Jul 26 [A] <First Cohort> is recruiting for Legion. <First Cohort> is a newly formed guild that is looking to raid at an intermediate level in Legion content. Our core is a group of friends who have rerolled new characters onto this server with the intention to raid together and have a good time experiencing the content while staying competitive and striving to play at our best. Our raid times are (EST): Tuesday 8:00 - 11:00 PM Thursday 8:00 - 11:00 PM Sunday 8:30 - 11:00 PM Our voice chat program of choice is Discord. Talking is not mandatory, listening is. We will consider any applicants, but are putting lower priority on melee DPS. Whisper me, Serphshift, in game or add me at Serphentin#1199 on BattleTag if you need more information; otherwise, please apply at: ...and after you apply, still whisper me to make sure I read it, I'm forgetful.Serphshift1 Jul 26
Jul 26 thrall discord? Is there a thrall discord group by chance??Darkundeath0 Jul 26
Jul 26 DH Tank LFG I am planning on rolling a Demon Hunter Tank for Legion, i have been playing a DH Tank for about 2 months now on beta. I am looking for a main spot for tanking. You can add me @ Edoras#1919 i only can raid M-F 7-10 pm CSTDethamonk1 Jul 26
Jul 26 [H] LF late night weekend or AM raid guild As the title says, I'm looking a an adult raiding group that raids weekdays in the AM or something more late night on the weekends. I have lots of progression raiding xp prior to wod but I have been more casual this xpac due to working nights and trouble finding a guild with a matching schedule. Im pretty set on playing my unholy DK for legion right now but I also have a shaman I've mained for most of my wow time. If you want to chat about more add me. XxFEENOMxX#1967 also I am currently on Mal'Ganis but I'm willing to swap servers to be able to raid again.Thanåtøs0 Jul 26
Jul 26 <Dishorderly Conduct> Recruiting for Legion! Dishorderly Conduct is a new raiding guild currently looking for skilled, reliable raiders to build up to two solid core raiding teams (one weekday, one weekend) to prepare for Legion raid progression. We have a laid back atmosphere with many members are returning to the game after a hiatus, and right now we are doing weekend tryouts for our core raid team. We are having a guild meeting soon to set raid times that work for everyone, but as of right now we are raiding weekend evenings Friday-Saturday from 9pm-1am server time (EST). We are accepting all classes, but our most preferred classes at the moment are Hunter, Warlock, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, and Discipline/Shadow Priest. If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to add the GM GaryArnett #1548 or one of the officers, PAINGUIN#11113 and sassyimp#1256. Thanks!Reyona0 Jul 26
Jul 25 Lfg legion My husband and I are looking to transfer to thrall for legion and we need a home. I intend to main resto shaman and my husband will main a demon hunter. We would like to find a guild who is intending to raid mythic content as well as just having fun as a guild. We have been raiding together in various games since vanilla wow. Renitaraine#1182 I am also available on both my resto shaman and my priest to raid for the remainder of the expac if you need a healer.Tesorita7 Jul 25
Jul 25 Mage LF Guild and possible raid team Greetings, I am looking for a new guild to run with. I've not been very active for the past few months due to WoD burnout, but I am now trying to prep for Legion and find myself without an active guild. I have done some raiding in the past and would like to find a guild with a raid team in need of a ranged DPS. I am available on Wednesday - Saturday after 7:00 CST (8 Eastern) and can raid up until Midnight (1am Eastern). Thanks! DarkpippiDarkpippi2 Jul 25
Jul 25 New to Server and LF Semi-Casual Guild Hey all. I recently transferred to the server and am looking for a good group of folks to join up with. I'm interested in a guild with a more mature roster (I'm 32) that still likes to cut up, have fun, and give each other !@#$. I am more dedicated to PvE with a little PvP mixed iin. I have a long history of progression raiding dating back to Wrath, but unfortunately I won't be able to dedicate the time this expansion for heavy progression. However, I am interested in raiding, preferably through normal or a more casual Heroic group. Thank you and I look forward to chatting with anyone that is interested.Dèathdawg2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Returning player looking for a raid group I left WoW early in WoD and I am returning to play in Legion and I am looking for a raid group. I am available to raid Sunday-Thursday from 9 pm to ~1 am. Two nights a week is preferable but not necessary. My class is very open at the moment. I am a bit of an altoholic so I have just about every class at 90+ and I am sitting on my boost from WoD purchase still. I have always preferred