5d <Visions of the Illidari> needs recruits! Hey everyone! Seda here from <Visions of the Illidari> (18+) We are currently recruiting like-mind individuals who are willing to have patience and determination as we progress through Heroic Emerald Nightmare. We are 7/7N and clear it every week. Our raid times are Tues, Wed, Thurs, 7-10 Eastern. Currently we are needing Ranged DPS, a tank, and 2 healers. If you are interested you can check out our website, Or contact one of us on battlenet or on this forum with any questions you have. Sëda#1554 Zache#1646 - Guild Leader Meastro#1263 - Officer Have a splendid day and can't wait to hear from you!Sëda3 5d
5d Experienced Raiders looking for Guild Hello there, a group of friends and I are looking for a place to call home. We are currently looking for a guild that is progressing in Heroic EN. Currently are times allow us to raid weekdays between 8pm to 11pm eastern. Listed below are what we are currently playing. 852 Brewmaster 850 Guardin Druid 851 Feral Druid 851 Havoc DH or 845 Shadow Priest 840 Mistweaver or 840 Enhancement Shaman 849 Retribution PaladinDhatboi1 5d
5d <In Other News> 7/7H, 7/7N EN is recruiting! In Other News on Stormrage-US is recruiting! In Other News has been around since 2008. We were originally on Llane and named Intervention, but we transferred to Stormrage in June 2012. We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, friendly, laid-back atmosphere, while still being able to progress. The classes we are currently looking for include: healer - monk; ranged - hunter, shaman, warlock, mage or shadow priest; and melee: warrior. However, we are always looking for exceptional players! We raid Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 8pm - 11pm server time. Our progression in Emerald Nightmare is 7/7 Normal and 6/7 Heroic. We will be going into Mythic once Heroic is down. We made it to 10/13 Mythic in HFC too! We are also accepting casual players of all levels. We use EPGP loot system, and we offer vent for all members. We are also using cauldrons for flasks in the raid, provide potions, and provide food. Our website is If you are interested in applying or would like more information, apply on the website, or feel free to add Zahliah#1647 to talk some more about In Other News!Zahliah58 5d
5d Tu/Thu 7-10p - 7/7n 3/7h heals and 1 tank Our OT got a job promotion, so we need a solid dedicated OT with tank experience - tanking in EN is a plus! Min 850ilvl Need 3 Healers Min 850 ilvl Contact Thistlespark (pixiejen#11397) or Sigbjorn in game for an invite! {(Alliance)}Thistlespark2 5d
5d 854 Warlock LF Mythic Ready Guild 854 Warlock looking for a guild that is already pushed into Mythic Emerald Nightmare. My current experience is 7/7H. I have some sub 10% wipes on M Nyth. I was 12/13M in HFC before our guild took a break. My current guild has some members leaving, so I also know other good raiders, if interested. What am I looking for? I am looking for a guild that is currently working on mythic content. Preferably a 2-3 night guild that starts at or around 7pm EST, no later than 11:30. Here are my logs from last weeks heroics. Here is my armory profile. 5d
5d 861 guardian druid LF day time raiding I am an experienced tank looking for heroic or mythic progression in EN. Due to my schedule I can only raid during day time hours. I am very competitive in raids and have all 90-100% parses on heroic hfc from last expansion. If you are interested in a new progression minded tank please contact me on the forum or in game.Bearythebear1 5d
5d Prot Warrior LF Weekend or Fri-thru-Mon Times Hello, I'm competent player who enjoys playing tank classes and I'm searching for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday Heroic / Mythic guild in need of a tank. I know all of Heroic EN and I've currently cleared up to 2/7M EN on paladin as protection. Last expac I went 13/13 mythic HFC and finished top 500 US. Raid times available: 7pm - whenever Central Time ZoneMaravax1 5d
5d delete deleteRelethn1 5d
5d Casual/Midcore Raiding Guild Hello! i am an enhancement shaman looking for a casual/midcore raiding guild that raids on weekends...some weekdays would work but i can't go past 10pm server time ideally...i love to do quests and other things as well so thats why im casual - midcore when i do play i try my best and am always willing to accept advice to improve my dps to the next level. looking for a guild where i fit in as one of the team...can message me in game whenever or post here thanks for the interest!Octorowena1 5d
5d (A) 4/7H LF RShaman HPally & Lock <Arguably Skilled> is currently 4/7 HM and is looking to fill in core raid spots to help progression become smoother with consistent, experienced players returning to raid on a weekly basis. We are a tight-knit group of friends who have played games together for nearly ten years. We have not formally raided as a group since Cataclysm but have made an effort to reform our guild into a semi-hardcore progression raiding group. We have arrived late to the scene of guild recruitment in Legion and as is such our progress has been slowed considerably from relying on PUG healers and the occasional DPS. We are looking for motivated individuals to fill the rest of our ranks to finish our decisive core group and to hopefully progress into Mythics. