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2h 4/7M Storm 2-Night Mythic Raiding Storm was established with the idea that life comes before raiding. We wanted to create a competitive raiding guild with a focus on progression in a much reduced schedule than other current Mythic guilds out there. The idea is to create an ideal 21+ environment/community for those of us with other obligations in life such as school, work, and family. If a lot of time isn’t something you have, but you enjoy progression raiding like the rest of us, then we’re the place for you. Current Progression 4/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Raid Times Wednesday-Thursday 8:00 - 11:30PM EST Our Goals Establish ourselves as one of the top US two nights/week Mythic Guilds Progress as quickly and efficiently as possible through current content Legion Raid Tier One - Obtain a US 600+ Kill Legion Raid Tier Two - Obtain a US 400+ Kill Legion Raid Tier Three - Obtain a US 200+ Kill Recruitment Needs We’re always recruiting players with the ability to play their class/role competitively regardless of class. Expectations of Raiders Previous Mythic raiding experience The desire to min/max your character(s) and stay on the forefront of theorycrafting The ability to play all roles for your class effectively Consistent TOP-TIER level of play. Again, reduced schedule, need intelligent and skilled players. Daily forum participation Ability to come to raid prepared, this includes, but not limited to, bringing enough consumables and having knowledge of fights we are working on. Understand the need for criticism. Learn and improve from mistakes. Other Information 90% raid attendance required to remain on our raid roster Loot is handled via loot council. We feel this is the best way to improve the guild as a whole. We are mature adults and as such, respect is mandatory to all players internally and externally of Storm Members are preferred to be the age of 21 or older, but exceptions can be made under the right circumstances. Guild website is located at Please feel free to contact us with any questions via in game or ID. Aalistor#1455 (Cojo) Nermel#1228 (Nermelz)Cojo73 2h
2h [A] <Consequence> 7/7H 3/7M Recruiting Greetings! <Consequence> is seeking competent players to join our progression team for Mythic Emerald Nightmare. We are a semi-hardcore guild that is currently 3/7M and completed 13/13M HFC on May 20th/2016 with just 9 hours a week. Mythic Raid Times: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:00 pm - 12:00 am EST Current needs: Healers: Resto Druid, Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin Tank, especially Warrior or Paladin We will also consider ANY exceptional raiders for our Mythic Team. Loot: All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. To get a hold of one of our officers, Battle ID tags are as follows; Mythic Raid Team: Chumpjohn#1580 (Kasera, GM) Daniel#11307 (Danicus, Officer) If our guild seems like a good fit for you, make an application on our Website: Hope to speak to you soon!Danicus28 2h
3h Boundless Gaming 7/7H 2day Recruiting for M We are an adult (21+) Alliance Mythic raiding guild on the Stormrage-US server. At present we are working our way through Heroic content while recruiting our core for Mythic progression. Our aim is to clear all Mythic content prior to the release of the next raid throughout all of Legion, and we have the foundation in place to achieve that goal. While we would not classify ourselves as a “hardcore” Mythic raiding guild at this point, our long-term goals are no different. We want to clear Mythic content in Legion while only raiding two evenings during the week. Our members are adults with lives outside of WoW and we recognize that this is a way to spend our free time. We want to make our raiding both enjoyable and successful on our limited schedules. Many of the raiders in Boundless are 13/13M HFC and have extensive end-game raiding experience from TBC through to WoD. We expect our applicants to bring a similar level of dedication to the table. We strive to create a welcoming and respectful raid environment that is inclusive and drama-free. If you are an armchair pundit in trade, disrespectful in PUGs, consistently have interpersonal issues in your prior guilds or have issues with women, other cultures or sexual orientations, you need not apply. We look for people who strive to be at the top of their game.This means knowing how to play your class, coming to the raid on time and prepared (consumables, etc.), having looked at available content on the upcoming progression to minimize down-time during raids. Discord use during raids is non-negotiable, even for applicants. You don’t have to talk but you do have to listen. We cannot coordinate strategies effectively through text. We expect all applicants to have a microphone and speakers/headphones and the willingness to speak up (whether through text or voice) when required. We are happy to trial any applicants cross-realm in our Normal and Heroic runs, but the expectation is that any applicant that makes the Mythic roster during the Heroic run trials will be required to transfer to Stormrage in order to maintain that roster spot. While logs are not required for applications, good logs will expedite the process of applying to the guild. We hope what we’re offering is appealing and look forward to processing your application. Raid Times 8pm-12pm Server Tue/Wed Loot System Lootcouncil Currently RecruitingRDPS/Healers *Resto Druid[High] *Mage[High] *MM Hunter[High] *Shadow Priest[High] *Boomkin[Semi] Accepting all Exceptional Apps. Website 3h
3h [A] Weekend Guild LF DPS- 1/7H Thanks for stopping by and looking at the post. We are <Watch your Language>, we are an Alliance guild on Stormrage, fairly new group but old time raiders. Some of us have been in top raiding guilds and are just looking to have fun in this expansion. But, don't be fooled, we still raid at the best level we can. We will joke around during trash pulls, and it is quite hilarious, but when we are standing infront of the boss, its game faces. We are currently 1/7H and quickly progressing on the next bosses. Our raid times are 8pm-11pm EST Sat and Sun, and we use an EPGP loot system to be as fair as possible. We are currently recruiting: - Rogue - Demon Hunter (Havoc) - Warlock - Mage - Hunter However, we will always consider an applicant. What you can expect from us as a team: Stable Progression Organization No confrontational criticism Jokes (not personal of course) What we are looking for in a raider: Punctuality Open to critique Able follow instructions Non-elitist Joker, come with the heaters, please. So much more going on, but really hard to explain it all here. If you're at all interested, please add me on real id Xylr#1992 and we can chat a bit! Or you're welcome to drop an app on our website Http:// Hope to hear from you soon!Xylarz0 3h
3h <Turkeyism> (4/7 Mythic) is recruiting! Introdution: <Turkeyism> is a (4/7 Mythic) weekend raiding guild on Stormrage US. Our guild was originally formed in early 2013 as a 10man Heroic raid team with the goal to have fun and get as far as possible. After having defeated Heroic Garrosh in Siege of Ogrimmar and ending the Mists of Pandaria expansion ranked 19th on Stormrage, our team decided to push forward into Warlords of Draenor. With the introduction of Mythic in 6.0, our team set out to expand our roster, overcome new challenges, and defeat the final boss on Mythic, all while maintaining a fun atmosphere to raid in. We finished Warlords of Draenor ranking 14th on Stormrage and managed to get 27 of our raiders the Felsteel Annihilator mount from Mythic Archimonde. We are now currently raiding Mythic Emerald Nightmare and looking for additional players (850 ilvl+) who seek a challenge and want to have fun. Raid Times: Friday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST Saturday: 7:30pm – 11:30pm EST <Turkeyism> is a weekend raiding guild that raids two nights a week from 7:30 – 11:30pm EST on Friday and Saturdays. In Demand Classes: Druids (Balance or Feral) (High) Warlocks (All Specs) (Medium) (We prefer the classes listed above but all exceptional applicants will be considered.) Guild Expectations: So as a guild there are a few things we expect our raiders and recruits to do/know. First, we expect our raiders/recruits to know their class fairly well. They should also have a good grasp of the encounters by either having first-hand experience, or by watching tutorials and kill videos online. Knowledge is power as the saying goes. Second, we expect players who wish to be part of the core raid team to understand that attendance and showing up on time to raid is important to the success of the guild. We understand when real life issues come up, however it isn’t fair to the other 19 players who showed up if you continuously miss raid because of “reasons”. This is why we want to make sure that our raiders/recruits understand that by joining our raid team, you are making a commitment to the rest of the group to show up every week. Ultimately, we are all individuals working together towards a common goal and our success or failure as a group depends upon people committing to the team. Third, we expect