Dec 29, 2014 Best Horde Nemesis choice on our server? I'm going to have to go with Belf, because every single paladin is one, and 90% of them are so bad.Taliq34 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 [H] Looking for mature/casual/social/RP guild Hiya folks, Level 100 destro lock here, with a few mid-to-high level alts looking for a laid-back, mature, LGBT-friendly guild. Never been much of a raider, raided a little bit back in WoTLK, but it's not a priority and I don't have the kinda time needed to take it seriously. I much prefer questing, exploring, RP, and the occasional PVP. I just got back into WoW earlier this year after quitting like a week after Cata so I'm a tad rusty. I'm in the Alaska time-zone, and I usually play around 2-8am realm time, but I am online sometimes during peak hours on my days off. If you run a guild that sounds like I'd be a good fit for, or just know of one, I'd appreciate it! See you in game!Bleezulbub2 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 [H] <And A Stealthed Rogue> Recruiting As the guild mascot, and server-wide recognized advertiser of the year. (Yes that is me). I would like to extend an invite to all members of Ravenholdt and Twisting nether, to join our ranks. You are welcome to pst me, or any other member of the guild for information/invite. You will often find me dueling in Warspear if you would like to speak.Turnaround2 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 26, 2014 Resto Druid LF RBG Guild [H] For some reason i can't seem to post from my druid so, i'll just use this dude. But I am looking for a guild to push to 2200-2400 in RBGs with this season. My character is Iliad@Ravenholdt Please whisper me in-game or leave a reply here. Alternatively seeking a PvE guild. ThanksThanksóbama0 Dec 26, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Looking for someone to hang out with Alright Ravenholdt, I miss the connection I had with guildmates back during Wrath and am having no luck lately with finding like-minded people in-game so far. I'm looking for someone passionate about the game and its lore. I've read all the books and spent a fair amount of time reading through the Wiki and would love to have someone to talk to about it. I raided throughout Wrath and take pride in learning how to play my characters, even though I am currently casual. I'm not interested in switching guilds at this time, though it is something I will consider if it comes to that. You're more than welcome to join my guild if you want to. I'm almost always on from 8pm-11pm est, and frequently pop in and out throughout the day. I participate in all aspects of the game, though I'm far better at pve than I am at pvp. I just want someone to share the game with. Bonus points if you're socially awkward or difficult to get along with, as I seem to get along best with that type of personality, but I will happily try talking to anyone.Vynissa33 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 [H] Luna De Bellum Guild Recruiting If you are interested in raiding at any level or are the beginning player, Luna De Bellum might be right for you. We are a core guild of friends from home that have spanned years of WoW with plenty of game experience. -What are we looking for? 10 new people who are looking for a spot on our raid teams. WE plan to try mythic content as soon as we are able too as a guild. For this to happen we have to have 20+ people on our raiding roster. We currently have both tank spots filled and have 2-3 healers. Still need many more dps and a couple healers. If you are interested please let me know. We will be running two days a week on Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday from 8-12 EST. Attendance is expected but we do understand this is a game and life happens just keep us informed. -If you are a beginning player I am also here to help out with as much as I can. I will be assisting lower levels in anyway possible and even rerolling alts to level alongside some of our members This is my second account(lost the information to the first one, and wanted the RoF bonus when I came back) so I have little to show. I have rejoined just for the expansion in hopes that I never have to quit again. Add madjeski ingame or madjeski#1375 for my battle.net account and we can discuss how we can help keep you entertained and enjoying wow for years to come.Madjeski5 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 My observation.. I'm still very new to Ravenholdt and have been looking through the forums for any guilds that are recruiting and have noticed that most are Horde with very few Alliance. Is that the the population stance here. Horde>Alliance.Kirael3 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 poundfist killed Just killed him 2:30pm server time. Just a heads up to people camping himBayonettà0 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 19, 2014 Horns of the Shuhalo and the Case... ...of the Murdered Longwalker http://www.ravenholdt.us/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=283Kerala1 Dec 19, 2014
