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2h LF Raiding Guild Lf raid guild for either after 7pm server time on weekdays or a weekend raiding schedule. I am currently 7/7 heroic EN and 2/3 Normal ToV. My raiding history for this character is mostly in Mists but overall my raiding history extends all the way to Cata. My hunter cleared all of DS in Cata and was my main in WoD. In mists I only cleared SoO before prepatch. I had some issues with some guilds that wanted to cause issues for the first few raids that were out. I eventually cleared all the raids after the new raids had came out. In WoD I cleared HM, BRF, and HFC heroic. After BRF dropped I got 2/7 mythic in HM. I took a break last November due to rl issues but came back May of this year. My Btag is Vel#1452.Braelysona0 2h
4h [H]Guaranteed To Bleed - 2 Day 6-9pm pst About us: We are a 2 day guild and we have been a raiding guild since BC and are a very close guild. Our core raiders have been together for years and we gain new ones every year. We used to raid hardcore but we've got older and 2 days fits our lives the best. We look for people that want to be casual but want to get through content. Casual but good. Our priority is Flex Raiding while dabbling in Mythics. Currently we are 7/7H 1/7M. What we want: Good attitudes. We are a guild that has stuck together cause we like each other. We have a very good community and want to keep it that why. People that want to raid and be successful. Know their specs and have multiples in case the guild needs it. Doesn't need their hands held during raid. Be able to think quick and know the fights. This stuff isn't too hard. Loot Rules: We were using a master looter, Suicide Kings list Raid Days: Tues/Wed 6:30-9:30 PST Recruiting: Range DPS (HIGH) - Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock,Moonkin (DPS 320+ prefered) Healers (Medium) - Paladin (Going to be picky, Want someone that can also do some good DPS if needed for numbers) ALL APPLY THOUGH! To Apply fill out our basic Application Don't be afraid to talk with us: Helms#1526 or Noobe#1687Virí8 4h
6h 2004 Guild LFM, 3/7M, Thur+Sun Nights * Currently seeking a healer! Will consider others, too. * Hello, My name is Wretchedmist and I've been the GM of Obsidian Spur since 2007. We're a 2004 Horde launch guild originally established on Sargeras. We moved to Thrall in 2012 for Mists. We've seen it all. Many of us have been playing and raiding together since Vanilla. If you want a stable, long-term, drama-free guild, we can provide that. I'm looking to bolster our guild and raid team with good people. We're currently 3/7M and 3/3N. We clear raid content every expansion. If you're not a raider and are just interested in mythic+ dungeons, you're welcome to join. We run deep ones, as well as Nightbane. We previously ran gold medal challenge modes in Mists and Warlords. We raid two nights per week on Thursday and Sunday evenings from 8:00-11:30 PM eastern server time on Thrall (7:00-10:30 PM central). We also raid a third optional raid night on Wednesday where some people come to clear easier farm content. Right now that's NEN, HEN, and NTOV. I like to run a fairly tight ship to max raid time. I expect raiders to be on on time, have consumables, have basic knowledge of fights, stay until end time, improve themselves, and talk to me if they have questions. We log our raids and use Mumble. If you want to talk about our guild more and have questions, please add me @ Wretchedmist#1868. I hope you consider us. Bring burritos. Thanks, WretchedmistWretchedmist10 6h
7h [H] <Version Three> LFM Mythic raids. Hello! We're <Version Three>. Long time group of friends that have been playing together for 10+ years. We recently just had <CG Heroes> merge into our guild to become a very strong guild. With that, we are currently recruiting more DPS and Heals for our Mythic raiding progression. We currently raid Thurs/Sun/Mon from 7-10pm CST. We use Curse voice and we use Master Loot with no favoritism. We run lots of M+ and we play a multitude of other games. All the raiders/members in guild are active, mature and fun to be around. If our guild is something that you would be interested in joining, feel free to message me in game, under any character name with Eten, or add my btag, Eten#1233.Eten0 7h
9h Bonecrusher Clan 1/1 Fam,1/1 Friends,1/1 Fun Are you a new or returning player looking for a home to help you get situated? Has the game changed so much that your barely know what to do? Are you new to this whole Azeroth thing and asking questions feels embarrassing? Perhaps you're a veteran but the responsibilities of having a spouse/kids/job have hindered your ability to make demanding raid schedules? Maybe you're just someone who wants to give back to the community! Well The Bonecrusher Clan (Horde on Thrall realm) is here to help you! The Bonecrusher Clan is a tight-knit guild of military veterans, friends, and family who are looking for more like-minded folks. While we understand ilvls are important we rather focus on enjoying our time together and helping each other accomplish their in-game (and sometimes even real life) goals. If you're a new, returning player or even a veteran looking for a friendly environment where people are looking to help each other this might be the right place for you. Send me a message (JNaz #11773) or mail me ingame and we can further discuss if the Bonecrusher Clan may be a good home for you!Nazhorn1 9h
9h Last Light - 7/7H Looking for DPS, & Healers Last Light is a newly formed progression raiding guild. It has been founded by a group of experienced raiders looking for a friendly progression environment. At the moment we have no limitations based on spec, but we are specifically recruiting healers and ranged dps. Our raid time is currently scheduled for Wednesday, and Thursday 8-11 EST, and we are using Discord for voice chat. We are also interested in opportunities to merge guilds if our raid times are close enough. We currently have 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 melee dps and 1 ranged DPS. We have more DPS scheduled to start up before NH but no exact numbers on it. Feel free to contact us in game, or reply to this post for questions or an invite (Alt Code is 139 to)Krïxx0 9h
