Apr 14, 2015 702 Brewmaster looking for mythic raiding ^ Know all fights and I off spec ww (697)Chumli0 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 [H] Blood Templars - Casual Raiding Blood Templars 15 man<br/><br/>We are a 15 man raid group. We are currently recruiting dps and healers for our 15 man group. We are currently 6/7 Norm HM 1/7 Heroic HM and 5/10 Norm BRF.<br/><br/>High need for all classes/specs for core 15 man spots.<br/><br/>We are recruiting players for this tier and beyond. Do not hesitate to apply even if we aren't in a high need for your class, ultimately the best players will be raiding in our guild.<br/><br/>Blood Templars - Arthas Info<br/><br/>We transferred to Arthas from Black Dragon Flight a couple years ago and we are hoping to progress here on Arthas and become the competitive raiding guild that we have not been since transfering.<br/><br/>Our members are mostly 18+, US and Canada. Our guild outside of raiding does RBGS, arenas, playing alts, organizing 15 mans, or just online socializing. So even when it isn't raiding time, there are many things to do outside the raid aspect of the game within the guild.<br/><br/>Blood Templars is a stable guild, our GM, Locdannon, has been playing since the beta and has had this guild since around BC. And the officers have been playing for nearly just as long. For raiding stability, the raid group had a core group that has been progressing as a group since it moved to Arthas, but rebuilding currently.<br/><br/>RAIDNG INFO<br/><br/>Communication - Mumble is a must.<br/><br/>Gear - Be close to the current raid content for ilvl, though raid exp > gear.<br/><br/>Knowledge of your class and rotation a must. Be prepared to be tested on it.<br/><br/>Attendance: During progression our raiding schedule is demanding and it is important you understand this. You will be expected to attend, if you fail to attend multiple times you will lose your spot.<br/><br/>Awareness - Must be able to follow mechanics and be aware of changes if they happen.<br/><br/>Loot/Gear -- Will be given by a loot system based on ATTENDANCE at raid.<br/><br/>Times - are Tuesday/Thursday 9p - 12p server. Times maybe extended if making good progression.<br/><br/>Things we aren't looking for in a Raider<br/><br/>Someone who doesn't understand Progression Raiding<br/><br/>Horrible Attitude<br/><br/>Drama Seeker<br/><br/>If you wish to be considered for a spot in our raid group or wish to know more info whisper Kipyr/Xipyr Kipyr#1701, Iriá Haiven#1709, or Akrylik, Akrylik#1219Nikitâ0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 Found Guild Found GuildLilslashy0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 Ally plz stop leaving eyesore corpses around. I get it you lower property values, are gangster, and want rights to fight or run from authority but Ally there are some of us that wish to take selfies without being plagued by dead bodies everywhere - I'm not speaking of the Korn song. Is gross so cut it out please.Kitchy3 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 687 Prot Warrior Looking for Mythic Hello, nice to potentially meet you. I am currently hunting a new raiding guild. Looking to go Mythic sooner rather than later. My guild is suffering from extreme apathy and recruiting woes. Despite the fact I truly like them all, I cannot stand raids and scrounging to finish four bosses in a night. A bit about me: I am in my early thirties and I am a professional. While I work long hours I always find time to raid, crack jokes and beat up monsters to take their trinkets. I dish as well as I take and can't say I enjoy raiding without the banter. The Lowdown 687Protection Warrior Engineer/Blacksmtih Four Set Ring is Complete I am transferring 8 toons Raids must end before 12:00pm EST, I am up at 6:00am every morning Currently 7/7h Highmaul Pre Blackrock and 9/10h Blackrock Foundry, Blackhand to 17%, not considering anything less than 10/10h. Past Glories Vanilla - AQ40 Battle Guard as fury BC - Kil'jaden and everything before him as tank Lich King - Heroic Sindy was my best, finished the meta before disappearing Cata - Returned late finished everything Mists - Mythic Garrosh, Proven Defender, Healer, Assailant, 5 sets of challenge modes Drop your info below and I will contact you if interested. Thank you for your time today.Volereshkiga0 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 <EDHID> 1/10 M BRF (10/10h) Sun/Mon nights! <EDHID> is a new guild comprised of a variety of raiding backgrounds, many members being Ex-Hc raiders coming from US top 100-250 guilds at some point in there careers and some making the jump into Hard Mode content with the help of more experienced players. Raids times are: Sunday 7pm-12am CST (server time) Monday 9pm-12am CST Loot is awarded Via Loot Council Currently looking for strong caster DPS You can contact us at our battletags Portable#1566 Krux#1245 Oisyz#1766Portablez4 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 694 Feral druid Guild group recently broke up so im looking for a new raid group with Mythic BRF Progression. im a 694 feral druid. 