Apr 29, 2014 My First Kiss Much better then I thought it was going to be, thought kissing would feel disgusting, was pleasantly surprised. Absolutely no regrets! 21 years old (this happened like two months ago), friend wanted to take me out clubbing one night so we went to his friends place in the city first for pre drinks at 8pm, played Call of Duty and took Vodka shots and typical light beers until 10.30pm and went out to the first night club. It was quite busy and the place was selling very cheap drinks ($2.50 for beer, $5 for spirits), so drank 3 VCR's (Vodka, Cranberry, Rasberry drink I think) and had a few beers. I'm just getting into drinking and thought it was amazing I could actually drink beer and vodka since previously I hated the taste. My friend introduced me to some cute girls but I'm terrible at making conversation with random people so it went: Me:"Hi I'm Swag!" Her:"Hi, I'm Mandy" Me:"..... so..." awkward silence. After an hour my friend and I decided to ditch the others who came with us and went to a more hardcore club. We decided to scout out the place and see how things were going (it's a multistory club). We had some more beers and I was only feeling a bit tipsy (I'm thinking I can handle alcohol quite well), we decided to dance for a bit in the main dance floor (the room is just like one big smoke machine with a huge projector in the back, if you were on drugs you'd probably have a marvelous time). My friend went out for a smoke so I just sat down on one of the couches and thinking about if I could work up the courage to talk to any girl, there was a group of 3 girls sitting across from me and they went off and left one of their friends by herself, I didn't seize the opportunity, wasn't quite drunk enough yet lol. My friend came back and we decided to dance at in a small dance room and he started talking to girls about me saying I was a WoW nerd and had never been with a girl before and was my second time out clubbing. Eventually I noticed he was talking to a rather cute girl and she looked at me and walked over. She came very close and I just assumed she wanted to hug me so I put my hands around her waist and her face drew very near but I put my face across from her cheek and we hugged. Then she asked me if I was gay, I was quite confused I said 'err... no?', then I realized she wanted to kiss me so she went in again and we kissed once, then twice, three times, then another two times. I was stunned and thought immediately "Well that wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be". My god my confidence went through the roof. I got her name but forgot to get her number/facebook. I then went out and danced with some of the other girls which was quite entertaining and my friend and I left the club at 6am. I kissed a lot better then I thought I would. The thing that stuck out most to me was the sound... Very interesting experience. 10/10 would do again. Thanks for letting me share this.Swag18 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 29, 2014 569 Frost/ 561 Blood dk LF guild 10/14 HM exp. available all nights but thursdays and fridaysMytholaian2 Apr 29, 2014
Apr 28, 2014 LFM Heroic Alt Run - 7/14H Hey guys, I am based on Frostmourne, Alliance but with cross realm raiding thought I'd also post a thread here LFM Alt Run will be held this week Friday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEST (will be Sat from next week onwards) Currently the alt run ranges from guilds who are anywhere from 11-14/14H, this will be a weekly thing so priority will go to those who come most weeks, currently we have two very geared 575+ tanks and a 580 disc priest as well as a second healer and a few dps (one with OS), however we still have 3 DPS Spots available. Time: Invites go out at 7:20pm. Raid is 7:30-11:30 AEST Currently Need: 3x DPS (1 melee and 2 ranged, Warrior, Hunter and Warlock would be ideal but open to any good DPS) Requirments: 10/14H on a main toon. 566ilvl+ (Average ilvl of the group is 570 so asking 566+ for the easiest role to find is more than reasonable). Post in this thread with: Link to the toon you want to bring Exp on a main OR Send mail in game to Ablutos (On Frostmourne, Alliance) or add me on Real ID (Aidan#1312, please note i have 98 bnet friends, so only have room for 2 more, If I dont accept your request do one of the former) I also run a alt run on Wed night at 8pm which clears 14/14N in about 3 1/2 hours which I'm also needing 1-2 dps for as when people hit around 560ish they obviously move the toon into heroic groupsAblutos3 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 26, 2014 Undisturbed Chaos lf raiders Hello everyone my guild is looking for active raiders at this point I will be after 1 healer a tank 1 range and some mdps. if you are under geared no big deal we will help gear you out. Im am after players who don't cause drama within my guild. We are on saurfang realm horde. Raiding days Saturday, Sunday from 7:30pm -9:30pm realm time or Sydney time add me in game or mail me or post here if interesting or more infoLágrimas3 Apr 26, 2014
