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Apr 11, 2014 Do any of your characters know eachother ICly Starstalker's character evolution thread got me thinking about how I do a fair bit of "off-screen" progression for my characters (usually taking advantage of any prolonged absences from the game to do so) and a fair bit of that involves my own characters interacting with eachother. Azurok here knows my Belf monk from when said monk was still a farstrider. I may have implied that my alliance mage sold some sort of information to azurok, etc. How many of you do this, and do you have any examples?Azurok48 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Anything going on? I've been out of the loop for a few months, thanks to being unable to get some time for WoW. I don't know if my guild members still log on, or if either of my two friends (seclusion and shyness sucks, man...) still log on. All I know is that unless I get into some stuff BEYOND persistent questing or dungeons, I'm going to lose my bloody mind! So what's happening on the Alliance side of things? Any scenes a random, deadpan snarker Pandaren could get herself into? I just want to do SOMETHING, man. SOMETHING!Torikushi4 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 The Army of Light[Heavy RP] The Army of the Light is a force of enlightened races that the naaru said would one day combat the ravages of the Burning Legion.When the naaru came to the Prophet Velen and rescued the draenei from the fury of Kil'jaeden, they promised that the Exiled Ones would one day be part of a grand force. The draenei have awaited the day when the Army would emerge for more than twenty millennia. Though the naaru have not yet decreed anything, it is worth noting that most races of the Alliance have at least respect for the Holy Light. Membership Grand Vinidictor High Ancorhite Ranger Raider Footsolider Worker Religion and Subjects Druidism Shamanism The Naaru The Light Demonogly (is allowed,but is strictly Watched.) Leadership Prophet Velen Ad'al Elthrendas Lightsworn Varian Wrynn Warcheif Vol'jin How to Join Go on World of Warcraft usually on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and contact Elthrendas I will ask you if you saw my advertisement and if you say yes, I will give you an IC conversation about why you want to join and if you answer the questions wholeheartly I will /guild invite you. Races Applicable Humans,Gnomes, Draenei, Worgen, High Elf, Dwarf, Panderan, any Alliance races are applicable basically.Elthrendas6 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Draenei Eat Babies True or False?Troy63 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Forsaken Priest? Is there anyways to plausibly RP a Forsaken Disc or Holy Priest? without being seen as a bad RPer and taken seriously? I understand that by using the Light it causes them to feel as though they are burning and the regaining of lost senses but also the feelings of happiness and regain their humanity. But what if the character sees this pain as hope and proof that the light has not abandoned her but also uses the shadow as a way to avoid some of those unpleasant effects of the light believing that the shadow is a part of the light? Basically, is this a lost cause? Does anyone have any suggestions or ways to help me out here? Or does anyone even RP as such a character? I apologize if my ramblings make like little sense to anyone but myself... .___.Mahraa16 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Farewell, friends! Alright, as you can probably tell from the title, this is my own quitting post. And, well, it’ll be a bit different from the others. Why? Because the reason i’m quitting isn’t the game. It’s my own personal interests. As an introduction, I’ve been playing since Vanilla, albeit very casually. It wasn’t until late Wrath that I started to -seriously- play the game. I started raiding mid Cataclysm (it failed. Terribly). It was a wonderful, fantastic adventure. I didn’t actually like late Cataclysm content, but I enjoy everything from ‘Nilla to Wrath. Despite my lack of enjoyment of the Dungeons of Cataclysm, I had no thoughts of quitting. Then Pandaria launched, and I had a lot more fun through the expansion than I did Cataclysm, although I slowly started to realize how...Easy things were. I cannot blame this on the game completely however. I mean, after you’ve been playing for years, things just kinda start to get very easy to you. And soon -everything- became known. I knew Azeroth like the back of my hand, and so things got boring. And with the start of WoD patch notes and the like, I’ve just kinda stopped caring. So far, I don’t really like where the game is going. The game has just became so ‘casualized’. I understand this, and I don’t blame Blizzard for doing this. But the game that I personally like is just...Gone. And again, I don’t fault Blizzard for doing it. They want to appeal to casuals, and get more money. They are a business. I get that. I -did- plan to stick around and see how WoD is, but then I managed to get a beta key for Wildstar. After spending a weekend on it, I decided I want to start playing that game. It just has -everything- I want in an MMO, it’s what I wanted for Warcraft. The reason I’ve