[H] LFM Weekend Raiders Summary Server: Thrall Type: Raiders Classes: All Raid Schedule: Friday and Saturday night 9pm – 12 or 1am (EST) Guild Atmosphere: Serious raiders, but fun (not casual per se -- emphasis on the fun) Benefits/Extras: Bank, paid repairs, and spend time in friendly environment Age limit: 21+ Web site: ... Wrath of Time, located on Thrall, is currently recruiting all classes for progression raiding. Our goal is to focus on end-game content in a fun atmosphere - with working adults who have limited time. And, we’re looking for like-minded players to join our ranks. We raid twice a week, approximately three to four hours (max, during progression) a night. We’re perfect for individuals who want to experience end-game content but have commitments that limit time in-game. Our approach is simple--come prepared (i.e., flasks, repaired, buff-food, know the fights, etc.), follow directions, contribute, take down bosses, communicate, and dispense loot while we enjoy spending time with our guildmates. We pride ourselves on a fun, but focused, raid environment. We all pay to play, no one wants the game to feel like another job. As mentioned above, we’re an adult-only guild. All of us have some type of work / school, many of us are married, and some of us have kids. Because some of our members don’t have time for the hardcore raiding scene, we find ourselves constantly trying to min/max our characters to make the most of our play time. That being said, during the week you may not see some of us as our play time is limited. While we may not always be active in game, we are generally active in our mumble server, guild forums, or other Blizzard titles. We prefer growing as a community and working towards a common goal instead of being a few strangers who get on together to run around and slay pixelated bad guys. We’re proud of the guild and community we’ve built. Because of this, our recruitment can be slower at times to ensure we’re recruiting like-minded players. We’re currently looking for players with the ability and maturity to play both a Main and an Off-Spec depending on raid composition. We expect raiders to have personal lives, and things unexpectedly come up, so key roles will need to be filled to further the Guild's progression. While it would be nice to get to Mythic content, we’re not going to lose sleep over it. With the limited play time we have, a realistic goal is to focus solely on heroic raids for progression and perhaps see some Mythic content. For more information hit up Sp3cK#1228, Olive#1748, Deftig#1343, Phuror#1260, and Thesan#1650 on Thrall, or check out our Web site. We look forward to progressing with you. Powaghen29
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[H] <Scrubless> LFM 13/13M We are currently focusing on recruiting for our healing core. Healers are required to have DPS off specs. History <Scrubless> began raiding on US-Thrall as a 10 man guild in the fall of 2013 in Siege of Orgrimmar. After facing many trials and tribulations as most guilds did after the release of Warlords of Draenor, a steady focus and eager to push attitude kept us alive and well and we are still able to raid a casual fun 2-day schedule today. Raiding Environment Scrubless sees WoW for what it is, a game. With that said it is our philosophy to maintain a solid focus on progression while making sure that real life and fun are at utmost importance. There are many relationships within the guild that provide a relaxed, fun, and social raiding atmosphere. We recruit for the long term relationship, and not the short term. We want players who love the game, and love playing the game with the people they play with. Guild Enviroment There are many other activities to participate in inside the guild. There are weekly alt runs, normal runs, farm cleanup, dungeon spamming and challenge modes. Outside of WoW players actively play other games together such as Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, CS:GO, LoL, Smite, Diablo, Overwatch and many more. The TS3 server is always very active throughout the day and night, and functions somewhat like a small community. Current Class/Role Desires Currently we have strong desires for healing classes with strong DPS off specs. All applicants are encouraged to apply, even if your class or role isn't currently our focused role in recruitment, any class with strong logs will be considered. If you aren't looking for a Mythic raiding experience or are just looking for a fun casual guild to call home, we consider you as well. We are always looking for great, solid and fun people to build a community with. For more information visit us online at or for recruiting conversation add one of the following cran#1405 (Guild Master) Kahn#1170 (Raid Leader) Tygerion#1828 (Officer) Schedule Tuesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Wednesday: 8:30pm-12am EST Third day TBD. Legion Scrubless will be putting a harder focus on progression in Legion. The biggest change is the addition of the 3rd raiding day. In addition loot will shift to Loot Council. Please note that we will begin Legion with a 3 day raiding schedule, and dial back to two days 8 weeks into a new tier. At the beginning of each tier we will raid 3 days a week. It is very important that you are able to adjust your schedule in this manner. Cransform5
