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Nov 22, 2010
Ravenholdt's Roleplayer Collective (( In interest of better pointing out the role-players of the Ravenholdt community and well known role-play guilds, for the purposes of making world rp easier for the common role-player, this thread has been made to easily correctly identify all moderate to hardcore role-players. The ventrillo capability has been added for leaving open the possibility for cross faction role-play on either small scales or large scales. ***Reading through the posts so far I've noticed a trend that follows the idea of ventrillo being used literally for role-play talking's, though it is at the interest of the role-player, it was not the intended implication. The intended implication was so the ooc foundation could be had for prosperous in game role-playing. Example being, lets meet here or here at this time, so on and so forth.** Name: Role-play Classification: (( Moderate and hardcore only please.)) Would you role-play with someone if they approached you in game?: ((Yes/No)) Vent Capable? ((Yes/No)) Would you be willing to participate in cross faction role-play? ((Yes/No)) Please remember not to "god play" if you do approach someone in game, else they may not role-play with you at all. Easiest way I've found to set up a rp interaction is to PM OOC to see if they are up for it, then to follow suit and meet up IC "randomly" to have the interaction. ((IC- In Character OOC- Out of Character God play-to over step your characters logical limitations. Skill level and powers should be scaled to level as well as the world's setting. )) Role-play Classifications The non role-player who is against role-playing- A non role-player who apparently got lost when they went to pick servers and missed the fact it is a role-player server first and a pvp server second. Often makes fun of role-playing and role-players to make up for their own stupidity of rolling on a rp-pvp server. Non role-player- Doesn't role-play but came here probably so they wouldn't see names like "Ipokedumom" and "Shadowstar, strike, ballon, tree, and all other shadow__ rogue names". May not help the role-play on a role-play then player against player server, but doesn't harm its being either. Light role-player- Role-plays rarely, mostly to pass the time when things have gotten dull. May also change his or her characters speach style to answer back to a roleplayer who has engaged them but isn't really looking for a role-play interaction. Moderate role-player- Role-plays when role-played with but may not go to the extent of role-playing everything from lookingforgroup to trading. Hardcore role-player- Role-plays all the time, rarely if ever going out of character, whether in game or on the forums. Normally has some sort of macro system for things he or she does that explains the actions in /me. Verri116
Mar 17
Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Website! Hello Ravenholdt Role-Players! The Ravenholdt Roleplaying Sanctum Website is officially open to any and all who wish to register and join the community! This website is for all roleplayers who wish to contribute and build up the roleplaying community on Ravenholdt. It includes forums for roleplaying, sharing stories and biographies, planning RP events, chatting OOCly, and much more! Please share the website with any and all individuals who might have an interest in being a part of this community! The site has been running for over a year now and the membership and growth of the Sanctum is amazing! How to sign up: 1) Go to www.ravenholdt.us 2) Sign up, using your character’s name as the name on your account (those not using their character’s name will be asked by an Admin to change it). 3) Post! Here’s some more information! If you have more questions, please just ask. Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community FAQ • What is the mission of the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community? o In order to promote and enhance the roleplay on the Ravenholdt server for the purpose of building a strong foundation and vibrant roleplaying community, this website seeks to separate the roleplayers from the griefers, and to reconcile all the isolated pockets of Ravenholdt RP to one another until all that remains is a single, exquisite tapestry of realm-wide storytelling. Epic, simply epic. • Who is invited to join the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community? o Everyone! We're obviously geared towards the Ravenholdt realm, and towards roleplaying, but anyone who wishes to join our community and is willing to play nice with others is welcome! • Who isn't welcome? o Anyone unwilling or unable to follow the short and simple list of rules we've taken the time to write up and lay out for you. • How do I join the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community? o Registrations require e-mail confirmation. Just make sure you use your actual e-mail address when you register, and you should have no problem activating your account. It'll only take a few minutes, and after that you're encouraged to post! • What are the rules? o Please make sure to read our rules, which can be found here (http://ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=42). • Who runs the Ravenholdt Roleplaying Community? o Members from both factions and different guilds built, administrate, and moderate this site. As the need arises, more moderates will be chosen from the community. Though this site looks official, but it's not actually associated with Blizzard in any way. • This is great! How can I support this website? o You can support the site by being an active member! You can also help cover the expenses of the site, if you're keen to help out even more. This website is hosted through the generous donations of the RP community.More information can be found on the ravenholdt.us homepage. Thank you for your contributions! Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I hope to see you there soon! Aerana56
