Dec 29, 2012 #TheDivLife So I figured I would start my own blog about my real life because you know, !@#$ just happens... Comments? Just started and first try at itDivinitÿ81 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Runingbull chokes, Calling out this Troll. Herbly12 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 29, 2012 Envÿ - 16/16 Reg and 1/16 Heroic Recuiting We are currently looking for a few more people to fill the remaining spots in our core 10 man raid group. We are looking for : - 1 Hunter DPS - geared 475-480 ilvl - 1 Balance Druid geared - 475 - 480 ilvl - 1 Blood Dk with Knowledge of all fights - 1 Resto Shaman w/ Dps OS Raid Times are: -Friday 11pm - 2am ST - Saturday 645pm - 11pm ST Current Progression MSV - 6/6 Reg 1/6 Heroic HoF - 5/6 Reg ToES 2/4 Reg - Elite Protectors Requirements - 100% attendance to raids, be on at least 10-15 min early and ready to raid - Know your class in and out, we will not teach you to play. - Perform a the level you should with you're gear and knowledge. - Have a good sense of humor, and be open minded. - Bring a good attitude and be open to suggestions. We are not a super hardcore guild we like the have fun and raid at the same time and do not expect to be carried it will not happen. Apply at : or Contact : Noriyna, Bubshams, Shadÿmage (alt 152) or Detroitwasp in game for more info Also can add Norax#1108 in gameNoriyna4 Dec 29, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 [A] 475 spriest LFG Looking for a regular raiding spot and/or RBGs. I'm in CST and can be somewhat flexible on evening raid times.Altiana3 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 [H] 2 Casual Ranged dps LFR Demonology Warlock and Arcane Mage lf casual but weekly 25m or 10m raiding guild. We don't care much about server firsts or hard modes. We play to have fun and we play a lot. We have raided off and on in wotlk and cata. Generally months and months at a time. Char names are Lemethe and Berecca. Feel free to look us up and contact us in game. We are old respectful players both 25+ in age. We would prefer maturity. Raid availability are CST 7pm+ week nights. Pretty much no Saturday/Sunday daytime raiding. But Saturday night is ok. Cya in Azeroth!Lemethe4 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 482 Tank LF Guild/Raid group. 6/6 MSV 2/6 HoF Have raid exp in previous xpacs. Can make any days/times.Sprayfarts6 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 Pro Hunter -- (Videos Inside) Just started recording my gameplay here and there. There are a few duels and a bg on there. Will add more next week. I am a noob hunter and am trying to get better. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Note: I know I back-pedal. But I'll still kick your butt in 1v1.Shòót19 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 Transmorg GB tab emptied onto horde AH Got a little carried away saving everything. Just dumped it on the AH. Anything that does not sell will be vendored/DE d afterwords. ThanksKagmuropp0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 World server down What is up with that? So who back at HQ tripped on the power cord or tipped over the server towers?Sickum1 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 LF Tailor W/ Cindercloth Vest Pattern Been trying to farm this all day. I looked it up and some folks said it is not in game anymore. So, anyone with the pattern I will tip 200g to craft it for me. Thanks!Mynistrie0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 28, 2012 Scarlet Monastery Transmog Set Selling the Scarlet Monastery Transmog Set (Chest, Bracers, Gloves, Belt, and Boots) preferably together, if interested, just mail me in-game @ Noobmurderer with your best offer. Keep in mind that this gear is no longer attainable in Scarlet Monastery and was attained before MoP. Any questions can be asked through mail or on this forumNoobmurderer0 Dec 28, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 (H) WTS razzashi hatchling WTS razzashi hatchling pet for 5k post here or message in game.Lexitor0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 485 ret pally LF raiding guild im looking for a guild that either raids only wed/thur or raids earlier or late enough for me to make raid time I currently work from 3:30 server - 12:00 server Fri-tues with Wed/Thur off PST me ingame or post here ill check as often as I canKronmasta0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 looking for rbg's im on a lot holy priestBeltranix0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 