Apr 20 [A] <Chaos Cabinet> 13/13M LFM! Btag: Kaz#1747 - hit me up any time for quick info Want a TL;DR of the Chaos in the Cabinet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCrayup45pk 13/13 Mythic 13/13 Heroic HFC 8/10 Mythic BRF Raid Times: Tuesday: 8pm-11pm EST Wednesday: 8pm-11pm EST Thursday: 8pm-11pm EST https://youtu.be/NaAmaARyUOo - Mythic Gorefiend, come party with the team Chaos Cabinet is a guild formed by a group of long time friends from as early as vanilla. Our team is mostly made up of friends of friends and we aim to build the guild around a strong core of long time WoW players. Being as close of friends as most of us are, there WILL be many jokes fun times overall, if you cant take a joke and hate vulgar topics then you WILL NOT enjoy our company. Chaos Cabinet's goal with this team is to push Mythic content as hard as possible on leisure raid times, while we will have many laughs on trash pulls, farm content and outside of raid, when it comes to progression we will buckle down and focus on killing the boss ASAP. Expectations: With out goal of being a cutting edge guild, we expect high end performance from all our members, a bench will exist and we will not hesitate to bench under-performing members. Research of your BiS, best spec/rotation, and of the current bosses is REQUIRED. we WILL NOT carry raiders! Loot System: We will be using a Loot Council system, members will roll at the start of the raid week and the top 3 will join the loot council with 3 officers, loot council will decide loot using many factors such as attendance, performance, current gear, BiS, etc. What we will offer: Guild Repairs Pots and Flask (when materials allow it) Food/Feast (when materials allow it) Free Enchants and Gems (when materials allow it) Craft-able Upgrades (when materials allow it) =================== ---CURRENTLY RECRUITING-- ... ANY Exceptional players may apply! =================== Contacts: WEBSITE: http://www.chaoscabinet.com/ Guild Master: Telulu (ingame) Raid Leader: Kazmeme (ingame) / Btag: Kaz#1747 Assistant Lead: Shockbaka (ingame) Officer: Wantsmore (ingame)Kazmeme190 Apr 20
Apr 20 WTT gold on turalyon for gold on Arthas 90k gold add me Bnet is Fallen#1904Lightofdawn0 Apr 20
Apr 19 Raid leader LF M team for Legion I've been raid leading since I started playing in Cata, and am looking to either start a new Mythic raid team or join an existing one looking for a raid leader. I am currently away from the game, but plan on coming back whenever the Legion pre-patch drops. My schedule allows for raiding any nights except Friday and Saturday from 7-midnight EST. I'd prefer to raid 2 non-consecutive nights during the week, with maybe a Sunday optional night or something. 8-12 hours / week raid time would be ideal. I've always been focused on progression, so am not interested in a casual team. On the flip side, clearing all Mythic content each patch is not a requirement either. With the limited raid time, I'm not expecting to be able to full clear each patch. As far as my leading style, I'm pretty laid back. No tantrums or anything, and I expect everyone on the team to be at least somewhat mature and respectful to others on the team. I research fights to the extreme and like everyone on the team to be mostly prepared for new fights. I pore over logs and know most class specs so I can give player feedback if requested/needed. Lastly, I would like to stay on Turalyon, but would be open to moving to a different server for the right team. If you'd like to discuss more, please message me at painmaster#1657.Painiac0 Apr 19
Apr 17 WTB Conquest Cap via RBG Looking to buy RBG wins @ 400g/win, or 18kg for the cap. PST in game, or send an in-game mail if interested.Felfart0 Apr 17
Apr 17 Nekromantix 11/13 H About us: Nekromantix was formed back in July 2014. We've had our growing pains as most guilds do. But! here we are raiding with a small but very social/fun loving group. We run dungeons / mythics together. We farm old content for mounts and achieves too! Raiding with Us: Our first goal, have fun! We do love to chat and make jokes, but when that pull timer goes off we get our game faces on. We are NOT Hardcore, but there is a driving goal within our raiders that we do want to down bosses and do progression. . Raid nights are Mon-Tues 730pm-1030pm. LF Raiders for H HFC Healer - High Priority - Disc priest or Monk or Shaman DPS - Low Priority - but consideration can be made depending experience. We also do an alt/gear group of normal HFC on Sunday nights at 8pm. Social is the aspect of this game. You don't have to be a raider to join us, we are open to all players of any level. Lastly, we are a very minimal drama guild. If your sole goal in this game is to make other people miserable, you will not last long in this guild. We're very laid back, except when it comes to drama. We all have enough of that in real life we can't get away from, don't bring it here! Anyone with more questions please feel free to comment or send me a msg, ID's below. Dalli #1198Ryelan0 Apr 17
