Jan 3 Looking for Horde Guild Me and my g/f are looking for a horde guild! Send me a message Ryeloc#1717Shanglin0 Jan 3
Jan 2 Looking for Saturday Night Raiding Guild Hello! My friend and I are looking for a guild that raids once a week on Saturday nights. Time can be pretty flexible. A bit about us: I have been playing WoW on and off since WotLK and have raided in all sorts of guilds since. Through my time raiding, I found that I would much prefer playing with friends than clear content the fastest. I love competition and strive to be the best in my class, but nothing beats being with friends and having a few laughs and I would love to find an environment similar to that. Characters I could bring to the guild as a raider: 728 ilvl Unholy DK / 723 ilvl Blood DK (legendary ring) 724 ilvl Mistweaver Monk / 718 ilvl Windwalker (legendary ring) 701 ilvl Resto Shaman / 695 ilvl Elemental Shaman My friend is relatively new to WoW. He played very casually for a while and wants to get into raiding for the first time (outside of pugs). He understands his class very well and as the same competitive spirit as I do with striving to top DPS charts, but still wants to have fun with it. His Character: 702 Prot Warrior / 700 Fury Warrior We both would love to start with normal content, but have no issues at all starting right away with heroic HFC. I have cleared Heroic and am 1/13 M on my monk. He has 11/13 on normal and is looking forward to clearing HFC. Send me a /w ingame or message me at Ganono#1972Rainks0 Jan 2
Jan 2 <Hobo Assassins> recruiting DPS Hey Folks, The <Hobo Assassins> are currently looking for a few DPS to bolster our ranks. We are a casual, once a week raiding guild with members who have all been playing with each other for the better part of the last decade in most cases. Fun, easy going environment that we tend to run like a Friday night poker game. We show up, we have some fun, we catch up, kill some bosses and call it a night. At one point or other we all were in a progression guild of some sort, but we got older and burnt out on it. If you're looking for a fun, once a week run, then look no further. We generally have a smattering of folks on throughout the week nights as well if you ever need help with dungeons or quests, etc. Feel free to shoot me a message in game if you're interested or have any other questions. Calendil#1993 Happy Hunting!Holycal0 Jan 2
Jan 2 LF normal raiding guild! 687 troll warlock LF a normal raiding guild.Epicburn1 Jan 2
Jan 2 <Enigma> 8/13m LF DISC PRIEST, RSHAM, LOCK! <Enigma> US Horde Mal'Ganis 13/13H, 8/13M HFC Guild Website: • Gazzuk - Gazzuk#1936 (GM) • Yochi - Madesca#1830 (Co-GM) • Jaiydia - Persephone#1793 (Recruitment Officer) -- ABOUT US -- Enigma is an awesome group of people with a dedicated core that wants to down mythic progression bosses but have fun while doing so. We are currently looking for a few more reliable raiders to round out our mythic core roster! We are currently working on mythic Hellfire Citadel progression and are looking for those who would like to join us in pushing our way up the ranks for not only just the end of this expansion, but for the upcoming expansion as well. We are striving to perfect our team to be ready for competitive progression in the upcoming Legion expansion. For simplicity sake I am trying to keep this post rather short so if you would like more in depth info or have any questions about our guild or its history we would prefer a more personal chat with any potential recruits via btag or mumble! Also, if you are applying and come from a different server and need help with your transfer please let us know and we will work something out with you. If our raid times and days fit your schedule and you are looking for a guild to see this expansion through and progress into the next feel free to add some of the battletags below so that we can further discuss the raid program, the environment, and why you should join us :). Some of us also play other games during off nights together so if you are looking for a community we are always happy to acquire people who enjoy playing other games on non-raid nights. -- CURRENT PROGRESSION -- • 13/13H HFC • 8/13M HFC -- RECRUITING -- • RANGED - Warlock • HEALING - Disc Priest - Resto Shaman -- SCHEDULE -- • Raid Days - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday • Raid times (All time zones listed for convenience) - 8-11:30PM PST - 10PM-1:30AM CST - 11PM-2:30AM ESTJaiydia0 Jan 2
