Shattered Hand

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2 players LF WoD raiding guild Hey guys, my friend and I are looking for a guild that will be raiding during WoD. We're not really picky which raid size....we just want to slay some dragons lol He wants to Pally tank or DK dps but he'll play any roll needed. I want to play my hunter but Hunters are crap right now, not even fun. So if Hunter doesn't change in time I'll play Mage or Lock. Either way, I'll be on a ranged dps class. Availability: Basically, from 4:30pm-12am(midnight) central time is when we can fully dedicate time to WoW. Weekends are sketchy (we do have lives :-P) We've played together since beginning of WoTLK and work very well together no matter what rolls we play. We've lead multiple guilds & raid groups across multiple games with WoW being our longest running and most thriving community/guild, folks we still keep in touch with and have gamed with since 2008. So being a team player, voice communication, helping others get geared, preparing for raids, showing up on time, and performing until quitting time is very important to us. On the flip side we enjoy cutting up and socializing with folks and know when to be appropriate. As for myself, I've created lots of awesome guild events over the years to entertain and build community. It's always a nice break from grinding arenas or scheduled raiding. You wouldn't believe what types of awesome stuff our guild has came up with over the years lol. Take a few moments and watch some videos if you're bored lol. Please message me if you have any questions/concerns. We look forward to hearing from ya! :) Epic Race Pirates vs. Ninjas WaG Darts Mario Kart Cammyflage1
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Items for Sale (xmog, pets, gear, etc) As the title states, I have a whole slew of stuff I am selling. It is currently all located on alliance side, so horde buyers will either need to get it on alliance side themselves or I can get it through the neutral AH, though the price will be higher to factor in the AH cuts. I am not posting any set prices, so feel free to offer away either here, or send me mail in game on Ketto (alliance) or Nomaam (horde). I do not check horde nearly as often, so I'd recommend mailing me on alliance if you want a quicker response. I am willing to do some haggling, though overly low ball offers may be ignored. May also be willing to trade some of these items for pets, though I'm not interested in common, low price pets. The items listed below may or may not be entirely up to date and certainly don't list everything I have. If you're looking for something specific that you don't see listed, ask away and I'll check what I have. Apologies in advance if I've already sold any items listed below. MoP “twink” gear (level 80-85, ilevel 409-450) -Astrylian’s Cheerful Charm -Shiny Hozen Rock Holder (3) -Deathspite Breastplate -Repin’s Ammo-Laden Belt -Dill’s Primal Leggings (2) -Light-Sealed Casque -Errick’s Woundbinder Gauntlets -Robes of the Quiet Isle -Hood of Alchemical Vapors -Glowing Wind Bracers (2) -Very Manly Leggings -Orb Bound Shoulders -Bracers of Rolling Fields (4) -Bracers of the Neux Dawn -Anaxo’s Multi-Layered Seal (3) -Turpsters’ Sonorous Shield (2) -Leggings of the Scorched Man -Daelo’s Final Words (3) -Chestguard of the Solicitous Pandaren -Syrio’s Gloves of Tutelage -Zom’s Misty Hood -Unbreakable Waistplate -Cheng’s Irrepressible Girdle -Blade Dulling Greatcloak -Drape of Flowing Gauze -Roffle’s Flowing Raiment -Spiritwhisper Conch -Helm of Elemental Binding -Ced’s Crusher (2) -Porter’s Tooth-Marked Mace (3) -Ennadee’s Twirling Longbow (2) -Buc-Zakai Bugslicer -Staff of Broken Hopes -Bone-Inlaid Fan -Record of Mysterious Deeds -Wand of the Exiled Path -Kaleiki’s Lost Training Staff -Lerah’s Ribsmasher -Ritter’s Rat Render -Skyrider’s Shining Shield -Solianti’s Insect Smasher -Penate’s Penance-Procuring Pistol -Wall Guardian’s Longrifle (2) -Scalebreaker Axe (3) -Fist of Fate -Axe of the Iron Price (4) Pets (only listing a couple of the less common ones) -Crimson Whelpling (2 – lvl 1 and lvl 25) -Emerald Whelpling -Sprite Darter Hatchling -Fox Kit -Living Fluid -Magical Crawdad -Moon Moon -Blackfuse Bombling -Gooey Sha-ling -Ruby Droplet -Hyjal Bear Cub -Crimson Lasher -Jadefire Spirit -Vengeful Porcupette -Eng pets (your living steel, my Jard’s. You’ll need to have the Living Steel on alliance) Transmog (I also have a bunch of other miscellaneous xmog items