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Jul 2, 2014 New to server, deciding which faction to go. Hi all! I am going to give WRA a shot! I am trying to decide which faction to choose. I will tell you a bit about what it is I like to rp and perhaps one of you can point me in the direction of a guild or group that has similar interests? Likes: 1. Heroic rp (as in going out in the world and beating up the bad guys) 2. Duty (as in having your character be loyal to his or her faction, and in some ways, serves that faction) 3. Community (as in people coming together and having a fun time and helping each other out when they can. A good guild community is the best thing in MMO's 4. RP events 5. RP-PVP (not a deal breaker if nobody does this, but man, it is cool!) 6. RP-PVE (In character raids and dungeons are so much fun!) Dislikes: 1. Drama 2. Formation/Marching roleplay 3. Non participation rp (as in events where the participants just observe what the cool kids are doing. It is more fun if everyone is involved) 4. Excessive amount of romantic rp. (Romance rp is fine, but don't make it the focus if your toon!) 5. Drama 6. Non progression in guilds (Let characters grow and expand within the guild and not be peons forever) 7. Inactivity 8. Drama. So a little about me: I am a veteran WoW player and have a few years of rp in that time. I am looking for a fun, active, lore-friendly, and engaging guild to call home.Gaige12 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Early Afternoon A-side RP guilds? Are there any guilds around that are active and do events between 12pm - 4/5pmish? I'm not picky on theme, but I'd prefer a laid back and casual guild. I've got a handful of characters with different personalities (many of which are Draenei and Gnomes) or I'd be happy to make a new one to fit in.Cowmoo0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Late-night RP guilds? (A or H) I've had several great conversations since moving to WrA, but I haven't really found a home since I work nights and don't get in until midnight server time. Are there any guilds on either side that are active late?Jedregorn3 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Episode 2 Comning Soon! Wyrmcast returns this weekend! This time around we have the amazing people of House Eventide coming to talk to us about what they do! So let’s pour a drink, throw a steak on the grill and enjoy a 4th of July conversation with some awesome folks!Xortz0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 WoW Regrets Title says most of it. What are some things you've regretted doing or not doing in WoW? I personally am tied between never doing the Wrathgate quest line and giving a Hyacinth Macaw I got to my ex. Makes me think twice about giving really good gifts to my partner, IRL and in game.Alledria47 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 [H] Rp Opportunity - A Tribal Hunt - July 2: July 2 & 3 (Yes, I know, it's short nice) at 6:30 server, Earthspear will be having a little event, A Tribal Hunt. The purpose of the Hunt is to help build our stores for winter, and provide some needed supplies for various refugees, widows, orphans and the like.. Now, while we do have our own agenda for the hunt, that doesn't mean we aren't up for some random, unplanned RP shenanigans. So, consider this is an open invitation for anyone who might find themselves in the Barrens Wednesday and Thursday night. and be in the mood for a bit of Tauren awesomeness and RP. We will leave from the Crossroads around 6:30, and head out to our super-secret campground to make camp and the like. Anyone who would like to accidently happen across us, message either Kinarra or Osyka and I'll let you know where you can find some of us.Kinarra4 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Midsummer Fire Gala! (Horde-RP) < The parchments are hung throughout the streets of Silvermoon. Placed before establishments with frequent traffic and as well within areas where others may perhaps seek peaceful solitude. Said advertisements appear adorned with intricate patterns upon their brims, bearing symbolism fitting the impending Midsummer Fire Festival. With yellow and orange writing, with a dark blood red back ground, and soft red designs. > "Across Azeroth, brilliant bonfires have been lit to rekindle peoples’ spirits. Bal'a dash brothers and sisters, in honor of the Fire Festival. Lady Dastha Sunhawk, cordially invite you to join her and those of House Eventide, in a night of celebration, wine, food and dancing! There will also be Pet Battling and a Date Auction at the end of the Night. We ask that you attend dressed in Red, Yellow, and Orange in honor of the festival" ----------------OOC Information---------------- Date - July 2nd Time - 7:00 Pm Pacific Place - TBA Attire - Red, Yellow and Orange. Fee- 10 Gold to Attend Date Auction Fee - 50 Gold Pet Battle Fee - 50 Gold RSVP - Dástha (Alt 0225) Contact for Information - Dástha - Elenaris - Alexandral Contact for Date Auction - Dástha Contact for Pet Battle - Candius, Dástha -Pet Battling- Greetings, everyone! I just wanted to let you know about the updates that will be happening for our Pet Battle at the Gala. Rules : An Hour Prior to the tournament starting, we will require you to register with us a team of three pets. We will keep track of these three pets. These pets must be Level 25. But can be of any rarity. The register will be stopped 10 Mins, before the tournament is to start. The Entry Fee for this will be 50 Gold. The fee will be going toward the Winnings for the Pet Battles. Myself will be putting some of my own coin into the winnings. First Prize - 1,500 Gold + Chose a Pet Second Place Prize - 500 Gold 3rd Place Prize - 250 Gold. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Should you plan on attending, please send an In-Game mail to myself, or any of those listed above, along with the entry fee of 10 gold as stated above, for tickets to the event. All Entry Fees will go for helping cover the cost of food and drinks, as well as other preparations. We will be looking to hire two Bar Tenders for both foods and drinks. All covered by the entry fee. All bids for the Date Auction shall go to those being bid on. Please, like any other Date Auction. Do NOT whisper friends or guild mates if YOU are the one being bid on. we will have FIVE spots open for the Date Auction. All spots must be filled by July 1st, and have a small description of your character. Information about the Pet Battling shall be posted with in the next few days as we finish the details.Dastha22 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Mercantile Guilds I'm looking for any. I did think I found one, until... well, the guild advert apparently was a year old and so that's no longer what they do. Is there absolutely any guild that is both active and has a mercantile side to it? I'm... I'm just disappointed. I'm really honestly sick and tired of