Jun 11, 2015 LF 50, 60, or 70 Twink Raid Team I have always wanted to make a twink to raid old content. Does anyone know of any twink raid teams? I am looking for something that is active, so I can have a normal raid night (Or 2-3 each week if possible) where we go in and raid old content at the appropriate level, with gear that is appropriate for that xpac (no using the next xpac's quest gear, etc). I have some toons around these levels, but have not geared any of them for raiding at those levels I mentioned. Please reply here, or add me in game Bowwy#1263 I am very interested in making a healer, as I love healing, but am also willing to make a RDPS (no melee, my keyboard's awkward for melee DPS & tanking). My brother is also willing to come as a healer or DPS. ===== The mention of 50 is because some people choose to do 60 raids at levels the raids are not intended for (no exploits used to do this) as being lvl 60 and doing the 60 raids can be faceroll.Disciplines2 Jun 11, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Kegs Tapped Mythic Recruitment 10/10 H BRF -- Kegs Tapped is currently recruiting exceptional players to finish out 6.1 and push Mythic come 6.2! Server: Sargeras Raid Times: Tue/Wed/Thurs 8-11 CST We are a group of friends who formed the guild at the launch of WoD and slowly built it up throughout the course of the expansion. We are here for the long haul, and looking for players of the correct mindset to raid alongside to push and successfully clear Mythic content. Primary needs are for the following, however all exceptional players will be considered. The roster is competitive, and at this point we are looking for exceptional players who can excel in our group and compete with current raiders. 680+ ilvl please. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warlock Death Knight DPS Enhance Shaman Warrior DPS Mage ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any interested players can apply at -- Kill videos soon to come! For any further information feel free to contact Stroede#1929 or Squawk#1241Stethoscope11 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 WTS 8/8 Gold CM Boosts! Runs done in 3 hours or less any class / spec. 250k for 8/8, 31250 gold payed before each dungeon starts. Includes transmog weapon, The Indomitable title, and Yeti mount. Send a btag over to snipez#1839 for any inquiries.Quasì6 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 <Offtime> Mythic Morning Guild Recruiting Dear prospective Offtimers, <Offtime> is a Sargeras AM raid guild, currently firmly ranked as the #1 early/daytime raid guild on this highly competitive server. Although we raid interesting hours, we've progressed efficiently through mythic content thus far. With the recent ban wave, we suspect there are plenty of talented free agents interested in finding a new home. We would like to provide a long-term and efficient raid environment for those and other capable players. We are interested in recruiting a select few dedicated, mature players capable of performing at the top of their class/spec. These exceptional raiders will solidify our core group and will become an integral part of smooth progression within a supportive, serious raiding environment. Progression to Date: 7/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry 6/7 Mythic Highmaul Current Recruitment Needs Ranged DPS: Mage - Medium Hunter - High Melee DPS: Rogue - Medium DK - Medium Healers: Any gifted healers are encouraged to inquire. Tanks: Currently saturated. If your class is not on this list and you feel we would make a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to contact our officer core regardless. <Offtime> is always on the prowl for exceptional, reliable raiders. Current ilvl requirement of 685+; however, we recruit the player, not the gear. If you think you have what it takes to raid in a progression oriented environment, please contact us for further details. Be ready to provide logs when requested. Raid Schedule: Wednesday - Friday: 9am - noon Server (10am - 1pm EST) Contact DrParks, Bearsrus, Metziifu - In Game BearsRus - BattleTag: Davinc#2310Bearsrus49 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 695 arcane/fire mage lf raiding guild i am looking for a casual mythic raiding guild that is atleast 3-4 mythics down nothing to serious. I am available to raid any day of the week preferably later in the day like at night. i am never late to any raid i ever was in. my attitude is always very good and positive. i just want to be able to have fun with a guild while progressing with at the same time.if you think i would fit in ur raid team please let me know :).Magepker2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 [A] 691 Discipline Priest LF Raiding Guild Howdy, I just transferred with a few former guildies with the intention of setting up another raiding guild here but that didn't exactly pan out as several former guild mates joined up with another guild and now I find myself guildless and looking. I figured I'd