Jan 1 Long Time WoW Raider LF Raiding Guild Hello, my name is Booduki. I'm a long time WoW raider since Burning Crusade who is returning from a hiatus and looking to find a Horde raiding guild on Stormreaver. WoW History I raided competitively in WoTLK and Cataclysm co-leading a guild on Dark Iron as a Holy Paladin <-- (this toon). Since mid Cata I have been a very casual player only playing here and there. My alts: Druid, Mage, Warlock (Willing to raid with any of them) Progression Raids SP VoA Nax Ulduar ToC ICC [Top of Server] BWD BoT TFW FL What I'm Looking For Short Run I am looking to go through the raiding content that WoD has to offer. I'll pull my weight and do not expect to be carried through anything. Long Run Depending on my performance/accountability I'd like to land a core raiding position for Legion for progression. About Me I'm a 25 year old Frontend Web Developer and Web Designer. I enjoy tinkering with code and hardware. I'm an all around gamer. PM me in-game. Classified #1611Booduki0 Jan 1
Jan 1 Looking for Horde Guild Me and mt g/f are looking for a horde guild to join with a voice chat channel. We like to PvP, do raids and guild events! Is there any good guilds out there?Shanglin0 Jan 1
Dec 27 [H]<Ephemeral> 13/13H 1/13M Guild Recruitment <Ephemeral> is an established raiding guild currently progressing in mythic HFC but we need more! Our goals are to continue to build as a cohesive team clearing as far as we can in mythic HFC before legion hits. In legion we want to hit the next tier of content as hard as we can. Our raid nights are Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm-12am CST. Prime candidates are those that are already geared for mythic with the ring, although anyone 700+ will be considered. Currently we are in the most need of Ranged DPS specifically Balance druid, Elemental Shaman, Warlocks, Mages. Feel free to contact anyone in <Ephemeral> and let them know you're interested or you can add TheKrev#1817 Brentw59#1910 Siander#1716 Cavrnouscrow#1154. WoW Progress: Of course all exceptional players are always considered. Death Knight - Low Druid - Balance HIGH Hunter - Low Mage - Medium Monk - Low Paladin - Low Priest - Low Rogue - Low Shaman - Elemental Warlock - HIGH Warrior - LowKrev1 Dec 27
Dec 26 iLvL 707 Guardian Druid LF Active Raiding Alliance, raiding experience, 21 years old, prefer nights and weekends for raids, have vent/teamspeak/cursevoice, message me TylerP#1296Penta0 Dec 26
Dec 26 iLvL 707 Guardian Druid LF Active Raiding Alliance, raiding experience, 21 years old, prefer nights and weekends for raids, have vent/teamspeak/cursevoice.Penta0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Any PvP guilds Recruiting? Me and one of my friends(resto druid) are looking to leave the guild were in due to it not being very active anymore. Just looking to do some RBGs, Arenas and do some premade normal BGs. If you got any questions my battlenet is iFlatlinez#1454Puddi6 Dec 26
Dec 24 WTB Heroic or Normal Gear from a HFC run Im looking to buy gear from 7 bosses. I'm not doing this for the kills just the gear. I have all the kills i need on my main but i would like to quickly gear up a new horde toon. What i want is a master loot run with almost all of the raid not saved for 7 bosses and i get to buy all the hunter gear i want. Ill be only to happy pay per item. Im looking for Heroic or normal hunter loot (prot Token) from the following bosses: Many, Xhul, Soc, Korm, Gorefiend, Tyrant and IR. If your guild is interested in selling me a run for these bosses Post and ill get in contact with you or send mail to this bank alt. I need to know availability & cost.Tanyya2 Dec 24