our raiders/recruits to be able to take criticism from others. If we notice that you could improve in any manner, we won’t hesitate to point it out. We won't ever attack others for making mistakes, but we will politely let them know of their blunders and how they could improve. Fourth, raiders/recruits should be willing to sit out for certain encounters. We know it isn’t the most fun thing to have to sit out on a boss fight, especially if there is loot or if you’ve worked hard getting to that encounter. However, not all fights are created equal and sometimes we have to ask players to sit out in order to have the best group composition to complete the encounter. Your willingness to sit out won’t be forgotten and we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to kill the boss and get loot. Fifth, all recruits are expected to present WarcraftLogs in their applications. This will give us an idea of how you handle mechanics and how well you performed. We understand that your time is valuable and so is ours. By looking at your WarcraftLogs we can get an idea if you can perform within the required range were looking for before bringing you in to raid with us. Finally, our guild is made up of players in their early 20’s/mid-30’s and our chat can sometimes get spicy and very adult oriented. We can sometimes talk about off the wall stuff, some of which can get very “Rated R” very fast. Contact List: Patakra: Braxxas#1433 Ravenhill: XHunter#1289 Callmetheo: t55m#1373 Mclloviln: Birdydodo#1142 Where to Apply: Our Warcraftlogs: Our Wowprogress: (All guild policies can be found in the website under the section: Forums>Guild Discussion>Turkey Recruits.) Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!Ravenhill30 3h
3h <Beyond> EN (7/7H Leaders) DPS and Heals <Beyond> is a new Alliance guild formed for Raiding in Legion. We currently are Ranged DPS. We are looking for people who are 845+ and are will to help you gear up through mythic dungeons. We have 7/7H Guild leaders and Beyond is currently 3/7H High Needs: -Healer (Preferably Resto Druid but open to others) -Warlock -Hunter -Spriest Also considering all well-rounded players. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8 PM - 10PM EST Wednesday: 8 PM - 10PM EST Thursday: 8 PM - 10PM EST For more information please add Nick#11150, Chaoskid#1449Icecream30 3h
4h *Danger Zone* LF Casuals/Raiders 7/7H Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a peachy day! I’m here to recruit for this amazing, hilarious, casual, yet effective guild called Danger Zone. If you're reading this I'm assuming you're curious to see if this guild is the perfect match for your raiding and guild needs for current Legion content and future content. Let's see if that's true! As a guild, we are filled with plenty of friendly players with a mindset on progression when it matters and having fun while we do it. It should be stated that we are a casual raid group. We're not here to push Mythic progression. We're here to have fun with Normal and Heroic. We want everyone to come to every raid night with the idea that they're going to have a blast joking around, and killing bosses. As a Casual raid group, we are laid back and fun. We're not here to push you when you're just looking to joke around and have a blast with your fellow raiders. The atmosphere in the raid is meant to feel welcoming and relaxed! Our goals, on top of clearing Normal and Heroic raids prior to the next raid release, is to have fun with Mythic+ runs (even normal Mythic runs!), old school content for the hell of it, create bonds and long lasting friendships, and to just have a relaxed environment. If you want to be part of this amazing group of friends, we will always be on the lookout for any new recruits! <Raid Schedule> - We raid during EST (Stormrage server time) Friday from 8:35 PM to 11 PM Saturday from 8 PM to 11 PM <Current roles/specs we need filled> Tanks: Guardian (Preferred), Warrior Dps: Rogue, WW Monk, Warlock, Mage, Hunter Healers: Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, MW Monk, Resto Druid Any other classes/roles please do apply or show interest! We may still have a spot for you on the team or even just in the guild! Give us a chance to talk to you about it! <Loot Rules> We currently run Personal Loot for raid. As of right now, there are no plans of changing that with how the system works in Legion. We understand the idea needing to target and focus gear people through use of a loot council all too well, as quite a few of us have ran loot council in past times. Loot council excels in gearing out your better players to push progression. We, as a guild, do not intend to push progression to the point that it takes away from our player's enjoyment. What do I mean by this statement? Getting loot is fun. We don't want to take that away from you in favor of gearing out someone else instead of you for simple means of getting the boss down a day, or a week earlier. We’ll eventually get the boss down regardless. We want you to feel like when you come to raid with us, you can end the night feeling amazing you just got a huge upgrade and be able to say it wasn't because you wrote a ten page paragraph on how that item is a 10.5% DPS increase for you over others. Loot Drama! It happens to the best of guilds.. and to be honest, it's quite silly. Personal loot though removes the loot drama from the equation entirely. You won’t have to be mad at a player winning a roll over you (except in cases of tradable gear between multiple people)… you just have to be mad at RNG Jesus (and Blizzard). :P Personal loot will give out the same exact amount of gear - if not more - than running a Loot Council, or Need/Greed group would. It also allows us to be friendlier with our rules for any pugs we have to bring in every now and then :) ..But that's enough about raiding! Danger Zone is also looking to host plenty of guild events sometime in the near future to give us all a break from World Quests, Mythic Dungeons, etc. We would love for anyone looking to find a home in our guild to just hang out, quest, PvP, run old content, and etc.. There is so much fun to be had and it's only amplified when you have great people have fun with as well! Take a chance and enter a Danger Zone! We can't wait to hear from you! Please try to contact one of the officers at: Fel#1946 Kagesendo#1972 Valevica#1828Chrysanthium0 4h
4h <Stat Squished> Casual Mythic Progression Here’s some quick information about <Stat Squished> We are a casual progression guild currently working to form a solid group for Mythic raiding. Our current progression: 7/7 N | 7/7 H Our raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30 PM to 1:00 AM EST (Stormrage Server Time) Our loot system: Loot council Our community: We have a discord server that you are welcome to hang out in! Our contact: DJRoomba#1755 (me, character name Küshieda) is the recruitment lead. I work nights and am not always available, however feel free to add me. Just let me know why you’ve added me so I can make a note. If I am not available you can also contact our guild leader, Faelurien, via in-game mail. What we're looking for: Healers and DPS with 850+ item levelIf the above fits what you are looking for please reach out to myself or Faelurien, we would love to chat!Küshieda1 4h
4h Weekend Raid 7/7H - LF Lock/Ret/DH for Mythic Disciples of Wrynn Quick Facts Age Requirement: 21+ Voice: Discord Raid Times: Sat/Sun 5:30pm - 9:30pm EST Currently Recruiting DH (Havoc) / Warlock / Ret Pally Current Progression: 7/7 Heroic and progressing into mythic!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We're a close-knit, active guild that likes to get the most out of our social side and raiding side. We run guild events, group often, chat often in guild chat / Discord! When it comes to raid we take it very seriously but still have fun! You won't experience someone screaming at you here but you are expected to min/max and push your class. If you're interested in joining or would like to know more about our guild, please contact me via bnet athidae#1546Athidae0 4h
5h [A] 7/7H Newly formed mythic raiding guild <Regenerate Uprise> 7/7H Newly formed serious raiding guild on Stormrage US recruiting for mythic progression team! In need of all classes and roles ilvl 860+ pref. Guild formed by serious veteran raiders looking to form a top tier raid team to progress through mythics and push even harder come next raid tier. Raid times wed/thurs 8pm to 12am server time! Looking for skilled and dedicated players. Being on time to raid and a 90% attendance is mandatory. Will be holding heroic trials weekly to recruit for the 20 man mythic team. Guild leader progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7N 7/7H Currently recruiting: Recruiting all mythic ready raiders Requirements: 1. Will require logs 2. Discord interview to determine if you are the type of raider we are looking for. 3. Full flasks, food, enchants and gems 4. 80% attendance, 95% while on trial 5. Required a boss mod 6. Taking the time to read up on fights and your class Attempting to recruit skilled individuals ASAP to get into mythics due to already being behind where I currently want the guild to be at. Will not allow people to join the team if you can not pull your own weight and be a positive addition to the team. Contact either Guild Master: Sheaves#1447 or Co-Guild Master: Volo2pro#1177 if interested in joining. You can also contact me on discord at Sheaves#3048 if I am not currently in game. I look forward to speaking with any possible recruits!Sheaves0 5h