Apr 15 LF - Pet Collectors I am trying to transfer Gold from Sargeras- I will buy any pet on Sarg (high pop - generally lower prices) then sell you the pet. You are welcome to check AH prices, no prepayment required. I am not looking to make a profit on the price I buy the pet from Sargeras (again, you can check the prices yourself on Sarg, if you wish). I will sell you the pet at whatever price I buy it from on Sarg. I do not expect pre-payment and the gold will be transferred in the trade for the pet. If you are interested, please send Phreaqshow an in game mail and I will contact you. The only caveat is the pet has to be priced properly, I am not going to buy a pet for way more than what it is worth in case the buyer changes their mind. Thanks!Phreaqshow0 Apr 15
Apr 14 [A] New player LF friends/guild Hey there folks, I'm a fairly new player not having played for over 5 years and just getting back into things. Currently level 95 on my mage as of today. Would love to find a group of people to chat with as I level and raid/PvP with when I hit 100. Ideally I would like to cement myself as a core part of a guild when Legion hits in a few months. About me: I'm 29 years old from Toronto, Canada and enjoy the company of other adults. Looking for a family friendly environment though, as I wouldn't enjoy myself around people swearing like sailors. I'm available from 8-12 EST on weekdays and most times on weekends. I also recently started playing League of Legends (level 11) and Rocket League. Feel free to add me in-game. I only play the one toon, so if I'm on I'll be on my mage. Cheers, RhoonRhoon4 Apr 14
Apr 13 <Concordant> 8/13M Casual guild LFM <Concordant> is an 8/13 mythic casual guild, looking to expand its roster, we raid Tues - Thurs from 8pm - 11 pm est. details as to what we're looking for can be found here at our guild site, or you could whisper Novasolan, or Holyhospital directly, when they're online. http://www.concordantguild.com/ Quick look at our progress http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Concordant For a firsthand perspective at our guilds raids, drop by our stream hosted by Darkshimoto https://www.twitch.tv/darkshimoto Updates posted frequently on twitter, shoot a tweet for hands on guidance to the app process, etc. https://twitter.com/DarkshimotoDarkshimoto0 Apr 13
Apr 7 [H] Vortex LFM 13/13M Vortex is recruiting for Mythic raiding! We're targeting a 27-28 person roster with a 66% attendance requirement expected over our 3 day raid week (thus, 2 nights a week at a minimum). We've had a great deal success recruiting for our WoD roster and have gotten off to a fast start in this expansion, but are currently looking for the following roles to help fill out our raiding team. We're looking to add: 1x Healer (Monk) 2x Ranged DPS (Ele, Lock) Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you know some of our members and/or think you'd be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd always like to hear from you! We archive every application we get and if raiding spots open up, those archived applications that we were unable to accept will likely be the first spot we look for great folks to join us. About Vortex: For those who don't know us, Vortex has been specializing in 10-man heroic raiding on Turalyon since 2008 and has made he shift to Mythic raiding in WoD. We're generally an older group (20+ to 40+) of folks, some of whom have kids and most of whom have jobs, so we're good at keeping the balance between the game and real life. Despite all of these draws on our time, we've always finished expansions in the top 1% of guilds world-wide, so that's hopefully a good indicator that we buckle down well when it's time to focus. Our forums are quite active between strategy discussion/refinement and general chatter about interesting things we've found on the Internet. We want to stress that the most important things that we're looking for is a personality and skill fit between us and our applicants. We want people who are skilled, fun to be around and willing to work hard to help move the team forward. If you're not the best geared player, don't let that stop you from applying. Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday: 8pm -> 11:30pm server time (ET). Invites go out at 7:45. Interested or have questions? Our website can be found at: http://www.vortex-guild.com Our application and instructions can be found here: http://www.vortex-guild.com/index.php/topic,4.0.html You can also direct questions to the Vortex Officers: - Hercuboom (hercdeisel#1132) - Raven (Ravenfeather#1462) - Ketheres (Kether#1306)Hercuboom85 Apr 7
Apr 7 DBD~7/13M~Ret,Spriest,Rogue,Warlock,Boomkin Add my battle id Absense#1989 ~~ HYJAL~~ server ** Check out our Awesome Recruitment Video!!! - ** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iacgdcMUu8k** http://dbdguildh.guildlaunch.com I ask applicants to be atleast 715 and have legendary ring. Willing to X-Realm trial. 7/13M 13/13H Very high needs for Shadow Priest, Warlock, Rogue, Boomkin, Ret Paladin. Exceptional players regardless of spec always welcome to apply. http://dbdguildh.guildlaunch.com Our Raid Schedule is: Tuesdays: 6-9pm Pacific Wednesdays: 6-9pm Pacific Thursdays: 6-9pm Pacific EPGP loot distribution.Proverbial0 Apr 7