Apr 24, 2014 possibly looking for a raiding guild as the title says im looking for a raiding guild on saurfang,have not had any major experience in raiding apart from some progression thats about it would prefer a guild who is fairly laid back,still learning a efficent rotaion and talent set for heals but do have other alts alsoCocoapuffz0 Apr 24, 2014
Apr 23, 2014 LFG Challenge mode dungeons. Well Experienced Arms Warrior Alliance Aiming to get Gold medal in all dungeons, will settle for silver Available Weekends Have voice communication, Can use Skype, mumble. etc. BT: HAYDOS#1803Hwarriorftw0 Apr 23, 2014
Apr 22, 2014 568 resto druid LF Heroic guild I am 6H and have xp up to 9H. I am currently guildless as I just didn't like where I was. I can do any nights up to no later then 11pm. Alliance or Horde doesn't bother me.Guts0 Apr 22, 2014
Apr 21, 2014 RIP Medi Sad to see you and Ajantis go m8Eruptor5 Apr 21, 2014
Apr 19, 2014 [A]Immortal Dream - 25HM Frostmourne 12/14HM Thoreana0 Apr 19, 2014
Apr 18, 2014 [H]Enigma (Saurfang) 25m 14/14 HM LFM Enigma on Saurfang founded in 2007. In order to remain competitive, make contingency plans and fill attendance gaps we are always looking for new raiders - especially players who pay attention to detail, know their class and are prepared to wipe on progression bosses. We will be raiding until the release date of WOD We are currently recruiting the following class(es) Tanks: Healers: Resto Shaman Resto Druid MW MonkMelee Enhancement Shaman WW Monk DKRanged: Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Mage Warlock +Any excellent Player regardless of recruitment requirementsBefore applying make sure that your CPU/Video Card is capable of maintaining a playable latency, frame rate and connection. Loot System: EPGP Raiding times: Monday, Wed, Thu, Sun: 8pm - Midnight ST Guild information: Application form: (direct link) to applying please read the guild and loot rules. A stable connection is ESSENTIAL! For any further information contact Kalanu in-game. MY IDTag: Kalanu#1615 alternatively you can also contact Aurora: IDTag: lyco#6639Kalanu0 Apr 18, 2014
Apr 16, 2014 568 Warlock LF Raid Team. 11/14N 13/14H Know all fights except for Garrosh Heroic. Currently on Emerald Dream - Livid. Looking to xfer back to Oceanic and settle in a new guild/team. Battletag: Chill#6731Lockarde2 Apr 16, 2014
Apr 16, 2014 Looking for 3 DPS for raid team spot Elegant Destruction (level 25 Alliance guild) is looking to recruit 3 strong and reliable DPS two ranged and 1 melee for a permanent spot in our 2nd core raid team. Our progression is currently 4/14 (10 man normal). 14/14 (Flex) We are currently on galakras, and are currently progressing through normals. Raid nights are Wednesday & Sunday from 8pm ST. Raid repairs are paid for. Our current raiders are all around the 540-550+ ilvl range, and a large majority of us have the legendary cloak. We are a mature and social group who love to joke with each other and have a good time whilst raiding. The guild itself is extremely active (and active in vent), and we currently have close to 1000 members. We often run flexible raids as well as old content mount runs and etc. We are also hoping to build an RBG team and are looking for PvPers. Contact me (Cloudshaman) in game for more info. Hope to hear from you soon =).Cloudshaman1 Apr 16, 2014
Apr 16, 2014 Shorttemper Does anyone remember that Gnome DK that used to command Alliance Wintergrasp back in WotLK? He was so funny. Does he still play?Truantxoxo28 Apr 16, 2014
Apr 16, 2014 Seeking Aussie Guild (Alliance). Hey all, Relatively new player here. I'm continually learning my class but definitely not 100% competent yet and feel I have much to learn. I'm looking for a friendly Aussie guild that has patience and is willing to teach me ropes that I may have missed (; I'm a daily player and have a lot of free time so I'll invest 110% in whatever guild chooses to have me. Preferably an adult guild that is easy going, has been established a while and plays around with lots of different content as there is so much of the world that I have not seen yet! I don't expect hand outs and am always down for whatever is going on. I'm a PvE orientated player, it's not that I don't enjoy PvP but my connection really isn't built for it at the moment. Feel free to send me a message in game, I decline all random invites so I'd appreciate talking to you first so we can work out whether I am right for your guild and vice versa. Cheers!Deldepth0 Apr 16, 2014
