1d 846 Mage LF H/M Team Hello, Dedicated player, with all mythics dungeons opened. AK Level 20, with 2 Golds. 7/7N, yet to start heroics. Averaging 200k+ DPS Been playing since Cata, have several Ahead of the Curve achieves and mythics kills. Left WoW just before SoO, came back just before HFC, finished 10/13M HFC with Guild. I also earned gold in all CMs in MoP and WoD.Neboulas8 1d
1d Elysian 3/7H DPS & Healer Recruitment Needs DPS Arcane/Fire Mage Arms Warrior Assassination/Outlaw Rogue Feral Druid Retribution Paladin Healers Holy Paladin Holy Priest Raid Schedule Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:15-10:30 PM Eastern Possible Extra Progression Day on Monday from 7:15-10:30 PM Eastern The Pitch Elysian is a guild founded late in WoD, composed of many former raid leaders and veterans from top 50 worldwide guilds. For heroic progression, we are looking for skilled damage dealers (225k+ DPS) and healers (200k+ HPS) capable of mastering rotations while laughing at mechanics for being too easy. In Emerald Nightmare, we are 7/7N and 2/7H as a guild yet we have resourceful members who have reached 7/7H. We will continue progressing and recruiting until we reach the level of farming mythic raids until every demon is dead -- the only good demon is a dead one. If you are prepared, join us in the fight against the Legion! We take raiding seriously but we have a relaxed atmosphere in which you can crack terrible jokes. We won't tolerate toxic, elitist attitudes. We encourage members to ask for help in guild chat and the active TeamSpeak server. If you've read this far, contact an officer directly @ Scarcrux#1949 or apply on our website: 1d
1d <Intentions> T-W-TH 8-11 EST(Server) 7/7H <Intentions> is a brand new 7/7N 7/7H Mythic Raiding Guild. Raid Times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-11 EST. (May pick up an hour on heavy progression nights, occasionally.) Formed September 22nd 2016. We are recruiting to fill our Mythic Roster to start Mythic Progression as soon as possible. Lead by past expansion Mythic Raiders, we are looking to push top 25 Stormrage in a timely manner while still enjoying the expansion as a team of friends. AOTC Guild Lead & Raid Lead is looking for ALL Exceptional Raiders and specifically recruiting the following. Tanks: Prot Pally, Blood DK, Guardian Druid (Only Sub/Bench Position Open.) Damage: Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Hunter, Warrior. Even though we are looking for specifics to fill our 20 man roster. Every single like-minded raider is considered and will have a opportunity to trial for a core slot. Although we are newly formed and a group of friends looking to enjoy the game. We also have very high standards and expectations of each and every Raider on the team. That being said we will have set standards as a minimum and we expect each raider that would like a core slot to bring these values and capabilities to the team. If you are interested in joining you may reach any Officers by In-Game Whisper and we will schedule a trial for you during these opening weeks. GM: Mickyfez - Honeycrisp#1965 Raid Lead: Dashngliding (In-Game Name) Officers: Shyunpu & Dookha (In-Game Name) If none happen to be on during your time of interest please add via Battle Tag listed or contact a member of the guild and they will pass your information on. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your Trial!Duf5 1d
1d 845 DH Tank LF Late Night Weekend Guild I'm looking for a guild to do late night raids with on the weekends. I haven't done any serious raiding since ICC in WotLK. I unfortunately don't have the time to dedicate to hardcore raiding anymore, but I do play for a few hours every night of the week, and late into the night on Friday/Saturday. I'd ideally like to play with an older group of people, and I'm certainly not looking for a guild that goes out of its way to be super PC. I've been maining a DH tank in Legion, but I'd eventually like to bring my DK and Monk up to speed as well (also tanks). I'd like to play with a group that has cleared or is at least progressing through heroic. Although I haven't played in several years, I certainly don't suck, and I'd probably get frustrated if I was playing with a group that was struggling through normal. I'm down for mythic raiding as long as it works with my schedule, but I understand that the time commitment may be a little more than what I'm capable of. Even a 10-man heroic group would be something I'd be super interested in. Hit me up at ASwellDude#1404 if you think we would be a good fit for each other.Asdfasfasf0 1d
1d <Lást Resort> 1/7H-LF DPS and Holy Pally Lást Resort - Stormrage We are currently recruiting more to push heroics next and eventually Mythics. Schedule: Tuesday/Friday/Sunday 9PM-12PM EST Current recruiting needs: Tanks - Full Heals - Medium MDPS - Medium RDPS - High Pally - High (Holy / RET) Rogue - Medium Death Knight – High (DPS) Mage - High Hunter – High Warlock- High (Demo) *Exceptional Raiders are always considered.* Requirements: -We expect 90 percent attendance unless otherwise notified 24+ hours in advance. Real Life comes first and exceptions can be made. Basically you need to be able to control your play-time. -Stable internet connection. -Ability to use voice chat (Discord) -Raiders will be expected to read up on the fights beforehand, familiarize yourself with the mechanics, learn from your mistakes, and take constructive criticism. Loot: Loot is distributed via Loot Council, made up of the GM and the officers and the selection for loot is based on what puts the raid further ahead as a whole. Loot order is generally but not limited to: 1. Progression needs. 2. Performance 3. Attendance History Lást Resort was formed by RL friends that have played WOW since Vanilla. We have all raided at the highest of levels and plan to keep that trend going on a reduced schedule. We wanted to form a guild together that was able to create a fun enjoyable community while knowing our end goal is to clear mythic content at a reasonable rate. Please apply at: Website under construction Contact us in-game with any questions / concerns: Táiga (Mcfly#1487) Apollyón (Drew20#1828) Mádwar (Caleb#1605)Apollyón27 1d