Dec 22 Calling All Rogues Wanna make some fast money? I am currently on my last part of the Insane in the Membrane achievement and I'm in need for hundreds of (locked) Heavy Lockboxes. I will pay you 20g per lockbox, you can send them to Ripshard-Stormreaver with a CoD appropriate to the # of lockboxes. Thanks for you assistance and business.Ripshard0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Dumb. Dumb to remain on this pile of waste. Come with me to the Emerald Dream. This server deserved hope at one time, then failed. There is a beacon of hope... Shed your wow mortal coils. If you desire something more... come one come all to EM.Urbanstalker2 Dec 22
Dec 22 Stormreaver Horde 13/13H Immured Mantics. We are currently recruiting heals. (Hpally, shaman) preferably. Also recruiting dps. Melee, and ranged non hunter. A geared warlock would be excellent. We are 13/13h and reforming our core atm for legion. If you are interested please reply here or add scadoosh#1268 Also RL is 1/13m and we will be looking to push Mythic as soon as our core is set.Beastiallord0 Dec 22
Dec 22 Stormreaver Horde 13/13H Immured Mantics We are currently recruiting heals. (Hpally, shaman) preferably. Also recruiting dps. Melee, and ranged non hunter. A geared warlock would be excellent. We are 13/13h and reforming our core atm for legion. If you are interested please reply here or add scadoosh#1268 Also RL is 1/13m and we will be looking to push Mythic as soon as our core is set.Beastiallord0 Dec 22
Dec 21 LF Mythic Spriest, Lock, Hunter and Rogue Title says it, I'm looking for those classes that are at least 1/13M 710+ ilvl, have their legendary ring and know their class well, I'm looking for good players/real raiders. If you or someone you know is looking for a good, solid guild and has what it takes to raid like a pro, don't hesitate to get a hold of me here or in game!! We need competent people. We raid Sun/Mon/Tues 9pm - 12 CST Lots of great talent in this guild, would love to have just a few more so we can finish out this content and be prepared early for legion. btag scriptease#1250Sinzah0 Dec 21
Dec 21 DK UH/Frost lf raid group I'm looking to get back into raiding some more since i left wow after Highmaul where I was 1/7m 7/7h on my monk ciz. I'm looking for a semi-casual guild of competent raiders who aren't going to go crazy if you miss raid every once in a while looking for week day times preferably later in the night after 8:00pm est. Overall really just want to find a fun raiding group who can take down bosses as that's what i've always enjoyed most about wow. cheers!Krepz0 Dec 21
Dec 20 [H]<Sov>12/13H 2Night Raid LF DPS We've got close to a 20 man roster for mythic (currently @ 18), but need some more to fill out and also allow for post-outs. Although we'd consider most any DPS applying, we especially would like another mage, hunter, boomkin, or shadow priest. <Sovereign>, a 2-night 20man Horde raiding guild on Stormreaver, is looking for a couple more members to solidify our roster as we prep to step into mythic. As a guild we've been raiding together since end of WOTLK, and core officers have raided with each other since BC. As a 2-night guild while we push mythic progression to challenge ourselves and down more bosses, we will also balance that with the needs to farming heroic content before the next tier. Typically that means 3-4 weeks of farming heroic + remainder time on mythic but if the next tier is delayed, then full time mythic progression the farming weeks. Raid Times: 2 nights, 7 hours total, Tuesday & Thursday 8-11:30pm Server (6-9:30pm PST). Current Tier Progression: 12/13H HFC Recruiting needs we've listed above but if your class or role is not listed, whisper me or our GM Ossus as we might be able to still consider your role/class depending on our overall roster. 20Man roster for any given boss is set up based on performance, attendance, attitude, and loot needs. Obviously people don't sit out pre-Mythic. All raiders added will have a 2 week trial period before being raised to main raider with equivalent loot priority. Current perks of the guild include: -- Guild Bank repairs for all raiders -- 7-Tab, ~250k+ gold guild bank infrastructure to support our raiders -- Website for communicating strats and to keep in-game raiding efficient and focused -- Open-bid DKP Loot system on progression teams, free rolls on casual team runs -- Repairs all week and Feasts are provided. Flasks/Pots are provided on a one-off basis for people to move the raid