2/7M in highmaul 9/10H in BrF. available Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8 -11 shadowdog#1715Bûtters3 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 PSA: Ally stop leaving eyesore corpses around We get it you lower property values and are gangster but I wish to enjoy the scenery as horde without dead bodies everywhere - and I'm not talking abt the Korn song.Kitchy0 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 <Easy Company> NEEDS Healers and Melee We are looking for healers and more DPS (mainly melee) for our core raid team. We've had a slow start this xpac but are starting to really push progression again. We're a tight knit group of players that help each other out to ensure that we can progress as a strong team. Raid Times Wednesday 7:30-10:30 pm Thursday 7:30-10:30 pm Progression 7/7 Normal Highmaul 3/7 Heroic Highmaul 7/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry What we are Looking For Healers - We desperately need healers. This has been slowing our progreasion to a near stand still. We need anything except another druid. Melee DPS - other than tanks we currently have no melee. We are looking to fill in 1-2 of every melee class except warriors. WE DO NOT WANT any more casters, resto druids or warriors (sorry but we have plenty already) If anyone is interested please send me a bnet request at Dessel1026#1583.Eferni6 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 Lf a healer and a ranged to start Mythic Semper Fidelis is currently recruiting for Mythic Blackrock Foundrey progression. We are looking for a healer and a for our core group.Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided back in TBC and Vanilla. We are currently clearing Heroic modes and pushing into Mythic modes. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content than this is the guild for you. We expect good attendance and raid awareness going into mythic. Our current progression is: 7/7H 1/7M Highmaul 10/10N 9/10H Blackrock Foundry We are currently expanding our roster and looking for a couple more core raiders. We can accept of of the classes below: resto shaman disc priest holy priest mw monk spriest ele shaman warlock mage We use the loot system RC Loot Council which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History. During Progression our raid times are as follow: Tues Wed Thurs 6:45pm central to 10pm central. My battletag is jeanie#1116 Edited by Prnfiona on 4/10/2015 6:22 AM PDT Edited by Prnfiona on 4/11/2015 5:41 AM PDTPrnfiona0 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 688 Mage LF Raiding Guild. 9/10H Progressed. Hello, My guild recently split up and I'm looking for a guild that raids starting around 8pm server time. I can raid pretty much any day in the week. My old guild was only two nights a week and I am 9/10H progressed. I started raiding on my Mage at the end of Cataclysm and have been playing mage ever since. My battle tag is AndrewDotCom#1864 so feel free to add me and hit me up with any questions. *UPDATE* Found a guild :DComsworth0 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 Latency on this server? Hey guys, I recently moved over from Stormrage and had 25ms on that server. I now get 35ms on Sargeras but it spikes every min to around 250ms for about 10 min. No matter what time of day and what I have running in the background I lag on this server. I'm on east coast and I know this is a central server but it shouldn't be this bad. I've quested in the same zone on both servers and don't get the spikes on Stormrage. Just wondering if anyone else has found similar problems. I really hate that i now have two hundreds on this server and I feel that I have to move them to be able to play properly.Itsdom0 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 686 Pally Tank LF Guild 10/10H AOTC pally tank looking for guild. 2/7M experience with multiple sub 10% attempts on mythic Beastlord. Looking for anytime(s) between 8pm and 1am, can do earlier on weekends. Please have 10/10H guild experience.Whereisface2 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 12, 2015 [A] Invictus Proventus 9/10H BRF Recruiting Invictus Proventus is currently in the process of rebuilding the guild. We are experienced in 9/10H BRF Our raid schedule is: Tues/Weds 9:00pm-12:00 server Otional Fri/Sun 9:00pm-12:00 server Looking for all exceptional players to fill up. We are a solid guild, all friends that get along. We are chill and joke around but are also focused in content progression. Any questions add me on battle tag Tragic#1997Trägic3 Apr 12, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 [H] zero Point PVP Guild Looking for... Yes, you read that letter in the brackets correctly. We're a brand new Horde PVP guild looking to build around our small core of players. What we do: -Arenas -World PVP Levelers are welcome (with the intent of joining us for PVP at level cap) We're not looking to recruit just any player looking for a guild. We want to keep this guild clean and organized. If you fit this description and are looking for a new home, message me or any officer in game for an invite: -Desire for PVP and pushing arena rating -Sociable & active -Friendly -Mature (18+) Not looking for elitists, dbags, drama queens, or little kids with bad attitudes. If you fit what we're looking for in a guildmate, hit us up. Thanks!Actionb2 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 