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26m <Somewhat Immortal> is recruiting! Somewhat Immortal is a horde guild on US-Thrall, established in March of 2016. Our guild was founded by a group of friends who found that many of our prior guilds were either all about raiding or strictly social. We decided to make something better - a guild that values both raid progression and friendship. We've had great success building Somewhat Immortal, and we now have an active guild with a full raid team and members who log in both inside and outside of raid. Besides raiding, we have members who enjoy running old raids, PvP, levelling, and mythic dungeons. As for our raiding, we cleared heroic HFC in early July, and we are looking to continue our momentum heading into the heroic and mythic raiding of Legion. We raid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8-11 PM EST. We are always looking for both social members and any great raiders. For more info, please contact: MameJenny#1736 (recruiter) michael911#1151 (raid leader)Cicaellia8 26m
7h Experienced Player LF PVE/PVP Guild Hello, everyone. I want to clear one thing up before I even get into the beef. This is my third account. I wanted a "fresh" start for Legion and likewise when WOD released. Here are my past two account characters so you may see accomplishments if needed: Warrior 1(main in MOP): Warrior 2 (Main in WOD): I'm maining a rogue - I can play all three specs. I enjoy Outlaw and Sub the most (sub especially in PVP) I'm 2200 EXP in 3v3 (first achieved in early MOP). I am EXTREMELY interested in raiding and bringing my blade to Gul'dan's neck. I've wanted to raid for a while now, but never have taken the chance to get myself out there to find a proper guild that would suit me. In a guild, I look for laid back players that are willing to talk frequently and have a good time. I'm about to turn 23 and I'm a college student going into business (management side). I feel I can be an asset to your team/guild/group/COMMUNITY. Veramus#1220 is my battletag, but please post here as well so I may know what's up! Thanks in advance for the opportunities.Khagorak1 7h
10h 11/13M Tank looking for a new home in Legion Hi Thrall! If you are looking for an established player who can switch from tank to DPS to fit your guild's needs, please go look somewhere else. I am a tank. My Blood DK was 11/13 Mythic HFC on the main raid team, my Guardian Druid was 13/13 Heroic HFC on the Friday night runs and I even had a Warrior for Fun Runs who was 13/13 Normal. I tank, I lead, I help bring the group together to make the raid as successful as possible. That is what I do. The drama, drudgery and discourtesy of my current guild have me looking for a new home. And I mean that, home. I enjoy WoW and dedicate a lot of my free time to the game. I want to get together with a group of like minded raiders who work hard, smart and most importantly together to progress through raid bosses. I can get the job done, and on a variety of toons (depending on what would be the best fit for the raid team), I am just looking for the right fit, a new home in which to get it done. Message me here, or b-tag me (Bomanz#1340). Have fun storming the Legion!Pepsí0 10h
11h [H] <Ascension> Recruiting For Weekend Raid WoW is boring without friends. You don’t want to be bored do you? Am I asking rhetorical questions so that I seem cool? Come raid with us, make new friends, laugh at our stupid jokes and we’ll laugh at yours. We are a social raid guild. Our goals in Legion will be to complete mythic plus dungeons and normal/heroic raid progression. Our main raid team is strong and stable but we're always looking to find more fun people to hang out with. Our chat platform of choice is Discord; join, take part in discussions, or just lurk. We are now also recruiting for a second weekend raid team. Team “Zug’Zug” Raid Times: Wed/Thur 8:45 PM – 11:30 PM Taking Applications For: Ranged DPS > Boomkin Team “Repair Cost” Sat/Sun 1pm – 4pm Taking Applications For: Healer > Accepting all classes Ranged DPS > Accepting all classes Melee DPS > Accepting all classes Have a chat with me; BattleTag is Anticitizen#1180Emertacen4 11h
14h (H) Risen Recruitment Good day denizens of Azeroth. Risen is looking for you! Risen is a guild that is built on the notion of 3 ideas. No drama. Not treating people like they are just another inanimate object and having fun! The other core players and i have always done what we could to treat all players the way we want to be treated. With that being said we are now looking for like minded raiders and players who are happy with doing heroic/normal raids. We have no intention of doing mythic progression. During non raid times we love to pvp, do old content and just hang out and bull!@#$. Our raid schedule has not been set in stone atm. We normally wait until the xpac drops and get with the current guild members to see what days work best for everyone. The guild will raid 2-3 days a week for no more then 3 hours a raid. Raids will start at 8:pm server and end around 10:30-11pm server. Raid Requirements: * Everyone must have vent. Even if you don't like to talk. * Patience is a must! * Leave crybaby attitudes at the door! * Elitists need not apply. Classes needed for Legion: *Rdps mages, locks, hunters *Healers holy priest, disc priest, holy pallie, Holy priest So on that note.If you are laid back , not looking to get yelled at or cursed at in a raid or guild chat and love to have fun contact me in game or anyone in the guild. My battle Tag is Tiguris#1466Codes0 14h
15h Tank LF Raiding Guild. Been tanking on and off since TBC and am looking for a new home to tank this xpac also. Im available all day Sunday/Monday, Weds/Fri/Sat im available all day until 9pm PST. Cannot raid on Tuesdays/Thursdays at the moment. Feel free to reply here or real ID me at Desz#1898Craytos0 15h