along but everyone is expected to provide their own mats. Background: <Sovereign> is a semi-hardcore PVE-oriented progression guild. We expect our raiders to come to raid with the preparation (i.e. watched vids), gear, proper spec and consumables in order to perform at a high level of play for our 2 raid nights. - We have a stable core of mature raiders who have been playing together for a very long time. Our core has experience ranging from hardcore 5 night raiding in the "good ol' days" to more casual environments. We promote a focused team atmosphere in which everyone's time spent online is valued. We also pride ourselves on being very community oriented. Our raiding philosophy is to get things done with both the team and the time we have. On a 2 night schedule that will generally mean clearing all heroic modes and then working as far as we can into Mythic. The aim is to maintain a fun and sustainable pace of play for adults that like to have fun. We find that our more realistic goals prevent burn out and make the game fun for those of us with similar expectations. Details: What we are looking for in a raider: - We are looking for individuals who have raid awareness, don't make the same mistake twice and know their classes inside and out. The ideal applicant will be passionate about their class, up to date on recent and upcoming changes and will maximize their performance through proper gems, theory-crafting and being self-critical of their performance. - With that said, we also highly value the applicant who is fun to raid with. Most of us are working adults, so a laid back and community oriented attitude is preferred. An ideal applicant is one who, while being focused on downing the content and wanting to challenge themselves and others in the raid team on hard content, can appreciate that a more normal raiding schedule also balances realistic expectations of content clearing on Mythic (ie not every boss may be cleared before the next tier) - We do expect our raiders to perform at a high level, so constructive criticism may be expected. Raid leaders will not be yelling "-50 DKP!", but errors are pointed out directly but as humanely as possible, and it is expected mistakes will be learned from (i.e. not repeated). This is all done just to help the raid flow smoothly. * We will not, by any means, tolerate any drama or "emo" behavior in the guild. If you are drama prone you need not apply. Contact: If you wish to apply, either as a raider or a casual member, please visit: and post an application in the recruitment forums. Or you may PM your application to Dyson (Recruitment) on the forums. Our GM can be BTag contacted @ Ossus#1162 and I can be tagged @ Dyson#1418.Charsiewbao37 Dec 20
Dec 19 Wanting a H Arch Run Item level 707 hunter with ring wanting to get the Grove Warden mount :) I just got my ring TODAY *cheers* so it's not upgraded yet, but I have researched the fight and know my stuff. I've never done Archimonde on normal or heroic difficulty. I can't afford a 100k gold carry, but I'd like to give it a try and contribute to an actual Heroic raid group. I've loved the mount since it came out, and I'm determined to get it. So if any raid guild/group is willing to take me, please let me know!Veanna5 Dec 19
Dec 18 <Taint> 13/13M LF Ranged DPS/Mages US - Stormreaver - PvP 20 man Mythic 13/13M Tuesday thru Thursday 9:00pm - 12:00am (CST/Server) ---------------------------------------------------------- The core officers come from well established guilds for nearly six years and are actively seeking dedicated and skilled players for our progression core. We are a tight-knit group. We are always looking for like-minded, competent and dedicated players to progress end game competitively. ---------------------------------------------------------- Raid spots are offered to those that interview/perform well, interact and get to know our raiders and help contribute to our guild's success. We aren't interested in players that just log on to get loot - we want long term, committed players. The ideal candidate for a position in <T a i n t> is spatially aware, competitive by nature, experienced with the end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, friendly and generous. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids is very important. Use of Mumble is mandatory, no exceptions. A working microphone is mandatory, no exceptions. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your interest! Travis#1317 Wonka#1307Wonka1 Dec 18
