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5m <Vulgar> Legion carries Good news everyone! Vulgar is offering Legion carries! We are a 7/7M guild that has been providing carry services for almost three years. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. With us, you are not required to use any voice communication or participate actively in the fight. We will do it all for you. All you have to do is tag the boss! If you wish to help and participate and it does not interfere with the fight and strategy you are more than welcome to. Great place to practice! Prices Heroic Emerald Nightmare (Personal loot): 200.000g Heroic Emerald Nightmare(Master loot): 500.000g Xavius only(Personal loot): 100.000g Mythic+10 (includes tradable loot): 300.000g Time Our Emerald Nightmare runs are done on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00pm Server time. Mythic+ runs can be scheduled for any day. Loot For personal Loot, the drops are handled by the game’s loot system. Any extra pieces that the carriers may obtain will be given out to buyers after they perform a /roll and highest one wins. For master Loot we guarantee you all gear that you can use for the spec of your choice that drops (Armor, accessories and relics) with the exception of titanforged gear. For mythic+ runs, you will obtain any non soulbound and tradeable loot that you can use. We encourage our buyers to have as many seals as possible to increase their chances on loot. Feel free to ask for any specific pieces you may be interested in. Reservation A payment of 25% is required to reserve your spot. Discounts If we are forced to cancel the run for any reason on our side we guarantee you the return of your gold. Contacts For inquiring about a purchase, for asking more details on pricing, or wanting to schedule something else like Achievements, Mythic+ carries or anything else within reason, please contact the following people on Sargeras: Aspirina, Sopa (Sopa#1908), Revan. All prices and times are subjected to change. Aspirina12 5m
5m H<ThirdRelicSlot>Recruitment (1/7M) Area52 About Us: We have established ourselves as a guild that will get through any tough time. We are currently 1/7M. We are looking for players who want to push through the remaining content and continue into next expansion with a strong push. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, friendly guild environment that is accepting of players with busy lives and families. Beyond this, our number one goal is to have fun with each other. Fun is killing bosses, making progress, and improving each week. Fun is about being the best we can be without having to sacrifice our personal lives. Even though we never prioritize the game over our personal lives, we still take the game very seriously. We are a progression guild. Our goal is to achieve Ahead of the Curve on every raid tier and then work tirelessly to push our progression as far as possible with each content patch. Progression: Legion: The Emerald Nightmare 1/7 Mythic The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H. 7/7N Raid Schedule Monday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Tuesday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Thursday - 7:45PM-11:00PM EST Recruitment Needs Paladin - CLOSED Warrior - [B]Arms/Fury[/B] Death Knight - Frost/Unholy Shaman - [B]Elemental/Restoration[/B] Hunter - [B]Open[/B] Druid - Closed Monk - Mistweaver Rogue - Open Priest - Discipline/Shadow Mage - CLOSED Warlock - Open Demon Hunter - CLOSED Bold signifies high demand. We are constantly looking for exceptional players, so please do not hesitate to apply or inquire about our class needs outside of the specified classes above. Contacts Visit our website at: [url][/url] Add us on realid at: Baelsmash#1101, Breeze#12543, Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you. [COLOR="#417394"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] Looking for some more dedicated raiders! We raid Mythic tonight!Shortbusbael3 5m
22m Single Day Raiding! (Tuesday) Guild LFM 1/7M Wednesday Palooza is an Alliance guild on US-Sargeras. We raid on Tuesday from 8:30 - 12:30 EST. We're looking to find a few more people who want to progress on a very light 4 hour per week schedule. We're looking to build a community of skilled raiders who want to down bosses with minimal time commitment. While our times are casual, we pride ourselves on a fun yet focused environment. To make the team you'll need to know your class, contribute to the raids success, and “get out of the fire.” At no time will we carry any of our members. While we're competitive; attendance or poor attitude are the only reasons you'd be ask to step down once you achieve raider. Wednesday Palooza was founded in December of 2015 by very experienced players who just want to set aside a single night and kill some bosses while having fun. Not looking to be serious, but we will not accept people who don't put forth effort or are unable to stay alive in fights. We don't go over our scheduled time or add extra days. You need to have near perfect attendance to be considered. While all classes are welcome to apply; we are currently looking for the following classes for our Mythic team: Range: Warlock - High Shadow Priest - Medium Ele Shaman - Medium Hunter - High Melee: WW Monk - High Demon Hunter - High Any player who wants to join as a social is encouraged to reach out to an officer or any member for an invite. We invite socials who are friendly, helpful, and respectful. We also have a few members who raid with us for flex heroics, we'd consider adding more. This is an All Adult guild, so we don't do favorites or have any drama. We're active and fun players outside of raid. You can find us grouping up for mythic+, world questing, and farming mats for potions and flasks on off nights. Overall we're a fun group of people, so feel free to level up with us as well or just join to be social with helpful people. You can apply at the website below or contact me in game for any questions Website: BattleTag: Bigsteer#1581Bigsteer35 22m
50m <Endless> US 9th Leadership 5/7M LF Healer! Who are we? <Endless> is an alliance guild located on the US-Sargeras (PvP-CST) server. Created in September of 2015 by a group of tight-knit players (with the leadership coming from the defunct US 9th guild in Tier 17 <Razzia>) with the common goal of achieving high efficiency raiding on a light raiding schedule, <Endless> offers a home for raiders that want to play at a high level, but no longer have the time to dedicate to 4 or more raiding days per week. We believe in efficiency in all things, notably in the time spent before (through extensive discussions on the guild forums) and during the raids (with proper preparation and communication), not in the total amount of time spent inside the raid instance. With our sights set on reaching at least a US Top 50 guild rank in Legion, we are looking to ensure that each and every member we recruit into <Endless> is the kind of high-quality player that will help us achieve that goal. While we understood as soon as we formed 3 months after the release of Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Tier 18) that the progression race was already over, we still intended to clear the current content at a competitive pace, which resulted in us clearing 13/13M (in 25 raid days total as a guild with a 3 month late start, 700 raid iLvL and 3/20 legendary rings) and finishing with a US 111th rank. We are currently looking for exceptional applicants to fill the last openings in the roster puzzle ; current class openings are listed in the Recruitment section, which can be found below. Progression Emerald Nightmare: 5/7M - 7/7H Raid Times Tuesday: 8pm EST - 12am EST (7-11 CST) Wednesday : 8pm EST - 12am EST (7-11 CST) Thursday : 8pm EST - 12am EST (7-11 CST) We will never raid more than three (3) days per week. Invites start 20 minutes prior to raid time, and trash should be cleared in time for the first pull of the night at the top of the hour. Recruitment Current class openings: Exceptional Healer of any Class - HIGH Warlock/Feral Druid - LOW While we are actively looking for the classes/specs listed above, our recruitment remains open at all times: all applications will be considered regardless of iLvL, progression or class/spec, provided you have past experience/logs to demonstrate stellar performance We are aware that most guilds say this, but we truly mean it: we are primarily looking for motivated and skilled players, more so than specific classes. Classes and specs get buffed or nerfed every patch, but good players always find a way to adapt and perform no matter the circumstances thrown at them. We will never recruit a player if we do not fully believe in their capacity of achieving their trial. If you feel <Endless> is the right fit for you, don't hesitate to apply on our website After visiting our website and reading this post, if you still have any questions regarding recruitment, please contact any of the officers listed below. Expectations & General Information -You should be able to maintain at least 95% attendance during progression AND farm (aiming for 100%). This doesn't mean we don't understand real life occurrences ; if you know you will be late or absent to a raid, post in advance (as much as you can) on the AFK forums). -You should have a very profound knowledge of your class and should be able to communicate said knowledge through a well written application and competitive logs. -You should have a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. If you consistently disconnect or experience lag issues, do not apply here. -You need to be willing to partake in, or at least read, various discussions on the guild forums, and check said forums at least once everyday. We use the forums for our raiding needs, but also to strengthen the bond between our raiders with various entertaining threads and discussions. -Loot is distributed by a loot council formed of the leadership of the guild. Loot is handed out in a way that increases our guild's progression above all else. Enchants, gems, food, flasks and runes are all up to the raiders, although the guild bank will stock up to try to help raiders in this regard. Leadership & Contact Information Guild Master: Tiltscythe (Ascendance#1646) Officers : Foxcore (Foxcore#1532) & Frankerzbeam (Ludo#1886) Website: (apply here!)Foxcore394 50m
1h You'll never believe what happens next.... <Sanctus> is looking for additional raiding members. We are currently looking for a ranged DPS, a healer (with DPS offspec), or tank, to join our 6/7 H raiding group. **For heroic raiding, your gear must be appropriate in conjunction with your classes performance. RAID NIGHTS 4 Hours Planned for Tuesday / Sunday TUESDAY - Raid Night - 7 PM Server (8EST) THURSDAY - Raid Night - 7 PM Server (8EST) SUNDAY - Optional Days - 7 PM Server (8EST) This is a mature, skillful, yet relaxed environment as we are a group of skilled players with a more casual schedule and feel. Simply put, we enjoy playing the game for the sake of it. If you're looking for a place to belong that cares for the individual player and not only about content, then you have come to the right place. We are a group of gamers with lives, just like you, who have come together with decades of WoW experience to provide a guild that does not just 'play' the game, but 'enjoys' the game through events, raids, dungeons, PvP, exploration, and all other aspects of the game. We have built a consistent core group of raiders who can not only progress through content, but also train and teach others who wish to raid but need a little help. We are currently looking to add to our roster to fill some gaps. If you are jumping back into WoW after an extended break and looking to jump into raiding, be sure to contact one of us in-game or via so that we can plug you in today. If you have come this far in our forum post, then there is only one thing left for you to do - join us! Simply search for "Sanctus" in game and message a member of the guild, or reply to this forum with any questions, comments, and your character name! Questions, comments, and concerns? Oh, and, you join Sanctus... that is what happens next! Battle Tag: 'Pointmann' - "SpectreG4#1998" 'Kuthero' - "Kuthero#1219" 'Pathogyn' - "Whitefang#1802" 'Karobeth' - "elektro137#1412"Pointmann1 1h
2h Resto Shaman LF Heroic/Mythic guild LF casual raiding guild. Prefer raid ends by 11-11:30 EST, 2 nights a week. Also prefer a guild that does or plans to do Mythic progression content. I've been in guilds that full clear Mythics or nearly, but I'm fine with something more casual as I only want to commit to raiding 2 days a week. Full cleared Mythic and have 90th+ percentile parses from HFC as a Resto Shaman. Add my btag Skyy#1353Skyywyn0 2h
3h [A] <Edema Ruh> (7/7N) LFM - Heroic/Mythic About Us Edema Ruh is a semi-casual raiding guild created to provide a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere while encouraging excellence. Many of our members have experience raiding through all that retail WoW had to offer. We are currently recruiting additional classes to round out our Heroic/Mythic roster for Legion. Though we have been raiding together for the last year, we are new to Sargeras. Goals Ultimately, we want guildies to enjoy themselves as we progress through content. We hope to see all that Legion has to offer while promoting community and excellence as our ideals. We do occasional social events and seek to enjoy the adventure along the way. Raid Times Monday: 9:00-12:00 EDT Thursday: 9:00-12:00 EDT Expectations We desire that our members strive to put the guild before themselves and interact with one another and non-members with respect and generosity. Being casual, we have no requirements on attendance, but look for players who are like minded in downing content and seeing the guild progress. Priority is given to those who are able to attend more frequently. Current Progression 4/7 Heroic 7/7 Normal Recruitment We are accepting all individuals, but have open raid spots for: 1-2 Mages 1 Retribution Paladin Contact Us Website: Side Note If you have read anything by Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, or George R. R. Martin, you have every reason to join us, as most of our members are huge fans, and if you haven't... then read a book.Âtredes6 3h
4h (A) <Theoretical> Looking for Tank/dps! 7/7H Theoretical is a new guild that is looking to bolster our numbers and start pushing into Mythic. We are a group that has lots of raiding experience over all the past expansions. Most of us were big raiders that have came back for legion. We are a very active guild that are friendly and helpful and more than willing to help out with things. If you can listen and do mechanics we can help teach you what you need to know to raid with us. TANK Guardian druid RANGE DPS Warlock Hunter Priest Balance druid Ele shaman MELEE DPS Rogue Paladin Warrior Death Knight (Unholy) Monk HEAL resto shaman holy priest Our current raids times are Monday-Wednesday 7:30-10:30. If you are interested post on here or you can message me in games of through or Roxgg#1202,Tristnal#11267) I look forward to hearing from you!Röx0 4h
5h [A]<Casually Competent> 1/7M, Sat-Sun About Us <Casually Competent>, 1/7M, 7/7H is a progression minded guild currently located on the US-Sargeras server. We're looking for reliable raiders that are flexible in role, adapt quickly to new mechanics with a keen situational awareness, and aren't shy to own up when they occasionally skip a beat. We enjoy having fun, but know when to focus up to get the job done. Current needs: One healer of the following classes -Resto Druid -Holy Priest -MW Monk Two ranged DPS of the following classes -Warlock -Hunter -Boomkin Any exceptional players are welcome to apply. We are a guild that will attempt to work through performance issues with you as long as you're putting your best foot forward. That being said we are not here to run a babysitting program, help us help you. Raid times: Saturday and Sunday 6PM-10PM CST [invites start at 5:50PM to facilitate prompt pulls and organization] We strive to run a hardcore progression guild that operates on a semi-casual schedule with a tight roster; solid attendance is a must. Days are naturally reduced as content becomes farmed. While these are our designated raid nights we remain quite active on off nights. Guild chat may get a tad interesting, please be prepared Base Requirements ⊗ Competitive drive ⊗ Ability to make scheduled raids and give proper notice of any absences ⊗ 850+ Item Level ⊗ Being prepared with Food/Pots/Flasks ⊗ Discord ⊗ Reliable internet connection ⊗ Consummate knowledge of your class with efficiency in playing multiple roles [keeping up to date with theory-crafting + min/maxing] ⊗ No-lifers a plus! If you think you may be a good fit, xCognus, Tavion, or Pxl in game at anytime! Contact Us Wes#12170 Aeres#1151 Tavion#1571Pxl46 5h
5h [A] 862 Fire mage 7/7H LF mythic raiding So as the title says i am a 862 fire mage LF for a mythic raiding guild About me I like to be a competitive player and i am always looking to improve. I started raiding Mythic on HFC cleared 13/13M on january got us 229 On Zul'jin with halcyon , I am always prepared and i play a lot , i am from latin america and yes i do understand and speak english , i raided in US realms all the time until a few months ago where i decided to try something new and raid in a latin american guild but i did not like it . I like to have fun while being serious when needed and i have a pretty funny accent pls dont make fun of me jk u can make fun of my accent i dont care. What i am looking for I am looking for a semi hardcore/Hardcore Alliance guild that raids mythics preferably 3 - 4 days a week , i would prefer if your core raids something around 8 pm - 3 am i will still consider other raidtimes but those are the best for me and like i said i play a lot and i would like to be the best possible while having some fun As for my mage I have legendary ring ( Shard of the exodar ) and neck 861 ilvl equipped and 870 overall i put a lot of time into my mage i always like to get the best gear possible and always trying to improve my raiding skills. Here are my heroic logs from this tier And yes i do have a mic and i can talk. I recently transfered to sargeras so thats why those logs have a different name than my current characterTynarius17 5h
