoW launched Vanilla, we were young adults with little responsibility and lots of free time. Now we are older, some of us have kids, all of us have full time jobs or school as well as other responsibilities. But we are still competitive, dedicated, and love raiding. Towards the end of this expansion we have managed to assemble an even stronger core of members that shows up day in, day out when needed and are intelligent gamers, well rounded, and know how to have fun together. Now we will expand and use that to succeed. In the vein of <Full Spectrum>, we will assemble a dedicated group that will understand that life is busy, but we WILL compete. We will raid 8 hours a week, two days, and will be striving for US top 100. Not an easy task on that schedule, but if Full Spectrum can do it on 7 hours at 62 overall, so can we. It will require dedication, focus, and experience. So that is what we are looking for. Currently only short with some caster ranged, so a lock and/or a mage would be fantastic. Others are more than welcomed to contact us and we will see what we can do. Flex raiding til mythic makes that a lot easier to do ;) We will begin heroic on the 2nd, so we will expect everyone in raid to come prepared, with 630+ avg as we work toward mythic as quickly but efficiently as possible. We will use a weighted zero-sum DKP system that has served us well in our 25 mans in the past, and we will raid Tue, Thur with an optional Monday cleanup. 7pm-10pm Server time for now, which we will likely extend to 11 during progress nights if the Monday cleanup isn't viable. We will use vent, and expect 85% attendance to maintain raider status. We will also use logs to track opportunity areas. We are a friendly, eclectic and fun bunch, but very serious about making our mark in WoD without sacrificing the lives we have built for ourselves outside of this fantastic game. If this seems like something that you might be interested in, contact Cake#1441 or Morsis#1335 for questions or invites, or post here with a way to contact you and we will do so. -Cake Cáke2
Nov 23, 2014
[A] Mamas Insurance Recruiting for WoDRaiding Hows it going gents, my name is Smash and I am the Co-Leader of Mamas Insurance. With the new expansion I decided along with friends of mine that it's time to bring us all together onto one server and get involved as a community that wants to raid and also wants to form friendships and experiences that goes beyond just being able to fill a role. I think it's time to bring in people who want to have the feeling of friendship and want to succeed in progression with people who they enjoy socializing with in and out of the game. We want to create more than just a guild, we want to be a family. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And so with that Mamas Insurance is looking for exceptional dps and healers who want to give it their all and also share their experiences with us. We are looking for all classes who are willing to come, but we are actively seeking -----Monk Dps/Heals -----Pally Dps/Heals -----Lock ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raid times are currently Mon/Tues 7-10 and we will assist you in any way we can in making sure you are performing your absolute best when Highmaul launches. - - - - - - - - - - If you are interested at all in joining us please feel free to chat with me or the others in the guild and we will respond to whatever question you will have. Dragonceye-Co-Leader-DyllieBear#1519 Brosmash-Co-Leader-Smashbro#1278 Demins-Officer-DrFeelGood#1186 Brosmash2
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[A] <Eternal Kingdom> US 208 (25H) recruiting GUILD INFO: Eternal Kingdom is a multiple team raiding guild. Our teams work together to provide upward and downward mobility ensuring you are raiding with a team that fits your personal play style and needs. Our large community provides a wide raiding spectrum, and while we do include some casual elements our guild focus is raiding excellence. This includes fielding one of the best raiding teams in the US. We are currently recruiting top quality raiders who will push themselves to the max to get the most out of their (and our) gaming experience! Read more at MYTHIC RAID TEAMS AND TIMES: **Current team needs my be listed but if you are a quality player DO NOT HESITATE TO APPLY we will make room for you! [C] CHAMPION: Hard Core Mythic Progression - 12+hrs/week Tue/Wed/Thur/Mon 9pm-12am PST Goal: Top 100US content clears *This team may occasionally require extra raids during progression.* [K] KNIGHT: Mythic Progression - ~9hrs/week Wed/Thur/Mon 9pm-12am PST Goal: Current tier content clears. [RT] THE ROUNDEST TABLE Mythic Progression - ~9hrs/week Tue/Wed/Thur 7pm-10Pm PST Goal: Current tier content clears. Current Team Needs: Tank, Balance Druid w/ Restoration OS (swing heal position), Elemental Shaman, Warlock, Mage, Rogue [HG] HONOR GUARD: Mythic Progression - ~8hrs/week Sat/Sun 8pm-12am PST Goal: Current tier content clears. HEROIC/NORMAL RAID TEAMS AND TIMES: We hope to add some additional Normal/Heroic options but it will depending on community interest and the willingness of leadership to organize and facilitate additional raids. Expect our December post to have 2/3 more teams listed! CITIZEN: Normal run for casuals, alts, friends, apps etc... - ~3hrs/week Fri 9pm-12am PT Goal: Clear Normal content and move into heroic when possible. Zate2