seeing guilds everywhere that make a military of themselves and then that becomes their focus. This character wants to sell and supply food. That's it. I basically want to be an in-character guild cook, not someone who's only purpose is to fight things and be cool. Are there any guilds who accommodate a merchant aspect into their guild?Chequen1 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 RP house etiquette After a few annoying experiences, I thought I would make this post. This is an RP server. I'm sure at one point or another one of your characters found a nice, empty building and claimed it is your house. Isn't that exciting? You can have RP's and tea parties and watch Hemet Nesingwary's animal documentaries on the Television! Yay! But sometimes, other people use these empty houses too. "Oh no" you might say "They might damage the curtains!" To which I will reply "Shut up, this is a digital empty space that you have no right to call your own, any more than you can sit on Varian's fancy chair and call yourself king". Seriously guys, there is no house OWNERSHIP in WoW, except for the tillers farm and later garrisons. I know a lot of you are probably thinking "Lol but if the house is empty we can pretend it is ours. It isn't like we live on the street ICly" And I wholeheartedly agree. "Er wait, don't your points contradict each other?" No, of course not, shut up me in quotation marks! The trick is finding the balance. ICly, you go ahead and say you own a certain house. But accept that someone else, probably Kil'jaeden, owns that house ICly too. So what one needs is etiquette! So how do we do that? Simple. Use the policy of "First in, best dressed". If Kil'jaeden and his wife Betsy-May are RPing in that house, I don't care if it is yours ICly. Go away. RP somewhere else. Do NOT grief them, do not abuse them, do not keep telling them to get out of your house. Leave them alone and RP elsewhere. Kil'jaeden is often too busy with work to see his wife anyways, so respect the time they have. The same applies for guild headquarters.... Like the infamous Fenris Keep... *shudder* If they are there first, it is their spot. The same applies in reverse. If Kil'jaeden and Betsy come home the next day after a long day of conquering planets with demon voodoo, and find you in their house, they'd sure as fel better get their asses to a different RP spot, or I will get Sargeras to kick them out of the guild or something. But yeah. If they do NOT show etiquette to you, don't do the same to them. But before raging, ask them to follow these rules. One final point. In the event of an event that's an eventful house event and requires the building to host your tea party OF DEATH or whatever it is, and Kil'jaedan is in the house, whisper him politely. Don't be all "Fak u I hav event hear n neid dis howse gtfo u litel bich, Fite me irl m8". Be polite. Ask nicely. Like "Hey, Kil'jaeden, I'm a huge fan of your work. But I have an event here and I REALLY need the house for a while. Can I use it for a time today? It won't happen every day" This polite attitude is more likely to get a positive result than the last one. But, note the fact that this whisper is occasional, in the event of an event. Don't ask every time you just want to use the house for minor things. Only big events. If it is a generic, small and unplanned RP, don't ask every time. Kil'jaeden will get sick of it, and when the time comes that you DO need the house for an RP event, Kil'jaeden might decide he'd rather ERP with Betsy. In summary, let whoever is in there first use the house. Don't barge in and force them out with griefing. If you really need the house one day, ask nicely. And if they clear out when you ask, be sure to extend the same courtesy to them. Manners in RP is give and take, but in finding a compromise, you're going to co-exist a lot more peacefully. Just remember, there's a big world out there. If Kil'jaeden is in your house, there's always somewhere to go. :P If you have any suggestions or critiques, add them in! I'm not perfect, even if I am close ;o Happy RP's all!Crazyprophet14 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 WRA-TV Network rp The studio started off like any morning, slowly getting its feet moving as the peons and set designers moved about, preparing for the day's filming. It was when the main double doors burst open and a familiar goblin waltzed in, that it really got moving. Sals passed by several cowering personnel, each one trying to hide themselves from the clearly deranged goblin. It didn't help that a large bird of prey was perched on his hat, glaring at the workers like they were food. A much braver assistant approached Sals cautiously, handing him his daily notes and memos. "Eh, wha's this?" Came his off pitch accented voice. "Y-your itinerary for t-the day sir. Pleasedon'thitme!" "Hit you? What a marvelous idea. But first, coffee. No make it gasoline. Cars run on it, and look at how fast they move! Also someone take care of my hat bird. His name is Reggie. Also, are we set up with the auditions?" "Yes sir. Since you fired or murdered the last sixteen showrunners, we've managed to get the adverts out in hopes of people coming with new show ideas. They should come in shortly." "Excellent. Good. Now fetch me my gasoline coffee and watch my hat bird. I'll go see my closet bear and hang up my coat snake. Ahhhh, I love these modern fashion times." And with that, the studio waited, hoping some intrepid individuals would brave the stage with their new television show ideas.Salsbury0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Beta Streams I'm curious if anyone else who has got into the beta is streaming? Lets use this topic for that purpose! I'll be streaming Horde/Alliance Warlock gameplay at: http://www.twitch.tv/Dot50Cal Warrior likely to follow. Anyone else please reply with your stream link and I'll update the OP.Urhzoth0 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 LF SoO N Group [A] Hi all! My schedule is super hectic, which prevents me from joining most guilds with a solid raid roster. I have Tue/Wed evenings off, but every other day is a toss up due to my work schedule. This leaves me with just pugging for raiding, but that's been proving fruitless so far. Every group on oQueue so far has downed Sha and then just disbanded because nobody wants to even try the harder bosses. I'd like to find a group who raids on Tue/Wed and wouldn't mind taking me along with them. I'm not looking for a carry, I'm very much geared for Normal. 