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having the opportunity to play with you. Logistics: Alliance on Stormrage-US Raiding ~Five Hours Per Week @ Wed/Sun 11:00PM EST to 1:30AM EST.Seeking out a: Restoration Shaman Holy Paladin Warlock (Pref Destro/Demo)Also looking for: Consistent Range and Melee DPS to fill/expand our core group.Expectations: 845+ to allow immediate transition into the raid group Ability to listen on Discord for the duration of raid sessions (speaking is recommended but not required.) Prepared, experienced and adaptable with your class to provide utility and expertise to the raid group. Ability to provide yourself with food and flasks for progression content (at this time the guild is working on establishing a system of providing these resources to raiders). Possessing a positive attitude and ethic towards progression and teamwork. Solid attendance and commitment Experience and/or logs are encouraged but not required so long as you are competent and receptive to feedback. Contact: If <Arguably Skilled> seems like it would be a good fit for you please feel free to contact me at my Battle Tag @ Dylanfilon #1259 to discuss joining or inquiring about potential questions. Additionally you will be able to reach us at our Discord (Cocktail Lounge Chat Channel) if it is more convenient and/or you're looking for a faster response. 5d
5d <aperture> 3/7 mythic <Aperture> Is a new hardcore raiding guild on stormrage. We were founded with the no caries attitude to raiding. We will be pushing content as hard as possible, we are looking for the top players who want to min/max there toons. We want the players who are going to research their class, and be the best they can possible be. We were formed from top players from last expansion Majority of our members were 13/13 mythic before prepatch. What we are looking for Healers - ww monk - restro shaman Dps Melee -Warrior - rogue -feral druid Ranged -All ranged dps tanks -warrior -druid Even if your class isn't here we will still take any exceptional players Raid times monday-thursday 8-11 pm est you can message curtisam#1547 steåksauce#1323 oziemaster#11536 You can also apply at 5d
5d [A-Stormrage]<Progression> 7/7H ■ WHO WE ARE! <Progression> is a highly successful raiding guild for the past 7 years on Stormrage, the highest populated US-PvE server. We spend many hours a week with each other talking, joking, yelling and everything else that comes with the excitement of raiding with a group of friends. At the end of the day, we're a second family and we hope you can join us for Semi-Hardcore raiding! Come Join us as we push into mythics! ■ WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR! [DPS] -- We are in the market for some competitive heavy-hitting damage-dealers, players that have an exceptional ability to inflict the highest amount of damage possible consistently regardless of calamity or misfortune. High: - Hunter - Mage - Warlock - Priest - Shaman - Boomkin All other talented ranged are encouraged to apply! If your class isn't on the list, we are still interested in all exceptional DPS! [HEALS] -- We're also looking for healers that are able to heal the pants off the bosses, able to leap the tallest flames, to survive not only for themselves but for their fellow raiders, those willing and able to truly make it rain. Low: - Shaman - Monk - Paladin - Priest - Druid ■ RAID TIMES! <Progression> raids 3 nights a week with the philosophy that successful raiding is going hard for the first couple of months to complete that tier of raiding early and strong. Our raid weeks often shrink to 2- and often 1-day farm weeks for the remainder of the tier until the next major content patch. All times are EST, which is also Stormrage server time. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9pm to Midnight. If you had a late start coming into Legion and you are a talented player looking for a successful guild, we are the place for you! ■ OUR WEBSITES! If you have more questions, add an officer's battletag in-game! ■ OFFICER B-TAGS! Zarakì: Ripper#1987 Illaiya: Anastasianya#1184 Cheezel: Dylanp123#1478 Casual Invites Are Open! If you only have time to play for a couple hours a week and are looking for a stable active home, or you just want access to our guild rewards whisper an officer in-game for anZarakì1 5d
5d [A] <Trigger> is Recruiting! 5/7 Heroic Trigger is a newly formed raiding guild! We are a very solid group with members who have been playing the game for a very long time. Currently recruiting Ranged DPS for Heroic progression as we work our way towards Mythic. If you don't have logs, you will be a trial member. We prefer to use Warcraft Logs or World of Logs. Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00-10:00 Server. VoIP: Discord If you're interested or have any questions PST: Crashler: BigBoss#1796 Treeweeb: Weeaboo#1471 Rhostab: Rosey#1202 Ladori#1555Crashler9 5d
5d <CotF> Casual Raiding in Legion, Sat@8pm est Council of the Fallen - 6/7 N We are focused mainly on teamwork, raiding, and progression in Legion. We're looking for people of a similar mindset. We keep things casual raiding on Saturdays circa 8:00pm est. for 3-4 hours at a time. Sundays are for Alt raiding usually starting in the afternoon and ending well before the evening. We are a purpose driven guild with specific raid goals in mind AKA this will not be a 'leveling, social, raiding and pvp' guild. We're driven by hard-work and preparedness while at the same time enjoying the casual atmosphere of our entertaining environment. Our plan is to strive for raid achievements while overcoming the challenge of continuous progression. Our initial goal was to have 15 reliable raiders and we've exceeded that goal. Our new goal is to have 30 reliable raiders. Only a few spots are left and availabilities are limited. Our OPEN positions are : 1 - Arms Warrior OS Protection 1 - Mage KNOW all specs 1 - Holy Priest 1 - Protection Paladin Should you be interested, visit our website and fill out our application. Once the application has been filled out, the GM will contact you and set up an interview in order to see that yourself and our guild are on similar agendas. Please be aware that most interviews are typically held Saturdays at 6pm est. Thanks and hope to hear from you, -Raubb, GM of <CotF> Charm7#1218Kabbe12 5d
