Jun 7 Terokkar Lilac Anyone have one? Looking to pay 30k for one.Grayson3 Jun 7
Jun 7 LF Social/Casual Guild That Raids Hello friends! Turalyon is on my list of potential servers, and I was hoping that there are some guilds out there where raiding isn't everything. Here's what I'm looking for: 18+ or 21+ required. Guilds with average age over 30 preferred. I'm on the older side, and I don't know how to whip nae nae's or whatever the newfangled fads kids these days follow. Players that knew what it was like to use rotary phones and listen to 8-tracks while holding up the rabbit ear antennas trying not to get electrocuted in order to get good pictures on TVs are my kind of people. :) To be part of a "One Big Happy Dysfunctional Family" community. A guild with active players who do stuff other than raid. Old achievements, pvp, naked arena and other assorted shenanigans. Early evening EST raid time zones (8pm-10:30pm EST are my ideal times) Focus on friendships and fun A little about me! Played WoW since TBC in 2007. Led a casual raiding guild for over 6 years. I've been away from WoW for about a year. I plan on returning for Legion. I'm in my late 30s and I'm a girl! (GASP) I have a day job, sick husband, 17month old toddler and responsibilities, so the game is going to be my STRESS-FREE escape! I'm not looking for mythic, hardcore or stressful environments. I have enough stress thank you and my therapist says I should avoid more! Feel free to respond here or email me at lilkimmi2@yahoo.com. Hope to find that like-minded group of people! I prefer to stay horde because money. But if the right alliance guild comes along, I have a free 100 boostyboost. /cheersAliki5 Jun 7
Jun 7 Bump BumpRynér1 Jun 7
Jun 6 [H]<Hordeland Security> Recruiting for 25M Greetings, Turalyon! Hordeland Security is a consistent, but semi-casual raiding guild that has raided continuously since Molten Core in various capacities. Since Burning Crusade, we’ve been progressing through 25 man raiding, completing each tier in normal mode and pushing into a couple of heroic modes near the end of the tier. We are currently 9/12N 25m, 11/12N 10m for T15, from our previous home on Baelgun. We are a mature guild, with ages ranging between 25-40. As such, most of our raiders have jobs, family obligations, and other hobbies besides World of Warcraft. Our turnover and burnout rates are very low, and many of our current and former guild members have become real life friends over the years, and meet up in other games as well. Our raiding goals have always been to accomplish as much as we can in a short timeframe. To make this successful, we require excellent communication from our raiding team members when they cannot make a raid. Our raid nights are currently Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00PM-11:15 EST. We have previously run with Thursday/Sunday as our main nights, but during the summer, it appears that weeknights work better for our raiders. We are looking to add depth to our raiding roster with our move to Turalyon, and have about 5 full-time DPS slots open, but we are always looking for excellent players in any role. Please contact Saffy or Spek ingame, or visit our website at www.hordelandsecurity.org for more info!Spek6 Jun 6
Jun 6 Returning to Alliance Side I have a 28 Worgen I was thinking of playing again on this server. Is this still a good server?Jatrazbirt1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Lock LF legion Home. Just as the title says, looking for a home for legion. I also have a Mage, Druid, Warrior and Pally. Have experience in all content, took a break during HFC as it didn't interest me. Let me know on here if interested or message me on Bnet @ Madsieb#1904Madraholm1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Returning player looking for casual guild :) Hello All, I resubbed after a 2 year break and am looking for a casual guild to level with possibly raid with once i decide if i want to main this toon or another. I do plan on pushing into Legion and can raid most days once i get there. Thanks for the timeRevolvr2 Jun 6
Jun 5 We Dont Wipe Turalyon-US-Horde Welcoming rerolls, new players and returning players. Looking for Dedicated DPS but I encourage all good players to apply, we have many who will and love to playu different rolls. Check us out at http://we-dont-wipe.enjin.com/ or add me @ Ladie#1111 Raid days and times are t/TH/(TBD sun/Mon) 7-10 central 8-11 ESTBinxies0 Jun 5