10h [H]<Divided We Sit> 7/7H Recruiting <Divided We Sit> is an established guild that resides on Thrall. We are a group of friends who have all been playing games for a few years together. We decided to make our own raiding group. We have tons of raiding experience within the leadership. We have people who began all the way back in Vanilla and others who started in Wrath and so on. We are very serious about recruiting the right people for this group. In terms of what we look for in players; we want drama-free, skilled and adaptable people. We don't care if you pull the most insane numbers, if you cant perform mechanics or behave like an elitist jerk, then this isn't the place for you. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy being in WoW with friends whilst getting through content. Our aim is to fully clear Mythic content, so if you are looking to push only Normal or Heroic content we wont be able to help you out. We have extremely passionate and dedicated officers, skilled leadership and a personal Mumble server that we use. We offer guild repairs on progression fights, flasks as well as food. Raiders will be expected to come to raid with their gear enchanted and fully optimized (which we can accommodate). We also expect everyone to at least have watched the boss encounter on FatBoss or read up on the fight in some form. Raid leads will have an overview but we encourage you to come to raid with some knowledge of the fight. Divided We Sit is a great guild for those who want a solid raid experience and a truly wholesome PvE experience. Raid will be progression style but will still feel laid back. Check below in the comments for current recruitment needs. Progression 7/7 Normal EM 7/7 Heroic EM Raid Times Tuesday & Wednesdays 9pm - 12pm EST (server time) Loot System Loot Council with the addon RC Loot Council Guild Raiders will have priority over Trials on items such as Tier pieces and relics. Contact Contact via in game: EnvoyArcher#1817 - GM Gindli#1151 - Raid Lead SwiftRunner#11651 - Officer Xzander#1129 - OfficerDaeryen18 10h
10h 6 Exp Raiders LF Guild, Tues/Wed Raid Time As the title says, group of 6 looking for new raiding guild. Current experience is 7/7H, 2/3 normal. We're looking for better or equal experience, raid wise. Raid times are a little limited and would be Tues and Wed nights. The classes and specs included are Frost DK, 2 Enh Shamans (one can go Ele for comp purposes), Spriest, Prot War, and Ret Pally. Logs are up on Warcraftlogs under the guild Sealed Chaos. The players mentioned above are Deathdawg, Yez, Zarthrull, Huhwut, Resort, and Erejushamen. Feel free to reply here or in game at Coxington#1306 or Dèathdawg (e is alt+138.) Thanks for the consideration and I look forward to speaking with anyone that is interested.Obítus2 10h
10h Small group of transfers LF fun raiding guild Hey Thrall! I'm going to be a bit detailed in this request so we can find a good fit, so bear with me here. Myself and three other friends have recently transferred to this server. We used to play on Wyrmrest Accord, but our guild broke up and we wanted a fresh start. We're looking for a progression guild to eventually raid with (although we don't expect to be put on a core team right away or anything), as well as a sizable player base for running Mythic+ and other content. We're also looking for an older-leaning guild, as most of us are in our 30's. We're not hard-asses or anything, and we joke around a ton, but we're not really interested in memes or drama. A little bit about us and our current experiences: Me AKA Please Move Out Of The Iron Star (RDPS/Tank): I play everything but heals. I will be maintaining a warlock for ranged dps as well as a demon hunter for tanking. I have experience with 5/7 heroic EN, with 4/7 down. My raid roles are usually DPS or main tank. I have experience as a raid leader, and have raided at a high end for several expansions. The Wife (RDPS): She plays BM hunter and is quite good at it. She also has experience 5/7 heroic EN, with 4/7 down. Solid raider that has experienced high end raiding in every expansion. As we all know, girls don't really like video games, so WoW was probably something her dad/brother/husband got her into. Falls Off Platforms (Healing/Tanking): He plays a monk and will be going mistweaver main with Brewmaster alternate spec. He has experienced heroic level raiding in every expansion, but has not been able to try Emerald Nightmare yet. He has experience as a raid leader. Also, he fell off a platform once and died in UBRS so we make fun of him for that. Please Choose A Main (RDPS): He plays elemental shaman. We keep trying to make him choose a main. I think he finally chose one. Once again, he has experience in most heroic raiding prior to Legion, but hasn't done much EN yet. It is possible that we can maybe make him heal once in a while, but he will be grumpy about it. We're all still getting transferred over and ready, and we will be leveling up our new characters as most of us have switched to a different class. Let me know what's out there! Make me feel like the prettiest girl at the dance! ~ RotwaterRotwater12 10h
10h <Vicarious Eulogy> 7/7(H) 3/3(N) 2 Days <Vicarious Eulogy> of Thrall 7/7(H) 3/3(N) is looking for ranged DPS and one holy priest or pally for our core raid team. We are all older with jobs, so most of us are on shortly after 6:00pm. We use Discord, and are pretty drama free. We would like people who are social and prefer to run mythic plus dungeons with the guild. We only raid 4 hours a week so we expect people to come prepared. Videos watched, flasks, augment runes, and we provide feasts. ***Raid times*** Wed 8 - 10pm EST (current / progression) Thrs 8 - 10pm EST (current / progression) Fri 8 - 10pm EST (optional alt runs) Feel free to contact me via smaiello#1651 NasquemNasquem0 10h