5d 819 Warlock looking for late night guild Hello all. Pretty much what the title says I'm looking for a late night raiding guild 12am 4am ish. Eastern time. I would perfer a casual non hardcore type of guild who just plays to have fun. My play times are 12am - ? Mon-Wed. Thanks for your time I hope to find me a guild to call home and progress with for the remainder of Legion.Intoxic0 5d
5d WTB name "Ankle" Buying the name "Ankle" for 25K pl0xAnkleplz0 5d
5d Tank/DPS looking for weekend guild Hello, My friend and I are looking for a weekend raiding guild to progress in heroics and to mythic raiding. As both of us work full time during the week, we would like to commit 2 nights per week preferably Friday and Saturday 8-11 PM server time. To give a little background about us, we've been raiding since Vanilla WoW and were founders of "Weekend Raiders" back in WotLK that had been very successful till the disband due to conflict of schedules among players. Ever since, we've took more of a casual stance in WoW, pugging most of content in WoD and currently 7/7 N, 1/7 H EN through pugs that we've led. We're still trying to gear up a bit as we are a little behind in the current content but both of us are around 850 ilvl. We both parse in our respective roles in wowlogs and are consistent top dps within raid groups without failing to mechanics or raid awareness. We would like to maximize our time in WoW by progressing within a capable guild and not spend hours after hours to make WoW feel like a second job. We have few toons that may meet your roster needs. Here is the list: Warrior- Prot/Arms Druid- Balance Shaman- Enhance Hunter- Survival Priest-Shadow/Holy Thanks for looking and please let us knowIamurdruid2 5d
5d [A]<Facepalm> 3/7M Recruiting DPS Greetings! Facepalm is a progression-oriented raiding guild formed by a core group of friends who have been playing together since 2010. We are looking for raiders who have the drive and ability to push for heroic progression, but who can also have fun while doing so. We expect raiders to be knowledgeable about their class/spec and to be constantly looking for ways to increase their performance. Raid Times: Mythic: Tues, Wed, Thurs, 10:00pm-12:30am EST Casual/Alt: Sun, 9:00pm-12:00am EST Current Openings: Ranged DPS: High need for Shadow Priest. Considering all except Warlock. Melee DPS: Considering all except Demon Hunter. Exceptional logs for all classes will get immediate consideration! Requirements: 840+ item level with the Suramar dungeons unlocked. Applicants under these requirements are welcome to apply for a raiding position as fill-in or on rotating bench roster. Also accepting applications: Social members Casual raid participants (any classes/specs) for weekend normal/heroic To apply, please submit an application on our guild site: If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our Officers (Rank 3 and above) in game or through our guild site ( 5d
6d Looking for Mythic + I'm looking to join a dedicated group for doing mythic plus dungeons and progressing every week. I have a 859 WW monk. If your group is looking for a serious DPS who knows his stuff please message meHikitaiken0 6d
6d [A]Weekend Morning Semi-Hardcore Raid Team [A] <Bad Intent> Weekend Raid Team is a semi-hardcore mature raiding team focused on steady progression while still having fun. Bad Intent's current raid progression in the Emerald Nightmare is 7/7N and 6/7H. Our raid times are Saturdays and Sundays 830am-1130am EST. We are currently recruiting the following: rDPS: Hunter mDPS: Warrior or Retribution Paladin Others will be considered. We are always looking for new raiders to join us. Our goal for Legion is to full clear all raid content on mythic difficulty. If you are interested in raiding with Bad Intent's Weekend Raid Team please stop by our website and fill our a raid team application in the forums section. If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to add me on Btag and message me in game. Btag: J4destar#1123 ~TuwaTuwa13 6d
6d 855 Holy / Ret Pally 867 MW/WW monk LFG Looking for heroic or mythic guild. Can make all raid times I have perfect situational awareness, know all fights and my rotation / up-time is perfect. Just need like minded / skilled folks to raid with.Vedicc11 6d
6d Group of good friends CLEANSLATE A few close friends that have known each other mostly through WoW have come over to the server to run with other friends we know. This is a small group (3-4 people) running content through pugs and starting our own groups. If you are new or don't have a guild and want a couple of good people to talk with and run Mythic+ or Raids with, mail me in game. We are friendly and helpful. We are running heroic EN with PUGS and Mythic +7 Hopefully a few more good hearted, funning loving people will show up and we can have a core group. All are welcome. Thanks for the consideration and reading this.Mound0 6d