20h Grumpy Old Farts ~ Adult Social Raiding Guild ★☆GRUMPY OLD FARTS☆★- (EST 2008) Is a long-standing social raiding guild founded during the nearly forgotten days of the Burning Crusade, that migrated to Thrall in the middle of Warlords of Draenor. The guild is composed of adult people that share a common goal: playing and raiding in a friendly and casual, but mature and focused atmosphere. LONG-LASTING SOCIAL HISTORY Nowadays the game has a lot of guilds appearing and disappearing. Grumpy Old Fart's strong point is not necessarily how much we progress or that we are always extremely focused in raids. The strong point of this guild is that socially this guild always sticks. We really know people, try to keep players within our reach. We are a guild because we are a caring group, not a group of combined semi-decent players that want to kill as many bosses as possible. That said, we do make careful decisions about progression and try to play the best that we can achieve. Our Raid Groups Midweek Core Team (Heroic/Mythic Focused) Mon/Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST Loot: RcLootcouncil CORE RECRUITING RDPS ►Mage/Bal Druid TGIF (Normal/Heroic Focused) Fri 8-11pm EST (Sat night optional) Loot: Personal TGIF RECRUITING DPS ► High Priority for Range DPS. Limited spots for Melee DPS Heals ► Disc/Holy Priest, MW Monk We are looking for people looking to be part of a team for the long term. We want each and every one of our members to enjoy playing here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. We do NOT abide by political correctness. If you are offended by non-politically correct jokes or adult oriented humor this is probably not the guild for you. More information can also be found here: ► Officer: Deadcthulhu#1604 (Social enquiries) ► Raid Leader: HnH#1171 (Raiding enquiries)Foreva278 20h
1d <Darkfallen> LFM active & friendly players <Darkfallen>, formerly known as <Avalon> on Terokkar-US, is searching for others who are seeking for a home on Thrall. We're laid-back, friendly, very active, and we truly enjoy the game. All we want at the end of the day, is a group of friends we can all hang out with, kill big scary dragons, and collect epik lewts. We welcome any character classes and levels. However, at our core we are not a leveling guild, although we can tend to be altoholics. If you're looking for a group of people that enjoy killing bosses in raids, but aren't so hardcore about it that WoW > Life, then we're a good fit for you. Our fondest memories from playing this game, were the early mornings in vent, sipping on our coffees and hanging out, discovering new content with friends that were equally as eager as we were to explore, and becoming the best Alliance guild on our server during early Cata raid progression. If you're looking for a hardcore raiding guild, or a place to clock in, kill bosses, and clock out, we're not the guild for you. We're looking for friends, not co-workers. We are currently seeking more like-minded individuals for our Legion raid group. We anticipate Normal and Heroic progression, however if we have a solid 20M+ roster, Mythic progression is inevitable. Our current class/role needs are as such: We are looking for a Resto Shaman (1) and more Ranged DPS (2-3). Our scheduled raid days are: Thursdays: 8PM - 11PM Sundays: 8PM - 12AM Feel free to add myself, Fitted (fitted#11293) or Beau (Beaupeep#11607) if you have any questions.Fitted4 1d
1d [H]Guaranteed To Bleed - 2 Day 6-9pm pst About us: Currently we are recruiting for Legion. We are a 2 day Heroic guiid with cross server members. We Have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that why. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Loot Rules: We were using a master looter, Suicide Kings list Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST Recruiting: Healers (High) - Druid To Apply fill out our basic Application Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Virí4 1d
1d H- <Heathens> Recruiting Raiders and Casuals Heathens has been around for a long time and have seen ups and downs with a transfer and name change over the 10 years of its existence. We have transitioned from hard core raiding all the way to social and casual with a dedicated raid group. We will never be a hardcore raid guild again that raids 4 hours a night 5 days a week. With that said. Our raid team will be dedicated to progressing while still having a good time. This doesn't mean you can slack and expect to get carried through content. You will have to know your class and prepare for raids. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Currently all raid slots are filled, but a lot can happen between now and the time raids are released. We are still accepting all classes that would like to be on the sub list or waiting list for open raid spots. RAID DAYS AND TIMES: Tuesday and Thursday : 8:00pm - Midnight - Server Time we may be adding a weekend night as well. ROLES NEEDED: Tanks: Closed Heals: Closed RDPS: Closed MDPS: Closed Remember if your role is closed, don't be disheartened, we are always on the lookout for dedicated and exceptional players. We are currently recruiting all classes and levels. Our goal is to be a casual, friendly and social atmosphere with a dedicated progression team. While we will have a raid aspect that is not our primary goal as a guild, we want our members to feel like they have found a game "home" and not a game "job" Our families and our lives outside the game need to come first. Our guildies become our friends, not a number. We will be starting our lottery up again after Legion launches. We also use Facebook groups to communicate outside the game so there is no applying for website access.Shÿrah15 1d
2d H <Dark Pact> 13/13M LF Raiders for Legion! Established on 5/5/2005, < Dark Pact > has recently moved to US-Thrall, and is now recruiting experienced raiders. Our goal is to push mythic content, and prepare for Legion. We are currently 13/13M. ☠Mythic Progression Schedule☠ Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays Hours: 8pm-11:30pm EST ☠Recruitment needs:☠ Boomkin Resto Shaman Mistweaver Monk Warlock DPS/Prot Warrior ☠Loot Distribution:☠ Dark Pact awards all loot via loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, seniority, and previous loot received. ☠Expectations:☠ We expect raiders who are patient, reliable, and can take criticism. We welcome those with extensive raiding experience, especially those below NA100 rankings. Looking for raiders who are competitive in their class, and those who leverage stat weights to better maximize their game play. Most importantly, those who don’t die to void zones, and have greater than 75% attendance. ☠Culture:☠ This is an established guild with ten years of gaming experience, both in WoW and other games. In previous expansions, <Dark Pact > was a premiere raiding guild hailing from US-Bloodhoof, with a sub NA100 guild ranking. With many heroic 25 bosses below NA30, before it was called mythic. We have many alumni who have moved on to top NA guilds over the years. Dark Pact is back from nearly a three year hiatus with goals to down bosses efficiently, have fun while doing it, and making it back near the top. Disclaimer. We have a number of very colorful personalities in the guild. If you're not easily offended by crude humor or foul language, you'll get along just fine with us! ☠History of Achievements:☠ Glory of the Raider, Ulduar, Icecrown, Cataclysm, Firelands, Dragon Soul Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas Realm First Magic Seeker Realm First Death's Demise Realm First Heroic Halion Realm First Blackwing's Bane Realm First Of the Four Winds Realm First Dragonslayers Realm First Firelords Realm First Saviors of Azeroth Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear ☠How to Apply☠ All applications are private. Apply on our forums at Our raiders are required to have a reliable computer and connection, poor raid performance due to these issues are not tolerated. GM/Officer Contacts: Grizlee, Nytetia, Ròselily Recruitment Contact: Ròselily (Real ID: everla#1734) and Nytetia (Real ID: Firebush#1625Nytetia11 2d
2d [H] LF Late Night Raiding Guild for Legion Just as the title says, I am looking for something later at night. I tend to work until around 9 PM EST thanks to some old guy that can only work mornings. So, about 75% of my shifts are until the time listed. I was hoping there was a Horde side guild that started raiding from either 10 PM or 11 PM EST on. I am looking for something that has the right balance of serious raiding and enjoyment of the content. Maybe two to three nights a week. Some background on me: Been playing since Vanilla. Been raiding since then. Veteran to all sorts of raiding mentalities. Casual, hardcore progression, raiding with friends, etc... I can pretty much get into any mindset I need. I just don't want real hardcore. I am talking Korean mindset hardcore. That is what I don't want. If you have something that sounds like it fits the bill, let me know. I'll be leveling, to start off with, my hunter, ret pally, demon hunter and shadow priest. Depending on what the guild needs, I'll just main that...but would prefer the spriest or hunter with the other two a close third. But, I do have a rogue, DK, and druid that I can hope on. The druid is the one I have the least amount of knowledge with so far. Just let me know either here or in game.Solovar2 2d
2d 2 friends looking for raiding guild as title states, 2 friends looking for raiding guild that is EST or AST. together we have 10 lvl 100s on ther server. Our mains in legion are probably hunter and druid(resto) with alts of DK/Pally/Mage/druid. Both have played for 10 years and are 21 and 22.Zieni5 2d
2d [H] Holy Paladin LF Legion Heroic Raiding Hey guys, I'm looking for a home for Legion and hope to get some heroic raiding done. Here's a link to my application so you can know a little bit more about me and my intentions. Thanks!Alistira5 2d
2d [H][Thrall]&lt;Tane&gt; 13/13Mythic Recruiting! History : New guild, recently came back to WoW after several months of hiatus and looking to make another successful guild which consists of building a strong new raid core, steady progression, and most importantly, a fun and friendly raid enviornment. Passed my last guild on Akama to an officer (Oblivion) they are 13/13M but I aim to clear content much faster come the release of Legion Schedule : Tues/Wed/Fri 9PM-12 EST -- Sunday for Optional Alt runs Goal: Started the xpac extremely late but fInished WoD as a 13/13M Guild and looking to recruit more solid players going into legion. We are a semi-hardcore guild that enjoys having fun, but will always do our best and be serious during progression oriented fights. What we are looking for : Exceptional, dependable raiders to help us build a strong raid team and positive environment (Please note that if your class is not listed, we consider any, and all exceptional raiders for a potential spot!. Spots that were also previously not open are always subject to change.) Tanks : Potentially a spot for a tank, but we are mainly looking for the other 2 roles. You are expected to have a viable OS in the event that you are not needed as a tank DPS : All exceptional DPS are encouraged to trial Healers : Tryouts open to : Hpal,Resto shaman,Mistweaver We are also accepting social members! Website : If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact any of the following officers : GM Dundar#1505 Officers DobisPR#1247 MaxW#1855 Reincreated#1347Manyak260 2d
2d Guardian Druid LFG Alliance Haven't been the in the game since vanilla. Have a 701 geared guardian. Would like to get in a progression oriented guild. Raiding times are Sunday Wednesday any times. Monday or Tuesday nights. I'm dependable, adult, and experienced. Ran full bahamuts coil in FF14ARR vanilla. I'm also willing to make dps or healing alts. Still have my 100 coin for legion. May just use it for horde side since I can't find any guilds on alliance.Gattiman0 2d
2d <H> Rad Legion Recruiting For Legion! Hello people of Thrall.. Background: Server ( Thrall ) ( Horde ) (Raiding) Rad Legion is a guild that was formed in 2003 (SWG) and moved to WoW in 2005.. We've been a nice tight group of players that have been having fun since! We bring loyalty and no drama to the games we play. We just like to have fun like most people, and get some GEAR! :) If you are looking for a drama free environment and a fun place to play than we are the guild you are looking for! We are currently (Age)18+(Mature players). We will be starting raids on normal then moving onto Heroic shortly after. IF we have the right chemistry of players we will be moving onto Mythics raids down the road. If not, we are happy on Heroic settings. Raid Days: Monday 8-11pm EST Wednesday 8-11pm EST Recruitment: For Casual players - ANY CLASSES and LEVELS! For Raiding purposes - Mage - Any Spec - 1 Priest - Shadow - 1 - Disc/Holy - 1 Shaman - Elemental - 1 