10h (H) Into the Fray 7/7H EN 1/7M EN LFM!!!!! <Into the Fray> 7/7 Heroic 1/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Normal ToV. Is a casual raiding guild that's main focus is progression with a small group that does bgs, rbgs and Challenge modes. Most of the guild is in the 25-35 age range with few in the 40-50 range and most have been playing for 6+ years. We are a semi-active guild outside raiding and usually have 5-10 people on most of the day and night even tho some are on mumble playing other games. We are pretty fun crew that likes to joke around and defiantly not for someone that doesn't like foul languish or horsing around. We are currently looking to recruit 2 Ranged DPS players to round out our roster and Push Mythics. DPS players with Healing or Tanking off-specs that they can use effectively are a plus. Specs in high demand are as follows. Any Ranged DPS Exceptional Players will always be considered regardless of spec. Please be at or close to our current progression with at least 860+Ilvl. If you don't like wipes on progression Or you can't make 2 days a week then don't apply. Flask are supplied by guild but you're required to bring food/runes/pots. We use Mumble for raid communication and is required for raids.Any Exceptional players are always welcome. Raid days are Tues and Thurs 9pm-12am server/est. If interested or have any questions feel free to add B-tag aly#1727 Zenedar#1417 Zerth#1687 or Please Visit and Fill out an Application Contact in-game for details Vathar Chie Guvwen Catastrofy ZerthGuvwen167 10h
11h Dark Confliction is recruiting! Hey there! I am the GM of a great guild on Thrall-US server called Dark Confliction. We have been around under a few different names for the past 9 years. Our goal is to create some great friendships with players who like to have fun and down bosses. We are here to show you Can do both! Current Progression: 2/7m EN, 2/3H ToV, 7/7h EN, 3/3n ToV, 7/7n EN Raid times: 9:30-12 EST (6:30-9 PST) Tues-Wed-Thurs, Optional Raids: Alt runs Sundays, Heroic EN will be pushed to Mondays. Groups are always around to run mythic+ dungeons, etc. Quick bio: We have been around since 2008 on a few diff servers under a few diff names. We have friends who have been around with us just as long, and many from our original guild finding us to come play WoW again with us. My husband & I have built some great friendships, and allowed other members to find some awesome friends over the years who play wow and other games together also. Our guild provides experiences most do not, laid-back raiding atmosphere, great players, and a sense of belonging to a friendly competitive online community. What are we looking for?: Raid wise we could use more ranged dps, a good spriest, mage, boomkin or hunter would be great! However our door is always open to reliable, solid raiders. Don't let the raiding deter you ~ We accept any and all members looking for a place to "fit in". Hit me up today to find out more information about our guild, or get an invite ~ In game: Meesahealz , Pootyquin, Tannzen, Holykryt, Scrobby Real ID: Charcharbinx#11345 , Pootybare#1551 If you would like to think about it and submit an app on our forums, here is the link: I look forward to hearing from you! Take care! o/ Raynbosmite22 11h
12h WW monk lf raiding guild 875 ilvl ww monk 7/7 h 3/3n Looking a guild that raids around 4-10 pm server during the week(i work 3rd shift so i can't raid past 10:30 st) semi-hardcore. Leave info/questions below. Drop btag and ill be in touch! ThanksBuffetbuster0 12h
13h <Deplorables> is currently recruiting 4/7 H <Deplorables> [H] is currently recruiting. We are a new guild on Thrall. We have come over from Wrymrest Accord and are ready to take on the EN once again. Our team consists of friends that have played both WoW and other games with each other for years. We are a close knit group of players looking for other like minded people to add to our family. Raid lead is 7/7 heroic with over 7 years experience raid leading in MMOs including WoW, GW2, Tera, SWTOR. Most other members are 4/7 heroic we have been pugging a few slots this expansion so it has been hard to progress but we are looking to finally fill those slots. Our raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 est. Tuesday is subject to change. While we are looking to progress through Heroic and eventually Mythic we are not a super Hardcore guild. Flasks and Food is a must but we will not be hammering down on you spending thousands of gold on pots a night unless you truly want to. We are still all in the process of moving over but within the next days myself and most of the officers will be on Thrall. Our guild is already up and running. We have been running 10 mans primarily but looking to expand into a larger group. Priority 1 Tank Pref Warrior/DK/Paladin 1 Warlock 1 Mage 1 Spriest 1 Huntard Exceptional players can still look to apply were not going to be overly picky we just want people that know how to play their respective class. If you are interested please respond below or add Biggus#11900 on Bnet.Litharium12 13h
13h 4 friends looking for a guild (H) Myself and three friends are looking for a guild to join one player is brand new to the game but myself and the two others are old vanilla players. We are all over the age of 21 with full time jobs we can make most commitments that we say we will be on for just can't no life on the game for days on end. We are all very interested in casual raiding(will accept semi-hardcore) but have no characters as of yet with the gear to actually raid. We have 1 Death Knight preferring to dps - myself i have a Hunter, Druid, and Shaman(willing to play all roles) - 1 Demon Hunter(dps) - and 1 Druid(boomkin). An active sociable voice chat is a must.Drshôcktôpus13 13h
13h Resto Sham / Frost mage lookin for a home 869 frst mage 868 resto sham We're not 20 so we can't play all day, but we play a TON. looking for a solid raid team to join We don't like to sit in discord all day like it seems the norm is nowadays. We love doing raids/m+/pvp, and we'll even run old content if ppl are up for it.Pazyk8 13h
13h (H) Wed/Thur 9-12PM EST LFM for mythics! <HBDC Reborn> is a social raiding guild that is committed to raids and mythic + dungeons. We are currently 7/7H 2/3H and plan on doing as high of content as we can while only raiding 2 nights a week. We don't plan on being competitive, but plan on clearing content effectively. We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays 9-12 pm EST. With that being said, performance and character progression is important. Under performers will have to sit out of progression bosses. Mechanics must be understood and dps must perform. What we are looking for: We are looking for people with really chill attitudes and have the same goals (have fun with a group of friends!) who can still perform highly. Looking for: Warlock Mage Shadow and/or Holy Priest MW Monk Please respond here or message: Rozzok - Systim#1469 Teninchtotem - Cawble#1680 Ravust - JTM88#1628 Hythonia - Wigwamwiggle#1364Rozzok1 13h