ranged dps with hunter being by far my most played on class with warlock and ele shaman right behind it. I am willing to sub heal or be an extra healer if the fight strat requires it if I have the off spec for it. About me: This break was my first from WoW because WoD was well...WoD. I have raided every tier since BC otherwise. I was also a raid leader for a vast majority of that time so I have no problems helping out with strats and calling out if so desired. If not desired then I am equally able to sit there and follow instructions. I am a stay at home dad so my availability during the day is sporadic. I am at the same time available and not all day long. I can hop on and help for brief stints but can't offer extended help, 15+ minutes for a dungeon or something, as easily during the day. I am however free from 830 on. What I expect out of the guild: Not much. Just promptness and fun. I don't care if the goal is simply to clear heroic or get some real work done in mythic. I just want to have fun and raid. As such, one of the things I want is a fun atmosphere. If your voip is full of yelling and blaming after a wipe I wont be around long. The other thing that will irk me more than anything is is tardiness starting the raid. If a raid starts at 9 then I honestly expect that to mean everyone is at the raid entrance or inside ready to pull at 9. If your guild raid starts at 9 and people just kind of start trickling online at 9 and the raid doesn't actually start to 930 or later then I don't know how long I would be around. Everyone of us has a life and things we put aside to raid and that kind of a start is rude to everyone else in the raid group as it wastes that sacrifice. Outside of raid I just want a group that does things together and has fun. What you can expect out of me: I will be ready to raid whenever the first raid launches. If a raid starts at 9 I will be at the raid entrance ready for invite usually at 850-855. If you provide consumables I will do my best to give my share to the guild so I am not leeching off of someone else. If you don't provide consumables then I will provide my own. I don't no call/no show for raids. If for some reason irl prevents me from attending the raid then you will know as quickly as I can tell you. If I have your phone number you will get a text. If I have to log in it might be a little more delayed but I will do my best. I play for fun at this point. That means I will probably play the spec and talent build I like the most, not necessarily the ones that are the best. If it is a sizable difference in performance then I will play the best but if it is marginally different I will chose the one I like more. Whatever spec/build I chose though I will work at and play as best as I am able to. Basically I am just looking for a guild that gets together between 9pm and 1 am Sunday to Thursday to have fun and kill some bosses.Entitled3 Jul 25
Jul 25 2 looking for Mythic and beyond Hello everyone. As the title states, 2 players are looking for a home to finish out WoD and to head into Legion. 732 Aff/Destro Lock (Myself) with 5/13M exp 728 Enh Shaman Available most evenings from 8pm EST to 11-11:30pm EST Reply here or Btag me. Crona#11332Roguebâit7 Jul 25
Jul 25 Looking for a late night raiding guild Hi there, I recently got back into playing wow after taking an extended brake and am looking for a late night raiding guild for Legion. I have not raided current content that much because of my brake and loss of friends interests in the game. I have been playing for close to 10 years. At a time during Wrath I was apart of the guild <NightShift> a late night raiding guild that was on Thrall. Top 300 guild in the world I being apart of the 1st group (we had 3 running it). I may not have much experience with current content and strats, but that does not mean that I am not competent at as a player. For a while I was the top hunter on the server for ilvl and dps, among others that were also in NightShift. For times that I am looking for would be around 1AM Eastern or 10PM Western.Missileorc1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Vicious Cuddling is Recruiting! Hey everybody! Just like many other guilds, we are looking for new members for Legion! Vicious Cuddling is a heroic raiding guild, and we raid on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-11 PM Eastern Time. We are a very laid back guild that is looking to fill our ranks, and only ask that you play a character you enjoy! Our goal is mainly to have fun. We are very active and do many other activities outside of raiding, such as Mythic and Timewalking Dungeons, or even play other games together such as Diablo 3 and Hearthstone. We have been the same core group for several years now. We currently use Mumble for our raiding, but are planning on switching to Discord in the future. If you are interested, contact one of us! Brighteyes#1541 - Guild leader "Sno" Calaran#1692 - Officer "Val" Plumyummy#1613 - Officer "Plum" Zeleros#1570 - MyselfZeleros0 Jul 25