6d ☆-★Phury★-☆ PREMIER RAIDING GUILD ☆-★Phury★-☆ Tang#1917 Founded in 2009, an 6-Year-Old Raiding Community,Phury is the continuation of a guild that has changed names a few times but spaned over the entire life of world of warcraft, in 2008 I met my wife in wow who is now co-gm we have had to stop at times but we always come back with renewed vigor and excitement this time were excited for Legion!! If your up for hard core raiding and a great community hit us up :) Guild Make-Up/History Phury is filled with primarily people from the ages 20-40. Server: Stormrage-PVE. What We're About This guild is a warm and welcoming place.We have a fantastic sense of humor(Cough Sarcasm Cough) with a balance of determination on the content at hand.We treat people like the adults that they are, we expect the same courtesy in return. We enjoy spending time with each other on Mumble, during off-times, joking, drinking, Running Alt Raids on Saturday and daily normal raids (All Optional!), working on achievements, collecting Pokemon, and Gold Challenge Modes. Our community is packed with fun, We game together in OverWatch, StarCraft 2, Legion and soon Battlefield ww1!! The raiders have talent and are loyal. You will not be disappointed. You will finally have found your home with us! Our Server Stormrage is a High Population server with a booming economy.This is the #1 Alliance-dominated and #1 US-PvE server There are 200+ Raiding guilds. We are in the Ruin battle group. Alliance to horde ratio is 12:1. The server is on Eastern Time and the server is based out of New York. Schedule: Tang#1917 Monday 10:30pm - 1:30am EST Tuesday 10:30pm-1:30am EST Wednesday 10:30pm-1:30am EST Thursday 10:30pm-1:30am EST Recruiting Range -ALL Melee - Warrior, Ret Pally, Healer - Druid - Monk - Paladin Tank - Non Paladin We Have Live Streams --Our Past Tiers HFC 13/13n 13/13h 12/13m BRF 10/10n 10/10h 3/10m HM 7/7n 7/7h 3/7m ======================= SoO 14/14N 6/14H ToT 12/12N 7/13H ToeS 4/4N 3/4H HoF 6/6N 5/6H MSV 6/6 H 6/6 -------------- DS 8/8N 8/8H FL 7/7N 6/7H Totfw 2/2N 1/2H Bot 4/4N 4/5H -------------- BD 6/6N 4/6H IceCrown 12/12N 11/12H TOC 5/5N 5/5H Tang#1917Zetang35 6d
6d Dh tank Looking for monday/tuesday raiding Been tanking /raiding on and off for about 8 years in wow. Just need a home. Just rejoined the game 10 days back. Really loving tanking as a dh. I've pretty much tanked as every tank class in the game during competitive raiding content. Just living a grown up life now. So I only have a couple days I can dedicate weekly to raiding. At this point I really want to commit to wow again as a personal hobby. But just can't seem to find a home that works. And if I don't soon I may just have to step away from this grand past time of mine. Please respond and make my day.Naturell3 6d
6d [A] <Obsidium> Morning group 7/7N 2/7H EN LFM Obsidium is an active morning raiding guild looking for more friendly, dedicated, progression-minded raiders to add to our roster. Raid days/times: Wed/Thu/Fri 8:30AM - 11:00AM ST/EST Ranged DPS would be so lovely right now but we take all classes/specs into consideration. If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Trukon#1212 Thank you for taking the time to check us out. Have a great day! :o)Meowish4 6d
6d H/M Raiders Wanted 2 Night Raiding <Banished Gaming> US-Stormrage Alliance Semi-Hardcore Mythics Tues & Thurs 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST Ilvl 845+ Looking For: RDPS, MDPS Currently recruiting for our 25-30 man roster for heroics/mythics. Low-stress, high performance raiding. Our aim is two solid nights of focused progression raiding--competitive with a lighter schedule. Real life always comes first. Previously under a different name, Banished Gaming was created at the start of WoD by a group of longtime friends. We were successful in clearing all current content and have retained the bulk of our core raiders. We value raiders who are committed, reliable, raid aware, show up on time and prepared, able to receive criticism and use it to better their performance. We appreciate an adult sense of humor. We plan to run a large roster for heroics before deciding on our mythic roster. Standby reserves will be kept for mythics. Casuals, friends, and family are welcome to join. No Bigots. Apply at or visit for more info Contact Recruitment Officer: Haliea GrimDaddy#11525 DM @Wyeky on Twitter RL: Vallatio Valgasm#1544 DM @Valgasm_ on Twitter RL: Proditio Proditio#1937 GM: Bunnystabber Bunnyman#1123Vallatio14 6d
6d 859 Unholy DK looking for two raids per week I am looking for a guild progressing through heroics or early mythics which raids two nights a week. I raid Unholy but have a Blood ready to go as I Mythic+ as tank, mostly. I am available to raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday after 6 PM PST but am only looking for two raids a week.. I flasked up for a pug Emerald Nightmare tonight and here are the results: 6d
6d Nvm NvmKnoester0 6d
6d <Poor Life Choices> 1/7m < Poor Life Choices > Recruiting Range DPS and Deathknight for Mythic EN. Currently 1/7m pst with any questions. raid days t/w/th 830-1130 newty#11529Taylorxoxo3 6d
6d 857 Veng DH LF Guild Prefer a heroic/mythic guild that is at least 4/7H. I don't currently have any experience raiding this expansion, but I have a long history of heroic (or whatever was the most difficult raid name) raiding as far back as BC. I also have a separate set of gear for Havoc and can play that quite well. Prefer 3 days. No Saturday. 7pm EDT to 1am EDT, possibly 2am the latest. Feel free to contact me in game. I will check back and reply or apply to any guild interested.Carmille0 6d