Paladin - Holy - 1 Now other classes are currently pretty full, but if you are solid at your class we will not turn you away! We do what we can to make everyone happy, and others have no issue playing other classes/specs. <<<< PVP Section >>>> My one officer stepped up to take charge in the PVP aspect of our guild, With that said we are looking for all types of pvpers to build up a team or two to do Rate BGs, Arenas, hell world pvp too I hope!! If interested contact anybody in the guild to join, any level aswell! Rotating is not an issue, as I've done it for years. Hell as GM I've sat out on important loot drop bosses to give players a chance.. It's all about having fun and working as a group!! We use Discord also for voice chat and have a working website which is being re-designed currently. If any of this intrests you please contact Delaya#1306 in game on Thrall server!! IGN toons Tyranuus / Tyranathor.If anyone has any intrest please contact me here, or Ingame GM - Tyranuus / Fireflyy / Delaya ( Recruiter ) Officer - Hardwire / Rivall / Rìval Officer - Azraeil / Azren Officer - Wintersong / Aquattiepa Officer - Krelothos Officer - Deadpan ( Recruiter ) Officer - Vaagren Thanks Battletag Delaya#1306 Tyranuus , Delaya , Tyranathor ,Tyranuus33 2d
2d Dark Confliction is recruiting! Dark Confliction ~ Thrall-US (Horde/PVE) is recruiting skilled, reliable raiders. We have been leading raiding guilds for the past 8-9 years. Our core consists of laid-back members who have been gaming together just as long with new friends along the way. Our guild has knowledgeable leaders, and friendly members. What are we about? ~ Our guild strives for a laid-back atmosphere that is still fully capable of progression raiding. Have you ever joined a guild where the GM's/Officers don't ever talk? Not here! We are friendly, social, and we welcome any and all communication ~ so long as you don't bring negativity around. Want to ask us something about raid? Don't hesitate! Looking to discuss what just happened on your favorite t.v. show? Yes, please! Our goals as a guild ~ We are looking to push progression in a competitive raiding community with a great group of friends. We are seeking loyal, reliable, solid players who are excited to be part of a core of great mythic raiders. When progression raiding is current, we push hard and raid harder. We go in every night we have a big enough group on to keep downing as many bosses as we can. (Optional outside of raid nights) What times do we raid? ~ Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-12 EST (6-9 PST) However, we are active pretty much every night. Classes we are recruiting? ~ We are searching for a skilled, reliable healer (Holy priest pref but will consider rdruid/mw monk/rsham) Ranged dps (os heals are a perk!) Players who can OS tank would also be considered. Get ahold of us to see what we have room for. Everything sounds great? How do you get ahold of us? I'm glad you asked! Feel free to contact us in game, Meesahealz or Krytsohigh - or add one of us to real id ~ CharCharBinx#11345 , Jeff#1952 , Stormed#11374 , Somalicat#1346 Or if you prefer, send us an application on our forums: 2d
2d Heartagram Guild - Recruitment Hey all, my guild Heartagram is looking for more active members to rebuild ranks for Legion Heroic and Mythic runs! We're also wanting to run through Legacy 25 Man Heroics for mounts, achievements and guild perks. Anyone interested please contact in game or via Battle.Net Battle Tag Skunk616#1550! Lok'tar Ogar! For The Horde!Valø0 2d
2d [H] No Helm Needed No Helm Required is a guild on the Thrall-US Server that is looking for more raiders to join the guild to ENJOY Legion all while not making raiding their 2nd or 3rd jobs of the day. The core of the guild is comprised of a raiders that have been together throughout The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, some of Mists of Pandaria, and all but HFC in Warlords of Draenor. We have done the semi hardcore raiding scene when we were younger, however, with time we have opted to spend our time raiding in Legion as semi casual where we would like to progress but wont be competitive in any nature with anyone but ourselves. In Legion we would like to keep our raid group on the small side to manage liability issues and confusion to a minimum. As things stand, we are in need of the following classes to round out to 10 players (we can and will expand should things fall into place. even possibly forming a 2nd small raid group.) Main Group: Death Knight: Frost/Unholy Druid: Guardian/Balance/Feral/Restoration Demon Hunter: Havoc/Vengeance Hunter: Marksman/Beast Mastery Mage: ALL Warlock: ALL Warrior: Protection/Fury Paladin: Protection/Retribution Monk: ALL Priest: None at this time Rogue: None at this time Shaman: Restoration Raid dates are not current set in stone however we are shooting for a 2-3 day format at 2-3 hours spent on those nights, hours asked of raiders depends on the level of progression we are experiencing at the time. Raid times however will never exceed midnight server time. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to post below or contact me personally on my Zlaid#1357 Hope to hear from anyone who wants to raid but also be relaxed in doing so!Zlai0 2d
2d Rage Quitters [H] is recruiting! Rage Quitters is looking for 2 Healers and 2 RANGED DPS to fill out our raid roster. Starting with heroics and moving quickly to mythics, our first raid day is September 22nd and 23rd (8pm-12pm EST) and we raid every Thursday and Friday at that time! Please respond to this thread if you're interested! :) Thank you very much.Cío0 2d
2d [H] <No Breaks> Weekend team recruiting! No Breaks is a 9/13 Mythic Horde raiding guild on Thrall. We are not a hard core raiding guild, but we intend to be competitive in Legion. We have added a weekend raid team, and are looking to fill all roles including Tanks, Heals, and DPS. Check out our progress below: Raid times: Weekday Team: 7-10PM EST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Weekend Team: 7-10PM EST Friday, Saturday, and Sunday We require Mumble for raid We stream, and you can follow us on twitch at: For information about joining please visit our website. You will find an application template on our forums to apply with. Website: http://nobreaksguild.comSkarlin3 2d