do it this way rather than go back pages and pages on the forum looking for a guild that's actually looking for a disc priest as it's arguably the most difficult spot to get into (other than perhaps a tank, but at least there are 2 tank slots per raid). I'm 7/7H 9/10H (through no fault of my own... I'd like to say that Blackhand was the reason our old guild fell apart), 1/7M 0/10M. My offspec is shadow and I have a partial shadow set that pulls around 30k DPS give or take depending on the fight.... though I've raided like once or twice as shadow. No, I will not play shadow full-time. I'm ideally looking for a guild already doing mythic content, though guilds looking to start doing mythics are okay too. I learn super quick and dying is a rarity for me once I learn a fight. I had 100% attendance for main raid nights by virtue of being in college. I'm fairly sure I have 5 former guild mates that can vouch for me, 5 only because there are 5 on my Real ID friends list. I'm career hunting at the moment within the field of IT so I can see myself being called in for an emergency or being held back once and awhile, but I can't guarantee that right now. I'm open to any night of the week, around 7:00-11:00 PM server(CST). I'm 29 and I do not raid with children, I do not raid with asshats, and I do not raid with people who yell. I don't use a mic unless it's 100% necessary. I'm a raid chat person. At the time of this writing, I've hit the top 100 on Ask Mr Robot for HPS across all classes twice on heroic Gruul though it's fallen off the rankings, I'm currently at #33 for Heroic Blast Furnace and #92 for Heroic Hans & Franz. If you were to filter the top 100 rankings down to disc priests only, I appear on Heroic Gruul at #45, #90 on Heroic Oregorger, #36 on Heroic Hans & Franz, #16 on Heroic Blast Furnace, and #48 on Heroic Kromog. I raided under the character name Alfred on Scarlet Crusade. I'm getting these numbers as a 691 disc priest, possibly and probably competing with people in full mythic gear for the same ranking slots, and also possibly competing with nerds who rig the raid to achieve unrealistically high numbers through people getting hit on purpose and other such nonsense. Here are some parse highlights: Gruul - 73,814 HPS,d=1 Oregorger - 65,251 HPS,d=1 Blast Furnace - 66,012 HPS,d=1 Hans and Franz - 59,734 HPS,d=1 Kromog - 73,000 HPS,d=1 Flamebender - 49,509 HPS,d=1 Darmac - 56,012 HPS,d=1 Iron Maidens - 42,518 HPS (I'm the healer that goes up on the boat),d=1 Thogar - 50,703 HPS,d=1 If you're curious about mods/UI for some reason, here's a first kill (first, not best) for Blast Furnace. Yes I do use the mouse that way and still achieve the numbers that I do. No macros (other than trinket slot activation), no focus targeting, no Healbot trickery with mouse clicks/hovering. (beware of yelling at the end) I rarely play outside of raiding unless I have alt-fever, so LongJacket#1861 is probably the best way to get a hold of me. Cheers.Aldrion1 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Fury/Arms war LF guild To start off, I was 9/10 Heroic the first week of launch. And I'm also 6/7M highmaul. I'm looking to xfer to sargares and find a new guild. Doesn't have to be amazing, just has to fit my times. If anyone's interested in giving me a shot my btag is Kronoes#1480Kronoez2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Can't find where to buy Heirlooms Guys I play both factions and I am just bored of leveling slowly. Can someone tell me where to get heirlooms for my chars.Sindarosa1 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Selling Heroic Brf Run Wed 7 server. (Delirium) Is offering a Heroic Brf carry, we have two spots open tomorrow at 7 server. We have classes open for Cloth,Leather or mail. Includes all gear usable by your class. Price will be 150k for full run.( soul Repository,Micro Crucible on reserve). If you are interested or have any further questions, add me in game at Bambooski#1711Bambooskí2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 3 DPS and 1 HEAL Looking for mythic progress We're a group of friends looking to push mythic content. We want 2 to 3 raid days a week. Very flexible schedule on what days, 2 of the people are PST so not too early, maybe 7ish server time at the absolute earliest. Our ideal guild would be on very early mythic progression, 1/10 to maybe 3/10. Don't want to be carried, we want to earn it and progress through the content ourselves. We've raided with a few guilds since I initially made this post. They simply weren't a good fit for us and their mentality was not in line with what we want and expect from a raiding guild. the 4 of us are around 685 ilvl. We have AOTC and 10/10 heroic experience. The classes are as follows: Ret Paladin Fury Warrior Arcane/fire Mage Disc Priest We do require that you have room for all 4 of us, as much as i want to raid and progress through mythic content, I want to do it with my friends here so no one can be left behind. We also require that the raid