560 ilvl and hover right around 300K DPS depending on the fight. Even if it's just once or twice to fill in for someone missing, I'd love to attend! As mentioned, I can do any Tue/Wed, but every other day is possible, depending on my schedule. Thanks all!Shaevora1 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Leather Journal Tied with Crocheted Mageweave The writing is neatly inked printing with few blots. Small letters scratched along a straight imaginary line and in neat, tidy paragraphs. If you listened to the writer inscribing this, it's likely it would sound like quick scratches on the parchment. I have found very little proof that the Final Death exists. This does not bode well for the purposes of this final quietus, nor for my purposes with the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. I cannot, however, return to Her without some word of success. I suppose I should be grateful that it is early in our search. For that, she should be very forgiving. Death. For those of us who seek that eternal silence of the grave -- never to rise again -- it seems foreign now. I cannot remember when I feared death. I cannot remember much of life before I rose in Deathknell. It serves no real purpose to dwell on who I was when I was human and flesh not of my own harvesting. Yet, thinking of death and remembering when it felt final would be conducive to research. Since this is a journal and I am writing down my own thoughts then I suppose I could try to recall something -- anything -- of when I was actually afraid of dying. I was young then. A half decade before Lordaeron fell. It is strange that I cannot recall the plague, but I remember that moment so many years before as if it were today. I was up a tree, hanging to a branch, trying to grab an apple in the cloister's orchard. I was not supposed to be there. Sister Abigail -- I remember her name so fancy that -- had sent me only to go collect the fallen apples on the ground for the horses. I wanted a fresh one for myself even though I knew I should not. It would ruin my dinner. Oh. Dinner is one thing I never have to worry about ruining now. I climbed the tree and reached for an apple, but it was so far and I had chubby and stumpy arms then. It was too far and I lost purchase as I dropped to the ground. I do not recall much of the pain, but I landed right on a stake and it stuck through my leg. I was not long alone. Likely my screaming alerted someone. What I remember is my fear, my petrified fear of dying. That the pain was so great I could no longer feel it and so I thought it was the end. All the accolades of the Light did not preserve me from the fear. Clearly I did not die. I do not remember anything else. I just now remember that fear and how it blocked all rational thought and how it made me so very small and insignificant. That fear of death made me weak. The light itself could not preserve me. I wonder if that is what they feel when I psychically scream into their minds. I wonder if they fear death.Ells4 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 WoW Vet, new to RP looking for guild/mentor. Howdy, I've been playing since '04 (more on than off) and have dabbled in RP realms in the past but never made a connection to get me to stick around. I'm Australian and trying to find RP guilds active when I'm online has been a challenge. Bit of searching seems to suggest WrA is the right place to start though, so here goes. I'm planning to spend the time between now an WoD progressing (and levelling) a new character. Most likely Horde side, and Forsaken (the new UD character models are just too good!). I'd like to 'hit the ground running' in a friendly social guild to keep me motivated and invested in my characters development, so I'm looking for someone to take me in early. Part of my RP plan/story is to kind of be 'head-hunted' by a high-level veteran, (who is possibly in Brill or something for the fire festival celebrations). Your character might, for example, notice my character and his potential (soooo good at killing bats!) and offers to mentor him. You would invite my character to your guild, introduces him to some new people and, I can start my RP adventure from there. So - what are my chances of finding a guild, and someone in said guild to help with my first real crack at playing a WoW 'character' and not just an alt/toon i'm blindly rushing towards the level cap. I'm not looking for a raid spot or anything, I really only play WoW these days for a bit of escapism. Looking forward to WoD and would love to be in a guild who are planning to enjoy the new zones / expansion; not just burn thru it ASAP to start raiding.Majera6 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Wtb Garrosh kill (N) Since I have a new job and very little time to raid, I would like to buy a Garrosh kill. I have no interest in the geqr, just want the mount. So how much will it cost me to get a carry!?Blaira2 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Blacksmithing YouTube Show Does Frostmourne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N6wQc6kbA8 Thought this was pretty cool. This channel is pretty neat if you like watching them make lots of different fan weapons, even if sometimes the videos are very similar in structure.Saekwari23 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 [A] LF CM Group- FULL Edit 3: Group is now full and thanks to one of our group member's friends, we also have vent to use for the duration. So thank you for allowing us vent use, person I don't know :) And thanks to everyone who signed up! Hi everyone! I'm on the hunt for a group to do CMs with in hopes of getting all the achievements for the mount, title and transmog gear. I don't have any experience in them yet but I have completed them all on heroic several times over. They sound like a lot of fun and since it seems like they're probably going away in 6.0, I'd like to get them done sooner rather than later. I'm willing to do the prereqs of watching videos and reading strats to try and make it as easy as possible, and can provide feasts/upgraded noodle carts if they'll help. I don't have voip where I can host, but I can join and talk with no problem. My availability is pretty much anything after 5p EST Saturday-Tuesdays (including late night) and I'm on often. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in just let me know! Tells, mail, forum response and carrier pigeon are all acceptable ways of contacting me. No smoke signals though. I have nothing against them it's just that I probably won't see them through the forge smoke in Ironforge. Thanks for reading!Fionuala13 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 [H] LF Active RP Guild I am currently looking for an ACTIVE RP guild, preferably one with a solid and developed backstory. My character is flexible on the style of guild and can fit in with anything. Please respond here or message me in game, thanks!Zaelyra1 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 2, 2014 Balanced Trillium Ingots I have a stock of Balanced Trillium Ingot Hordeside I want to trade for Balanced Trillium Ingots Alliance side. Could trade 20-30 and be happy.Osweald2 Jul 2, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 I need some advice for Characters in Warlords ..... With Warlords looming, I've decided that, after years of fighting