boomkin LFG 682 boomy looking for semi casual raid guild that raids sometime monday - thursday 8-11 server. any combination of those days works best for me. 9/10 heroic exp i have attempts at black hand as well. lowest attempt was 38%Kalematix9 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 [A]<Legends Anonymous> | 9/10H BRF Have more important things going on IRL that prevent you from being able to raid long hours? Do you want to pick up and play with a great group from time to time? Legends Anonymous is looking for talented players to add to our core raid group. We are a laid back HEROIC focused raiding guild that does not stress if you cannot make the occasional raid due to important commitments. Times (CST): Tue: 7:30-10:30 Wed: 7:30-10:30 Thur: 7:30-10:30 To view the classes we are currently looking for, please visit: Check us out online @ - SBXSbx7 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread Sargeras *I occasionally make exceptions with payments and may take your gold on your server granted you supply a guild and learn the mount on Illidan - Horde or Sargeras - Alliance. Selling: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg X-51 Nether-Rocket X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME Wooly White Rhino Blazing Hippogryph Corrupted Hippogryph Ghastly Charger's Skull Feldrake -------------------------------------------------------------- Buying: Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger* Reins of the Spectral Tiger* Magic Rooster Egg* X-51 Nether-Rocket* All TCG mounts but mostly the ones listed above Miscellaneous loot: Rare items TCG Toys ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I also offer middle man services for those who want to make their trades as smooth and safe as possible. Contact me if you need my assistance. Contact Info: Battletag: Fluffybunz#1816Fluffy11 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 Tired of benching? we have core spots open Semper Fidelis is currently recruiting for Mythic Blackrock Foundrey progression. We are looking for a healer and a ranged for our core group.Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided back in TBC and Vanilla. We are currently clearing Heroic modes and pushing into Mythic modes. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content than this is the guild for you. We expect good attendance and raid awareness going into mythic. Our current progression is: 7/7H 1/7M Highmaul 10/10N 9/10H Blackrock Foundry We are currently expanding our roster and looking for a couple more core raiders. We can accept one of the classes below: resto shaman holy paladan holy priest mw monk mage boomkin spriest ele shaman warlock We use the loot system RC Loot Council which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History. During Progression our raid times are as follow: Tues Wed Thurs 6:45pm central to 10pm central. My battletag is jeanie#1116Prnfiona0 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 688 Holy Priest LF Mythic progressing guild Hey everyone, i'm transferring to Sargeras to play with friends on the alliance side of life. I'm looking for a progressing raiding guild for mythic progression. Im 688ilvl 4 piece tier set Holy Priest. LF a guild that raids Tues, weds, thurs anytime after 8 EST Let me know! Thanks Realid is Kilokie#1855Thelsa1 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 LF a healer to start Mythic Semper Fidelis is currently recruiting for Mythic Blackrock Foundrey progression. We are looking for a healer for our core group.Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided back in TBC and Vanilla. We are currently clearing Heroic modes and pushing into Mythic modes. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content than this is the guild for you. We expect good attendance and raid awareness going into mythic. Our current progression is: 7/7H 1/7M Highmaul 10/10N 9/10H Blackrock Foundry We are currently expanding our roster and looking for a couple more core raiders. We can accept of of the classes below: resto shaman holy paladan holy priest mw monk We use the loot system RC Loot Council which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History. During Progression our raid times are as follow: Tues Wed Thurs 6:45pm central to 10pm central. My battletag is jeanie#1116 Edited by Prnfiona on 4/10/2015 6:22 AM PDTPrnfiona0 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 WTB 10/10 Heroic BRF Looking to buy 10/10 heroic BRF. I have 200k, and Im looking for gear for unholy spec. Tier, weapons and trinkets must be included. contact me in game or here. Zappbranigan#1488Xrude2 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 11, 2015 [A] Righteous Fury 9/10[H] BRF- Recruiting Greetings! I'm Slovik, main tank of the Alliance guild Righteous Fury. We, like other guilds on here, are looking to fill core spots to finish out heroic BRF and start progression in mythic. We raid Tues - Wed 7-11 sever time. This is a 18+ mature guild, most of us in the guild are 25+. We have a relaxed raiding atmosphere. We are also open to teaming up with other like minded guilds. Recruitment needs: Heals 2-3 Healers High need for a Resto druid and Holy Pally DPS 1-3 High need for ranged (non-hunters) If you have any