Jun 5 Closed closedAllaf22 Jun 5
Jun 5 Tank LF Legion Raiding Guild Just like the title states, I am looking for a home to raid with in legion. I have not really raided a whole lot this expansion, but I have experience at high level raiding back in cata (US top 100). Looking for a fun group who wants to clear raids. I prefer to raid during the week and not raid past midnight EST. While my title says I am a tank, I can play any class pretty well. I have almost every class at 100 and will play what the guilds needs. Add me on bnet and we can talk: Xelraz1135Xelraz2 Jun 5
Jun 5 722 13/13H Enh Shaman LF Raiding Guild 1. Times available & time zone: 7pm - 11pm CST or 8pm - Midnight EST - Weekdays 2. Server preference: PVE preferable, but can do PVP or RPPVP servers 3. Faction preference: Horde 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi-hardcore 5. Current progression/experience: 13/13 Heroic HFC 6. Recent logs (if available): http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/combatlog/2266c7c3-064a-4cbd-8ccc-2355a8620063/report/196#v=0,d=0 http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/player/us/turalyon/fask 7. Contact info: Azvar#1619 8. Anything else: Looking to have fun. Kill pixeled bosses and get pixeled lootFask1 Jun 5
Jun 4 9/13M DPS LF evening raiding guild Hello all. I am currently a MM hunter seeking a new home to finish out mythic HFC as well as into Legion. My current guild has decided to take a break and people have left, quit, etc. I would like to finish out what I have started. Listed as 9/13 but I have 11/13 experience (5% wipes or less.) Seeking a guild that works well together, no drama, fighting, etc. Everything handled in a professional manner. Anything semi hardcore to casual. I am a laid back easy going person. I am always looking for ways to improve myself as a player. I have no problem with constructive criticism. I'd love to find like minded people :) Seeking a 2-3 day raiding schedule Mon - Fri anything after 8PM EST. battletag: Adimu#1344 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Hok%C3%BA/advanced I recently had a name change in May. I have logs for both names. _________________________________________________________________ I also have a hunter friend who needs a home as well. Very skilled player seeking everything listed above and a 2 day a week raiding schedule. Can raid any days listed after 8PM EST, just not Wednesdays. Can provide logs and armory as well :) Thanks! :DSubsimian0 Jun 4
Jun 4 A mage,hunter, and a warrior walk into a bar. deletedPups0 Jun 4
Jun 3 *Unprovoked* is Recruiting Unprovoked is looking to rebuild our ranks and start raiding once again. New and experienced members are welcome. We are looking for active players for the following: > Core Raid Team > Arena 2v2 or 3v3 > Questing/Leveling Assistance > Dungeon/LfR Runs > Professions/Achievement Assistance Please Contact Rykota or Myself in Game or submit an application. I will be checking this post on a daily basis if you prefer to talk here for now.Cortéz2 Jun 3
Jun 2 Older player LF active Horde raiding guild. Started in Wrath. Raided with my hunter in Wrath worked normal LK for a while. Guild finally broke apart Silvermoon server. Main tanked (Pally) in Cata silvermoon server then I moved to A52 played my hunter again in MoP. Took the free transfer back in MoP. Haven't raided much in WoD got away from WoW for a bit. I'm looking for a place I can call home with some older players like myself. Looking for a fairly active guild for new and old content. In game mail response would be great. Thank you.Permashot0 Jun 2
Jun 1 WTB H Archi Run, this Saturday night I am looking to buy a Heroic Archimonde run this Saturday night(June 4th), anytime after 11PM EST. I am looking to pay 35K. Please reply via ingame mail. Thanks!Banderas1 Jun 1