2d [A] Clutch LFM for Heroic EN Clutch is currently looking for members to experience Legion with. We have been around since WoD and have good, level headed members within our ranks. As we begin our decent into the Legion's madness, we are also looking for competent raiders to fill out our core raid group. We are building our Mythic team and are in need of all raiders who can fit the bill. Core Raiders are members who are interested in experiencing current raid content within WoW. Members under this rank have higher expectations of other ranks. Core Raiders also have access to guild mats, pots, food, and gear. Core raiders will need to be able to perform the following tasks... Be on time (typically 15 minutes prior to raid) and prepared for raids Fully gemmed and enchanted prior to raid start Know the fights and your role in them Stay current with your Main and Off-Spec artifact weapons Maintain a primary spec as well as a valid off-spec (no double roles such as two healer / tanks) Stay within a two raid absenses a month margin (Unless otherwise talked with an Officer) Must stay for full duration of raid (Unless otherwise discussed prior to raid start) Know your class welll and be able to adapt to change within a resonable amount of time Must be able to download and understand various raid addons that we may add to our raid strategy Must be able to listen and speak within Mumble Clutch raids three hours, two days out of the week. If you can't commit to those times, you will lose your raid spot to someone who can Core raiders must be active on the website to obtain updates, at least once a week You MUST mark your status on the in-game calendar prior to three days before the scheduled raid We are set on tanks and need solid RDPS and a raid healer (MW or Resto Shaman). If you're just looking for an invite, feel free to whisper any member within Clutch for an invite. More info can be found at For Azeroth!Arkelaus10 2d
2d 849 Fury/851 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild I am currently looking for a raiding guild that raids between 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM, 2 to 3 days a week. Weinerfinger#1905Weinerfinger2 2d
2d [A] 847 Prot Warr LF raiding guild I am a new transfer to the server. I have participated in high server ranked raiding guilds in the past and am looking to get back into raiding for Legion. I am 7/7 N and 1/7H (due to joining a "mythic raiding guild" that is now stuck on normal. So I decided to leave Darkspear and branch out to a better server! Don't let me down Stormrage! I need to raid in Legion! Looking for H+ caliber guild. You can contact me on my battletag @ Obiekabit#1743 Character name is Obiekabie, human warrior on stormrage. Could not post on the toon as it has not appeared after the transfer yet. I look forward to hearing from you!Joeyfatone1 2d
2d <Eternal Redemption> Recruiting Eternal Redemption is currently looking for a few healers for our main group. We are also in need of a few range dps. Prefer druid/pally/shaman for heals and hunter/mage/shaman/ for range. Our current raid days and times are Wed/Thur 7pm server-10pm server. this group is currently 6/7 normal. Please contact me in game if you are interested! Sedarel#1297 If you are not a raider you are still weclome! If you would like a casual guild where you can hang out chat among people in guild chat and discord while you do the daily ritual of wow come one in! We do not have mass amounts of members because we do not massinvite! We want our guild experience to be personal where friendships can be made.Åriå5 2d
2d ✥ VGB ✥ LFM Tanks & Ranged DPS The Vanguard Brotherhood is currently looking for a a few roles to fill. We have been around for a long time, this is not a new xpac guild. This is a stable home for stable raiders. Check out our website here! You can get an idea about our organization and ability to have a good time! or check out our live streams We have ZERO attrition on our raid team. We have had the same original raiders all year. With a few of our raiders switching to other roles, we have an opening for the following, Ranged: - 1x Elemental Shaman - 1x Shadow Priest - 1x Boomkin Druid - 1x Prot Warrior, Bear Tank, Prot Paladin, Blood DK We raid from [Tues-Wed-Thurs] from [7:30p-10:30p] server (EST) PST (Bloodpain or add Nysro#1640 for more info and consideration) Thanks, VGBBloodpain5 2d
2d 851 Demon Hunter Tank - Returning Player I'm available 7 days a week. Mon-Fri - 5pm to 10pm PST Sat - Anytime Sun - 12am to 10pm PST I'm a working family man (Navy Vet) with full time job looking to play with other skilled players with non-elitist, kick back attitudes like myself. Currently not in guild.Darkcyde4 2d
2d 847 Shaman Looking For Heroic/Mythic Guild Hi all, I'm an 847 Shaman who's looking to get into Heroic/Mythic raiding this expansion. Recently pubbed through the start of EN and realized it's something I'd love to do again. Restoration is my highest level artifact, but I'm more than willing to switch to Elemental or Enhancement. I had extensive raid experience in Vanilla/BC and raided a bit in WoD. I like to consider myself an adept player, and I'm not afraid of criticism. I have a headset and a working microphone and more than willing to put the work and time in on Mythic. My availability is Monday-Thursday 7:00PM EST to 12:00AM, and Sunday nights whenever. I'd love to hear from any guilds interested :). Contact me at Milkshake#1454 . More than willing to trial run.Champagne2 2d
2d Unholy for am raid team Family issues are forcing me to be unable to raid during evening raid looking for a am raid team . Hope to hear from you.Äshram0 2d
2d <Atlas> Recruiting for Mythic Raiding Currently Recruiting High Priority • Hunters • Windwalker Monk • Resto Druid • Rogue We are always recruiting exceptional players who can provide good logs etc. Raid Schedule Our raiding schedule is 7-10 Est Tue/Wed/Thur. We will be doing an alt night on Friday or Saturday night that is optional, but if high item level titanforged gear were to drops then people who bring their mains have priority. This will allow us to focus solely on progression during the week, but still farming normal/heroic as they also have the potential to drop high item level gear. Guild Philosophy We are aiming for cutting edge in every tier for Legion. This doesn’t mean we do not have fun. We are actually pretty laid back for the most part if everyone does what is expected of them. What we expect from you is full knowledge of your class and role. You should always be up to date on your class and try to get the most out of your dps/hps etc. People who fail to do this do not raid with us. You should have prior knowledge of the bosses and their mechanics before you step into the raid. This is done by watching videos or following our boss strategy forum section on our website. People who don’t do this are very easy to spot and failure to do mechanics successfully (repeatedly) will result in you being sat and/or demoted. Our raid leader holds everyone to the same standard he holds himself and believes everyone can improve. All of these things are second nature to our raiders and