questions please message me (Slovic#1661) or send me a in game mail.Slovik0 Apr 11, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 [A] <Dude its a Game> 1/7M 9/10H Recruiting <Dude its a Game> is recruiting for our Mythic roster. Currently running with 20 raiders, looking to expand up to 30+ for heroic content to make building a consistent group for mythic easier. DIAG is all about having fun playing this game, whether that's in PvE or PvP. We help those we need for raids and try to a fun things on off hours for alts or achievements, several of us are from our hardcore days and know what it takes to excel in raiding. For our heroic/mythic team we require ilvl 665+. Raid times: Tuesday- 7:00pm to 11:00pm CT Thursday- 7:00pm to 11:00pm CT Monday- 7pm to 11pm CT (clean-up/alt raid day) Healers needed: Priest (of either spec) Monk Shaman Druid (not as needed) DPS needed: Warlock Shaman Priest Druid Rogue Monk Hunter Death knight We only accept adults into the guild to avoid drama and stress. Find me or any guild member in game if you have questions or hit us up on our website, Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 WTB 8/8 CM Gold WTB 8/8 gold carry for US-Sargeras Alliance, i am a combat rogue- 225k goldKitsune0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 695 Dps Warrior lf mythic guild Thinking about transferring to this server, looking to see if any guild is looking for a dps warrior. Looking for a 7/10+ Mythic guild. I am available to raid any time from 7:00-12:00am server, 3-4 days a week, but nothing on friday or saturday. Logs available upon request.Beangen2 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 WTB Iron-Flecked Sandals WTB Iron-Flecked Sandals Socketed (50k) or WF Socketed (100k) CyberChicken#1437Cyberchicken0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 LF possible guild absorb/merger HI, Our guild is trying to go into mythic but always lack the couple of players to make up the roster ane then you have your players (they are few) that just aren't cut for mythic. They don't understand that you will have many wipes once hitting mythic. We currently raid tues wed thurs 6:45 to10 server and our progress is 9/10 heroic. If you are in the same position and would like to discuss a merger/absorb please contact me. Jeanie#1116Prnfiona2 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 2d 8/10H guild, LF merger for mythics Hello Sargeras! Like a lot of other guilds, the attendance boss is kicking our butts and making it difficult to expand to a 20man mythic roster. We have approximately 10-13 player team that is 7/7H, 8/10H on a 2 day (6 hr) raid schedule. Our current raid times are 8:30 to 11:30pm central Tues/Fri. Tanks: Brewmaster, Prot pally Healers: Disc Priest, Resto sham, Resto druid RDPS: fire mage, marks hunter, boomkin, +/- arcane mage MDPS: fury war, ret pal, unholy dk, +/- rogue We are open to discussion regarding specs/roles, but are ideally looking for a dps heavy team. Hit up Bacon#1757 or Dotty#1718 if interested!Inquisite6 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 LF a ranged dps and healer to start Mythic Semper Fidelis is currently recruiting for Mythic Blackrock Foundrey progression. We are looking for a healer and a ranged dps for our core group.Our raiders are experienced, some of which raided back in TBC and Vanilla. We are currently clearing Heroic modes and pushing into Mythic modes. If you are looking for a relaxed and positive raid environment with a focus to push high end content than this is the guild for you. Our current progression is: 7/7H 1/7M Highmaul 10/10N 9/10H Blackrock Foundry We are currently expanding our roster and looking for a couple more core raiders. Some of the classes we are especially looking for are: resto shaman holy paladan holy priest mw monk Boomkin Fire and Arcane Mages Warlock Shadow Priests We use the loot system RC Loot Council which considers many things including: BIS, Attendance, Upgrade Amount and Loot History. During Progression our raid times are as follow: Tues Wed Thurs 6:45pm central to 10pm central. My battletag is jeanie#1116Prnfiona2 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 688 H Pally LF new home Current guild was a merger that basically failed, leading into several players going their seperate ways and/or quitting. I'm currently 2/10 Mythic with deep progression into both Hanz and Franz and Gruul Preferably looking for 4 nights/week, at least 4 hour raid days Raid times available are Mon-Thurs/Sunday 7pm server - whenever Logs - though a trial would be a more accurate presentation Btag - Aytarra#1737Aleesi5 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 <Storm> 2/7M 9/10H LF Heals & RDPS Storm of Sargeras (formerly of Gilneas) is looking for a few players to fill out our roster. Most of us who came here have been raiding together for years. This is a guild of adults 25+. Specific current needs: Any exceptional healers. Preferably a resto druid or mistweaver given our current comp. Hybrid dps/tank of any type with gear for both. Moonkin Shadowpriest If you're an exceptional player around our level of progression that's interested but not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact me anyway. We have flexible players with different