May 28 10/13M Players LF Guild The end of an expansion is upon us and unfortunately guilds usually bite the dust around this time. With raid attendance dwindling, guilds tend to weaken and fall apart. Five players are looking for two things: 1) A guild to raid with in order to finish up content in WoD 2) A guild to level, gear up, and raid with in Legion A little about us: There are five of us in our group of Wow friends who are looking for a new home. The group includes: 1) Warrior (both dps and tank) 2) Priest (disc/holy) 3) Monk (mw,ww) 4) Hunter 5) Boomkin Each member of the group is 10/13M and we have begun progression on Xhul. Each member can also play multiple characters/specs if needed for the guild. Most members of the five man group have been playing Wow together for 5+ years. We are all very ambitious and prove to be helpful to our guild with experience, raid strats, and an overall entertaining time. We really would like to find a guild that we fit into and feel comfortable moving forward with our Wow experience. For more information or to reach me ingame, message Amensista#1652 or Ace#1481. Hope to talk to you soon! Logs: Hunter/Rogue: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1094095/latest/#bracket=-1 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/4699517/latest/#bracket=-1 Warrior: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1094102/latest/#bracket=-1 Boomkin: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/12845223/latest/#bracket=-1 Monk/H Pally: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/10145785/latest/#bracket=-1&metric=hps *was the designated healer for leech trinket https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13071631/latest/#metric=hps&bracket=-1 Priest: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/10088109/latest/#metric=hps&bracket=-1 *these are bracketted (parses grouped based on a given range of Ilvl) ranks as I feel they help better show the potential of the individual.Bnwilkos2 May 28
May 28 [H]<Fractal> (13/13 Heroic) Needs a Tank! Hello! Welcome to Fractal! Fractal is a semi-casual Horde raiding guild on US-Turalyon, with progression raids running Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:45-10:30 PM EST (first boss pull at 8 PM). Wednesday nights are our open-ended nights, which will focus on Mythics, Challenge Modes, old content, and light PVP. We are looking to not only expand our core raid team, but to open our doors to a broad spectrum of experiences and personalities – we have members who have been playing and raiding since Day 1 of Vanilla, we have more relaxed players who are only just getting into the game for the first time, and we have everyone in between. We are looking for anyone who is willing to jump in and join the banter, and who will participate, help others, and actively try to improve their performance. Fractal is an adult-oriented group – the majority of the guild is over 25, with school, jobs, families, military service, and other commitments outside of the game. We understand this, and will not penalize anyone when real life interrupts game time. We expect a certain level of maturity from our members, which ultimately creates a supportive, welcoming, and enjoyable environment for everyone. Our current progression, as of 5/17/2016 is: • 13/13 Normal HFC • 13/13 HeroicHFC At present, our core raid team consists of approximately 17-19 individual players. We have 2 main tanks and 2 backup tanks, 3-4 main healers and 1 backup healer, 4-5 consistent melee DPS, and 4-5 ranged DPS. As of 4/04/2016, we are always interested in recruiting DPS who have viable healing/tanking off-specs: • 1 Full-time, MS Tank (any!) • 2-4 Full-time ranged players (Elemental Shaman, Hunter, Shadow Priest preferred) All applications will be considered! Lower ilvls, lower level characters, people interested in PVP, and more casual/social players will always be welcome! Our overall goal is to build a stronger guild and bolster our raid team for Legions, and we’d love to have you. Follow us on Twitter @FractalTuralyon Fill out an application on our website: fractal.wowlaunch.com Contact an officer for more information: FoxFace#1642 or TheOwlGod#1722Foxtroll61 May 28
May 27 Any Alliance for Bloody Coin trades? With most bgs being cancer and Ashran being hit or miss getting fairly frustrated with finishing off the 2k coin achievement. So if anyone wants to take a day and just trade kills. Add me Solz#1962Solz0 May 27
May 23 WTS Alani Mount Looking to sell the Alani mount on horde side. Selling it for 50k. Half of it due before the the pull and half after you loot the mount. Send me a message Cyborg#1143Brohealz0 May 23