Apr 15, 2014 Black Auction Market Info I am searching different realms for their Black Auction Market items, and im searching for the Dreadnaught Breastplate. If you have it on your Black Auction Market could you please let me know :)Teyojin0 Apr 15, 2014
Apr 15, 2014 [A] Collusion 10man guild hey there Collusion is a 10man raiding guild currently 1/14hm progression we are in need of a healer good raid awareness is appreciated and good attendance is a must. 550+ ilvl please or very close to for the healer non druid and capable of 2 healing fights we are starting heroic content now so please be aware healing is hard raid time are wednesday/sunday 7:30-10:30pm st add my btag if interested "splashy#1962"Splashy9 Apr 15, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Any GMT+8 Guilds Recruiting? G'day! We are a RL married couple who have just made a return to WoW as casual players. Both are Worgen hunters and, as you can see from my profile, low level characters at the moment. We played WoW as Alliance on Blackrock server since its initial launch, then moved on to another (cannot remember the server now) as Horde. I was GL of a hardcore raiding guild that made quite impressive progression on 40-man raids while my spouse was also an officer of the guild. If there are any GMT+8 guilds looking to recruit casual players who are matured, helpful, and friendly, please do PM us in-game; we are usually online after 1900 HRS (GMT+8) on weekdays and after 1400 HRS (GMT+8) on weekends. See you in game! :-)Barredig5 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Weekly CR SoO 25N+ - Sunday 1PM AEST So this week Siege of Orgrimmar became cross-realm enabled in both Normal and Heroic difficulties. I'd really like to get a consistent weekly clear going, even if it remains Normal with a few of the easier Heroic bosses just for the purposes of gearing up alts. ***SATURDAY - 7PM PST (Los Angles) *** ***SATURDAY - 9PM CDT (Chicago) *** ***SATURDAY - 10PM EDT (New York) *** ***SUNDAY - 1PM AEDT (Sydney) *** Estimated Clear: 2.5-3 Hours Invites start 15minutes prior to the scheduled time and it may take us 30 minutes to fill and begin. If approved or placed on reserved, please be online early and watch your Real ID / Battletag requests. If for whatever reason you are approved and do no receive a friend request, log on to Frostmourne and get in contact with me. I will not follow you up or make a character on your server, this is on you! As this is the first week of Siege of Orgrimmar being available via cross realm I will be requiring a relatively higher average item level for the content. The intention of this run is to clear the instance as quickly as possible with minimal downtime. Priority will be given to individuals with greater progress, item level and if I have had a positive experience raiding with you in the past. You WILL be replaced, if you under preform, consistently fail at mechanics, take extended AFK's without notice or are unable to follow directions. Furthermore, you will be precluded from attending any future events. Requirements: At the absolute minimum, 14/14N cleared - If you are bringing an alt, supply an armory link to your main. 550+ item level on the character you are bringing to the raid. Mumble and Ventrilo configured PRIOR to the event with a working microphone - it is NOT optional. Loot Distribution: Masterloot; Main Spec > Off Spec. If you are playing a Role but wish to roll on loot for one different to it please inform me prior to the raid. I aim to distribute all drops as fairly as possible, if you are detracting from the run you can expect your requests for items to be ignored. Reserves: No reserves will be made for this first clear - depending on the success of this clear they may be permitted for consistent attendees. Trinkets and Weapons will be the only types of items ever allowed to be reserved. Contact: maxim#1360 Zevestra or Zevoa @ Frostmourne ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tanks: Zevoa@Frostmourne (Blood DK) - 551 Dezco@Magtheridon (Prot Pal) - 572 (8/14H) Healers: Liberation@Frostmourne (Restoration Sham) - 558 (14/14N) Bueller@Misha (Discipline Priest) - 562 (14/14N) Flairy@Frostmourne (Discipline Priest) - 557 (13/14H) Ico@Hyjal (Restoration Druid) - (8/14H) Flyex@Frostmourne (Restoration Druid) - 556 (14/14N) **Pluginzz@Frostmourne (Hybrid Shaman) - 561 (14/14H) MDD: Cancer@Saurfang (Rogue) - 556 (14/14N) Skyeshadow@Garrosh (Retribution Paladin) -565 (14/14N) Awbeef@Thrall (Retribution Paladin) - 566 (14/14H) Kittyfister@Jubeithos (Retribution Paladin) - 567 (13/14H) Tiez@Magtheridon (Rogue) - 553 (14/14H) Selidria@Illidan (Wind Walker Monk) - 560 (14/14N) RDD: Sàyomi@Arthas (Mage) - 563 (11/14H) Barastÿr@Blackrock (Warlock) - 560 (9/14H) Ledbury@Barthilas (Hunter) - 561 (14/14N) Syrendia@Frostmourne (Mage) - 553 (13/14H) Geeshen@Barthilas (Mage) - 560 (14/14H) - Knoxxic Peggysui@Blackrock (Hunter) - 557 (14/14N) Lifelike@Frostmourne (Warlock) - 562 (14/14H) - - - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reserve: Mjollnir@Frostmourne (Balance Druid) - 550 (14/14H) - Eruptor Hakush@Blackrock (Retribution Paladin) - (14/14H) Chuck@Frostmourne (Guardian Druid) - 541 (12/14H) Poppietart@Frostmourne (Restoration Shaman) 539 (8/14F) Relax@Frostmourne Enhancement Shaman - 542 (14/14F) Drinsap@Frostmourne (Rogue) - 545 (14/14F) Valley@Frostmourne (Hunter) - 544 (8/14H) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would really like a Balance Druid thanks!Zevoa8 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 WTS lvl25 alliance guild looking to sell my lvl25 guild. has access to all heirlooms send me a message in game.Zeeny0 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 small horde guild LFM raiders asap Hello everyone no im not alliance for some odd reason my warrior won't show in the list to pick as my display. . Me and my team currently have 2 tanks 1melee dps and 2 range and 2 healers as of this moment. We do need to fill the gaps soon as we can. If you are under geared no big deal we will start out in flex and see if we are stong enough to take on normal. Now the times we are looking at is roughly 1400-1600/1700 or 20000-2200 most members prefer the early one to free there night up days are Saturday and Sundays, we are low level yes but we don't mind we want to raid. With this also we want no drama brought into this guild. Its active friendly and drama free. Add me if you wish to know more or for a invite. Vengeance #1309 is my battletag or just reply in here hope to see some people speak upClockytwo0 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Looking into Raiding Hey all, I am fairly new to WoW, I started playing at the release of MoP, currently have 5 90s, I have however taken a massive interest into my balanced druid. Currently iLvL 507 (I know it's not high but im working on it) I'm interested in joining an active guild, that will help me develop as a player and at some stage make my way into the raid team. A bit about me: Name: Tony Age: 23 Location: Brisbane, Australia Availability: Any time I'm not working (roster gets done 1 day in advance with a day consisting usually of 7am-4pm) Current Goals: I aim to hit 510 iLvl this week Valor cap every week I really enjoy learning and hope you will allow me to join your team, feel free to reply here etc :)Grazro1 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 525 frost dk LF Raid/Pvp guild just need a active raid or rbg guild so i can get some progressions going within my toons! any1 with help/advice would greatly be appreciatedDkinya1 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 WTS Lvl25 guild Looking to sell my lvl25 guild feel free to post with offers or send me an in game message.Zeeny0 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 Bad Company currently recruiting 1/14 Heroic Bad Company is currently recruiting geared Holy/Disc priest with shadow spec for core 10 man team for SoO 1/14 H raid times are 7-10 server time Wednesday Thursday SundayHiltor0 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 Any late night raiders out there? 11pm server start or later? 563 druid or 551 s.hunter looking for raiding team.Fleä1 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 7, 2014 [H] <Scion> Going 25m WUT? It is time. 25m ASSEMBLE! Recruiting: Range DPS Melee DPS Heals Raids: Mon 8pm - 11pm Wed 8pm - 11pm Thurs 8pm - 11pm Currently 10/14H 10m, actually just looking for nice people who know how to play. Our application process is about as formal as this thread - chat to any Scion member in game or add me on Alcapown#1189 to discuss. <3Alcatots2 Apr 7, 2014
Apr 7, 2014 Alani Mount Tag For Sale Hi Realm! I just finished farming up 10 shards and am out to sell them for the Alani Mount Tag. PST me in game or send me an in game msg with your offer and I will get back to you asap. It will be a reasonable price that I offer it for.Methalen0 Apr 7, 2014