Mar 9
Please Read: Common Ravenholdt Questions! Hello and welcome to the Ravenholdt Realm Forums! If you are coming to these forums to look for a new server, ask questions about Ravenholdt, or just learn about our server, we ask that you please read this post first! I will do my best to keep it updated with the current information about the server and I would invite all current members of the Ravenholdt community to help me make this as complete as possible. We're glad that you have shown interest in our RP-PvP server! This thread is here in hopes to answer some questions you might have about the server. Please read this first before posting on the forums. Before you read, please know that I thoroughly enjoy Ravenholdt and think that it has a great community. Don't let the forums scare you away, be open to meeting people, and be willing to contribute to the community. You'll do great! How is the RP Here? While I can't speak for everyone here, I do believe that I can offer some insights into some of the roleplaying questions you might have, having been a roleplaying member for a while now. I rolled my first WoW character on Ravenholdt and have stayed here since then. I love the community of the server and I believe that if you're willing to get to know people, it's very likely that you'll find your niche here too! First of all, roleplaying is alive and well on the server, though some might say differently. While you might not find as much roleplay on Ravenholdt as a normal RP server, I have heard that it rates very well in terms of RP on an RP-PvP server. And the more roleplayers who transfer here, the better we become! A lot of the RP guilds, both Horde and Alliance, are working together to promote and enhance RP on the server through a series of events and stronger guild interactions. Part of the way that they hope to accomplish this is through a community RP site - the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum. The Ravenholdt Roleplaying Sanctum has been constructed by motivated individuals in the community and is continually updated with new stories and ideas. You can access the forum by going to: www.ravenholdt.us It's our hope that these forums will provide a place to post IC posts, promote and solicit ideas for RP events, and help to form a cohseive and strong RP community. It also has some postings from specific RP guilds on the server. I strongly encourage you to check it out! We already have over 300 registered members and only continue to grow! Now, as to the specifics of RP on the server: The gist of RP on this server is that it is there, if you look for it. I believe that there is random RP that can be found in SMC and SW if you are dedicated enough to find it and willing to initiate it. Having said that, I will say that the process can be made a whole lot easier if you're part of an RP guild, since a lot of the RP on the server tends to be guild-centric. This is natural since guilds provide a natural location for people to develop an comfortable RP community. However, many members of the RP community have recently been working to spread out and make the RP more accessible to the server as a whole. Hence, the Alliance RPers have created in-game channels to bring the RP community together, answer RP questions, direct you to guilds that suit your RP style, plan RP events, and provide a strong foundation of community RPers to work together to make the server better. The channel name is "RP." Feel free to join and ask the community if you have any questions or are looking for more input (though be aware that sometimes the channels are more or less busy and it's an OOC hang-out for RPers on the server). There are some very decent RP guilds on both the Horde and the Alliance side of the server. If you're interested in an RP guild, I would highly encourage you to check out the RP Guild sticky at the top of these forums. It provides a basic outline of the guild and a way to contact them. If you're looking for a specific type of guild, just let us know and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. More information about these guilds can be found on the Sanctume (ravenholdt.us). Now, along with the RP comes RP-PvP events (this is an RP-PvP server after all). There definitely are RP-PvP events, though some of them are simply between guilds and not open to the entire servers. Examples of this are RP wars between guilds and events that people host more quietly in order to avoid griefers. Once in a while guilds will build up the motivation and host a serverwide RP-PvP event. Those are always a lot of fun, though they take a lot of work. If you want to see more, please help them in the planning and execution stages and hopefully more RP-PvP events will be seen! Aerana26