Apr 7 [H]LF Heroic Raiding Guild for family member! Hey Folks. Looking for a guild for my father, he is having a hard time finding a raiding guild that really suites his timeframe and ilvl progression. Since my guild raiding 8PM-1030PM t/t weekdays EST is past his bed time... We are 13/13H on farm and don't have enough regulars on the roster for mythic progression at the moment. Willing to barter help with other guilds for finding him a good home :) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Glenlivetxii/simple Looking for a friendly Heroic progression guild horde side. He does his homework when it comes to mechanics and is looking to progress with a group of mature players and actually learn the dance with a group for the upper half of HFC. Has Legendary Ring as Ret Pally melee DPS. He usually plays from 3PM EST - 8PM EST m-f and whenever on the weekends. Please post raid schedule's in reply posts :p Isunami#1263 Thanks in Advanced.Isû1 Apr 7
Apr 5 LF mount farming buddy I can solo elegon and ji kun on a few of my toons but I have many many alts. I want more attempts to getting these two mounts and I figure someone else wants a shot at these mounts as well. I have 22 alliance 100s and 5 horde 100s and my real id is Boro#1321, add me if you wish to farm these mounts. I usually farm these on monday so if you are off monday day/evening. I have lockouts on these raid bosses on my hunter so we can go straight to these bosses (no need to clear raid up to these bosses). If mount does drop and you win the roll I will offer you 150k gold if you wish to sell it but of course you can keep it if you win the roll.Boro0 Apr 5
Apr 5 [WTB] 9xEnchanted Elementium Bars Hi my name is Grimmgrin and I'm an Undead Rogue and I need 9 Enchanted Elementium Bars. Will pay well for them so if you've got some post them on the AH, send them to me C.O.D or whisper me in game!Grimmgrin0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Chaotic Neutral Recruiting for WoD and Beyond We have immediate needs for Cloth/Leather DPS classes to continue our push to finish WoD Mythics. Raids: Tuesday and Thursday Alt Runs on Monday. Attendance Optional 8:30 ~ 11:30 PM EDT Our current raiding needs for WoD: (As of March 2016) Cloth and Leather DPS Exceptional players of any class are always welcome to apply. Recruiting all classes for Legion raiding. Current Progression: 9/13 Hellfire Citadel(M) 13/13 Hellfire Citadel(H) 13/13 Hellfire Citadel(N) 10/10 Blackrock Foundry(H) 10/10 Blackrock Foundry(N) 7/7 Highmaul (H) 7/7 Highmaul (N) All previous conquests cleared, even if not while absolutely fresh content, we will often return to knock out achievements for nifty mounts. Who we are: We are a mature and efficient, 3-2 days a week raiding guild that's been together since The Burning Crusade (TBC) expansion. Many of our members have played since the original World of Warcraft. We consider our time together pretty valuable, so downtime in the raid is kept to a minimum. We try to keep a friendly raiding atmosphere, while constantly trying to improve each others performance and ability. Outside of raiding, many of our members are involved with PVP, achievement runs and leveling and gearing alts. For those that would like to raid with us, these are our basic expectations from you: Know how to play your class/role and to know appropriate gear/enchant/gem choices (or at least ask and listen to those who do). Read up on boss strategies, both what we publish and what others have published. Be able to pass the "idiot checks" that Blizzard throws your way. Raiders should be able to not stand in the bad fire, and be able to click on the target or use the ability that prevents the raid from wiping. Get along with the rest of the guild. It doesn't matter if you are the best player on the planet, if the officers and rest of the guild can't stand to group with you then you're not going to be a good fit with us. For additional information and our guild application, please visit our website at http://www.cnguild.org, or talk to Wandappy(Wandappy#1921) or any other officer in-game!Tharkûn12 Apr 5
Apr 3 ALPHA OMEGA Turalyon U.S. is recruiting <Alpha Omega> was founded by a group a friends back in Wrath and have been raiding like kings to prep for Legion! Our core ideals of, friendship, teamwork, and killing bosses is stronger than ever, and we are looking to expand our numbers and fill our gaps to get things done. AO is, and always will be, a place for us to feel like we belong, a group of friends we can shoot the breeze with, but in the next moment kill something big. While we strive to make our environment fun and lighthearted, we know when to get serious and have the skill to back our loud mouths. Currently we are farming 7/13 bosses in heroic - HFC.. We are really needing/wanting to fill in our team spots with Mages,Boomkin Druid, and Rogues ), in order to get into heroic/mythic content. We are striving to be on the cutting edge of raiding during Legion and with our pool of talented players we will succeed. Raiding Times: Tues/Thurs 8:00-10:30ish pm, EST Needs: We are currently in need of Mages,Boomkin Druid, and Rogues Teamspeak is required. MUST be mature - (We are an adult guild, that will remain adult, we have fun - but at pull our game faces go on. With our group, if you are not quite yet geared enough, we will help you (650 or higher please) If you can't get your DPS quite where it needs to be, we will help you. If you're low on potions or food, we will help you. We are only as strong as our weakest link, and we want to help. Please be loyal/dependable/accountable to your raid and team-mates. If AO sounds like a place you'd be interested in, apply on our website: http://alphaomega.guildlaunch.com. If you're seriously interested. Hope to speak with you soon! Gunsteel Real ID Kuros #1223Gunsteel0 Apr 3