TenX (A) is recruiting TenX is active pve/pvp guild who is laid back in progression. We are 10 man at the moment, trying to go 25 man. Raid days- Sundays, Mondays Raid times- 7:30-11:30 Progression: 5/6 MV, 2/6 HOF, 0/4 Terrace recruitment: death knights- blood-rokda frost-recruiting unholy-n/a druids- balance-recruiting feral-weedram gaurdian-pepperss restro-non hunters- beast mastery-farls marksmanship-n/a survival-n/a mages- arcane-arconaut fire-n/a frost-recruiting monks- mistweaver-kannonhell brewmaster-n/a windwalker-recruiting paladins- holy-recruiting (2) protection-n/a retribution-cokemonster rogue- assassination-ogheta/eldrae combat-n/a subtety-n/a shaman- elemental-recruiting enhancement-recruiting restoration-oldmanbones/lithes priest- discipline-kurosstwo holy-recruiting shadow-recruiting warlock- afflction-recruiting demonology-n/a destruction-lormir warrior- arms-judgepride/banhammerr fury-n/a protection-n/a We are recruiting these classes but all classes will be considered. We have regular rbgs as well. We are at 1500 mmr, currently could use all classes. We run them regularly at these times Tuesdays-10:30-11:30 Wednesday- 7:30-8:30 Saturdays- 7:30-8:30 also whenever we feel like rbgs.Pepperss0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 Giraffes. Mine's the cutest. (I'm also on a goat.) Dec 27, 2012
Dec 27, 2012 NumbSkull {PvP Guild} Hi everyone. just wanted to do a little guild promoting. Numbskull is a level 7 pvp guild that was obviously recently created. We run RBG's, Arena, and normal BG's. Just looking for more core members for the RBG team. Preferably healer. If you dont have the gear someone will usually be on to help you grind for it. If you want more info send me a tell or Proseph a tell. Thanks for taking the time to read!Papatom0 Dec 27, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 [H+A] Lvl 20 Pandaren Air Spirit for sale. I'm selling a level 20 Pandaren Air Spirit battle pet. If anyone is interested you can add me on battletag (aokiji#1585) or post here with your offers.Aokiji2 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 26, 2012 Buying Arcane Crystals in Bulk I am currently buying up to 69 Arcane Crystals. I will pay 10g each for them. Simply COD them and I will return any beyond the first 69 I receive.Deathbro0 Dec 26, 2012
Dec 25, 2012 [H] Returning 10M Seeks Tanks/DPS RISE ... OUR TYPE ... CLASS NEEDS ... GUILD STRUCTURE ... HOW TO APPLY ...Incredibru4 Dec 25, 2012
Dec 25, 2012 (H) Feral/Discipline LFG Discipline/Shadow Priest and Feral/Resto Druid (Willing to change specs around since I have prior knowledge of all specs in MoP) LF semi-casual 10m OR 25m raiding guild. I'm interested in Heroic Mode, but i'd prefer to keep the game fun and not have it feel like a job. I've been raiding since the beginning of Cata, and have raided every tier since then except T12, which was when I took a break. Character names are Rawrßrø & Vøxel. You can contact me in game or with a reply on this post. I'm 15 years old which tends to worry most guilds because of maturity. I can assure you that we won't have any problems relating to that. I honestly don't care what age-range I raid with as long as they know what to do, and when to be quite. Raid availability is ST 7-11 during the week, and pretty much anytime on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. As i'm sure many people neglect, we're still human even though we're horde! We still need sleep to be able to raid successfully. Have a great day and thank you for reviewing this thread! BT: xP4TR10Tx21#1506Rawrßrø0 Dec 25, 2012
Dec 25, 2012 Looking for [Aquino's Cloak of Unity] if anyone happens to come across this cloak, I would like to buy it off you. message me in-game and we can negotiate a price.Stelmakh0 Dec 25, 2012
Dec 25, 2012 Ganksters pair of EZ not so funny when there isn't 9 of you is itGimmeyomoneh29 Dec 25, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 Best Guild on Stormreaver, Srsly guiz. Dec 23, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 lolol rules: no cyberbullying me everyone else is fair gameKate11 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 GIMMIE DAT CAWQ WRATHFUL GLADIATOR VETADUL :]Cawqnbawls7 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 Envÿ - 13/16 Reg 1/16 H LFM for our Core We are currently looking for a few more people to fill the remaining spots in our core 10 man raid group. We are looking for : - 1 Hunter DPS - geared 475-480 ilvl - 1 Balance Druid geared - 475 - 480 ilvl - 1 Blood Dk with Knowledge of all