Shattered Hand

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Nov 22, 2010
Shattered Hand Birthdays January 1 Tyd -- Horde January 3 Rituall -- Horde January 4 Marne -- Horde January 10 Vexor - Horde *** Jerzak -- Horde January 11 Deathripper -- Horde January 14 Bethpage -- Horde *** Kerbear -- Alliance January 20 Schwinny -- Horde *** Käylä -- Alliance January 22 Answer -- Alliance *** Shawky - Alliance January 23 Pedromos -- Horde *** Siyynn -- Horde January 25 Nincro -- Horde January 26 Broll -- Alliance *** Toastedbread -- Alliance *** Values -- Alliance January 27 Novakayne -- Alliance January 28 Oneshotbeast -- Horde February 2 Avianator -- Horde February 4 Jâck -- Horde February 6 Xposed -- Horde *** Pokeball --Horde February 8 Mazed -- Horde February 9 Tulani -- Horde February 11 Taylarswift -- Alliance February 12 Erialys -- Horde February 14 Kallistia -- Horde February 15 Toophyslcal -- Horde February 16 Rokkuumeth/Barrywhite -- Horde February 19 Bochara – Horde *** Duracëll -- Horde February 25 Adillin -- Horde February 26 Mei - Alliance February 27 Gr a p efruits - Horde *** Jonsey - Alliance February 29 Vendula -- Horde March 1 Doomm – Horde March 2 Ehko -- Alliance March 3 Rayocell -- Horde March 4 Chicagø -- Horde March 7 Sourjoe -- Horde *** Aayameko -- Horde March 8 Illusia -- Alliance March 9 Zhendar/Vhekdar -- Alliance *** Cleavage -- Horde March 10 Heresdabeef -- Horde March 11 Cassiopea – Alliance Casseopia – Horde *** Ota - Horde *** Moranderia -- Horde *** Automobile -- Horde March 12 Kreww – Horde March 13 Solonari -- Horde *** Soulblighter -- Horde March 15 Dresiara -- Alliance March 16 Phatkidd -- Horde *** Bloodninja - Alliance *** Thejuicebox - Horde (Hope that's the right date! lol) March 20 Drexore -- Horde *** Cryxis -- Alliance March 21 Heavynewfie -- Horde March 22 Wolvar/Klette -- Horde March 25 Jéss -- Alliance March 28 Bottles -- Alliance March 30 Bjorkshire -- Horde April 7 Genocidejack -- Horde April 9 Archdiocese - Horde April 10 Fayjin -- Horde April 14 Moovine -- Horde April 16 Khor - Horde April 17 Kambyrlynn - Alliance April 18 Craniuz -- Horde April 19 Demoralized -- Horde April 20 Eitakrazal -- Alliance *** Hemoglobin -- Horde April 22 Obsidius -- Horde *** Geilnor - -Horde *** Phloozy - Horde April 24 Maglyos -- Alliance April 27 Bristole -- Horde *** Wolfpac -- Alliance April 28 Mickas -- Alliance April 29 Violaceous -- Alliance May 2 Vaermina -- Horde May 4 Jeecobhicks - Alliance May 6 Bigtrucker -- Horde *** Nitebayne -- Alliance May 11 Lazias - -Alliance *** Karney -- Horde May 12 Mep -- Horde May 13 Newts -- Horde May 15 Seleguadir -- Alliance *** Obsideon -- Alliance *** Khanitus -- Horde May 18 Arij -- Horde May 19 Pallyberry May 20 Sugarcoated -- Horde *** Aushion -- Horde May 21 Xdreadfather -- Horde May 22 Royboy -- Alliance *** Ogholf-- Alliance or Yasselholf -- Horde (Which ever he is for however long. lol) May 24 Creám -- Horde May 25 Lalla -- Horde May 26 Abron – Horde May 27 Altomicor -- Alliance May 30 Telf --Horde *** Misfy -- Horde *** Incübus -- Horde June 1 Supas -- Horde *** Cryptonik -- Alliance June 2 Kelwess -- Alliance June 3 Yve -- Alliance June 4 Chusk/Singlemom – Horde June 10 Zorainnu - Horde June 11 Moontide -- Horde June 12 Gerrard -- Alliance *** ßubbleòseven -- Horde June 14 Heldrath – Alliance *** Stormbreed -- Alliance June 16 Bryntroll -- Alliance *** Rettlè -- Horde June 17 Andrillex – Alliance *** Wino – Horde June 18 Póp/Heatwave -- Horde *** Aedah -- Horde *** Urash -- Horde June 19 Ritchie -- Alliance June 21 Saamus -- Horde June 22 Ticos -- Alliance June 25 Samad -- Horde *** Rubix -- Horde June 26 Margoz -- Alliance June 27 Varal - Horde June 28 Shaicy -- Alliance *** Returnoffoo -- Horde June 29 Cennar -- Alliance July 4 Elaenna – Alliance July 7 Orangedrank – Alliance July 8 Bamf -- Horde July 9 Zavrek -- Alliance July 11 Hiphop -- Horde July 12 Moosus - Horde July 13 Xler - Horde *** Orenos -- Alliance July 15 Nakeddancer -- Alliance July 17 McGonagle -- Horde *** Dan -- Horde July 20 Wigglybuff -- Horde July 21 Alakazam -- Horde *** Daleas -- Horde *** Starrla -- Alliance *** Bernal -- Horde July 22 Clearly -- Alliance July 23 Theprofessor - Alliance *** Sunjin -- Horde July 24 Talmer - Alliance *** Hearthies -- Horde July 25 Thresum - Alliance *** Yoshìmìtsu -- Horde *** Cynes -- Alliance July 27 Crackbone -- Horde July 29 Palatu -- Alliance Cassiopea211