decided to quit WoW right -now- is just so I can get more time to do RL stuff, and make plans for Wildstar. As you all probably know, it’s better to make plans for a new MMO/Expansion sooner than later. I hope you all have a wonderful time in Warcraft, and whatever else you wish to pursuit after. A huge thanks to everyone who made this game so amazing for everyone, and a thanks to Blizzard for creating such a great game. TLDR: My own personal interests have changed. I don’t really like Warcraft anymore. /Tips hat one last time, before tossing it into the wind. Don’t think i’ll be needing that one anymore. Maybe it’s time I get a new one. -And for one final time; Watcher, out!Asalì46 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Taking time away on a Long Boat So...no real overtly long winded way to say this. I and the wife are kind of burnt on WoW. Between the varied reasons we have decided that the fact we can not pay this month for the subs is a sign to take a step back from the WoW Role Play scene and game entirely for an undisclosed amount of time and just take time to ourselves. We will be returning from the Mists sometime, but for now this Longboat as cast in it's oars, lowered the sails and I hold the sunstone to the sky for whatever direction this voyage will take us. I apologize to those who we're waiting for me to come back with another event but...well thats part of the reason I feel a need to detach myself. I did one event, I lot of people had fun...and so many just tore at my sanity with either their assumptions, presumptions and accusations I felt a dire want to learn how to project my axe digitally through the internet, bury its smile into their keyboard and scream "By Odin will you stop with your blasted nonsense!" So yeah...there is that. Kind of put me off role play all together on the game and I thank those who worked with me and tried to bring that spark back, but its just not there right now. Odin guide you all in wisdom, ~NathanTathr0 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Survival or Marks for a Big Game Hunter? Hey all, boosted my long awaited Alliance Hunter today. Initially I was going to RP him as your typical jovial Pandaren...then plans pretty significantly altered (Look at my helmet. LOOK AT IT! It's gorgeous on Pandaren!). I now plan to RP this guy as a Big Game Hunter, but I've hit a bit of a snag. I'm Beast Mastery Spec right now - that's my default "Solo Old Content" Spec - but as a Big Game Hunter his "real" spec is going to be something different. I'm leaning towards Survival simply because it seems more "Woodsy", but Marksmanship would make sense from the aspect of not wanting to do a whole lot of damage to the prize being hunted (Where as with Survival's Explosive Shot tends to make all but the heavily armed beasties turn into pre-cooked chunks). Just wanting to get a bit of an outside opinion.Yotz7 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 The Eternal Flame Mixer - Cancelled CANCELLED.Zynaeri18 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Dark Ranger? Ya/Nay? Hey, I've been leveling a hunter and got really inspired by the dark rangers. * a blood elf hunter. But, I was wondering if that would actually be pausible? to RP as a dark ranger?.. or is there some stigma or something about it? Just checking, ha.Otus30 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Any Pve Level 70 Guilds? Looking for a pve level 70 guild. Are there any active ones right now?Velcroe0 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 11, 2014 Morning Coffee Topic: RP Beginnings It's super slow at work this morning, and I'm always really interested in learning about people, so I want to know about you. Yes, you! In your underwear, with that huge mug of coffee (or is it tea?) and the bed-hair! And also you, sitting at your desk and pretending to run those reports! (Or in my case, imaging metric crap-tons of laptops!) For all you RPers out there: what got you into WoW RP? Some sub-questions: --Had you ever RP'd before? --If so, what sort of RP? (LARP? Other vidya games? Text-based? Forum-based?) --Did you start playing WoW specifically for the RP? --Has your RP developed or evolved along with your time in WoW? --What was your first RP character, and are you still RPing them? --What is your all-time favorite RP moment that you've had in WoW?Vespyr22 Apr 11, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Manawanui's Quiet Spot. How are people today? Busy day ahead? Busy day gone? Massive plans for the foreseeable future? Myself, I have a decently busy day ahead, flashing routers and assembling servers. And in the weekend I have a vampire LARP that is going to end in an interesting way for my character. No matter what the outcome, it's going to be interesting.Manawanui12 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 (A) Looking for a new home~ Hey all~ ^^ I recently decided to pick up WoW again due to the new expansion coming out, and am looking for a new server to call home since my old one seems rather... dead as of late. Plus I was on the Horde... So that brings this up! I'm hoping to find somewhere at least populated and fun with maybe a bit of RP to blend in~ I picked it back up in Mists a bit but I haven't really