6h [A] Voltage 3/7 M Recruiting. Voltage is currently recruiting raiders for Legion on Sargeras. Faction: Alliance Realm: Sargeras Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Raid Times: 7.30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m Server Time (Central Time). Voice Chat: Teamspeak/Discord Guild Logs: Current Needs: Melee dps: DK with tank OS, Ret Paladin Range dps: Hunter, Spriest Healers: Disc Priest, Resto Druid, and Resto Shaman. No tank positions are open at this time. Always open to all exceptional players however. If the right person is a stable raider over the course of a trial period 12 raid days, there is a potential offer to be invited to the Raid Core. Attendance, and performance have to be exceptional. About: In WoD we were 13/13M 13/13H in HFC. The guild itself is fairly new but within a small amount of time has cleared Mythic HFC. We are wanting to expand big for Legion! We're looking for competent raiders who can attend the raid times and more importantly, the ability to perform the mechanics required to progress into Mythic content. Voltage is all about having a good time and hope to continue this into Legion. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to post here, but you can also message one of the following people with recruiting applications, questions and concerns: Apply today at Bubz#1455 (recruitment officer)Catteraxe134 6h
6h Brunch - Late Night Raid Grp 7/7N, 3/7H Hey Brunch is a late night guild consisting of people that look forwards to raid night, reviewing logs and learning new ways to down bosses. What are we doing right now?: Progressing on Heroic content and looking for more. We have a decent core of people going right now and want to add some people we can enjoy the game with. We all have previous raid experience across a variety of WoW content both hardcore and casual. What we need: Currently closed on tanks Need heals & dps (rDPS is high on this list) We want people who will learn and enjoy improvement We want people who won't take things too seriously 18+/mature players guild It would be preferable that you submit an application on our site but we can talk regardless. RAID TIMES 12a -3a Server Time (CT), Tues/Weds with occasional 100% optional raid starting at 12a Sundays. Add Bitbite#1662 and Keeton#1438 Find out more about us at: www.guildbrunch.comBitbite2 6h
7h [A] Crippling Debt (7/7N, 5/7H) Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday, 10pm to 1am server time; optional raids at the same times on weekends. Current Progression: We are currently 7/7N and 5/7H with normal on farm and recently starting heroic progression. What we need: 6 DPS - High priority for Shadow Priest, Hunter, Feral/Rogue, Fury - any will be considered How to reach us: Apply at or feel free to contact me (Badaeus) or any of our other officers, Bigeffntank, Smackdaba, Ahrai, or Enkana in game. About Us: We are a semi-casual raiding guild. We are looking for a few more raiders for our core raid group. We try to be as fun and laid back as possible while still striving for excellence and great progression. We have been raiding 15-person raid group and had a full group, but we have decided to increase our group size to 20, so now we're recruiting again. We are also recruiting additional candidates/subs for all DPS roles.Badaeus0 7h
7h Selling Emerald Nightmare Carries and M+ <PIP carries> is looking to sell full clear runs through Emerald Nightmare + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. We pride ourselves with getting people the gear they want, when they want. We are also one of the few groups who ACCEPT CROSS SERVER GOLD!! We have been active since Warlords of Draenor, and have had many successful runs: 7/7 Herioc Emerald Nightmare (Personal Loot Run)(Master Loot run) -This includes all bosses, including Xavius killed on heroic. -Any loot That you can use for your class. -The chance to extra roll using one of your own coins in case the piece u wanted did not drop. -The chance of additional loot useful to your specilization from our carriers. -Ahead of the Curve Achievment: Xavius 7/7 Normal Emerald Nightmare (Personal Loot Run)(Master Loot run) -This includes all bosses, including Xavius killed on heroic. -Any loot That you can use for your class. -The chance to extra roll using one of your own coins in case the piece u wanted did not drop. -The chance of additional loot useful to your specilization from our carriers. -Rift of Aln Achievement We also offer single kills: -Nythendra -Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption -Elerethe Renferal -Ursoc -Dragons of Nightmare -Cenarius -Xavius -Bundle prices can be negotiated. Scheduling: Our raid times are flexible and can be shifted to accommodate buyers. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact us using the information below or reply back to this thread. Mythic+ carries available NOW! Contact Info: Battletag:PwnLFTW#1721 Skype:PWNLFTW1721 Battletag: TITANOFCHAOS#1693 Skype: TitanofchaosPwwn19 7h
7h Stay Mad 4/7M LF Dps <Stay Mad> of Sargeras US Alliance is looking for excellent players to help us with our continued progression! Current Progression 4/7M Emerald Nightmare ************************************************************* Raid days: Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-12am CST Currently Recruiting: ------------- Shadow Priest (High) Hunter (Medium) Balance Druid (Medium) Windwalker (Low) -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. Additional information about us can be found on our website at Warcraftlogs: About us: Originally we were a horde guild of friends that have raided together for many years with the primary raiding being in 10 man throughout MoP. For WoD, we rerolled to alliance to see another side of the game some of us were not very familiar with. We strive to be friendly and laid-back while retaining a reasonable level of progression for the short time we have each week. A lot of us play many other games outside of WoW together and stay pretty active in Discord outside of raids. If you have any questions or wish to apply, you can visit our website at, or add one of the battle tags below JudgeFudge#1455 Boatshoes#1381 Rollow#1353 Duke#1427 Cragg#1120 Hollabakgirl#1828Lightshoes4 7h
7h 7/7H Halaa Back Late Night Group. Halaa Back is a raiding group operating out of the Currently Online Guild conglomeration on Sargeras. We're a Semi-Hardcore group who are looking for versatile players. BRAND NEW GROUP! 1/7M Raid Days: Tues, Wed, & Mon Raid Times: 11p-2a ST (Central) Recruiting for Mythics! Seeking many classes and specs to fill out the roster. 860+ Ilvl If you interested please head to: For more information before you Apply contact any of the Group Leads. Ouroro: Jaebabe#1755 Squash: Salsa#1979Ouroro61 7h
7h Hustle- Looking for Possible Merger. <Hustle> Looking for Possible Merger. We are a 7/7N 1/7H Herioc Guild. That was our first week. We havent been able to have a solid raid since do to attendance reason. We are looking for a like minded group to absorb or merge with. We raid Tuesday and Thursday... Perfer 7:45-11pm Eastern Standard Time. We we can bring.. Please add Deaths#11849 if your wanting to talk and discuss Mergers or interested in filling our voids. Thanks. 860 Blood DK or 852 Resto Shaman. 856 Feral DPS or Tank. 857 Lock 856 Rogue 854 Hunter 854 Resto Druid 852 Holy Paladin 851 Hunter 853 DH Dps 848 Balanced Druid 850 Mage.Nevasleep8 7h
8h Enrage 1/7M LFM DPS weekday raiding <Enrage> is currently recruiting for more people for our raid team. Who We Are: We are a newly formed guild who came from Proudmoore. Many of us have raided together since Wotlk. We are experienced players looking for more dedicated people to push content. We are looking for people with the same mindset in downing bosses while having a sense of humor. What We Are Looking For: Our current needs are: DPS: DK, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, DH, or Lock. (Yes, we are looking for MDPS) Heals: Disc Priest or Holy Pally Progression 7/7N TEN 7/7H TEN 1/7M TEN Raid Times: Tuesday 7-10 Est Wednesday 7-10 Est Thursday 7-10 Est Loot Rules: Loot Council Any questions or concerns AGM: Scramz#1518 GM: Vurik#1549Vurek27 8h
8h <A>Protoculture 5/7H lf solid raiders <Protoculture> is a small group of friends that is currently looking for a few more raiders to solidify our core. We are looking for players that will come to every raid prepared and with knowledge of the raid, while also being someone who wants to have fun while progressing. We currently raid Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm Server time to 11 pm server time. Our current healing needs are: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Resto Shaman Our current dps needs are: Mostly any ranged dps aside from a druid, but desperately need a mage,shadow priest and hunter. We also still need a few melee dps especially a enhance shaman, windwalker monk. All classes and specs will be considered as we can still make most classes or specs work with our raid. If you are interested please send a tell to any Protoculture member in game, anyone can invite.Brokennclass5 8h