Feb 9
Ravenholdt: Server, FAQ, & Guild Information - Ravenholdt Server Information Server Type: RP-PVP Virtually Merged With: Twisting Nether Battlegroup: Whirlwind Time Zone: Central Standard Time (CST) Creation Date: December 14, 2006 Census Information: http://www.warcraftrealms.com/census.php?serverid=734&factionid=-1&minlevel=10&maxlevel=80&servertypeid=4 - Ravenholdt Wikipedia Listings General Information: http://www.wowwiki.com/Server:Ravenholdt_US Profession Information: http://www.wowwiki.com/Server:Ravenholdt_US/Tradeskills Guild Information: http://www.wowwiki.com/Server:Ravenholdt_US/Guilds Character Profiles: http://ravenholdt.kaaosa.com/wiki/Category:Characters - Ravenholdt/Twisting Nether's Roleplay Collectives Ravenholdt's RP Sanctum: http://www.ravenholdt.us Twisting Nether Gazette: http://wow-tng.org Azeroth Press: http://azeroth-press.enjin.com/home - Ravenholdt Public Ventrilo Server N/A - Ravenholdt IRC Webclient Link: http://www.mibbit.com/chat/ Nickname: (Use Your Character Name) Server: irc.mmoirc.com / Channel: #Ravenholdt - Ravenholdt Mod(s) N/A - Ravenholdt Battle Group Information Server(s): Anub'arak - PvP Blackwater Raiders - RP Bladefist - Normal Cenarion Circle - RP Cenarius - Normal Darrowmere - PvP Echo Isles - Normal Fenris - Normal Hyjal - Normal Korialstraaz - Normal Lightbringer - Normal Maiev - PvP Misha - Normal Ravenholdt - RP-PvP Shu'halo - PvP Sisters of Elune - RP The Forgotten Coast - PvP Uther - Normal Vashj - PvP -Zeroden (last updated 06/01/2015) Zeromus83
Aug 19
RavenNether, Savage Warlords Progression Welcome to the new expansion! And you know what that means! New expansion, new thread. Of course, I guess I'm still me, so it's not totally out with the old, in with the new... but I digress. Welcome to the RavenNether Savage Warlords realm progression thread! Here I will be posting some useful links about the server, tracking server firsts, as well as some other various achievements. Rules Despite the format changes made for raiding, you are still required to have a guild group for kills to be recorded. Be clear when stating your kills (I'm still looking at you, Cayreth). Say what you have downed. Do not leave it up to me to figure out what you're claiming credit for, because in all likelihood, I won't bother. If you are running a regular raid group but are not meeting the threshold for a single guild run, we can discuss adding you to the progression thread. Please send me an in-game message about this if you wish to be included, and we'll talk. The characters you can contact me on are as follows (mains are in bold): [H]: Lukar, Kaikanor, Tyralda, Ghanta, Veronika [A]: Tarashan, Yalayna, Alannah, Alarassa, Jesamine, Tythorm, Bryanna, Aryänna Server Information Server Name: Ravenholdt-Twisting Nether Nicknames: Twistenholdt, Ravenether, Netherholdt Type: RP-PvP Server Time: Central Standard Time Population: Medium Faction Balance: Horde-favored Useful Links Ravenholdt RP Website: http://www.ravenholdt.us Ravenholdt Roleplayer Collective: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1081888240 Commonly Asked Questions: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074267821 Server First - Tier 17 Highmaul: Blackrock Foundry: Credits: Tinox of <Twilight Empire> [A] for formatting and layout. Whitewing of <Renaissance> [A] for initial layout Lukar173
Apr 16, 2015
Ravenholdt: Community art thread The following thread is intended to showcase artwork from our very own artists here in Ravenholdt for many in the community to see. If you have artwork that you would like to show case, please link said pieces in a reply to this thread. Players will be listed on the front page along with a link to their individual pieces or galleries. I hope to see artwork from many of you and I hope you enjoy the pieces others have made. Down below are a few rules.There is also a Featured art of the month thread out so be sure to call out your favorites on that thread. Featured art thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1207762046?page=1#2 RULES: 1. Artwork must be Warcraft related whether it be a in-game character,a character from the warcraft universe, or warcraft scenery. 2. Please respect all those that are either posting their work or commenting on them. If you'd don't like a comment or a art piece , stay quiet. Critiques are fine as long as you do not end up being offensive. 3. Please only post work that you actually put effort into it. work that looks like the one linked below will be ignored.Offensive work will not be posted and will be reported. Sketches of a certain quality will be posted on the front page, however I highly advise that you put more effort into them or complete those pieces. http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa272/sickntwisted8990/crapwowdrawing.jpg 4. All mediums are allowed except for in game screen shots. 5. If you have more than 5 pieces done please add them to a gallery and link the gallery itself. There is also a thread coming out for featured artwork of the month where people can call out artwork from this thread to be shown there,so be sure and vote on your favorites. If you have any questions please post here or pst Oßlivion/abyzzle via whisper or mail. As always I hope you have fun and enjoy the artwork shown here. Abyzz was here... (STICKY PLEASE) Oßlivion27