I cant be bothered to list. Ask if you’re looking for something you don’t see here) -Lava Bolt Crossbow (2) -Volcanospike (2) -Goblet of Anger -Obsidium Cleaver -Scaleslicer -The Shoveler -Assassination Blade (2) -Roc-Feather Longbow -The Hammer of Destiny -Lydia’s Sharpened Swordbreaker -Robes of Insight -Iron Riveted War Helm -Gloves of Holy Might -Elemental Mage Staff -Staff of Hale Magefire (2) -Drakesfire Epaulets -Je'Tze's Sparkling Tiara -Stiffened Corpse Shoulderguards -Pauldrons of Edward the Odd -Bloodscale Breastplate -Bloodscale Legguards -Bloodscale Belt -Warlord set (various pieces) -Conquerer’s set (various pieces) -Shattered Hand set (various pieces) -Darkcrest set (various pieces) -Sundered set (various pieces) Miscellaneous -Swift Springstrider -Sky Golem (your living steel, my Jard’s. You’ll need to have the Living Steel on alliance) -Blacksmithing 553 pants and belts -Tailoring 553 pants and belts -MoP herbs (alliance side only) Ketto5
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<H> Final Boss - 13/14 Normal <Final Boss> Current Progression: 13/14 Normal >>Currently Recruiting**<< 1 Healer with Offspecc (Resto Sham with Ele DPS set MW monk with WW set or Disc Piriest with Shadow set ) . Min 555i+ 1 Mage Min 555+ **Regardless of what we need, all applications will be looked over carefully, as we are always looking to strengthen our raiding team no matter what** We are located on Dark Iron and to those looking to change servers, consider our server and our guild as a place to setup a new home. <Final Boss> is raid-centric experienced community guild looking for more members to develop and coach into seasoned Raiders to strengthen our main core raid groups. Dark Iron Server is PVP with a rich history, centered around PAA. Server is based in California, and server runs off of PST. Details: Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 5:00pm-8:00pm PST (8:00pm-11pm EST) Recruiting: Open to all classes Server: Dark Iron -- What is expected: 1. Attendance. It means nothing for you to be fully prepped to raid if you aren't in the instance and ready when we pull. There will always be unavoidable situations, but if I can't rely on you then I will find someone to replace you. 2. Homework. Today's community has made it very easy to have a solid if not excellent grasp on fight mechanics before you zone in the first time. The officer corps and I will do what we can to compile sources, but ultimate responsibility is with the individual raider. 3. Performance. I'm not asking for logs, meters, or references. If you can make attendance and are willing to commit to playing your character the best you can, then you're the kind of player I want. Also, Our current emphasis is building up and maintaining our 10 man raid team for SoO and eventual WoD raiding. >>Raid times are Tues Wed thurs 5:00 ST to 8:00 PST and looking more raiders to join our core squad. Interested in all classes. -- We expect you to be able attend all 3 raid nights<< Those interested specifically in raiding, PST: Tuceg#1716 (Speakease) or visit CEO Speakease --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speakease0
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XMOG, and a lot of it... I've acquired quite a bit of xmog, and I'm looking to sell it all lol. Drop me a line in game with an offer for whatever you're looking for and we'll talk :D Cloth Abjurer's Pants Arachnidian Footpads Archanist Bindings Bright Gloves Celestial Kilt Eldr'naan Pants Elunarian Silk Robes Elunarian Vest Felheart Belt High Councillor's Gloves (x2) Leggings of the Sacred Crest Leggings of Lost Love Lunar Leggings (x2) Master's Robe Regal Armor Regal Leggings Scholarly Robes (x3) Venomshroud Silk Robes Leather Bard's Tunic Bloodtusk Shoulderpads Bonechewer Chestpiece Bonechewer Spikegloves Bonechewer Ripleggings (x4) Bonechewer Skincloak Boneshredder Belt Boneshredder Boots Cabalist Chestpiece Cabalist Gloves (x3) Ceremonial Leather Harness Ceremonial Leather Loincloth Chieftain's Belt Chieftain's Breastplate Chieftain's Leggings Cutthroat's Boots (x2) Cutthroat's Mantle (x2) Cutthroat's Mitts Cutthroat's Pants (x2) Cutthroat's Vest (x2) Glyphed Breastplate Grand Gauntlets Grand Legguards Headhunter's Spaulders Headhunter's Woolies Huntsman's Armor (x2) Imperial Leather PAnts Imposing Boots Indomitable Vest Insignia Chestguard (x3) Jadefire Sabatons (x2) Peerless Armor Praetorian Girdle Prospector's Boots (x6) Prospector's Chestpiece (x3) Prospector's Pads (x2) Prospector's Woolies (x2) Rageclaw Gloves Sentinel Breastplate Sentinel Trousers Serpentskin Spaulders (x2) Supreme Crown Swashbuckler's Belt Swashbuckler's Breastplate Swashbuckler's Eyepatch (x2) Swashbuckler's Gloves (x2) Swashbuckler's Leggings (x3) Swashbuckler's Shoulderpads (x2) Trickster's Handwraps Trickster's Headdress Trickster's Pauldrons Warden's Footpads Warden's Waistband Wolfrider's Shoulder Pads (x2) Erectoplasm4