played the game since late Wrath, and I haven't even role played in a game in well... ever. I'm quite interested in doing so, however, and would love it if I found some people willing to help and just be friends with. I know before I quit I had a really tight knit guild that we could all talk to and have fun with, and since leaving I've come to want that again~ I'm also pretty bad at intros and ending them, but that's kinda my background I suppose. I never really did raiding much either, but I'm definitely more of a PvE person and a RP one over PvP, so if any of that helps... yeah~! I dunno. I guess thanks all for reading and I hope to find at least a somewhat more interesting community here~Kyliria2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 [A] - The Red Raven Coalition - Recruitment <Red Raven Coalition> --those dedicated to the reoccupation of Gilneas. An Alliance Roleplay guild on the Wyrmrest Accord server. Current Target;; Recruitment, Character Development. Teaser coming soon.* { At the time being, the RRC is a RP / Social Guild, as we are just establishing ourselves and gathering a steady group of quality roleplayers to help us build and flesh out our story, working to further expand the backstories of members and the guild alike. Joining is simple, application-interview on the site, set up like an in character interview, or an interview with Mideria in game. Vent coming with time, three vault tabs, tabard, level 03. } --- Members to contact in game; Mideria or Jenivive Guild Website;** Coming soon! Application or Interview is required~! * Timeline is based off of the unofficial wowpedia article. ** Website is still under construction, bear with us!Mideria7 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 In-game Chat Channels Howdy folks! I'm taking a mini break from the game while I work on some things (apartment finding, working on a comic, bad pork, blah) but it's come to my attention that the in-game channel listing of the "Welcome to WrA" thread isn't as accurate as it could be. I mean, most of the list went up in October, so it's understandable, but joining all of those channels (and forgoing personal ones) to see what's active ain't gonna happen for a minute. List of channels: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/10262396958#4 Dear Wyrmrest: Halp. Do my dirty work for me. What public channels do you know of that are active? Even those that aren't on the list? Which ones do you know are inactive? And is there a channel you wish there was a thing for but there isn't one?Loreynna2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 [H-RP] Casting Call for the TTT! The <Tirisfal Theatre Troupe> is not dead! After facing a torrent of bad luck in February and losing one of our most beloved members to the pains of real life in March, as well as a bad dry spell for recruitment between both months (not to mention a zero participant contest), the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe has decided to postpone our activities for the month of April. However, we aren't just sitting back and taking a vacation! The TTT is hard at work on improving our guild and our plays, and we'd like to give everyone a heads up for some of the exciting changes we've decided to implement; ~ We are bumping the base price we are willing to pay for a 3 act or more play (run-time of no more than an hour and a half, 5-8 cast members) from 1000g to 2500g, and are still willing to pay more for a script we really, really like! We hope this incentive will get more people interested in writing plays for us, so that our works can be a community effort! ~ Being in the guild is not required at all anymore to be an official member of the Troupe! The guild will remain, of course, for storage and namesake. However, you may be a part of our dear troupe even if you are currently affiliated with another order! ~ Recruitment is now always open for all roles! In the past, we've tried only filling for roles we absolutely needed, trying to get by with our troupies if we could manage. Inactivity on a few people has forced our hand, and we will now always recruit for actors, stage hands, and other entertainers, even if we have a few extras. Keep in mind, we still have interviews and auditions that must be passed, but you are not forbidden from trying again, so give it your all and see if you've got what it takes. Just three changes, but changes we feel will shift the dynamic of our guild activities, and that we hope will give us more help for our plays! We are in desperate need of aspiring thespians, so please do not hesitate to contact Atos in-game to set up an interview. Remember that our nights of usual activity are Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays! We hope to return next month bigger and better than ever before! So until then, may the curtain fall favorably upon your actions! ~ Lord Atos Sunhart, Co-Director and Producer of the TTT ~ Father Irreverent, Director of the TTTAtos0 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Do you know what is super fun? Waking up to the sound of your apartment assistant manager pounding on your door, because there is an emergency and you need to evacuate. With all three cats. And since you don't own a phone, you