Dec 18, 2014 [A-RP] Winter Veil Celebration <This parchment can be seen hanging throughout the alliance cities and surrounding communities, its contents written in a shimmering red ink. A decorative array of wreathes and bows line the edges, a portrait of Father Winter aligned in the top corners.> Greetings to you all, The wintry season has descended upon us, bringing along with it the joyous Winter Veil celebrations. It is a heart warming sight seeing our community band together and enjoying the happiness that this time of year brings. From the laughter of children playing in front of the Stormwind Cathedral, to the overflowing mugs at the local taverns, Winter Veil invites us to celebrate with one another, allowing troubled memories to fade. To that end, the Twilight Empire invites you to celebrate with us on the night of December twentieth; the celebrations to begin at the stroke of eight in the evening, and to be held within the quaint Inn at Kharanos. All food and beverages will be provided, though that is not to stop you if you feel the need to bring something of your own. The evening will be filled with joyous entertainment, as well as a little friendly competition. We will be sponsoring a bake-off! Those wishing to participate need only bring a dish of their own making, the only rule being that it is a sweet dish or treat. A panel of judges will sample all dishes, revealing the winner by a scoring of one through ten. Aside from the bake-off, we will have an organized gift exchange. All one needs to enter is simply bring a wrapped gift to the party and enjoy yourselves. After enough time has elapsed will the gifts be redistributed amongst the crowd. Who knows, perhaps Father Winter himself will stop by to hand them out! ((OOC Info: Where: Kharanos, Dun Morogh Date: December 20th Time: 8p.m. server Events: 1) Bake-Off: Bring a sweet dish/dessert with you to the party and at the allotted time we will hold the contest. It doesn’t need to be an actual item you can purchase from within the game, an RP description of what it is will be great! 1000 gold to the winner, who will be chosen by a panel of judges. 2) Gift exchange: Bring a gift to the party (I or someone else will collect the presents) and roughly after an hour has passed will we hand out the gifts given in random fashion, but only to those that bring a gift with them. I hope many of you can come join us for the fun this evening.))Skylah2 Dec 18, 2014
Dec 18, 2014 Darkmoon Deathmatch I could not find it running this last Darkmoon Faire. I tried on the three hour intervals, used the clock the game presents along with the mini-map. Have they taken it out or is something else wrong that's my fault. I'm only one or two trinkets away and want to finish that accomplishment. Any help or suggestions appreciated.Bitterhope1 Dec 18, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 Couple looking for raiding guild. Hi there! Due to our previous guild disbanding (Orca) my wife and I are looking for a new guild to raid with. Because of real life (children) we are not able to raid until after 10:30 server. With that said, we also would prefer to not be up past 2:30 AM server, as we both have to work in the morning, and 6:30 comes entirely too early =) What we are looking for is either a raid spot for both of us during those times, or a guild with enough people interested in raiding at that time that we could help shape into a raiding team. About us. Aorta is a 644 Protection Warrior. I can DPS in Gladiator Stance, but I prefer tanking as it is the role I most enjoy. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Aorta/advanced Dirtyhippie is a 640 MM Hunter. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Dirtyhippie/advanced Really, we just want to find a fun group of people to kill internet dragons with. If you think we may be a good fit, post here or contact me in game. Thanks!Aorta0 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 Trading Moon - <Horns of the Shuhalo> November is a month in which the Horde celebrates what they call Pilgrim's Bounty. But do you know why THIS is the time to be thankful for what you have- why this specific time of year is one where you acknowledge the bounty provided by the Earth Mother? Some folks are not as fortunate as our people were this year. For the tauren, the November moon (fondly called the Trading Moon) is the signal to prepare. We store the Earth Mother's bounty to last us through difficult seasons. We take stock of what we have, and what we need. And we help those who do not have enough. Winter is coming. Horns of the Shuhalo are gathering resources, and we will be out and about from now to the start of winter season (Dec 21) providing gifts for those who do not have enough. Bags, potions to aid you, perhaps a magical boost to give your armor renewed vigor. Do not be afraid to seek us out and ask for what you may need. We will help if we are able.Kerala1 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Wtf YU no buff? I'm