2d [H] <Preeminent> New Guild LF Serious Raiders <Preeminent> is a newly formed guild on Thrall from a group of players looking for a new home. We are comprised of veteran players that have tons of raid experience but also enjoy kicking back and having fun, it is a game after all. We are looking to fill a small tight knit group of players for Normal/Heroic and Mythic progression. We are looking for well rounded players that willing to learn and accept criticism. We wish to take the best players that we can so that everyone can have a good time. Our raid times are set for W/TH 10 - 12:30 Server Time. If you think you may be looking for the same kind of guild feel free to add me on real id: Ryepizor#1951 or Krilia#1752Ryepizor2 2d
2d Feral DPS LF raid guild (3rd shift worker) Hey I'm a long time Feral DPS looking for a raiding guild that ends before 10pm central time. I work third shift so its been tough finding some groups on thrall but am available anytime from 8am-9:40pm any day of the week. My days off are Thursday and Friday so any times including late night work for those days as well. If anyone is looking for a good Feral, I'm up for anything heroic/mythic ect can post here or send ingame mail. Thanks allKiraie0 2d
2d Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild I'm a prot warrior looking for a raiding guild in Legion. I'm available anytime after 5:30 PM - 11:30PM (EST) M - F and am free anytime on the weekends. I'm willing to transfer servers for the right guild. While my main spec is Protection, I'm happy to off-spec as Fury or Arms as needed. Only looking for 3-4 nights max. I'm a tank at heart and have experience tanking Karazan, Naxxramas, Sartherion (3D), Ulduar, TOC, and ICC when the content was relevant. I'm 28 years old and have been playing the game on-and-off for nearly 10 years. Over the years I've taken a bit of a break from serious raiding in Cataclysm, MOP, and WOD - mostly casual raiding or LFR in these X-Pacs, but I am looking to get back into more serious raiding for Legion. I'm not looking for a bleeding edge Mythic guild because I have a full-time job, wife, and son that take priority, but I'm willing to dedicate 3-4 nights a week for raiding. Please either reply to this thread or message me @ Sithril#1129 if you think I'd be a good fit and want me to apply.Broxxor0 2d
3d 2/13M DK/DH/Druid Tank LF Mythic Raid Guild I have 2/13M experience on my Blood DK Any day from 8pm-1am Server works for me My Battle Tag is Imaple#1619 if you want to talk to get more info!Velanâ0 3d
3d <Krieg> is now recruiting for Legion Raiding! <Krieg> on Thrall (Horde) is now recruiting experienced, reliable players for Legion raiding. We are a newly formed guild comprised of experienced raiders and PvP'ers looking to build a strong team for Heroic and eventually Mythic raiding. An organized RBG team will be set up later once we settle into raiding. If this sounds good to you keep reading! About us: We are a friendly guild and welcome all players! Our guild has many laid-back people that are still capable of progression raiding. We have a Discord channel that we are always in chatting with others, doing different things like PvP, Mythic dungeons and anything else people want to do, and we encourage people to hang out in there! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them. Raid Times: Our raid times are currently set for 10:30pm-2:30am EST (Server Time) on Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday for a clean-up day. What we're recruiting: We are currently in need of a skilled, reliable Holy Paladin for our main progression raid team in Legion. We are also recruiting PvP'ers who are looking for good arena partners to push with, or those who may be interested in running RBG's later. If you made it this far and you're still interested, feel free to contact us in-game by adding Saint#1773 or Matthew#11926. Thanks!Darkdevour0 3d
3d Need Great Raiding/PvP guild Hello, I've been playing WoW since the start, made my account in BC, but always had trouble getting guilds. It may have had to do with the fact that I was alliance, but I'm looking for a good raiding guild and possibly some PvP. I've had my brush with bad guilds where someone would get the gear I need and then leave guild. My hope is that with Demon Hunter, I can not only have fun dpsing, but also provide some much needed tank support. I'm looking for a guild that primarily needs dps/tank, does night raids, a great agreed upon loot system, community, and possibly some PvP, but not required. My job isn't too demanding so I have a lot of wiggle room, so if you are interested, please let me know, I'd like to get in a guild before Legion starts...Aleiriala2 3d
3d Mage looking for a guild Mage looking for a guild, Older player who has been around playing since 2006. Have three toons with legendary rings and one fully upgraded. Brodie#1965Vorsol0 3d
3d [H] <Scrubs and Nubs> recruiting About us: <Scrubs and Nubs> is a fun group of like minded adults who have a passion for killing bosses and having fun. We're mainly a group of friends who've been playing together for a very long time. Some of us have been around since vanilla, others have joined us along the way. Come see why so many have stuck around! What we do: We love to raid and have a blast while doing it! We're not super hard core but we do get serious when a boss is pulled. Also a few of us like to pvp. When we do it: Raid times are tentatively Tuesday and Friday 8pm-11pm EST Recruitment is currently open for; Priest (Holy) Shaman (Resto) Mage (All Specs) Warlock (All Specs) Shaman (Elem) Hunter (MM or BM) If you're interested in seeing if you're a fit, please contact me @ Rasstaz#1501 Thanks and I hope to see you in game!! :)Rasstaz11 3d
3d 4 returning players looking for raiding guild We are looking for a non-hardcore raiding guild that doesn't raid on Tuesday and Wednesday. We would prefer a casual guild that raids two/three times a week after 7PM and not past midnight server time Our current mains are: Prot Paladin Resto Druid (can be any other class/spec) Disc Priest HunterChitho0 3d