8h [A] <Take Two> 7/7 H - LF DPS/hybrids <Take Two> is looking for you! ~~~~ ~~~~ We are a semi-casual social raiding guild comprised mainly of older adults who enjoy playing the game despite our other RL commitments (family, work, etc). Many of the current players in the guild are fond of the way guilds were when they were considered a community and a home for players - this is our mindset. In addition to the social aspect, many of us have raided from early Vanilla all the way through Warlords of Draenor. What do we raid? We just finished Heroic EN (7/7) and will be working on Mythic progression in the next few weeks. We also do drunk run/alt raids on Friday nights to keep things light and fun. Outside of raids there are consistent Mythic and Mythic + groups forming and running. When do we raid? MONDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY 8-11 server (CST). Minimum raid attendance for guaranteed invites is 80% for our main raids. Monday raids are considered optional and do not award EP or charge GP for gear. How do we award gear? We use EPGP for our main raid loot distribution. This is used for Tuesday and Wednesday raids, but not for our optional Monday raids. EPGP add-on is required. What we are looking for? First and foremost we want to make sure you are a good fit with the rest of the guild. This is key in making sure we maintain a fun and social environment where everyone gets along together and enjoys their time spent in game. We don’t want players who login for the raid and log off as soon as it’s over. We’re trying to create an environment where you WANT to login, even if it’s just to shoot the breeze and screw around. Current class needs: High priority: 1 Rogue, 1-2 Mages or Warlocks, 1 hybrid tank/DPS class (prefer Paladin or Druid) Medium Priority: Hybrid Healer/ DPS We are currently only looking for these specs and classes, however we will NEVER turn down a good player. Our minimum required iLvl is 840 for raids however we will make exceptions and will consider you whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just looking to get back into raiding. If you feel like <Take Two> would be an ideal fit for you, please visit our website and fill out an application: ~~~~ ~~~~ If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us in game: Shoqqs - fcreature#1250 Erklepal - Erkledore#1466 Pigbear - Pigbearman#11974 Tamic - Tamic#1652 Ezplays - Chris#15559 Donsta - Donsteve#1708 Glooper - Teaspoonies#1218 Thanks for your time and consideration and we look forward to hearing from you! Cheers!Shoqqs18 8h
9h [A] Killin Time 7/7H Recruiting Killin Time is recruiting for our core raid group, currently 7/7H. LF exceptional 855+ 2RDps (Mage, SPriest, lock) for Mythic Progression. Raid times- Tues/Wed/Thurs 830pm-1130pm server (CST).Ctrlone6 9h
9h 5/7H 7:30-10pm c T W TH LF Healer RDPS OT "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Holy priest/paladin, Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno0 9h
9h 1/7 Mythic EN Raiders - Looking for you! <High Noon> is a raiding guild looking for serious/like-minded raiders to progress into Mythic content. We have cleared (7/7) Normal EN and currently (7/7) Heroic EN as we have started Mythic Raiding. Our goal is to facilitate a friendly and laid-back atmosphere where players that are serious about progression can raid eveb with restricted schedules. We pride ourselves in investing time into each of our raiders and creating a community within our guild that our raiders will always enjoy learning, playing and returning to. **Our raid times are Tuesdays/Thursday/Sunday 8PM-11PM Server Time. ** Our raid times are designed for players that take raiding seriously, but have less of an open schedule to do so. Although our raid times aren't as long, we are looking to accomplish just as much in the time we have by using it as efficiently as possible. This means that there will be a high expectation of individual preparation for each and every raider, whether you're in the core group or not. We expect everyone to have their consumables and do their own research before stepping into the encounters every night. We are finishing up our raid roster, but are always striving for a strong core group of like-minded players that are willing to work as a team each night we raid. Below is a list of the specific classes and specializations we are looking for to complete our raid roster: (850+ ilvl preferred) ~Looking for exceptional RANGED DPS (all classes) Note however, if you feel like you are an exceptional player that has a history of solid raiding progression, and this seems like the group for you, please drop us an application anyway! We will consider anyone that believes they could be a solid fit for our team. If you have any questions or interest, you can reach us in game on, hodsic#1691, himawari#11414, juggernaut#1737 or apply directly on our website @ Cheers!Gannann6 9h
9h <Emphasis> 7/7M LFM <Emphasis> 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare is currently recruiting competent players for high end raiding content.Emphasis is located on US-Sargeras Alliance. Current openings include but are not limited too: Interests: Mage Hunter Holy/Disc Priest Rogue Shadow priest Warlock However, all exceptional applications will be reviewed regardless of class and specialization. Requirements for Applying Recorded parses on or another logging website. A minimum requirement of mythic experience in HFA, or previous end game experience. Register and fill out our guild application at Raid Times: Raid Times and Expectations Tuesday: 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) Wednesday : 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) Thursday : 7:30 EST - 11:30 EST (6:30-10:30 CST) We will never require you to raid more than three nights a week, all alt runs or extra time the guild wants to push will not be mandatory. All applicants are expected to maintain 100% attendance during their trial period, and 90% attendance after their promotion to raider. If you know that you are going to be late or absent, it’s requested that you send an in-game mail to an officer, or whisper them and explain your situation. Additional Information: All raiders are provided Repairs Flasks Potions Food Loot is distributed through an officer run loot council, thus ensuring that each item is rewarded to the raider or trial who will benefit from it the most. If you have any more questions, comment on this forum, contact one of the officers listed below, or look at the guild website, which can be found at Treatz#11874 - Treatz Skittles#1988 - Cosack blood#12161 - Blood Vercon#1219 - VerconTreattz8 9h
9h <Second Attempt> Top 100 world leadership LFM <Second Attempt> is a former world 70 and realm first guild on Eonar that recently transferred to Sargeras and has roots dating back to Vanilla on Eonar. Even though we've been around for so long we can still use help from exceptional players like you as we push for a top world rank and kills again! We've been around for 7+ years as a 25 man guild, but as of Mists of Pandaria, we were a double 10 man raiding guild. We took a break during tier 16 after clearing normal modes and a few heroics within the first few weeks and are now looking to do 20 man Mythic raiding in Legion! We are seeking exceptional players that will help the guild as a whole get a taste of the top 100 world kills we were pushing for previously! If you are looking to do 20 mans in Legion and also want to be in a highly active guild on a great server, we would be a great fit! We raid from 12:30am - 3:30am EST (11:30pm - 2:30am CST Server Time) Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! ... ... Recruitment: - Tanks (Any Spec / Class) - Demon Hunter DPS - Death Knight DPS - Warrior DPS - Rogue - Retribution Paladin - Elemental Shaman - Warlock - Balance Druid - Hunter - Mage - Shadow Priest - Resto Druid - Holy Paladin - Discipline / Holy Priest ~ Any exceptional applicant Loot System: Loot is distributed by a officer led loot council with the use of the EPGP system which is designed to increase progression, push people to be better players given their class and keep things all around fair for our solid raiders i.e consistently on time to a raid, proficient with their character, etc. Outside of Raiding Activity: Seeing as we are a community of players, we do more than just raiding. We also farm old content for transmog gear, old legendaries, etc. We are also avid PvPers and RBGer's so if these are things that interest you, then we're the guild for you, because there's rarely a dull moment