14h Reality Shift - Have Logs T/W 8:30-11:30PM Hey all! We're a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild (For those that don't know, a Hardcore raiding feel, with progression-minded players in a Casual Guild environment). -OUR LOGS - We have made some small adjustments to the roster, opened up a few spots. We're currently 7/7H EN [Farmed] and 3/3N ToV. We're looking to expand our core group to move forward into Mythic EN. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30-11:30 PM EST, With an 80% attendance rate expected per month. We use Discord. Currently we are 1 Ranged from being a full 20 Man for Mythic EN. We can trial people in tonights raid [11/30] DPS Recruitment Classes: [Needing 1 Ranged DPS] Ranged Mage Warlock Hunter Priest Requirements: Know your Spec and your stat priorities 860+ ilvl Ability to pull 250k+ DPS (sustained single target) In addition to this, we are looking for raiders who are mechanically strong. If you think you'd be a good fit, you can add me on Bnet at RhiTexxy#1511 and we can talk. ***Thank you to all those interested, We are only recruiting Ranged DPS now for Core, But accepting all for Mythic+***Hassu37 14h
15h H <Dark Pact> 4/7M LF Healers/DPS! Established on 5/5/2005, < Dark Pact > has recently moved to US-Thrall, and is now recruiting experienced raiders. Our goal is to push mythic content, and make top 100 US. ☠Mythic Progression Schedule☠ Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays Hours: 8pm-11:30pm EST ☠Recruitment needs:☠ Warlock Mistweaver Monk Resto Druid Hunter DPS Warrior Spriest ☠Loot Distribution:☠ Dark Pact awards all loot via loot council. We distribute loot based on many factors, including raid attendance, seniority, and previous loot received. ☠Expectations:☠ We expect raiders who are patient, reliable, and can take criticism. We welcome those with extensive raiding experience, especially those below NA100 rankings. Looking for raiders who are competitive in their class, and those who leverage stat weights to better maximize their game play. Most importantly, those who don’t die to void zones, and have greater than 75% attendance. ☠Culture:☠ This is an established guild with ten years of gaming experience, both in WoW and other games. In previous expansions, <Dark Pact > was a premiere raiding guild hailing from US-Bloodhoof, with a sub NA100 guild ranking. With many heroic 25 bosses below NA30, before it was called mythic. We have many alumni who have moved on to top NA guilds over the years. Dark Pact is back from nearly a three year hiatus with goals to down bosses efficiently, have fun while doing it, and making it back near the top. Disclaimer. We have a number of very colorful personalities in the guild. If you're not easily offended by crude humor or foul language, you'll get along just fine with us! ☠History of Achievements:☠ Glory of the Raider, Ulduar, Icecrown, Cataclysm, Firelands, Dragon Soul Realm First Conqueror of Naxxramas Realm First Magic Seeker Realm First Death's Demise Realm First Heroic Halion Realm First Blackwing's Bane Realm First Of the Four Winds Realm First Dragonslayers Realm First Firelords Realm First Saviors of Azeroth Realm First Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer Realm First Heroic Sha of Fear ☠How to Apply☠ All applications are private. Apply on our forums at Our raiders are required to have a reliable computer and connection, poor raid performance due to these issues are not tolerated. GM/Officer Contacts: Grizlee, Nytetia, Melog, Ròselily Recruitment Contact: Ròselily (Real ID: everla#1734) and Nytetia (Real ID: Firebush#1625) ☠Server Info☠ PvE-BG9-Stormstrike Heavy Horde Population Thrall is an Eastern Standard Time (EST) Server Players: 15,504 Horde / Alliance: 1 / 0.05 Thrall is 15 in realm progressionNerfedbro24 15h
16h <B Squad> 7/7H 3/3N recruiting Hello, <B Squad> is a semi-hardcore progression guild built at its core by a large group of real life friends. We are looking to push Heroic level content and want to do mythic raiding if the group becomes solid and consistent enough. Currently we are recruiting for healers and range dps. Melee no need apply at this time. For healer classes we prefer Holy Priest/Resto Druid/MW monk. For range we are looking to recruit any and all classes. We raid Wed, Sun and Mon 8-11 pm. Please message me in game or on here. Thanks, #ironfist1648Cutmastaflex3 16h
17h [H] <Treason> 3/7M 2/3H LF RDPS We cleared both normal raids the night they dropped, heroic shortly after, and are more working on Mythic Emerald Nightmare than Heroic Trial of Valor. This guild is made up of friends and friends of friends from over the years of playing wow, with people raiding from back in Vanilla and every expansion since. We are looking for exceptional recruits to push further into the hardest pve content the game has to offer at a steady, but reasonable clip. Since raids have dropped we've only had two progression nights where a new boss has not died. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Sun 8:00pm-11:00pm server/EST Apply at: Contact me in game at: Fiicker#1793, mail me, or whisper :) Thanks for reading :)Plâgued8 17h
17h [H] Frost DK LF Guild Hey after a few weeks hiatus from raiding with my previous guild, I am out looking for another guild to join to raid the Emerald Nightmare and Trials of Valor as well as upper level Mythic+s. What I am looking for in a guild: Not hardcore; by my definition of "hardcore" are 4 hour sludge grind feasts several nights a week. I am perfectly fine with a welcoming casual guild that is still in Heroic Emerald Nightmare progression seeing as that's where i was when i stopped raiding with my previous guild. Early-ish raid times; I have to be on the road each morning at 5:30 am so i would like to have a few hours of sleep before hand. A start time of 8pm for a few hours or raiding would be amazing for me regardless of what night it is. About me: I left the previous guild due to a disagreement of how particular decisions were made by officers and lack of integrity in their choices. I have raid experience from N EN 7/7 H EN 5/7 up to Cenarius (pull attempts but no kill). I have not done Trails yet so the entire raid would be a learning experience for me. I will leave it at that and if you are interested in my post I would love to hear from you below or in game, my is Zlaid#1357Zlai4 17h
