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[H] Shadows and Dust Recruiting Hello all, <Shadows and Dust>, one of Ravenholdt's oldest and most successful raiding guilds is looking to recruit a few new members to help us progress through 25 player Heroic Content. Progression: To see the current progress of <Shadows and Dust> please visit: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/ravenholdt/Shadows+and+Dust Our current progression is: Tier 11 Normal 25 - 12/12 Tier 11 Heroic - 12/13 Tier 12 Normal 25 - 7/7 Tier 12 Heroic 25 - 6/7 Tier 13 Normal 25 - 8/8 Raiding: The main raid days/hours are from 8pm-11:30pm EST with the option for a 12am extension (this is at the Raid Leader's discretion) on the following days: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Recruiting: Before applying, we recommend that you read the following link: http://snd.wowstead.com/forums/application-forum/applications/954188-attention-potential-applicants-read-this-first For the specs/classes we are not currently recruiting; although you may not be on our most desired list, anyone that shows they have intelligence and ability will be considered. What we are currently looking for! Healers: Discipline (H) Holy Priest (H) Holy Paladin (H) Restoration Shaman (H) DPS Balance (M) Fire Mage (M) Retribution (M) Rogue (H) Shadow (H) Warlocks (M) If you feel that you possess the knowledge and the ability to play your class to the standards of progression hard mode content, applications are accepted at: http://snd.wowstead.com/ We value recruits who are motivated to succeed on their own and have the ability/drive to learn. Our goal is to have fun in a serious raid environment. If strong focus, great accomplishment, personal growth, and loyalty appeal to you, then <Shadows and Dust> would be a good fit for you. Questions: Any further questions regarding the application process should be directed towards Mellenis or Sultree in-game. We also run RBG's on Friday and Sunday at 8pm! Forgnar292
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[H] Fired is recruiting We have reformed. After a tour of various heroic raiding guilds, we have found like-minded raiders who were unsatisfied with the current raiding options. Our goal is to to push for server firsts in a civil and enjoyable raid environment. Many of our members are 4/7-6/7 Heroic experience; we have the skill to shoot for that goal. We need a few more to fill out our roster: All applicants should remain up-to-date with their optimal spec/gearing. They should also have the flexibility to adapt their character for a particular fight. We can't stress how important communication is for our team. You will be treated as part of our team the instant you join, and your input will be valued equally. But that requires you to be willing to communicate in mumble during fights and provide strat suggestions and your experiences. Tank: You must love tanking, including planning out fights: cooldowns, positioning, and when swaps should occur. Having a strategic mind and good communication in mumble is very important. Beyond that, you should enjoy reading blogs/forums about strategies and your spec. Dps: You must be able to 'outperform' your gear. Very high active time (as close to 100% as possible), a rotation committed to muscle memory, and the ability to adapt your damage to a fight are necessities. A competitive spirit with yourself or others (to a reasonable degree) is also a plus. Healer: A good healer is one with great situational awareness, good mana conservation, and strong enough output to cover incoming damage. An exceptional healer understands tanking and raid cooldowns and how those are used optimally with available healing cooldowns, and the ability to focus on their job, their targets, and still be able to support other healers when possible and necessary. Tues/Thurs/Fri group - 9pm-12am server. This group is our best geared raiders, stacked for optimal buffs, who are pushing for heroic modes starting the week of November 1. Needs: A strong raid healer would find a spot immediately (Resto drd, holy priest, or resto shaman). High dps would also always be considered. We lack a well-geared MM hunter or mage, specifically. Wednesday and Monday group - 9pm-12am server. This raid group is shaping up to be outstanding in skill but slightly lacking in gear for heroic raiding. So they will be clearing FL in the short-term to gear, then doing Heroics themselves. We have strong need of 1 tank, 1 dps, and 1 healer to round out their roster. See Aihl, Pachaumb, Sinras...pretty much anyone of rank 3 or higher to apply. Pachaumb25
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[Weekly][H] Seafood Diner-- (9 PM) Ratchet "Absolutely NO-" Innkeeper Wiley stopped short, his beady eyes growing wide at the sight of the "trinket" proffered on the table. The she-elf had to know what the ancient piece was worth, but offered it like pocket change. "I can make it worth your while." she interjected simply after his long pause. "If the profits don't cover things." He swallowed, the lump caught in this throat, and then a wide grin split his round face in two like a slobbering hyena. "Absolutely no problem. Whatever you need, whenever you need." The goblin snatched the brooch off the table and wandered across the room with it, chuckling hoarsely. Valestia Cloudbreaker watched him inspect the offering with satisfied, gentle amusement for a few moments before letting her eyes wander the inn. The establishment was old and dirty, but dirty could be fixed, and a well-used, homey feel was often welcome to sailors and other long distance travelers. Once she added freshly cooked meals and drinks to the picture, she was confident it would become a most enjoyable place for them. She took her inking set and a stack of flier paper from her satchel and began to write, Coming this Monday night at Nine & every one thereafter the Broken Keel Tavern in Ratchet hosts the Seaside Seafood Diner weekly Fish Dish Specials & Rum Come eat your fill & take a break from your duties P.S. – The diner is currently seeking: Bards Bouncers Dancers Jesters Servers Contact Lesti Cloudbreaker via mail to apply A few diligent hours later, Lesti handed the stack of fliers off to a goblin messenger service to be spread around nearby outposts, Booty Bay, and the Horde's capital cities. ((The Diner is also seeking an Alliance counterpart manager and staff to make this neutral town a dynamic social environment for both the server's factions)) Valestia0
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