in the guild! About Us: Originally Second Attempt started off from the roots of two Vanilla progression guilds, being Reign and Last Attempt on Eonar. After the birth of Second Attempt we pushed for many realm firsts in Burning Crusade as well as Wrath of the Lich King and held a formidable top world rank. After a period of time and after clearing early Wotlk content with more realm firsts the guild looked elsewhere for experience with the game and most realm transferred to start a new guild on a new realm. As it stands now Second Attempt has been reborn with ex officers and guild mates of Second Attempt that spent some time reforming in Cynosure during late Wrath of the Lich King and then came over to reform and restore Second Attempt. We are currently recruiting various classes and types of exceptional players for the new Warlords of Draenor content. We have recently transferred to Sargeras as of April 2015 for the sake of a better community and recruitment pool amongst other things. About You: You should be a skilled and dedicated player, striving to better yourself alongside the guild. You're experience and numbers should be alongside or better then that of our core guild members. Second Attempt is consistently looking to better itself and thus pushes for achievements and heroic modes, with this in mind you should have a similar mindset, look to theory craft to better your class, etc. Check out our website and stream at: ... If you're interested in chatting about this feel free to contact myself or one of my officers in game or through realID: Indofear Eradícator Praÿ ...Indo157 9h
9h [XTREME], 1/7M EN, Recruiting (2-night) CST - Want to raid? - Tired of being online in your guild, with no one to talk to? - Looking to be apart of a large guild community? - Want to have fun while downing end game bosses? Well then, join team "Xtreme"! - Come be apart of one of the largest gaming communities in World of Warcraft! ___________________________________________________________________ We are now seeking ALL exceptional raiders, for our Tuesday/Thursday Raid team! * Team "Xtreme" is a Semi-Hardcore Mythic progression team, residing within the Currently Online community. With experienced leadership and progression oriented players. * Looking to add more dedicated raiders to complete our Mythic team roster. * Our core is filled with a variety of experienced, serious, and dedicated raiders, from past endgame/hardcore raiding guilds; from Vanilla to WoD endgame [Heroic & Mythic] content. Although we consider ourselves to be a bunch of jokesters, and we have fun while raiding, we all have the same goal in mind: Progression. Raid Schedule: • Tuesday: 6:30PM - 10:00PM (CST) • Thursday: 6:30PM - 10:00PM (CST) (We may occasionally do off-night raids with our team to push progression, however these are optional.) We ask for everyone to be online 20-30 minutes prior to raid invites. ___________________________________________________________________ Recruiting: - Minimum 855-860ilvl - All exceptional applicants are always welcome. Primarily seeking the following classes at this time: • DPS, Ranged: ALL • DPS, Melee: ALL • Healers: Resto Druid, Disc Priest, and 1 Back up healer, with a viable DPS spec • Tank: 1 Back up tank, with a viable DPS spec ___________________________________________________________________ About Us: Currently Online was created to be a very close, active, and social guild, full of a variety of raid teams that progress in endgame content, [without that nazí Bullshít leadership]. The type of guild filled with players who you want to play and socialize with. We've grown to be more than just a raiding guild, we're a family. Discord usually gets interesting at night, and guild chat is always pretty amusing. We're always willing to take on new personalities. Some of us also hangout outside Azeroth, and enjoy breaking in a newbie with a wicked hangover. Waking up wondering why you are naked is also encouraged. Welcome to the last guild you will ever join. ___________________________________________________________________ For more info, please check out our guild website @ Do: •Know your class •Be open to constructive criticism •Enchant & gem your gear. •Come prepared to raid, with pots/flasks/food •A positive attitude and patience •In depth knowledge of your class and the current raid content •Discord (voice server) •Always try your best •Admit your mistakes •Have a reliable working computer •Show up on time and prepared for every raid •Be communicative about any problems you may be having •Advise a raid leader if you will be absent from raid •Have fun! Don't: •Whine •Attempt to cheese meters without explicit permission •Scam or Ninja Loot •Be disruptive •Disappear randomly without notice • Previous raid experience is preferred. This doesn’t have to be Warlords raiding, but we prefer people who have done previous Heroic/current Mythic raiding. Since we raid only two nights a week, we need a high level of performance. ___________________________________________________________________ Who to contact: - Raid Leaders: * Avabelle: AvaBell#1981 * Demoàtrix: Deante#1745 * Donutholë: Cam3LSpid3r#1977 ___________________________________________________________________ Thank You for your consideration in joining our team. We look forward to slaying monsters with you. - Team Xtreme, & CO ManagementAvabelle23 9h
10h <Design> 4/7M recruiting Hunter(s)/RDPS <Design> is actively recruiting for Mythic content. We were founded to be a guild for high quality players to seek progression raiding, while still maintaining an insightful and friendly atmosphere to the public and its members. We welcome social/casual members and do our best to include them in our day-to-day happenings. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a laid-back and casual environment and enjoy all aspects of the game. While raiding is our primary focus, we still have people who enjoy PvPing as well as other activities such as achievement hunting, transmog runs, etc. If you're looking for a quiet, but fun and laid back atmosphere and have similar progression goals or experience, give us a try! Current Legion Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 3/7M Recruitment needs are as follows: Ranged DPS Hunter (High) Spriest (medium) Melee DPS Windwalker(Medium) Ret Paladin (Medium) Tank N/A Healer N/A Always considering Quality raiders Schedule: We are currently raiding Tuesday-Thursdays from 9:30-12:30 EST. Raider expectations: Attendance -- this is VERY important as we like to maintain a small roster. This will almost always guarantee you a spot, yet we rely on our members to make a very high percentage of raids in order for this to happen. Attitude -- We want people who WANT to raid DESPITE the occasional tough/stressful raid night. We have a passion for it during the hard times and the good, and so should you! Knowledge --Players who can perform well at any spec they choose from and fully utilize both their main and off specs. Players who can be VOCAL during encounters while performing their class responsibilities. We strive to be as versatile as possible. Alts -- We're looking for individuals who are well versed in multiple classes. We're asking you to have one(1) alt that is of the same role as your designated main's role for Nighthold. You should be able to play your alt to the capacity of your main, or slightly below the capacity. If this sounds like something up your alley, don't hesitate to leave us a in-game mail, message us on, Fayt (Fayt#1129), Vitiek (vitiek#1666), Roland (Julio#1245), Choopaloop (choopy#1345), or check out our website WEBSITE: We are always recruiting exceptional players of any role, though we may not always have guaranteed raid spots. If your class isn't posted but you'd like to have a chat anyway, our mailboxes are always open, and we're available to chat on Bnet. Thanks for reading!Firka33 10h
10h 7.1 UH DK abomination model New UH Death knight got a model change for dark transformation, not sure if this was listed in the patch notes. The old dark transformation model was fine in my opinion and perfectly represented the fantasy of a beefed up, lich king esque, abomination. Currently the new model is not nearly as large and resembles the golden trait proc of 'the shambler' where a super zombie explodes. However, the base model of UH death knights is considered by and large an abomination in itself. I propose that we bring back the old dark transformation model and replace the current abomination summoned from raise dead with the new, updated dark transformation model. Thoughts?Ysmir0 10h