Returning player looking for a raid group I left WoW early in WoD and I am returning to play in Legion and I am looking for a raid group. I am available to raid Sunday-Thursday from 9 pm to ~1 am. Two nights a week is preferable but not necessary. My class is very open at the moment. I am a bit of an altoholic so I have just about every class at 90+ and I am sitting on my boost from WoD purchase still. I have always preferred ranged dps with hunter being by far my most played on class with warlock and ele shaman right behind it. I am willing to sub heal or be an extra healer if the fight strat requires it if I have the off spec for it. About me: This break was my first from WoW because WoD was well...WoD. I have raided every tier since BC otherwise. I was also a raid leader for a vast majority of that time so I have no problems helping out with strats and calling out if so desired. If not desired then I am equally able to sit there and follow instructions. I am a stay at home dad so my availability during the day is sporadic. I am at the same time available and not all day long. I can hop on and help for brief stints but can't offer extended help, 15+ minutes for a dungeon or something, as easily during the day. I am however free from 830 on. What I expect out of the guild: Not much. Just promptness and fun. I don't care if the goal is simply to clear heroic or get some real work done in mythic. I just want to have fun and raid. As such, one of the things I want is a fun atmosphere. If your voip is full of yelling and blaming after a wipe I wont be around long. The other thing that will irk me more than anything is is tardiness starting the raid. If a raid starts at 9 then I honestly expect that to mean everyone is at the raid entrance or inside ready to pull at 9. If your guild raid starts at 9 and people just kind of start trickling online at 9 and the raid doesn't actually start to 930 or later then I don't know how long I would be around. Everyone of us has a life and things we put aside to raid and that kind of a start is rude to everyone else in the raid group as it wastes that sacrifice. Outside of raid I just want a group that does things together and has fun. What you can expect out of me: I will be ready to raid whenever the first raid launches. If a raid starts at 9 I will be at the raid entrance ready for invite usually at 850-855. If you provide consumables I will do my best to give my share to the guild so I am not leeching off of someone else. If you don't provide consumables then I will provide my own. I don't no call/no show for raids. If for some reason irl prevents me from attending the raid then you will know as quickly as I can tell you. If I have your phone number you will get a text. If I have to log in it might be a little more delayed but I will do my best. I play for fun at this point. That means I will probably play the spec and talent build I like the most, not necessarily the ones that are the best. If it is a sizable difference in performance then I will play the best but if it is marginally different I will chose the one I like more. Whatever spec/build I chose though I will work at and play as best as I am able to. Basically I am just looking for a guild that gets together between 9pm and 1 am Sunday to Thursday to have fun and kill some bosses. Entitled3
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<Advent Immortal> [H]-Thrall Recruiting We are looking to recruit to get a semi-hardcore H progression team put back together to hit the ground running in Legion. We are currently recruiting all roles for the raid team except for tanks (we have 2 set tanks but could bring on back ups as off spec). Our biggest need atm is ranged dps. I started running Advent Immortal in 2012 and have built it up with the help of a core group of officers and members (most of which are still here today). We plan to run the semi-hardcore team as well as a casual team. We also have a great social atmosphere in the guild! The progression team will take raids serious, need to show up on time, and be ready to raid. That being said we like to have a good time while raiding as well but plan to kill bosses. Still putting together raid days and times but looking to run one weekday and 1 weekend raid night. Will start at 7PM server time (Eastern) and end by 10PM server (if we run a weekend night it could go a bit past 10). The casual team will be more laid back and will mostly run normal and possibly older content. The main focus for this team will be to help people become semi-hardcore raiders and for those who just want to raid and have a good time. On the social side of things we keep guild chat pretty active most days. We have members that plan events for the guild to do outside of raiding. Trivia games, naked duels, and level 1 races across the world just to name a few. We are always coming up with contests and games for our non raiding members to get involved in. In general Advent Immortal is a big group of friends and family who like to get together and enjoy wow. We like to have fun but can be serious when needed. We accept all types of players as you can see. For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me or any of my officers in game. Feel free to check out our guild site at Thanks for your time, Lectron- Bnet Lectron#1487 Lectron2
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Fire mage looking for raiding guild Character name: stèyox Class and role(s): Fire Mage / best spec at the time or for the fight Days available: everyday Times available(Server time): anytime Experience: been casullay playing wow for about a year just messing around in LFR and pug groups and what not but looking to push myself into mythic raiding come legion what i'm looking for: a serious raiding guild that raids 3+ days a week. 3 is fine, however the more the better. gaming experience: been gaming around since i was a kid (20 now) and I have always been at the top level/competitive in any games i played and am confident i will do so in wow. played CS GO at a high level competitively (main division) this past year but decided to hang it up. Anything else you want to know: i'm a very dedicated player and even though i only recently started wanting to become a raider i'm going to make sure i'm prepared for legion. i have been looking up guides on icyveins, wowhead, etc... to make sure i fully understand my class and i have a motivation to one day be in a mythic guild, and when i'm motivated I do things im the kind of person who always strive to be my best personally, if i know i'm not performing the way i can be i get very mad at myself and will make sure i fix it and doesn't happen again. for example when we wipe the first person i look at is myself to make sure it wasn't my fault, and if it was to fix it right away. coming legion i will prepare and make sure i'm as geared as possible going into the raids. so i've said i would be available pretty much everyday/anyday however like people say emergencys etc may cause me to miss a day of rading once in a blue moon, again not very likely i ever miss. looking forward to raiding in legion, thanks! Vouch3