for Azeroth and the Horde, it's time for Krenk to have some shore-leave, spend some time raising his niece, actually live a little and not just be neck-deep in war and corpses. Somebody's got to be the farmer back home. So. Warlords, I will be taking my Troll Druid (Tank) Tauren Shaman (Healer) and Orc Hunter (DPS) for the Horde-side, got a whole story in my head with the leader, the Troll, and the two idiots, the Tauren and Orc, getting thrown into Warlords and running around, with the Troll doing her thing of collecting objects of mystic power to empower herself further (Was originally just a priest, and learns new abilities with the right amount and types of sacrifices to Hireek, both living and items) and the Tauren and Orc alternating between helping her and running screaming from the eldritch horrors she seems to uncover. But the Alliance ... I am fairly set on taking Gallaen, my Wildhammer Dwarf Paladin, to Warlords as my Healer, along with Jihorn, my Draenei Alchemist/Priest, as my DPS, but who to take for my Tank? I'm dabbling between my Monk, faction-swapping her to the Alliance, and my Death Knight, also faction swapping him to the Alliance. Both are fun to take into the role of the tank, and both have decent DPS output for leveling and general non-instanced PvE content. I'm loving Guardian Tanking, btw. It's enough like Warrior Tanking that I'm not completely lost, but I do admit I miss some of the Warrior's godly stuff, like aggro-banners and raid-wide health-buffs and mass-spell reflects and multiple spell-stoppers. The DK I've pretty much got figured out as a Stormwind Knight who joined the Argent Crusade, got killed and then raised. I wanted to make an outright monstrous character, a villain that just won't stay dead, a bigot and a murderer who veils his actions under acts of war against the Horde. He's Human-centric, to Scarlet Crusade levels, but so long as the other races serve the cause of the Alliance, he's content to let them be. The sort of monster who would run an ally through for offering 'mercy' to any member of the Horde, considering such actions treason against the Alliance. Since he has to kill to not enter a mindless state, fighting the Horde is an excellent reason to push onwards, and if the other races of the Alliance bear the brunt of the losses, well, isn't that such a shame. A bit like Garithos, a bit like Griffith from Berserk, he's a monster, but he's a monster who believes he's doing the right thing for the people that matter, and that, to me, is even more horrifying than his undead nature or the necromancy he practices. This is a being so damaged by everything he's been through that he's become an absolute horror, but can't see that anymore. The Monk ... not so much. On one hand, just up and changing Tu'wei to Alliance with no changes to her character fits her well. If her mother and would-be fiance have figured out she's amongst the Horde, jumping ship to the Tushi in the Alliance buys her enough time to get even further away from Pandaria and her family, hopefully enough that even her family will eventually get the hint and leave her alone. On the other hand, remaking her as a Male Pandaren allows for a new character and a new story, and a Tushi Brewmaster who has decided to stay with the Alliance rather than return to the Wandering Turtle or even Pandaria certainly makes for an interesting story. The final version is ... a would-be 'Demon Hunter'. Part comedic character, part serious character, a Human Monk who survived the Scarlet Crusade and signed on with the Argent Dawn, and when the news that the entire order of the Scarlet Crusade was doing the work of a Dreadlord, he snapped. His entire focus, his reason for being clear : To hunt down and destroy any Demon that attempted to infiltrate the Alliance or Horde, to stop such a tragedy happening again. He sought out Paladins to teach him how to fight the Demons, but they turned him away, saying his obsession was dangerous. He went to the Night Elves, who refused to train anyone in such bleak arts, he sought out known Demon Hunters, only to find them either dead or in hiding, he even went to Outlands and picked through the Black Temple, only finding half-burnt tomes on the subject, and has pieced together only the barest fraction of the rituals needed to become a full, true Demon Hunter. And then the Pandaren came. Suddenly, his unarmed fighting skills could be made even more deadly, and armed with his obsession and a burning need to improve, to prove to everyone that he was worthy of the training he sought. A bit like the Priest from Brain Dead, ((http://tinyurl.com/kgnoljn)), he's honestly determined to do the right thing, but his obsession means he's literally on the same path as the Scarlets, and the half-understood rituals he's uncovered are more likely to kill him than empower him.Krenk8 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 LF raid group I missed out on about 8 months or so of this expac because I couldn't continue paying for my sub so I'm a little behind most raiders. So I'm looking for a group that is in need of another raider. At the moment, I am 557ilvl, 9/14 normal. While my ilvl is a bit low I can prove that I deserve a spot, given the chance to do so. I would prefer that the group at least be farther progressed than I am, otherwise there would be no sense in me leaving the one I'm in. Feel free to whisper me in game or if I'm not on, send me a letter and we'll talk.Nyallah0 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Some lore questions regarding Worgen/Duskwood Hey, y'all. I've been on hiatus from roleplaying for a while, and I thought starting fresh on Wyrmrest Accord would be a great way to ease back into it. I've put together a character concept I think might be fun—namely, a former Night Watchman infected with the worgen curse in the line of duty—but I wanted to really get a fix on the lore supporting it before I start roleplaying with it. A lot of this really boils down to speculation and/or opinion, so any input is welcome and appreciated! ______________________________________________ 1: Are there any important distinctions between the feral worgen of Gilneas and the feral worgen found in Duskwood? The fate of Sven Yorgen (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43861#comments) at least tells us that Duskwood worgen can transmit the curse in the same fashion as those from Gilneas, but beyond that I'm not sure how they are alike or different. ______________________________________________ 2: Over the course of the Gilneas questline, a partial cure for the curse (disease? I was never really sure how the lore views it) is discovered and disseminated. It's been long enough since the Gilnean exodus that I feel justified in assuming that knowledge of this cure would now be widespread and available to places like Darkshire where worgen are a local threat. Are there any commonly accepted IC limitations