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New, Social Guild Recruiting <Escape> Hello everyone! As the title says, i'm currently in the process of forming a guild based of a lot of the "old school" ideals that I believe made the game great. The goal of the guild will be to have an active, friendly community of people that are always willing to group with other members for all sorts of things. I started playing the game during the beta in 2004 and stayed on the game religiously until about a month into Cata. I felt that this expansion brought changes to the game that I personally was not a fan of and also was the start of de-socializing the game. The close knit community that I was a part of made the game 10x more enjoyable. We formed real friendships and bonds. I'm still in contact with some of the people I was playing with during Vanilla even though most of them don't hardly play anymore. This is what I want to bring back. I want to put together a truly CLOSE KNIT and SOCIAL community. I have already set up a discord server for the guild and am working on a website so that we can try to better put a face to the name :) This being the first recruitment post I have put out, im hoping to find some great people to help start this up. I really am hoping to find some ACTIVE members that are going to stick around for the long haul and are as passionate as I am about cultivating this community. Having a core group of "officers" would be a great foundation for the guild. <Escape> Has settled on Thrall (Horde Side) If you are interested please leave a post on here and feel free to message my battle tag. Like I said, ill be at my computer for the rest of the day! :D Looking forward to hearing from some awesome people and forming some great friendships :) BATTLE TAG: Kadaj#11178 & DustinVW#1287 Túralyon0
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Need a home for legion? Horde, Thrall Server US/ Canadian guild - THE NORTH MEN Battle tag: jaded#1153 Have the end game blues? Rebuilding for legion, you have one of two options : 1 . Join our guild - get to know us- wait for legion and then raid or be causel , social and level -your choice . 2. Come raid with us on the weekends , get to know us and then continue to raid with us through legion Main Raid Group Times: Saturday and Sunday nights 10 pm EST – 1 am EST Semi Hardcore/ Casual – You come prepared, we give group instructions and then we down bosses all while having fun. Need dependable raiders with great attendance. Current progression: 13/13 H 2/13 mythic Looking for : 1. Tank 1. healer with offspec dps ( this is a must) May need healer for legion. 3 Melee dps 3 range dps DO NOT LET YOUR LOW GEAR SCARE YOU OFF! WE CAN HELP ! Contact Fuzzyknuckle in-game mail, Tuuglacks or Jaddedwrath (jaded#1153). The North Men has been on Thrall since early 2014 and we as a group have been doing this together since then. We took our time to make a strong guild in M.o.P. and started raiding together at the start of W.o.D.. We pride ourselves in not being a large guild and take the time to make our members feel at home. We run a clean, positive guild environment and promote group work. The North Men is an adult guild and as so, we only recruit age 21+( EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE ). We have a great team of raid leaders that work hard at pushing progression but in a mature manner. We are also recruiting causal players. Also, pvpers are welcome as well. Achievement runs, mythic dungeons and other guild mate runs are done weekly and spur of the moment. We use vent and provide food/ flasks for raid. Also have fb page to help keep in contact between game time and to get to know each other better. Worried about your item level? Don’t. We will help you gear and help guide you with your class. Looking for a place to call home? Hang out with adult friends and laugh? This guild is for you! Jadeddwrath1
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[H] Indominus-Thrall 13/13M Recruiting Are you an exceptional healer / damage dealer with Mythic experience looking for a home? <Indominus> One of the top raiding guilds on Thrall, is looking for skilled dps and healers to complete our mythic HfC team! Our progression boss kill pulls have been lower than the average pulls it takes to kill a boss. Hellfire Assault: 7 Iron Reaver: 22 Kormrok: 17 Hellfire High Council: 21 Kilrogg Deadeye: 19 Gorefiend: 116 Iskar: 5 Socrethar: 2 Zakuun: 32 Tyrant: 19 Xhul: 68 Manny: 149 Archimonde: 245 Classes Needed (priority in caps) ALL CLASSES CONSIDERED. We are looking for ilvl 730+ and please have SOLID mythic experience, legendary ring well-upgraded and most of your gear improved by valor upgrades Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday @ 8 Server till 11 Server. Interested? Have questions? Feel free to message me in game (Jàger), or add me to real id: Aratax#1215and give me a tell! We can also do mumble if you like. AS A SIDE NOTE: we also run a dedicated alt team that is clearing a majority; if not all, of Heroic and Normal HfC (depending on the group composition). This group is in desperate need for healers that are 700 ilvl or higher. This run is on Weds at 8 server. If you are a dps, and are interested in clearing HfC content, we would love to have you. In the unlikely event I am not on feel free to message another one of our officers if you have any questions or you are interested in joining our team. I'll post my btag one more time for clarity: Rutmaul <Guild Master> Rutmaul #1597 Jager <Officer> Aratax#1215 Caeriss<Officer>Kazkek#1444 Popsnlocks<Officer> Chewie#1121 Jàger4
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LF Social/Casual Mature Guild Hello friends! Thrall is on my list of potential servers, and I was hoping that there are some guilds out there where raiding isn't everything. Here's what I'm looking for: 18+ or 21+ required. Guilds with average age over 30 preferred. I'm on the older side, and I don't know how to whip nae nae's or whatever the newfangled fads kids these days follow. Players that knew what it was like to use rotary phones and listen to 8-tracks while holding up the rabbit ear antennas trying not to get electrocuted in order to get good pictures on TVs are my kind of people. :) To be part of a "One Big Happy Dysfunctional Family" community. A guild with active players who do stuff other than raid. Old achievements, pvp, naked arena and other assorted shenanigans. Early evening EST raid time zones (8pm-10:30pm EST are my ideal times) Focus on friendships and fun A little about me! Played WoW since TBC in 2007. Led a casual raiding guild for over 6 years. I've been away from WoW for about a year. I plan on returning for Legion. I'm in my late 30s and I'm a girl! (GASP) I have a day job, sick husband, 17month old toddler and responsibilities, so the game is going to be my STRESS-FREE escape! I'm not looking for mythic, hardcore or stressful environments. I have enough stress thank you and my therapist says I should avoid more! Feel free to respond here or email me at Hope to find that like-minded group of people! I prefer to stay horde because money. But if the right alliance guild comes along, I have a free 100 boostyboost. /cheers Aliki5