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Malediction(H) LFM for H/M Raiding! <Malediction> is a horde guild on the server Thrall that has been raiding together for many years and through several expansions. We always complete all heroic content, but have been lacking in members since late MoP to push through more than a couple of mythic bosses each tier. We took a break from the latter part of WoD since we had cleared all of heroic HFC and didn't have the roster for Mythic. We are now back and ready to rebuild our team to jump into Legion with a strong group of people who are dedicated and looking to start with heroic and work towards mythic as the expansion progresses. We are currently recruiting any and all members that wish to apply to our guild, whether they are interested in raiding or not. We are a mature, adult guild, accepting members who are 18+ and can handle adult content and conversations as they arise, without any drama. Anyone who wishes to join our guild may contact Narcova or Adairia in game. If are you are interested in raiding, you may also initially contact us in game, but we require an application through our guild website at . We also request that you read the following information below about our guild, including raid days and times, how we distribute loot, and what we expect of our players. Happy guild hunting! We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs from 10:30 PM to 1 AM EST and we currently use a loot council system with the help of the addon RCLoot Council. We feel this is the fairest way to distribute loot among our raiders and keep everyone feeling rewarded. We have not had any loot disputes or drama to date. We will be observing the changes to personal loot with Legion and will re-review our system prior to launch, but loot council has always been our favorite. We are currently accepting people of all ilvls and legendary ring progressions. There will be a minimum iilvl requirement to enter the first raid in Legion with us, but as long as you are willing to gear up your character and show initiative, we are willing to trial you in our guild. If we do any HFC raiding after the launch of the prepatch to test out class changes, you must be ilvl 715+ to participate in heroic with us. We do have a few minimum requirements to be a raider in our guild: 1.) You must be active outside of raiding to gear and improve your character to the best of your ability. This means you must be actively obtaining artifact power for your weapon or completing other content such as world quests or mythic dungeons to improve your gear. 2.) We require a 95% attendance rate. We are very understanding that life happens and its full of unforeseen circumstances, but all known absences must be posted on the guild attendance forums ahead of time and reasonable explanations must be given for all absences or tardies. Officers can receive texts if its a last minute change, but the guild website must be actively used. More than 2 raid no shows in any given month without explanation or being continuously late to raids will result in removal from the team. 3.) We use TeamSpeak3 for communication purposes. You must be able to listen and respond vocally to raid leaders and fellow members without hesitation. We are currently recruiting all active roles and positions except for tanks. The following classes and their level of need are listed below, but all are welcome to apply. ~Hunters - High ~DPS Druids - Medium ~Holy Paladin - High ~Resto Druid - High ~Rogues - Medium ~Warlocks - High ~Mages - Low ~Warriors - None ~DPS DKs - Low ~Elemental Shaman - Medium ~Shadow Priest - Medium If you have any questions, feel free to contact our GM Narcova or the recruitment officer (myself) Adairia in game, or visit our website to apply at My battletag is Adairia#1386 if you wish to contact me from a different server. Happy guild hunting! Adairia1
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Kaizen Gaming is Recruiting!! (Horde) What are we? Kaizen Gaming is a Group of individuals who have consistently raided at the top tier of raiding for the last few expansions. We are planning on doing the same with Legion Launch. What are our goals? We are aiming to get top 500 US in Legion by no later then the final tier of raiding but ASAP. We are looking to fill a roster of about 25 people to be able to class stack and have an active bench in the even of absences. Our roster for mythic will be entirely skill based and not based on favoritism of any kind. Who are you? We are looking to recruit the best of the best for this guild as we are aiming decently high for the Launch of Legion. We are looking for a raider who... -Knows their class -Loves their class -Can make 95% raid attendance -Comes prepared -Can take criticism -Is willing to improve -Preferably has some Mythic experience in the past. We can help with virtually anything you need to become raid ready. I know knowing your class is something we are looking for, We understand if you are still learning it..There were a ton of class changes!! We can help you learn it! :). When are we? Our raid days are not 100% set in stone but are looking to be 8-11 PST T/TH/Su. Raids may be extended short periods of time if a boss kill is very close! Feel free to comment here with any questions/comments/concerns you may have. Also you may add me on Bnet! Luci#1740 Or you can add our GM, Panda#13962 I look forward to speaking with all of you and killing bosses in legion. Luciferhealz0