can't call your husband. Womp womp. While it was not a fire (thankfully), but it was a serious issue and someone is badly hurt (Not thankfully. Really hoping he pulls through). I may or may not be a shaking mess. SO HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING?Amberarrow6 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 What type of Paladin Race should I boost? I was wondering this in terms of Roleplay, i've been wanting to roleplay a Paladin for such a time and by boosting them I do believe i'll be able to fulfill a desire of being able to Tank (Yay!) and roleplay. I was wondering however, what race should I actually boost to 90? I've been wondering in terms of RP, both here & and MG, which race holds the most roleplay variability, I don't wish to be a white-knight (From my subjective viewpoint from which i've seen, no offense.) which I feel is two dimensional in terms of always supporting the light, and if I do actually wish to start roleplaying such a character i'm going to need to add more depth to them. So, I do know about the Alliance in terms of MG, however I do not know it particularly well here. What race should I pick for my Paladin Tank, WrA? Dwarf, Blood Elf or Human?Zeraljin20 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 [A] Mage looking for guild Sorry this is on my warlock, I couldn't manage to bring my Mage's profile up. Here is my mage http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/wyrmrest-accord/Aesyryn/advanced I'm looking to see if there are any guilds working towards a mythic raid team for WoD and interested in a experienced Mage. Please feel free to whisper me in game my battletag is Aes#1207Tokoyummi5 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Happy Birthday to Amberlight and Miiyaa! Best wishes for a great day :DVandrysse1 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Oceanic player and Oceanic TZ RP Hi All, Relatively new to RP in other games, and as I've gotten really into the Warcraft lore at the moment, I'd like to try RP here. However, before I do I'd like to get a sense of the Oceanic TZ presence on this server, and find out if there's many folk around then. I'd like to roll an Alliance Pandaren Monk (not terribly creative, but I like to fit molds rather than make them myself as I'm still working on getting "good" at RP). Thanks in advance for your responses. Regards AtjaAtja2 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Artcraft - Daughter of Argus http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/13698957/artcraft-daughter-of-argus-4-8-2014 The Spacegoats are go.Starstalker66 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 [H/A-RP Question] What Is Your Guild Up To? The title says it all! Recently I've been wanting to organize another big plotline/series of events, between multiple guilds and individuals, and possibly even between factions (everyone loves Cross-Faction RP). There is a chance that some of it will involve Rp-PvP as well, although that's up in the air right now. However, while brainstorming ideas, I realized that I know what very few of you all are up to right now! So, do you think all of you Accordians could clear things up for me? The question is this: What sort of plot is your guild involved in, and if they are not currently involved in any large plot, what is their focus/interest regarding RP? I'd like to get a more up-to-date idea of what's going on in Wyrmrest, and would be extremely grateful for your respones!Taldin12 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Worgen Death Knight This is honestly just a quick question for, um... well, clarification. From what I know, worgen death knights are from Shadowfang Keep or something of the like. Well, I don't want to do that! No, I actually want this guy to be from Gilneas, but don't be fooled, okay? He's not... a death knight, really. Basically, I'm juggling around two ideas here. 1) Raised from the dead through necromancy, though I don't know if he'd come out as well. I don't want him to be some sort of abomination; I don't mind a few stitches here and there, but not some sort of odd monstrosity. 2) Corruption. Don't exactly know how, though! Maybe he met a wayward death knight and... I guess something like that. Corruption sounds awesome but I don't know how to swing that, what with the Lich King dead and everything. Thoughts? Any help here? I'd deeply appreciate it. Cheers.Saltonstall11 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 Posting at The Rangers' Lodge *An advertisement is posted along one of the walls of The Rangers' Lodge in Silvermoon City.