17h <Distinction> Is now recruiting! <Distinction> Is now recruiting! 7/7H EN and 2/3N ToV! Looking for a few dps and healers for our mythic raid team, Rogue and WW monk preferred but talking with all interested. Raid days are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30PM - 11:30PM EST. Guild supplies repairs for raiders and majority of enchants, gems, food, and flasks. We are looking for dedicated players that can maintain an 85% raid attendance as we begin to prepare for Nighthold and progress through mythic EN and ToV. Whisper me in-game for more details. Atrocity#1805Atrocitie0 17h
17h Monk LF Progression Guild Hiya all. I am looking to join a semi-hardcore progression guild that I can call home after a late push to gearing in the expansion. I am currently maining as windwalker but am open to learning to heal if needed. Hoping to raid with some focused but relaxed players who love making jokes and downing bosses :DSaittama9 17h
17h ISO Late Night Guild Just as the title says, I am looking for a guild that raids around 10 PM on. Due to my work schedule, I can only raid during nights. Preferably 2 to 3 days a week. If you have a guild that does this, then just drop me a line on this post or contact "Insidiosus" with an in game mail. ThanksInsidiosus0 17h
18h <Armada> 7/7H LF S Priest, Enhance, Rogue <Armada> is a Horde guild on Thrall (US), we are currently 7/7 Heroic EN and 3/3N ToV. We are in need DPS for heroic and mythic raiding. What We Need: We are currently looking for dedicated dps for Legion raiding who want to join a good group of people and get some content down. We are looking for people 860+ Ilvl. Here are the classes we need most (Bold are highest need): ... Other strong dps may be considered. What we are really looking for is people who will be dedicated and fit well with our group as a whole. We are a mature guild and we are looking for mature people who enjoy having fun while also downing content. We are willing to have you come try out before switching servers to join the guild. About us: Most of us started raiding together during Wrath in another guild and raided casually together until Firelands, when several of us took a long break. We came back at the beginning of Pandaria and moved servers and started Armada. During Heroic HFC progression we moved from Alterac Mountains Alliance over to Thrall Horde and have been here ever since. We have grown a lot during this expac and hope to continue it in Legion. We are a mature guild looking for people who enjoy raiding. We are looking for people who want a fun environment but still want to work and progress through content. We use Ventrilo and would like people to have a mic if possible. We are looking for people who want to find a home and a place to raid and be around and enjoy themselves. Raid Times (Eastern Time): ... If you are interested contact us: ...Drupunched16 18h
18h 7/7M Guild Recruiting RDPS <You Had Me At ZugZug> 7/7M EN 3/3H ToV is recruiting a healer, RDPS to continue pushing progression through Legion. All exceptional applications will still be considered. Raid days are Tues, Weds, Thurs 7-10PM Server. Apply at ZugZug! We’re a group of raiders that have been together since the early Burning Crusade. Our founding members and leadership have been together for 6 or 7 years, they are the core makeup of a guild from the server Akama, called Chupathingy. There we maintained a #1 Horde Raiding guild from the Burning Crusade to the middle of Cataclysm we then reformed for WoD and completed Warlords of Draenor 13/13M 11’th on Thrall. Contact Info Guild Master: Hose (Hose#1115) Raid Leader: Ifro (Ifro#1659) Recruitment Officer: Grandmason (grandmason#1374) Go to and apply on our website. You are more than welcome to send one of us a message in game or request to talk to us on TS. Thank you for reading about our guild. Please direct any questions or concerns you have to one of our officers. They are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.Grandmason2 18h
19h 885 Enh Shaman & 878 MM Hunter lf M guild We're both 3/7M EN and 2/3H ToV. Always come prepared with flask, food and pots. Attendance is generally never an issue. We're looking for a guild that raids Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:30-11:00 server time. We have mics. We're friendly. Our guild just fell apart mid-tier, a classic tragedy story. Keepin it simple at this point. Logs can be furnished upon request. Can interview or apply online if required. Crooked#11909 or PapaWonka#1839 to communicate in game.  Or you can reply here. Or email upon request. Cheers!Crookedjay0 19h
20h [H] <Terrabad> LFM M EN/H ToV Progression <Terrabad> is a laid back guild looking to expand our progression team! We currently have Heroic Mode Emerald Nightmare and Normal Trial of Valor on farm, but have ambitions to begin seriously progressing Mythic raids. To that end, we're looking to round-out our progression team with a few more raiders. Ideally, we could really use a Demon Hunter, and either a Ret/Holy Pally or a DPS/Resto Shaman. We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday night from 7-10 p.m. (EST) with Monday night being optional to progress a bit further before weekly reset. We typically run a lot of Mythic/Mythic+/Kara dungeons over the weekend and on non-raid nights as well. The five founders of the guild are WoW veterans and IRL friends who have been raiding on and off since Vanilla/TBC. We're a chatty bunch and fairly easy-going, but we're dedicated to pushing the content as hard as we can. We're looking for people who, like us, take raiding seriously, but don't want to treat it like a second job. Most of us are adults with families and real life priorities, so we don't want to squander the time we do have to play together. Even if you're not interested in raiding, plenty of us frequently level alts, farm Legacy content, and PvP. If you're interested in joining, feel free to add me on bnet (Fappy #1883) or message me in-game (Manadork is my main). You can comment here if you have any questions as well! Guild site link: 20h