most of us consider it common sense to always be up to date on your class and the game. When all of these needs are met bosses die and the raid has fun. General Raid Information • We use mumble for voice communications • We use loot council to distribute gear amongst the raid • Loot is based on attendance/performance/BiS for each class • We expect 85% attendance from our raiders missing raids repeatedly without notice will result in demotion and replacement • Yes we use loot council. If gear is your main goal then we do not want you. Go buy a carry. • Guild repairs and raid mats are given to raiders for progression raids as long as the guild can fund them. • Discussions of race/politics/religion are not allowed in guild chat or mumble during raids. Everyone has different opinions on these matters and talking about them does not help us progress in any way. • We do log every fight and provide them on our website for the raid to see. It is wise to review yourself with these logs to improve or notice any mistakes you are making before we notice them. We do not like laziness!!! If you have any questions or are curious about joining us then drop an application on our website at - - or add our real IDs and we will contact you whenever we are available to do so. Sydrache- Raid leader/Guild Master - Atlasgm#1555 Rylanoth- Recruitment Officer - Thalol#1453Rylanoth0 2d
2d [A]Intuition 1/7H LFM <Intuition> Is recruiting for Emerald Nightmare and soon Nighthold! Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 9pm – 12am Server time (EST). If you are interesting in joining please send one of the contacts below ingame mail or whisper: Gooseybumps (Drak#1685) Mifurey Shabeladel (Raydel#1554) Current Progression Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal 1/7 Heroic Tank: Currently in need of 1 tank to off-tank Guardian Druid: High Blood Death Knight: High Protection Paladin: Medium Vengeance Demon Hunter: Low Brewmaster Monk: Low Healers: Currently in need of 1-2 healers Holy Paladin: High Restoration Druid: Medium Mistweaver Monk: Medium Restoration Shaman: Medium Damage Dealers: We would prefer to have range dps for our roster: Balance Druid: High Mage: Medium (Remember! If you do not see your class above in priority list, feel free to message one of the officers listed above and tell them what you want to do!) Quick Reference Links: Above is our wowprogress guild, we killed Heroic Archimonde and achieved realm 39th for the kill for an example of what we expect and want to achieve, we are a guild that wants to achieve clearing heroics and have the option to go into mythic raids and just to have fun in general.Shabeladel6 2d
2d Tue/Thur 7-10 Pantheon Raid Team Guild - Organized Chaøs Pantheon Raid Team is looking for: EDITED as of 9/27 1 healer Minimum ilvl 835 as we are starting in Normal but have plans to go into Heroic as well. Possibly Mythic but we're starting pretty chill. If two days a week raiding with the intent for teamwork and downing content is for you, then look no further. 12 year vets leading the team; the guild itself is very friendly has a positive atmosphere. ----------------------------------------------------------- Update as of 9/27 First raid was tonight, went 5/7 in 3 hours alloted. Still need 1 heals.Thistlespark1 2d
2d Etërnal 2/7H LF ranged DPS for H progression Eternal(2/7H) is a tight-knit group that enjoys progression raiding and has been playing together since Vanilla and even before. Everyone is expected to be on time, and know your class well. We are currently recruiting all ranged DPS except elemental shamans. We raid Tu/W/M 8-11. Contacting us If you are interested or have any questions please let us know in-game or on Bnet. Cactuscactus: cactuscactus#1829 Subparsanta: Santa#1426Cactuscactus1 2d
2d Noob looking for a home 1 day ago (Edited) Im totally new to WoW, played for 20 levels maybe 10 years ago .. dont really recall. But i thought i would give it another go for giggles. I have been playing MMO since MUDS and web based games, modern mmo since EvE and Everquest and over the years have played a little of most of the main tittles. Im in my early 40s, two young kids, work, house, wife unit, so dont play as much as i once did, but im still dedicated to my game addition - keeps me somewhat sane. Looking to get in with a large guild thats been around for a long time and for some reason takes in noobs and molds them over time into competent players. I want a large guild so there will lots of people at around my level whatever time of day i am able to play. I want an old guild as they will likely have mechanism and the right people in place to weather the drama than ensues when humans get together and try and do anything. And id like the to take in noobs as that would suggest to me the guild is somewhat laid back and more into fun than being OCD about stats and such. Probably too much to ask, but one must dream. 1. Times available & time zone: Im in AST (GMT -4). I play at night after the kids go to bed for 1-3 hours. 2. Server preference: I joined Stormrage .. but i dont really know why, and i guess one can move without too much issue. 3. Faction preference: Alliance 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual, id like to get to end game content and be a competent player who the guild can rely upon to show up and help out. But i cant be on 4-5 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ideally i would like to have 1-2 night a week where i could plan to be on and hit things hard, do the complex end game pve content- and then who knows the rest of the week. 5. Current progression/experience: I am level 11 .. go me.. Gona take months to level up and learn the game, but thats cool .. as long as im having fun, and progressing then thats sorta the whole point of playing games. I am playing a human mage. I usually play support toons, like for the last 15 years .. but i have recently developed an interest in being a straight DPS .. so im going with that for now. I picked human to be boring .. cause thats what middle ages white guys are known for. I think thats probably enough spam for now .. course im more that willing to put my liberal arts degree to use and write a small tome of crap if someone wanted me too, but i will let someone else instigate that and stop myself now. Thanks in advance.Toshiroh0 2d
2d 852 Blood/Unholy DK LF raiding guild I recently had to leave my guild due to my new work schedule making it difficult to maintain attendance and I am looking for a new home. I have played off/on since vanilla and I have logs from this tier plus the previous two tiers. I am looking for 2-3 nights a week with a start time no earlier than 9 EST. Feel free to either post here or hit me up in game Absolute#1621 Thank you.Raythos3 2d