Apr 6, 2014 <Tastier> Saurfang Recruiting DPS Tastier (Saurfang) are an established raiding guild recently moving into the 25m scene with the raiding changes to come in MoP. We have been a constant presence in the 10M raiding scene since starting late into Tier 14. Quickly we burnt through bosses whilst fielding two competitive 10m raid teams. Pushing into ToTk and SoO we pushed hard to leave our mark as a strong raiding guild. With the recently announced changes to raiding next expansion our teams have come together to form a new 25m team as we look forwards to clearing current SoO hardmodes and progression through Warlords of Draenor. Current Progression -------------------------------------------------------- MSV10: 1/6HM 6/6NM HoF10: 6/6NM ToES10: 4/4NM ToTk10: 2/12HM 12/12NM ToTk10: 12/12NM (second team) SoO10: 2/14HM 14/14NM SoO10: 2/14HM 14/14NM (second team) SoO25: 1/14HM 14/14NM -------------------------------------------------------- Raid Times -------------------------------------------------------- Thursday 7:00-10:30 SVT Sunday 7:00-10:30 SVT Monday 7:00-10:30 SVT -------------------------------------------------------- Currently Recruiting -------------------------------------------------------- Boomkin (High Demand) Mage (High Demand) any spec Hunter (High Demand) any spec Windwalker Monk Shadow Priest Warlock (any spec) Enhance Shaman Rogue any spec -------------------------------------------------------- We are also recruiting any exceptional players of any roles. If you don't see your class above, but you think the guild might suit, feel free to drop an application. We are always happy to hear from new players. Tranquill - GM Tranq#1294 Stormbolts - Recruitment Officer Riley#1931 Or get in touch with any officer in game for more information or a trial/invTranquill1 Apr 6, 2014
Apr 5, 2014 Is are realm ever gonna pick back up?!? Been a member of this realm for 2 years now and feel as if it is just losing more and more active players Will the number ever increase? Will WoD help the realm or am I wasting my time on this realm and I should just realm transfer to a more known populated realm such as ticbondrius or darkspear? The only thing holding me back is my fellow guild and my other alt accounts with my maxed proffesions.Hwarriorftw5 Apr 5, 2014
Apr 4, 2014 Numerical's Shopping List Hey all, I'm buying all lockboxes that you have on you, or any that you will find in the future. Please note all of these lockboxes must always be locked still, I will not accept unlocked ones. C.O.D them to me at any time, or you may find me hiding in the Valley of Honor Auction House or Bank. ============================== Ghost Iron Lockbox - 40g ============================== Vanilla Ornate Bronze Lockbox - 2g Heavy Bronze Lockbox - 2g Iron Lockbox - 2g Strong Iron Lockbox - 2g Steel Lockbox - 2g Reinforced Steel Lockbox - 2g Mithril Lockbox - 2g Thorium Lockbox - 2g Eternium Lockbox - 2g Burning Crusade Khorium Lockbox - 5g Wrath of the Lich King Froststeel Lockbox - 10g Titanium Lockbox - 10g Tiny Titanium Lockbox - 10g Cataclysm Elementium Lockbox - 25gNumerical8 Apr 4, 2014
Apr 3, 2014 What horde side saurfang like hello wondering what horde side saurfang is like as looking for realm to move my horde characters too ty for any answersLeafwulf7 Apr 3, 2014
Apr 3, 2014 Nether 8/14H 10man Recruiting Nether is a level 25 raiding guild on Saurfang. In 3 short weeks of raiding our 10 man Core Team completed 14/14 normal SoO, and after 6 more weeks downed 8/14HM. We are a laid back group, with serious intentions of moving quickly through HM. NEEDS: TANK: - Exceptional communicator - History of success DPS: - Shaman (either spec) - Mage - Boomkin - Lock RAID NIGHTS: Wed. and Thurs. 9pm ST. If interested please add Aritias#1739 and pm in game, or replay here. -RitAritias0 Apr 3, 2014
Apr 2, 2014 Valdin the spineless as the title suggests that is allCinder2 Apr 2, 2014
Mar 23, 2014 Panic on Funkotron looking for newbies to join ... dont care what level dont care what gear items we are all about helping and leveling together none of epic bull! cant put wow on a resume can you? guild tabs and repairs, let me know if you want inTreesrjerks1 Mar 23, 2014