22h [H-EST] Aenigma 7/7H 3/3N LFM H ToV Aenigma Horde EST Casual Heroic Raiding Guild Summary: Progress: EN 7/7H ToV 3/3N Raid Times: Tues/Thur/Sun 8PM - 11PM Server Time Recruiting: Rogue, Ranged DPS, Holy Paladin, Raid Capable Off Spec Tank About Aenigma: We are a casual raiding guild progressing our way through heroic raids. We are currently recruiting to fill out our roster for Heroic Trial of Valor. The core of our guild are old time WoW friends and some amazing new ones. If you join Aenigma you can expect a friendly and fun atmosphere. We care more about having a good time with our friends over the next piece of loot. As such we rely on an open loot council that solves most situation with /roll. We use discord to communicate often inside and outside the game however all forms of chat are open. You won’t find any locked channels including officer chat in game. About Recruitment: Applications are open to anyone the above are just what we need specifically, we will always consider new cool people. We are specifally interested in a fouth healer as we have been pugging one to clear heroic. Healers get at us! Contact in-game: Jmoose, Karmacode, Gûmmybear and Snarebears. Or contact anyone in the guild and have a chatJmoose24 22h
1d 870 Resto Druid LF +15 Keystone Master Group I'm trying to find people who are interested in getting the +15 Keystone Master achievement and doing high level dungeon content. I'm a 870 Resto druid with many Gold CM characters from both MoP and WoD. Add me on BNet. Berry#1409Dreamberry1 1d
1d <Oops All Baddies>2/7M[3 Day] Recruiting Oops All Baddies is a late night raiding guild on Thrall US. Most of us have extensive raiding experience dating back to Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. At that time we were competing for top US rankings. We don’t expect to be competing on that level anymore, but we are expecting to clear all raiding content while it’s relevant while also maintaining an enjoyable semi-hardcore environment. We raid Mon, Wed, and Thur 11 pm to 2 am Eastern time. Now 3/3 N ToV*** We are currently recruiting all slots, with a couple in high priority. Those being: DK Blood offspec Balance Druid (resto offspec pref) Shadow/Holy Priest ANY Warlock In a perfect world, we would like to recruit for mythic + groups and a B raiding roster as well, so if you're NOT looking to progression raid, don't be afraid to apply anyway for those other reasons. We ask that if you are interested in applying that you keep only three things in mind. 1. Show up on time…and plan on staying until the scheduled raid time is finished. 2. Don’t be terrible. 3. Enjoy yourself. We may be semi-hardcore, but we're still fun. Progression raiding isn’t for everyone. We are looking for players that are willing to wipe a lot and keep a good attitude. Because of our relatively small raiding schedule, we ask everyone to be prepared for fights and execute with tight technical play so that we can make the most out of the time we do have. That said, this is a game, not a job. We are trying to put together a like-minded group of individuals to have fun raiding hard content. You wont be required to put time into the game outside of raid, however we would hope that you do enjoy doing some nonraid content because much of it has become relevant to raiding. Apply here -> OR Whisper or mail me in game @ Nastee#11136 and I'd be more than happy to help.Draukari5 1d
1d <Helix>7/7H 2/3N| LF RDPS & Heals WKND Raid <Helix>7/7H 2/3N| LF Range DPS & Holy Paladin or Holy Priest. Raid Nights are Fri & Sat 8-11pm Server. Semi-Hardcore guild looking to dip our toes into Mythic EN once we get a few more players. We need good solid and fun players.Sevaira4 1d
1d [H] Prot War & rogue LF late night raid group Old guild fell apart and we're looking to transfer for some mythic raiding, which sadly isn't really an option on our current server. We are both experienced raiders(Experience from prior expansions), 7/7H EN before our group fell apart. I'm at an 872 ilvl and the rogue is 874 ilvl. We are looking for a raid group on tuesday, wednesday, or thursday from 11-3 EST.Moojolnir0 1d
1d <Order of Chaos> 7/7H, 3/7M LF Rdps <Order of Chaos> is currently 7/7H, 2/7M, Horde guild on Thrall, seeking progression-oriented Ranged Dps. We offer a friendly social environment that also pushes forward into Heroic and Mythic Raids. Our Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs; 9:45PM—1:00AM EST Would love to see some logs if you have them. Loot Method: We use Loot Council consisting of 2 officers and 1 raider to distribute loot. Each week, raiders and officers are rotated to join the loot council to keep things fair. Everything is taken into account: attendance, attitude, consistency, recently awarded pieces, etc. Attendance Policy: You are allowed to miss 3 and a half hours of raid per month. Each time you are late, you are deducted for the amount that you are late. If you miss more than 3 and a half hours, you will be removed from the roster. However, if there are rl issues/concerns, then you will not be kicked off. If this is the case, it is important to maintain some communication with us about your situation. Expectations: -Punctuality: It is very important to be online on time and ready to pull by 10 PM. -Discord: Hopefully with a working microphone. Attentive listening skills. -Raid awareness: Dead dps does no dps. -Attendance: We understand real life stuff happens, but please stay committed as best as you can -Consistency in performance -A strong and clear understanding of your class. -Research fights! -Consumables: We do offer them to raiders via the guild bank, but please be prepared at all times Please add: Clazzical#1132 for more information :DMorugana9 1d