characters and may be able to find a spot for you. What you need to know: We are recruiting for core spots, not a bench. Raid Times are 8 - 11 EST (7-10 CST/Server), Tuesday - Thursday. Our officers and many of our raiders have raided in top 100 guilds and have met IRL and known each other for a long time. We use loot council via EPGP Lootmaster for loot. We're close to being 4/7M - Brakenspore sub 50% and several sub 10% wipes on Butcher What we require: Raid awareness! Research fights, don't be that person who has to be told what to do. 100% attendance. We don't have a bench and don't really want one. Know your class and constantly work to improve your performance. ilvl 660 absolute minimum (prefer 670+) Be social and communicate during raids (we use mumble). Be 18+ (we prefer post-college raiders but make exceptions) Have a positive attitude, have fun! If you have multiple geared characters/specs and can play them, kudos! We encourage our raiders to have multiple raid ready characters to help out on fights where class or role stacking is beneficial but do not require it. If you have questions or are interested in joining us, please add me on and we'll chat. My battle tag is failbringer#1542 Thanks for checking us out!Archbrngr13 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 A<Transcendent>2/10M 10/10h BRFis Recruiting <Transcendent> We are a hardcore raiding guild. Our core has been playing together since vanilla wow and is looking to expand our small roster in order to dominate Mythic raids.If interested Please post an app on our website. Website- Raid days- Tuesday 7-11 server Wednesday-7-11 server Thursday 7-11 server We are currently looking to fill a few spots in our core raid roster- High needs: Rogue-All Mage-All specs Shaman-Enh Druid-boomkin/resto Priest-Shadow Please be 675+ For more info can pst hálp or any officer in guild or by battletag nobody#1142 for more info! If your class is not listed here and still feel you are a exceptional player please don't hesitate to applyGilîa96 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 (A)<Inactive>Late Night 1/10M Recruiting! Currently 4/7M Highmaul and 10/10H 1/10M BRF. <Inactive> was formed right around the start of Siege of Orgrimmar. Our core is a group of players that have played together since Vanilla or BC. Many of us were returning from a break of some kind. We reached 11/14H in SoO even with taking a few months off in the middle of progression and starting the tier behind. You're gonna be among skilled players. We don't carry people, if you can pull your own weight you'll be happy to be in a guild where you aren't dragging around others. Maximum Progression - Minimal Stress. We're serious about progression but we're understanding. We value visible effort and improvement, nobody is gonna crucify you over a mistake if you aren't repeatedly being a !@#$ up. We only raid ~9 hours a week so we intend to make the most of it. Class needs: Anything but Druid! Requirements -Able to clearly communicate on Mumble -Have a long history of Heroic(Mythic) progression raiding -Able to raid late nights without it hindering your performance -Come to raids prepared and on time -Contribute to the raid/guild, not just here for the ride Raid Times Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 11:30pm-2:30am Central (Sargeras Server time) To apply visit or add Roggan#1951 to talk. No set trial period, you either fit with us or you don't!Roggan30 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 5/10 [M] BRF Late Night 25 Man LF HPAL Overview Resurrected is a late night raiding guild located on the Sargeras server. We are a group formed of people who are up late, work jobs that won't permit you to log on until after most conventional raiding guilds are done raiding and so on. We have been established for over five years now, and have quickly climbed the ranks on our server. Our leadership is well organized and hasn't changed since the guild was conceived. We don't believe in drama, and it is handled immediately if there is any present. Our guild has a laid back atmosphere in general, but like everyone else that makes a recruitment post says, gets super serious when need be. The guild is level 25, provides flasks and repairs for our raiders that make it through their 30-day trial period. Server Transfers If you are a server transfer and we are recruiting your class, do not hesitate to apply. We know the value of money and the amount of time it takes to find a guild that fits your needs. Providing you match everything you have described on paper, you will be given a chance to raid and to make it passed your trial period to become a long-term raider with us. If you just bought your account off Ebay, struggle with basic mechanics and have little insight to how your class operates, please do not apply to save us both time and yourself money. Raiding Atmosphere and Server Information Resurrected is a perfect mix of hardcore and casual. We take raiding seriously when needed, but don't have the elitist attitude many other guilds seem to have. If you're looking to down content while having fun doing it, and bashing your face when you need to, look no further. We all run heroics and raids on our alts on off nights, and finding a group of our