Dec 16 Rogue/Resto Druid LF PVE (returning player) Looking to get into a serious guild on either my rogue or druid. Neither are particularly geared atm, as RF is pretty much no better than pvp gear. I have experience raiding as tank, dps, and heals before. I have held leadership (officer, raid leader) roles in past raiding guilds and understand the requirements. I listen, I come prepared, and I show up. I have no particular preference what I raid as, though I'm mostly prepared for rogue DPS, resto druid, and feral druid-- all are 685-700 ilvl currently. I am happy to be a standby for now or participate in normal alt runs until I'm geared-- I'm just looking for a place to eventually call home. I have a mic and if your raid time works for me, I won't miss raids. To summarize/TLDR: Rogue/Resto Druid/Feral Druid with avg gear looking for a home to gear up and participate in. Happy to help progress with a new guild, as long as we raid. I have experience in past expansions, a mic, and I am reliable/listen/come prepared. Contact me here or in-game, available for interviews or applications if anyone will have me :P.Gaïus1 Dec 16
Dec 16 Returning player Returning player who hasn't played since WotK, looking for a friendly guild. Restro Druid!Worstdrever0 Dec 16
Dec 15 Grove Warden Mount / Heroic Archie Sales If you're interested in getting a carry, whisper Graffin or add Modo#1312 for pricing. Tuesdays at 7 PST (9 server).Graffin1 Dec 15
Dec 15 Edge of reality spawn Hey all. So I've started hunting down this elusive portal watching in total about 8 of the spawns with 3 different toons. Was just trying to get a pin on the last spawn if anyone knows? If you do thanks for the help!Köshka1 Dec 15
Dec 13 Server Reset? What time do the servers reset for stormreaver on Tuesday and when do the servers usually come back online?Kronose0 Dec 13
Dec 12 <Reviction>6/13M Daytime/Euro Raid LFM Reviction of Stormreaver-US is a Daytime / Euro Raiding guild looking for dedicated raiders. Raid Schedule TUES / WED / THUR/With optional ALT raids on Friday at the same time. Local timezone raid times U.S. Eastern – 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM U.S. Central – 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM U.S. Mountain -12:30 PM - 3:30 PM U.S. Pacific - 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Berlin, Rome, Stockholm – 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM Dublin, Edinburgh, London – 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM Progression HFC 13/13H 6/13M BRF 7/10M HM 6/7M We are currently recruiting the following classes for immediate openings: DPS - Boomkin/Mage/Spriest/Death Knight/WW Monk. Healers - Monk / Shaman What we expect from our Raiders That you have knowledge of your class, inside and out but also recognize and adapt to the fact that the game and your class is constantly changing. If you are not willing to adapt to class changes and fall behind, we have no room to carry you and subsequently, you will be replaced. We understand that there will be learning curves but it is essential to learn on your feet, adapt to new strats and follow directions. Standing out of fire/poison/cleave damage isn't hard and we expect you to not make the same mistake twice. Commitment to our raid times, we we only raid 9 hours a week and with that expect high to near perfect attendance. 90% attendance is required to achieve and maintain a core spot, this is not negotiable. Watching videos and being prepared for raids is a must. We would like to see people actively working towards the next boss with their peers and friends. This takes working together, determining what strategy is going to be best for our make up and the ability to adapt to make it work for us. A good attitude! There will be wipes, there will be frustration at times and there will be learning curves, the ability to work as a team and have a few laughs while doing it is crucial. We are an adult guild and there for we make jokes, we have fun and we enjoy the harassment that comes with WoW. During raid times though we expect professionalism and the ability to listen as well as follow directions. If you fit these requirements we would love to talk to you! You can find us any time on the web at or you can find me via Battletag: Aayla#1272 or on Aayla/Zyrxi with any questions.Aayla22 Dec 12