to the cure? Is sanity a guarantee, or does the afflicted individual have to struggle to maintain their composure? ______________________________________________ 3: I'm not sure if there's an active Duskwood RP population on WRA. If there is, are there any prevailing attitudes towards sapient worgen in the region? ______________________________________________ 4: The Gilnean questline eventually allows for Worgen characters to switch forms at will after drinking from the waters of Tal'doren. Is this ability inextricably linked to that location and that action? I don't envision my character particularly enjoying his condition, so I imagine that I'd spend most of my IC time in human form... or so was my intent, until I remembered Yoren from Raven Hill. His dialogue suggests he's furious about being afflicted, yet he remains in worgen form. This would seem to imply that the ability to shapeshift isn't intrinsic to all worgen, and a Duskwood native of modest means and ability wouldn't realistically have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Gilneas. Thoughts? ______________________________________________ 5: Last but not least, I wanted to get my timeline straight. As far as I can tell from reading the wiki, Duskwood became corrupted around year 30. We are, according to this timeline (http://www.wowwiki.com/Timeline_(unofficial)), currently in the year 41. As a result, I've made mention of my character having witnessed the shadow fall over Duskwood as a young man, and it plays a prominent role in his backstory. I really don't want to mess that part up, so if I'm wrong, please do let me know! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter, and I hope to run into some of you in-game soon enough! Cheers.Modicus4 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 LEFT or RIGHT Handed Wyrmrest Accord? REJOICE CITIZENS OF THE HORDE, FOR YOUR OVERLORD IS A LEFTY.Kiethoo28 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Guild Leadership Help So decided to form my own guild, Undercity Marine Corps. A military based forsaken guild(But not limited to forsaken. Others can prove they're worthy). I been getting some help and tips from an active RP guild leader friend of mine and it seems like a bit much(I plan it to be). but she says it's pretty much like watching a child. You have to make sure everyone is in line. Not being rude or using guild items for self profit. Some of you may know me. I'm a jokester so most things don't bother me and I wouldn't find offensive. Any tips from guild leaders or people with leadership skills that could maybe shed some light? I'm going to sleep after this so will check later.Veltrax16 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 <The Scarlet Sworn> arrives! (Alliance RP) What is the Scarlet Sworn? The Scarlet Sworn is an RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord that prides itself on the original Scarlet Crusade's values and beliefs, but also holds true to many (not all) the newer Scarlet Crusade's belief (the Crusade you've most likely heard about). We believe in the purification of our world through the glory of the Light and intend to purge against the Forsaken, the Burning Legion, and whatever vile atrocities tht fill our world. Our long-term goal would to restore the Kingdom of Lordaeron anew. Why be a Scarlet? Why not label yourself as a differant holy order and avoid the whole mess of wearing the banner? It's a great faction to be, just being a scarlet carries an interesting stigma and is a quick shot opportunity for many questions. We hold a belief that won't crumble away just because the main crusade did. We're the men and woman that strive to reclaim Lordaeron. Being in the Scarlet faction alone brings all sorts of roleplay opportunities as well as interesting interaction. Lore wise it instantly gives ground to know immediately who you are etc etc.The friction and stigma that your toon carries as a scarlet is just fun. What makes your guild differant from all the OTHER Scarlet RP guilds that are out there? Whats the catch in being with the Sworn? As for what makes it different we can't state, your experiences with other Scarlet guilds is yours. As for us we use a very useable and tangible comparison that is Lore. We compare ourselves to the Lore, not to other guilds. But in it's entirety we are a little both crazy zealot guys and an intermixed reasonable group. We understand that we have a price on our head and noose around our neck at all times and we keep things secret from the public. Only those within the emissaries team or themself can announce who they are. Thats some of the essentials! ^^ If you have any questions, ask them! We would love to respond! You can also find our site right here: http://thescarletsworn.shivtr.com/ Hope to see you in RP soon!Kartirius46 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Yeahhhhh.... about that Horde Garrison If it's going to be this Orcish I might be going Alliance for the rest of that expansion... http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/4115-Warlords-Menu-Death-Knight-and-Rogue-Tier-17-Horde-Garrison-Blue-Posts-News-Recap?page=2 Or not playing at all, if the Human male looks old and weird(Like the current ones do)Layam69 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 [A-RP] In the Wake of War ... OOC: With all of the conflict that has gone on in the recent story, I am sure many RPers have factored some of it into the backstory of their characters. I figured that rather than simply having everyone just mope around brooding about it, I would give them someone to speak to about it. Arissae, as a former Auchenai Soulpriest, has experience with consoling families of the fallen. In an effort to make her relevant to the city-centric Alliance RP scene, I have decided to offer services as a grief counselor. Does your character have something they would like to talk about? Something they need to get off their chest? If so, then send me a message through the in-game mail and we can set up some RP! I'm going to be doing this at least until WoD, but if there is a positive enough reception, I may continue it after that.Arissae3 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Eternal Crusade Update Looks like they added the different packages and pricing to the game finally. I'm not a big fan of how they're doing things, but considering it's a F2P game, I'm not surprised. Go enjoy a short movie that gives a glimpse at the best Chapter in the Emperor's service. www.eternalcrusade.comQuintus49 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 [H][RPVP] <The Bloodsworn> - Domination ... [Table of Contents] I. Excerpt. II. T.O.C III. OOC statements; information pertaining to the guild. IV. Bloodsworn Rank and Branches. V. Guild Website and Application Information. III. Out-of-Character THE BLOODSWORN is a professional order of the Thalassian Government and Military purposed primarily towards