* My fellow Farstriders, I am seeking members to join my band of rangers. Like all Farstriders, I seek to reclaim what is rightfully ours. We will take back our lands from the Trolls and the Scourge. But I don't want to stop there. I want to take back any Farstrider Lodges we may have lost along the years as well. They are ours and they should be in our control. Of course the safety of Quel'thalas comes first and the safety of Azeroth second. If you have the same goal that I do, if you wish to see our lands returned to their former glory, then contact me or seek me out. Captain Rieledil Sunhawk ((ooc note: This is not a guild and you aren't required to leave a guild to join in on this. This is just me wanting to get some Farstrider RP up and going. I plan on doing some world pvp in this as well but my targets will remain unknown for now. As it stands I have myself and two others but I would love to see a swarm of rangers moving across the land. Feel free to contact me in game for any questions or if you wish to join.))Rieledil8 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 10, 2014 [A- rp/pve] Fools Company- Fool me once... (IC) Who are we Fools? We are the few, the proud... the nosey. Fools Company is a tight knit association comprised of handpicked men and women specializing in the field of information retrieval and related support components as well as regular and useful individuals normally found throughout any regular community. We are the eyes and ears of the Alliance (and other areas, but if we told you who we'd have to kill you), in the light and in the shadows, watching and listening. Do you know the muffin man? We do, and he works for us. (OOC) Who are we?: Fools Company is a laid back, level 25 guild with discreet members who are motivated, patient, and eager to fulfill the more difficult role of watcher and average citizen, from shop keepers to farmers. They do not need the limelight, but instead report on it. We are a small guild member wise, and we enjoy it this way. Why, you ask? Because no one is left behind, forgotten or ignored. What do we do?: Anything and everything. Fools Company does it's best to support our community and the events other guilds hold, as well as put on our own events. From Darkmoon Guru at the Wandering Lantern Market to our April Fools Day anniversary celebrations, we do our best to make an appearance and show our support for the hard work people do to keep roleplay alive in the WRA community as well as help create our own, like Dice and Dare, Riddle hide and Seek, and other goofy relaxing things on a whim. IC? We spy. Do you need information on that group of paladins? Fools Company is here to help. Do you need to know who stole the last cookie? Well... potentially Civ is the culprit in that one but we'll do our best to prove it was someone else. From murder mysteries to subterfuge, Fools Company is in it all and in for it all. Where can we be found?: The Pig and Whistle. Let's face it, nostalgia gets to us all. Recent events and stresses have seen Reese Langston and Elly Langston suffering the strain of trying to upkeep their tavern through the mess that is the world around them. Reese stresses out and randomly vanishes (Based off in game NPC antics) and Elly suffers fits of mad dancing. While it's not well known, Civardi used to call the Pig home. Paying Reese for favors and using the tavern as his sanctuary. Well, Reese has called in a favor of his own and sought aid to help keep the tavern going. From repairs to helping serve to keeping out the riff raff, Fools Company is doing what they can and once more Civ has returned home and brought some friends. We don't own the Pig. We simply lurk. We do not require people to acknowledge that we are helping out if they do not want to. This is simply our rp idea and we welcome you to join us for the fun :) What do we need?: Right now we're recruiting everyone. From the butcher, the baker to the candlestick maker and anyone who has the patience and talent to gather intelligence. You don't need to be a spy to be in Fools, but your character WILL be called upon to offer up any gossip heard, and well paid for it as well. OOC we run raids and are looking into trying out our own Flex raids. Until then we dungeon, Scenario, LFR (You wont be alone in the madness) Help quest, help gain achievements, do Brawlers club (IC and OOC) and we occasionally dabble in PvP. We will also be holding monthly RP events hosted by myself, Anric or Tanija, depending on who wants to do that months event. Are YOU interested in joining?: All we ask is that you are active, meet our level 15 requirement (70 for DK's) and read our guild rules located at: http://foolscompany.shivtr.com/forums If you have any questions (or want to hire Fools Company for your guild plot- Note, please ask all parties involved before hiring us so there's no confusion in plots or OOC aggravations) don't hesitate to let us know. contact: Civardi (Gm) Seashen (Assistant GM) Anric Kaaldor. Or feel free to ask any Fool online any questions you may have. Edit: Since it's been asked a few times, yes, we do have all heirlooms unlocked.Civardi29 Apr 10, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 The Size of the World The GL is heading north this weekend for a longer story - and the whole thing that we're basing it on is the immense size of the Grizzly Hills - with sprawling woodlands and caves and massive trees (With Wookiees up top) and a landscape that takes days to cross from shore to shore. To get there - we're spending two days on boats and even more time trying to find our way about, even with qualified scouts - and for the sake of immersion - going with the fact that we don't have powerful enough Magi to teleport us -all- back to Stormwind/Dalaran. I know where I stand on it (That the world is much larger than the mechanical game world we're provided with; I.E. Westfall takes a