Jul 25 Fire mage looking for raiding guild Character name: stèyox Class and role(s): Fire Mage / best spec at the time or for the fight Days available: everyday Times available(Server time): anytime Experience: been casullay playing wow for about a year just messing around in LFR and pug groups and what not but looking to push myself into mythic raiding come legion what i'm looking for: a serious raiding guild that raids 3+ days a week. 3 is fine, however the more the better. gaming experience: been gaming around since i was a kid (20 now) and I have always been at the top level/competitive in any games i played and am confident i will do so in wow. played CS GO at a high level competitively (main division) this past year but decided to hang it up. Anything else you want to know: i'm a very dedicated player and even though i only recently started wanting to become a raider i'm going to make sure i'm prepared for legion. i have been looking up guides on icyveins, wowhead, etc... to make sure i fully understand my class and i have a motivation to one day be in a mythic guild, and when i'm motivated I do things im the kind of person who always strive to be my best personally, if i know i'm not performing the way i can be i get very mad at myself and will make sure i fix it and doesn't happen again. for example when we wipe the first person i look at is myself to make sure it wasn't my fault, and if it was to fix it right away. coming legion i will prepare and make sure i'm as geared as possible going into the raids. so i've said i would be available pretty much everyday/anyday however like people say emergencys etc may cause me to miss a day of rading once in a blue moon, again not very likely i ever miss. looking forward to raiding in legion, thanks!Vouch3 Jul 25
Jul 25 LF 2-3 Night Raiding Guild *Please Read* 742 MM Hunter 13/13 Guild Like the title saids 2-3 night raiding guild. Days I can raid is Thurs-Mon 7:30-11:00pm Eastern. What I expect from and guild is maturity and is pushing to be the best. I don't care for wipes as it's part of progression. All I want is to kill bosses and fun but people need to know when to put there game face on. I prefer a vent/mumble or TS interciew. I will be raiding on either my shaman/hunter or warlock, whichever guild I decide on I will choose based on what guild needs. Whatever progression your guild is PM me anyways because I'm not just looking for a guild that 13/13 mythics you can be 13/13 heroic whatever it is leave a comment and I will get back with you. I am mostly preparing for legion but do not mind still raiding HFC. I am here to my job as a raider and whatever I can do to help the guild. fckinthief #1626Huxly2 Jul 25
Jul 25 Enhance shaman and undecided main LF guild! We are looking to make our return into the raiding scene in Legion! This tier we both got new jobs that unfortunately ended our raiding for the tier. We raided with Obsidium. We are looking for mythic raiding with the mindset of killing everything before its nerfed/before the next tier. We've been clearing heroic (now mythic) content since Cata with the same mindset and we do not have any plans on stopping this trend. Unfortunately we don't have much for logs atm. Anytime after 8 server is fine with us. Pref through the week. Bauski#1906 for any questions!Booskers5 Jul 25
Jul 25 LF Guild, did not play Wod. Hey there. Im looking to get into some semi serious raiding come legion. I did not play WoD at all and i pvp`d most of mists and Cata. Im pretty committed and a quick learner and want to git gud.Sickdeeps1 Jul 25
Jul 25 Daytime raids Anyone on the server raid middays on the weekends?ßearforceone0 Jul 25
Jul 25 lf legion raid guild around 8-11 2x week lf legion raid guild around 8-11 server. twice a week. I am spriest/maybe heals but I do prefer to brewmaster tank in xpac. have previous progression raiding experience since bc. new to horde. looking for a guild to enjoy chatting with as much as raiding. very social person. btag tumbleweed#1419. prefer two days during week.Empanadas5 Jul 25
Jul 24 Looking for Good Guild Hey, I have started playing World of Warcraft a little more than a week ago. I realized i joined the wrong server for wanting to play horde (stormrage) as i did not know at the time that it was basically an alliance only server (28,000 alliance /431 horde). I am re-rolling on thrall, but i do have heirlooms (chest piece/shoulders/necklace/daggers) to help me level. Not really related, but before I played WoW I was diamond 4 on league of legends (quit for multiple reasons), so that should show some form of skill and dedication. Needless to say, once I get into a good guild I'll try my best to help out the group on heroic/mythic raiding. Please no social guilds. ~ add Aislius1371Aislius0 Jul 24