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New guild focused on making friends/raiding! Come join a brand new guild focused on making friends and raiding! New Players, Returning Players, people that want to make friends, and people that want low stress raid progression, this is for you! Do you: Want to form new, meaningful friendships with other WoW players? Want to play in a light-hearted, but still mature environment that keeps drama to the minimum? Want to raid with other skilled players, but in a fun, low stress sort of way? Hey Proudmoore, I’ve formed a brand new guild named <Sparkly Unicorns> for WoD and I’d love to have you join! If the silliness of the name isn’t a dead giveaway already, this guild is going to focus on building friendships, enjoying the game (dungeons, challenge modes, pvp, etc) in a casual manner, and raiding Normal/Heroic difficulties with flexible time commitments. I’ve been playing WoW since WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King) and the thing that always made this game special for me was not the gameplay, but rather the great friendships I’ve formed over the years. Cause let’s be honest, there are games out there with better graphics and better gameplay than WoW has, but what really makes MMOs stand out is the enjoyment of making good friends and working towards in-game goals as a team. As such, I believe forming friendships is the single most important thing that’s necessary for finding enjoyment in the game. My main goals for this guild are: Try and make sure everyone has the opportunity to form meaningful friendships! Making new friends can be scary/hard, especially for people that are shy or just don’t like to talk a lot. I’ll be doing my best to encourage group activities and make sure nobody falls through the cracks (so to speak). . Maintain a roster of people that want to raid. Our raiding will be relaxed with no specific goals other than to try our best and have fun. However, it's important to note that members who want to raid will be expected to try their best during raids and make an effort to play their class to its max potential. "Casual & low stress" does not equal "put in zero effort and suck real bad!" Nobody enjoys wiping a million times to a boss because certain team members aren't prepared, or on the same level as the rest of the team. As far as requirements, my only real requirement is that people who want to raid at least try to be good at whatever class they are playing. It's ok if you have no raid experience, etc, I'm more than willing to give you a shot. Worst case scenario is it doesn't work out... but I'll still appreciate you trying! . Maintain a light-hearted, but mature environment. Let’s face it, not every personality type gets along. With that in mind, I’m looking to form a cohesive group of like-minded gamers full of people that love to have fun but still act like mature adults. Mature people... Joke around, but understand when certain types of joking might cause offense. Understand the benefit of constructive criticism, and don’t let that kind of feedback offend them, or bring down their self-confidence. Generally don’t engage in middle-school level s3x and pen1s jokes in trade chat, excessively trollish behavior, etc. If that sounds good and you’d like to join or get more information, feel free to leave me a message here, try to message me in-game on my toons Nore or Nory, or add me on (JMB#1753). This is a brand new adventure, and I'd be honored if you'd consider joining in on it! Nory18
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Strangely Ironic Hey all, Strangely Ironic is looking for some new faces!! We are searching for Raiders, fill-ins, and casual players to enjoy socially. We are a laid back guild and enjoy the game for what it is, so no elitist attitudes welcome, sorry. We have been around since Vanilla, so no need to worry about the guild dissolving. We want you to come join in the fun and chat it up with us in GChat! We never require raiding, and no one is looked down upon for not raiding. We have transmog pros, PvPers, Achievement fiends, altoholics, the list goes on. We are all about the people instead of the game. A lot of people in the guild consider others friends rather than game mates. A few perks of SI: Guild Repairs Bank tabs open for everyone Free crafting from guildies if you have the mats Experience from every class and role to help you learn your characters Guild Forums to keep up on news, info, and to banter with others while not in game Best of all: friends. For Raiders: Our Main Progression team runs Tues/Thurs at 1800 Server Time. When we get another raid leader we will be running a second team Fri/Sat at 1800 Server Time as well. The first people ready to raid will be the ones raiding. Fortunately with the new Flex style raiding, people can join the team as they level and gear. While we are LGBT friendly, we do not tolerate using the guild as a dating service. We don't judge people for their personal lives, we are in WoW to play a game together and that has no bearing on race, sex, orientation, etc. If you just want a place that doesn't harass you for being LGBT, then check us out. If you like to flaunt your sexual orientation, look elsewhere. For more details on our guild and how we run things visit Drop an app or contact me in game if interested. :D Hope to see you around!! Kentuckyrose PurpleRosey#1488 Kentuckyrose0
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