Mar 30 Coming back to game, lf progression guild Hey guys I quit right around the beginning of MOP. For Legion I'm looking for a serious progression raiding guild. I have plenty of experience playing all 3 roles, though have mostly played Hunter, and Mage. I'd prefer playing DPS/heals but am willing to roll any class/spec. My available raiding nights are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. Contact me here, or add me in-game, my Battletag is Deathbysoda #1701.Meshuro0 Mar 30
Mar 29 LORD OF WAR I got lord of war title and warlord title. If anybody wants any tips how to get this faster pst me in game. Ill show you some tips and tricks to make this grind more efficient.Boro0 Mar 29
Mar 28 WTB Full H HFC Title. Says it allProlyfe2 Mar 28
Mar 28 HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY KUMPANIA (H) Turalyon (US) ******* HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY ********* 10 YEARS OLD (April 8th, 2006) *** one of the oldest active guilds in all of WoW... 946 Toons 539 lvl 100's 207 Unique Players 2485 Achievement Points (#1 on Server) VERY ACTIVE **even during the dead content slow time** Guild Master: TERVE Asst.G.M.: YUMBA Asst.G.M.: SOFA COWPIES (Founder of Kumpania) Consistent solid leadership with only 2 GM's for all 10 years. Sofa Cowpies for 9 1/2 & new Guild Master Terve who was Asst.G.M. for years.Cowpies3 Mar 28
Mar 27 Nemesis quests I'm looking for someone on alliance on Turalyon to trade kills with. I need Night Elf at the moment. I can bring trolls and blood elves to the table at the moment. Reply here, or add me Akimmike#1808Akimmike0 Mar 27
Mar 22 #1 KUMPANIA (H) Turalyon People like numbers, so here we go: 10 YEARS OLD~! (April 8th, 2006) 4th Oldest Active Guild in WoW 946 Toons; 539 lvl 100's; 207 Unique Players 2485 Achievement Score (#1 on Horde Turalyon) Hello new friends and prospective Kumpania family members! I'm Sofa Cowpies, the Founder and Divine Bovine, or Bovinity, of the oldest Guild on the Turalyon server and the 4th oldest active Guild on any United States server~! We are almost 10 years old~! Most guilds do not last ten months, so welcome to "something very special"~! We turn 10 years old on April 8th, 2016~! We made it this far by being "different" in our mission statement, we are very simply a place to "BE YOURSELF" and "HAVE FUN" in a totally drama free environment. We pride ourselves on really being a "Gaming Family"~! Terve is our new Guild Master of Kumpania, the position I held proudly for 9 1/2 years, and he is leading Kumpania into a VERY bright future, with high activity levels, fun chat, NO DRAMA, no pressures to conform~! In other words he is CONTINUING the traditions that made Kumpania great with his own fantastic style of leadership that is sure to continue the huge success Kumpania has become over the years~! I now serve as his Asst. Guild Master, as he was mine for many years, so along with Yummy, Terve's wonderful Wife, as the other Asst. Guild Master we have the same leadership team we have had for years, just in different roles~! So stability, longevity and continued growth... sounds too good to be true, but it's not at all~! Here it is in a nutshell... Our promise is to treat each and every one of you with respect, compassion and understanding. I assure you that we will listen to your concerns, make note of your suggestions to improve Kumpania and take all possible steps to make your gaming time enjoyable and drama free. Again let me stress "DRAMA FREE". With the Legion expansion Kumpania will grow even more and will change slightly to meet the needs of a new class of members, while staying true to what we have been for all these years. Our MAIN FOCUS will NEVER change however which has been to allow folks of all play styles to have a Guild Home that is DRAMA FREE and allows them to play with zero pressure other then to have FUN~! Kumpania offers more PROGRESSION Raiding now and more CASUAL Raiding then in our past. With Terve our Guild Master and our Staff and Officers we are committed to keeping the guild true to the basic values and mission statement upon which Kumpania was founded and we make every effort to keep the Guild's Members informed and listen to their opinions and needs and concerns. We will remain who we are and understand what the term Kumpania means: "Circle of friends, traveling companions, vagabonds, family but not by blood, folks who travel together by choice for mutual benefit~!" Kumpania~! The name is powerful and fitting. If we all try to make it true for this Guild then we have built something very special together, a refuge from real life, a place to hang on line with friends and escape into the great World of Warcraft. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, then talk to any Guild Officer for an invite into the NO DRAMA, NO PRESSURE world of THE LEGEND... that is.... (music builds).... KUMPANIA~! Use the Blizzard Guild Finder to apply or www.kumpaniaxl.wowlaunch.com Your Founding Member and former Guild Master, Sir Sofa CowpiesCowpies0 Mar 22