atmosphere is somewhat serious.We could not care less about your cat and we don't want to be forced to listen to some random dude drone endlessly about stuff he probably doesn't even care about during raid time. So who needs 4 very solid, reliable, geared and experienced players to push mythic content with? You're a dirty liar if you say you don't. Hit me up Urinalysis#1572Jujubug3 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Looking for a heroic BRF gear carry I don't care about tokens tbh, offpeice is ok, and if blackhand makes the price dbl, I don't care about him either. I'm not wanting it for acheives and couldn't care less. Just trying to get some gear on a new account for the new 5 mans next patch. Let me know your price w/ or w/o tokens/blackhand. Thanks.Dezstruction2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Heroic IM/BH Carry Anyone selling Heroic Black Hand and/or Imperator Margok kills? Don't want the loot just want the kills for the achievement. Thanks in advance.Nagasis2 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 LF LW that can make stormshroud armor set Please reply here or pst me in game if I'm on. I can get the mats somehow and I will tip well.Physique1 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Thinking of transferring over Howdy folks of Sargeras, just wanted to see how this server is pvp wise mostly on alliance side. pvp on Tich at the moment isnt that too exciting to say the least and im hoping to change that.Brainsplat0 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 Normal BRF Carry questions Wondering if anyone does a 10/10 Fast normal BRF carry and how much it would b for a very unimportant altPöwerstroke1 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 10, 2015 [A] <Righteous Fury> recruiting heals and dps <Righteous Fury> is looking for heals and dps for 6.2 around the corner. We're currently 10/10 heroic foundry and raid from 7pm to 11pm server (8 to midnight EST). PST in-game (Zeo#1724) for more info, or respond here!Zeyla0 Jun 10, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 672 Feral/Resto + 679 BM Hunter LF H BRF+ 6.2 Hi, my friend and I are looking for a solid guild to raid some more Heroic BRF, and would like to be a big part of the upcoming patch 6.2 Hellfire. We have both AOTC's, and some Mythic content from Highmaul cleared. Our available raid times are any night somewhere around 7-12. Were dedicated raiders really looking for somewhere to settle down. At the moment due to being on an RP server it's extremely hard to find more progressed groups or runs. We are willing to transfer if we feel that your guild is what we are looking for. Second of all, we are looking for CORE positions. Filling bench is something weve done in the past, and will not do in the future. Like I said we are very dedicated, and very passionate about pushing content. If you have any questions or concerns please add my battle tag Dustin#1276 or Turtlegnome#1619 thank youWizzly6 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A] 7/10M Warlock LF Temporary Raid Group Hello Sargeras! I'm a 7/10 Mythic BRF Warlock (701+ ilvl) and I'm looking for a temporary raid group. My current guild, who I plan to stay with, has decided to take a break until 6.2 and as such my raiding has come to a screeching halt. I'd like to tag along with a group of similar experience in the hopes that I get the chance to snag one of the 2-3 remaining BiS items I don't have yet as well as work on improving my rankings on WarcraftLogs. I'm a very capable player with a good deal to offer to a raid group if they'd be willing to take me on. I'm mostly available in the morning (pretty much any time after 7:00 am PST) as well as some evenings (I do prefer mornings if possible). Feel free to either add my btag (DravenCarey#1507) or leave a message here. The best way to ensure you get a hold of me would be to drop your btag here as well as a little bit of information about your guild (raid times etc).Dravenrenik12 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Looking for a guild to call home! Hello everyone I am Tonelok, I just recently came back to the game about a week or so ago, been playing on and off since vanilla. Been involved in all sorts of guilds over the years, but really just looking for a casual raiding experience considering I don't have the time to commit anymore to a full raiding schedule. All of my characters I would be playing are on Sargeras, with my lock being the only 100 so far with an iLvl of 638 atm. I plan on leveling at least 2 more characters to 100. If there are any interest in adopting me into your home please feel free to drop a line here, or contact me in game I think my Battle ID is Ton3Loc247 #1246. Thanks in advance, cheers!Tonelok2 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 6/10 m xp rogue lf guild Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A] [US] [Sargeras] <The Band of the Red Hand We're looking for raid awareness, dependability, and intelligence, rather than