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5k Gold Bounty Manhunt Event A message from your residential No-Hoot-Giving Extraordinaire : I will be hosting as well as taking part in a ~9k~ gold bounty manhunt event. "But Armistice, why should I give a hoot?" Well, because the target of this manhunt is yours truly. Having the huge ego that I clearly do, I know everybody on the server wants to kill me, because I'm me... which means I'm special and you're all super jealous of my glorious transmogs. ---------------------I want to take a moment to stop here, and ask people to refrain from the really clever "I DON'T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT YOUR DUMB EVENT ARMISTICE" comments that I'm sure your little minds are cooking up this very instant.--------------------- Actually, forget that. I don't give a hoot about your I don't give a hoot comments, SO AMUSE ME WITH THEM! Getting back to business, the event will take place on the timeless isle. Once I open the event, you will have 30 minutes to find me, and murder me. The person who scores a killing blow on me will be awarded at least 5k gold. I am thinking this will take place in a week or two, giving me time to scheme treacherous survival techniques, and hopefully accumulate more gold to pay my murderer. I will be streaming the event, on my super-duper well known and already famous twitch channel that nobody has ever heard of before @ Rules and Regulations you should give half a hoot (at most) about: 1. Huge gank groups are discouraged, but if that's how you roll, that's how you roll. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I would prefer to get murdered by a party of one or two, but hey that's just me. 2. I will not be using any forms of stealth besides invisibility potions and non-glyphed camouflage. 3. Lurking on my stream while taking part in the hunt is kind of lame, but if that's what you want to do go ahead. 4. If I miraculously survive, I will add the current bounty to the next one. 5. I will absolutely take donations and give credit to all donors, I will not use a single cent of donated gold. #Justkiddingthisismysupersecretplottomakegoldoffofallyoudimwittedbuffoonsevilvillaincackle 6. The only thing I kind of give a hoot about is : Please no people from other realms. If they kill me, I can't really give them gold... Let it be a Shattered Hand thing. 7. Alliance : You can still try and kill me, or kill the horde that show up to kill me, or kill us all. But I can't pay you, and I won't pay your horde alt if you have one. 8. Horde : If you're horde and you're hunting me, and you see an alliance you may want to kill them so that they don't end up killing me before you do. 9. I will not be censored, you will be. 10. I will not go near the celestial court or rely on its guards for protection. Final thoughts: -It would be cool to get some hunters streaming the event as well, or frapsing it. I would enjoy watching myself get run down like a dog afterwards. - I acknowledge there will be griefers, not entirely sure yet how people will find a way to troll this, but I have complete faith in your internet depravity. -I realize the bounty of 5k gold isn't necessarily a large amount, but it's more of the event that's important than the gold. I will do my best to increase the amount if its a success. -Word of mouth is important for this, if you like what I'm trying to do, spread the word to friends and guildies. -I will update the reward for my severed head if it grows, as I happen to suddenly become a prosperous entrepreneur. -Yeah, It'd be fun to get a big group of friends or guildies to kill me, but it'd be more fun to kill me BEFORE all your friends and guildies. -If you plan on attempting to track me down and stick my head on your wall, I would like some sort of message so that I know how many people exactly I should expect... if any. Thanks for your time, I hope this is somewhat of a success, but that largely depends on the people reading this. Armistice11
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