not sure what it is in the expansion. I'm levelling a druid this expansion, and I try to always buff allied players when I see them. Buff them, throw some heals to top them off when they quest, but I think I only have been buffed once or twice by other players and that was when they were from a sister guild. Just when you see another allied player, throw them a buff, make them happy. Horde buff Horde, Alliance buff Alliance. All the cool kids are doing it.Halldór13 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 East Coast I feel that every time this extended maintenance happens, the east coast players get screwed. lol. Mayhaps they give us 1 free day? :DKayí15 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 10, 2014 Fallen Heroes Mythic raiders We are ready to hit the ground running. Serious raiders looking for a better optimal composition to progress through Mythic content. We have our tanks and healers ready to go, and we will be running 30man normal and heroic first week to try out new recruits. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday but for progress only. Our raid times are 9pm-12am server time. Looking for mostly range (MAGE), warlocks, Elemental shamans. but will consider any only dps class/spec. If you are interested in joining us and gearing we are currently running CM's & Heroic Dungeons. Not taking any1 into raid less than 630 item level. Add me to real ID if you have any further questions Madmartigan#1618Bayonettà6 Dec 10, 2014
Dec 9, 2014 Horns of the Shuhalo open to all races!* (Hello everyone! The Horns would like to open up our 8th bank vault tab, and unfortunately it requires an achievement which we are unable to get as a single-race guild. STAY CLASSY requires that we have members of every class of every race at level 85 and honored with the guild. I'm not sure what that has to do with a guild vault, but it is what it is. We have agreed to try and go for this, and so we are currently accepting ALL classes from ALL Horde races. If you would like to help us out with this, please contact any member for an invite. Your membership as a non-tauren is TEMPORARY. You will remain in an Honorary Horn rank without access to withdraw from our vault. This does not mean that we won't help you with profession materials or anything, just that you cannot get them yourself. If you have an alt or even a main that happens to not be tauren and you're wondering what we're all about, now is the time to check us out :) We would appreciate your help with this very much. Thanks!) WE NEED: Level 85 ORCS: Hunter, Mage, Monk TROLLS: DK, Druid, Hunter, Mage*, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior BLOOD ELVES: DK, Hunter, Monk, Paladin*, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior UNDEAD: DK, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior GOBLINS: DK, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior Level 90 PANDAREN: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior If you are the required level, and at least Revered with your current guild, you can join the Horns already at Honored (I believe switching guilds causes a loss of one level of reputation). A simple relog will allow the game to register your toon for the achievement. * Indicates we have a player grinding rep/levels to check off this race/class.Kerala5 Dec 9, 2014
Dec 8, 2014 Need a guild yo, playing alliance and trying to find people who like to arena/pvp hit me up in game on Few (priest) or Fewy (druid) -thanksFew1 Dec 8, 2014
Dec 5, 2014 WTB Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Hello....i would like to buy Enchanted Thorium Breastplate if anyone has it or can make it horde or allys let me know..will pay 15k gold for it Btag jamie#6775 xoxoxo <3Isquirtmilkx3 Dec 5, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Ravenholdt is gone from my server list. Has anyone else been able to log in? I'm not even seeing Ravenholdt as a selection to log in now. Earlier every other server I selected was working fine, but Ravenholdt was chugging along, even at the character selection screen, and I couldn't log in.Shenoudah13 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 [A] Seeking Arena players <Legitimate Businessmen> is currently seeking players interested in pushing Arena rating this expansion. We will consider RBG's if there is interest, but our focus remains on Arena combat. All skill levels welcome. If you are new to PvP, haven't set foot in the Arena, or simply don't have a lot of Arena experience, we are willing to help. We will teach you so long as you are willing to learn and get better. Message me in-game or leave a reply here and I will contact you.Phalodius1 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 3, 2014 Ashran Alliance Good Afternoon Alliance players, I need you to bang your war drums and pull some of your Draenei friends out to the battlefield! With Love, DDBDowndownb4 Dec 3, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 Level 100 Prot/Fury warrior LF Raiding guild. I took off in MOP was not a