1d [H] <Epics and Chill> LF Hunters (7/7H)(3/3N) Vision: 20 minutes into <Epics and Chills> we will have you blow all your cooldowns! In all seriousness, our guild really stands behind those two things: 1. get epics 2. stay chill. In other words, we are a casual raiding guild. Our leaders understand that jobs, kids, mental well-being, and even Netflix and Chill can sometimes be more important than <Epics and Chill>. So it's our vision to bring a balance between fun and progression. If you are looking for a server first, go ahead and swipe left. Otherwise, keep reading. Benefits: Maturity - Most of our members are 25+ and more than a handful of our members are parents with young children. We are also blessed with a well balanced male/female ratio. In other words, we respect our members regardless of occupation, gender, sexual orientation, or background. Light raid schedule - Our current progression nights are two nights a week 9pm EST to 11pm EST. While we do raid on other nights to help new members and alts gear up, no one is pressured to raid more than what they want to. Our guild was AotC in Hellfire Citadel and continue looking to progress. Personal Loot - Guild drama usually arises from loot distribution. Our guild has decided to circumvent these issues by using Personal Loot in all our raids. Flexibility - We believe people should play the class they enjoy, so we are happy to accommodate if people want to change specs or change class, provided that they meet the necessary raid requirements. Our Expectations: Be respectful - Respect other members and respect the officers and raid leaders. Be able to handle some constructive criticism, and remember that it's to help you and everyone get better. Be prepared - If you plan on raiding, come prepared. Everyone in the raid deserves to have fun and their happiness should not be taken away because others do not pull their weight. Be flexible - A guild is about building a community and helping each other out. Sometimes you may have to go above and beyond, and we will be appreciative. If our guild looks like what you are looking for, just swipe right and see if we match. Or you can just message Nekomancy in-game. Good vibes only!Nekomancy9 1d
1d [H] <Optimized> 2nights/week LFM Recruiting Raiders for a new Raiding Guild. Also looking for a couple great leaders to help with officer duties. Please add Bayloc#1123 or Halstinavos#1829 for more info. Guild Name Optimized Raid Days Tuesday and Thursday 7-10pm est Goal As a guild we are looking to push as far and fast with a light schedule. Six hours isn't much but with the right leadership and raiders, much can be accomplished. Recruiting will not be an overnight thing but I look to have a complete raid team as soon as possible. Experience This expansion I have 5/7M down. Have always been in or near top 1000 guilds and will continue to do so with this venture. Website If any of this piques your interest, please add me and we can talk.Bayloc11 1d
1d Casual, adult players-Welcome! Join us :) Casuals Adults Welcome to join us ! The North Men Server: Thrall - Horde- Us/Canada recruiting adult causal guild mates and raid members to join our guild. All members have access to: * Discord- available to use to socialize while participating in dungeon runs and raids. * Active guild members are online at all hours of the day/night. *Events, achievement runs * FB access, Discord general chat sharing * Alt runs Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 10pm-1am EST (server time). Current progression is 7/7 H 0/3 . Semi-hardcore. All raid members are expected to: * DPS output 275k-300k * Item lvl: 860 plus *Know your class, close to, if not over , artifact power research 30 on your weapon. * Close to your 3rd gold trait Recruiting for : 2x Mage 1x S.Priest or Warlock 2x Balance Druids 2x Hunters or Shamans (range) 1x Hunter or Shaman (melee) 1x Shaman (Healer) 1x Monk (Healer) ******* If you do not fit within these slots, but are interested in raiding with us, please still contact us. *********** If your on the Thrall server feel free to contact Fuzzyknuckle in-game mail or if your not please contact our recruitment captain Jadeddwrath-Thrall at Btag Jaded#1Jadeddwrath0 1d
1d The North Men-Guild and Raid recurit The North Men Server: Thrall - Horde- Us/Canada recruiting adult causal guild mates and raid members to join our guild. All members have access to: * Discord- available to use to socialize while participating in dungeon runs and raids. * Active guild members are online at all hours of the day/night. *Events, achievement runs * FB access, Discord general chat sharing * Alt runs Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 10pm-1am EST (server time). Current progression is 7/7 H 0/3 . Semi-hardcore. All raid members are expected to: * DPS output 275k-300k * Item lvl: 860 plus *Know your class, close to, if not over , artifact power research 30 on your weapon. * Close to your 3rd gold trait Recruiting for : 2x Mage 1x S.Priest or Warlock 2x Balance Druids 2x Hunters or Shamans (range) 1x Hunter or Shaman (melee) 1x Shaman (Healer) 1x Monk (Healer) ******* If you do not fit within these slots, but are interested in raiding with us, please still contact us. *********** If your on the Thrall server feel free to contact Fuzzyknuckle in-game mail or if your not please contact our recruitment captain Jadeddwrath-Thrall at Btag Jaded#1153.Jadeddwrath3 1d
1d [H]<SuperTroopers> US-Thrall 7/7H 2/3N TOV <SuperTroopers> Horde on US server Thrall Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 9:45 PM - 1:00 AM EST/6:45 PM - 10:00 PM PST Age: 18+ mature Hello Everyone, <SuperTroopers> is a newly formed guild of old friends that are veteran raiders in WoW with hardcore progression. We are not looking for hardcore, but we would like to progress efficiently and be competitive on our server. If we can get the numbers, we are going to do mythic as soon as possible. At the moment we are looking for a solid tank healer and range dps to fill up to 20 people. We are about min/maxing as much as we can for raiding to be as successful as we can for the limited time we have for raiding. We are a highly active guild that runs mythic dungeons constantly and are always running content with each other while having fun. If you have any questions or are interested, then please post on here or message me at my btag Metalfreek05#1366 or Zzugzzug#1948, Thestra#1134Haqssalot31 1d