6d 843 Boomkin Lf Home As the title says i'm looking for a home preferably a mythic based one to push content. In dungeons atm I can range anywhere from 180k to 220k depending on the fight (still optimizing gear for drops). Hopefully someone will be in need of a boomchicken. Thanks for the considerations I hope to be somewhere soon. Ign Tekkia btag ikerui#1225. Also I cannot raid mondays due to college but every other day is good.Tekkia23 6d
6d Mage + Resto Druid LF mythic guild Me and my friend Gxz (resto druid) are two RL friends that have played WoW since vanilla. We are trying to transfer from US-Lightbringer as their are no attractive east coast guilds there anymore. Last expansion, we raided in <Guardians> during tier 17 progression until they were disbanded. We finished second in the server on most bosses (~1000 world rank). During this time, I was top 3 DPS in the guild and Gxz was top healer. We are now ilvl 863+ and looking to join another server and guild. ---Looking for weekday east coast raid schedule--- Links: -----WowProgress----- <Guadians> tier 17 progression: Midgey - Gxz - GXZ also streams here: -----Warcraft Logs----- Gxz (95th+ percentile consistenly) - Midgey - -----WowHeroes----- Midgey - Gxz - Please message me in game at olmek#1193, I would love to chat. If I'm not on, message GXZ at gxz#1938.Midgey9 6d
6d <Remorseless> 2/7H 7/7N Need DPS <Remorseless> We are a semi-hardcore raid team looking for cool people who are strong raiders. We are currently 2/7H 7/7N EN. We are ready to progress through heroics ASAP, just need a few strong DPS to round out our roster. Quick Facts Scroll down for more details about us and our group Raid Times: Wednesday/Thursday 8:45pm-12:00am EST Recruiting: Warlocks: In dire need of skilled warlocks! Death Knights: HIGH Elemental Shamans: HIGH Shadow Priest: HIGH You need to: -Know your class -Be an experienced raider with good mechanics -Show up on time, prepared (food,flask, know fights) Contact: Tesmirah @ Leighlee#1673 About Remorseless Our core has been raiding together for over five years. Our leaders are extremely experienced, were 13/13M pre-patch, and are familiar with all classes and roles. Remorseless is a great place for those who want a casual attitude with focused serious progression. Most of us have jobs, school, and real lives. This means we value our time in raid even more. We are not elitist, but we are serious. No one will be yelling or cursing at you. We believe in a helpful, constructive criticism approach to improving our team. We are willing to go over our logs and help anyone improve their play. If you're an experienced raider looking for serious progression, helpful people, and some fun along the way, then please contact us ASAP! What We're Looking For -Know your class -Experienced raider with good mechanics -Show up on time -Come prepared (watched fights, food, pots, flasks) -Able to take constructive criticism -Be respectful Currently recruiting for Ranged DPS roles. We will consider any exceptional candidates regardless of what is listed below. Don't hesitate to contact if you're interested. Recruitment Needs Warlocks: In dire need of skilled warlocks! Death Knight: HIGH Elemental Shamans: HIGH Shadow Priest: HIGH Requirements Must make both mandatory raid days Wednesday and Thursday 8:45pm-12:00 EST/server time Optional raid day Friday 8:45pm-12:00 EST/server time. May become mandatory later on. We require notice ahead of time if you're going to miss raid. Must be okay with using EPGP with Loot Council Don't be scared off by this! We use EPGP to track effort vs. who's getting the gear. We do this fairly, it's based on effort. We also use loot council depending on the situation. For more info on how this works with us, please contact me. Must use Discord Voice Chat during raids. If you've never used discord we'll help you set it up. Must show up to raid on time, food, flasks ready to pull at 8:45pm EST We will help you with food, flasks, gems, enchants etc. as long as you contribute too. Must use DBM/BigWigs and EPGP Core addons We also suggest GTFO but it is not required. If this sounds like a good fit for you, or you would like more information about any of the above, then please post here, or contact us in game via our recruitment officer. Tesmirah @ Leighlee#1673Tesmirah6 6d
6d 7/7N 6/7H Hpal 855 LF Raid. Afternoon Folks, I find myself in the position of having to start looking for a new raid group early in the expansion. I finished 7/7N and 6/7H 2 weeks ago, then was traveling for work last week (guild finished 7/7H last week). About Me: I'm in my 30's, and a full time professional. I'm looking for 2-3 nights a week EST raid times (8pm+). I run a top of the line PC and a 75Mbps cable internet, so minimal connection or voice issues. I'm looking for a 7/7H guild (or close) I can progress with into mythic and run mythic+ with. My ideal group would be one that puts in a good effort while raiding, but has fun and doesn't take the game too seriously. I'm able to provide logs and UI screenshots / key binds / addon list upon request, or fill out an application. Please reply to me here if interested with your battletag, and I'll whisper you. I'd prefer Stormrage obviously (I just transferred here from Proudmoore!) - but would be open to a transfer for the right opportunity.Lìghtfury8 6d
6d 855 Holy Pally LF Guild Looking for semi-hardcore raiding guild. 2 nights a week, no later than 10 server preferable.Baconwings3 6d