experience or gear. We raid Friday and Saturday 6PM to 9 PM Server time We're looking for healers (resto sham and Hpally) ranged dps (balance, ele, 2 locks, spriest) and melee dps (rogue, ret, ww) We're not just looking for raiders, either. If you're in search of a home, our arms are open to most everyone. Message me if you're interested, or add my battletag: FrostyClive#1961 "It's time to toss the dice."Amorett32 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A] Arcane Mage LF Guild Hi All! I'm currently seeking a casual raiding guild that is available for raiding on Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday nights. I have some decent experience raiding in content up to cataclysm. I recently got back into the game about a month ago. Current ilvl is 652. Let me know if you are interested and thank you!Kreaton0 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Vulgar Heroic BRF SALES! Vulgar is selling Heroic Blackrock Foundry carry runs! About us: Vulgar has had many successful sale runs for gear//achievements//mounts in several raid tiers and this one is no different. Our carry team is from our core roster which is currently 10/10M (US 51, Realm 4) in BRF. What we're offering: We're willing to carry players with any gear level through Heroic Blackrock Foundry. If you're looking for a 10/10H run or you just want the Heroic Blackhand achievement come talk to us! The best deal is as always, a full 10/10H run :) Loot: The loot is generally set to "Personal Loot" Pricing: Pricing is competitive at 50k for Blackhand and 150k for a full run. Availability: Spots are limited and the spots fill up quickly each week. PST for availability! When: We run these on Fridays and/or Saturdays at 8pm EASTERN/ 7pm SERVER. =================================================================== Contact info: Please contact Laozine through in-game mail (Leave your battle tag so I can get back to you) or via whispers and I will be more than happy to help you.Laozine2 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Selling CM Carries Prices are 10k per dungeon and 90k for full. Will schedule you if interested. Payments are done after each dungeon, Please come with ALL HEROIC DUNGEONS COMPLETED Also have Invisibility potions.Aerolife5 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 Selling Heroic BRF Clears - Cheapest! 10/10 Heroic BRF W/ Loot for 1 spec is 200K (Negotiable) - Usually happens on Tuesday after Reset & Can possibly be done on YOUR schedule. Blackhand without loot 40KG Blackhand with chance at rolling on loot 50KG (No matter the item) We also plan on selling Mythic highmaul runs and challenge modes soon, we'll keep this updated. Amity#1312 - BtagMoonlazer2 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 [A] 700 Lock LF Mythic Guild I am looking for a raiding guild to join for mythic progression and beyond. I have 7/7 H HM, 2/7 M HM, 10/10 N BRF, 10/10 H BRF, 8/10 M BRF with previous Hard mode raiding experience in WotLK, Cata and the beginning of MoP. ilvl 700+. I am looking for the following: Alliance Raiding 2-3 Nights a week Raids Mon-Thurs Raids starting at 6pm CST or later Raids ending at/or before 10:30pm CST At least one, 5 minute break to pee/stretch/do the macarena etc. Fun/Mature/Adult atmosphere My realid is HelsMistress#1610 if you'd like to get in touch. Thank you!Ellipsîs1 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 9, 2015 n/a Removing - found a promising group. Will see how we jive tomorrow night.Shudaizi2 Jun 9, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 <Designation> Selling H BRF and Blackhand Designation is now offering full heroic BRF, or Blackhand only kills. Full Clear: Sunday 8:30 server Kill all 10 bosses No Gear restrictions Personal loot Payment in full at the start of the run. Blackhand Only: Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sun 8:30 server Blackhand kill only No Gear restrictions Personal loot Payment in full at the start of run Info and Pricing: Contact Captneda in game or via in game mail. Or add me on B-tag: Captneda#1295 or Bulbasaur, B-tag: xhobbes#1704Captneda3 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 <Raiders Anonymous> Weekend Guild <Raiders Anonymous> was originally formed from trade chat back in wrath. It comprised of people who played together weekly from trade chat. Soon after we became one of the top guilds on Garona. Were back and here to do the same for 6.2. It doesn't sound like that heroic story, but it will be soon, and YOU can be a part of it. Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday we have over 10+ activate heroic runs all full clear 10/10 Heroic BRF. Our raid leader alone has gotten over 20+ heroic Blackhand kills in 12 days. Great for gearing alts and getting ready for our mythic team. (Non Mandatory) Mythic is Friday & Saturday from 8PM-12AM ST Expectations: Ilev 680+ Previous tier or expansion experience. Great raid awareness. Doesn't require to be put in a backpack 90%+ Attendance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We'll be honest, its very late into the current and we have no real desire to try and push ranks out this moment. When 6.2 is released and our roster is stable we look forward to being one of the top 2 day weekend guilds in the US. You can expect us to live up to our promise but we need you to stay true to yours. Mostly interested in alts from people who are in guilds who are already completing mythic brf, as I myself am an alt. We do however accept players who only have time to play on the weekend. As of right now anyone is welcome to join our ranks. We have a system to let us know if youre mythic ready as well as we can trial you in a full 10/10 Heroic BRF run to see if you qualify to begin mythic. If you're in a top guild, or a guild already completing mythic BRF, no worries! We can gear your alt as long as you desire to raid with us. Come 6.2 we'll have that set roster and will begin with heroic HFC & end in Mythic. We hope to see you soon. You can currently contact anyone in the guild for a guild invite, just make sure you read and following the GMOTD (Guild Message Of The Day) Please contact me if you have any questions at battle tag: amity#1312 Were also seeking an experienced officer and co raid leader.Moonlazer0 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 693 AoTC hunter looking for mythic guild. 10/10 H exp looking to join up with a mythic guild before 6.2. Currently on Stormrage but definitely willing to transfer for the right guild. Have logs ready and prepared to learn all the mythic fights. Add my btag and ask me some questions: GoldenPe nis#1993 (yes that's my real btag, no I don't know how I got away with it)Ancientpebus2 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 Looking for raiding guild 676 Prot warrior looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild. Can server transfer asap. Available to raid 7-10pm Monday through Thursday. I can raid almost anytime on the weekend.Flexomega2 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 LF Guild DK-Blood ilvl 698- 8/10M BRF Im 8/10M BRF, guild stop raiding so looking for new on. PM me : lacks007#1452Deltakai5 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 ███►▬═1/10M Phury LF DPS/HEALS ═▬◄███ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Guild - Phury Server - Stormrage (Very High Pop) Faction - Alliance Website: ▬▬╟Who we are Phury is semi-hardcore horde guild located on Stormrage (PvE). We have a very low stress and drama-free raid environment filled with adults who like to have fun playing games. We have a fantastic community at Phury where people spend a lot of time playing together on off-nights. Many members play several other games with one another,as well as RBG/PVP often.On any given night you will find lots of people hanging out on our mumble server. We believe that success requires minimal drama and equal dedication from every member. To us, excellent raid attendance, comprehensive knowledge of your class, and being motivated to play the best of your ability day in and day out are not optional, but required. Non raid days we are still very active and have a great community of people in the guild! Off nights consist of CM's, Dungeons, PvP, Metas,Heroic alt clears,etc and open this to all alts & casuals so if you're looking to be in a active/no drama/friendly guild then you're welcome as well. ▬▬╟CURRENT PROGRESSION 1/10 Mythic BRF 10/10 Heroic BRF ▬▬╟SCHEDULE Tues, Wednesday,Thursday,Sunday Times: 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST invites go out around 30 minutes prior and pulling at 8pm sharp. ▬▬What are are looking for Recruitment is currently open to all classes/specs other then disc/holy priests and retribution paladins. *Only a couple spots left open ! ▬▬╟What we Offer you: •A fun and competitive environment full of people that want the same as you: Progression! •Guild Repairs during raid hours •A core spot in a very stable guild that has been around since BC •A community of awesome people ▬▬╟Our Expectations and Requirements: • You are a team player who is reliable, mature, and a non negative attitude. • Punctual and present for raid. • Know your class, and how to make the most of it. (Off-Spec competency for hybrid classes is HIGHLY recommended.) • Experienced in Heroic/Mythic raid content • Item Level 680 or higher. • Able to run Mumble (and talk to us on it!). ▬▬╟Contact Information Tang#1917 (GM) Thekidfresh#1211Druidtank1 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 694 fury/arms warrior lf guild I am a 10/10H fury warrior lf for a late night raiding guild i am pretty much free any day except tuesdays. I transferred from ED since the raiding scene and my guild wasn't cutting it so I transferred to Sargeras hoping to find a guild.Oxidizzle0 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 686 monk selling soul to mythic guild Did 10/10H and 2/10M with like 1% wipes on beast and hanz before having to stop do to classes, looking for a guild thats 5/10M+ for progress