3d [H] DH LF Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild I'm just going to test the waters regardless of the fact that this new class has an overabundance of people playing it. Just got back into the game after a 3 year hiatus. I was living in Japan and playing Warcraft was near impossible due to the lag and time difference. I started playing back in the beginning of Wrath doing progression raid Paladin tanking and completed 98% of all the Hard mode content there while it was current. I spent Cata on my hunter just doing normal mode casual raid progression with another guild. I'm more than willing to start raiding again. While I'm perfectly happy doing normal and heroic, I'm still on the fence for Mythic raiding. Mostly just because I'm out of practice. Hell, I'm still nervous about going into normal raiding. I honestly would prefer to DPS. I really only tanked because I was with my friends back then. However I wouldn't mind doing it if that content is only mythic dungeons or just laid back raiding. I'm not doing cutting edge progression tanking again. I'm pretty much available any time in the afternoon past 4PM PST except Mondays and Wednesdays. My BNet ID is Zengrenadier#1348 if you want to contact me.Lontoc2 3d
3d <SBG> 5/13M recruiting for legion! <SweatBox Gladiators> 5/13M is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on a casual schedule. We raid (legion times) :- Tuesday- 7-10:30 EST Wednesday - 7-10:30 EST Thursday - 7-10:30 EST Recruitment :- Tank - Low Priority Healer - Low Priority DPS - High Priority Having been around since WoTLK we have earned a reputation for starting from scratch and building a guild that can climb the ladders and get to the top despite the odds. We are recruiting all DPS though skilled players of various class/specs are greatly encouraged to inquire! We are also in the frame to have discussions on possible mergers as it can be extremely beneficial to both parties. We operate on a consistency basis, where players of all skill levels in guild once they show up on time and are consistent especially the ones on the bench will be rotated in! Where there is a will to raid in here, there will be a way to experience the bosses and get some Mythic lootz in the process! No one is left out! For more info contact me at baje007#1292Baje9 3d
3d <Order of Chaos> 13/13M LF Raiders <Order of Chaos> is currently 12/13 Mythic guild on Thrall, seeking progression-oriented players to establish a solid team for Legion. We offer a friendly social environment that also pushes forward into Heroic and Mythic Raids. Our main goal is to be competitive. We plan to clear each tier when it is relevant. We understand that raiding is not a job, but it is still a commitment. Our Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs; 9:45PM—1:00AM EST We are looking for all classes and roles, with a slight preference towards ranged dps. But Legion is a clean slate, so everyone gets to start anew. Loot Method: We use Loot Council consisting of 2 officers and 1 raider to distribute loot. Each week, raiders and officers are rotated to join the loot council to keep things fair. Everything is taken into account: attendance, attitude, consistency, recently awarded pieces, etc. Attendance Policy: You are allowed to miss 3 and a half hours of raid per month. Each time you are late, you are deducted for the amount that you are late. If you miss more than 3 and a half hours, you will be removed from the roster. However, if there are rl issues/concerns, then you will not be kicked off. If this is the case, it is important to maintain some communication with us about your situation. Expectations: -Punctuality: It is very important to be online on time and ready to pull by 10 PM. -Discord: Hopefully with a working microphone. Attentive listening skills. -Raid awareness: Dead dps does no dps. -Attendance: We understand real life stuff happens, but please stay committed as best as you can -Consistency in performance -A strong and clear understanding of your class. -Research fights! -Consumables: We do offer them to raiders via the guild bank, but please be prepared at all times Please add: Clazzical#1132 and/or ShikomeiTFC#1721 for more information :D Edit: Added some new policies/rules.Lialeanna16 3d
3d 11/13M Fire mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild I have 11/13M experience with my rogue. Any day from 8pm-1am realm time works the best for me. My battle tag is Scorn#1592 if you want to talk more to get more info!Aethâs1 3d
3d Mage LF (H) Hardcore Progression Raid Guild Hello I am looking to jump into raiding this expansion. Though I have for the most part focused on pvp and have little experience raiding, I hope to buckle down and shift my priorities to pve related content. My goal is to progress as a player as well in raid difficulties. I am looking to play as a mage in legion, but I would also be comfortable and competent playing the following classes: DK, Lock, Warrior, and Hunter. I am fine raiding any day as long as it isn't too early EST Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.Magicgirlguy1 3d
3d <Advent Immortal> [H]-Thrall Recruiting We are looking to recruit to get a semi-hardcore H progression team put back together to hit the ground running in Legion. We are currently recruiting all roles for the raid team except for tanks (we have 2 set tanks but could bring on back ups as off spec). Our biggest need atm is ranged dps. I started running Advent Immortal in 2012 and have built it up with the help of a core group of officers and members (most of which are still here today). We plan to run the semi-hardcore team as well as a casual team. We also have a great social atmosphere in the guild! The progression team will take raids serious, need to show up on time, and be ready to raid. That being said we like to have a good time while raiding as well but plan to kill bosses. Still putting together raid days and times but looking to run one weekday and 1 weekend raid night. Will start at 7PM server time (Eastern) and end by 10PM server (if we run a weekend night it could go a bit past 10). The casual team will be more laid back and will mostly run normal and possibly older content. The main focus for this team will be to help people become semi-hardcore raiders and for those who just want to raid and have a good time. On the social side of things we keep guild chat pretty active most days. We have members that plan events for the guild to do outside of raiding. Trivia games, naked duels, and level 1 races across the world just to name a few. We are always coming up with contests and games for our non raiding members to get involved in. In general Advent Immortal is a big group of friends and family who like to get together and enjoy wow. We like to have fun but can be serious when needed. We accept all types of players as you can see. For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of my officers in game. Feel free to check out our guild site at Thanks for your time, Lectron- Bnet Lectron#1487Lectron7 3d