2d [A] Prisoners of War LF Ranged DPS/Plate DPS We just finished out first raid week as a guild and are currently 7/7 on Normal. We're looking to complete our raid group with a few more DPS. We're forming a competitive raid group where people will need to earn their spots. We're looking for experienced people with an 840+ item level. Only Current Needs: Marksman/Beast Mastery Hunter, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Unholy DK, Retribution Paladin, Holy Paladin Raid Times: Tues/Sat/Sun 8:30p-11:30p EST. Loot Rules: EPGP To give you a brief idea of our plans: we want to be a guild who progresses every week, defeating new bosses on higher difficulty, but we want to have fun doing it with cool people. We're not trying to get server first, and we're not trying to raid mythic on day one. We will defeat regular, then heroic, then mythic. Certain exceptions may occur as we see the need. It's as much about building a team of friends and loyal guild mates as it is about raiding. Contact us in-game or apply on our website if you're interested. Senña - Kisko#11319 Lokesh - Tharodan#1120 Website - www.powguild.enjin.comLokesh8 2d
2d [A] <WRP> LF 3 DPS for Heroic Progression <Whole Raw Potato> is a new guild formed of progression-minded raiders who want to take raiding seriously, but still know how to crack jokes and have a good time. Raid Days/Times: Tues/Wed/Thursday 7PM - 10PM Server Time/Eastern Time Amongst our ranks, we have tanks, healers, and DPS with some Heroic EN experience being led by former Mythic raiders. Our goal is to form a solid 10-man group that can clear the current content, and then, slowly, over time, add in some new players until we have a 20-man group that can still clear the content. We have tanks, we have healers, and now we need your damage. We would prefer ilevel 845+ recruits, who will run with us for a week or two as trial members before being promoted to the permanent raid team. We don't expect you to have already cleared Heroic (bonus points if you have, though!). At the least, though, we would like players with 3/7 Normal experience, as that seems like a fair bit to have 2 weeks into raids. Our priority is Ranged DPS, but Melee DPS will be given consideration. Please post here or contact me in-game at Valentari#1546Alyentari2 2d
2d [A]<Next Time> Recruiting About Us < Next Time > is a raiding guild on Stormrage-US comprised of high skilled, laid back raiders. We are mostly close friends who have been playing together since Vanilla, and are looking to raid again in Legion. We offer a great social environment which is unique to very few guilds. We have a great time with each other in and out of raids. We know when it is time to work and time to play. Our members are mostly college/university students (24+) looking to have some fun and clear new content. Most of our raiders are ex-members of various top-end guilds. Some of us are also gladiators/high skilled pvpers. Our Philosophy < Next Time > was reborn as a guild to service the higher skilled players of this populated server and to dominate content. Our team operates under a directive that promotes minimal time investment with maximum efficiency. Unobtrusive raiding times ensure that members are free to attend to life’s evolving demands while still fulfilling the pleasure of our shared interest. Our time together will be condensed and far more productive. We look forward to having you on board! Schedule Currently our schedule is Tuesday/Sunday 8-11 pm EST (subject to change) What we expect You have done what you can to min/max your character. You are confident in your abilities to play your class, and can take constructive criticism. You are aware of and can move from hazardous encounter mechanics, with little negative effect on your dps/healing/etc. You are searching for a long term guild to progress into future tiers with. You have a working mic MSG Weabuu, Bandij, Qtpiwaifu, Daztwodee, Tortlez For more info Visit to learn more! Recruitment : Currently in need of Exceptional DPS (with tank offspec) Disc priest Resto Druid We consider all applicants so dont be shy to get in touch with any of the officers listed above!Weabuu15 2d
2d <Cairdeas> - Looking For Quality Players Cairdeas is one of the oldest guilds in wow dating back to the initial alpha testing server. Our stability and longevity set us apart in WoW when so many other guilds come and go. Many of us have been raiding together since classic. Our guild is a mature laid back group. We are committed to successfully raiding and exploring the game together. Most of our group has been more hardcore at some point and wants to succeed and see the whole game with a more relaxed approach. We are 7/7N and 1/7H in Emerald Nightmare and we finished 10/13 HFC Mythic. We are looking to add quality players as we focus on getting off to a fast and fun start in Legion. A good attitude, enthusiasm and commitment are more important to us than class and spec. Looking for a positive person - someone who likes to raid and have a good time. We are looking for players that want a guild home - someplace to set down roots to be a part of a family of players that work together and accomplish together. We have a very strong core carrying over from WoD - we are looking for personalities and skillsets that add to that. Our greatest current class needs: Fire Mage Holy Paladin Resto Druid MW Monk Server: Stormrage Raiding schedule: Weds, Sunday and Monday 8 - 11:00PM EST. (7:45 login if possible) Optional Alt Raid (alts, mains, friends, neighbors, etc): Thursday 8-11:00 PM EST Loot: We use EPGP to distribute loot. (EPGP Lootmaster & EPGP DKP Reloaded) Voice Chat: We use mumble What we are looking for in potential raiders: A strong desire to be the best that you can be. We want people that are doing everything between raids to improve their characters gear and play. Be the guy/girl who studies their class constantly looking for ways to improve. A love of raiding. Not just of getting gear - I mean who doesn't love getting fat loot? I mean a love of working together with a fun, committed group of people to overcome the different challenges that each new boss presents. A desire to be a part of a group of people that truly enjoy playing the game together. If you are the guy/girl that is going to log in 5 minutes before the raid and not be seen again until 5 minutes before the next raid we might not be the best fit for you. A commitment to be there every raid on time and ready to go. A positive attitude and a willingness to do what it takes to succeed. If we ask you to take your hunter and help heal the raid with a stack of linen bandages we want someone that is going to ask how many stacks to bring :p A laid back attitude and just a general desire to have fun. What we will provide: Flasks and food and repairs Constructive feedback - not angry rants or calling players out in a negative way. An opportunity to be a part of a great, active guild with fun and helpful people A respectful adult environment. We aren't saints and things slip occasionally and it's no big deal. We just as a rule expect members to be respectful to each other. We are also looking to adding fun, casual players that want an active fun guild that is low drama and fun to be a part of. Contacts: You can add me on Real ID: Eventin#1487 or you can talk to me in game: Sevenföld or EvenlifeEventin16 2d