Jul 23 Fury/Protection Warrior LF raiding guild for Hey guys, I just recently resubed and was looking to find a new raiding team for the coming expansion. Like the title says, I used to tank back in MoP, and just recently started dpsing. I'm available Mon-Fri 9:30pm to 1am EST. Leave a response here or message me in game.Thudbutt0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Vicious Cuddling needs you!......Click Here! Ok family I'm going to keep this simple my guild Vicious Cuddling <Thrall US> has lost a few members due to school, work schedules, and making babies. Just like hundreds of other guilds we are looking for a few people to fill the spots for legion. We are a heoric raiding guild and raid Monday Tuesday and Thursday 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. server time. All that we ask is that you play a toon that you love to play it's just that simple. We have been the same core people for the past 3 years. Most of us are family and RL friends from florida except our guild leader who lives in an icebox somewhere on Neptune. You can contact me, Val or Sno and the I.D info is listed below. Where ever you call home this expansion make sure its for the horde....or just with us know..we're horde. Brighteyes#1541 - Guild leader "Sno" Calaran#1692 - Officer "Val" Plumyummy#1613 "Plum" -Me-Plummies0 Jul 23
Jul 23 LFM Panda Nemsis/Someone With Ali Panda Will pay/trade kills. Pretty open about working something out.Tribalshock0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Enh Sham LF N HFC Group As the title says, I'm looking for a group to run N HFC (H) with until Legion drops. I'm not looking for a run through, I simply just want to raid, and the group finder just doesn't cut it for me. I'm still not sure what I am doing for a raiding guild come Legion so there's a possibility for guild recruitment as well. I am at ilvl 683 ( Time frame would be any time on the weekends! PM me @ Sundriver#1961Gowpen0 Jul 23
Jul 23 [H] <Sealed Chaos> is recruiting for Legion! <Sealed Chaos> is a semi-hardcore guild with experienced raiders (13/13H HFC) that's looking to progress through Heroic and Mythic in Legion. Currently, we are looking for DPS, both ranged and melee, with Healing offspecs being very welcome. Raid times are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9pm to 12pm server, starting as soon as the first raid comes out in Legion. However, we have been doing Normal and Heroic HFC runs since the prepatch so everyone can figure out what they'll be playing in Legion, as well as having an idea of what the roster will be for progression. We also recruit casual members! We have frequent and varied events with prizes and friendly organizers. If you have questions or want to apply, send us a message through WoWProgress or in-game mail to Voldethas-Thrall or Aloriea-Thrall.Voldethas0 Jul 23
Jul 23 Dps/heals LF daytime raid group Due to a recent job change, I am looking for a new group/guild to raid with. Preferred Raid Times: anything that ends by or before 1pm EST, three to four times per week I am looking for a fun, yet serious guild that is planning on Heroic and some Mythic progression in Legion. Feel free to check my armory for a feel on my experience. I have been raiding on and off since the end of BC. I have a number of classes that I am willing to play in Legion, such as: shaman, paladin, priest, demon hunter, mage. I have max level toons on Thrall and Stormreaver for horde, and Sargeras for alliance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! Bnet: Trixietotems#1494 Armory: Jul 23
Jul 23 Resto Shaman LF Legion Guild Hey, everyone. Long story short, I'm looking for a raiding guild for when Legion comes out and willing to possibly server transfer. Was able to raid about midway through Heroic BRF when it first came out until real life had to take priority. As such, I doubt I'm anywhere near raid gear ready for HFC (at least for guilds that know what they're doing). So, if anyone could use a healer for Legion for up to Heroic (sorry, not going to lie, I wouldn't be interested in Mythic due to it being a bit more commitment than what I can honestly give), message me. My BT is Jarkai#1129Jarkai2 Jul 23
Jul 23 Veteran player LF 2 nights/week Hello Thrall! Friendly and talented player looking for a 2 nights-per-week raiding guild here on Thrall. Overall while I play the game for the fun and camaraderie of guild mates... I do seek to see things through to the end. I like to clear the content, minimally on heroic. I'll do mythic too, just setting a baseline: the guild should at least achieve AOTC in each tier of raiding. I've been playing since release (2004) and do very well on the rogue, logs available at: Please check my heroic assassination logs, as that is what I spent most of my time as. My only request is that the guild does not raid past 11pm EST (server.) What you will get on your raid team is a committed and prepared raider, with high attendance and zero drama. I will show up to your raids having read strategies, fully gemmed/enchanted, and it's my hope this isn't even necessary to say -- as it should be an expectation of all your raiders. This dry post aside.. I do have a good sense of humor and personality! :) Please reply or add me to realID, thanks! Kep#1911Kep3 Jul 23