5h (A) Raid Group LFM (6/7H) Greetings! <Warlords of the Dead> is now searching for 850+ geared members interested in joining our raid team (6/7 heroic progress, personal loot method). We raid Tues/Wed/Fri from 9-11pm server time. Must have/use Discord (don't have to speak but must be able to listen). Currently recruiting: 1 healer Dps pulling 200k+ (bonus if you have a tank offspec) Hit me up here or in game if interested or with ?'sVirko2 5h
6h [A] Greyguard Guild Recruiting Hello there fellow adventurers! Greyguard is an alliance guild that is looking to top of its roster with hopefully YOU! Curretnly we are in need of a Resto Druid. As for the other spots we would be looking for a Boomkin, just about any Ranged, Just about any Melee, and also 2 spots that would be for ppl that can flex between dps and tank also dps and heal. Having ppl that can flex is great for if we have folks missing that night or on certain fights. More about us. We are a casual guild filled with workers, students and fathers, generally people that just dont have the time to dedicate to the mythic progression. With that we still want to push progress but it would be into the heroic territory. Our raiding time is 7pm - 10pm est Tuesday and Thursday. If this is something that interests you or if you want to know more about us feel free to reply here or whisper me in game. Thanks!Glaurenn5 6h
6h (A) <Bad Attitude> Recruiting BAD ATTITUDE FOR A REASON! We are looking for both dps and healers that are not leather wearers. All dps are expected to pull 200k or higher. We also are recruiting all exceptional players. Requirements are 18+ and have curse as well as a working mic. Along with 85% raid attendance. Bad Attitude on Stormrage raids from 7-10pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and we expect all core raiders to be on and ready at 6:45pm each raid day. All potential raiders are required to go through a two week trial period before being considered for core raider. We are currently trying to finish off filling our roster for mythic raiding.Vikingodin12 6h
7h Looking for late night raiding guild. 859 Rogue looking for late night raiding guild doing at least heroic content... Experienced in previous heroic and mythic content.Merkrin0 7h
7h [A] <Dice Roller Gaming> Recruiting 7/7H <Dice Roller Gaming> on Stormrage is looking for some pretty awesome players to join us in Heroic and Mythic difficulties for the Legion raid content. Currently, we have cleared Normal EN as well as completed 7/7 on Heroic, and are recruiting for our Mythic Raid team. While we are a weekend guild, we are performing multiple Normal raids and Mythic dungeons (to include keystones) during the week. Progression Raid Schedule: Raid Duration: 3-4 hours (maybe more) Saturday @ Noon (eastern/server) Sunday @ Noon (eastern/server) What positions we are looking for: We are open to any skilled players who are interested, but we are in need of the following classes: Mages Warlocks Warrior/Monk DPS with a tanking offspec If there are any questions or concerns about one of our raid spots or if you would like to fill it, get with us in game. My Battle Tag is Revaren#1658Revaren15 7h
8h <Watch Your Language> 7/7N 1/7H - Recruiting <Watch Your Language> is recruiting for our raid team. We have 6 spots open and are looking for the following classes and specs: 1 Heals (MistWeaver prefered), 5 rDPS (Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Shadow Priest), About Us We are an Alliance guild that was recently formed on Stormrage (US) at the end of Warlords by a group of veteran WoW players looking to make a great guild for old and new players in Legion and beyond. <Watch Your Language> is a mature, semi-hardcore raiding guild that understands real life takes priority and that people want to enjoy the game, not see it as a chore. Don’t let the name fool you, we certainly don’t watch our language! Raiding Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday at 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Central. We are 7/7 Normal and 1/7 Heroic. We also do work on Mythic Dungeons and world content during the week in order to support all guild members. We expect our raid members to study boss fights before raids in order to be prepared for raids. We expect raid members to listen to simple instructions and adhere to boss mechanics. Also, you may be expected to provide your own consumables for raids as needed. Required ilvl for joining our raid team is 845 at this time. Current progress: Open raid event: How to Join If you would like to join the guild, please fill out our very short application form on our website: Website: Application: Application is a REQUIREMENT to join the guild. If you would like to get to know us first, especially if you might consider a server transfer or faction change, you are more than welcome to jump in our Discord server and come hang out with us. You can join our Discord server from our website. You also can contact the following to answer any questions you have about joining us: Thundabolt (CajunGeek#1137) Twitter: @the_cajungeek Xylrs (Xylr#1992) If you are interested in running with us in our upcoming raids, please check out our OpenRaid events: Btw...big kudos if you understand the reference.Thundabolt20 8h
8h Elysian Mythic Wish List (7/7H) Elysian Needs Melee DPS Arms Warrior Enhancement Shaman Feral Druid Ranged DPS Arcane/Fire Mage Balance Druid Demonology/Destruction Warlock Shadow Priest Tank Guardian Druid Protection Warrior Raid Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:15-10:30 PM Eastern Possible Extra Progression Day on Monday from 7:15-10:30 PM Eastern Loot System Loot Council that distributes gear to maximize raid performance. Decisions are primarily based on performance and attendance, followed by size of upgrade. We use RCLootCouncil to expedite decision making with feedback from the whole raid team. The Pitch Elysian is a World of WarCraft guild founded in early February 2016 by a group of veterans dedicated to tackling the highest difficulty raid content. Elysian succeeded at putting together a mythic progression team late in Draenor and pushed so hard into Hellfire Citadel that Archimonde begged for nerfs. The original core is carrying over that Herculean strength to lead a pair of mythic progression teams in Legion. We are looking for skilled players capable of mastering rotations while laughing at mechanics for being too easy. In Emerald Nightmare, we reached 7 out of 7 in heroic progression. Currently bolstering our roster for mythic progression and aiming for 3/7M this coming week. We will continue recruiting until we reach the level of farming mythic raids until every demon is dead -- the only good demon is a dead one. If you are prepared, join us in the fight against the Legion! We take raiding seriously but we have a relaxed atmosphere in which you can crack terrible jokes. We won't tolerate toxic, elitist attitudes. We encourage members to ask for help in guild chat and the active Discord server. If you've read this far, contact an officer directly @ Scarcrux#1949 or apply on our website: 8h
8h Holy / Ret pally LF guild 852 Holy / 856 ret Looking for any guild which is consistently getting at least halfway through heroic EN at the moment. Pugged 5/7 heroic the first week the raid was out. I would ideally like to transition towards ret but the majority of my gear is itemized for holy currently. (Would be open minded to staying holy if the situation were right) Any raid times within 6:30 pm and 1:00 am EST work for me. No, this is not the toon I'm raiding on ;)Glorriana16 8h
9h [A] <Depraved> 7/7N 5/7H EN Wed/Sun LFM <Depraved> is a semi-cross server/semi-Stormrage guild (we are making moves to fully transfer to Stormrage FYI) that is relatively new to Stormrage-US. We are a group of friends that have been raiding with numerous guilds since vanilla with a wide spectrum of raiding experience (Top 25 US to casually hardcore). With Legion launch we are all finally in a situation where we can converge and raid as a group of not just a guild, but a group of friends. The raiding environment is laid-back, almost casual compared to other guilds. Our raid schedule is as follows (Times are set for a PST raid schedule as most of us are PST or late night raiders): Wednesday @ 11PM - 2AM EST Sunday @ 11PM - 2AM EST (That's it...six hours of raiding.) Due to our raid schedule, we all have the responsiblity to ensure that we come prepared in order to be as efficient as possible when we raid, i.e. min/max possible gear, knowledge of fights, bringing consumables, etc. We take this responsiblity seriously because we understand that after years of playing this game at different levels, we don't want to waste anyone's time because we appreciate the life outside the game. That being said, we want to make this guild successful and are looking for like-minded individuals for progression. _______ Currently, we have an active raiding roster of 13-15 people; however we would like to fill our ranks in all areas in order to maintain a healthy roster in order to prepare for further progression; therefore, we are looking for the following: 2-3 HEALERS 5-6 DPS (We would like more range; however we are willing to take on some amazing melee DPS as well) 1 FLEX TANK (Someone that can tank, but also as a flex spec) NOTE: We do not recruit to bench and everyone will have the opprotunity to show their skills in raid. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN: 1) Always bring your A-game. 2) Be prepared going into raid. 3) Be chill and laid back. 4) Be willing to take and share ideas. 5) iLVL 850+ (We are willing to take on iLVL 840-849 on the contingency that you'll be working on getting it up to 850 as quickly as possible.) _______ If you are interested in joining or have any questions, contact me at Oomm #1700, fill out an app (, or reply here. NOTE: Filling out the app is not required as its a way for you to contact us if cannot get a hold of us online.Oommingjay22 9h