fan of the expansion. My raid experience goes way to to Vanilla, Bc and Wrath. I'm looking to make a comeback for this expansion. I have been keeping my self busy doing Challenge modes/ Heriocs. I'm looking for a serious guild that's ready to raid. For any other information about me just whisper me or post on this forumZergs0 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 2, 2014 [A] Molten Core LFR, 11/30 9pm EST Dear Ravenholdt, As many of you know, Blizzard released a 40-man Molten Core LFR to celebrate WoW's 10th anniversary. <The Indelibles> + friends are going to run it as a group on November 30th at 9pm EST / 6pm PST. This is a social event and we invite you to come hang out with us and make new friends! My BattleTag: Cayreth #1709Cayreth22 Dec 2, 2014
Dec 1, 2014 Late night players! Let's be friends! Can't post on any of my Ravenholdt character since after a month of transferring here Blizz says working as intended.... But long story short transfered over here to play with old friends and still do! But I'm on the west coast and work nights and usually get home from work around 1am server time and usually it's a ghost town on my friends list and guild. Not looking to join a new guild or anything currently but I am a 100 prot warrior ilvl638 and just looking to find other late night players to befriend and tank for! It's not fun just solo queueing as a tank. Instant queues are a blessing meant to be shared. If interested post here or message Colossus in game.Vkshadow0 Dec 1, 2014
Nov 29, 2014 Health of our Realm Hey guys, just coming back after a 3 year break. I noticed we are now a Low population server which is connected to Twisting Nether. I have also noticed characters from The Venture Co. server and Emerald Dream server. This left me totally confused as to wtf was going on. So I have a few questions.... 1. Whats up with the other servers playing on Ravenholdt? 2. Can we join guilds from say Twisting Nether? 3. How are que times handled for PVP/PVE? Are ques "local realms" only or is it game wide? If its "local realm" only how are que times? 4. Are raiding guilds easily found on both Horde and Alliance? 5. Where the hell is everyone hanging out? (Ogrim and SW seem empty.) 6. Should I realm transfer now? (plan on leveling 1-100 on a new character) Thanks for the input guys, its much appreciated. Cuz I'm confused as all hell.Immortalus3 Nov 29, 2014
Nov 29, 2014 Servers crashed. This is the last time I use Cataclysm. ...I promise.Revos0 Nov 29, 2014
Nov 27, 2014 Transfer... So...if I transfer here, who will play with me?Elayne10 Nov 27, 2014
Nov 27, 2014 New to Ravenholdt and looking for a guild. Hello, I have been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla, mainly on the horde side, but with coming here I decided to roll an Alliance NE Hunter. I just recently got to level 100 and would like to join a Rp Raiding guild that does a little PvP. I wish I could say that I have alot of Raiding experince but that just isn't true. Most of my WoW experince just comes from leveling. Most guilds I joined were either at the tail end of their journey or never fully got off the ground, but I still had fun and meet some good people. I would like it to be a good natured guild where I could learn feom the other members and contribute in the best possible way, and hopefully create some more lasting bonds. I am definitely open to suggestions seeing how I know very little about the Ravenholdt Community landscape. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you all, KiraeleKirael2 Nov 27, 2014
Nov 26, 2014 Reviving World PvP in 80-85 zones Since Cataclysm went live this week, I was hoping to see World PvP in the 80+ zones skyrocket. While some scuffles have erupted here and there, I foresaw all out war in places like vash'jir where the hubs are so close to one another. I haven't been to Hyjal so I have no idea what it's like there, but in vash'jir I haven't seen many Alliance band together and fight back the Horde. I'm leveling as a trio with two friends and we've battled lone Alliance as well as groups of Alliance on flying ships, in dense kelp forests, in deep underwater trenches, and on steep cliffs. We fight Alliance left and right hoping to instill some hatred for the horde so that they retaliate, but unfortunately, many remain passive (same goes for horde players who just stand and watch). Sometimes we go down fighting, sometimes they do, and the unpredictable and "against the odds" nature of these fights makes it a very exciting experience. An experience I hope I can share with the entire 80+ population. I am aware that the Horde outbalances the Alliance on this server but in some questing areas it was about even and if the majority were involved it would have been quite a fair fight. Ideally, I'd like to see roughly evenly matched PvP battles erupting across all the zones as we quest and progress to 85. For those of you who label World PvP as a gankfest, I reply that it does not have to be. If Ravenholdt can regain it's sense of faction pride and make equal attempts to fight each other, we can decreases isolated cases of ganking and make these PvP encounters a lot more fun. I suggest a couple of ways and reasons to create this 80-85 World PvP atmosphere: 1. For those of you on either faction who are being ganked (sometimes repeatedly) you should group up with others in the zone! Chance are you're not the only one being harassed and we're all doing the same quests so questing together should not be inconvenient. 