the offensive and defensive situations concerning the sovereign state of Quel'Thalas. Dedicated to the domineering and privately-expressed nationalist and fascist perspectives and intents which all of the organisation's members hold, the regiment itself serves beneath the banner of solely the Thalassian Army as the 724th, sharing joint power alongside the monarchy and commanders who and which reside over it, as well as the Legions that are implied for the usage of the state's military. Beneath this guise, though, lay a different perspective; a life shrouded in conspiracy and unrest that will easily make an individual take a new light to almost every thing as they know it. The Bloodsworn functions as not only a part in the government, but, as a Sunfury remnant organisation, as well; preaching racial supremacy and operating to dismantle any current tyrannical lead which may impede the sanctuary of the state, The Bloodsworn prepares each of its members to take their place amongst the greatest rulers the world will have ever known. Our organisation it set on the repose and redemption for the name of the Sin'dorei; our plots are simply to indulge our members in the atmosphere, but to also provide statement to those around us. The opinions and thoughts of our members do not just compose The Bloodsworn: we compose a new way of life. [Continued].Macroh67 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 LF Mature Guild Been playing since BC and just got back into it about a month ago and so much has changed lol. Anyways just needing to find an active guild that wants a Pally that if i get gear i will play whatever spec is needed. as i said played in BC stopped in Wrath and just got back into it so some things here are a bit wonky for me. i need help :D any ways hit me up with mail or whatever i will probably be online so shoot me a wisper if i am. Thanks in advance for lookingStarcos1 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Osweald 2.0 ! Osweald had a change of heart last week about doing every mission in every zone before 90ing. Something about hunting frog legs in a marsh sorta told him he had better things to do. But he did do every mission level 35 or below in every zone, and ground exalted for enough factions to get Ambassador! So this week Osweald did LFD until level 60, and i inst 90'd him. I have run a 90 ret Pali horde side in LFR successfully, and after a couple low level months with Osweald was sure I would do better this time. (one of the main reasons for inasta 90 was the 600 in professions and the gear, a lot of grinding knocked out of the way....) Fel Iron hunting alone is a horror story... So, after 24 hours as a 90, starting with the 483 gear, the Timeless easter egg hunt, and a few drops from LFR Osweald has i496. Not great, but not bad. I am hoping for 505 plus sometime by the end of the week. Hey, I have a ton of balanced Trillium bars Hordeside I would love to trade for some Alliance side.... Also, Osweald is still tilting at windmills in Trade and General. He will always ask for respect, and he chides me when I add sarcasm to the tells. Anyways, thanks for welcoming me to WRA and may the Light give us all strength to be respectful at all times!Osweald1 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 -Service is closed- Currently not accepting any further reservations. Running our full calendar for the week and then we're done. Thank you to everyone purchased our services! Enjoy your transmog, mount and titles!Caelixx42 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Partners in crime? Well, if the title caught your eye, you're in for a treat. Maybe not a treat. This idea is certainly not original, and it's likely been done several times before amongst friends and groups, but I lack a number of friends who all know each other to do this at the length I wish to do it. Here's my idea; I don't have a plot idea yet, I'm sure once I get some people for sure, we'll be able to hammer something out. I want to get some people (3-5? Maybe more, but not all at once) who are interested in creating a new player (level one) and coming together; friends, lovers, enemies, rivals, whatever you're interested in doing; we can have our own plots play out among ourselves. Now, it's not original, like I said, and it may be on this very page, but I'm interested in doing it myself. If you want some more info, just post a question here or message Kyathae (my current project) or Lathas, since I'm most active on these characters. Anyway, recap: create new characters, train through zones (together, at the same pace, at least) and rp on the way, developing characters, forging friendships, some other bs. Anyone interested?Lathas6 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 The Culling of Arthas I found this on Youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqWJNu-IllU Enjoy.Malodin0 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 (A) Are there any Trading/Merchant RP Guilds? Hello, I was wondering on Alliance side if there were any trading or merchant heavy RP guilds that actually hosts active events, whether the guild is run by an item creation addon, or in-game materials, I was just curious if guilds like these exist anymore.Bater3 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Art stream. Doing some artsy fartsy stuff tonight if anyone wants to stop by and keep me company. https://www.picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=Immunized (This link is SFW)Immunized0 Jul 1, 2014
Jul 1, 2014 Looking for a Guild. Details inside. Found one. Thanks.Amarislesira0 Jul 1, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 WTB normal Hellscream kill Title says it all .... Looking to buy just the hellscream kill, no loot ... Pls pst me in game or real ID lokjin#1911Isildúr3 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 (A) Looking for Heavy RP-PvP Guild Level 90 Human Arms Warrior, good PvPer, Good all around player. Experienced at the game, haven't roleplayed since BC. I used to play actively in a huge World PvP Heavy RP group of guilds that would have massive warfare and multi-month long campaigns. I'm looking for a Heavy RP guild with heavy PvP influences. I'm into roleplay, but I'm not into RP fighting. I have both professions maxed, I know how to play a warrior very well, and I can gear quickly. I'm reliable and have maintained perfect attendance to any event I've signed up for in the past 4+ years. If I say I will be there, then you can expect me to be there. My schedule for events is pretty wide-open, so I can adapt to your guild's scheduling and base my day around that. I do not have a current storyline for my character but I would like to develop one based on the theme of the guild I join. I am very flexible. The type of PvP I'm looking for can be anything from Dueling tournaments to world PVP campaigns. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Thank you.Bater3 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 A - WTS Guild 18 5 tabs I go to transfer out, selling empty guild, no members, 5 tabs in game mail or warleader#1187Warleader0 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 When does developing a character "begin?" So, I'm over on Moon Guard, leveling an Orc Warrior. I really don't want to do the quests again. Horde quests make me queasy, I've done them all before and I didn't like them a lot to begin with. So I did what everyone else does and strapped a couple of heirlooms on to go dungeon-hopping. This has gone pretty well, but something still nags at me. It somehow feels like my character is less than complete because of the quests she hasn't taken. Like, the experiences of her life would be shaped by the quests she undertook. "I've never leveled ICly," people tell me. And I suppose that makes sense. But I find myself wondering where does your character development begin? When you're just leveling off of BGs and PvP, do you explain that in your process as just another Gulch Grunt? Or do you think your real story only begins at max level?Enekie41 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Steam Summer Sale 2014 Starts tomorrow. You are not prepared.Quintus271 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Anyone else sick of it... Okay, I can understand if someone wants to pvp in battle grounds or arena's or do a For the Alliance/Horde every now and then..... But is anyone else tired of just full fledged PvP guilds/players on OUR ROLEPLAY realm ruining questing and rep farming for any of them or their friends/acquaintances? I know PvP is fun.....BUT THAT'S WHY I GO TO A PVP SERVER!!! I come to Wyrmrest to relax, ROLEPLAY!!!!! and chill from pvp......but only to turn around and have my friends slaughtered by a bunch of alliance/horde players who are to scared to actually play on a pvp server ruining mine and everyone else's good time?! WTF IS THIS?!?!?! This is just strictly my opinion, but I'm just tired of seeing just straight/strict PvP players/trollers on Wyrmrest....anyone else? Seriously if I win the lottery or something, I'll be more than happy to move pvp guilds off this server lol. And for those that want to do strict pvp and also rp.....there's RpPvP realms for a reason,Xinguizu130 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Marlo and Sae want to draw you! =D ... Hello everyone! After a far too long break from World of Warcraft, due to many unfortunate events keeping us from being active on the server, Sae'ureon and I have finally returned and are active again! And upon returning to the game, we've noticed there are a metric f-ton of new faces on the server! So... To get to know you guys a bit (and because we might be a twinge bored)... We're taking art requests! Heres the deal! If you want your character drawn all you have to do is post in this thread and leave a photo reference of the character and (optional) a small description of them to include anything that's not included in the photo provided. Sae'ureon will be mostly drawing the men. Marlo will be mostly drawing the ladies. We'll do our best to get through all of the requests that we get, but please be patient with us! There might be a few that we don't get to, but I promise that we will do our best! Also, please note that the art that you receive might be anything from just a sketch to a full blown colored piece. It all depends on how much time we have, etc. Sae'ureon Art Samples: http://theemberseaaccord.tumblr.com/SaeureonArtsu Marlo's Art Samples: http://theemberseaaccord.tumblr.com/MarloArtsu. ...Marlo75 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 A Song About Fem-taur "Baby Got Hooves" Below are my lyrics to the song "Baby Got Hooves" a parody of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. I presented this at Story Circle the other night and got some praise and a few of you asked that I put it on the forums, so here ya go! (( Disclaimer: Duff is responsible for all lolz, laughs, giggles, ROFLs, ROFLMAOs, and Keks caused by this parody. )) Here is a link to the instrumental version so you can sing it out loud! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMkLqtXkgvs I like Fem-taurs and it ain't no joke You other players can't revoke That when a hoofy trots up with pair of pearly horns And that flowing mane she adorns With trinkets, gotta stare in awe 'Casue she see's me lookin' slack-jaw Equipped with her epic kilt I'm wishin' she'd grab my hilt Oh baby, I wanna get near ya Just let me steer ya My clansmen tried to warn me But those hips you got make me so horny Ooh, Seer Struttin You say you wanna graze on my plains? Well, moo me, woo me 'Cause you ain't some LFR newbie I've seen her tankin' Platekini clankin' She's Prot, Hot By all the guilds she is sought Been hearin' a lot of smack That hoofies ain't got the knack Take the average Tauren man and tell him that Bet you'll end up flat So, Hordies! (Yeah!) Hordies! (Yeah!) Has your girlfriend got the hooves? (Hell yeah!) Tell 'em shake it, shake it! Shake that healthy tail! Baby got hooves! (That Mulgore face with the Feralas booty.) Baby Got Hooves! I like 'em natural, homemade And when I'm startin' a raid I ain't got no level cap, I'm runnin' on mojo Now here's my solo I'm gonna pop my CDs And UGH, *double crit* UGH, UGH I ain't talkin' bout Goldshire 'Cause Alliance towns are meant for fire I want 'em straight from Camp Narache Take 'em shy or extra gutsy With one guarantee You'll be moanin' like a banshee Queuin' up for my daily random No RNG bum, my hoofies in tandem You can keep that bum I'll take my hoofies like a cherry plum A shout to the big Bluff gals, I wanna shag ya I won't slap or drag ya But I gotta tell the truth when I say I wanna *hoof* Till I see An'she rise Baby got a real prize A lotta guys wanna start that quest When they see the treasure on her chest So I run up quick and click 'Cause I'm rough, and I'm tough And I'm down for 60 minute buff So, fem-taurs! (Yeah!) Fem-taurs! (Yeah!) If you wanna ride on this kodo (YEAH!) Then turn around! Stick it out! Even greenskins got to shout Baby got hooves! Yeah baby, when it comes to hooves, Draenei ain't got nothin' on you. LFM ToT25? 