Aug 26, 2013
WORGEN RP EVENT Attack of Gilnaes Ello! I will be posting this on all Server forms just to get the word out for everyone. I am Eliza from the Emerald Dream Server we are a RP-PVP based server and I know there are some roleplayers on other servers so please if you do not like this idea just move on. I would like to host an RP event on July 26th 2016 with MANY Worgens from all over. We will have 2 (or 3) Raids groups to help Cross- Faction members jump to the correct realm. To avoid trolls and wipers the realm which this will be held at will not be disclosed. The members choosing to take part in this event will be jumped to the correct Realm of choice. The Rp event it's self will be a play out of the lives of those who were scared during the attack. One raid group will be in their Feral Worgen forms, the other in their human forms. The point of this is to hide from the Worgens during the event and escape Gilnaes (ON FOOT) If caught or found by a Worgen you can defend your life. Humans have 5HP Worgens have 8HP Humans hit for 2HP Worgens for 1HP. If a human gets to 1HP they are turned Worgen and have to join the 1st or 3rd Raid group and go hunting for Humans. If a Worgen gets to 1HP they have to flee back to the start to Heal up. The human that beat the beast CANNOT be reattacked by the SAME player. But their Remaining HP does not change. If you have 2 HP it remains 2 HP till you escape Gilnaes. The Battle its self will be emoted via /ME RP. and /roll 20. Anything higher than the first roll is a defense/attack. Always roll before you actually attack. The leaders of the raids will be the "Dungeon Masters" But players are to keep track of their own health. I hope this catches some roleplayers attention, I feel this would be a fun experience. Eliziä1
Notice: This Forum Shutting Down May 6 Hello! On May 6, we will be removing this sub-forum. As this realm has long been a part of a coalesced-realms group, we're moving realm-specific discussion to the sub-forum for your group: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/22813838/ Please head over there with realm-specific discussion. Thank you! Kaivax13
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<Pathogen>, 10/13 Mythic, is recruiting. <Pathogen> is a raiding guild focused on top tier progression. We're a band of online pals who have played together for over half a decade in various games and platforms. Whether its raiding in Warcraft or achieving leader board season ranks in other games; we have consistently played well and maintained a bond that is hard press to find in most online communities. Our recruitment isn't just a raid spot, as you will find yourself submerged in a group that goes above and beyond for each other. Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Realm Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Realm (We'll raid on Tuesdays once Legion starts) Actively Recruiting: Rogue (High) Warlock (High) Mage (High) Unholy DK (High) Balance Druid (High) Resto Shaman (High) Our Expectations: -Attendance is important! We expect raiders to adhere to our schedule as much as possible and inform us when they cannot. We realize players have a real life outside of raiding, and we ask that they realize and respect the fact that others have to set aside that 'real life' in order to raid. By showing up late or not at all without warning causes people to lose out on that time that could have otherwise been spent with their families. -Respect the content! Never take a fight for granted or slack because you feel its on 'farm'. Always come prepared, enchanted and upgraded. Know which of your specs does best in any particular fight as well as which talents compliment the encounter best. -Don't plateau! We’re looking for players that consistently strive to improve their performance. -Communication! A working mic and the vocal cords to use it is a must. What you can expect from us: -On-the-house materials! We provide anything and everything you need in order to raid and raid successfully. From consumables and food, to boe's and crafting materials. If there is something out there to increase your performance, it'll come out of our pockets. -Loot Council! We offer a limited loot council in terms of high valued items such as trinkets and weapons. We typically gear the 'raid' as oppose to the individual. -Competent Leadership! The RL is a former US 30th raider with multiple sub US 15 kills under his belt. We also have a handful of raiders with tremendous raiding experience that exceeds our TN progression. Contact us: You contact us by applying to our website http://pathogen-tn.enjin.com/home or by getting in touch with us in-game. (Officer contact info below) Note: Undergeared applicants will be reviewed and considered. We completely understand you will not be putting up top-notch performances without optimal gear. However, logs will always show that you are doing things properly and dealing with mechanics accordingly. We look forward to having you join us! Nihilistic#1444 Ezekiel311#1834 Malacath#1165 Seis#1577 Crosshairs9