Jul 23 Looking for a guild for a 3rd shifter Hey, I'm looking for a guild with a schedule that can work with mine. I'm looking for more social and casual raiding than a hardcore progression guild. I have a lot of raiding experience in past expansions, just had no friends on horde side in WoD. I work Monday - Friday at midnight to 8 am EST. Meaning Sunday night- Monday morning to Thursday night- Friday morning. so that generally means a goal time of around 5-8pm est for raiding if during the week. or whenever on friday or saturday. Thank you for your time!Abyssalscout1 Jul 23
Jul 23 LF people on Dwarf Nemesis Ok so i'm looking to try to get into ashran with a group of 5 total people, get us all into the same party, and hopefully be able to farm some dwarfs for the nemesis quest. I doubt i'm the only person that has noticed how difficult it is to try and farm for this quest via group finder or just joining an ashran by yourself message me in game or add my battletag if you'd be interested. do not respond to this because i wont read it btoms000#1276Telestia0 Jul 23
Jul 22 Players interested in Level 70 twinking read! Hey Thrall. I'm posting on behalf of <You Cant Heal Stupid>. We've been around on Thrall for many years, and are currently interested in becoming a twinking guild. What this means is, we will be revisiting old content at its intended levels, and clearing it. The guild is just returning from a hiatus, and instead of attempting to return to max level raiding, a few good raiders and I are looking to try something new. This is meant to be a semi-casual group, but I still want it to progress and have fun. We would like to try our hands at twink BGs and arenas aswell. If you are getting tired of the repetitious grind of end-game raids, and want to try something new in your downtime, get in contact with us! What our plans are - Clear all BC content (and later wotlk) at its intended level, while having some fun doing so. - Work as a guild to win arenas and BGs - Organize specialty runs such as Herald of the Titans and become a well-known guild for old raid game play - All the above, while being a casual guild and doing most of them in off-nights (or days people aren't raiding current content) Features of the Guild - Free repairs - Free enchants and run-throughs for twinking gear - Discord Server for chatting with friends/guildies I'm not entirely sure what the interest in such a thing would be, but if you would like to try it out with us, contact any online member for an invite or contact me at: jkp47#1119 Thanks!Protek25 Jul 22
Jul 22 Duo Looking For a 2 Night Legion Raid Guild A friend and I are returning to WoW and are searching for a guild with a focus on two night mythic raiding in Legion. Times that work for us are any day Sun-Thurs from 7:00 p.m. EST - 12:00 a.m. EST. We are a couple of laid back guys looking to slay bosses with a competent group of players. We both have extensive past raid experience. Our classes are/will be: Enhancement Shaman (me) Vengeance Demon Hunter (him) If we look like we may be a good fit to apply to your guild just let me know either on this thread or in game mail. (toon name: Cdees) Thanks Edit: We are HordeLott1 Jul 22
Jul 22 LFG [H] Mythic Raiding for Legion Hello there. Looking for a guild to Mythic raid with in Legion. Able to raid any day starting at 830EST until 12EST. Planning on maining a Death Knight or Shaman (any spec) in Legion. Any questions? Just ask! SadPlatypus#1599Melystina0 Jul 22
Jul 21 Kaizen Gaming is Recruiting!! (Horde) -deleted-Luciferhealz0 Jul 21
Jul 21 <Swarm> 13/13M Selling M Arch/Blackhand Mount Hello all! <Swarm > Thrall is selling the last few weeks of Mythic Archimonde and Blackhand mounts as we have now completed getting it for all our raiders. The Felsteel Annihilator and Ironhoof Destroyer mount will become 1% drop in Legion and not to mention it'll probably end up being pretty tough to solo as well, if even possible. Separate and combo packages available. Archimonde (With Mount) - 1.6 million Blackhand Mount - 300K Combo Package - 1.8 million 10% discount available for pre-paying for your slot ahead of time. The discount benefits you since you save money and benefits us by making sure you show up. . We've been on this server for a long time and should be a familiar name on Wowprogress for our server as well. You will receive ALL loot desired for your main spec including warforged/titanforge/socketed. We run on Wednesdays at 9pm EST/8pm CST/7pm MST/6pm PST. Alternate dates may be available but buyers who can run on Wednesday will be prioritized. Open Dates: 8/3 8/10 8/17 8/24 No prior knowledge is required for the fight and you will generally die at the start. Please add Traxion in game or battlenet Traxion#1982.Traxion0 Jul 21