9h LF Hunters and a mage for Mythic EN Hello everyone, <Exiled Lament> is currently looking for some great dps. We are currently 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare and need more people to fill our ranks for Mythic. The RDPS we are looking for consist of two Hunters and Fire Mage. Please be at least 855+ . Our raid times are Tues/Wed 8:30 - 11:30 EST. If you would be interested please contact me @albee#1325 or contact either Dolinar/Schrenk/Ravioli/Hoss/Thestruggle in game.Dolinar7 9h
9h 857 Hunter LF Raiding Guild Hello, 7/7H EN experienced raider looking for a guild to progress through Legion. Recently rerolled from Unholy DK to Hunter less than three weeks ago. Although many mythic rosters are set at this point of the expansion, I am willing to act as a secondary raider during Emerald Nightmare progression in order to catch up with gear/artifact power for future raids. I am available to raid from Sunday through Thursday with a start time of 8 PM EST or later. My goal is to find a guild that raids about 2-3 nights per week. Feel free to message me in game, or add me to BNet: Crewz#1700 Thank you.Akrio1 9h
9h Imminent Catastrophe 7/7H Recruiting <Imminent Catastrophe> is a guild made going into Legion with the intent on achieving Cutting Edge prior to the next tiers of raid being released. We are currently recruiting to fill our roster to push into Mythics. Our leadership consists of players with experience in all types of raid settings from hardcore, semi-hardcore and casual over the years, but have a desire to push progression. Our current progression is 7/7H Emerald Nightmare. Raid Times Tuesday 8pm-11pm Thursday 8pm-11pm Sunday 8pm-11pm All of these times are server time(Eastern). Classes in demand to fill our roster: RDPS: 1 Warlock 1 Boomkin 1 Elemental Shaman Will also consider other classes and specs not listed, however these ones are the top priority. What We Expect: 850+ ilvl Discord for voice(mic preferred) Good attendance A strong drive to push your character / class for progression Looting is done via Loot Council to ensure the gear goes to what will help the team most. If you are interested and have any questions / want to get in touch with an officer, please message Cerotonin, Spacelaser or Ripvanish in game. You can also add me on Btag with Vortex#1197. We are not accepting package deals of players at this time.Cerotonin10 9h
9h 1/7 Mythic Team LF DPS <Vantage Stormrage Alliance> We are currently 1/7 Mythic. Check us out at We are currently recruiting 2 of the following: Windwalker Monk w/Mistweaver Off-spec Enhancement Shaman w/Resto Off-spec Hunter Spriest Unholy DK Raid Days and Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7-10pm EST (be on and ready at 6:45pm) What we expect from you: Know your class and role. We are not a teaching guild. However, we do see potential in people and give them the opportunity to study and make improvements if needed. All raiders are expected to perform to at least the average skill level of the group. Come prepared with food, flasks, and pots and any other required raid mats. Study fights and know your role before we ever step foot in the Raid. We have a short schedule, good attendance is necessary. We expect 85-90% attendance. What you can expect from us: Stable progression- Short hours and days are limiting but our progression will be reasonable for the time allotted. A good environment-. No toxicity or drama. We are not a pc guild by any means, but we are respectful to one another. Raid Mats- Although we ask you always come prepared with raid mats, when it is reasonable, we provide flasks, pots, and repairs. Contact info : Thatchick#1834Alollipop3 9h
10h 7/7M <No Fun Not Ever> WTS M/H Raid & Mythic+ Starting now, NFNE will be selling Mythic+ as well as Mythic/Heroic raid carries. Pricing NOTE: Gold on servers other than Stormrage is accepted in quantities of 100k or higher. [Emerald Nightmare] Heroic Full Clear (Personal Loot) - 350k Heroic Xavius Kill (Personal Loot) - 100k **PM me for details on loot from Mythic bosses** Mythic Full Clear - 2.5m Mythic Xavius Kill - 1.5m Currently have an opening for Mythic Xavius next Tuesday (10/25). Heroic sales may take place Fri-Mon, contact us for details. [Mythic+] Level 2-3: 25k Level 4-6: 65k Level 7-9: 100k Level 10: 200k *Repeat customers will receive a discount on a weekly basis. All loot which can be traded to you is yours. Contact: FOR RAIDS: BNet: Curo#1189 | Discord: Curo#1576 FOR MYTHIC+: BNet: Flexx#1196 | Discord: Flexx#4446 Thank youStkz3 10h
10h 1/7M <Progression> Recruitment Hello! Progression is heavily recruiting ranged DPS. We are also looking for all exceptional players. TLDR: Progression is a 1/7M guild that raids Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-12ST. We are looking for a few more DPS to move forward with as we begin mythic progression. If you would like more information please message one of the following people or visit the guild website: Zarakì: Ripper#1987 Hhggss: Hgs#1178 Illaiya: Anastasianya#1184 Cheezel: Dylanp123#1478 If you would like to know more about us, Progression is one of the oldest guilds on the server. Progression has had success raiding, having reached US top 20 in the past. More recently Progression was US Top 100 during WoD. That being said, times have changed. Many of our raiders were burnt out after WoD and decided not to return or to play casually in Legion. Now, a small group of friends has rebuilt the raid team. This reflects in our raiding. During the week we have multiple groups running mythic + dungeons and we love to hang out on discord, joke around and do research together for raid. Things get more serious when it's time to kill bosses but we like to promote a learning environment when we are raiding. As a new trial member we will do everything we can to help you succeed and find your role on our team. You will be primarily be evaluated on potential. Our main goal is to be able to clear Nighthold on mythic before the next tier is released. If this kind of guild appeals to you please message one of the people above. Come grow with our guild!Cheezel3 10h
11h Rogue LF Raiding Guild Hello all, i recently rerolled and im still trying to gear this guy up but i am looking for a raiding guild. My personal experience with current content is 5/7 heroic but it was as a tank, im not enjoying tanking any more so decided to reroll. As far as everything goes im a fast learner, im a pretty chill person and im just looking to be able to progress. I would like to push mythic content so im not looking for a normal/heroic only guild, obviously i am not against a guild that is still in heroic though, that would actually be prefered. I can raid any time between 7pm - 1 am server. All days for me are open currently so any day is fine aswell, weekdays prefered though. Feel free to contact me in game or leave a reply and i will work on contacting you.Velrius4 11h