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[Event] Spring 2016 Kosh'harg (Horde-RP) ((Original forum post can be found at the Feathermoon server forum: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743034570 )) The supple hide of a lamb is nailed to a supporting beam of a nearby building, tacked at four corners with thick, iron spikes. Immediately spotted from a distance is the symbol of the Horde at the top of the hide and a pair of crossed warhammers at the bottom. Thick script emblazoned in a rich dark brown covers the hide as if it has been branded with the words. It reads as follows: Throm-ka, Warriors of the Horde! For generations before their betrayal and corruption our people lived at peace with the elements. We honored the spirits of our ancestors and we fought to defend our homes and bring strength and glory to our Clans. Twice each year, when the day and the night held equal sway, all the Clans would gather together in the sacred fields of Nagrand and seek counsel from the spirits at the Holy Mountain of Oshu’gun. Since our arrival on Draenor the old festivals and traditions of the Horde have become even more important than ever as our victories over the Iron Horde rally many of the Clans to our banners. This Spring as we look toward the end of our dire conflict with Gul’dan and his Shadow Council our eyes turn homeward with hope for a reinvigorated Horde and a secure future As the night fades and the warmth of day shines once more on our people we are more confident than ever that our hour is come: we look to return to Azeroth victorious with new strength added to our numbers! Come then and celebrate with us in Nagrand that was broken. Let us bring the strength of fresh blood to old and broken lands. Let us celebrate our victorious dead and look with hope to tomorrow. Let us look ahead to the road home. Let the Clans be gathered together once more for Kosh’harg! For our ancestors, and FOR THE HORDE! Brightclouds5
Mar 23 Mar 18
Got to love GMs who love their job... This is a ticket ref. a quest line for one of my toons and a GMs response... <Bob> I am attempting to complete the Rexxar Quest line in Blades Edge Mountains, but he will not speak to me. I suspect that its because I am Tauren...and I do smell like a wet cow...at times, but damnit its not politically correct in these progressive days under new management of the new Warchief. Back to my problem, its seems that some where I have lost my way and can’t continue in this quest line without some guidance. Gnome Pride...Death to All TALLS. MM>ALL 3 days ago Game Master Hey there <Bob>, Game Master <REDACTED> here today! I herd you were having an issue with not being able to talk to Rexxar out in Blade's Edge Mountains! I hope this response gets back to you udderly fast! So I took a look into which quest you were missing and it appears it was "The Spirits Have Voices" I have your cow logged out right in front of it. I hope Rexxar doesn't have any beef with your hunter, because he can't hide from you anymore. I had a talk with him and hopefully it does not go in one ear and out the udder. So I dairy you to try to talk to him again and you'll be able to turn in your quest. Hopefully this information helps you out! If not, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding this. Thank you for your support, and Happy Gaming. And before I go, allow me to leave you with a GM joke to send you off with a smile. What does a Monk order from a Pizza Place? Anything with Extra Chi's! xD Feloniousbob2
Mar 16 Mar 13
[H] Horns of the Shu'halo Horns of the Shuhalo is an RP guild for Tauren characters only. The guild is led by a figurehead: the Chieftain. This position is held by druid Kerala Windchaser. She will be supported by the Tribal Chiefs (officers), elected leaders for each major tribe within the Horns. The Chieftain is usually also a Tribal Chief. Each Chief may also designate seconds-in-command who support them, the Tribal Elders. Members are encouraged to select a roleplaying tribe within the guild. Members who do so will hold the rank Tribal Horn, their tribe membership listed in public note. Members who have not selected a tribe are called simply: Horns. Those who have been invited to the guild but have not participated in any event, or been formally introduced will remain Initiates. Members of any rank who do not log in for a period of 2 months or more will be demoted to an Inactive rank until they return to the game. Current tribes include the Skytotem, Whitehorn and Snowfury [Inactive]. Tribe descriptions can be found in the General section of our guild website. Horns of the Shuhalo is primarily a role-playing guild, but players love all aspects of the game. Raiding is definitely an interest, and the Horns used to be a PVP force to be reckoned with back in the day. We are rebuilding ourselves from nothing, but if there is an interest, we will pursue it as a guild if we can, and sometimes even if we can't. Tauren are known to be stubborn :) We have a vault with several tabs for members to use. A new guild website has been created at hornsoftheshuhalo.guildportal.com If you have any questions that I neglected to address, please post them here or on the guild site, and we'll do our best to answer as soon as we can! Walk with the Earth Mother. Kerala35
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