2. This is indeed an RP-PvP and as such I'm assuming we all came here expecting to participate in World PvP. With this in mind, use local defense/general chat to call for help! There are a lot of us questing in the same areas so it should be mutually beneficial to take out the enemy killing our mobs etc. 3.Level the playing field! If they've got a group going, find some friends. Match them in numbers as best you can and kick their ass. 4.This is also an RP server. Use lore as a reason to fight! Garrosh and Varian have declared war on each other and we're directly involved because of it! 5. This is a once in an expansion opportunity, the amount of people in the new zones will decrease as time goes on, so let's not pass this opportunity to make World PvP fun and exciting again (as opposed to dreading it). 6.PvP as it comes! Don't hunt players, don't camp them. Be honorable, or play dirty, but don't dwell. Remember that you're fighting for the zone and your own questing progression, not to stalk players. Treat other players almost as NPCs, you kill them if they're in your way, but you wouldn't camp them for hours. Once things die down, move on. You'll have more fun instead of just sitting there and waiting. 7.Some of you may ask "but what happens if horde/alliance dominate a questing area and we can't progress?" Logical ways to overcome this would be to gather members of your faction and overpower the other. Odds are people will complete their 3-4 quests in the area and move on, allowing you to take over. Keeping in mind that there are many players on both sides in the new zones right now, this shouldn't be too hard or frustrating to accomplish. Last but not least... yes I know Tol Barad and battlegrounds exist for organized PvP but personally, I find it can be more fun to fight out in the world because it's a much more vast and expansive environment with more variety in terrain. So I ask you this, both the Horde and Alliance of Ravenholdt... How do you feel about creating an engaging World PvP experience on our server and do you plan to play an active role in reviving it?Broxxar100 Nov 26, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 Looking for a Guild (RP and PvP focused) Hello all, I've decided to switch realms because I need that open world pvp experience, and the RP seems to have a good community here, so I been working on some new characters on Ravenholdt. I had to stop playing WoW years ago at the time of Burning Crusade, and I'm just starting to get back into the game now - it's shocking at how much has changed since then! I'm looking for a Horde guild that enjoys RP, and doing a lot of group PvP, members who are interested in arena teams, yet still does raiding and pve content on the side. I'm deciding on playing either a Monk (likely a Mistweaver), or a Priest, and I would be happy to pick a class, spec, and profession that would help my guild the most. I'm eager to learn all the new aspects of the game now, but I would like a guild that is patient, and not too tough on its members. I plan to be active most days of the week, and as I mentioned previously, I would be happy to contribute any way possible. Thanks in advance!Beasthoof6 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 24, 2014 New to Ravenholdt I'm in the search of a home server, and the role playing idea of WoW seams to peak my interest. I played on Illidan, a PvP server, and seemed to like that, so I figured I would try a RPPvP realm. Thing is, I'm not sure how WoW role play works. I do advanced literate paragraph wolf role play online, and am also a fairly newer player to WoW, only playing a couple months or so. So, if someone can help me out on this, I would be extremely grateful!Rinjaye6 Nov 24, 2014
Nov 23, 2014 I'm sorry for not paying closer attention... Dear Priest Whose name i don't remember, Yesterday i rolled need on a spirit piece and won. I'm really sorry about that. I was completely not paying attention, and the +spirit just didn't even parse in my head. We ran Everbloom yesterday. We were discussing how unfortunate that the need before greed system had been re-implemented. We had a good group of DPS...the tank was solid, and you kept me alive when i got targeted with the traveling vine attack from the first boss three times in a row while on the completely opposite side from everyone else. Anyways...yeah. It wasn't until i left instance and was standing in my garrison that i saw that +spirit at the bottom of the list. Just wanted to say i'm sorry about that. I totally would have traded it to you if you had said something. Instead, it's just a sad shard in my bag. -Gravysapasm (previously aka Augos http://www.warcraftrealms.com/charsheet/70867798 )Gravyspasm1 Nov 23, 2014