6d [A] <Rockjaw> Recruiting for Legion! Rockjaw is a newly formed guild composed of friends who have played together since BC / Wrath. We are looking to fill ranks with those interested in Mythic+ dungeons and Mythic raiding content. While Rockjaw isn't a hardcore guild we aren't interested in wasting the 6 hours a week we have for raiding either. The end goal is to form a laid back semi-hardcore raiding atmosphere that pushes to clear content while still realizing it's a game and has fun. Rockjaw raids two days a week on Tuesday and Wednesday @ 12am EST - 3am EST 1/7 Mythic 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare Currently Recruiting: Tanks - Closed Healers - Closed Melee DPS - Closed Ranged DPS - Hunter & Spriest If your class isn't listed above and you believe you can replace any of our current raiders, you can still apply regardless of our current recruitment needs. Being a newly formed guild we have no history, so a little about the core who started Rockjaw. As previously stated, Rockjaw is formed by a group of friends who met up through BC and Wrath expansions and been playing together since. A few of us started back in Vanilla the rest started in BC. Each of us has past raid experiences including Heroic Mode since it was introduced. Funny enough right before Warlords of Draenor almost all of us ended up taking a break due to our own real life issues but are now back and hyped for legion! If you are interested feel free to visit our website, read our guild faq that covers our rules and loot system or post me in-game or through tag and I will gladly answer any question. Rockjaw Guild Website: Tag: Rafiki#1922Malmortius33 6d
6d <Intentions> T-W-TH 8-11 EST(Server) 2/7M <Intentions> is a brand new 7/7H 2/7M Mythic Raiding Guild. Raid Times: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday 8-11 EST. (May pick up an hour on heavy progression nights, occasionally.) Formed September 22nd 2016. We are recruiting to fill our Mythic Roster to start Mythic Progression as soon as possible. Lead by past expansion Mythic Raiders, we are looking to push top 25 Stormrage in a timely manner while still enjoying the expansion as a team of friends. AOTC Guild Lead & Raid Lead is looking for ALL Exceptional Raiders and specifically recruiting the following. Tanks: Prot Pally, Blood DK, Guardian Druid (Only Sub/Bench Position Open.) Damage: Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Hunter, Warrior. Even though we are looking for specifics to fill our 20 man roster. Every single like-minded raider is considered and will have a opportunity to trial for a core slot. Although we are newly formed and a group of friends looking to enjoy the game. We also have very high standards and expectations of each and every Raider on the team. That being said we will have set standards as a minimum and we expect each raider that would like a core slot to bring these values and capabilities to the team. If you are interested in joining you may reach any Officers by In-Game Whisper and we will schedule a trial for you during these opening weeks. GM: Mickyfez - Honeycrisp#1965 Raid Lead: Dashngliding (In-Game Name) Officers: Shyunpu & Dookha (In-Game Name) If none happen to be on during your time of interest please add via Battle Tag listed or contact a member of the guild and they will pass your information on. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your Trial!Duf8 6d
6d Group of 7 looking for raid team! Hi there! A group of 7 of us (Fire mage, MM hunter, Unholy DK, MW monk, Holy priest, Resto druid, Guardian druid) are looking for a guild to do mythic raiding with. Most of us quit during the start of Cataclysm, and are back to do mythic raiding in Legion. We're all experienced raiders, and most of us raided progressively throughout the entirety of WotLK. Here are some of our logs from current heroic content: Our names are Shinripper, Bowburry, Stiriacus, Selanarii, Lyf, Guikaze and our guardian druid who was not in the guild with us. Here are our respective armory pages: We take current content seriously, and are all active within our class discords to keep up to date with best strategies for different boss, in addition to itemizing ourselves correctly with the use of simulationcraft. We're all EST based and would prefer not to raid past 11PM EST. What we're looking for in addition to mythic-raiding is like-minded individuals who wish to be the best at their class, and enjoy doing the hardest current content has to offer, such as high level mythic+ runs. If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at JamJam#11795 or on Discord@ jamjam#5258 Cheers!Shinripper7 6d
6d [A] <Fatestay Night> 3/7H - Recruiting <Fatestay Night> of Stormrage are looking to add for our progression team. Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday 8-11 EST Current needs: Priest: High(DPS) Pally: High (DPS) Rogue: High Death Knight: High Demon Hunter: Low(DPS) Mage: High Hunter: Low Monk: Low(DPS) Shaman: Low(DPS) Warlock: HIGH (ALL) Warrior : HIGH (DPS) *Exceptional Raiders are always considered.* Requirements: -We understand that real life comes first, but we expect you to be at every raid and if you cant make it we expect to be notified at least two days early. -Stable internet connection. -Ability to use voice chat (Discord) -Raiders will be expected to read up on the fights beforehand: read and watch videos. Trial Period: Applicants will be considered on Trial for 1 entire raid lockout. At the end of this lockout, your application will be evaluated. Loot: Personal Loot until we decide on another system 1. Progression 2. Family 3. Performance History We want people to stay and become part of the family. We all love raiding with each other while maintaining progression in mind. We are currently restructuring to become more serious so please be patient while we make a better raiding environment for everyone. Contact me in-game to apply: Isoris (Regima#1410)Isoris3 6d