players to run with is not usually difficult. The server itself hosts a variety of successful pug runs, including new and old content. Sargeras is a great place to be for any alliance player. Please see our links at the bottom of this page for more information on Sargeras. What do we expect from you? Experience: You should have experience from all of the content that we have downed. Know how to play your class and play it well. Read up and stay paced with changes and adapt to them quickly. Dedication: We want players who want to be here. To focus as a team. If one player fails, we all fail. Give every fight your all and play like it's a kill, even if it looks like a wipe. It's not about the gear, it's about downing content as a team. Constructive Input: If you have an idea or see something happening, let us know. Be vocal, but in a respectful manner and do not over-talk people, especially the raid leader. A microphone and willingness to communicate with the guild is a huge plus. Raiding Schedule: 10:00PM - 1:30AM CST (8PM-11:30AM PST, 11PM-2:30AM EST) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Note: Raids usually conclude before schedule, but can sometimes exceed the schedule ***Required Raid Nights are Monday - Thursday with 75% monthly attendance*** Our current raiding highlights are as follows: ★5/10 Mythic BRF ★10/10 Heroic BRF ★6/7 Mythic Highmaul ★ 7/7 Heroic Highmaul AMAZING players of the following classes are desired for immediate raid spots: As of 12/21/14 - Spriest - Windwalker Monk - Moonkin - Resto Druid - Mistweaver Monk - Holy Paladin - Exceptionally geared and experienced ranged and/or melee DPS. If your class is listed above, please contact us in-game for more information. Website: Contacts: Rydhia, Madison, Istopforcox, Jetz, Disket, Karatebob, Duallight FAQ and Policies: Server Rankings: Horde / Alliance Ratio: A Mumble conversation can be arranged, please get in contact with one of our officers if you wish to do so.Stærlet0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 5, 690ilvl raiders LF Guild! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch,******* We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30PM-11:30PM PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ASKING FOR A TIME CHANGE, WE CANT DO IT! =//****** We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 691 Disc Priest - Sov 692 Holy Paladin (ret OS)- Hotstepper 692 Guardian Druid(Resto OS) - Linchborn 687 Blood Death Knight (w/DPS OS)- Aaldarius 689 Beast Mastery Hunter -Ðeaddolly0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 Recruiting dps/healers immediate core spot. <Uncommon Sense> has been around for 6 years and we're recruiting players to fill its roster, we are in need of some talented dps and healers so we can push further into heroic and then start Mythic when the time comes. Like stated in the title we're 7/7H in HM and 8/10H in BRF, we would like recruits to be 650+ ilvl with a drive to be better and better every time they step into a raid. Raid Times/Days : Friday and Saturday 9pm - 12am Our current needs are : Warrior: Fury Paladin: Ret Hunter: closed Rogue: any spec Priest: any spec Shaman: any spec Mage: any spec Warlock: any spec Monk: closed Druid: Resto or Boomkin Death Knight: closed If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or our GM Kettch TLJ#1969 - Cydras Ltkettch#1407 - KettchCydras17 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 682 WW/BM LF Raiding Guild Hello and thank you for taking the time to click my post. I am a tank main currently looking for a raiding guild that raids anydays other then tues,thurs. Although I am a tank main and have been playing the tank role since cata I would prefer to join as a WW dps but can and would play BM if that is what you are looking for . My current XP this tier (BRF) is 10/10H XP as a tank or dps Im the type of raider who will always be on time, research fights beforehand and do everything I can to maximize what I bring to the raid Thank you for your considerationThekidgnome2 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 <Coalescence> 6/10M LF resto druid/MW & more! Our current raid schedule is Tue-Thursday, 8:45pm EST - 12:30am EST. Our loot is distributed by Loot Council. There is an optional alt raid on Monday at the same time. Current Recruitment needs Boomy (VERY High) MW monk/Resto druid (HIGH) BM monk (medium) Shadow priest (medium) Rogue (medium) Warlock (medium) Hunter (low) WW monk (low) Feral dps (low) Resto Shaman (low)Regardless of current recruitment needs all exceptional players will be considered About Us ... We are a newly formed 20 man roster and as such we're still cleaning house and adjusting to a larger roster. We like to run lean, so these are full membership positions being offered for a long term. There is both a performance and social standard to passing our trial which you can learn more about if offered one Feel free to add myself, Darkgriever#1204, Havik#1209, Nova#1793 or Temptrez#1212 if you'd like to inquire about our positions. We also have a short application on our forums Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 It Burns When I PvE Hello Sargeras!!!! It Burns When I PvE is recruiting people looking to do PvP. The Core of the guild has been