fights - 1 Resto Shaman w/ Dps OS Raid Times are: -Friday 11pm - 2am ST - Saturday 645pm - 11pm ST Current Progression MSV - 6/6 Reg 1/6 Heroic HoF - 5/6 Reg ToES 2/4 Reg - Elite Protectors Requirements - 100% attendance to raids, be on at least 10-15 min early and ready to raid - Know your class in and out, we will not teach you to play. - Perform a the level you should with you're gear and knowledge. - Have a good sense of humor, and be open minded. - Bring a good attitude and be open to suggestions. We are not a super hardcore guild we like the have fun and raid at the same time and do not expect to be carried it will not happen. Apply at : or Contact : Noriyna, Bubshams, Shadÿmage (alt 152) or Detroitwasp in game for more infoNoriyna5 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 Supplying enchanting mats Are there any guilds out there, alliance or horde, that might need a constant supply of enchanting mats? I am currently out-farming the AH demand for dust, essence, shards, and crystals. I am very reasonable in pricing, and would be willing to sell to horde guilds through the neutral AH. I am running out of guild bank space and was hoping someone out there needed a regular supplier. Hit me up here or add Boltac#1714.Charizard0 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 23, 2012 @sapphirepanther wtb sapphire panther 15k codGhbe13 Dec 23, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 Ranged dps with haste buff LF 25 raid guild i can raid tues - thurs and mondays. Im unable to raid weekends or past 12 server during the week. If you have any questions for me please msg me in game.Chucknorrish6 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 (H) WTS razzashi hatchling Looking to sell razzashi hatchling pet mail or message me in game with all offers.Lexitor0 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 Selling Ruby thundering cloud serpent Selling the mount, horde stormreaver ONLY , Start posting any offers i dont have a set price i want for it. The way we will take care of the transaction is, we both join a group, kill Alani you pay the gold, then i will master loot the mount to you. Reins of the Thundering Ruby Cloud SerpentSwoosh0 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 LF wow GF. IM SUPER HOT... jk ight Im 20 and my mom wants me to get a girl friend... So i told her i would find one on wow :) I dont have a life and all i do is play wow. Im balding and slightly over weight so you dont have to be hot. A pic will get a pic of me. 18-30 only plz! (unless your a hot cougar -- Im d with that) No dudes... unless ur hot, but really jk no dudes. I live in az so local chicks would be nice but im cool with long distance. Im also on facebook and i go to school :)Baryhallsac5 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 <Insurrection> Looking for raiders and PvPers Insurrection is recruiting all levels and classes who want to raid and pvp. We have a well experience raid leader that knows what he is doing. We have players on who do bgs and arena and when we get more they will create an RBG team. If you have any questions ask Nomilk, Khaleesi in gameVojka7 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 Twilight Vanguard Stormreaver US-10 Twilight Vanguard Horde-Stormreaver-U.S. 10 Man- 6/10 Spots Filled Background info: This is the first guild I have tried to run as a Guild Master as opposed to the Raid Leader. I have raided for quite some time and always wanted to try and run my own "Casual Raiding Guild." My view on what a Casual Raiding Guild means is that when real life events come up they are more important. I have been in what other people have called Casual Raiding and I personally felt like it’s more of a semi hardcore. I feel a Casual Guild is where they don’t punish you for missing raids unless it becomes a habit or less than 60% attendance. This is ideally how I plan to set it up as opposed to the semi-hardcore outlook that punishes around 80%. I plan on raiding only 2-3 days a week on current content because I work two jobs and am in school full time. Basically my time is limited but I love the game and it is difficult to find a raiding guild that I can raid with and stay in. The plan is to be a Casual Raiding Guild that will raid up to a max of 3 days a week but most likely only twice a week. The current plan is to fill the rest of our ten man group. We currently are have 6/10 of the spots filled. This includes a pally tank, priest healer, mage dps, ele shammy dps, druid healer, and a rogue dps. We have pugged for