10h <Pancakes To Celebrate> 5/7 Heroic <Pancakes To Celebrate> is recruiting! We are looking for active members who enjoy raiding and progressing through content but do not want to turn the game we love into a chore. We maintain a casual schedule with a friendly raid environment and other optional raid days and constant M+ groups running to keep things active throughout the week. Raid Times; Thursday / Monday 9:30pm-12:30am Server Option Wednesday 9:30pm-12:30am Server (usually lower content, alt runs, etc.) After our first week of Heroic EN (only 4 hours - started after full Normal clear) we are 5/7H and will clear 7/7H this following week by committing both raid days to it. Raid lead is 7/7H and 2/7M. We plan on progressing through mythic EN and Trials of Valor at a steady pace as it comes out but we have no intention of killing ourselves while doing it. We want to have fun, we want to laugh, and we want to down bosses as we do it! If that sounds like a mindset you can jump on board with then we would love to have you. High Need; 2 Healers (any of the following); Mistweaver Monk / Holy Priest / Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin DPS (High Need); Rogue Hunter Mage Shadow Priest DPS (Moderate Need); Havoc Frost DK Boomkin Tanks; CLOSED Feel free to add either btag with any additional questions; CGVibez#1169 Blessed#1915 Or reach any of our officers; Tekktonic Nothidas Riathair TerodactyleTekktonic2 10h
10h [A] LFM - Tues-Thur 8pm-11pm PST - 9 Hours/wk <Mors Certa> Sargeras (PvP-CST) Chicago Datacenter ABOUT US We're a Mythic raiding guild of close friends currently coming back to the game for Legion. We're not necessarily a new guild as most of us have played together over the last 8 years or so. We took a break half way through Hellfire Citadel because of personal reasons, but prior to that, we had a long steady history of progression dating back to The Burning Crusade and going all the way through Blackrock Foundry. We offer a competitive raiding atmosphere on a very minimal schedule. Raiding only 9 hours a week and being competitive is a tough task, so we want people who are not only reliable, but know how to make the most of a short period of time. Past progression includes pre-patch kills of Mu'ru, Kil'jaeden, Yogg-Saron (0 Light), Algalon, Anub'arak, Lich King, Cho'gall, Sinestra, Deathwing, Lei Shen, Ra-den, and Garrosh. RAID TIMES Tuesday - Thursday, 10pm-1am CST server time (8pm - 11pm PST) Only NINE hours a week. RECRUITMENT NEEDS Monk --Windwalker WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR -Be reliable - Show up to raids on time on a consistent basis. -Understand your class - Knowing when to swap to a different talent for a specific fight can often push a raid group over the top. Knowing when to play fire instead of arcane, or survival instead of marks is also a very important quality. This includes all hybrid classes that have damage and healing specs. -Experience, skill and gear - We are looking for people who want to progress seriously and have a capability to play your class to a high level. We expect apps to have combat logs to prove this as well. -Attitude - We have a fairly laid back raid atmosphere, but you must be willing to accept criticism. If you are told you are messing up repeatedly, it is nothing personal, but we may sit you for the fight to get a kill. -Having an alt is a bonus, but by no means required. WHAT WE OFFER - A competitive Raid environment -A stable guild that has existed for many years - Other friendly players with multiple classes to socialize and play with CONTACT INFO If any of this interests you at all, please feel free to contact us in game or on our website. Battle IDs: chimi#1777Chimi31 10h
11h <Tunnel Vision Boss> [A] Recruitment Thread <Tunnel Vision Boss> is a brand new guild started by a group of 5 gents that have the drive to progress through Legion content. Like you, we have a love for this game that started back in Classic and continues to this day. We've always wanted to start our guild but didn't make the decision until previous guilds began falling apart. With our leadership and the addition of skillful players like you, we will push through any of the content we set our sights on. Our Goals While we only raid two days a week we are in no means casual. We strive to be competitive on the server for progression and spots will be the same. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid. Raid Schedule Thursday: 8-11 Server Time Sunday: 8-11 Server Time Voice Chats We are looking for like minded individuals with not only a sense of humor but also a drive to get these raid bosses down. We currently use Discord and it will be required for all raiding. Current Recruitment Needs Healers - Hpriest/Resto Sham DPS - Will consider anything except DHs (filled up on DHs atm) Guildie Experience In-depth raid experience from Classic to MoP and now Legion. **WoD most of us took a break** Contact Info Alex#15217 [Officer] Paste#1701 [Officer] CheddarBob#1445 [GM] Maxwell#1180 [Officer] Tubifex#1930 [Officer]Plubbs5 11h
12h 2/7M 7/7H Elevator Boss LF Mythic Raiders! We are currently recruiting a few more skilled and dedicated players for our mythic raid roster. We are currently searching for: Tank - Prot Pally, Guardian Druid, Demon Hunter, or any exceptional Tank can apply. Healers - MW Monk, Holy Priest, or any exceptional Healer can apply. Dps - Warlocks, Hunters, Feral Druid or any exceptional DPS can apply. Raid Times: Tuesday-Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm server. About Us: Elevator Boss is a guild that has been around for quite some time now. Forming back in early Wrath days with some members of top US 50 guilds, our main objective was to have fun raiding with friends and absolutely destroy all content available to us. Quite a few times since the guilds creation we have been in the top 3 of progression guilds on our original servers and are currently set to raid with multiple 13/13 Mythic Hellfire raiders from the previous expansion. We are an extremely mature and stable guild and our raid schedule is a perfect match for a variety of players aiming for plenty of time to clear bosses while still not having an insanely hardcore schedule. What's Expected of You: There is a demand on raid efficiency such as bringing food, flasks, potions, bandages and basically everything else needed for a successful raid, as well as focusing and doing your part as a raider. Due to having 3 raid nights, it gives us plenty of time to clear farm and learn new content each week, we just need everyone to show up prepared and ready to knock it all out quick and efficiently. Despite this emphasis on efficiency the general attitude during raids is pretty relaxed. We like to have fun and joke around, but when it's time to get serious and focus, we all need to be on the same page. We are not interested in people who cannot stomach a few wipes, get upset over loot, or are quick to complain or argue. We value quality of players over keeping an abundance of standbys, and our raid roster promotes a very close knit atmosphere in guild with little tolerance for drama. We expect all raiders to keep up to date with their class, gear/gem/spec/professions in an optimal and coherent manner, and proper knowledge of boss encounters. How to Apply, Join and Raid: Elevator Boss has an officer based - try out recruitment process. We can bring you into the guild and get you used to the people and how we operate, but you wont officially be a raider until we can at least test you out in a raiding scenario. Get in touch with any of us in game via whisper or in game mail and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can and talk a little bit about a few things in the raiding stand point. After we talk, I will set up a trial raid to see how you do in raiding situations and we'll go from there! Loot is distributed via an officer based loot system. For information add - Atharamore#1959, Volinor#1905 or Zemnis#1417, and we'll get you set up asap!Atharamore12 12h
13h [A] <Impervious> 2/7M LF Tank, Healers & DPS Impervious is a progression guild that has been around since the middle of Cata. We like to have fun but getting new kills is our focus. Our raid times are below. Tues 8-11 CST Wed 8-11 CST Sun 8-11 CST Apply at or add Stinnay#1110, or Shadow#11439Eviel22 13h
13h 868 Moonkin LF Guild currently have 7/7H cleared would love to join a guild that is atleast 1/7M. Perfer raid times be weekdays 8pm-12am server. Logs- 13h