May 21 722 13/13H Enh Shaman LF Guild Hi All! looking for a friendly raiding guild. Typically available on the afternoon hoursFask1 May 21
May 21 LFM interested in H Archi sales 740+ ilvl I have a core group of guildies interested in running some H Archi carries. We're looking for others who might be interested in being part of this. Tues 9-11 EST every week. If it works out and we get enough people to run it on a regular basis we may add more time slots in. Add me for any questions or more details. Silentdeath#1988Ezprey2 May 21
May 21 737 hunter moving to Horde, LF raid guild Hey, I'm relatively new to the game, began at the start of SoO and continued through this expac. After playing solely alliance for the first ~3 yrs, I'm looking to pick things up on the Horde side going into Legion. I chose Turalyon for the mid-size pop and high number of mythic guilds seen on wowprogress. Beginning in SoO, I was able to clear 14/14 mythic (then heroic) in a 10-man. Began Highmaul with that same 10 man group attempting to go 20-man. It didn't go well, only clearing 3/7. Since then I've bounced around and haven't found a solid home for mythic raiding, outside of a short-lived 9/13m HFC group. What I'm looking for is a group that will be pushing mythic in Legion. Prefer a 2-3 night schedule Prefer to wrap things up by midnight server (playing from east coast) Not looking to raid (mandatorily) on weekends, although I'm usually on messin around on an alt. My main has been a hunter since I began SoO. Atm however, I'm undecided as to what I'd like to raid come Legion. (contemplating mage, hunter, or warrior) Currently, I have a 737 hunter on the server, and I'm filling out a few more of the toon spots (they won't be raid ready this xpac) before Legion hits. If a guild is reading this and fits the timeframe, I'd love to talk, even if you are not currently recruiting. Getting in with a solid group that raids on a reasonable schedule is higher priority to me than falling into an immediate spot. Goose#1508 Thanks, Look forward to hearing from youGoosehunter0 May 21
May 19 Hey fam. How's it goin everyone?Bithindel8 May 19
May 19 LF A Casual Raiding Guild Hello! As I'm sure you can see by the title, I am currently looking for a casual raiding guild on US-Turalyon. I am an Arms Warrior, and have no raiding experience what so ever. (I don't count LFR as experience). I am looking for an environment where I can learn the basics and socialize with people like myself that are new to raiding; with the hopes that we will grow together as players, and as a community. If you need someone to join your ranks, post your information like raid times, ect. below! Thank you for reading this! NOTE: I am currently level 77, but I plan on level capping here soon. In the mean time, we could socialize and get to know each other!Goldenpeak3 May 19
May 19 WTS Crystal-infused Shiv transmog Great transmogrification for Rogue. Great way to get in early up before the new transmog system comes out. Starting at 85k. High wanted item since it keeps its black glow even if you enchant it. http://www.wowhead.com/item=32659/crystal-infused-shivDeathsrider1 May 19
May 17 Already taken care of. Ignore this thread. Already taken care of. Ignore this thread.Cmaw0 May 17
May 14 LF horde player for bloody coin farming Looking for a horde to trade kills with for bloody coins. Fast and easy to do. Add Boro#1321 for details. I will be on vent all day wow.publicvent.org port is 4135 room # is 53 (name is Boro obviously) I am looking for the 2000 bloody coin achievement. We will trade kills 100 at a time. If you are unclear how to farm this feel free to talk to me in vent about it or add my btag and discuss how we will farm it. Prefer someone who is on vent so this goes faster.Boro1 May 14
May 14 Looking for the name Zulala Hello Turalyon! I am looking to move here to get into Raiding come Legion, but I really want to keep my name. I have had a character named Zulala most of my time playing wow and I really do not want to give it up for a move. I checked armory and its a level 5 orc holding the name, so if you are, or know, the person who has the alt, please hit me up in game. On this server I have Xannissa and Alethandria on H side, send me a letter and maybe we can work out a price or something. Thanks!Zulala3 May 14