11h 6/7H <Cairdeas> - Looking for Quality DPS Cairdeas is one of the oldest guilds in wow dating back to the initial alpha testing server. Our stability and longevity set us apart in WoW when so many other guilds come and go. Many of us have been raiding together since classic. Our guild is a mature laid back group. We are committed to successfully raiding and exploring the game together. Most of our group has been more hardcore at some point and wants to succeed and see the whole game with a more relaxed approach. We are 7/7N and 6/7H in Emerald Nightmare and we finished 10/13 HFC Mythic. We are looking to add quality players as we focus on getting off to a fast and fun start in Legion. A good attitude, enthusiasm and commitment are more important to us than class and spec. Looking for a positive person - someone who likes to raid and have a good time. We are looking for players that want a guild home - someplace to set down roots to be a part of a family of players that work together and accomplish together. We have a very strong core carrying over from WoD - we are looking for personalities and skillsets that add to that. Our primary needs at the moment: Warlock Shadow Priest DPS Warrior Enhance Shaman Server: Stormrage Raiding schedule: Weds, Sunday and Monday 8 - 11:00PM EST. (7:45 login if possible) Optional Alt Raid (alts, mains, friends, neighbors, etc): Thursday 8-11:00 PM EST Loot: We use EPGP to distribute loot. (EPGP Lootmaster & EPGP DKP Reloaded) Voice Chat: We use mumble What we are looking for in potential raiders: A strong desire to be the best that you can be. We want people that are doing everything between raids to improve their characters gear and play. Be the guy/girl who studies their class constantly looking for ways to improve. A love of raiding. Not just of getting gear - I mean who doesn't love getting fat loot? I mean a love of working together with a fun, committed group of people to overcome the different challenges that each new boss presents. A desire to be a part of a group of people that truly enjoy playing the game together. If you are the guy/girl that is going to log in 5 minutes before the raid and not be seen again until 5 minutes before the next raid we might not be the best fit for you. A commitment to be there every raid on time and ready to go. A positive attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. If we ask you to take your hunter and help heal the raid with a stack of linen bandages we want someone that is going to ask how many stacks to bring :p A laid back attitude and just a general desire to have fun. What we will provide: Flasks and food and repairs Constructive feedback - not angry rants or calling players out in a negative way. An opportunity to be a part of a great, active guild with fun and helpful people A respectful adult environment. We aren't saints and things slip occasionally and it's no big deal. We just as a rule expect members to be respectful to each other. We are also looking to adding fun, casual players that want an active fun guild that is low drama and fun to be a part of. Contacts: You can add me on Real ID: Eventin#1487 or you can talk to me in game: Sevenföld or EvenlifeEventin28 11h
11h <Atlas> 3/7M Recruiting Currently Recruiting High Priority • Healers • Rdps We are always recruiting exceptional players who can provide good logs etc. Raid Schedule Our raiding schedule is 7-10 Est Tue/Wed/Thur. We will be doing an alt night on Friday or Saturday night that is optional, but if high item level titanforged gear were to drops then people who bring their mains have priority. This will allow us to focus solely on progression during the week, but still farming normal/heroic as they also have the potential to drop high item level gear. Guild Philosophy We are aiming for cutting edge in every tier for Legion. This doesn’t mean we do not have fun. We are actually pretty laid back for the most part if everyone does what is expected of them. What we expect from you is full knowledge of your class and role. You should always be up to date on your class and try to get the most out of your dps/hps etc. People who fail to do this do not raid with us. You should have prior knowledge of the bosses and their mechanics before you step into the raid. This is done by watching videos or following our boss strategy forum section on our website. People who don’t do this are very easy to spot and failure to do mechanics successfully (repeatedly) will result in you being sat and/or demoted. Our raid leader holds everyone to the same standard he holds himself and believes everyone can improve. All of these things are second nature to our raiders and most of us consider it common sense to always be up to date on your class and the game. When all of these needs are met bosses die and the raid has fun. General Raid Information • We use mumble for voice communications • We use loot council to distribute gear amongst the raid • Loot is based on attendance/performance/BiS for each class • We expect 85% attendance from our raiders missing raids repeatedly without notice will result in demotion and replacement • Yes we use loot council. If gear is your main goal then we do not want you. Go buy a carry. • Guild repairs and raid mats are given to raiders for progression raids as long as the guild can fund them. • Discussions of race/politics/religion are not allowed in guild chat or mumble during raids. Everyone has different opinions on these matters and talking about them does not help us progress in any way. • We do log every fight and provide them on our website for the raid to see. It is wise to review yourself with these logs to improve or notice any mistakes you are making before we notice them. We do not like laziness!!! If you have any questions or are curious about joining us then drop an application on our website at - - or add our real IDs and we will contact you whenever we are available to do so. Sydrache- Raid leader/Guild Master - Atlasgm#1555 Rylanoth- Recruitment Officer - Thalol#1453Rylanoth0 11h
12h LFM <Weekend Raiders> 7/7H EN Recruiting <Weekend Raiders> We're back and recruiting! Weekend Raiders was established during WoTLK on Stormrage. It was created for the sole purpose of downing end game content without having to commit to a hardcore raid schedule. Due to our short raid times, we're looking for players that have a fast learning curve and can play their class to the fullest. If you don't use Warcraft logs to review your performance and have never parsed, look elsewhere. However, if you want to make the most of your time on WoW but not have it turn into a second job, Weekend Raiders might be the guild for you. Raid Leader has been playing since Vanilla. Raid leading since early WotLK. Experienced in hard modes/mythics, 10/25 man raids, as well as leading the occasional pug. Raid times Fri 8:00pm - 11pm est Sat 8:00pm - 11pm est Currently Recruiting: All Classes Current Progression in Emerald Nightmare 7/7 N 7/7H Majority of our members are in their 20's and 30's with full time jobs. Please contact us in game: TaekwonV#1993 Youngd8#1564 **21+ Players onlyIamurdruid0 12h
12h <Fast Forward> PvE Sales! <Fast Forward> is now selling PvE content! Our Achievements as a Guild this expansion: - Realm First! Keystone Master (US#1 +15 Mythic Dungeon) - Realm First! Mythic Xavius (US#21) What we're selling: - M+ Dungeons, 2-10, any keys in between. - Mythic Xavius - Heroic Xavius Personal Loot - 7/7H Emerald Nightmare Clears - 300k (PL), 400k (ML), Xavius PL (100k) - 7/7M Emerald Nightmare Clears - Full Mythic Clear - 2m - Mythic Xavius - 1.4m Mythic+ Dungeon Prices: Includes any and all loot that can be traded to you! Individual Keys: 2/3 - 50k 4/5/6 - 75k 7/8/9 - 125k 10 - 300k Package Deals: 2/3 -> 10 Including the +10 - 450k 4/5/6 -> 10 Including the +10 - 425k 7 -> 10 Including the +10 - 400k ***IMPORTANT: We guarantee +3 chests on ALL dungeons/keys below +7, including SOME +7 dungeons, the only ones that aren't guaranteed are; - +7 Halls of Valor - +7 DHT - +7 Court of Stars - +7 Maw WE ALSO CLEAR ALL +10 KEYS WITHIN THE TIMER, SO YOU GET THE ACHIEVEMENT, AS WELL AS THE LOOT! :) If you have any questions! Contact me in game on Stormrage, on Lilsomb. Or add my bnet - Sombria#1989 or Skype - rcurtis0630Lilsomb10 12h
12h The Returners 7/7 H LF DPS and Heals The Returners are a 7/7 H guild looking to push mythic progression on Stormrage, Alliance. We Raid Wends and Thurs 7:30-11 Server. We are currently in need of DPS and a healer to fill our comp for mythic progression. Prefer Mage, Spriest, or Rogue. Monk or Druid heals. Pst Felkanes, Etma, Madiiee, or Ashterroth for more info.Ashterroth1 12h
13h [A] <Casus Belli> Mythic Progression 7/7H Greetings everyone, I'm DefineHC Guild Master of <Casus Belli> a semi-hardcore progression guild aiming to push mythic and even server first mythic kills as the expansion progresses however we're currently in need of a larger pool of players and classes to choose from for our raid teams. As it stands we're a tight-knit group of real life friends who are seasoned raiders. Some of our raiders date back as far as Vanilla, while others are as fresh as Mists of Pandaria. We one-shot each boss through Heroic EN our first week attempting and are aiming to push for Mythic though we unfortunately lack the numbers. Our members put forth countless hours of grinding Mythic+ dungeons, N/H Raids ETC in order to optimize ourselves so that we can efficiently clear content. Our Goals: Our goals in this expansion are to be a competitive raiding guild for this server and push into server first kills. We are confident we can be a top-tier raiding guild so long as our members bring forth the same passion we do for the game. We aspire to push into Mythic content as soon as possible. Current needs: We would like to have everyone applying at a minimum of 850 iLvl. We can gear you up past this point quite efficiently as long as you are willing to be assisted. As it stands we are stacked on Melee DPS & Tanks, though one additional tank wouldn't be neglected. Raid Times: We currently raid 3 days a week, Friday 7-11PM (Server Time) Saturday 7-11PM (Server Time) Sunday 7-11PM (Server Time) These needs are a perfect scenario and are by no means ALL we are accepting Healers: 1x Resto Shaman 1x Holy Priest 1x Mistweaver Monk 1x Resto Druid Ranged DPS: 2x Fire Mage 2x MM Hunter 1x Destro Lock 1x Shadow Priest Thank you for your time, please feel free to contact our in-game leader ship for more information DefineHardcore: Judge#1361 - Guild Master/Raid Leader Ranidor: Ranidor#1647 - Co-GM Raylondo: Strife#1448 - Co-GM Aflackduck: Aflackduck#1630 Co-GMDefinehc8 13h