6d <Dark Order> (A) Recruiting for Progression! Join us as we cruise into progression raiding. We are looking for active, dedicated players who are looking to kick some butt this expansion. Cleared Normal effortlessly, and now are working on clearing Heroic. Raid Schedule We raid every Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM-Midnight (EST). Currently Recruiting: Heals Holy Priest Restoration Druid (Will take other classes/specs into consideration) DPS Hunter (MM or BM) Mage Ranged DPS If you do not see your class/role listed, apply anyway! We will always take exceptional and competent players into consideration. Loot We typically allow players to roll on loot, by using a Guild Master Loot system. Rolls are MS>OS>Guild Bank. Loot may be assigned in the case that it may be a bigger upgrade for that player, to improve efficiency in raiding as a team. Expectations *Be on time/consistent/prepared (Gems/Enchants/Food) *Know your class (This includes dealing an acceptable amount of DPS/HPS) *Have some knowledge of fights. We'll explain, but we won't hold your hand. *Voice Chat. We use Ventrillo. Must be able to at least listen. Additional Information about <Dark Order> can be found by messaging the GM/RL by using the battletag listed below. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions! Hope to hear from you soon! Contact Bishamôn (GM/Raid Leader): Chopper#11485 Retroshock (Raid Leader)Bishamôn0 6d
6d Paladin Tank LF Guild Hello, I am a player from Vanilla WoW and have played ever since as a tank. I was originally from Windrunner until the server died. Since coming over here I haven't had much success in any raiding guilds and I'm looking for something permanent. I would like to raid on my pally tank, he is raid ready right now for normals and maybe stretch for heroic. Available to raid anydays evening and late night.Bastosaa6 6d
6d <Guardians of Asgaard> Lf Ranged Hey guys! <Guardians of Asgaard> (semi-hardcore) on STORMRAGE are in need of dedicated raiders to fill out our raid roster for our CORE team! Right now, we are in high demand of Ranged, prefer hunter/mage but will take others. Here is a little information about the guild and what to expect: The raid leaders: We make sure everyone has learnt fights, read up on mechanics and watched videos to ensure a smooth night, from time to time we will also do a touch up on what needs to be worked on and run logs. We pride our raiders with being on time and ready to get some progression down. Raiders are expected to be patient and understanding when it comes to progression bosses.. Bandages will be given out when our heads are constantly banging against walls :P. Additionally, we are also very strict on attendance, therefore leaving half way through raid or not showing up without notice will not be tolerated. However, we do understand that emergencies do happen, all we ask if that you communicate with us and let us know before or after. Raid times and expectations of raiders: We raid on Friday at 12:30am-3:30am and Saturday 12:30am-3:30am. EST. We require people to be on 15-20 minutes prior to get everyone grouped up and ready to go. Raiders should research fights prior to raid to have an idea if they do not understand some of the fights. They should also have flasks, runes, and pots ready before raid begins. The guild bank will always be fully stocked for raiders to use. The atmosphere to expect: We are a close bunch of friends who love a little bit of friendly competition, jokes and banter. We love for people to feel like they can be themselves and not feel out of the group. Our banter really has no limits, there has been everything and anything mentioned in guild chat and we prefer it that way. Additionally, we also run mythic instances, dailies and whatever else together to mess around out of raid time. Communication and loot system: We use vent as a voice, require you to have a mic, and be able to communicate with the rest of the guild. The loot system is EPGP DKP Reloaded, & EPGP Lootmaster. This ensures fair loot distribution to players who need the gear & to players who put forth effort into the team/guild. Thankyou very much for reading this! If you have any other questions/concerns please find myself or the GM ingame or reply on here. Our Btags are: BritCrumpet#1174 (Co-Gm) CptSlipyFist#1497 (GM)Caraleena2 6d
6d [A][1/7H]<Oathsworn> recruitment (T/T/Su) <Oathsworn> Is a new guild formed primarily from returning old players. We are actively seeking Alliance PvE players with an interest in raiding. Our current focus is to build a strong core team to clear Heroic with the hope of progressing into Mythic content. Current expansion experience and gear is mostly irrelevant (obviously if you're undergeared you'd need to sit out for the moment) but prefer players who already have structured raid experience. Our raids times are as follows: Tuesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST Thursday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST Sunday: 8:30 PM to 11:00 PM EST A little about us: Oathsworn is a guild focusing on bringing old school raiders who have quit and found there way back to World of Warcraft together to get back into the swing of raiding. Raiders from any expansion Vanilla to Warlords is invited