3d WTS Primal Mooncloth set All 3 pieces plus matching gloves. Cheaper than AH marginally. Whisper or mail me on Xaenai, Xaê(alt 0234 for the ê). Or if you're interested respond to forum and I'll drop btag. Have a great day everyone.Xaenai0 3d
4d [H] <Krieg> is now recruiting! <Krieg> on Thrall (Horde) is now recruiting experienced, reliable players for Legion raiding. We are a newly formed guild comprised of experienced raiders and PvP'ers looking to build a strong team for Heroic and eventually Mythic raiding. An organized RBG team will be set up later once we settle into raiding. If this sounds good to you keep reading! About us: We are a friendly guild and welcome all players! Our guild has many laid-back people that are still capable of progression raiding. We have a Discord channel that we are always in chatting with others, doing different things like PvP, Mythic dungeons and anything else people want to do, and we encourage people to hang out in there! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them. Raid Times: Our raid times are currently set for 10:30pm-2:30am EST (Server Time) on Friday and Saturday and possibly Sunday for a clean-up day. What we're recruiting: We are currently in need of a skilled, reliable Holy Paladin for our main progression raid team in Legion. We are also recruiting PvP'ers who are looking for good arena partners to push with, or those who may be interested in running RBG's later. If you made it this far and you're still interested, feel free to contact us in-game by adding Saint#1773 or Matthew#11926. Thanks!Darkdevour0 4d
4d [H] <Bullet Club> is recruiting! <Bullet Club> on Thrall is currently recruiting for raiding in Legion! Formerly Ouroboros of Uldaman, we recently transferred to Thrall and are looking to build a team for heroic raiding and possibly some mythic progression. We promote a fun and social environment, with mythic dungeon runs and other various guild activities on off nights. Our raid nights are planned for 9pm-12am EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays with an optional Monday. We are currently recruiting the following classes: - Disc Priest Raiders with prior heroic and/or mythic experience are highly preferred. Please contact me (NateDog#1998) or Raea (Raea#1608) for more information or to request to join up!Bhalgar17 4d
4d [H] LF Semi Casual Raiding Guild (3 people) Hello! 3 of us are looking for a Semi-Casual raiding guild for Legion! We've been raiding on and off since the launch of the game and have completed a majority of the raids on the hardest difficulty while it was current. One is a DPS warrior at heart. One can play Druid, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Demon Hunter, or Monk. Heal or DPS. *Peebs I can play Death Knight, Druid, Warlock, Monk, or Demon Hunter. Also have a instant 100 for any other class. Tried to find some logs. Sparkels, Peebs, and Cupcake. Looking for a guild that raids on some of these days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.Syni3 4d
4d LF H Raiding Guild Right now I'm on Hyjal and I love raiding with my guild but some things came up in life that aren't allowing me to raid with them and not be overtired lol. We raided 10-12pm EST Tue, Thur, & Sun and since it's a PST most of our raiders are on the west coast so that's 7-9pm for them. I have to get up between 5-6am depending on the day and I just can't do it anymore. Thing is most guilds on Hyjal raid around that time so I'm looking to move to an EST realm but before I do so I'd like to find a guild to raid with and that fits my schedule and progression wants. Availability Any time on weeknights from 8-10pm. Fri/Sat time doesn't matter as long as we're done by midnight Preferably 2-3 nights a week. Honestly I just want to raid. I don't really care what difficulty it is. I'd love to do mythic at some point but I'm not looking for a "world 1st, server 1st" kind of guild. I like having fun but I like getting things done as well. I prefer a more mature environment but one that can still have fun. I also enjoy doing things with my guildies outside of just raiding. Whether it be social events, old content, or trying to git gud at PvP lol. xD I plan to main WW for Legion but I'll be keeping my Lock as backup and wouldn't mind maining that either. I sadly do not have any logs on this toon (the one I'm posting on would be the one I xfer). We weren't allowed to swap toons for raiding until after prepatch, and after that we just stopped running logs. I wasn't running them on my own because I had no idea the life change would happen changing up my availability. Only reason we didn't push for mythic is because so late in the expansion everyone just stopped playing. But yeah details aside I'm just looking for a new place to call home and to raid with. I'd prefer a guild that has been around for a while. Sorry this is kind of long. Thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it. :)Chí2 4d
4d [H] DH Tank looking for Raiding Guild Hi, I (28) am looking for a Guild that is active and is in need of a Tank. I have Raid and Tank experience since Vanilla WoW, so yes I know all that funny stuff about stance dance building aggro etc. I know the needs of Foodbuffs and Flasks, enchantments and whatever you can think off. I used to get all my experience on the EU servers since I lived in Germany my whole life. I moved to the states couple years ago and so I am looking for a new home with dedicated players. My goal I would like to achieve is to get into mythic raids, I don't care about the time it takes to get there. If you have any questions just add me Vinnare#2624.Vínnare0 4d