Jul 21 11/13M Healer LF Raid Team for Legion I was 11/13M as dps for WoD, but am looking to main a healer for Legion. I've healed on raid teams many times in the past. I would like to play my resto shaman, but have all healing classes at 100 and available. I'm looking for a strong team (only mythic progression teams please) and a mature raiding environment, with 2-3 nights of raiding each week. I'd prefer to have Friday and Saturday nights open. I raid led for my previous team, but am looking to just contribute to the team as a regular member. With my raid leading background, I prepare for raid nights exceptionally well. I'll research fights and be fully prepared to tackle them and offer any input if needed. My battle tag is painmaster#1657 if you would like to reach out to me in-game. Thanks!Paintastic2 Jul 21
Jul 20 <deleted> <deleted>Daraice1 Jul 20
Jul 19 Give me your tired, your poor.... ....your huddled groups of bored players, lfr heroes, and pug stars. Ascension just wants to provide a place to find like players who want to do content of every kind, and do said content without the queues and potentially smelly pugs. Raid days and times are as follows: Wed/Thurs 8:45-11:30 pm est. (server time). We are not hardcore but want to down bosses! Laid back, fun loving ppl. We are mostly made up of old heroic/mythic raiders that just want to take it as a game and down raid bosses in the mean time. Progression wise we are only really pushing for Heroic, maybe Mythic will come who knows. Feel free to find me in-game or do a /who Ascension to reach any guildie to speak to someone.Rhenu1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Dps/heals LF late night raid group Due to a recent job change, I am looking for a new group/guild to raid with. Preferred Raid Times: approximately 12am-3am EST, two to three times per week I am looking for a fun, yet serious guild that is planning on Heroic and some Mythic progression in Legion. Feel free to check my armory for a feel on my experience. I have been raiding on and off since the end of BC. I have a number of classes that I am willing to play in Legion, such as: shaman, paladin, priest, demon hunter, mage. I have max level toons on Thrall and Stormreaver for horde, and Sargeras for alliance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! Bnet: Trixietotems#1494 Armory: Jul 19
Jul 19 Bear/pally tank looking for new home. I'm a returning player for legion who didn't play much of wod, basically got my toons to 100 and quit. I'm looking for a new home for my bear and pally tank for raids, preferably 7- 12 est time anywhere in that time frame works for me, it does not have to be a hardcore raiding guild just a causal one that still tries to clear content. A little about me I'm 34 with a wife and kids so my playtime is limited to the evening, and I have tanked since the end of vanilla all the way through mop, so I have a rough idea of what I'm supposed to do. If any guilds are looking for a tank leave a message or hit me up on bent @helakion#1812Bônëbrëàkèr0 Jul 19
Jul 19 <Obsidium> Thrall's Best CM Carry Team We are selling 8/8 Challenge mode gold runs! We finish every run we do within 3 hours and if for any reason you have to leave in the middle of the run then we would reschedule you for another time that you can make. We try to make the run as pleasant as possible! Contacts: Snaggle#1202 You can always message anyone in Obsidium and they will put you into contact with myself If I am not online Requirements from you: Skype or Mumble That you're able to stay for the full run which could take up to 2 1/2 hours Rewards Include: Title The Indomitable Mount Challenger's War Yeti Transmog weapons To view our runs in action you can always check our stream out! We usually do carries during the week starting around 8:00 PM EST and every night on the weekend! Jul 19
Jul 19 [H][US Thrall] <Twisted Titans> LFM Legion! Who we are: We are a newly reformed guild on Thrall with members from old school wow (BC, Wrath) that are looking to get back into progression raiding for Legion. We are looking to fill out our roster with dedicated players that are chill and like to have fun, but also are interested in being a solid progression guild on the server. We are interested in 1 Tank, 2 Heals, and 3 DPS atm. We currently have a high need for ranged dps (warlocks, hunters, mages). That being said, we will accept any exceptional player that wants to trial with us, regardless of our needs at the current time. We only need a couple of recruits and we are ready to begin raiding in Legion. If you are leveling a new character or transferring servers, we would be glad to have you. We DO