Mar 22 [H] <House Gamon> Weekend Guild 11/13M LF DPS <House Gamon> of Turalyon-Horde is currently recruiting exceptional DPS for our weekend mythic raid team! We are mostly looking for mages and rogues, however we will gladly accept any class so long as they are played to their full potential. Raid Times: Friday/Saturday @ 9:00PM-12:00AM EST. Loot System: RClootcouncil, we have a loot council set up to decide who could use the loot the most, we try to hand out loot in the most fair way possible. We're a fairly laid back and friendly guild, so it goes without saying that we are looking for players of a similar personality. This means we don't want anyone with a short temper, looking to get all the loot to themselves, or yell at a fellow guild mate over a screw up. We're a simple guild just looking to have some fun on the weekends. For applicants interested in joining our mythic team, we require an item level of at least 720. If you are interested in raiding with us: add AND message: Stephling#1722 We do offer trial runs, however no loot is promised to any applicants.Biophiliac59 Mar 22
Mar 15 [H] Selling Normal/Heroic HFC Gear runs/mount [Horde]<Audax> is now selling: 13/13 Normal HFC Runs, with all loot for your class/spec guaranteed to go to you if it drops! 12/13 Heroic HFC Runs, with all loot for your class/spec guaranteed to go to you if it drops! Heroic Archi kill for mount, with or without guaranteed loot if it drops! If interested please send a PST to: Heavenswrath#1143 Covalent#1985Heavenschaos2 Mar 15
Mar 15 WTB Normal/Heroic HFC Full Clear With Loot I just need all gear main spec and off spec (prot/holy) in either Normal or Heroic difficulties, most importantly the tier set. - Gear includes: Tier set, neck, trinkets, weapons, rings and any plate armor that's needed. - Raid size: the bigger the better, 20+ for more drops. - Loot system: Group loot or Master loot (ML is preferred). - Should be a guild run not a PUG and please don't be loot-locked. - Price: using in-game Gold, Alliance-Turalyon. Add me if you are interested. hamode#2357Devonmomo0 Mar 15
Mar 7 [A]<Promethean> recruiting raiders and social We are a new-ish midcore guild starting up a core raid group to progress through HFC content. The guild just started raiding last week, so far we have downed to Zakuun. (8/13N) The team could use some more ranged dps and we are looking for another healer. Ranged DPS we are looking for, but exceptions can be made: - Elemental Shaman - Mage - Warlock Healers we are looking for, exceptions can be made: - Druid - Monk Our raid times are Tuesdays and Wednesday 8:30PM to 11:00PM EST (sometimes later depending). Since we are just starting out, we have Monday as an optional additional raid day. The 3rd raid day will become permanent once we step into heroic. Right now, we are focusing on gearing up the core team (getting two piece bonuses...etc.). The loot rules are MS > OS rolls. Tier pieces are prioritized to those who still need two piece set bonus and those that show up to the raid consistently. Our end goal is to get to Mythic difficulty before Legion rolls out, so expect that mentality. However, we do still want to have fun at the same time! Several members in the guild love to PvP, do old achievements, challenge modes, and mythic dungeons. Plenty to do for everyone. We use Discord App for voice and fun communication (pictures, gifs, links, etc). <Promethean> is also part of a small multi-gaming community that plays various other games such as Diablo 3, Civ5, Minecraft, and HoTS. Guildies are more than welcome to take advantage! Contacts: Fjorlei - Bree#1822 Methco - Methco#1682 Kusajishi Shift / FluxFjorlei6 Mar 7
Mar 5 [A]Brewmaster LF Raiding Guild Hey all, I've been raiding as a tank since i started wow. Which was only back in MoP :). But i've really enjoyed the scene that is downing bosses. Im currently in a guild that progresses a little to slow for my standards and im looking for a guild that is around 13/13H. I personally know all the fights but im mostly looking for a good time and mature people. iLvl-720Drunkbaboon1 Mar 5
Mar 3 Looking for a PvP guild on turalyon Im on turalyon looking for a pvp guild for rated battlegrounds and rated arenas HUMAN COMBAT ROGUEDankus0 Mar 3