4d H-TR Tue/Thu 8:30p LF last spots for Legion! Twisted Reflection - Thrall [H] is a casual, friendly, yet progression-oriented raiding guild. We're looking to add a few more people to complete our 20-25 man roster for Legion. We value relationships and reliability over numbers. The aim is to bring in some great players who share the same friendly and mature attitude towards playing this game, but still have the desire to achieve great things. During Legion, the focus will be on clearing Normal and Heroic raid content, plus challenge ourselves with the new Mythic+ mode dungeons regularly. Raid Schedule (2 nights): Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30pm -> 11:00pm (EST timezone) Looking to recruit: Healers -Holy Paladin -Disc-Holy Priest Other classes not listed above at this point in time are also welcome to apply. All applications will be considered. :) Why join? Great people Strong leadership Zero drama Punctual raids Progression focused Alt friendly Free guild repairs Free flasks and food Team Speak server Monthly in-game giveaways Website If you are interested in joining contact us... via ccas1989#1192 via website: via email: or ask to speak to one of our officers in-game!Blackshifter1 4d
4d (H) Thunderguard Weekend Morning LFM Hey All, I'm here to tell you all about how Thunderguard is recruiting and looking for more members with all play styles and all walks of life. Just a little bit about us. We are a core group of players that have been playing video games for over a decade. We are extremely laid back and very sociable. We like to have fun but are able to get serious when the time comes to get stuff done. We took some time off from WoW, mainly WoD and decided to all come back in preparation for Legion. In the coming months leading up to the expansion, we are trying to bolster our numbers and solidify our raid team. Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-2PM (EST). Although our permanent raiding schedule wont begin until legion, we plan on raiding occasionally before the launch to warm everyone up. Currently we are in the process of leveling up alts and gearing them up. We are also doing a ton of PVP, dungeons and old world content We have players from all different walks of life in this guild, with ages varying from 20-40. We also support all different playstyles, so if you do not plan on raiding you are also more than welcomed to join us. We also use a 50 person mumble server as our primary form of communication. My battletag is Slorg#1281, please feel free to add me if you have anymore questions or are interested. Thanks for the read!Nishu23 4d
4d <Clichè> LF Normal/Heroic Raiders <Clichè> (US Thrall - Horde - PVE) is made up of a group of mature/laid back adults who like to have fun while getting stuff done. We are looking to add some like minded individuals to our core raid team to continue clearing normal/ heroic content moving in to Legion. This being said, we do not push Mythic raiding as a guild. Current Progression: 13/13N, 13/13H Cleared Heroic Archie on 11/4/15 Raid Schedule: Tues./Wed. 7:30pm - 10pm EST Sun. 6pm - 8:30pm EST Currently Seeking: Melee DPS Fury Warrior Ranged DPS HUNTER What we are looking for from You: We are looking for mature players who can consistently make our scheduled raids. Being an Adult raiding guild we understand that sometimes Real Life Happens. We all have careers/ families/ responsibilities, etc. that like to randomly pop up. It's not an issue as long as it doesn't become a consistent issue with our raid schedule. We ask that you would notify the GM or officer asap or decline a scheduled raid on the in game raid calendar. Further more... Be on time for raid - We generally try to pull trash a few mins before scheduled start time. Come prepared for raid with enchants, gems, flasks/potions, food buffs, etc. (Many of these are supplied by the guild bank) Be knowledgeable about your class/ raiding spec. Play to the best of your ability & be willing to research/ take constructive criticism to improve. Watch videos of any upcoming progression fights, so you have idea of the mechanics Vent is required (at least to listen) Deadly Boss Mods is a must! We currently use a loot council loot system via RCLootcouncil Add-on (Helps distribute loot fairly) What you can expect from Clichè: We understand that some raiders learn quickly, while some others may take a few extra pulls to fully understand. We don't point fingers and place blame on individuals. (It's always Thalya's fault anyway) You can expect a positive raiding experience in an environment where everyone offers to help one another to be better in order for the group to win as a whole. Drama/ elitists are not tolerated. We look forward to hearing from you! Apply at: My Battletag: Lisastrasza#1713 or In Game: Manapawz Thank you Happy Raiding!Manapawz7 4d
4d LF 25k moose carry on alliance, thrall server, lf 25k moose carryZaydenn0 4d
4d <> emptyVolltron0 4d
4d (H) Breach - Thrall, Recruiting for Legion! Hey Everyone! Breach (Thrall) 13/13H - 5/13M: We are seeking like-minded, competent players to join our Mythic progression team for Legion. We are a semi-hardcore guild looking to make a fairly quick push into Mythic Legion raiding. The guild is made of both veteran players and some relatively new players, all with the same goal. We like to joke around and give each other a hard time, but when it comes to progression we buckle down and get serious. If this sounds like a fit for you feel free to continue further down this post! Required Voice Communication: Discord Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8:15 pm - 11:30 pm EST Current needs: Mage - Fire / Frost / Arcane Hunter - MM / BM / SV Shaman - Elemental / Enhancement / Resto Warlock - Affli / Demo / Destro Paladin - Holy / Ret Priest - Shadow / Holy / Disc Deathknight – Unholy / Frost We will also consider all exceptional Raiders. (Casuals welcome without application, see below for bnet info.) Loot: All loot is distributed by loot council. Attendance, performance and what is best for the raid as a whole are all taken into consideration. Contacts: BofaDeezNuts#11117 (Recruiter) Pikin#1253 (Guild Master/Raid Leader) You can also visit our website for more information or to fill out an application: or www.Breachthrall.comBenjammin4 4d