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[H][US Thrall] <Twisted Titans> LFM Legion! Who we are: We are a newly reformed guild on Thrall with members from old school wow (BC, Wrath) that are looking to get back into progression raiding for Legion. We are looking to fill out our roster with dedicated players that are chill and like to have fun, but also are interested in being a solid progression guild on the server. We are interested in 1 Tank, 2 Heals, and 3 DPS atm. We currently have a high need for ranged dps (warlocks, hunters, mages). That being said, we will accept any exceptional player that wants to trial with us, regardless of our needs at the current time. We only need a couple of recruits and we are ready to begin raiding in Legion. If you are leveling a new character or transferring servers, we would be glad to have you. We DO want to be a solid progression guild, but we have time and are willing to work with new and / or inexperienced players who want to learn and get better at the game. We are okay with teaching. We are not interested in trying to teach people who don't care to learn however. If we put in the time to help you, we expect you to put in the effort to learn and improve. Below is a guideline of our raiding requirements. Guild Name: Twisted Titans (US-H) Thrall Server Loot Distribution: All loot will be decided by loot council. We will use (RCLootCouncil) to have officers vote on who gets gear when it drops. This will be decided based on raid attendance, size of upgrade, skill of player, player contributions to guild, and guild progression needs. Voice Chat: Ventrilo Raid Times: (Semi-Flexible Still – If you are interested, let us know what times you are available) Tuesday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST  Wednesday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST  Thursday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Sat / Sun - Optional Raid Days / Fun Runs / etc. Raider Expectations: All raiders are expected to have full pots, flask, food buffs, etc for their spec / class at all points while raiding. All players are expected to be well versed in their class / spec. All players should be following the highest end raiders, reading patch notes, checking icy veins and simulationcraft, etc to keep up on their class rotations, stat priorities, etc. All players should be tailoring their talent choices to the current raid bosses mechanics and should thoroughly understand all their talents and their strengths and weaknesses. All players are expected to have consistently high raid attendance, show up 15 mins prior to the start of the raid and be ready for an invite on time, and be prepared for the boss fights we are tackling that night. Do NOT come to a raid with zero knowledge of the fights we are attempting. Read your dungeon journal, watch youtube videos, etc and know what to expect from the fights. All players are required to have an offspec on their main character that is practiced, decently geared, and ready to be played at a moments notice. Ret paladins should have a holy offspec ready to go for example. A prot warrior should have a dps spec / set ready to go. Etc. This way if their is ever an issue with team composition or we are missing a healer, dps, or tank, we have people who can swap around to fill the needed roles. All players should have a fully customized UI that is effective and contains necessary information such as DBM and raid frames (healer addon), etc. If you are interested, reply to this thread or add me in game Battletag Stryphe#1200 Thanks for reading! Criptik0
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[H] Selling 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes Hello! Our group is currently selling 8/8 Gold CM carries! (We no longer sell individual dungeons as we are running double carries and it is difficult to find 2 people who want the exact same select dungeons) We are a group of very experienced players who have run hundreds of carries together and offer fast and smooth runs. If you'd like to sign up please feel free to add my battle tag at the end of this post. What you get: Unique Weapon Transmogs (Character Specific for now, however all the weapons listed below will become account bound in Legion!) Claws of Creation Bloodmaw Gargoyle Equus Soul Eater Sunblade Arcana Shard Spire Greatstaff of Infinite Knowledge Dimension-Ripper's Staff Living Longbow Shifting Felblade Furnace of the Great Machine Face of the Guardian Elemental Crescent Cloudsong Glaive Tesseract Timepiece Crystal-Shot Longrifle Greatsword of the Inferno FlamegrinderChallenger's War Yeti (Account Wide) "The Indomitable" Title (Account Wide) Teleports to all 8 WoD Dungeons (Character Specific) 360 Achievement Points Our Members: Requirements: 3 hours of your time (Although usually closer to 2.5 hours) Willing to get in Skype or Discord with us (no mic required)Cost: Message for Price Payment is due: All at the start of the carry or 1/2 before and 1/2 after four. Times: Everyday starting at 3:00PM EST Do these times not work for you? Contact us and we can arrange something better.Contact Info: Landiun#1549 Kratis#1189 Previous thread for references: Svandthra1
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