the remaining members for the last few weeks and have downed 4/6 MSV and gotten 2 of the HoF bosses down to x<10% as well as gotten Elegon to the final phase. Raid Times (Wednesday and Friday 9:00 p.m. – 12.00 p.m. Server Time.) Invites out by 8:30-8:45. Old Raids/PvP – We reserve Monday for Old Raids and PvP. We set up calendar dates and gauge if it will be ran based on public interest. The guild does have its own Vent server that a lot of us just chill in. Goal of the Guild: Get progression as it comes but not stress it enough to where progression feels mandatory or obsessive. Currently Looking for – 1 Consistent Tank (Pref Blood D.K.) and 3 dps (pref warlock and other ranged.) Add me on Real ID Orming#1188 for more information or a vent interview.Hideria9 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 22, 2012 24 hours until we die guiseAndore24 Dec 22, 2012
Dec 21, 2012 Ganksters Pair of Dice You boys don't even know what you've started tonight =)Ravenwulf105 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 21, 2012 [H] 11/16 HM Internecion recruiting! Hello Stormreaver, We are recruiting! If you have the dedication, talent, and drive to push feel free to apply at our website Summary of needs: DPS - (Rogue, Frost DK, Warlock) Our History: In one shape or form most of our raiders/members have been together since vanilla. We've always been competitive, but not to the point of taking the joy out of the game. We have always been on top 3 server progression throughout the years we have played together. We've settled in on a close knit 10 man and so far we're all enjoying it. Raid Schedule: Raid invites always start at 7PM Central Time. During progression we might extend the raid 30minutes to an hour if we are having good results on current content. We raid 3 nights a week, rarely 4 if raiders can make it during end boss progression. * Tuesday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm * Wednesday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm * Sunday: 7:00pm - 11:00pm Loot System: Internecion awards raiders via loot council. We distribute loot based on attendance, previous loot received, class advantage over item, and seniority (how long you've been in the guild). We place a high value on loyalty and attendance, and tend to award the best items to individuals that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable. * Note that seniority applies as insurance to us against players that like to guild hop. Recruitment: If you're a chill dude, and want to hang with us, Apply Now! We expect all members to maintain 90% attendance. We understand there are situations where people can't raid, that is completely reasonable. We want you to want to be in our raids, and we will invest in you as much as you invest into us. We all want to have a great time playing the game. Learning to get to know the guild beyond the raids, trying to know the guild as a whole whether it's pvping, talking on vent, doing something in game, playing another game - anything. We have a strong need for: Ranged DPS - (Shadow Priest/Warlock/Boomkin/Hunter/Elemental shaman) Website: Apply here, or talk with the players below: Feel free to message Stormblade, Cynley, Seedee, Maako or Clawd in game for guild information. Thanks and good luck.Stormblade30 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 21, 2012 [A] WTS Grell Moss (TCG Loot Pet) As the title states. ingame mail [w] me with an offer.Tanqo0 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 21, 2012 I'm back Where's all my haters? Especially that angry Asian nerdrager PhilboIncriminate0 Dec 21, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Im Sexy and I Know It are you equally sexy? do you know it? then show it! leave a comment and show off your mog, also feel free to to rate and comment on the transmogs, look forward to seeing some cool stuff.Básugad5 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 <Out Of Line> 3/6H 6/6 4/4 LF MORE!! 25 man US - Stormreaver - Horde 25 man Raid Mon/Tuesday/Wed/Thursday, 9:00 pm - 12:00 am (CST/Server) ---------------------------------------------------------- Out of Line is a 25 man raiding horde on the Stormreaver (US-PVP-CST) server. The core officers come from well established guilds for nearly six years and are looking for dedicated and skilled players for our progression core. Current progression: 3/16H 25 man MSV 6/6 HOF 4/4TOES We are a tight-knit group. We are always looking for like-minded, talented and dedicated players to pursue our