Mar 2 (A) <Foe> (13/13H) is Recruiting! Current Highmaul Progress: 1/7 Mythic Current Blackrock Foundry Progress: 10/10 Heroic Current Hellfire Citadel Progress 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic About The Guild <FoE> is an Alliance raiding guild on the Turalyon-US server that is focused on progression and is currently seeking new members for our raid team. We raid 3 nights a week and strive to progress as far as possible in a given tier of content. Our members include people from nearly all walks of life and many are closer to 30 years old than they are to 20. We maintain a mature, respectful environment and we don't tolerate drama. We expect members to settle any interpersonal drama like adults. What Kind of Players Are We Looking For? The raiders of FoE are individuals who are knowledgeable about their class and the fights being attempted. Our raiders use available online resources to improve their play. These may include such things as online guides, YouTube videos, and logs. Members are not required to have an offspec or to fill multiple roles, but these qualities are always appreciated. What Are We Specifically Looking For Right Now? We are currently recruiting all specs and roles for raiding! Raid Info We raid on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Mondays from 8-11 pm EST. We expect raiders to maintain at least an 80% attendance rate. We use Mumble for voice communication. Epic Loots! Our loot system is an open roll system where main spec is prioritized over off spec. A player's total winnings are kept track of and when two players roll on an item, the player that has won fewer items will be awarded the item. Interested? Apply Here! http://foeturalyon.enjin.com/recruitment More Info For more info, check out our website at http://foeturalyon.enjin.com/. You can also contact Shando, our guild leader, myself (Raedwulf, BNET: Claypax#1329), or any of our other officers. The names of these fine folks can be found on our page in the WoW Armory (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/turalyon/FoE/), they are listed as rank 2 or higher. You can also check out our raid logs at http://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/39/. We look forward to hearing from you!Raedwulf262 Mar 2
Mar 2 WTB Mythic Blackhand Kill Looking to buy a Mythic Blackhand kill Willing to pay 20k but will negotiate if price isn't reasonable. Add my battletag---- prettyjodirt#1770Vitruviüs0 Mar 2
Mar 2 [A] Returning DK Looking for New Home Hello Turalyon, I've been an avid raider for many years, but going from high school to college, internships, exchange etc has really made it hard for me to consistently raid for the last few expansions. I currently main Blood DK, but I'm sure I can re-learn to do well as DPS if needed. I've listed some of my experience by expansion below for your reference. I'm looking for a weekday raiding guild that is looking to continue doing stuff in WoD and move strong into Legion. I am graduating from college this May and know where I am working so I know for sure I can commit to a raiding schedule now. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Hope to hear from you guys soon. Cheers, Tiqi ---------Previous XP------- Vanilla & BC: Didn't raid. Didn't even know raids existed. Wrath: Was on Antonidas, and was in a strong guild that got server 2nd Algalon, Anub Insanity, and Heroic LK. Had to stop towards the end of Wrath since I was off to college and schedule was not easy to navigate. Cata: Didn't really raid; was in a good guild that did some stuff in Firelands, but nothing special. MoP: Raided quite a bit with a semi-casual group. Went on to become the raid leader through ToT and SoO and made good progress through those. Unfortunately international exchanges/internships threw a wrench in the works during this expansion. WoD: Unfortunately haven't had the chance to raid much.Tiqi2 Mar 2
Mar 1 [H] Diffusion- LF DPS 13/13M We're currently looking for talented DPS to finish off the expansion and leading into Legion. These are the preferred classes we are looking for at the moment, but accepting any DPS if you are a good fit. Ranged DPS: Warlock , Hunter Guild: <Diffusion> Server: US-Turalyon Schedule: We have a 3 night raiding schedule, Tues/Wed/Thr 9:00pm-12:00am EST. Progression: 13/13M HFC History: Our core group has been raiding together since WoLK. Voice: Mumble Loot: EP/GP We are recruiting for core raid positions only. Feel free to contact one of our officers in game, or on our website: http://diffusion-turalyon.enjin.com BTag- Mastr0(Zero)#1578, Daunted#1981Seifer49 Mar 1
Feb 29 Heroic Raid recruitment! -- Scarlet Crusader Looking for a fun place to play? We have 3 raid groups all looking for key spots in their raid group! That could be you! The progression is 13/13H in one group, 12/13H in the other two groups. A lot of spots are open. We are a casual guild. We like to have fun with the guildies in doing guild parties, guild events together, and of course raiding! All three groups raid on different days, so that is more date flexibility when deciding on a place to raid! If interested, message me here, or in game. All classes/specs will be considered, but the below are known desires for some raid teams: Rogue Boomkin Monk Ranged Dps Healers Message if interested!Sporkee9 Feb 29