2d Sylvan Maelstrom Amulet of the Savant If anyone can make one of these, please contact me.Graaknazsh0 2d
2d elysian recruiting for 2nd mythic group Elysian is currently seeking members to join our guild to fill up our second mythic progression raiding group! And for first group bench About Elysian We are progression raiders that started the guild just before the end of WOD. Our current aim is mythic progression and full clear ASAP. Currently we have more than 25 people on at all time with a peak of more than 45 and a very social and helping community. We already have one full mythic progression group that is full and planning to go at it 3-4 day a week and we are looking to start a second one that would be a bit more casual raiding 2 days a week. raiding time for second group is monday and thursday from 8:15 to 11:30 server time. -we are mainly looking to recruit 1 healer, 1 melee and 1 range dps. For healer we prioritize druid and monk at the moment but all are welcome to apply For melee we are mainly looking for shaman and monk For range dps we are looking for mage and shadow priest we would also be interested in recruiting an off tank with a dps specialization if you are interested in joining please register at : edit: first group is now 7/7 normal and 1/7 heroic after 3 day raiding and second group is now 7/7 normal after 2 day raidingEternalshàde8 2d
2d <Nightfallen> [A] LF Legion raiders! Hello Everyone! Nightfallen is a 20 man raiding team established from a bunch of friends who started pugging Mythic content with each other during legion and become a success. Since then we have all come together and formed a guild on Stormrage. We always aim to improve upon last tier, and have done so throughout Warlords and In Legion, we aim to push on even further now that we have created an actual team, just need a few more to fill those core spots that are open. Currently 7/7 N moving into Heroic this coming week. Recruitment Status: 845 + ilvl Prot Warrior**** Shaman, Hunter, Druid Boomkin Raiding Detail: We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00pm-12:00 EST server time. We expect near perfect raid attendance, with absences noted to us in advance. What our guild can offer: A place to call home Relaxed and mature environment Heroic and Mythic raiding while having fun Committed leadership Ideal candidate: A mature and reliable player who wants to raid with exceptions communicated well in advance. A player that takes an active role in the guild by using and contributing to strategy, reading logs, re-assessing own gear/strategy accordingly, and having a positive and constructive attitude. Contact us: Feel free to add RealID for a chat Cocolime#11504Te24 2d
2d Midnight, 1am raid guilds Looking for a early morning raid guild. Retrieved ms holy osThòrisòn0 2d
2d <SINGULARITY> LEGION Sales Runs! SINGULARITY is back with our popular Sales Runs (8 pm-12 pm EST, Sundays). Starting with (N) Emerald Nightmare, we will progress into Heroic and Mythic difficulties as we get 'em on farm stage shortly. Yes, we DO need the gold to run our guild but the main aim of our Sales Runs is to contribute positively to the WOW community as a whole. There are many folks who don't get to experience content due to lack of grind time, scarcity of raid spots, high impact teams, lack of gear, shortfall of knowledge in raid mechanics and techniques, to name a few. Our objective is to arm as many players as possible with gear, exposure to content AND raiding knowledge so that they can up their game and experience content easily. Post our Sales Runs, you can apply to guilds for a raiding spot, value add more to your current guild and in some cases, we could absorb you in our own raiding team. In days to come, we will sell other runs and achievements. The best way to start is to get in touch with Sunnrunner (Real ID Crossifixio#1473), register on our website [], or post in the Raid Sales forum. We will set up a time and place for you to be on and ready to go. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for booking a spot. Final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid. Payment will be expected in full before we start the raid. There are no questions at all about this policy. If you've made a purchase and disconnect, you'll be given a 10-15 minute window to reconnect or we'll continue until you reconnect. If something comes up and you are unable to attend your scheduled purchase run you will lose out on the 25% deposit. However, in case of genuine emergencies, we will work with you to reschedule another run but the discretion will rest with the Guild Management. We are NOT inconsiderate folks and customer service will always be our priority. These runs generally take around 2-3 hours to complete. We use Discord to coordinate the raid. We would love to be able to make you laugh. You are not required to have any knowledge of the fights. Please save your Seals of Broken Fate to maximize your loot potential! Normal Emerald Nightmare: • A full instance clear (Nynthendra to Xavius). • Priority on 850 gear on every single boss! • Rolling your Seal of Broken Fate for extra loot. • Dedicated Officer as your Personal Customer Service Buddy • Great entertainment. We want you to have fun with us. FAQ’s 1. We welcome server transfer buyers as long as you can pay the Sales Run fees. 2. To book your spot, contact Sunnrunner in game. If you don't see me online, leave a post here and I will get back to you ASAP. 3. On our advance payment clause. We are NOT here to cheat our buyers. You have to trust us to deliver on our promise. Also once you give us the initial deposit and we schedule you for a run we add your name in the sales thread in our forum for that given week. The GM's would also intervene if we broke the deal. We also have a very positive track record of making people happy so don't worry :). In Singularity, CUSTOMER SERVICE is our priority and we won't dilute our image/brand at any cost. 4. We do not match competitor's prices. We are Value For Money. We will deliver it in our special Brand Singularity style. We are not Elitists, our objective is to provide 100% entertainment and share knowledge. 