PvP'ing together since Vanilla.Transmog is also something we are all into. We are looking to do RBGs and Arenas but of course will be partaking in BGs and Ashran as well.No fancy rating required and all levels are welcome to join us. Only thing we ask is that you don't bring any drama and are looking to have a fun time pvping with us. So if you like Transmog, like to PvP, and don't mind wearing a pink and white tabard get a hold of anyone in guild.Cessero2 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 8/10 Heroic Need Heals & Lock!! <Battle Born> Sargeras-US is a tight knit alliance raiding guild. We are a laid back raid group; however we understand the balance of focusing and executing strategies. We are currently in need of a few dedicated raiders, so we can get a mythic based roster together. In reference to loot currently we roll off for main spec over off spec with our GM as the loot master. There are a lot of considerable raiders in guild that pass if the upgrade is huge for the other player. Raid days: Tuesday & Thursday. Sometimes we do optional Wednesdays. Raid times : 11 PM - 2 AM (All times are server which is CST) ------------------------------------------------------- We expect raiders to always have the best spec, gems, enchants, glyphs, and consumables (provided). Show up on time. And come into raids with a positive/competitive attitude. Also all players interested in being a part of our raid group are required to have vent and a mic. As of 4/8/15 we are seeking to recruit the following: 1 Healer 1 Melee DPS 2 Ranged DPS We are open to any healers, but would probally prefer Disc, Shamen, or Monk! All positions listed above are for permanent spots on our raid team. +Combat logs are a huge plus ------------------------------------------------------- Contact info - Contact us in game tell or mail. Contact officers: Ryborg, GM Briks Jsmoothlol If no officers are online feel free to send Swarmz a tell. He is able to answer questions and forward messages to recruiting officers if needed.Jsmoothlol1 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 690 Survival Hunter LF Raiding Guild My guild recently decided to stop raiding due to core members xferring/quiting. I've done 9/10 Heroic BRF and gotten blackhand to 5% before my guild died. I'm looking for 8-11 CST (server time) raid hours, all days work. Link to warcraft logs: (Click Survival tab) Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 Looking for a place to raid? <Uncivilized> Is a new guild to Sargeras. We moved here to expand and build a solid raid team, we are currently 7/10 in Heroic and our looking for players to join us. We are tired of having to pug and are simply looking to have a consistent core that clears content. We raid on Wednesday and Friday 7:30-10:30 server. Below I listed the Classes/Specs and Roles we are especially interested in. However anyone is being considered so don't think we won't want you just because your class isn't listed. Healers: Disc Priest Resto Shaman Mistweaver Monk DPS: Hunter Rogue Ret Pally WW Monk Ele Shaman Contact me in game if you have questions or want to know more about us. My battle tag is Drillfinger#1706.Tashole1 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 MW LF Raid Guild Hi, I am new to this server and am looking for a fun group of people that like to raid and also make progression. I am newly 100 and I am gearing up to be a MW so would be looking for people that wouldn't mind someone incredibly undergeared for progression. MSG me in game or on here.Bingsu1 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 [A] <Basic> 7/10 H BRF 7/10 heroic guild looking for more to fill out our raid group. Raid times Thurs, Sun, Mon 6-9 pacific. Core group has been playing together since vanilla. Most guild recruitment post are long with a bunch of requirements. Simply put, we're all focused more on personal skill than your item level and we are looking for other players that are capable of playing at a high level while having a good time. Must have Mic Item Level is not a huge issue. PM Xerkz for more info. Also interested in merging with another group that's similar.Xerkz2 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 Business Class - 7/10M LF Boomy, Rogue +dps 6/7M HM, 7/10Mythic BRF CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR: Holy Priest, Rogue, Boomy, DK DPS Apply at: or contact any officer ingame Our raid times are as follows: *Tuesday- 7:45pm - 11:00pm CST *Wednesday- 7:45pm - 11:00pm CST *Thursday - 7:45pm - 11:00pm CST Business Class has a very tight knit group of raiders and officers who are extremely good at what they do, we're laid-back and love to have fun and enjoy the raiding experience while maintaining top-end status. We are non-biased and intolerant of drama in any form. When raiding with our guild, you will find that the atmosphere is very laid-back. However, when the time comes for progression, we know how to focus and get the job done. ---------------------------------------------------- Loot: Business Class is Loot Council. We divide loot by means of a loot council comprised of the guild officers. We take into consideration various factors such as: • Performance • Raid attendance. • Previous Loot. • Attitude and drive for