Feb 28 [A]<Blackfathom Deep Dish> Now hiring! Hi! If you’re looking for a guild that’s a bit more casual, I’d like to invite you to join Blackfathom Deep Dish! We’re the premier Alliance pizzeria, currently hiring additional DPS staff for Monday and Tuesday night deliveries (7:30pm-10:30pm) to Hellfire Citadel (now 9/13 Heroic). Outside of those set delivery nights, we often organize other, completely optional, guild events. For example, the past couple of weeks we’ve delivered pizzas to Garrosh in Siege of Orgimmar. Our executive staff decided to upgrade to the Galakras mount for future deliveries, since it would be able to cook new pizzas for our customers on-site in the event of a mix-up, instead of requiring the driver to return to HQ. Our goal is to have fun! As a result, we get up to a fair bit of shenanigans on a routine basis, both outside of and during raids. However, Blackfathom Deep Dish management cannot be held responsible if any employee forgets to use his or her neural silencer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4VyPjiKETI If you’re interested in joining us, contact myself (Azsyka#1526) or my fellow manager (HellboP#1364).Spazsy1 Feb 28
Feb 26 Looking to buy full H HFC clear Hello, i'm looking to buy a full H HFC carry for one of my alts. It is alliance side. I'm looking for a ML run where all loot is guaranteed. Feel free to send me a message over bnet to discuss it further. Spite#1328.Thirteen0 Feb 26
Feb 25 .. .Doomstep2 Feb 25
Feb 24 [A] Warrior - Getting back into WoW Hello Turalyon! Myself and friends have been pretty quiet for basically the entirety of MoP and WoD. We were top 10 in the alliance back in 10-man Wrath but that guild disbanded and we're looking to get back into the PvE scene. We have !@#$ characters, just looking for a home until we can hit Legion hard. Probably looking for less than 6 hours/week in raid time, I'll probably be putting closer to 20+ hours in running heroes/LFR/professions/dailies etc, whatever they're rolling in Legion. Just let me know, we're looking for a guild and handful of us will be re-subbing soon. I've got my account active until 2018 so I'll be on sometime shortly. We're pretty competitive without being asshats, if you want to just meet on vent/teamspeak/whatever and just talk, I'm up for it.Amaranthus5 Feb 24
Feb 21 [H] Portal - 13/13M - LF rdps (lock/mage) ... ... [u]We are currently recruiting: ranged dps We have been a progression raiding guild for close to 10 years, 4 of those on Turalyon. During that time, each tier we've always finished better than the tier before. We are currently looking for immediate contributions from: hunter lock mage spriest Please apply at our website, www.portalguild.us Thanks !Authörity44 Feb 21
Feb 21 [H] Furyans Looking for ranged DPS and healer We are a recently returning guild looking to push quickly through Normal into heroic Hellfire before we get into Legion. We raid Friday/Saturday at 10:00pm-1:00am server time. We are a laid back yet serious guild looking for a healer and a few dps to finish out our core raid team. Pst Adennoya, Paineheals, Warjezuz or Dwights for more information or invite.Adennoya2 Feb 21
Feb 20 WTB Full Challenge Modes Carry If anyone is willing to do this, add my btag - Noportforyou#1972Trayla1 Feb 20
Feb 18 Tribe is recruiting 13/13N 12/13H Tribe is a laid back mature raiding guild. We are currently 13/13 normal HFC and 12/13 heroic HFC. We are currently looking for raiders who want to have fun, joke around and get serious when the boss is pulled. . We are currently looking for ranged dps, one healer preferably a priest or druid, and one dps with heal off spec. What is required Up to date DBM GTFO if you stand in the bad Positive attitude Willingness to wipe until the evil boss dies. Attendance is a plus but we do understand real life is a priority. Kids, work, family, military etc all come first Mumble and a microphone What we offer: A fun yet professional raiding environment aimed toward progression Flasks, gems, enchants, food and repairs A very fair modified DKP loot system Some very good jokes and some very BAD jokes. Raid times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30-10:30 PM Eastern time Invites start 15 minutes prior to raid time and DKP awarded for on time. Loot system: Loot is a very simple and fair modified DKP system created to benefit the entire raid. Points are awarded for new bosses, farm bosses, attendance and end of raid. Roll on main spec gear and you are highest on DKP you win the gear. When you win gear you lose DKP. Plain and simple. Off spec gear no cost. If interested, please contact in game: Umagro#1423, Kruxx#1869 or Tenikie!Bownie20 Feb 18
Feb 18 Tabard of the Lightbringer As the title says I am looking to buy this for 30-40k feel free to add me on btag if you are interested in selling me one. Tedashii#1776Teds1 Feb 18
Feb 15 DPS Needed to round out 12/13H HFC team The group raids Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-11:30p Eastern, and all we need are a few DPS. Please sign up on OpenRaid if interested. For more information: http://OpenRaid.us/events/view/286649 http://OpenRaid.us/events/view/286874 http://OpenRaid.us/events/view/286875Istarion0 Feb 15
Feb 13 Looking for Active PvP Guild! Looking for a guild that does RBGs and just likes to kill noo- er, other players. I'm iLvL 703 and decked in all PvP gear. (I was told there are no PvP guilds on Tur, so prove them wrong!)Kanire0 Feb 13
Feb 12 Normal HFC Carry Looking for a guild to buy a normal carry from full clear all the loot I need. Simple and straight forward. Please only reply if your guild is willing to sell. I know I could run lfg and get a group blah blah. I want a run that is fast smooth and 0 fighting for gear. Please post price and availability. Only looking for a large group for better chance at gear. Thanks for your time.Brolockk3 Feb 12