during 6.2 and beyond. realID is t174n#1473Slappadappa2 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 Paying 700k for 7/10 Mythic Carry I'm looking for a loot carry through 7/10 mythic including tier pieces for my restoration shaman. I understand WF and socketed loot will go to raiders if needed. Must be next week's reset. Hit me up: Arufonso#1731Fakezy4 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 LF a Guild to raid with. Hello. Im just a little hunter thats looking for a new guild. now this is an alt but i will bring the same dedication as i do my main. im 10/10 heroic brf and really skilled. btag: Tessen#1688Tëssën5 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 696 feral im looking for a mythic raiding guild that raids from 8 - 11 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. shadowdog#1715Bùtters21 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 <Last Pull> 10/10h recruiting for mythic <Last Pull> 10/10 heroic Is looking For Reliable Raiders for core spots in Raiding In Need of range dps mage, locks, Boomkin. rouge would be helpful also for mythic content. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Sun 8:30-11:30 serverMisswong1 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 699 Boomkin 8/10 Mythic exp Hello Sargeras, im looking for a similar experienced raid team i could maybe hop into.Starfall8 Jun 8, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 Looking for raiding/pvp guild Hey all I'm looking to join a guild that does both raiding and pvp. I know there are a ton out there, but i would like to bring all my characters to this guild. I'm looking for a guild with a pretty active community. Its no fun being in a big guild and having no one speak. Can either respond here, or PM me in game. Thanks!Polvo1 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 <Amnesty> 7/10 <Amnesty> 7/10 Mythic (Ore,Gruul, Beastlord, H/F, Kromog, Flamebender, and Operator Thogar) recruiting exceptional DPS to join our team. We pride ourselves in keeping a relaxed vibe while clearing content at a moderate pace. We raid Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 9-12:30 Server Time, or Central Time, however you'd like to look at it. OPEN RECRUITMENT FOR DEATHKNIGHT'S, WARRIORS, AND MONK/DRUID HEALS. What we are looking for in you: - Someone who is knowledgeable of their class, and their role in a 20-man mythic raid environment. - Similar content cleared this tier with a sufficient item level to be able to jump right into end tier content. (If you don't have similar content cleared this tier, but view you are a solid player, please don't deter from applying, logs will show us how good you are for your ilvl and experience). - Outstanding Warcraft or similar logs that show your ability to A) stay alive in fights B) do the damage required of you in said fight C) do the damage needed when necessary, not just meter padding, IE pillars on Kromog etc. What you should expect from us: - A relaxed, fun semi hardcore guild with all mats provided to raid with - 125 stat food included. - A group of people with years of experience playing together, constantly trying to improve our play. - An easily approachable group of officers and leaders with a fair loot system and way of leading. - Drama free mature adult guild that is socially accepting of all individuals - you'll find no bullies here. If you think you could fill this role we'd love to do a vent interview with you so that we can ask some questions, and likewise accept questions you may have of us. Please have logs to show, your item level will not get you into this guild alone. Please contact Treezuz in game or on @ Disjunct#1982. [/b] <strong/> [b]Treezuz16 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 7, 2015 [A] Roma Invicta recruiting for 6.2! Greetings Sargeras! We are [Roma Invicta], a newly formed guild that is recruiting for Hellfire Citadel in 6.2! We are a casual raiding guild with years of raiding experience since WotLK. Looking to progress in Heroic content, we seek dedicated mature players who wish to enjoy the content with enjoyable and willing members! Currently recruiting the following: Healers (Monk, Shaman, Druid) DPS (Both melee and ranged) Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday from 8-11 ST! 675+, if you are interested, send a pm to me or Zelida for more info! Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!Xanarfin2 Jun 7, 2015
