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[H]<Mervilleux>(7/7)H HM (9/10)N BRF Merveilleux is recruiting. We lost a good number of players between the end of Highmaul and the beginning of Blackrock Foundry due to real life issues and a few players deciding to take a break from the game. We lost our main tank, a healer and a mix of dps and are working to reform our core group for heroic BRF. We have cleared 9/10 normal BRF with little issue and gotten blackhand to phase 3 a few times though we have only worked on him for 1 night. We have decided to step back into heroic starting this week March 5th and could really use a 4th healer as well as some good dps. We are also in the process of forming an optional alt raid night for the core team as well as for new members who can't make the raid time or don't quite have the gear yet. This would be done on Tuesday nights from 8-11EST and we are hoping to get that started asap but next week seems like the soonest it will start. The alt raid is completely optional for people on the core team. Our main raid is on Thursday and Saturday from 8-11 EST. Attendance is the most important thing to us as missing raids really can hold back progression. If you have some logs to show that would be great. We use mumble which is required and Ms>Os loot rolls with a loot council that may sometimes intervene mainly only during progression gearing. For the main raid we are in need of 1 healer and a few dps: Healers: 1 Disc Priest Holy Paladin Dps: 3-4 Warrior (Who can play both specs prefered) Shaman (Either spec) Windwalker Monk Ret Paladin Rouge (Would need to be able to play at least 2 specs) Hunter (Would need to be able to play at least 2 specs) For our alt raid/casual raid we are in need of plenty of healers and dps of any class or spec. This raid will be much more casual as far as gear and skill expectations. Feel free to post below with any questions or interest. You can also add me on battle tag Gorgong#1659. Brewslëë0
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<Vigil>5/7M 10/10H High Need for Warlock! <Vigil> is a semi-hardcore Alliance raiding guild on Sargeras-US. The majority of the guild has been playing since classic and the core group has been raiding together since Burning Crusade. We are looking for raiders, veteran or new, who are seeking a structured raid environment that pushes progression content on a 3 day per week schedule. Our Goals 1) Maintain a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on longevity. This guild was created based on friendships made in hardcore raiding and the guild will continue to thrive as long as World of Warcraft continues to exist. 2) Conduct raids in a professional, organized, coherent manner. The leadership collectively brings over 20 years of hardcore raiding experience. What we enjoy most about raiding is the organization of the raid, adapting to difficult encounters, and celebrating after a difficult boss kill. Most of our trials comment on the speed of our raid. This is not a guild that takes 10-15 minutes between pulls. Strategy is done before raid on the forums and raid time is used wisely. 3) Establish a community. We may be the only semi-hardcore progression guild with a minecraft server. We have a Sunday alt run, mumble is always active, and we play other games such as Borderlands and Heroes of the Storm on off-nights. Also, we have a really awesome website that looks great on mobile. Progression T17: 6/7M Highmaul 10/10H BRF Raid Times Tuesday 6-10pm CST Wednesday 6-10pm CST Thursday 6-10pm CST Loot Rules For normal and heroic raids we use main spec over off spec. We do not use personal loot for the reason that we do not want our raiders doubling up on items. For mythic raids, we use a loot council system and award loot based on attendance, performance, and attitude. The loot council consists of two officers and a council member. We know how important loot is to player and guild advancement and take great care with awarding loot. Attendance and performance are the most important factors for loot distribution. Current Needs The following classes are needed most but all players are considered. Warlock (High) Balance Druid (High) Enhancement Shaman (High) Shadow Priest (High) Death Knight (High) Mage (Medium) Restoration Shaman (Medium) Contact Information Website: Twitter: IDs: Korson#1574 Tjuice#1677 Nauris1910#2468 Azariah#1969 Kordrid36
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Feb 27, 2015
[A] <Realm Last> 6/7M 1/10M recruiting! Realm Last is currently looking for a few quality players to round out our Mythic roster for Warlords of Draenor. We are currently recruiting the following classes: Any exceptional DPS! If you feel you are an outstanding player and would be an asset to our guild but your class is not listed above, please submit an application regardless of your classes recruitment status. We are always looking to enhance our roster regardless of class if they're the right fit for the guild. ----------- Basic Information: Guild: Realm Last – Server: Sargeras (PvP/CST) Recruitment Contacts: Wolfnstein, Cyclothymic Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday, 7:00pm CST to 11:00pm CST. Invites start going out 30 minutes before start time. ----------- About Realm Last: Realm Last has been on Sargeras since 2011. Originally a small group of friends raiding Firelands in a 10 player setting, during Dragon Soul we made the transition to a 25 player size and cleared on heroic. With MoP we steadily improved each tier finishing T14 at 12/16(H), Throne of Thunder (T15) at US 84, and Siege of Orgrimmar (T16) at US 77. All members are supplied flasks, pots, and food as well as repairs, but you should be able to be self-sufficient in these regards. Expectations of applicants are initiative, dedication, a cohesive personality and self-awareness. ----------- How to apply: If you're interested in joining the guild and would like to apply, visit our website at If you have any further questions regarding the guild or pertaining to an application, feel free to contact one of the officers (Adr, Cyclothymic, Wolfnstein) in-game or via a PM on the forums. Mongoloidx32
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[A] 9/10H guild needs: WARLOCK <Crimson Blades> of Sargeras is recruiting select classes to start pushing Mythic BRF! Current Interests: 1x Warlock We might also be interested in a strong Mistweaver Monk Apply online: We raid for 3 hours a day, 3 days a week; see below for localized days and times: Raid Times : • T/W/Th 7:00pm – 10:00pm UTC -6:00 (US Central Time; Server time) • Our raid start time for all time zones:,780,cn3 While we are primarily a US-Based (Central Time) guild, we welcome players from many diverse backgrounds. • We require the use of Mumble. • Loot is distributed via EPGP; decay is set to only remember the last two months of raiding. • New members are eligible for loot no later than the start of the third raid day (may be earlier upon officer approval) Our Current Progression Stretch Goal in Blackrock Foundry: We will clear 7 Mythic bosses before the next tier launches. About Crimson Blades <Crimson Blades> is a friendly, long standing 25m raiding guild that has been together since the start of WotLK. Our commitment to stability is evident in the fact that we have had the same active GM & core officer team since WotLK (although it is uncertain if our GM is an actual person or an advanced computer algorithm). About Sargeras: Sargeras is one of the the top, if not the top, Alliance server in North America. Home to Midwinter and many other top guilds, the only bad time to be here is about the first week or two after an expansion launch ;) See this URL for way more than you ever wanted to know about us: If you have any questions, you may add Zarin#1554, XillianCB#1678, or Nume#1968 to your friends list. Thank you for your interest in Crimson Blades! Zaarin14
Feb 27, 2015
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