13h 5/7M, 12+ Yr - Death Jesters LF Mages/R Dps <Death Jesters> of Stormrage are looking for excellent players to progress through Warlords of Draenor and into Legion. We are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage and one of the oldest raiding guilds in the game! ************************************************************* Current Progression 5/7M Emerald Nightmare 13/13M Hellfire Citadel 7/7M Highmaul - 10/10M BRF - US#74th 14/14HM SoO - US #59th 13/13HM ToT ------ US #64 6/6 MSV HM, 6/6 HoF HM, 4/4 ToES HM ----- US #62 ************************************************************* Raid days: Mon-Thurs(9:30pm-12:30am EST). Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days. ------------- Currently Recruiting: Holy Priet Hunters Boomkin Mages Warlocks Ret Paladin -------------- We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and feel you can compete on a hardcore level, then we encourage you to apply. Additional information about us can be found on our website at About us: Formed January 27th, 2005, we are the oldest and one of the most respected raiding guilds on Stormrage. We have always prided ourselves on being a very small, closely-bonded 25man guild. We have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous server firsts and top rankings. Many of us have been raiding together since Molten Core or previous MMOs. Our players have killed every single boss in the game prior to major easymode nerfs. Many of us know each other in real life, think of each other as friends and family. We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community. What we offer you: - A very stable guild with a history that pre-dates World of Warcraft. In nearly eight years of raiding, we have never been close to falling apart, and we will be around until the game dies. - A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A friend/family rank available for those that reach full member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. What we want: - Players with a strong raiding background, a willingness to improve and thorough knowledge about their class. We are all social creatures that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - Drive to be the best of your class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We've always been the 'good guys' of the server. Our recruitment information can be visited on our forums: If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Branhista, Roshi, Midgettes, Sparty (BattlenetID: Sparty#1780 or RealID:, or email We wish you the best in your guild search!Sparty435 13h
13h <Singularíty> Heroic Emerald Nightmare Sales - Have you always wanted that rare title but your raid group or guild can't get it? - Would you love to ride around on your very own rare end game mount? - Are you an achievement nerd but just don't have the motivated group? - Some shiny purples calling your name and you just can't get your hands on them? Well now is your chance, <Singularíty> sells all of these things in game. We also sell a variety of other runs, achievements, mounts, and items. Below is a list of few of those multiple things. The best way to start the process is to get in touch with Majestýk/Sunnrunner or an officer in game or register on these forums [] and send us a PM or post in the Raid Sales forum. Either of us will set up a time and place for you to be on and ready to go. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. Final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid purchase. Have the payment ready, and be online at the time slot you were allotted. Payment will be expected in full before we complete whatever it is you are buying. There are no questions at all about this policy. If you've made a purchase and disconnect, you'll be given a 10-15 minute window to reconnect or we'll continue until you reconnect. If something comes up and you are unable to attend your scheduled purchase run you will lose out on the 25% deposit. However, in case of genuine emergencies, we will work with you to reschedule another run but the discretion will rest with the Guild Management. We are NOT inconsiderate folks and customer service will always be our top priority. These runs will generally take around 2 hours to complete. We use Discord to coordinate the raid. We would love to be able to make you laugh. You are not required to have any knowledge of the fights, although you are most welcome to contribute on fights that don't require you to die early on. Please make sure to save your Seals of Broken Fate to maximize your loot potential! Our current raid schedule is Wednesday 8:30 pm – 12:30 am EST for Heroic Emerald Nightmare. Runs may be scheduled with flexibility, outside of these times. Heroic Emerald Nightmare: • A full Heroic Emerald Nightmare clear (Nythendra to Xavius). • A chance on looting 865 ilvl items with a possibility of Warforged & Titanforged. • Also a possibility to roll an extra loot by using your Seal of Broken Fate! These achievements: • Ahead of the Curve: Xavius. You will need to contact us about any meta mount achievements if you are interested in them. If there is anything else you wish to purchase just ask us, we can accommodate. Email if you have questions: P.S: We are also selling few specific Mythic Bosses in EN. Please get in touch with us for further details.Majestyk75 13h
14h <Singularíty> 3/7 M LF Hunter/Mage/Feral. About Singularíty: Singularíty is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage. This guild was formed through multiple other long term guilds; all bringing past Top 100 US experience. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. Our main goal as a guild, is to enjoy the game that we play. We pride ourselves in not banging our heads against walls, forcing long hours, and pressuring raiders to play specs/classes they do not enjoy, all the while getting the most out of our raids. We are here to have fun and be sociable, and collect the shiny purples at the same time! We do not stifle our members, nor play to egos and e-peens. Our progression raids are to the point, and we do not raid long hours so we expect the hours we do spend to be as efficient as possible. Long story short, we love what we do, and hope to surround ourselves with others who enjoy it too, both in and out of raid. If this sounds like your kind of place then we'd love to hear from you. If you feel that you are exceptional at your role and your class/spec is not listed as needed, still feel free to apply. Current Requirements: (Keep in mind this changes ALL the time so please do not hesitate to app or contact us even if your class is not listed) Mage (High) Hunter (High) Feral Druid (High) Warlock (High) Arms Warrior (High) Holy Priest (Low) If you are looking for a laid back raid atmosphere and a competitive guild who will get things done, then this might just be the new home for you. You can get all of that on a lighter & more relaxed schedule. What set us apart? We will have all of the progression without the feel of it being a 2nd job. We have a raid atmosphere that is a step above most you may have been part of. It is laid back and yet very focused. It is very much an open door policy here at Singularíty that goes for leadership and raid etiquette. You expect to be and will be heard here. Expectations: Ability to attend both raid days on a regular basis. Mumble/Discord and a working mic. Being able to actively participate in mumble to convey time sensitive information is of utmost importance. A good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have fun, our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively, and we expect you to be able to buckle down and focus when it is required. One should be able to take constructive criticism objectively and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. Important Info: Raid times: Friday & Saturday (08:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST) Voice communication: Discord/Mumble Loot: RC Loot council App Process: Submit an app on our website [] or if you are short of time you can always contact us on the below mentioned Btag's. Post that we will set up a Mumble discussion with you, and a decision will be made shortly after the discussion. Contact Information: Btags: Obskure#6264 (GM), Eosphorus#1108 (Co-GM), Morpheces#1170 (Co-GM) or Crossifixio#1473 (Sales Head).Smirk79 14h
15h ~Friendly Sat/Sun Guild LFM Lock/Spriest~ Hello! Prodigÿ of Stormrage [A] is recruiting LOCK, SPRIEST, HUNTER for Legion! :) We raid Sat/Sun 8pm-12midnight EST. We are currently 5/7H. Our goals are to clear HEROIC content before the next tier. (No plans for Mythic!) Our end of tier/ expansion goal is to sell AoTC carries. What we offer you! Fun, social and relaxing raid environment. Even age and gender spread so all will feel welcome and included! Constructive criticism is encouraged and bad attitude is not tolerated. Weekly repair allowance and food is provided to raiders. What you bring to us! Consistent attendance and performance. Preparedness for raid (researching mechanics, watching videos BEFORE the pull.) Good attitude (including leaving the homophobia, racism, sexism offline or don't apply.) Able to accept constructive criticism. We all screw up. But the important part is what happens afterwards! This guild is more than just a "raid night" for us. We are a tight knit group of people who see each other as a small family. That being said we are recruiting a member for their personality and attitude as much as we are recruiting the class and performance. If you are looking for a home like ours please contact me ~ qphysx#1322 [/i] [i]Holÿtoast18 15h