Jun 6, 2015 688 Mage/692 Paladin 5/10M exp LF Guild I am looking for a mythic guild that raids from 10-11pm CST onward. Currently 5/10M on paladin and 4/10M on mage. I am capable of playing an arcane/fire mage or main prot/off ret paladin, whichever is required. Can attend any day of the week. Please add Azlaron #1825 if interested. Mage logs: Paladin logs: Jun 6, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 {A} 5/10 Mythic LF Boomie/Hunter/Mage-2 nites Note: Server = Stonemaul-US, Alliance Our raid team has been topping charts throughout MoP and is looking to continue to dominate PVE on our servers in Mythic WoD. Not only are we dedicated, loyal, skilled, and professional players - we also have a blast doing it. If you are looking for a progression focused group that also loves the game and fosters an epic team attitude, we may be a great fit for you if you have what it takes. (Liking bacon is always a plus). We are able to clear 5/10 Mythic in 2 hours. Check out our logs: For information in web format, check out our website: We plan on having a great time in Hellfire Citadel, so join now to guarantee your spot on an epic team. Mythic Bosses Dead = Hans and Frans, Flamebender, Gruul, Oregorger, Beastlord (Thogar at 36% after 20 pulls) Currently Recruiting (in priority order): - Boomkin - Hunter - Mage Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday at 7:30 CST (3 hour raid) We have the expectations and results of a high end raiding guild without the 3+ raid nights a week. If you are looking to progress quickly, enjoy time spent with a close knit group of solid raiders, and grab some loot along the way - come join us, we are what you have been searching for. Feel free to message me here or in game for more information (btag is Cindy#1821). I would love to talk and ensure we are a great fit for one another. Happy Raiding!Broccoliz0 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 IMMEDIATE SPOTS FOR DK Amnesty is 7/10 mythic with great progress on Thogar. We are looking for a dk at least 685 ilvl with a 715 ring. We can gear you out in mythic gear, just be at least full heroic. PM Treezuz in game or on bnet Disjunct#1982Treezuz3 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 TRG - 9/10M on 9hrs/wk - LF DPS Totally Rad Guild is looking for a few fresh faces to join our short raiding schedule / high progression 20-man Mythic roster! We pride ourselves on being efficient, mature, and tight-knit group of players players that enjoy downing cutting edge content in a friendly environment and on a short 9-hour week raid schedule. We are in need of some exceptional players. Our current needs are: DPS: -Mage -Lock -Either Shaman -Rogue -DK -Warr Our raid times are M, W, TH 9pm-12am central time. For more info check our our web site at or whisper one of our officers in game! (Bastosas, Caliper, Alykazam, Gruuv) Info from our site: Totally Rad Guild is an alliance raiding guild. Established over 7 years ago, during early Burning Crusade, TRG has gone through a long evolution starting as a primarily social guild and changing over time to become a progression focused raiding guild. Many of the members of TRG have been together since the beginning resulting in a strong raiding core that has lots of experience playing with each other. Through it all TRG has benefited from strong, mature leadership that has stayed involved since the guilds forming. TRG officers are all extremely active players that put lots of time and effort into making sure the guild is the best that it can be. They strive to have a friendly and fun atmosphere while attempting some of the hardest encounters available in the game. For information on joining TRG please visit, or whisper a officer for more information.Gruuv83 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 [A] 8/10 M Warlock looking for SHC Guild I am looking for a raiding guild to join for mythic BRF progression and beyond. I have 7/7 H HM, 2/7 M HM, 10/10 N BRF, 10/10 H BRF, 8/10 M BRF with previous Hard mode raiding experience in WotLK, Cata and the beginning of MoP. ilvl 700+. I am looking for the following: Alliance Raiding 2-3 Nights a week Raids Mon-Thurs Raids starting at 6pm CST or later Raids ending at/or before 10:30pm CST or earlier Mythic raiding progression At least one, 5 minute break to pee/stretch/do the macarena etc. Fun/Mature/Adult atmosphere My realid is HelsMistress#1610Ellipsîs4 Jun 5, 2015
Jun 5, 2015 [Raid Sales] Sudden Clarity - H BRF Carries Sudden Clarity is now Selling Heroic Blackrock Foundry Clears Day: Wednesday Time: 7 Central Loot System: Masterloot Players in raid: 15-20 25% Deposit is required after scheduling with full payment due at raid start. Platinum Package: 200k 10/10H Clear Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible All class specific tier, Main-Spec weapons, Main-Spec trinkets, and all gear of your armor type. Gold Package: 160k 10/10H Clear Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible Main-spec weapons, Main-spec trinkets, and all gear of your armor type. Silver Package: 125k Flamebender, Kromog, Maidens, Blast Furnace, Thogar Includes Class Specific Tier Any other loot for your armor type Bronze Package: 50k Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible Includes any loot not taken from other buyers To Schedule a run either add me on Real ID (Kzar#1773) or make a quick post here with what you would like to purchase and make sure to provide a few means to contact you. We do require our buyers to give us the gold up front right before zoning into the instance the day of the run.Kzar14 Jun 5, 2015