want to be a solid progression guild, but we have time and are willing to work with new and / or inexperienced players who want to learn and get better at the game. We are okay with teaching. We are not interested in trying to teach people who don't care to learn however. If we put in the time to help you, we expect you to put in the effort to learn and improve. Below is a guideline of our raiding requirements. Guild Name: Twisted Titans (US-H) Thrall Server Loot Distribution: All loot will be decided by loot council. We will use (RCLootCouncil) to have officers vote on who gets gear when it drops. This will be decided based on raid attendance, size of upgrade, skill of player, player contributions to guild, and guild progression needs. Voice Chat: Ventrilo Raid Times: (Semi-Flexible Still – If you are interested, let us know what times you are available) Tuesday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST  Wednesday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST  Thursday - 5:00 PM PST - 9:00 PM PST Sat / Sun - Optional Raid Days / Fun Runs / etc. Raider Expectations: All raiders are expected to have full pots, flask, food buffs, etc for their spec / class at all points while raiding. All players are expected to be well versed in their class / spec. All players should be following the highest end raiders, reading patch notes, checking icy veins and simulationcraft, etc to keep up on their class rotations, stat priorities, etc. All players should be tailoring their talent choices to the current raid bosses mechanics and should thoroughly understand all their talents and their strengths and weaknesses. All players are expected to have consistently high raid attendance, show up 15 mins prior to the start of the raid and be ready for an invite on time, and be prepared for the boss fights we are tackling that night. Do NOT come to a raid with zero knowledge of the fights we are attempting. Read your dungeon journal, watch youtube videos, etc and know what to expect from the fights. All players are required to have an offspec on their main character that is practiced, decently geared, and ready to be played at a moments notice. Ret paladins should have a holy offspec ready to go for example. A prot warrior should have a dps spec / set ready to go. Etc. This way if their is ever an issue with team composition or we are missing a healer, dps, or tank, we have people who can swap around to fill the needed roles. All players should have a fully customized UI that is effective and contains necessary information such as DBM and raid frames (healer addon), etc. If you are interested, reply to this thread or add me in game Battletag Stryphe#1200 Thanks for reading!Criptik0 Jul 19
Jul 19 <Flex Raid All Stars> (H) LFM for Legion Hello, Thrall! We are Flex Raid All Stars and we are looking for dedicated raiders for our core 20 man raid team! We took a break after Heroic progression in HFC as to not get burnt out on the game. Some of our raiders progressed to 13/13M in other groups. We raid 2 nights a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9-11 p.m. EST. Currently, we are looking for the following: (EVERYTHING!!) We are an adult guild comprised of players 21+ who like to have a good time, kill bosses, get loot and, did I mention, have a good time?! While we all want to have fun, we do take our raid seriously, and anyone lacking in DPS or healing, will be asked to sit out until the issue is resolved. Don't stand in fire, don't be a douche or a trade chat troll. We are adults, folks. Respect goes a long way. Please come raid ready with pots, flasks, food, knowledge of strats, and your bring your A game! Please keep in mind, we are rebuilding our core raid team for Legion. The guild is very small, but a lot of us are RL friends. Since Legion releases in a month or so, people are on hiatus until then. The guild will be very inactive, and there are no guild activities...yet! If you've read this far, maybe you'd be a great fit for the guild! You can find me in game at Docmanhatan#1750. Feel free to ask any questions here, or whisper me in game. Lok'tar Ogar!Docmanhatan3 Jul 19
Jul 18 Looking for a fun, friendly guild Hello all. I'm a returning player who is looking for a guild with a great group of fun, friendly people who are raiding normal/ heroic. Basically a guild that plays for fun, can laugh at themselves when mistakes happen but focus on the goal during the fight. As for me, I'm going to be honest and admit that I'm not very experienced but I do take the time to learn my class and encounters. The classes I've played besides my Druid are DK, Shaman and a little bit of Monk, all DPS but I'm also interested in learning how to tank and/or heal. Like I said, I want to be up front about my experience. As for faction, I'll gladly transfer faction and realm. I'm EST but I can also raid Central. Weekends are especially good for me. If your guild is that fun group, I'm looking forward to joining.Cybin4 Jul 18