progression. ---------------------------------------------------- Applicant Requirements: * Attendance: We raid three nights a week during active progression, Tuesday-Thursday. Raid invites go out at 7:45pm CST, begin raiding at 8:00pm and run until 11:00pm. There may be occasions when raids run slightly later than usual, this is typically 10-15 minutes over for progression/trash reclear avoidance. If you cannot sustain a high rate of attendance (90% minimum), this is not the guild for you. * Skill: Can you do your job well while still being aware of environmental hazards? Will you be able to adjust to an emergency change in the strategy without losing your main focus or panicking? If so, you're the kind of player we're looking for.If in previous guilds you were “that guy” when it came to getting hit with Protector's Brew, Iron Jugg's bombs or facing Snipers into the raid; you're gonna have a bad time. * Gear: Your gear directly enhances your performance. Is it all properly gemmed, reforged and enchanted? The amount of effort you put into your gear correlates to the amount of effort you put into raiding. If your gear is not equivalent or close enough to the gear associated with the content we are clearing to allow you to carry your own weight, you must prove to us without a doubt you are the correct choice for your position through outstanding play, and motivation to improve not only gear but skill. * Intelligence: Are you smart? Do you make the same mistake twice? Can you learn from someone else’s mistake? Can you evaluate a given situation on the fly, and make the right decision in a split second? Can you play multiple specs effectively? * Experience: You need to have experience close to that of the guilds current progression, past raiding experience is also a plus. *Package Deals We will automatically decline applicants whose membership within Business Class is dependent on another person's membership. No exceptions. ---------------------------------------------------- General requirements include: * Preferably 18+, but just be mature. * Ability to use MUMBLE and have working mic. * Ability to frequently check up on our forums for updates on raid strategies and other general guild information. * Income supply sufficient to support the repairs that a good progression week will result in. Consumables are also required for both progression and most farm raids. Once you pass trial, the guild supplies raiders with full repairs and feasts for raid nights * Stable Connection!! More or less NO disconnects during the fight. In order to play this game at the level we expect, you need a decent computer and a good internet connection. Feel free to contact any officer ingame with any questions! Ramtram Ramtram#1301 or Rowin: rowin#1764 It's business, not personalAmorigerle401 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 [A] <Ascent> 2/7M | 9/10H LFM DPS Ascent was formed 2 years ago by a group of raiders who have been together since Wrath. Our leadership has led both 10 and 25 man focused raiding guilds and we offer a home to other talented raiders that don't have 20, 12, or even 9 hours a week to dedicate to raiding. Most of us have other responsibilities outside of WoW so we only raid 7.5 hours a week. As such, we expect our raiders to deeply study their classes and boss fights in order to maintain a healthy rate of progression. Our raiders enjoy progressing through ALL content as quickly as possible while it is still relevant. If you would like to be a part of a positive, fun and focused progression raid group on a light schedule then we might be the right guild for you. Current Progress Highmaul: 7/7H, 2/7M Blackrock: 9/10H Warcraft Logs Link __ Current Need RDPS: Any MDPS: Any Healer: Any Raid Information Raid Days/Times: Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 8:30pm-11:00pm ST Loot Policy: Loot Council Attendance Policy: 85%+. Min ilvl: ~675+ Raid History/Experience: Very high raid awareness (don't die to stupid stuff), and ability to research fights. Must have previous Heroic experience. Must be able to contribute to progression. Additional Req.: -Must have a working MIC and the ability to connect to Mumble -Must be able to communicate -Must be able to contribute to the overall community of our guild (get involved!) What we look for in our member base is maturity, a positive attitude, and an in-depth knowledge of their class. Being properly gemmed/enchanted is a must. __ Apply at or speak with Breetaii, Sanctym/McKrisp or Wolfington/Frankyang, in the game with any questions. I do enjoy playing my alts so you can also add my BattleTag: Skyline#1944.Breetaii256 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 666 Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild I've recently transferred to Sargeras, and i'm looking to get into raiding here. I'd prefer to raid on Tuesday and Thursday, but Monday and Wednesday can work too depending on the time. I have past experience in Wrath and in Mists on different characters. I've gotten this geared by doing PuGs and I wan to join a team.Donsta1 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 646 ilvl Druid Tank Looking for Guild I'd like to raid a couple/few nights a week. I've completed all LFR raids.Morfintime0 Apr 8, 2015