Mar 20, 2014 Selling Shadowmourne rewards! Hey there, I have just finished up with Shadowmourne and I am interested in selling the rewards. Please reply on forums or in game or add my battle tag 'empoleon638#1136' I have one of each item. x1 Muradin's Favor x1 Tabard of the Lightbringer x1 Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger x1 Jaina's Locket x1 Sylvanas' Music Box Please send some offers my way. I'm in no rush to sell and wont rush just for quick gold.Empoleous0 Mar 20, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 556 Tauren Boomy LF SoO N Progression guild Whats up everybody, looking for a new guild that does Normal SoO progression due to some circumstances I might leave the guild. Any guild out there that is looking for a rdps for their progression team feel free to contact me @ FarronEclair#6528Swiftx1 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 18, 2014 To boost, or not to boost ... With the pre-sale now in full swing and parts of the game flooded with new level 90's have any of our forum regulars utilised this yet to get a new toon to max level they may have been levelling? I am still on the fence. I don't know if I want to boost my horde lock or start and boost an Alliance hunter so I can play with some friends I left there when I moved. Decisions, decisions.Zivoom2 Mar 18, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 [H] Casual Raiding Heroic T14 (yes, Tier 14) I have a very small guild with 9 raiders who have been smashing our way through SoO Flex with a heap of pugs each week. One night a week, Sunday nights only, 7:30-10:30pm Brisbane time (8:30-11:30 server time - will revert back come daylight savings) We got our first Garrosh kill last week, which was great, but we have already grown bored of SoO and the prospect of transitioning into normal modes isn't that appealing for us. We want to go back and do MSV/HoF/ToES heroic modes and round out the achievements for the meta mounts - however this is something we don't want to pug. Additionally we need to increase our roster for eventual WoD raiding. Casual again, one night a week, Sunday nights only. We are only looking at adding 2-3 people to our roster at this stage, for the Tier 14 (and hopefully eventually Tier 15) heroic modes. We are also only after a very specific type of person to fit into a niche guild. We are all older working professionals, many of us are ex-hardcore raiders (I led a top10 oceanic guild for near on 3 years) that still want to do something cool in this game but not dedicate endless hours. We have had a couple of people play alts and/or re-roll to make up our class balance, so they are around ilvl 540, but the rest of us are closer to 550-560 with our legendary cloaks, Ordos loot, crafted items etc. We are not looking at getting someone with a very low ilvl and gearing them up. We want someone who works hard on their character and wants to raid but only one night a week at a very casual pace (no raging raid leader etc). Also, people in EF need to understand that apart from Sunday night, the guild is more or less a ghost town during the week. I log on to quickly do some farming or to make daily profession CD, but you won't find multiple people online each night to do stuff with. As I said, we are after a very specific type of player who will fit into what our guild is about, what we want to do together and how we do it. Drop me a line if interested. Either here, in game (ALT+140 for the î) or at our website. I am not online much during the week except briefly, but will respond to in-game mail and queries here or on the website daily. CURRENT ROSTER Prot Pally Brew Monk Resto Druid Resto Shaman Mage Hunter Frost DK Boomkin Rogue LOOKING FOR Warlock (this would make our balance perfect) Any other DPS that can double as tank or healer if needed. Generally would prefer a DPS that isn't the same class as what we already have.Xeî2 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 16, 2014 [A] Handsome Devils Club (GMT +8) Details :- Team 2 Recruitment. Lvl 25 Guild 10m Alliance Guild Based in Saurfang Mostly all malaysian, can talk in vent using BM / English as medium Raid Times : GMT + 8 Sunday & Monday Night (10.30pm~12.30am) (until April) (April ~ ) Will change date to Thursday & Saturday (same time) Current Progression: 4/14 (SoO Normal) Most of us are working professional and some are just students. Just started raid for Team 2. We are looking for. 1x Heals (off dps) 1x Range Dps ( druid / warlock / Priest) You should be:- Good raid awareness; Punctuality and attendance; Good knowledge of class played; Fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged.. If you are interested, please contact me (amourn7349#1153), or you can msg us here.Amonripper1 Mar 16, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 [H] 566 Rdruid w/ 550ish tank set LF Guild Greetings, I have recently relocated from North America to New Zealand, and I am looking to transfer to an oceanic server. My experience is 13/14 normal (with lots of Garrosh experience) and 3/14 heroic. I have been on hiatus from serious raiding since December due to the move, but I am ready to raid again. Whisper Btag Gordy#1374 if interested.Rawry0 Mar 15, 2014
