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[H] Bunch of dudes looking to raid 9-12 EST Sup Thrall. My friends and I are looking for a guild to raid with between these hours, preferably during the weekdays. There's 9 of us and we've grown tired of being held back by the 1-2 douchebags that don't show up to raid and screw everyone over. The jump into mythic would only be more aggravating. The classes we can play are pretty flexible, but as of right now you'd have: 2 dps warriors 1 rogue 1 enh shaman 1 blood dk 2 healer priests 1 mage 1 hunter I would say only the melee classes are "locked in stone" as everyone else has a bunch of alts they can choose to main instead (ie: the priests both have warlocks, the blood dk can play hunter, we can talk more about that in detail). As for us, we've been gaming together for sadly 10+ years since vanilla wow onwards. We're not the type to give 2 doodoos about loot since everything gets sharded eventually if the dragons keep dying. We're not the type to go "OMG my buddy isn't allowed to raid tonight? I'm so passive aggressively mad" because we're grown men who don't have sand in our vajayjays. We're solid players who don't need to be told how to play because that's what icy-veins is for. As for this expansion, we've only experienced 5/7N 1/7H on 3 total days of raiding. If anybody is interested in bolstering their mythic roster, or is looking to jump into mythic and needs good bodies, let me know either on this post, my characters Dough, Datassdough, Brettsgaygay or my battletag Donut#1313. If I dont reply it's cus I'm alt tabbed doing other non kinky things -_^ Dough3
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[H]<The Broken Sun> 4/7 HM N recruiting Hello everyone. <The Broken Sun> is a very small guild that's been raiding HM N mostly having to fill through openraid or group finder, and we're looking for guild/raid members who can reliably show up to raid and do a bit better than who we get from group finder. even if you don't want to join the guild, we'd love to just have you on a friends list as a regular, reliable raider. We raid Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 PM est with a hard cut off at midnight EST but sometimes I call earlier depending on morale and other factors. We're looking for some tanks, 1 or so healers (preferably with either a healing or tanking offspec.) and DPS that can be more reliable than the inconsistant players in group finder. We do have rules, I will replace people if they're causing repeated wiping issues for the group, I won't tolerate jerkish, bad behavior in raid or in guild, We use ventrillo and I greatly prefer if you can at least listen, however I can make arrangements if you're having a hard time hearing people on vent. (we have a regular raider who can't use vent because she can't hear anything that's being said so I don't mind reiterating things to her in raid chat or tells, just let me know if you need a similar arrangement.) If you are interested at all in raiding with us, I'd love to talk to you and hear from you. my btag is Gariss#1664 our immediate goals are to clear HM N within the next few weeks, and we will be starting BRF N the week it unlocks so we can start working on it since we fell behind on HM, we won't make the same mistake with BRF. website: Granus1
Jan 20, 2015
[H] Unruly 7/7H 1/7M recruiting for BRF!!! Hello everyone! Unruly is a mature casual progression guild with 7/7H and 1/7M completed in Highmaul. We are recruiting a mage or a boomkin for our progression team specifically but we will consider all/any ranged dps that fit. In addition we are also openly recruiting for a second raid team. All interested parties need to have a minimum of a 650 item level, gems, enchants, mumble, and the appropriate addons. We are super excited to be in Mythic and are looking forward to the challenge that will be Blackrock Foundry. Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday 9-12pm server time, with invites going out about 15 minutes prior, the secondary raid team currently runs Friday 9-12pm, and may gain an additional day as it progresses. While our main goal is to clear mythic content ultimately, we also have members who love pvp, throwbacks, achievements, and the masochism that is pugging, so there is usually someone doing something fun. As for the guild atmosphere we aim towards being a social, familial setting that is comfortable for everyone regardless of personal status, anxieties or otherwise. Also, there is an active mumble that usually hosts a few of our members in off times either playing WoW or other games. Our recruitment is always open for casual players, friends, or family. We want you to have fun, be part of the family, grief alliance, and come kill hard stuff with us. Interested parties please inquire with Infragilis#1129 or Vokigen#1606 thank you so much for your consideration and time, looking forward to hearing from you! Bublerapture0
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[H] Anomalous Recruiting 2/7M Anomalous is a Horde guild on the Thrall server. The guild was formed by a bunch of old friends for the purpose of playing again together in Warlords. Several of us are 14/14H (now mythic) with various kill dates going back to March. The majority of this guild are working professionals (IE we have jobs), we understand that real life obligations supersede that of in game. However, this doesn't mean that flakey attendance is tolerated. If you can't make a raid, please inform an officer or post on the forums as soon as you think you might be late or unable to show up. If you have a job that causes you to work weird hours or have a shifting work schedule, please inform us upon applying. We expect that people treat others as they wish to be treated when it comes to their own time. Our main raid ended 14/14M which featured a bunch of cross-server people that we had raided previously with. We are looking to form a strong core on thrall for mythic since we can not do cross-server for mythic. Raid Times: Main Raids currently are Wed/Thur/Sun 9pm EST to about 12:15 EST Optional day on Monday