Nov 5
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[H]<Unrest> 13/13M HFC Recruiting for Legion! Hi everyone, <Unrest> is currently seeking PVE dedicated players who wish to push progression for core raiding spots for the upcoming Legion expansion. Individuals who are willing to put forth the effort and dedication it takes to pursue Mythic raiding are highly valued. If you have ever wanted to take your raiding experience to a higher level, this is that opportunity. Our current progression is: Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic | 13/13 Normal and Heroic Current Recruitment Needs: - Rogue (Medium) - Balance Druid (High) - Shadow Priest (High) - Hunter (High) - Shaman, Elemental/5th healer (High) - Warlock (High) - Mage (High) Don't shy away from applying even if your class is not listed. We are always willing to consider truly exceptional players beyond our current recruitment needs. A Little About Us <Unrest> is a Horde guild on the US-Dark Iron realm. We are dedicated to PvE Raid progression. As such, every decision we make as a guild - from nightly activity, to raid composition, to loot distribution - is devoted to that end. If conquering raid content alongside other high-end guilds is your motivation in WoW, while putting forth the effort and work it takes to do so in a team environment, then you will be among peers in <Unrest>. History <Unrest> was formed through a group of raiders who originated from other guilds which had disbanded and has reformed under a new leadership core. A majority of our raiders have been pushing end game progression since Vanilla and many of us are still playing together as of today. Team chemistry is important since a majority of us have been playing together for many years now. We spend a lot of time playing this game, and we want <Unrest> to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time. We take our guild's cohesion seriously, and we believe that it is often the single most important force behind our team's progression. We're seeking team oriented players who understand that it's often necessary to put Guild needs before individual wants. Loot We distribute loot via Loot Council along with RC Loot Council. Our top priority when handing out the loot is to put it where we feel it will best accelerate progression. Raid Schedule Our Raid Times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm PST - 9pm PST. Monday raids occur for old content / farm content at 6pm PST. We expect everyone to be ready to raid by 5:45 pm PST and prepared with consumables. How to contact us Neuro#1811 - Guild Master Greemar#1538 - Officer Escott#1395 - Officer Tyler#12655 - Officer For more information please visit and apply at: Neurlock5
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(H)Prodigy-Turalyon, Currently recruiting! Hello, My name is Kreda and I am the current GM of Prodigy-Turalyon. We are a fairly new guild to the server and transferred over from Anvilmar/Undermine. We are currently looking to strengthen our raid team as a whole while we push toward a 20-man Mythic group. We currently have about 10-12 core raiders and about 5-15 backups. Our raid times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9-12 EST. We are currently looking for: Any outstanding players who are able to consistently make the raid days and are able to optimize their class's potential. Past credentials are as follows: -Raided since mid-late Vanilla. -At the end of Vanilla till mid BC was a raider in one of the best guilds in the US/World The Foot Clan. -Mid BC I broke off to make my own guild that progressed through mostly all of