Dec 12 New guild LF members <Thats the Spirit> New guild, raids, dungeons, etc. Please be at least 18+, we use discord and pretty much just joke around and be stupid. Come be stupid with us.Jawhnie0 Dec 12
Dec 12 LF Raiding guild Rogue looking for raiding guild for HFC heroic/mythic progression. I have taken the last couple months off and i am looking to get back into raiding again. I understand raid mechanics and have good raid awareness. I do make mistakes on occasion but i know how not to stand in fire. Have been raiding heroic/mythic since WotLK. Prefer raid times around 8 cst any day of the week. Not looking for bench spot but active raid spot. Pentavelant#1501 in gamePentavelant0 Dec 12
Dec 11 Chick looking for other chicks to quest with. I've been playing wow for 8 months or so on and off with my resto Druid and I havnt met so many other girls that play and I figure it would be fun. I generally play with another experienced player in my guild but we are looking to expand. Send me a message or something CharliAurelii1 Dec 11
Dec 10 Looking for competent heroic dps. Ranged pref We are currently recruiting heals. (Hpally, shaman) preferably. Also recruiting dps. Melee, and ranged non hunter. A geared warlock would be excellent. We are 13/13h and reforming our core atm for legion. If you are interested please reply here or add scadoosh#1268 Also RL is 1/13m and we will be looking to push Mythic as soon as our core is set.Beastiallord0 Dec 10
Dec 10 719 Prot War 7/13 H LF core raid spot Hi I'm currently 719 ilvl Prot War LF a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. Currently 7/13H 13/13N progression. Ideal raid times are after 7 p.m. server time any day. I'm currently assembling a Fury set, however prefer to remain Prot. Previous Mythic experienced and would ask that your raid team be at least as far progressed as I. Current cross server guild raiding has stalled performance due to attendance and the end of exspansion lull. For further questions or comments feel free to post here or whisper me in game.Thanatos0 Dec 10
Dec 10 Stormreaver Horde 13/13H Immured Mantics We are currently recruiting heals. (Hpally, shaman) preferably. Also recruiting dps. Melee, and ranged non hunter. A geared warlock would be excellent. We are 13/13h and reforming our core atm for legion. If you are interested please reply here or add scadoosh#1268 Also RL is 1/13m and we will be looking to push Mythic as soon as our core is set.Beastiallord0 Dec 10
Dec 8 Is this server dead? Came back to wow to play with a friend here, and already regretting the decision of choosing his server to play on. Seems like no ones ever looking for pvp/raids/anything, plus we lose about every BG you can play. I played on Illidan horde before this.Aceylol4 Dec 8
Dec 7 Immured Mantics 13/13h We are currently recruiting heals. (Hpally, shaman) preferably. Also recruiting dps. Melee, and ranged non hunter. A geared warlock would be excellent.W e are 13/13h and reforming our core atm for legion. If you are interested please reply here or add scadoosh#1268 Also RL is 1/13m and we will be looking to push Mythic as soon as our core is set.Pickleeaterz0 Dec 7
Dec 7 <Sov> 2 night 2/13 Mythic LF DPS <Sovereign> is a semi-casual 2-night (Tuesday and Thursday) night raiding guild on the high pop server. Raid Times: 8-11:30CST Loot: Open Bid DKP Current Raid Team Size: 18 Ideal Raid Team Size: Roster of 22-24 folks to accommodate easier mythics at the end of our tier progression Current Content: 13/13H 2/13 M Hellfire Citadel Old Content Cleared This Tier: Highmaul: 7/7H 1/7M BRF: 10/10H We've been around as a guild since WOTLK, some of us raiding together years before that. We tribute our longevity as a guild to putting in just enough time to keep the content challenging for our gear levels, without