to send an application. Although raiding will be the primary focus of the guild we are also doing plenty of Mythic+ dungeon content, and would be interested in other content as well from PvP to other game titles entirely. We are currently recruiting for DPS and Healers. We're a bit saturated in terms of Demon Hunters, but nothing is out of the question. Requirements: Must have and be active on our Guild Discord, with the ability to listen. Speaking is not mandatory, but a definite bonus. Either prior raid experience or the capacity to learn what needs done. Can attend the majority of raids, and be ready for them. Mature (Know the time to joke and the time to listen, not mean spirited or prone to rage quitting.) Awareness to not repeatedly fail simple mechanics and the ability to accept criticism regarding your failures and the ability to learn from them. They happen to everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't work on it. Contact me in-game on Serphshift, or add me on BTag at Serphentin#1199. If you want to just go ahead and take the application, find it here: 6d
Oct 13 <Atlas> 7/7H - 2/7M Recruiting Currently Recruiting High Priority • Hunters • Enhance Shaman We are always recruiting exceptional players who can provide good logs etc. Raid Schedule Our raiding schedule is 7-10 Est Tue/Wed/Thur. We will be doing an alt night on Friday or Saturday night that is optional, but if high item level titanforged gear were to drops then people who bring their mains have priority. This will allow us to focus solely on progression during the week, but still farming normal/heroic as they also have the potential to drop high item level gear. Guild Philosophy We are aiming for cutting edge in every tier for Legion. This doesn’t mean we do not have fun. We are actually pretty laid back for the most part if everyone does what is expected of them. What we expect from you is full knowledge of your class and role. You should always be up to date on your class and try to get the most out of your dps/hps etc. People who fail to do this do not raid with us. You should have prior knowledge of the bosses and their mechanics before you step into the raid. This is done by watching videos or following our boss strategy forum section on our website. People who don’t do this are very easy to spot and failure to do mechanics successfully (repeatedly) will result in you being sat and/or demoted. Our raid leader holds everyone to the same standard he holds himself and believes everyone can improve. All of these things are second nature to our raiders and most of us consider it common sense to always be up to date on your class and the game. When all of these needs are met bosses die and the raid has fun. General Raid Information • We use mumble for voice communications • We use loot council to distribute gear amongst the raid • Loot is based on attendance/performance/BiS for each class • We expect 85% attendance from our raiders missing raids repeatedly without notice will result in demotion and replacement • Yes we use loot council. If gear is your main goal then we do not want you. Go buy a carry. • Guild repairs and raid mats are given to raiders for progression raids as long as the guild can fund them. • Discussions of race/politics/religion are not allowed in guild chat or mumble during raids. Everyone has different opinions on these matters and talking about them does not help us progress in any way. • We do log every fight and provide them on our website for the raid to see. It is wise to review yourself with these logs to improve or notice any mistakes you are making before we notice them. We do not like laziness!!! If you have any questions or are curious about joining us then drop an application on our website at - - or add our real IDs and we will contact you whenever we are available to do so. Sydrache- Raid leader/Guild Master - Atlasgm#1555 Rylanoth- Recruitment Officer - Thalol#1453Rylanoth0 Oct 13
Oct 13 looking for Late night raid guild Boom resto looking for 12pm_6 am raid timesSìrfüzzy4 Oct 13
Oct 13 4/7H SPriest LF Late Night Raiding Guild My current guild is transferring off-server so I am looking for a new raiding guild. Ideal Raid time: 10pm-1am Server Time (though that can be adjusted slightly) on any day but Friday. I have extensive raiding experience, and have been a progression raider since BC (with 2 Server Firsts from raiding in WotLK). If your guild is looking for a shadow priest and your times match what I'm looking for please give me a whisper in game, or via this thread. Btag: blondebandit#1388Narizi1 Oct 13
Oct 13 [A] <Skiddly Hoodlers> 7/7H are recruiting! :)Bonquister0 Oct 13
Oct 13 (A) 3 Looking for Guild Already Found A HomeMadiiee3 Oct 13
Oct 13 [A] 854 prot pal / 850 Fury warr lf home Its a hard life as a tank, looking for a home, but i keep trying. Looking for just about any kind of raiding guild, after 7pm server time. Just want to tank some dragons, and get some sweet sweet purps. reply to this, or add me on battle tag with/for more info <3 Remedy#1987 !@#$ dragons, get lewtz.Pureblue3 Oct 13
Oct 13 [A] 7/7H Warrior Tank Looking for a guild. I have done 7/7N and H. 856ilvl. Might also be interested in going DPS but will take a little time to properly gear for it. Also have a 110 Druid that I am not positive on which direction I will be taking with it. Possibly Healer or Feral. Might try boomy though. Obiekabie#1743 is my btag. Sorry, but if you are still working on clearing H I am not really interested. Not looking to take a step backwards.Obiekabie3 Oct 13