2 tanks, 6 Healers, 17 DPS? Haha, only if there's 24 fem-taurs. So your girlfriend does Dragon Soul, lookin' "Leet" is her goal But that goal is a long way off is she ain't got soul. My totem pole won't go near Unless you got rear, dear You can do LFR and BGs But please don't lose that squeeze Some elitist wanna call bad racial trait And tell ya all that reroll prate Let 'em jabber, I don't listen 'Cause they don't know what they're missin' So some peeps ain't into dairy That means more for my prairie 'Cause your legs are long and your hooves divine I'm gonna make you mine I know there's other Horde gals in town But they just bring me down Give me a fem-taur, I'll shout "Lok'tar!" She'll be my Mu'sha, I'll be her star Try to say it's how they're spec'd Well last time I checked Take a DPS, a Prot, or Heal 'Cause fem-taur got my appeal So ladies, if you got the hips And you wanna skip all the scripts Throw me an invite And in my tent you spend the night Baby got hooves!Duffmcwhalen38 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Odd request – looking for harpist So in my continuing experiment to harmonize the offline with the online, Mossclaw is going to take up the harp. Because mine is collecting dust, and this won’t do. Knowing that I’m not alone in imbuing our characters with select aspects of our RLs, would WrA have a harpist that harps in game? The ideal would be Mossclaw meeting such a character, and having the harp strike her fancy. She’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to the “peacetime” concept, so it would be like her to strike out into new territory. Failing that, surely there is someone who RPs a harpist, even if they do not actually play a harp. I plan on recording my progress, wishing to build up to 12 pieces. I have been trained to draw forth music on a harp, but struggle mastering/remembering songs. Or as my teacher put it: “You’re a Harpist without a song.” <chuckles> Thank you for reading.Mossclaw5 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Solidarity Heroic Progression 25man Solidarity started out as one of the strongest guilds on World of Warcraft but disbanded and took dominion over Guild Wars 2 Jade Quarry server.. In this expansion we came back; recreated by one of its original two members as a 25 man guild. It has since become a strong progressive guild now progressing in heroic raid content, with one 20 man team of raiders that have been raiding and playing video games together since 2012. Our goals are to build a stronger community on Wryrmrest Accord, have fun and revive 25 man raiding (soon to be Mythic raiding) for this content and WOD. WE DO STREAM OUR RAIDS LIVE. multitwitch.tv/eyndras/alneth_mudkipz RECRUITMENT • Prot Warrior - Low • Fury Warrior- Low • Prot Paladin - Low • Ret Paladin - Low • Holy Paladin - Low • Hunter - Low • Rogue - Low • Holy/Disc Priest - Low • Shadow Priest - High • Blood DK - Low • Frost/Unholy DK - Low • Resto Shaman - Low • Ele Shaman - High • Enhance Shaman - Low • Mage - High • Warlock - High • BM Monk - Low • MW Monk - Low • WW Monk – Low • Guardian Druid - High • Resto Druid - Low • Feral Druid - Low • As always, any exceptional players of any class, spec, or role are encouraged to contact us! PROGRESSION • 14/14 Normal Siege of Orgrimmar 10 man || 14/14 Normal 25 - 9/14 Heroic 25 man RAID TIMES • Timezone: PST • Tuesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm • Wednesday 6:00pm - 9:00pm • Sunday 6:00pm - 9:00pm • Occasionally we will push past 9:00pm on progression, but that is the exception rather than the rule. WHAT SOLIDARITY HAS TO OFFER • Progression raiding on a more relaxed schedule • Fair loot council that rewards performance, attendance, and dedication • Fun raid and Teamspeak environment WHAT SOLIDARITY EXPECTS OF YOU • 95%+ attendance rate, three nights a week • Knowledge of your class • Situational awareness • Listen to and accept constructive criticism • Desire to progress in current-tier content HOW TO JOIN • If you are interested, please visit our website to apply or contact mudkipz#1773 or Fanitx#1230. If you have any questions Thanks for your time. Website solidarity-gaming.com ABOUT SOLIDARITY We are a serious raiding guild, but we also value things like sleep and sanity. We love to progress, but not at the cost of burning out. Our core group is dedicated and very knowledgeable who have adjusted their own busy schedules in order to raid - we are not interested in wasting our time (or yours) several nights a week screwing around. We do expect people to be on time and have consistent attendance. While working on hardmodes, it is very important to maintain continuity from night to night. We definitely take into account people’s work schedules and real-life emergencies, but would appreciate you being able to make a large majority of these raid times, or letting us know in advance if you won’t be able to attend. We believe everyone should be looking for those little ways to maximize their character’s potential, no matter what role they fulfill in the raid. We are looking for dedicated, skilled players that are proactive about doing this- and asking if they need assistance. We want you to perform in raids, as an individual and as part of a team, but a positive learning attitude goes a long way, too.Alneth120 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Never Make It Rain On The First Date It didn't seem like a big deal when I first rolled this character, because she was only a baby shammy. But she won't always be, so now I have to ask a question I can't find answered in any RP guides. Shamans are supposed to bargain with the elements for their cooperation, right? But what does a giant hairball with pigtails actually have to offer them? Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? Sammiches? What do the elements want from mortals?Gohari24 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 University-Themed RP Guild: Veritas Potestas VERITAS POTESTAS - "Truth is power." There are tons of mercenary groups, warrior groups, shadow groups, fighting groups, noble families, and the like, but there doesn't seem to be a strong education-themed guild on the Horde side of Wyrmrest Accord. Think about it: a guild for professors, scholars, researchers, scientists, artists, historians, engineers, librarians. A guild for students, apprentices, and those simply interested in furthering their craft. Think tabards and school colors for events - meetings, lectures, trips. Exploring the outdoors, learning more about lore, making new friends, and, all the while, advancing your character as an individual. Events, you ask? What events? PvE and PvP events could be done in the name of learning. Groups could embark on journeys with their professors on studies abroad, quests for excavation, cultural trips to better know the Horde. Oh, and did I mention the dreaded school dances? Consider helping me build "Veritas Potestas" through membership and through donating ideas. I was hoping the guild could accept all Horde races - after all, there's beauty in diversity, especially when it comes to education. For more information, consider psting me in-game, IC, or OOC. I love new ideas and new people and together we can start a new guild!Arrowyne1 Jun 30, 2014
Jun 30, 2014 Hey you PvP guilds! So I ran across a completely unrelated thing while on my search for an addon, and I came across this little gem: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/vanas-kos Looks like it targets people for the guild to kill or whatever, could be fun for horde/alliance stuff, if everybody keeps themselves flagged ya know? Anyway, see ya!Hélion2 Jun 30, 2014