May 14 Ele Sham - LFG Guild cut our raid days since progression is over looking to raid on this toon till legion. Can raid everyday but tuesday. This toon is 724ilvl - Ele Sham I have 13/13M exp.Diligence1 May 14
May 12 Horde WTS Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Hello, I'm looking to sell the Alani mount. You can add me in game Paine#1918 and we can discuss a price there. Once we agree on a price I will make the sky crystal in front of you and we can go get your mount.Paineheals1 May 12
May 11 y yDippingdots2 May 11
May 11 Inside Job LF Ranged DPS 9/13M Inside Job is a newly formed guild on Turalyon looking for more for mythic raiding in WoD with our sights set on Legion. We have a solid core of raiders that have been playing together since Everquest. We have all done the 5 nights a week raiding and no longer have the time to do that anymore, but still have the desire to finish all the end game content. We are looking for like people that share our mentality of minimal time commitment but still seeing all the Mythic content. About Us - We are an adult guild with most of us being mid 20s or older, and with that comes adult conversations/language. We are only looking for 18+ applicants. - We only raid 2 days a week, Tuesday&Thursday 9pm-12am eastern. With only raiding 2 days a week 100% attendance is expected but understand that things happen and require you to post on our forums/contact an officer. - Loot council with loot being given to the people based on performance and how to best help the raid team. - We don't just log on for raid and log off, we are active during off nights whether it be in WoW or in other games. What we are looking for - Raiders that can't commit to 3+ days a week but still want to see all the Mythic content - Being knowledgeable of your class and the mechanics of upcoming raid encounters - Willing to sacrifice your BIG DPS NUMBERS to do odd jobs in boss encounters - Have mumble and working mic and not afraid to suggest things during raids that can contribute to progression Class Specs Needed Healers Any one of the following Holy Pally Mistweaver Resto Shaman Resto Druid DPS Death Knight Shadow Priest Mage Boomkin Elemental Shaman Warlock Any questions feel free to contact one of the officers Qutie#1289 Rblack#1606 Hanabi#1980 or visit our website and apply http://insidejob.enjin.com/homeQutìe72 May 11
May 8 2s Carry Came back late and looking for a 2s carry on my mage Btag is Madsieb#1904Ultimeat0 May 8
May 7 <Dark Blood Wolves> LF PvPers and PvP Leaders <Dark Blood Wolves> is an established and family friendly WoW guild and community that is looking to expand our efforts in a more competitive direction in both the PvE and PvP spaces. With this being said, we are currently looking for players to join our ranks who are interested in helping begin running our PvP side of operations with current leadership. We are looking to have a learning oriented beginning so that everyone we bring on has time to adjust to each other and then start doing more competitive game play as Legion approaches. If you'd like more information, feel free to contact me in-game or through this forum. If you are still interested in being a part of the PvP team but not being a leader, please also feel free contact me about that as well.Mögara0 May 7
May 7 ALPHA OMEGA Turalyon U.S. is recruiting <Alpha Omega> was founded by a group a friends back in Wrath and have been raiding like kings to prep for Legion! Our core ideals of, friendship, teamwork, and killing bosses is stronger than ever, and we are looking to expand our numbers and fill our gaps to get things done. AO is a place for you to feel like you belong, a good group of folks you can shoot the breeze with, but in the next moment kill Archimonde. While we strive to make our environment fun and lighthearted, we know when to get serious and have the skill to back our mouths. Currently we are farming 7/13 bosses in heroic - HFC.. We are really needing/wanting to fill in our team spots with Mages,Boomkin Druid, Rogues and Shaman class raiders. We are striving to be on the cutting edge of raiding during Legion and with our pool of talented players We are all certain we will succeed. Raiding Times: Tues/Thurs 8:00-10:30 pm, EST Needs: We are currently in need of Mages,Boomkin Druid, Rogues, and Shaman class players. Teamspeak 3 is Required with functional mic. MUST be mature - (We are an adult guild) We have a no !