15h Invectus LF Rdps and Ret 1/7M Invectus was formed from a core group from a mythic guild in WoD on Stormrage. The idea is to enjoy mythic raiding while being laid back and having fun. Our players are all mythic raiders with 10-13 mythic bosses in HFC and loads of hardcore experience from previous expansions. Our raid days are Tuesday/Sunday 7 pm - 10 pm EST. Because these are short raid days, we require our members to maintain ~90% attendance. Current Progression: 7/7H 1/7M Our recruitment needs as follows: Ret paladin/Arms Warr Spriest Boomkin Mage Warlock Hunter For more information or wish to apply please leave a comment below, apply at our website, or contact myself or one of our officers: Donelosh#1501 Supartkis#1848 Lonico#1327Donelosh16 15h
15h [A]2/7M LFM for EN! 2 nights a week! <Obsidian> US-Stormrage | Alliance Tuesday & Thursday 9:00PM - 1:00AM EST Who we are: Obsidian is a new guild with old roots. Our core members have been playing this game together for years stretching back to classic and the early days of TBC. After some time apart we decided to come back together and push into Legion. Our leadership spans from US200-25 rankings, and our members have all been vetted though tier after tier. What we're looking for: New players, who want to see if they have what it takes to push content. Old players who are tired of 4 day a week guilds and want to attack internet dragons on a better schedule but still with a solid pace. Those coming off burnout who want to rekindle their love for the game with a solid and fun community who knows when to put the steel to the whetstone. Recruitment Needs Tanks: Closed Melee DPS: Warrior Death Knight Windwalker Monk Intrested in all classes and specs ]Ranged DPS: Warlock Mage Hunter Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest Intrested in all classes and specs Healers: Mistweaver Monk Krakenjack#1469 Bearlinban#1995Krakenjack33 15h
15h <Dark Order> (A) Recruiting for Progression! Join us as we continue our Emerald Nightmare progression. Currently, our guild is 5/7H and we plan on knocking out more bosses with a solid, stable raid team. We are looking for active, dedicated players who are looking to kick some butt this expansion. Raid Schedule We raid every Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM-Midnight (EST). Currently Recruiting: Heals Holy Priest Restoration Druid (Will take other classes/specs into consideration) DPS Hunter (MM or BM) Mage Ranged DPS If you do not see your class/role listed, apply anyway! We will always take exceptional and competent players into consideration. Loot We typically allow players to roll on loot, by using a Guild Master Loot system. Rolls are MS>OS>Guild Bank. Loot may be re-assigned in the case that it may be a bigger upgrade for another player, to improve efficiency in raiding as a team. Expectations *Be on time/consistent/prepared (Gems/Enchants/Food) *Know your class (This includes dealing an acceptable amount of DPS/HPS) *Have some knowledge of fights. We'll explain, but we won't hold your hand. *Have all necessary addons installed (DBM, GTFO, etc.) *Voice Chat. We use Ventrillo. Must be able to at least listen. Additional Information about <Dark Order> can be found by messaging the GM/Raid Lead by using the battletag(s) listed below. We'd be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns! Hope to hear from you soon! Contact Bishamôn (GM/Raid Leader): Chopper#11485 Retroshock (Raid Leader)Bishamôn1 15h
16h ►2 Night Raiding◄ 6/7(H) - LF Heals / RDPS ► Introduction:<Hand of Fate> is an Alliance Raiding Guild on US-Stormrage and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join our raid team. Our overall goal is to clear content while it is relevant while only raiding two nights a week. What are your goals for Legion? What kind of raid team are you looking for? ► The Details:Here are some of the direct details you are probably looking for concerning our team: Raid Days: Tuesday and Wednesday Raid Time: 9:00 PM - 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) Invites: 8:30 PM - 8:45 PM EST Attendance Requirement: 100% Current Progression: 6/7(H) ► What We're Looking For:Above anything else, we're looking for the player with an attitude and character that fits our team. We have turned several "skilled" players away simply because their attitude was not right for our team. Gear can be given and this game can be taught; character and attitude cannot. Specific Class Needs: We consider all applications that are submitted regardless of class or spec. We are, however, in immediate need of: Healers: (Druid, Monk, Paladin, Shaman) MDPS: (Rogue) RDPS: (Druid, Hunter, Priest) ► Our Expectations:All or our expectations can be found on our website (provided below) in greater detail. For a quick list, however, we expect the following: You should shoot for 100% attendance. We understand life happens (and do allow for absences as such) but you are committing yourself to a team with other individuals who are adjusting their lives to raid with you. If you should need to miss raid, we have a forum board to post such absences. You should be well versed in your chosen class and spec. As a bonus, being well versed in multiple specs (based on class) is even better. You should be able to handle the game, smoothly with adequate graphics to determine where the fire is. Additionally, your connection should be stable enough to prevent you from disconnecting twice an hour. Lagging out and disconnecting on a regular basis is not acceptable. Additionally, you should have a functioning microphone to communicate in TeamSpeak. Talking will not always be required of you but you should have the ability and willingness to do so if asked. You should be willing to register on our website and, at the very least, read content that is posted to it. Writing on our forums is not required except in rare cases. Our website is a valuable resource to the guild; it hosts information about upcoming raids, strategies, and theorycrafting sections but is also host to some of our recreational games that involves you outside of raiding; fun stuff with prizes and entertaining posts all around. ► Mythic+ Dungeon Farming:We are also recruiting folks that are interested in farming Mythic+ dungeons in addition to our raiding. ► Contact Information:Below you will find the information you need to get in contact with us should you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, you will find the link to our website so that you can read more about us. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we look forward reading your application! Website: BattleTag Contacts: Sajakain (Guild Master / Raid Leader): Sajakain#1683 Sanatlock (Guild Officer): KUEng#1553Sajakain82 16h
17h 7/7H Rainbow Generator LF DPS <Rainbow Generator> is on the US-Stormrage Server. The core group of officers are and have been friends for numerous years all brought together through WoW and various other online games. We've all been between casual and hardcore players and have come to the decision to start our own guild. About the Officers: We aim to do great and we play our classes to the best of our ability. We're also helpful, if you join us and aren't doing too hot we'll let you know but instead of stopping there we'll jump in and do what we can to help out. If that's setting up weak auras, running you through dungeons to better your rotation, or simply reading a guide with you to ensure you're doing it the optimal way. We're here to help and we're here to kill bosses. Raid Times/Expectations: Raid times; Wednesday: 7-10PM Thursday : 7-10PM Saturday: 7-10PM We will always do our best to show up for every raid we expect the same out of you. We take pride in being good players and expect the same of our raiders. Be sure to research and understand your class mechanics. Be open to criticism and don't let pride hold you back from talking to one of the officers asking for help (We killed that boss a few expansions ago anyway). We're here to build an amazing team. Loot: We will use personal loot for the time being, so far it has worked well for us. Currently Closed: Melee Looking for: Mistweaver Disc or Holy priest Assortment of RDPS However, if you feel you excel at the classes that are closed please contact us and we'll chat. Contact: Don't hesitate to add one of us to your Friends list or simply contact us in game. KirbStyle#1111 Demp#1815 Sirartorias#1992 Krutoi#1304Kirbbash23 17h