banging our heads on a multi-night wipe wall that later mythic bosses can entail. In our history we've always cleared all heroic content (or heroic equiv pre-WOD) that we've tackled and often we go after the easier mythic bosses and/or take a week or two off between tiers to give the raid team a chance to re-charge their batteries. Overall, the idea is to keep moving along at a steady rather than halted (read: "not fun") progression pace where the last boss of a tier is always achievable well in advance of the next tier as a fun, team oriented group effort. We're focused about getting the job done. But we are casual in that we raid on an adult friendly schedule, we also accommodate absences and breaks as long as we know about them in advance. "Adult Friendly" schedule is not just words, all of us are adults, most as working adults where the oldest among us is 50+ with an average in the 30s. People with wives, babies, dogs that jump on the keyboard to cause a premature pull (OK that only happened once DAMMIT!), executive level jobs to people holding down multiple jobs, we've been able to raid with a variety of schedules and diversity of people with the common factor being we want to raid with mature, fun, no drama group of other good players. If this sounds like an environment you want to be a part of, our more detailed recruitment spiel is on the Stormreaver Forum's here: Thanks for reading! Shaampoo BT: Champo#1464Shaampoo3 Dec 7
Dec 5 Looking for PvP Guild Any pvp guilds on stormreaver?Gibbilicious2 Dec 5
Dec 2 [H] <Errata> Recruiting Looking for people interested in raiding. We're a group of guys (and gals) raiding casually throughout all of this xpac and seeking to expand our core. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 11pm-2am server, and optional Thursday. We're 12/13 Heroic We'll consider anyone willing to gear up and learn their class. Geared dual specs are highly desirable and looking particularly for Tank OS. Classes/Specs we lack: Druids DKs Shoot me a tell in game or reply here. Paleonx#1384Riyoku10 Dec 2
Dec 2 <Chill> Recruiting 2/13 M Looking for people with solid play. Raid Times : 8-11ish Tues/Wednesday Optional Thursday Classes : Any if your legit , Mage, Paladin, Monk, Priest Were Chill baby. Highly Inappropriate, but 100% awesome to play with. Guild repairs, Potions, all the sausage you can eat. I'm not a fan of a massive recruitment process add me and lets chat. Btag Ares #1134Aresj3 Dec 2
Dec 1 [H] Returning player LF PVPish guild. Coming back to my pvp/casual raiding roots. I seriously enjoy going into BG's with 4 other people and stomping for a couple hours. I also love RBG's, 3v3's, and casual raidy internet dragon junk. Also i work a lot. Like 250 hours a month. I'm friendly in comms, i'm not a douche, and i enjoy long walks on the pier and pallet bonfires. Also aprikat beer. Edit: Give me a shout in game, in-game mail, or actual real life mail if you want.Callmeshirly0 Dec 1
Dec 1 [A] Returning player lf RBG/Raiding Guild Ex-Hero of the Horde looking for a RBG or raiding guild (light schedule, 1 or 2 nights a week) for me and my girlfriend. We're still in the process of leveling up but we'd love to find a guild now and get to know the members. My PVE Classes: Paladin/Druid/Monk - I'm flexible My PVP Classes: Ret/Holy Paladin, WW/MW Monk, RDruid, Aff Lock, Arms Warrior Her Classes: HunterDivinefenix0 Dec 1
Dec 1 [H] Returning Highly Exp'd Raider LFGuild! TL:DR Version: Semi-Hardcore guild 1-2 groups a week running 2-3 night schedule Leadership that isnt biased, is competent, involved and operates in a transparent manner (Where I wont have to end up running everything for them in essence which has happened in the past as I dont care to run a guild again) Moderate to large active player base A potential raid spot in Legion xpac, the opportunity to fill in in the end of raids in WoD once I gear up again on my own.About me: Mostly ran (but also raided in when not running) top 3 server guilds on med/high pop servers from Vanilla to beginning of MOP. Even doing time with top 10 world in Vanilla during AQ40/Naxx push In the past I have spent 7 nights a week raiding, multiple clears a week of HM content, spent 10-30 hours