5. We are always open to selling new things. These are just the things the masses want normally. 6. Cancellation Policy - Cancellation allowed till 48 hours prior to your allotted time, or else we will have wasted all of the time for the people involved, and they won't be happy about that. If you don't give us notice and flake, you will lose out on the 25% deposit. With notice, we will reschedule your run as per your convenience. 7. We generally don't sell per boss. This is because we book spots to minimize conflict of loot. However, if we have a spot free and we have already started the raid, we could get you in for the particular boss at a special one-time price. 8. We do have multiple buyers but they will not be competing for your gear. Eg: we would bring a plate DPS and a caster DPS, so there would be no clash. 9. We give special discounts time to time. In the past, we have had some creative deals that have brought a smile to those who ran with us. Thank you and looking forward to have you run with Singularity. Best regards SunnrunnerSunnrunner1 2d
2d Emerald Nightmare Run tonight at Midnight! After a successful week 1 run of Emerald Nightmare, we are going to run another set of runs this week with an anticipated full clear. See below for details. Emerald Nightmare-2 night run Tues and Thurs 12am-3am. What you need: -840+ ilvl. Should be doing at least 140k dps and are well above me in the healing meters. -Food and flasks. -Discord. -Willingness to stay for AAALLLL 3 HOURS. And follow up the second night as well. -The ability to be aware enough to not pull trash that we don't want to pull. I will start inviting around 11:30-11:45 and be summoning 5 mins before. So be ready to roll.Wawyah0 2d
2d Returning Boomkin lf raid team Former high end raiding Boomkin looking for a team after a year off. I got burned out and took a break. Now I'm looking for a more casual group that still wants to get content cleared. I'm available Mon-Fri 9pm-1am.Ttamkin3 2d
2d Resto druid LF Raid group. I am fairly new to this server, and I am looking to raid, everyone I have talked to has said they no longer need a druid healer. I am looking for raid times after 7pm EST. Currently 835, but going up with mythics.Andreva10 2d
2d 845 Fire Mage lf H/M Guild Hello, 845 ilvl fire mage with heroic/mythic experience looking for a new guild. Currently on Lightbringer but willing to transfer for the right guild. A little about my raiding experience. I've been raiding since Molten Core in vanilla with a few breaks from raiding now and then. Started out on my warrior and switched to my mage with the release of The Burning Crusade. Started to get serious with raiding during Dragon Soul and went 6/8 heroic on my Rogue. Became an lfr hero through out Mists and got serious again in WOD. 3/7 M Highmaul didn't progress further due to lack of 20 1/10 M Black Rock Foundry didn't progress further due to lack of 20 11/13 M Hellfire Citadel. Lost a few players then guild took break till Legion Currently with only 2 nights of raids I am 6/7 Normal EN and 2/7 H EN. Not looking to get into a cutting edge guild but one that is friendly, progresses and aren't Elitests. Doesn't matter to me if only heroic gets cleared but am looking for a guild that can clear it before next patch. Can I take criticism, yes but being a jerk about it doesn't make the game fun and thats the only reason I play. Not looking to be a bench sitter. When I raid, I want to be in the raid. If I'm not up to expectation's i'd rather find a guild that I'm skilled enough in their environment. I have good raid and self awareness. Dps may be a little low during progression fights because I focus on mechanics and worry about dps after comfortable with the fight.. Dead dps = no dps. I don't care about rankings or topping the dps charts.. Only thing i care about is i do respectable dps, don't die and not a hindrance to the raid. I don't care about loot. Comes with the kills. Just want the kill. That philosophy has made me into a solid raider. I can raid any night of the week and prefer to raid at the minimum of 3 nights a week up to 11pm CST. 5 am comes awful early. I want an active guild that does guild runs in dungeons.. I hate pugging anything. Not into PVP. Got warrior up to Lt. Commander in vanilla and haven't really pvp'd since on a regular basis. I will play fire or frost. Been playing frost with a little fire and arcane since BC but absolutely hate arcane with a passion and will not play it. If that is an absolute necessity to join the guild to have to play all 3 specs then please don't ask me to join then get mad if Arcane becomes top spec and i refuse to play it. May sound a little like a jerk thing to say but i believe in honesty and want to let people know in advance of what to expect. I come from old school raiding so my attendance is 99.9% since vanilla. I'm at the entrance of the raid early and come fully prepared with all consumables. Wife knows during raid that i'm not to be bothered so no wife aggro. Sorry it's a little long but didn't want to waste anyones time if I don't sound like i'd fit into your guild. If you have anymore questions let me know.Zwarté6 2d
2d <No Skill All Gear> Sun/Mon ~7:30-11 <No Skill All Gear> is a guild formed by a few top 100 US players from WoD who can't continue to raid hardcore due to work, school, life or whatever, so we're grabbing our friends and making a raid team. We strive for a laid back environment, but we also plan on making the most of our time while we're in raid. Currently in the process of spamming mythics and getting everyone geared up to get ready to go for emerald nightmare. Our raid time will usually start at 8 and end at 11, but if we all vote to go early one night, lets do it. Currently in high demand: resto shaman, holy pally, holy priest, MW monk, mage, death knight(dps), warrior (dps), DH (DPS) We're always down to help people improve, and have a knowledge base of some of the top players for a bunch of classes. We even have somone who codes weakauras and addons (though mainly gambling addons). Whether you're already a distinguished raider, or you're looking to improve, we have a spot for almost anyone as long as you don't mind having a good time. If you're interested, or even just want a place to chill and shoot the !@#$ but not raid, you can contact us in game or at my btag, Scotty#12162Scottyqt13 2d