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~Dark Confliction~ is recruiting - Hey there! Are you looking for a great community? Somewhere to feel at home with some good friends? Are you sick of joining guilds to feel like nobody knows you, nor do they care? Look no further friend! Let me tell you a little about us and what we are after ~ Dark Confliction has been around many years, known as a few different names. We have been leading raiding guilds for the past 8+ years, with friends who have followed us just as long as well as making some very good new friends along the way. In our previous guild we ran before our extended break - we were US 356 on H Archi, we were 3/13m in August before we got hit by raiders having real life obligations and being on a low pop server hit us hard so we decided to take a break from it all since the announcement HFC would be the final raid of the expansion. We picked it back up at the end of February, on Horde side - Thrall-US (PVE). We built our guild from the ground up with people who haven't even seen HFC, fresh boosted toons, you name it we had it. We were full clearing H HFC within a couple weeks of forming, ready to raid within 2 days of guild creation. We strive for a laid-back atmosphere. We were sick of raiding with people who's egos were too big for vent. We're friends playing a game to have fun, and we want to prove you can have that AND progress too! Our goal as a guild is to down as many mythic bosses in HFC before Legion as possible. We plan to hit Legion hard, getting raid ready as fast as possible and going in every night we have a group available. (Raid nights mandatory, off nights are not- but that doesn't mean we won't be raiding) Classes we are recruiting: We could use a solid 4th healer to compliment a great healing core. (Resto shaman pref, but will consider any solid option) Any of the following classes would be helpful - WW monk, DPS dk, Ele sham, Enh sham, Boomkin, Mage. All skilled, reliable raiders are encouraged to contact us today to see what we have room for! Raid times: Tues, Wed, Thurs group @ 8:50EST raids 9-12 EST (6-9 PST) This is not all we do! We have a group of friends online daily keeping busy in Azeroth! PLeveling groups, mythic dungeons, dailies. We do alt runs on Saturday nights. We also have raid gambling for those who like to roll the dice! There are also many people who play other games together as well - Overwatch, LoL, CS:Go, D3, Dark souls 3, etc..etc.. We are a community that love to game together and have fun! Must have a sense of humor, and able to take some adult language & humor ~ Everything sounds good? Great! Contact us today! Raynbosmite - Real id: Sugahchar#1272 Krytsohigh - Real id: Jeff#1952 Or a number of our officers online: Ginsing, Levemir, Tonystark, Undisputed, Invictis Raynbosmite17
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<Sephtis> 9/13M Tues/Thurs 8:30p-12a Eastern <Sephtis> 9/13M located on Thrall - US Horde (high pop) is recruiting the following classes for mythic raiding. HIGH DEMAND Warlock - 1 Rogue - 1 We are also considering any exceptional players for our roster. We raid Tues/Thurs nights from 8:30p-12a Eastern (server time). Our raid group has been together for about 1 month but the core and leadership has been raiding together for the better part of 2+ years. Most of our new recruits were 3/13M before we started clearing together. We decided to realm transfer and begin a new group on a more populated server as it is easier to recruit and compete with other guilds. Our raiding environment is non politically correct and we typically like to have fun during our farm and trash clearing. However, when we do progression bosses, we tend to get into a more serious mindset. Raid spots are earned and kept by performance and attendance. We have a larger roster of about 25 people currently and tend to have people sit on bosses they do not need for gear in lieu of those who still need an optimal piece or two from them. For progression we take THE BEST team in regards to individual player performance and comp needs for specific fights. If asked to sit, do not take it personal. We are all here for the same goal. We like to prepare for new bosses and content by posting strats up on our guild website forums ahead of time where all members of the raid team can review and provide their feedback or comments. We take any suggestion for improving the strategies seriously and encourage thinking outside of the box in order to get a boss kill. In raids we have everything laid out CD wise ahead of time using Exorsus Raid Tool notes which can be enabled and seen be all raiders. This add-on is of course mandatory for us. We are currently only 2 days (7 hours per week) but plan to expand our time to a third day for alt raids in heroic / etc. When Legion drops we may up our hours by 1-2 depending on if our raiders decide that. Regarding attendance, we are mostly 25-60 age range adults. Some of us have full time jobs, families, etc. We require 90% attendance from our raiders as we are only 2 nights per week. However, we do understand that events, vacations, business trips, kid's school events, etc can come up so we just ask that you post in our guild forum or let us know ahead of time when you need to miss. We also do raid invites via calendar where you can check your status for that night. Our loot system is Loot Council using EPGP Lootmaster Add-On (no points). We typically like to make sure the gear is spread around the raid as equally as possible and don't want 1 person getting all the pieces. However, attendance, performance, etc all are taken into account when distributing loot. New trials are given gear based if anyone in the main raid does not need it for a main spec or mandatory off spec. We use the following add ons for raiding (required): Mumble DBM or Big Wigs Weak Auras 2 Iskar Assist (or ERT) Exorsus Raid Tools EPGP Lootmaster Our guild bank provides all enchants, gems, repairs, flasks, pots, etc. If you are interested in joining and would like to trial (xrealm) or what not please visit our guild website ( Register and fill out an application on the recruitment page. Please provide your battle tag as well. We will be in contact with you and would be happy to talk in mumble as well. Thanks, Happy Hunting! Rynzzler10
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