Nov 23, 2014 LF fun Guild Hello everyone, I am a new druid to this server I left my previous server Bleeding Hollow to start anew. I am a guardian druid with OS balance. So I am in the process of looking for a guild to call home. I have done quite a bit of raiding throughout my WoW time but no real hardcore heroics since like WoTLK. I am fairly casual now but I can raid most nights after 5 P.M. I also enjoy some PvP and arenas just for fun nothing too crazy intense. So hit me up on the forum if you would like me in your guild since we are having a "Character not found" Issues in WoW. Thanks, DowndownbDowndownb3 Nov 23, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 [H] Guardian/Boomkin LF raid home Hello I am a guardian/Boomkin Looking for a raiding home for WoD. I am open for any raid times and or raid roles. So you can contact me on here or in game thank you.Downdownb0 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 LF Alliance PVP guild/friends to play with... I'm brand new to the alliance, don't care for Horde at all, level 16 Marksmanship Hunter Worgen-Drimbosa. I'm relatively new to the game in general, I've done the whole 90 thing briefly, been through some raiding, all that good stuff, but nobody's ever really shown me the ropes, DEFINITELY not as far as PVP goes, I'm totally inexperienced in all things PVP and have barely ever even tried it. I have no looms (which I can only assume is going to be a huge issue to most of you reading this, but you gotta start somewhere right?). Basically to sum it up, I want a guild first and foremost, preferably led by a player or a group of friends that I can become friends with, and start to play with. Experience preferred, as I want someone who can teach me all there is to know about WoW especially anything PVP-related, which is what I am most interested in (don't get me wrong though, I do plan on doing plenty of raiding as well when I hit max, I just want to be able to experience all WoW has to offer, and be able to excel at doing so). If anybody is interested in taking me under there wing and making a friend in the process hit me up either in game, characters name is drimbosa, or reply to this post asap, ill keep an eye on it... I just desperately want to start kicking a little !@# ya know? lol hopefully someone can help get me there. Thanks guys!Klunder1 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 [H] Running with Guns Recruiting Few of us have recently transferred from Illidan due to the new que boss. We are a small gaming community, playing other games as well such as BF4, D3, WarThunder, CS:GO, and more. We are looking for casual mature (pref 21+) for PVE and PVP play at 100. We use TeamSpeak mainly. If you are interested, please send me a tell (Dac on Ravenholdt) or you can add me via Battle.net @ Technolojay#1730. Check out rwgclan.comRwg2 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 21, 2014 looking for a group invite - alliance Can't play at all on Sargeras, looking to get a group invite over here so I can actually play today. Willing to trade battle pets for assistance :)Grandmadee7 Nov 21, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 How's the Realm? Thinking of Xfering to a Low Pop Rp-PvP realm and I have a few questions I hope people can answer. How's the faction balance? How's the Ashran balance? How's the state of WPvP? How's walk up RP? How would you describe Ravenholdt? And, do you think there are better RP-PvP servers?Yagarr8 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 19, 2014 LFM Battletag friends on this server I'm not trying to transfer here, but... I like questing here and farming here. I have a couple of friends already on this server who invite me, but I'm looking for more. I would also return the favor, if you ever wanted to get phased to my server. Doomskull#1853 Conditions on my server right now: -5000+ Person Queue -Bad Latency -First night it was taking people 30 minutes to complete a quest I did in 3 minutes once I was phased here. -100s of people going after the same mobs I plan on transferring somewhere, but I have to get on first to make my character meet the transfer conditions. I have to get mail, etc.. I'm still in queue waiting so I cant yet. Don't worry I probably wont transfer here (I keep seeing people talk about how they don't want that), but I do like phasing here.Doomskul5 Nov 19, 2014