Alt Raids are currently suspended till we have bodies again. They are generally run on weekends. Our Logs: WoD Recruitment: 1 Mage 1 Windwalker Monk 1 Rogue 1 Doomkin 1 Shadow Priest 1 Resto Shaman *High* We would also be willing to take a very skilled hunter. Requirements 633 minimum item level (need to be able to do heroics) Solid performance and awareness Ability to follow directions, there is a method to our madness (doesn't mean we are not open to suggestions). What to expect: We do not recruit for the bench, you will play. If you can't preform to par for DPS you will be sat after the first warning. If the same issue(s) occurs the following week you will be given a final chance before being removed. We will get to mythic when we have a stable roster of people capable of doing it. We are not going to drag people through raids for the sake of having 20 people. When the guild does start selling runs/gear (on off night runs, main night sells are 100% -> bank) the split is 70/30, 70% of the gold will be divided among those who come. You will be trialed in the daily CM or one of our choice.Progression from Highmaul: 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M Progression from SoO: Main Raid 14/14M Alt Raid 13/14M Officer Contacts Avectus#1673 Dimenshon#1112 Nelkey22
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[H]<@WE Guild> 7/7 Heroic: Updt Recruitment Updated Jan. 5th 2015: @WE 6/7H (leaders are AoTC) is LF DPS to fill the 20m roster for mythic/BRF prog. Tues/Wed 8-11 ST. Min. 655 ilvl for HM (Heroic). ISO-> Mage, Elemental, Enhance, Warrior, and Monk. pst. Èrìs for more info regarding the raid or GM Theogany. __________________________________________________________________ Hello! At World's End Guild, commonly known as @WE, is an active PVE Raiding guild with a vast number of raiders and casual members who dabble in PVP for a change of pace. Conceived in Jan. 2013 on Sen'jin-US (Alliance), most of our core raid team (7/10) had mutually agreed to transfer to Thrall-US (Horde) in regards to guild recruitment and Raid progression. Our core members we're able to go 14/14 Mythic prior to Patch 6.0. Please note, this is not reflected on Wowprogress or due to the fact that during our realm transition we had used and other sources, which led to us meeting some talented and exceptional players from other realms. We had come to a mutual agreement to continue the team as is. Although achievement for mythic bosses and content can be viewed by reviewing a members armory page. Prior to transferring from Sen'jin, @WE had risen from the bottom to the top 3 guilds on the server (Sen'jin and Quel'dorei) within an matter of months. With the ranks reset, we will achieve the same on Thrall, and continue to hold our own come Warlords. Content Cleared: Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider SoO Heroic (Formally Normal) SoO Mythic (Formally Heroic) Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:15-11pm EST Wednesday: 8:15-11pm EST Optional Days: Optional days are discussed at the end of a Raid night. This is determined by current progression on a specific encounter. Missing an optional day will not have a negative impact on a player. Classes: Healers Disc Priest (Medium) Holy Pally (High) Resto Shaman (High) Resto Druid (Medium Ranged DPS Boomkin (High) Shadoow Priest (Medium) Mage (High-Medium) Warlock (Low) Hunter (High) Disclaimer: Please note that if you do not see your specific class listed above, do not be disheartened. We still would be interested in speaking and meeting those exceptional players. Relevant Information Players should have vast knowledge on their class, specific encounter and critical roles. One of the foremost requirements is attendance. Given the challenges which were faced during SoO progression, we would require players to maintain a 85% attendance. Knowingly, there will be times when a person is unable to log on due to either family, job, kids, vacation, etc. we ask all our members to keep us updated on any potential absences. To provide multiple ways of contact, we are available via Facebook: Guild group, Guild chat, Ventrilo and Officer personal contact numbers listed in guild info. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Theogony-Thrall or via B-Tag Leon#11230, or reply to this thread for either myself or an officer response. Thank you! Theogany29
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<Pretentious Name> (Horde) 8/10H LFM Looking for a guild with a <Pretentious Name>? You are in luck! We are <Pretentious Name> and we are looking for skilled players who love raiding! We are a group of experienced progression raiders (14/14H, top 200US for MoP) disillusioned with our current groups, and looking to build something special. We play this game because we love raiding, and we want raiders that feel the same. What we are looking for: - Awesome People: This is a game, why play it if you dont like your team mates? - Skill: This is not a casual group, we expect bosses to die and have no cap on our ambitions. - Team Oriented Mindset: We believe strongly in group progression over personal progression. That means if you are always pushing yourself to achieve new levels of ability, that is amazing, because when you win, we all win. If your sense of self worth is directly tied to the bar next to your name on the meters, you may find a better home somewhere else. Raid nights are Wed-Thurs, 8-11pm EST. We are on Thrall - Horde, which is extremely active with a strong raiding community. Even though there are only two mandatory raid nights, we plan for there to be plenty to do for folks who want more activity. Social player who wants to hang out, and do stuff without the commitments of raiding schedules? Not a problem, we would love to have you :) Needs as of 1/14/15: Protection Paladin, Hunter, and Death Knight (any spec). Interested? We would love to chat! Please visit, and fill out an application. Questions? Feel free to add us on bnet. Morenn: Joanna#1419 Zehnd: Malachi#1342 Emylis: Aluscia#1814 Seyoth: Jared#1229 ` Mòrenn9
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