WotLK and lost our server 1st LK 10man kill by ~16 hours. -During Cata I raided with my guild through Firelands and was a top 5 guild on the server. -In Dragon Soul I raided with a server best guild who lost server 1st 10 man Heroic DW by 34 minutes exactly, putting us at #2 on the server. -MOP we took a break till early SoO times and came back to be one of the top 5-10 on the server. -As of WoD we slacked off on raiding and decided to transfer to a more prominent server, Turalyon, for better recruitment If you would like to know any further information about our guild or myself whisper myself or my fellow officer in game, Myself-Btag Kreda#1982 or my Officer- Btag Torberle#1844. Or you can reply on here and it will be checked daily. Cheers and have a great day! Kreda4
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[H] *Anatidaephobia* 13/13H 4/13M 2 Nights Good evening raiders of Shattered Hand. My name is Lexer and I am here representing Anatidaephobia. We're looking for an addition to our team of Mythic raiders and I wanted to put some information out there to those who are interested in joining and Mythic raiding team that only raids two days a week. Seeking a Moonkin (or other ranged DPS) and a Disc Priest. Guild website: Raid Times: 8PM – 12AM EST/5PM-9PM PST Sunday, Monday Loot: Loot Council VOIP: Mumble Anatidaephobia was founded 2 weeks prior to the release of Siege of Orgrimmar in MoP and quickly found success with our small but dedicated team. We are now a very well established and stable guild environment. We strive to maintain a low drama, welcoming, and friendly place for members to raid. Anatidaephobia's focus is progressing thru normal/heroic HFC at a reasonable pace to eventually get back into mythic raiding. We were 10/10HM 3/10 mythic in BRF. On non-raid nights, you will generally find people online doing PVP, running old content or general shenanigans in guild chat. There is a friendly atmosphere amongst the members of the guild with the obvious BS’ery among friends. What we are looking for: Players that are dedicated to the cause. We maintain a light raid schedule as we are mostly in our 20’s and 30’s at this point with Full Time jobs, Families or pursuing other hobbies. The raid schedule is atypical, and have no issues with people missing raids from time to time due to social obligations. That being said, all we require is a guild post on the website, or a phone call to somebody. With regards to class ability, we do expect people to know their class. We do not expect theorycrafting for hours on end unless that is something that you are into. Friendly discussion with your fellow players is encouraged as people do play alts and enjoy the game thoroughly. Any criticism or discussion is done to help each player work together and provide perspective to help the team be better. We are currently seeking one more player to add to our team roster. This member needs to be a DPS mainspec, and preferably a healing offspec. That being said, we are open to pure DPS classes as well. The only requirements are common sense, skill, punctual attendance, and a good sense of humour. We will consider a minimum of iLvL 695+ and upon acceptance of your application, we will bring you into a heroic raid to let you demonstrate what you can do. Gear exceptions can be made in a particular cases of exceptional player ability. Our mentality is that gear is easily achieved, but quality team members are not. OUR REQUIREMENTS: - Have Mumble with a working mic - Be on time and ready (Form @ 745 EST, in instance pulling by 8) - Know the fights & do your research - Know what your class can bring to the table for each encounter. - Willing to learn from mistakes. - Have a positive & professional attitude -Have a good sense of humour. Apply on our forums today! Contacts: Feel Free to contact us with any questions Beantot(GM) Btag: Kleiger#1582 Hypnoticka (Officer) Btag: Teka#1423 Lexer (Recruitment) Btag: Lexer#1478 Lèxer1
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