Feb 11 WTB Mythic Blackhand mount: Greetings. Well, the title really says what I want, but I want to buy the mount run. Price is semi-negotiable. I was ballparking 300k, it seemed like a rather fair price. Btag: Sothe14#1870, if you're interested.Yann0 Feb 11
Feb 10 <Oboslete> Newly formed PvP Guild LFM Greetings all that clicked, Nothing serious going on here just a group of friends that enjoy PvP. We are not hardcore, this is just a group of players that are looking to play with like minded mature individuals in a growing community. Our agenda at this time is to build a roster of players looking for a team to PvP with. Once that roster is big enough we will be moving into RBG's, again nothing hardcore just a group that likes to play the game and wants to have people to play with. Please note that the roster is small for a reason we are not going to fluff our numbers to draw attention, Also many of our players are on different servers my main just happens to be on whisperwind so i am the local "branch manager". We do not scorne PvE it is just not our focus. PvE will consist of mostly CM's and Mythic 5 mans, that being said if our roster grows and players want to form a raid team then by all means they will be supported as required by existing members. In closing this is a mature group that wants to play with like minded mature players so if you fit the billet and want to join contact me via Btag: Aeodyn#1851 Thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield.Azraelis2 Feb 10
Feb 10 (A) Judgement 13/13H Recruiting for Mythics We are a semi-hardcore group of players with years of raiding experience. Our goals are to clean up end-expansion content and build a mythic capable raiding core for Legion. We are looking for mature, adult players with raiding experience and Heroic/ Mythic appropriate gear. Current Recruitment: Off-Tank Range DPS Please apply at http://judgement-guild.enjin.com/recruitment Add Injustice for more informationHiedra1 Feb 10
Feb 6 Outland Steakhouse 11/13H is looking for more Looking for the following: Boomkin, Resto Shaman, and Disc Priest for immediate spots in our progression raid team. Our guild is currently 11/13H with Archie down already. We are finishing up heroic gearing to move on into Mythic content. All applicants should be appropriately geared for heroic content and good with their mechanics. We require a positive attitude and active guild participation and not just log in to raid then log out. Are you part of a small group of raid ready individuals who just want a home? We can possibly accommodate that too. If you are looking to join a good group of people and move forward as a team, please feel free to contact me. Btag is Seamonkey#1982. Hope to hear from you soon :)Sealife4 Feb 6
Feb 2 The Dark Dragons is recruiting for early raid The Dark Dragons is a guild that's been around for 5 years coming up soon . We started on Ravenholdt but switched realms when we started getting more into raiding and wanted a bigger population to help us fill out raid team. We are currently 13/13 heroic HFC looking to start doing mythics. Come join in the fun. We raid at 4pm realm time on Tuesdays and Thursday's and Saturdays sometimes. We offer the ealier raid time for people like us who work over nights or anything like that. We are currently looking for a off tank and more healers and dps. Mostly an off tank at the moment. We offer guild repairs pots and flasks and 125 food to raiding guild members. As well as we also up load logs on warcraftlogs.com to help each other improve and to see our rankings. We also run mythic dungeons together and other things. We are pretty laid back but try to take our raiding seriously. We do welcome all those who also play in the morning or afternoon for those who want an active guild at that time. Though people are on later as well. Please come find us. Look for anybody that's in the guild or send in game mail to Jeromicz if am not in for more questions or guild invite. See ya in gameJeromicz0 Feb 2
Feb 2 {A} 7+ looking for Heroic/Mythic guild Hey! Who we are: We're a group of Horde Raiders wanting to make the jump to Alliance. We consist of: - Druid (Guardian main, can play any other spec as needed) - Priest (Disc/Holy) - Monk (Windwalker) - Shaman (Elemental/Resto) - Paladin (Holy/Prot) - Death Knight (Blood/DPS) - Warrior (Arms/Fury) And there may be more... We've stuck together throughout HFC while some of us have been raiding as friends since Vanilla and TBC. What we're looking for: We're all veterens of the game seeking a raid environment focused on fairness and stress-free raiding. We seek to progress while enjoying logging in on raid nights. We're looking to raid 2-3 nights per week, on either Turalyon-US or Stormrage-US. We're still in the planning stages and want to consider all of our options. Our current raid times are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We would rather not break that routine, but may consider an extra night. Logs for our last guild are available upon request. Contact me @ Pyratic#1706 and we'll see if it's a good fit. Thanks for your interest, MeshaithMeshaith0 Feb 2