Nov 18, 2014 Deus Vult is recruiting! Like the title says <Deus Vult> is recruiting to take on all the challenges WoD has to offer. Like every other generic guild recruitment you’ve seen a thousand times we’re a friendly, laid back guild looking to expand our membership and dip our toes into the Iron Horde (I specify toes not for the sake of the clichéd phrase but because Karzen is into some kinky stuff) So, what does the guild plan to do? Well I’m glad you asked my rhetorical strawman. We’re preparing to raid 10/25 mans [possibly some mythic content] and organize Rated battlegrounds/Arenas on the weekends and our current leadership has experience in both those fields. Who are you recruiting? Anybody who is a good fit with likeminded goals regardless of class, unless of course you’re a hunter and want my gear, then you can go !@#$ yourself. Uh, okay; rude. But anyway what’s the incentive to join Deus Vult over any of the other “up and coming” guild? I don’t know man, Forn says some funny stuff every once in a while I guess. And I’m pretty sure Zeltic has a nice rack or something, I mean really there must be a reason we keep him around. Forealsies though we’ve got a vent an all that good stuff, some fun people, and a guild name my grandma said was, and I quote “slammin %^-*!” For more information or an invite contact: Lasko, Karzen, Vaelia, Rippa, Alaryc, or ZelticLasko2 Nov 18, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 okay wtf... Abyzz was here...FIRST! GET OFF MY REALM SO I CAN LOG IN NEW PEOPLES!!Abyzz9 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 17, 2014 LF friend to quest with! exp player! Hello! unfortunately mal'gannis is a !@#$ show. I would be most appreciative if ayone from a low population relam wouldn't mind adding me and inviting me to quest with them? I'm a 575 tank, so we can get insta ques for new dngeons, and good aoe grouping I'm 25 yrs old 5'9 blonde hair blue eyes 165 lbs, with a most dashing mustache and i give the warmest hugs. Really we could be pals, we can also smerk berls. Help a dude out! battle tag surfer#1613Babybanks19 Nov 17, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Mage lf raiding guild Transferred here due to login issues and would like to stay, if i can find a raiding guild. If any guilds are recruiting my btag is RexKwonDo#1211. Looking for a guild that will be raiding mythic.Averix1 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 16, 2014 Need more imput here... I posted my 2 cents after reading what this poor lost Blood Elf has experienced in building his/her garrison... To be honest...I attempted to profit from his misery. A funny post though.... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15269817362?page=1Feloniousbob3 Nov 16, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Thinking of transferring here (Horde & Ally) Hey guys, So I'm an RPPvP player currently on Emerald Dream. RP here is kind of dead, PvP Is centered around just a few choice guilds, and after logging in to a 4k queue-time I started to think maybe i'd be better served by transferring to a new realm. I was already on Wowpedia and just out of curiosity I looked up the realm pages for a few servers that caught my eye. Ravenholdt looked interesting, not gonna lie. But since anyone can edit a wiki page and I have no idea when that page was last edited I figured itd be best to get it straight from you guys. SO! How's Ravenholdt these days? How's the RP? How's the WPvP? How's the community? How's Raiding? Just kind of tell me about the server I guess. If it wasn't obvious from the questions I RP, I love doing PvP Raids, I love doing PvE Raids, and are there any major guilds left on the server that are open to veteran players (1.x player here :D ) --Kendarick--Kendarick10 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 15, 2014 Need help with Loque'Nahak Hi there, i need help with my hunter to tame a rare spirit beast in Sholazar Bassin. Im on a high population server so the competition is really high too. Im here to an invite if someone could find him just invite me my battle tag is PetphilQC#1915. Thanks for the help it will be really cool.Arthix76 Nov 15, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 [H] Crimson Chaos 14/14 Mythic is Recruiting <Crimson Chaos> is a group of highly motivated and determined individuals who push to be the very best we can be. We are a fun group of people who have a great time raiding with progression being our #1 goal. WoD is just around the corner and we are looking for a few more raiders to round out our roster for our 20 man Mythic raid group. We raid Wed-Thurs and Sun-Mon 7-10pm server time. We are currently recruiting for: Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Holy/Disc Priest Resto Shaman Be a part of a guild who raids with high standards, honor, and a relentless pursuit of glory! Although we're only looking for a handful of classes, we will always consider a superstar player. If you feel you are a dedicated, skilled player that can tolerate a little crazy and sometimes X-rated chat then please get in touch with any of the following members or officers: Kelia, Melisandre, Vyrianthor, and Gohzer. If you don't see us online just mail one of us in-game!Kelia3 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Realm first 100 12:22 PM Server Time http://imgur.com/YPgHBaFPapierkorb6 Nov 14, 2014
Nov 14, 2014 Blasted Lands Were any of you lucky enough to click on my dire brew remote on top of Khadgar in Blasted Lands. Ahh muhahahahaWeresorry1 Nov 14, 2014