3d Anyone interested in a morning raid guild? Looking for some people like me that are interested in raiding heroics/mythics 8-11 AM. If I get enough interest I will start up a raid team. Contact me if interested Jaymon#11212Jaylani1 3d
3d LF weekday morning/afternoon raiding guild I live on the East Coast and go to school during the night and work during the weekends (Fri-Sun) so I am looking for a raiding schedule to fall somewhere between 8:30am - 5:00pm Mon-Thurs. I have LOTS of raid experience as both DPS and Healer. Add me if you're looking for a competent and dedicated raider. [Alliance] Character: Baelitrox Btag: Deathstroke#12494Flowerxpower9 3d
3d <Immortal Icons> 3/7 Heroic Greetings All!! <Immortal Icons>(Stormrage) We are seeking like minded competent players who want to join our Mythic progression team as we prepare for Legion. We are a semi-hardcore guild. Raid Times Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:00 pm - 1:00 am EST Current needs: Rogue - Assassination / Sub / Outlaw Mage - Fire / Frost / Arcane Druid - Boomy Hunter - MM / BM / SV Shaman - Elemental / Resto Warlock - Affli / Demo / Destro Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Holy Priest - Holy / Disc We will also consider all exceptional raiders that would like to join. Loot All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. Contacts busterchery#1550 gino#1305 Jason#11986 *Please contact us for any questions. You can also visit our website for more information. We look forward to raiding with you soon.Plainwarrior2 3d
3d SemiHardcoreTeam 7/7N&1/7H LF Holy Paladin <The Wicked Asylum> Currently Homed on the realm Stormrage. Our progression for week one of Raids (09/20/16-09/26/16) was 7/7 N, and 1/7H. We are a group of people who strive towards our goals while enjoying our gaming experience together. Due to most of us having real life commitments, we like to ensure our gaming time is as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. With this in mind, we always strive to achieve our best and will actively encourage others to do the same whilst maintaining an atmosphere of good humor and enjoyment. We are happy to take experienced and new players alike as long as you are willing to learn, help others within the raid and guild, and you are willing to work as part of a team and accept constructive advice. Our Guild will be Raiding from 8 to 11 PM EST on Fridays and Saturdays. The goal for our Raid team is to Progress through current Normal and Heroic raid content while gaining our AOTC. Once both of those goals are achieved, we are looking forward to clearing as much current Mythic content as we can. That being said we have a 4-6 week trial period, which can be done cross server. Once you make the Core Raiding Team you will be expected to server transfer in order to join our guild. The trial period is not only for us to trial you, but it is for you to trial us as well. If you'd like to schedule an interview, through TS, with our GM, Raid leader, and Raid assistants please contact anyone listed below: GM: Sírona (Mahna#1841) Officers: Assanna (Solitaryman#1429), Elunarya (Neiwa#1300), Jessmode (JessNoises#1499). Or You can Sign up at the Guild Website – More information about our Raiding Team is as follows: RAID TIMES: Friday & Saturday: 8-11 pm EST RECRUITMENT NEEDS: We are currently in search for the following raiders: Ranged DPS – None Melee DPS – None Healers – Holy Paladin LOOT RULES: MS >OS with Tier pieces prioritized to tanks/healers at first. Core Members have loot priority over Trials. RAID GOAL: Our goal is to create and maintain a cohesive, tight-knit, long-term raid team. That being said our raid goals for this expansion is to progress through Normal, Heroic, and gain our AOTC. Once those goals are achieved we will be progressing through Mythics. RAID ENVIRONMENT: We want to keep our raid environment serious during progression. The reason we are striving for a serious raiding environment is because we only have two days a week to raid. Keeping that in mind we want to make the most of the time spent inside each raid in order to maximize our progression. Although we do have a serious mentality we want to make sure our raiders are enjoying themselves as much as possible during the raid. That being said we encourage people to speak to each other during Trash, and break times. WHAT WE OFFER TO OUR RAIDERS: We offer our Raiders a Stable Raid group built on Trust and Respect. A raid group made up of individuals that are friendly and competitive as well as drawn together to achieve equal raiding aspirations. Not to mention we offer Yummy Food, and Tasty Flasks, and Fat Loot. WHAT WE LOOK FOR IN A CANDIDATE: Personality – We are looking for an individual who will mesh well with the group of crazy people that make up the raiding team. Some of us are chatty, charismatic, helpful, and very welcoming. We enjoy to not only raid together but spend time together. That being said if any problems arise from an individual concerning drama, raging, excessive complaining, etc. immediate action will be taken. Team Effort – We expect our raiders to be team members who help and respect each other in order to work towards our raid’s success. Attendance – We require 95% attendance. We need to work together as a group in order to progress. This means we need to get use to raiding with each other. In order to do that, everyone needs to be here. We understand that RL stuff happens. However, if something happens that creates a pattern of missing raids, you may need to reevaluate whether or not you can commit to raiding. Raid Awareness – We are seeking individuals who go out of their way to learn mechanics, watch videos, and familiarize themselves on boss fights. We do not want to have to call out every ability that every boss does every time they cast it. You should be able to watch out for yourself. In other words, we need our raiders to be proactive in everything that they do. HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: Humor – Whether in guild chat/TS, there is always something to laugh about. Understanding – We understand real life schedules and family situations. Honesty – We will always be up front and to the point from day one. Helpfulness – We are made up of a group of people who are willing to lend a hand. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We wish you luck in your search for a new guild. :)Jessmode10 3d
3d <Fatal Flaws> Hello fellow Legionnaires!! We're currently looking for active Range DPS players for our core raid team! We raid Wed/Thurs @ 7 PM Server time! We're a pretty laid back group, and we've been around on Stormrage since Pre MoP. We're currently 2/7N, and looking forward to even better progress next week! If you are interested please send a PM to Talella or Tsuname. Thanks for your interest and Happy Huntings! Woot!Tsuname0 3d