goals. ---------------------------------------------------------- If you meet our minimum gear/experience requirements we will give you a shot on a trial basis. If you perform well, interact and get to know our raiders, and help contribute to our guild's success we will consider offering you a full time raid spot. We aren't interested in players that just log on to get loot - we want long term, committed players. The ideal candidate for a position at OOL is spatially aware, competitive by nature, experienced with the end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids is very important. Use of Ventrilo is mandatory, no exceptions. A working microphone is mandatory, no exceptions. ---------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your interest in Out of Line! Wonka - Cyberthug - Apply at or feel free to whisper one of the names above for more info and suchWonka3 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 [A] HealPriest/TankWarrior LFG ... Hello! Myself, a Healing Priest, and my boyfriend, a Tanking Warrior, are looking for a mature, social guild on a large Alliance realm. Our guild recently disbanded from lack of attendance and motivation. We are looking to raid and PVP occasionally. We would prefer to do guild events for about 6-9 hours a week from 7:00 pm EST to 12 am EST Monday through Thursday. We have many high level alts so we understand and are comfortable with different specs and roles. We have leveled many of the primary professions, and we love obtaining achievements, items, mounts, and such. We have both been in high administrative positions in successful raiding guilds, starting in TBC until now. We know how to deal with forums, websites, Ventrilo, in-game drama, and so on. We love this game, and we are determined. We are easy going and love helping other friendly people. What We Will Offer: ... What We Look For: ...Furcefera3 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 Dear Horde: I will meet you at the rooftop... when you think you are ready... all 5 of you!Choklat1 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 20, 2012 H - Recruiting Resto Shaman for Core 10 Guild: Bad Example Realm: Stormreaver Faction: Horde MoP Raid Experience: 4/6 MV & 1/6 HoF Currently recruiting an exceptional Resto Shaman for our 10 man raid team. This is a group of close friends who are interested in progressing as a team. Looking for a healer who has a DPS offset and who can carry their own weight. Raid awareness and the ability to play your best is an absolute plus! We raid: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CST) Contact me for more info! Stellaluna#1682 Badexample-sr.enjin.comStellaluna3 Dec 20, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 <Entensity> [H] 10m Recruiting Tank&Mage <Entensity> is a 10 man semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to recruit a new tank and Mage for our progression team. Must have at least 485 item level, and be very familiar with your class/spec. Good raid experience is also required. Raid times are Tuesday/Thursday 7:15pm-11:15pm server and Friday 8:15pm-12:15pm server. We are currently: 4/6H msv 6/6 Hof 4/4 Terrace We are looking for any one of these tanks: Prot pally Blood DK Prot Warrior And a Fire mage If you have any questions or interest contact either Bajwa or myself in game or via mail.Harkins5 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 [A] MiGHT (6/6, 5/6) recruiting 1 tank - 10m We are in need of an off tank (non-paladin) for an immediate core raid spot. Looking to finish HoF and push through Terrace / start heroic content soon. Raid days/times are: Tues-Thurs: 10pm-1am EST Mondays are clean up days, normally starting ~10:30pm EST. We do loot via loot council. Gear and experience is obviously a plus, but not entirely necessary. Feel free to contact me in-game or via Real ID (Typhis#1464).Sugarmists1 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 PVP hunter LF Rbg/Random Bgs/Arenas I am looking to get onto an RBG team. I have 1800+ experience from my druid. I feel I can offer my skill to the team. I am not a FOTM hunter. I have been enjoying hunters since BC and boy do I miss mana and the real chimera shot. Anywho, please let me know in game. Add my battletag: Shoot#1163 Note: I am always up for arenas/random battlegrounds when I am online. So message me if you need a partner!Shòót0 Dec 19, 2012
Dec 19, 2012 How's the ratio on this server? I'm on stormscale right now and I think it's pretty dead.. So hows horde to alliance ratio on this server? Equal, or no?Hunterpunter12 Dec 19, 2012