Jul 18 [H] <Terrabad> Recruiting for Legion! <Terrabad> is a new guild looking to build a solid progression team for N/H Legion raid content and are currently recruiting ranged DPS and healers! Even if you're not interested in raiding, plenty of us frequently level alts, farm Legacy content, and PvP, and we'll be looking to build a couple groups for Mythic+ dungeon progression as well. In preparation for Legion raiding we would also like to run HFC as a guild as much as we can to better prepare for the new content and to test the capabilities of the group/build bonds earlier. The tentative raid schedule is two days a week, Wednesday and Thursday night from around 7-10 p.m. (EST) with Monday night being optional to progress a bit further before weekly reset. Unofficial raids and organized Mythic+ dungeons will likely happen on weekends. We have a Ventrillo server and are in the process of building a guild site. The five founders of the guild are WoW veterans and IRL friends who have been raiding on and off since Vanilla/TBC. Don't let our resumes dissuade you, however. If you have limited non-LFR raid experience but want to give it a shot, we'll gladly show you the ropes! If you're interested in joining, feel free to add me on bnet (Fappy #1883) or message me in-game (Classysavage is my main and Bushmonster is my primary alt). You can comment here if you have any questions as well!Classysavage6 Jul 18
Jul 18 [H] Selling 8/8 Gold Challenge Modes Hello! Our group is currently selling 8/8 Gold CM carries! (We no longer sell individual dungeons as we are running double carries and it is difficult to find 2 people who want the exact same select dungeons) We are a group of very experienced players who have run hundreds of carries together and offer fast and smooth runs. If you'd like to sign up please feel free to add my battle tag at the end of this post. What you get: Unique Weapon Transmogs (Character Specific for now, however all the weapons listed below will become account bound in Legion!) Claws of Creation Bloodmaw Gargoyle Equus Soul Eater Sunblade Arcana Shard Spire Greatstaff of Infinite Knowledge Dimension-Ripper's Staff Living Longbow Shifting Felblade Furnace of the Great Machine Face of the Guardian Elemental Crescent Cloudsong Glaive Tesseract Timepiece Crystal-Shot Longrifle Greatsword of the Inferno FlamegrinderChallenger's War Yeti (Account Wide) "The Indomitable" Title (Account Wide) Teleports to all 8 WoD Dungeons (Character Specific) 360 Achievement Points Our Members: Requirements: 3 hours of your time (Although usually closer to 2.5 hours) Willing to get in Skype or Discord with us (no mic required)Cost: Message for Price Payment is due: All at the start of the carry or 1/2 before and 1/2 after four. Times: Everyday starting at 3:00PM EST Do these times not work for you? Contact us and we can arrange something better.Contact Info: Landiun#1549 Kratis#1189 Previous thread for references: Jul 18
Jul 17 LF Raiding Guild Just transferred. 6/13M experience. Be my friend. >.> Here are my logs. :D I'm just looking for some cool people to play with! ^.^Cupcàkè2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Please disregard. Will be posting again soon with new information.Tridamos3 Jul 17
Jul 17 [H][A] Selling 8/8 Gold CMs - ANY REALM 8/8 Gold Challenge Mode Service [Horde + Alliance] – We Accept Gold on ANY Realm! =D **No more alliance toons, only Horde 100s, but alliance gold is accepted! Price: 2 Slots Open for BID each run When: We'll be doing at least 2 runs a day until pre patch. Possibly all night Monday Battle Tag: Jarvan#1334 We will only be taking DPS carries for the remainder of the expansion. Sorry healers! =/ Please be around 630ilvl or higher and have Curse Voice client installed before we invite you to the run. Payment: Up Front If you are an Easy Carry we will refund anywhere from 25k-75k from the priceJarvino24 Jul 17
Jul 17 Tank (maybe DPS) LF weekend guild for Legion I'm part of a cross realm group of friends raiding during the week and I was looking for a casual guild that is raiding on the weekends. I am 13/13H and not terribly interested in doing mythic unless it's with a group that is very low stress. I play the game to relax not turn it into a full time job. Please reply to this thread with your legion raid times and a battletag and we can talk!Dethsdk1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Healer Looking for Legion Guild Just looking for a home/raiding guild for legion, have every intention of playing a healer, in that "end of the expansion funk" and all in all just looking for a place to call home. not really interested in raiding the rest of draenor but im open to whatever if need be Draenor main experience--- ill leave my btag just incase i overlook this post. thanks in advance evilepidor#1916Epidoom5 Jul 17