@#$%^- policy, so if you are one, or become one, you will be avoided for membership. We provide all flasks,potions, and feast when raiding. With our group, if you are not quite yet geared enough, we will help you (680 or higher please) If you can't get your DPS quite where it needs to be, we will help you. If you're low on potions or food, we can help you. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and we want to help. Please be loyal/dependable/accountable to your raid and team-mates. If AO sounds like a place you'd be interested in, apply on our website: http://alphaomega.guildlaunch.com. Hope to speak with you soon! Real ID Kuros #1223Gunsteel0 May 7
May 6 need help winning I want buy rgb wins at 500 gold each win. Pst me in game... Or in game mailRapbrezbek0 May 6
May 5 WTB Heroic Archimonde Mount + Loot. Post your price here, would prefer to bring my DK Alt for a chance at the Sword. Thanks.Felfart0 May 5
May 4 [Heals/DPS] Returning player LFG *please read the whole thing before repying. Thanks* Returning after a long break and looking for a guild with active people in voice comms I've been away for a while and as a result I'm behind on gear (677) I can play Ret or Holy pretty well Looking for a guild that can either help me gear or use me with the gear I have. Please don't reply if you say "Get your gear higher and then join our raids" Looking for people I can form friendships with Would prefer mature players as I'm almost 30 Prefer raid/pvp times that end by or before 12 am EST Reply with your Btags and I will add you Thanks for reading. Hope you find the players/guild you are looking for. CheersRhooney0 May 4
May 2 WTB Heroic Archi Kill Just want the mount, Not interested in loot or anything else, Let me know your price & when we can set it up. You can add my Battle Tag Origami#1870 or you can reply hereRèdonkulous0 May 2
May 2 (A) Burial 5/13M DPS RAID DAYS Tuesday, Wednesday, with and optional Thursday Times 9:00p--12:00p. Burial is a long standing Alliance Guild who is making steady progress on a 9hr/Week Raiding schedule. We are looking for a few strong players for Heroic Progression. If you are 720+, we want to hear from you. We need: (DPS) - Mage, Warlock, Hunter or any other really good dps. If we seem a good fit, consider us for your Raiding home. Burial is a Mature group of Raiders looking for progression, but also for an enjoyable Evening's Raiding. We joke around a lot but when we need to focus up we get the job done. Please reach out to Thors#1807 or Crazyterran#1213 or Mishuun#1926 for an immediate chat and potential Trial slot. Thanks!Thors76 May 2
May 2 HAPPY 10 YEARS to KUMPANIA (H) Today, 10 YEARS ago, one of the largest and still most active Casual Family Guilds was founded on Turalyon in Thunder Bluff~! Tonight we will return to our Birth Home to celebrate... ALL ARE WELCOMED TO ATTEND THIS PARTY~! COME CELEBRATE WITH KUMPANIA~! We will see you all in Warspear at some point tonight for a short PARADE and FIREWORKS just like our 9th year party~! With over 950 toons, 270 accounts, large number of Husband & Wife combos, from 18 to 63 in age range of members, many in Guild over 6 years, highest achievement score on Horde, 4th oldest active WoW Guild in America we have been blessed by the MMORPG Gods~! Still GROWING with QUALITY not Quantity... ZERO DRAMA... Never spamming for members, recruiting thru word of mouth and the Blizzard Guild Finder... No elitists or jerks need apply... Play YOUR way, YOUR style with no pressure to conform or participate in things you have no interest in doing... Just have FUN in a inviting and active environment~! So come CELEBRATE with KUMPANIA tonight, Friday the 8th, in TB and then parade and fireworks in Warspear later... Thank you for a fantastic 10 YEARS and here is to 10 more~! Sofa Cowpies Founding Member Former 9 1/2 Year Guild MasterCowpies1 May 2
May 1 WTB H Arch Kill. Just want the mount. No loot or anything. Let me know what the price is and when we can set it up.Hildegarn2 May 1