13h [A]<Hollow Crown>3/7M Recruiting DPS & 1 Heal <Hollow Crown> - Sargeras - Alliance (7/7H 3/7M EN) Greetings, Hollow Crown is a group of MMO veterans with the goal of progressing through mythic raid content while only raiding two nights a week. If you are the type of player who thrives in a raid environment that emphasizes personal responsibility, teamwork, and self-sufficiency, then we want you. Please see below for what we are currently seeking! Additionally, you can find our recruiting information at Our Raiding Schedule: We only raid two nights a week, but we encourage and host extra nights for sales runs, Mythic+ runs, et cetera. We expect a minimum of 80% raid attendance, but life happens sometimes and we will of course take that into consideration. If you know for sure that you're going to miss a night we expect you to make a quick post in our forums letting us know so that we can plan ahead. Our raid nights are as follows: Tuesday 8:30pm-12:30am Central Standard Time. Thursday 8:30pm-12:30am Central Standard Time. Voluntary Sale Run Night (Starting EN Heroic Sale Runs Soon): Wednesday 8:30pm-11:30pm Central Standard Time What You Can Expect From a Trial Period As a trial, you are not elligible for tier gear, BiS weapons, or BiS trinkets unless they are uncontested by established raiders. This trial period typically lasts two to three weeks depending on the individual. The important thing to remember is that we do not judge your trial necessarily by your character's output (DPS/HPS/etc...), but by your ability to work in a team, to perform raid mechanics consistently, and to take constructive criticism well. What We Have to Offer You: A positive raid environment that consists of players with great attitudes. Guild repairs for trials and raiders. Flasks (upon request). However, you must provide your own potions, stat food, and any other relevant consumables. We do provide raid feasts, but personal stat food is preferred. A fun and active guild environment. A fair attendance policy. Above all -- consistency You can rest assured that we will raid every Tuesday and Thursday at the establish raid times with holidays being one of the only exceptions. What We Expect From Our Raiders: Punctuality. A positive attitude. The ability to perform raid mechanics. The drive to get better at your class and to avoid stagnating. Be respectful of others. What We Are Currently Seeking: We currently have the listed priority on recruiting the following classes and specs (all applicants must be a minimum iLvl of 850 with accompanied logs to prove competency to be considered for a trial): -- DPS Positions: OPEN -- Warlock (High) -- Warrior DPS (Low) -- Shaman DPS (Enhance: Medium/Elemental: Medium) -- Mage (High) -- Death Knight DPS (Medium) -- Rogue (Medium-High) -- Hunter (High) -- Monk DPS (High) -- Paladin DPS (Medium) -- Druid DPS (Low -- Exceptional Boomkins may apply) -- Shadow Priest (Low) -- Healing Positions: ANY -- We are actively seeking a VERY strong healer of any class. This is a core raid spot. You must have strong parses and be very active, analytic, and able. -- Tank Positions: CLOSED -- We are not actively seeking any tanks at this time All positions are competitive, if you believe yourself to be an exceptional player, we want to hear from you regardless of any recruiting priority that is listed above. If you think you'd be a great fit then don't hesitate to apply! Additionally, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the following: Haumph (Richard#11728) - Guild Master, Raid Leader Stellavore (Azazeal#1762) - Guild Officer We look forward to hearing from you. -Hollow Crown Leadership www.hollowcrown.netHaumph25 13h
13h 872 DPS Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hello, I have recently returned to Sargeras and am searching for a new home. I was most recently raiding on Mal'ganis with the guild <Swol Squad> in which I achieved 7/7 Heroic and 3/7 mythic emerald nightmare with numerous attempts at mythic dragons of nightmare. I am looking for a guild with a fun and focused environment that raids around 3-4 days per week and for no longer than 4 hours at a time. I am not interested in raiding on Sundays or joining a guild that requires split runs. I am hoping to join a place with a tight knit and active roster outside of raid times, no drama, no elitist attitudes, and a group dedicated to clearing all mythic content in a reasonable amount of time. Here is a link to my most recent logs: P.S. I have no interest in tanking and will not be your emergency off tank. Please feel free to contact me with any questions on this post, in game, or through realid at Vengeance#1793.Véngeance9 13h
13h Cake 4/7M Tue,Thur,Sun LF MAGE/DPS Cake - Us - Sargeras Legion Recruiting Needs - Tank- Currently closed while trialing - Dps - These spots are competing to be a part of the myhic roster. (Need to have logs) Mage - Very High Warlock - High Shadow Priest - High Moonkin - High Looking to fill some bench rolls as well need more dps for heroic raids. Heals - FULL We are always looking for exceptional players of all class. Raid Time and Days - Tue ,Thur, Sun 7:30 - 11 or 11:30 Server Time (CST) Do you wish to raid with a bunch of fun loving, content downing passionate a$$holes? This could be the place for you. What we want in a raider is simple, be there, be ready, and don't make the same mistakes. Learn from mistakes and move past it, adapt and over come. We are not looking to carry anyone, you pull your own weight or you wont come. If interested, please feel free to reach out to myself, Zipps#1374, or apply on our guild websiteïpps35 13h
13h Looking for name Hello, I am looking for someone who has the name Rosequartz. Contact me in game under Quartzie-Sargeras.Pinkpeony0 13h
14h 852 mut rogue LF home Raided on and off since wrath, looking for a home on sargaras. 6/7n with minimal effort, easily able to start heroics. I'm not above trialing before getting an invite to show that I am a competent raider. Hoping to join a guild that raids 2-3 nights a week, for 2-3 hours, preferably later in the evening. Feel free to contact me here or online, my bnet is nastynic#1641Robbinson5 14h
14h [A] VANQUISH is recruiting! 8 hour raid week! ... ... ... VANQUISH is an ancient guild with a long raiding history, both good and bad, all of which can be found on our website @ For the Legion expansion we are utilizing a weekend raid schedule. Our raids begin at 3:00PM EST (invites at 2:30) and end at 7:00PM EST on Saturdays and Sundays each week. Because of our limited raid schedule, we are only interested in recruiting players who excel at understanding boss mechanics, are able to perform efficiently in a raid setting, and whom are able to avoid lethal raid mechanics while playing their character well. New recruits are also expected to have near 100% raid attendance during their trial period. Each week raiding members are expected to prepare for the upcoming weekend raid by making sure they have enough consumables (food, flasks, and potions) for the 8 hour raid week. Researching and understanding upcoming fights, or current progression encounters, is also expected to take place prior to raid days. Our guild community and general raid atmosphere is something very valuable to us. If you’re a consistently negative person, or someone with a generally bad attitude, this guild will not be a good fit for you. We do take our raiding time seriously though, and having “thin skin” will not serve you well. Overall, VANQUISH is a performance-based guild. We expect people to play well and maintain respectable logs of encounters each week. Failure to do so will eventually get new recruits demoted to a non-raiding rank in our guild. New recruits who are unable to maintain their raid attendance will not pass the trial period. If you have computer issues, internet issues, or outside commitments that would prevent you from making our raid times, this guild will not be a good fit for you. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the application process, contact our GM @ Onslaught#1285 on Battle.Net. If you wish to apply, you can formally do so @ 14h
15h [A] <Quality Assurance> 7/7H We're a tight knit group that strives to be efficient in our raid times. We have been playing games together for several years and are laid back most of the time but serious when it comes time to pull. We raid Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7:30pm est - 10:30pm est. Currently we are rounding out our roster to start Mythic progression. Recruitment is open for: ilvl 860+ Competent DPS Hpal If you are interested or have any questions feel free to post here or contact Quetzafel, Nerfsap, Goatleaf, or Àkande(alt 0192) ingame.Àkande11 15h
16h 5/7H 7:30-10pm c T W TH LF Healer RDPS OT "Hero Association", newly created guild recruiting knowledgeable players for a small progression focused raid group. All classes welcome. Raid times are 7:30-10pm central time Tues Wed Thurs. 7/7N 5/7H need Heals RDPS and Off spec Tank, looking for a Holy priest/paladin, Shadow priest or Marksmen hunter in particular, all are welcome. Thanks for the read and good luck. Uboros#1574Bovno0 16h