Mar 15, 2014 568 Resto Druid and 568 Hunter LF 6+ HSoO LF a new raid team that is atleast 6 Heroic. We both know up to 9H but have downed 6. Raid times must finish no later then 11pm server time. We are not happy to be reserves, tried it, don't like it. We will NOT change to Alliance. Hunter Resto Druid Mar 15, 2014
Mar 9, 2014 Looking for a new home. 558 Hpally looking for a new home on Saurfang Contact me at Bess#1265 if your interested.Venús0 Mar 9, 2014
Mar 7, 2014 [A] Carpe Jugulum - Saurfang 6/14 H Carpe Jugulum are recruiting. We currently are seeking additional raiders at the 12/14 N level progression or higher to join our raids with a view on mythic level raiding from 6.0 onwards. We are after an additional tank, healers with viable off spec and dps. To apply either contact me in game or visit our website at We are a drinking guild, with 2 viable raid groups going and a third forming. We will be setting the second group up for heroic progression with a view to combine with the first group as soon as 6.0 drops.Wumper1 Mar 7, 2014
Mar 5, 2014 Seeking possible guild merge. with lots of guilds recruiting and not being able to fill out a complete team, i'm putting this out there to see who might be interested in a guild merge. i can go into more detail when discussing with the potential guild. tired of the recruitment hurdle when it could suit not only us but another guild also. please also note the average item level of my team is 510. we aren't terrible, we just can't find the last few committed players to get us where we want to be. we also prefer Horde. decent players just looking for a good home to combine with to make a great raiding team. post and i can be in touch.Mistpanda6 Mar 5, 2014
Mar 3, 2014 [A] Ominous: 25 man 10/14H recruiting Now recruiting for 25s. 10/14H 25s, previously 11/14H in 10s We've decided to make the move early to build a strong list in preparation for Warlords. Ominous founded during BC is a heroic mode progression focused raiding guild. The vast majority of this time we've been a 25man raid guild. We're please to see the landscape change and embrace the chance to build our raid numbers back up. Our number one goal is kill all bosses the game has to offer in a timely manner with skilled, mature and reliable people. To achieve this all our raiders are expected to research and play to high standards. We look for like minded raiders who strive to be the best that they can be, and who want to put in the time and effort to clear content while its current. We have a very tight knit group of raiders which enjoy killing boss's together. We are always looking for new members to join our team. If this sounds like a guild that might appeal to you, we would love to hear from you. ... What we offer: * Long est guild with long history of raiding heroic content as 25s. * A guild that values your time and effort - We always look to better efficiency. * Skilled experienced raid members striving for excellence * Competitive and stable raid environment. * Fair and balanced loot system. We use EPGP (Effort Points / Gear Points) loot system. * Mature guild with a zero drama policy. * Alt runs with a friendly relaxed guild atmosphere. Requirements: * Exceptional raid attendance * Stable, reliable internet & PC * Excellent raid awareness * Excellent class knowledge * Vent and working mic * Be team focusedJackripster22 Mar 3, 2014
Mar 2, 2014 [H] <Grimoire Hearts> 5/14HM Recruiting Grimoire Hearts is a level 25 raiding guild on Saurfang. In 3 short weeks of raiding our 10 man Core Team completed 14/14 normal SoO, and after 3 more weeks downed 5/14HM. We are a laid back group, with serious intentions to move quickly through HM. NEEDS: Tank- experienced and able to communicate well with other tank DPS- prefer a hybrid Ele. Shammy or Ferrel Druid (but are open to other classes as well). RAID NIGHTS: Wed. and Thurs. 9pm ST. If interested please add Aritias#1739 and pm in game, and or apply via our website, -RitAritias0 Mar 2, 2014
Mar 2, 2014 Officer Lynche for Warchief. pewpewpewpewpew.Jack15 Mar 2, 2014
Mar 2, 2014 [H] Without Sympathy recruiting for flex raid We are looking for serious, mature players who want to complete difficult content. We are currently looking for people to join our flex raid team and who wish to participate in other guild activities (cmodes, scenarios, achievements etc). We are currently in need of Healers and DPS. (NO ILVL required to join guild, minimum of 520 to participate in raids) Our raid times are 7pm-10pm(realm time) Wednesday and Thursday. Our guild requires the use of Facebook as an integral part of daily operations. If you are interested and wish to know more or have an interview please contact Dewin in game via whisper or in game mail.Dewin0 Mar 2, 2014