recruiting per week and on top of all that ran tons of Openraid raids ( - Revered within the first few months of Openraid even existing) I have raided as every role in HM progression in the past. Primarily as a priest as all specs or as a warrior as DPS. What I am looking for: I am looking for an active semi-hardcore guild with a moderate to large playerbase that runs 1-2 groups in a light 2-3 night a week schedule. I am not looking to raid constantly until Legion but would be happy to fill in when required until then. I can play any class as ranged/melee or heals competently. I would prefer to raid on a priest as a healer or DPS, a warlock, or a warrior as DPS. What I can offer you: Punctual Excel at any role Awesome situational awareness Picks up on new mechanics quickly Can help with strats (Have created strats not used before for progression on any site to cater to raid comp etc) Communicates well in raids Can watch other players to make sure strats are being followed while fulfilling my role Usually top 1-2 players in healing or damage Do lots of achievements in my spare time and include others (All my achievement points you see are pre MOP other than a few hundred) Contribute to guild bank, raid mats, crafting (Have characters with every profession that will be leveled)Necromantion2 Dec 1
Nov 29 Terrorpene Spawn on Stormreaver recorded Hi all and specifically to the hunters searching for this elusive pet. Long story: My first encounter with Terrorpene happened on Monday night at 7:11p.m est. time, mid-cast thru tame beast a lvl 82 hunter swoops down on a flying mount and kills the beast before the tame was finished. Salty and disappointed I spent Tuesday on the hunt. I checked a couple times at various hours and then Tuesday's encounter came at 12:08a.m est time, Terrorpene was walking through his route, quickly I jump off my flight mount cast tame beast, wham, Terrorpene dies, I had forgotten to dismiss my pet and it quickly one shot Terrorpene by my own mistake. Sulking not five seconds passes and a level 100 allied paladin swoops down and kills me where I stood next to Terrorpene's fresh carcus not nearly long enough for the despawn timer to claim another miserable attempt. Third encounter; Wednesday, at 11:01p.m est time, I re-log my hunter onto my hunter from my main, as I have many time today, thirty seconds later Terrorpene appears. This time, I was prepared, the tame beast cast was successful and I now have a new reason to level my hunter to 100. These were in consecutive days. Short story: Monday 7:11p.m. est time zone spawn - Tuesday 12:08a.m est time zone spawn 29 hour spawn timer Tuesday 12:08a.m. est time zone spawn - Wednesday 11:01p.m. est time zone spawn 23 hour spawn timer. My tip and what worked for me. I would check on the hour from say 12:00 to 12:15 and then relog or off and do anything else to check back from 1:00 to 1:15. This worked through two restarts so the spawn timer remembers and carries through them. Good luck hunting. /cheerBosakk5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Selling thug shirt, boots, and pants. Old rogue starting gear that was removed in Cataclysm. Let me know if you're interested. Super rare, good for collectors.Retlandia0 Nov 29
Nov 28 (A)Warrior lf raiding guild, returning player After a long break from the raiding scene. I have just been playing casual and pvp but looking to get back into raiding for Legion. Prefer either 8pm start times during the week or weekend raiding guilds.Freehugz1 Nov 28
Nov 27 We need to Revive Stormreaver It feels kind of empty nowadays. We should do random events or stuff. Also stop hanging at your Garrisons.Gaztik1 Nov 27
Nov 27 wts OWNED FLAG CODE pst with offer or post here with serious offer ty!Mazzang7 Nov 27
Nov 26 Me drawing Durotan! *.* Hi guys! So, i did a really cool art of our dear Durotan, from the Warcraft movie trailer: D For those who want to take a peek at the video ... it would help a lot. Here it is guys: AH! One mere thing, had posted here before a drawing I did of Garrosh. is old but well worth checking out! I will leave the post below: Thanks for everyone !!! and... sorry for bad english :DAlcantis0 Nov 26
Nov 24 *Deleted* *Deleted*Lissandrâ0 Nov 24