1d [H] <Ascension LF Ranged DPS! <Ascension> is recruiting solid ranged DPS for our raid team! Guild has experienced leadership, laid back attitude, and a focused raid environment. Raids Tues/Thurs 9-12PM Server Time. 6/7 H EN so far! Discord Required. Leave a message here or contact me ingame :) Bnet: Hamez#11780Smalling2 1d
1d [H][Thrall]<Tane> 7/7M is Recruiting! History : New guild, recently came back to WoW after several months of hiatus and looking to make another successful guild which consists of building a strong new raid core, steady progression, and most importantly, a fun and friendly raid enviornment. Passed my last guild on Akama to an officer and they are doing well. But I aim to clear content much faster with <Tane> Schedule : Tues/Wed/Fri 9PM-12 EST Goal: Started the xpac extremely late but fInished WoD as a 13/13M Guild before pre-patch and looking to recruit more solid players going into mythic EN We are a semi-hardcore guild that enjoys having fun, but will always do our best and maintain a competitive environment during progression oriented fights. What we are looking for : Exceptional, dependable raiders to help us build a strong raid team and positive environment (Please note that if your class is not listed, we consider any, and all exceptional raiders for a potential spot! Spots that were also previously not open are always subject to change.) Tanks : Potential spot for an experienced tank DPS : All exceptional DPS are encouraged to trial with priority on a few choice classes Healers : We encourage experienced healers to apply! We are also accepting social members! Website : If you have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact any of the following officers : GM Dundar#1505 Officers MaxW#1855 Reincreated#1347Manyak295 1d
1d <Radicitus> 7/7H EN & 3/3N ToV LFM Hello! We are a small active Horde guild looking to bring in a few more DPS and a healer into our raid group. We are open to any DPS but are currently lacking a mage and monk. We require our raiding DPS to be able to pull at least 200k on single target. (If you are not geared enough to do this we will farm mythic+ with you to gear you up if you are a good match for us). As far as a healer we are mainly looking for a paladin, monk or shaman. We raid Thurs/Sun from 8:30p-11p server time. Outside of raids we normally do mythic+, weekly timewalking, pvp, etc. We are just starting up an optional alt raid as well if you have multiple characters you would like to raid with. We use curse as our VOIP and there are usually at least 5 people on every night even on off nights. We are a very fun/friendly informal guild but we do like to progress. If interested please message me in-game and I would love to talk to you further. We do not have an application because I myself hate filling them out, but we will want to talk to you a bit to get a feel if you will be a good fit with our group. My RealID is Elk#1610. Hope to hear from you soon!Élk1 1d
1d <Tom Sellecks Mustache> 7/7H LF DPS <Tom Sellecks Mustache> is Looking for raiders to fill our core team. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:15 to 9:00 pm (eastern/server time) Discord IS required for raids, Personal Loot. We are specifically looking for: --865+ ilvl-- -Ret Pally -Boomkin Thanks -RekRekghar17 1d
1d <Warlords of Draino> LF Heals & DPS As a guild we have two raiding groups, which makes off raiding nights to always have people on running keystones together and other in-game things. progression is 7/7H 3/3N and 1/7M(Group 1). Group 2 is 7/7H and 3/3N looking to fill the 20 man roster by trimming dead weight and bringing in some exceptional players so we can start our Mythic progression ASAP. We are currently in need of Ranged more than Melee but will still accept Melee depending if you can pull big numbers. We are also looking for new healers, preferably a Holy Paladin. Whisper in-game Deems or Shanoo if you're interested or for more info. Raid nights are Tues-Wed 8-11pm EST (server time). if you are from another server we will potentially pay for your transfer.Deems0 1d
1d Casual Raiders/Returning Players Join Us! Twisted Reflection - Thrall [H] is a casual, friendly, yet progression-oriented raiding guild. We're looking to add some more players to our core roster, plus also add some extra social members! Currently 3/7H EN ; 1/3 ToV Raid Schedule (2 nights): Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30pm -> 11:00pm (EST timezone) We value relationships and reliability over numbers. The aim is to bring in some great players who share the same friendly and mature attitude towards playing this game, but still have the desire to achieve great things. During Legion, the focus will be on clearing Normal and Heroic raid content, plus challenge ourselves with the new Mythic+ mode dungeons regularly :) Looking to recruit: RDPS: -Mage -Warlock -Shadow Priest -Hunter MDPS: -Ret Pally -Rogue Healers: -Disc/Holy Priest -Hpally -Resto Druid Other classes not listed above at this point in time are also welcome to apply. Why join? Great people Punctual raids Progression focused Alt friendly Free guild repairs Free flasks and food for raiders Discord server If you are interested in joining contact us... via ccas1989#1192 or ask to speak to one of our officers in-game!Blackshifter5 1d
1d Looking for a daytime raiding guild i work mostly all nights and am having a terrible time getting into raids are there any daytime raiding guilds out there on thrall?Òmen9 1d
1d 870 Rogue LF Raiding Guild Trying to get back into serious raiding, but needing a new home to kick start it! Mainly pugging my way through this whole expansion to ilvl 870. I have everything cleared up to 7/7 H EN cleared. Looking for Late Late night, Early morning, or early afternoon raiding guild! Any days will workGatecrasherr7 1d
1d 871 Enhance shaman lf group Hello, I am an 871 enhancement shaman and due to my guilds raid nights changing I am looking for a ToV normal and heroic progression raid group. I would prefer to run on Wednesday and Thursday 8 to 11 pm. I am possibly open to other days except tuesdays. I am 7/7 H EN and 3/3 N ToV. I do 300+k dps. If you are interested please leave a post here or contact me in game #ironfist1648.Cutmastaflex2 1d