16h <The Salty Lads> 2/7M - M/Tu raiding; Myth+ We're a guild founded by a group of friends coming back to WoW for Legion. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from progression raiding in Vanilla Naxxramas to playing for the first time - but we have grown to encompass backgrounds from everything! You can be sure to find someone who shares your interests and is happy to group up. We're currently looking to get just a little bit extra so we can bring our best into mythic and be able to absorb multiple people missing a raid night. We're 7/7H and 2/7M currently. Most of us are in our mid to upper 20s with jobs and for the most part we'll be on weekends and weekday evenings. We'll be prioritizing Heroic into Mythic raiding and Mythic+ dungeons, with Arenas and RBGs on the side. Our dedicated raiding days are Monday/Tuesday from 7pm-11pm Server Time (CST). Raiding will be taken seriously so that we get the most out of the two days, but we will have a laid-back atmosphere otherwise. We're always willing to help people improve and to take advice to improve ourselves! We have no past raid experience requirement, but possessing a drive to learn the raids is heavily desired. We'd like an item level of 850+ and demonstrable strong performance in upper end content. We're looking for exceptional candidates in every role to make sure we bring the best and to allow us to absorb missing a few people for mythic. Open to all specs! Good performance and being prepared will get you a sub spot. Strong performance and commitment will get you a permanent spot. If you are exceptional we would love to hear from you! Social members are welcome as well to grow our ranks for off hours mythic+, RBGs, arenas, and other fun games! Either way, if you're looking for a serious guild that still understands this is just a game and loves to have fun, message Aktt, or add craftymaster#1127.Aktt13 16h
16h [A] Week-end Mythic raiding! About us Pledge of Insanity is a guild on Sargeras(Alliance). Considering our light schedule in both group, we expect everyone to come prepare and be on time. We are looking for quality players over quantity. We have 2 raiding group in the guild, one that concentrate on Mythic and the other one will concentrate on Normal/heroic difficulty. Raid time Mythic group (7/7H, 1/7M) : Friday-Saturday 7h30 to 11h30 pm CST. Normal/heroic group (7/7N, 1/7H) : Sunday 8h30 to 10h30 pm CST *** See Guild Wowprogress for recruitment need for Friday/Saturday. Currently recruiting all for Sunday group *** For more informations on recruitment or on the guild you can visit : If you have any questions you can add KJL#1903, Kukicha#1872, Ainsworth#11901 or mat345#1228.Betterave11 16h
17h <Elevated> 5/7 H LF DPS Hello Everyone! <Elevated> is a newly formed guild on Sargeras-US which is currently 5/7 H within the first week. We are a semi-hardcore group looking to keep pushing and we need exceptional players like you to push our way to the top! Our raid lead is 3/7 M and others already have ATOC for this content who joined together to push through Mythics together but our currently lacking in numbers for our core 20-Man. We raid from 8:30pm - 12:30am EST ( 7:30pm - 11:30pm CST Server Time ) Tuesday and Wednesday This is why we are looking for ANY exceptional DPS who’s minimum required iLvl is 855+ but will make exceptions and will consider you whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just looking to get back into raiding Recruitment: Enhancement Shaman Assassination / Subtlety Rogue Fire Mage Arms Warrior Windwalker Monk Feral Druid Destruction / Demonology Warlock Retribution Paladin Havoc Demon Hunter Unholy Death Knight ** Any exceptional applicant ** Loot System: Loot is distributed by a officer led loot council with the use of the Haddon RCLootCouncil which is designed to increase progression, proper stats equipped, on time for raid and keeps things fair all around. About Us: We are a guild made up by 5 friends who originally were looking to join a guild together but never had a chance to play together since every guild need two or three of us. Since then, we decided to just take what we knew and just start fresh with the experience we already got scattered around. We now are trying to get back to Mythic progression but as a team of friends and players who are looking for the same goal. If you’re interested in chatting about this feel free to contact myself or one of my officers in game Bigboi #1891 Answers #11998 Treelovah ( In Game )Duhvuk0 17h
17h <Well Played> 7/7H LFM Hello everyone, <Well Played> 7/7H is looking for additional people to add to our raiding roster. We recently reformed this guild (We were highly active during Mists of Pandaria) and are looking for like minded, skilled individuals looking to push progression. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday & Monday, 730-1030 CST(Server time). We are currently recruiting all positions but leaning more towards Tank, heals, and RDPS - we will consider all applicants. We raid 9 hours a week and we would like to make the most of it, we want players that are here to perform 9/9 hours in the week so we can keep up with other guilds in the future. We will be in mythics once we acquire the roster to do so and pushing progression steadily. Things are pretty laid back and we have a diverse set of characters in our group. For more information, Please add Wotsabacon#1398 or log on the server and Whisper Dosetsu, Slambot, Wotsabacon or Highvalue or apply at 17h
18h [A] <Probably AFK> 6 Hours 7/7H 1/7M <Probably AFK> is recruiting raiders for Mythic Emerald Nightmare. WHO WE ARE: We are a progression-minded guild formed in 2015 of an amalgam of experienced groups. Many of us have raided together since Wrath of the Lich King. Many of us have cutting edge heroic and mythic experience in Warlords and past expansions. We are mostly young adults with lives and careers and are looking for like-minded applicants. We take our raiding seriously, but not so seriously we don't appreciate a great sense of humor, though if you're looking for family-friendly jokes, you might steer clear. WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: We're looking for raiders who want to hit Mythic Emerald Nightmare (and subsequent content) hard. We want you to commit to gearing to the best of your ability, having exceptional attendance, and playing at peak performance levels as often as possible. Our heroic team has ranged from 15-23 players, and since we have cleared, we plan to expand that team to include 25-30 players from which we will select 20 for our mythic team. Recruitment is currently open to ALL CLASSES. The following are priority classes. DPS High Need - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Marksmanship or Beast Mastery Hunter - Mage (Any Spec) Medium Need - Arms or Fury Warrior - Shadow Priest Low Need - Retribution Paladin - All Other Classes HEALERS High Need - Holy Paladin Medium Need - Holy or Discipline Priest - Restoration Shaman Low Need - All Other Classes TANKS Medium Need - All Tank Classes Anyone is welcome to apply and all exceptional applicants will be considered to raid. We also welcome anyone into the guild who wants to join for casual play, 5-man content, and alt runs/off-nights. WHEN WE RAID: We raid six hours a week. Our schedule is Wednesday and Thursday from 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. central (server) time. If you can commit fully to this schedule, we want you! OUR GOALS: During week one of Emerald Nightmare, we completed a full clear of normal with a 19-man flex group. We killed heroic Xavius on October 6th with 18. Our roster has grown, but we were missing a few players in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We have used our off-nights to clear all mythic dungeons in multiple guild groups, as well as Mythic+ dungeons and world content. Within the next few weeks, we plan to push to the highest Mythic+ keystone level possible, having multiple groups that have cleared level 8 and above. We are creating a rated battleground team for those interested in PvPing with friends, as well. OUR EXPECTATIONS: Show up for raid and do your best. We don't think that's too much to ask. We also appreciate if you're around and active during the week while we're not raiding. You'll find many of us in our Ventrilo server whenever we're free and we're always around to provide some help. In that vein, if we want your help, consider giving it! Prepare your character as much as possible for raids. We provide consumables, but we can't outfit you without your effort, too. Have your addons up-to-date (we prefer DBM, but it's ultimately your choice). Gear up through mythic dungeons. Don't be rude. Legitimate hate and judgment is absolutely NEVER tolerated. LOOT RULES: We will always use Master Looter in guild raids by using ML roll windows rather than /roll. Trinkets and set pieces will be on Loot Council during the early weeks of each raid. WHY CHOOSE US? We're fun, friendly (though we appreciate a well-timed, funny insult), and successful! And best of all? We want YOU to join us and make Legion the best expansion you - and we - have ever seen. HOW TO APPLY: Visit our website at and apply on the forums! There, you'll find an application template and get an opportunity to tell us a bit about yourself and why you think you're a good fit for us. Interested in chatting one-on-one? Contact an officer: Stigs#11590 Iryin#11280 Beats#1873Anvarra39 18h
18h 860 7/7H Hpal LFG Looking for a serious M prog guild, my raid times are pretty flexible.Fïgan5 18h
18h 870 Havoc DH LF Mythic Raiding Guild I just transferred servers from Bleeding Hollow and are looking for a raiding guild with raid times that are reasonable for EST. I have years of raiding experience starting with the very first vanilla raids. I'm 7/7 normal and heroic EN and are looking to progress into mythic content.Grave9 18h