3d [A] <TigerBait> M/W Late night (recruiting) TigerBait is a newly formed guild for Legion raiding and progession. We plan on raiding Monday and Wednesday 11pm - 2am. We will be running Mythic/Mythic+'s daily and will be progressing into raids as soon as we have the members (sooner rather than later.) We are looking for excited,active members who are willing to work hard and progress throughout the Legion content. We hope to bring a friendly and competitive atmosphere where everyone can relax with NO STRESS and experience the content. 80% attendance is required (We understand life happens). We also require you to be logged on and prepared; with Food, Enchants, Gems, Pots, Flasks; at the designated raid time. We will be using discord for voice coms. Recruiting : Tanks: Need mDps: Need rDps: Need Healers: Druid/Shaman Raid Times (server time) Mon: 11pm-2am Weds: 11pm-2am Casual player are always welcome. Any Questions or Concerns please feel free to post or pm me in game GoofyJosh#1981Goofydh8 3d
3d Come join The Wicked! Do you work a 40 hour a week job, but still feel the urge to kill stuff and progress? So do we. We are "dedicated casuals" that like to have fun while raiding (I know it's a crazy thought, but this is a game afterall). <The Wicked> is looking for individuals with the same goals as us. We are building our roster for Legion, at the moment, in order for us to establish an environment where a guild works together to progress through Mythic+ Dungeons and Raid content. Raid times currently are Thurs/Fri 9pm-Midnight. For our raid we are currently in need of: Enhancement Shaman 3 Ranged DPS (non-hunter) then a Mistweave Monk if we get 3 more ranged. Currently we are 7/7 on Normal Emerald Nightmare. If you have more questions, please feel free to add these Battletags to your friends list. Pyrenius#1798 Mudz#1438Byrnison26 3d
3d 835 Vengeance Looking for Raiding Guild Hey there, I'm an 835 Vengeance demon hunter looking for a raid spot. I have light experience raiding but I'm a fast and dedicated learner with a great attitude. My availability is: Monday: 7:30PM+ Tuesday 4:00-10:00 Wednesday: 7:30PM+ Thursday: 4:00-10:00 Friday: 6:00PM+ Hit me up! I'd love to raid with you!Calsarian0 3d
3d 852 Blood/Unholy DK LF Weekend Mythic guild Title. Been playing off/on since vanilla and have logs from previous tiers as well as the current tier. I prefer blood but I am not opposed to dpsing. Hit me up either here or in game. Absolute#1621 Thank you.Raythos2 3d
3d 840 Havoc DH Looking for a Raid Group As the title says, i'm looking for a raid group, preferably two nights a week. Right now the only nights I can't commit to are Wednesdays.Zirewk0 3d
3d BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild BM Hunter here, I know im late stating this xpac but I will be 110 very soon and geared up ready for Mythics + and Raiding. Add Me Sulnishka#1741Ziaka2 3d
3d Frost DK Looking for Home Hi guys, I'm a returning Kiwi last played really in Cataclysm, long time Paladin but couldn't handle the baseball style swings that came with legion I've decided to swap. I'd like to get into raiding have previously raided all content from WotLK and TBC when it was current and willing to learn and adapt to the newer more intense mechanics. Would just like to find somewhere friendly and mature, that raids 2+ nights a week would be looking for heroic content bordering on mythic. p.s. Low item level atm, world quests have not been kind and mythicing as a frost DK has been a test to ones patience :). Hit me up on Cathallex#1882Hottropic1 3d
3d <Cogsworn Empire> 7/7N Late Night Raiding <Cogsworn Empire> of Stormrage is a semi-hardcore, late night raiding guild. Our goal is to progress through Heroic and onto Mythic content. We seek hardworking and dedicated raiders that are always striving to improve on their spec/class/role. Currently Recruiting: Holy Paladin Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Boomkin Ret Paladin Unholy DK (You may contact us even if your spec is not listed above, we will always consider exceptional raid applicants) Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1AM to 4AM Server Time (Eastern) Expectations: -A working microphone, stable internet connection and a PC that has no trouble running the game -Able to use Discord for voice communication -95%+ Raid attendance -Be fully gemmed/enchanted before raid -Comprehensive knowledge of your class/spec & willingness to improve What We Offer: -A friendly and relaxed environment -Flask/Food are provided for all raiders, as well as guild repairs. -Experienced Leadership -A fair loot distribution system. based on attendance and performance (EPGP) Contact: If you are interested in joining or have any questions, feel free to add Jay#13811 Lindwick#1106Ectrios5 3d
3d . .Finigin0 3d
3d <H A U N T> Recruiting! (A)<H A U N T> is recruiting active 840+ players for our core progression team. Currently in need of R Sham/ H Pally and DPS that are interested in growing with us. Raid Times: T/W/TH 10PM-1AM server time (EST) Casuals welcome! Please whisper Tydrellan, Zetean, or Synsfel for an invite!Synsfel1 3d
3d <Brolympians> (A) Recruiting <Brolympians> is a newly formed guild on Stormrage. We just transferred here looking for a fresh start and want to get into raids as soon as possible. Leadership contains of experienced members who have been playing since vanilla. Guild chat can get pretty vulgar at times and we prefer adults only. We love to have fun. Raid Times: Tuesday 8-11pm Server time Thursday 8-11pm Server time Optional Raid day on Monday 8-11pm Server time We will be using discord for voice chat. Even if you aren't interested in raiding and want a spot just to hang out and read funny stuff, guild offers free repairs and funny stuff to be read. If you are interested, feel free to contact Badriel, Dalpina, or Murshaq in-game for my information or an invite. No raid experience required, we are willing to work with people.Badriel7 3d
3d [A] <Tilted> Weekend Raiding Guild [US - Stormrage] <Tilted> [A] is looking for players with positive attitudes and willing to learn. If you're new or looking to get your foot in the door to raid, we want you! We're a semi-casual guild accommodating of everybody willing to improve. Raid times: 12 PM to 3PM CST Sat/Sun Currently need: DPS! Need anything, but could really use Shaman/Mage Goal: To clear normal and push heroics Current roster: Tanks: Warrior, DK Healers: Monk, Monk, Paladin DPS: DH, Hunter If you need help gearing or friends to run mythic+ with, we'd be happy to help! PST Kevin#15322Geddit1 3d