Apr 28 Prot Warrior 725 LF Raiding Guild Been tanking since Vanilla Wow, guild taking a break and I am looking for a new spot to raid. Add me Morgg#1148 Willing to go Arms and DPS, DPS gear is 720Morgg4 Apr 28
Apr 28 Disc Priest/Ret Pally LF Norm Raid Guild 725 disc/holy priest and 692 ret/prot pally in search of normal/early heroic HFC raiding guild Looking to help a guild progress and meet friends to follow into Legion Please give me a shout if interested. stormdust007#1194Miawynn2 Apr 28
Apr 26 found felsteel longblade plans If anyone has been looking for a smith to craft the felsteel longblade I finally got the plan so if anyone wants one try to catch me while I'm logged on or just mail me the mats and ill mail you back the sword asap. Tips appreciated but not required. I can also do the sulfuron hammer same deal there. www.wowhead.com/item=23540/felsteel-longbladeStartwister2 Apr 26
Apr 25 [A] Need Heavy Junkboxes Let me know your price, best way to find me is via battletag. Sylveon#1479Starshards0 Apr 25
Apr 24 [H] 730 Mage looking for a legion home I am 13/13h HFC since oct last year, the guilds I've been in didn't have a solid 20 for mythics so decided against that and decided to take a step back. Now that legion is on the horizon I figured now would be the best time to find some place to settle into before the prepatch/expac drop. I've been playing since late vanilla/early bc, raiding since late BC on. I know my class, research fights I am unsure on and come prepaired to raids (Pots food and flasks) I am generally around everyday after 6pm EST and if unavailable for any reason I make sure to give notice as soon as I realize I'm unable to make raid/events. With the prepatch/expac so close Im not to concerned with mythics since I know alot of people are generally taking breaks around this time, though willing to raid anytime, but would like to find a home now to get acquainted before legion. If you'd like to contact me my btag is krazzie#1937.Woogyboogy3 Apr 24
Apr 22 [H] Looking for Mythic Progression DPS Guild name: Divine Carnage Faction: Horde Realm: Turalyon Raid times: 9pm - 12am EST, Tuesday/Thursday Currently recruiting Ranged - Mage - Elemental Shaman Our progress 10/10 Normal Blackrock Foundry 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry 13/13 Normal Hellfire Citadel 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel 10/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Divine Carnage is searching for a few DPS to fill out our Roster, who have a causal attitude with a hardcore addiction! We want active members who are primarily raiders. We are currently progressing on Mythic Xhul’Horac. Link to our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/118303/ If you have any questions or concerns please add Lore#1710 or Korvixx64#1175 to BattleTag and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.Demoncoeus0 Apr 22
Apr 21 <Impetus> T/Th 13/13M LF Exceptional Players Impetus is aiming to strengthen our roster as we prepare for Legion. We are looking for skilled, dedicated raiders capable of learning and mastering content on a limited schedule. According to Wowprogress, we were the only 25 man guild to be 14/14 Heroic on a 6 hour schedule in 5.4. We finished Tier 17 #2 6 hour weekday guild in the US at 6/7 Mythic Highmaul and 7/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry. We have completed Hellfire Citadel as the #2 6 Hour guild in the US. In Legion we want to be #1. If you have the skill and drive to push progression, just not a lot of free time to raid 4-5 hours at a time or 3+ days per week, we're looking for you! We raid Tuesday and Thursday, 9-12 EST. We are looking for people that: Love raiding and pushing themselves to do better. Simultaneously competes and cooperates with the rest of the team as we tackle content. Can maintain at least 80-90% attendance. Are laid back and mature. Getting In Touch With Us If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don't hesitate to give one of our officers a whisper in game or visit our website: Guild Leader: Dethkrik#1795 Recruiting Officer: Randiz#1613 Officer: Swollennut#2204 Website: impetus.guildlaunch.com Our admission process includes a written application and a vent interview. Through this process we aim to verify that you raiding with Impetus is the correct fit for both parties.Dethkrik471 Apr 21