17h All druid raid group. Hey guys! The cult of Elune is recruiting druids of all specs- trees, kitties, bears, and chickens of doom. Our core raid group just cleared normal and is venturing into heroic this week! We still need druids for our core raid team, Monday/Wednesday 830 to 11. Please get in touch with me in game if you're interested, or whisper someone from the cult for an invite . We have a special need at the moment for a tank, but all specs are welcome. As long as you're orange you're in! The cult of elune is also looking for druids to pvp with us! Gotta pwn all those non-druid scrubs. We also always need druids for our casual Saturday night raid, sewer parties on Friday night, an upcoming Halloween transmog contest, druid parades, and just general hell raising. /who Cult of Elune in game and whisper a druid for an invite. #NoDruidLeftBehindAthensia10 17h
18h [A] Ante Meridiem recruiting Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have four separate raid teams with nearly identical progression raiding at entirely different raid times throughout the week. WEBSITE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: All times are Stormrage Server Time (EST) AM Raid Team (Mornings) Thursday/Friday/Monday 9:00am - 1:00pm Contact: Ravan (Raven#13847) Ranged DPS: Lock Melee: Havoc DH, Arms Warrior Enh Shaman(resto OS) Healers: priest PM Raid Team (Evenings) Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 7:00pm - 11:00pm Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524) Tanks High: Death Knight, Warrior or Demon Hunter Healers High: Shaman, Priest, Holy Pally Ranged DPS High: Druid Melee DPS High: Monk. enh shaman WE Raid Team (Weekends) Friday/Saturday 8:30pm - 11:30pm Contact: Bellarionna (Krackle#1404) Healers Medium: Monk, Shaman and/or Druid Ranged DPS Medium: Priest and/or Shaman High: Warlock Heroic Raid Team (Non-Mythic) Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pmAvellyra1 18h
18h [A] 7/7 H <Stardust> LF Lock, HPriest & Heal We are 7/7 H EN and are looking for a warlock and healer to join us every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9p to 11:30p EST. We also have an optional raids/mythic+ runs on Sundays from 9p to at most 11:30p EST. We have a slight preference for a holy priest, but will consider other healing classes. We are a lighthearted bunch that is passionate about WoW and must find a balance between our gaming and RL goals. We are parents, working professionals, college students, spouses, etc. We are also very skilled and experienced raiders. In WoD, we cleared mythic Archimonde with only 5 hours of progression raiding per week. We value efficiency while maintaining a fun atmosphere and are looking for others with similar WoW mindset to join us. We’ve learned a long time ago that finding the right people goes a long way toward keeping everyone focused and friendly. If you think we are a good fit, please look us up at , or reach out to Shadizar (Email/Real-ID: , Battle Tag: Shadizar#1464). Best of luck in your guild search and hope to hear from you soon. Teagon <Stardust> of US-StormrageTeagon4 18h
21h . .Athidae27 21h
23h <Singularíty> 3/7 M LF Hunter/Mage/Feral. About Singularíty: Singularíty is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Stormrage. This guild was formed through multiple other long term guilds; all bringing past Top 100 US experience. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. Our main goal as a guild, is to enjoy the game that we play. We pride ourselves in not banging our heads against walls, forcing long hours, and pressuring raiders to play specs/classes they do not enjoy, all the while getting the most out of our raids. We are here to have fun and be sociable, and collect the shiny purples at the same time! We do not stifle our members, nor play to egos and e-peens. Our progression raids are to the point, and we do not raid long hours so we expect the hours we do spend to be as efficient as possible. Long story short, we love what we do, and hope to surround ourselves with others who enjoy it too, both in and out of raid. If this sounds like your kind of place then we'd love to hear from you. If you feel that you are exceptional at your role and your class/spec is not listed as needed, still feel free to apply. Current Requirements: (Keep in mind this changes ALL the time so please do not hesitate to app or contact us even if your class is not listed) Mage (High) Hunter (High) Feral Druid (High) Warlock (High) Arms Warrior (High) Holy Priest (Low) If you are looking for a laid back raid atmosphere and a competitive guild who will get things done, then this might just be the new home for you. You can get all of that on a lighter & more relaxed schedule. What set us apart? We will have all of the progression without the feel of it being a 2nd job. We have a raid atmosphere that is a step above most you may have been part of. It is laid back and yet very focused. It is very much an open door policy here at Singularíty that goes for leadership and raid etiquette. You expect to be and will be heard here. Expectations: Ability to attend both raid days on a regular basis. Mumble/Discord and a working mic. Being able to actively participate in mumble to convey time sensitive information is of utmost importance. A good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have fun, our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively, and we expect you to be able to buckle down and focus when it is required. One should be able to take constructive criticism objectively and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. Important Info: Raid times: Friday & Saturday (08:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST) Voice communication: Discord/Mumble Loot: RC Loot council App Process: Submit an app on our website [] or if you are short of time you can always contact us on the below mentioned Btag's. Post that we will set up a Mumble discussion with you, and a decision will be made shortly after the discussion. Contact Information: Btags: Obskure#6264 (GM), Eosphorus#1108 (Co-GM), Morpheces#1170 (Co-GM) or Crossifixio#1473 (Sales Head).Majestyk180 23h
1d fury warrior looking for some friends 860 fury warrior looking for a social guild that raids. most active around 12am-5am server... looking to find a guild that talks in guild chat. thanksRawreeyore0 1d
1d <Guardians of Asgaard> Lf Ranged Hey guys! <Guardians of Asgaard> (semi-hardcore) on STORMRAGE are in need of dedicated raiders to fill out our raid roster for our CORE team! Right now, we are in high demand of Ranged, prefer hunter/mage but will take others. Here is a little information about the guild and what to expect: The raid leaders: We make sure everyone has learnt fights, read up on mechanics and watched videos to ensure a smooth night, from time to time we will also do a touch up on what needs to be worked on and run logs. We pride our raiders with being on time and ready to get some progression down. Raiders are expected to be patient and understanding when it comes to progression bosses.. Bandages will be given out when our heads are constantly banging against walls :P. Additionally, we are also very strict on attendance, therefore leaving half way through raid or not showing up without notice will not be tolerated. However, we do understand that emergencies do happen, all we ask if that you communicate with us and let us know before or after. Raid times and expectations of raiders: We raid on Friday at 12:30am-3:30am and Saturday 12:30am-3:30am. EST. We require people to be on 15-20 minutes prior to get everyone grouped up and ready to go. Raiders should research fights prior to raid to have an idea if they do not understand some of the fights. They should also have flasks, runes, and pots ready before raid begins. The guild bank will always be fully stocked for raiders to use. The atmosphere to expect: We are a close bunch of friends who love a little bit of friendly competition, jokes and banter. We love for people to feel like they can be themselves and not feel out of the group. Our banter really has no limits, there has been everything and anything mentioned in guild chat and we prefer it that way. Additionally, we also run mythic instances, dailies and whatever else together to mess around out of raid time. Communication and loot system: We use vent as a voice, require you to have a mic, and be able to communicate with the rest of the guild. The loot system is EPGP DKP Reloaded, & EPGP Lootmaster. This ensures fair loot distribution to players who need the gear & to players who put forth effort into the team/guild. Thankyou very much for reading this! If you have any other questions/concerns please find myself or the GM ingame or reply on here. Our Btags are: BritCrumpet#1174 (Co-Gm) CptSlipyFist#1497 (GM)Caraleena3 1d
1d <Destructionators> Casual Raid Progression <Destructionators> is currently recruiting to form a weekly raid group for content progression in the Legion expansion. Currently we are forming to start normal raids with the goal to quickly move to heroics. All classes are currently open for recruitment we are looking to fill all roles. If you are looking for a casual, friendly guild and looking to learn and raid please submit an application today! Here are our raid times: Tuesday: 8:30-12AM EST Wednesday: 8:30-12AM ESTWe use Discord and you can visit our website to submit an application at or contact me in game for info @ Fenix#1589Therial5 1d