few days to get across with countless farm plots instead of just five.) - but I'm curious as to what other RPers/Guilds/Blues say/think/do when it comes to A) World Size, B) Realism in travel time and C) How best to take advantage of using the same zones/spaces over and over again as new zones/areas.Ennalor5 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Draenei and their magical cryo pods. What does this mean for Draenei? Did they actually use them? If so, did they use them for themselves?Shaark3 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Feature Not a Bug Correct? So I wanted to have a friend, not on Wyrmrest, run me though Molten Core for some transmog but we could not invite each other (even though we are on each other's friend's list). I am assuming this is because Wyrmrest is an rp server. So this is working as intended. Is my assumption correct?Velcroe9 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 LF World RP? So am I! Hiya folks. As the title says, I'm looking for roleplay outside the city. More specifically, good, conflict-filled, character progressing, story-driven RP! I didn't want to make a thread about this and just find it out there myself, but so far I haven't been able to step in front of everyone because it seems everyone would have me go through a couple dozen surveys before they would consider RPing anything other than small talk with a stranger. So I'm here hoping for better luck. I'm looking for just about anyone who's willing to RP with a murderous troll with a corrupted sense of what's right and wrong. Whether at his side or facing against him and crossing blades, I'll RP with you. I made an introduction thread not long ago http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12426742759 with a brief story explaining the story of Zatal from the past few years. I hope to hear from you and if you have any questions I'll answer them as truthfully as possible!Zatal2 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 RBG team I'm looking for a team to actively run RBGs with. I know about Spetznas and I believe you have to join the guild to do RBGs with them. Just looking for a group to run with who knows what they're doing and won't rage/quit after one BG.Joeltehbsm9 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 [H] ShadoPan Jianhuren - an idea for a guild ((This isn't so much a recruitment ad as a way to gauge interest in a potential RP guild idea! Disclaimer: I took some minor liberties with the established lore, or as I like to call them, loreberties. If you're not cool with that, no problem, but you have been warned.)) The Shado-Pan are the finest and most stalwart warriors of Pandaria. The first and last line of defense against the horrible creatures known as the Sha. Every new Shado-Pan acolyte swears an oath to dedicate their lives entirely to the protection of the peaceful citizens of Pandaria from this threat. The recent arrival of the Horde and Alliance on the once concealed shores of Pandaria, however, has forced the Pandaren people to open themselves to a much larger world, and many new dangers. It was not until Garrosh Hellscream used the heart of Y'shaarj to empower himself that the Shado-Pan came to a jarring realization: the influence of the Sha could spread beyond Pandaria. The jailers of the Sha have always been the Shado-Pan, and the oath that every member swore binds them to continue their vigil. Through negotiations with the leaders of the Horde and Alliance and with support from both the Huojin and Tushui Pandaren, a neutral sect of the Shado-Pan has been dispatched beyond Pandaria. This is how the Shadow-Pan Jianhuren came to be. This sect of the Shado-Pan is made up of a handful of volunteers who are allowed to leave their posts on the Great Pandaren Wall to ensure the influence of the Sha does not spread to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Unable to spare any more of his Shado-Pan, Taran Zhu sanctioned the training and recruitment of the other races heroes to face The Trial of the Red Blossoms and, should they survive and prove worthy, join the Shado-Pan Jianhuren in their eternal vigil. ((This is just an idea that I have been toying with and I welcome any input! If interest with this idea proves to be strong, I'll be grabbing a charter. Thanks for reading!)Saoluan6 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 [A] The Ring - Crime guild recruiting The Ring, newly formed neutral-unlawful oriented guild, is currently seeking new members. On the outside, this strange group that calls themselves the "Ring" is nothing more than a bunch of Darkmoon carnies who stick together, doing oddjobs around the city. Nobody important enough to pay attention to. They may occasionally host a miniature faire event during the other three weeks of the month when the fortune tellers and acrobats are out of work. Besides that, they don't do much. But behind that guise? The Ring is a complex organization of mongers and spies, con men and silver-tongues. They are composed of two halves: The Cartel and Intel. Together they aim to reach The Ring's main goal. Profit. The Cartel is made up of salesmen and dealers, those who aren't suited for combat (even though The Ring makes an effort to be as peaceful an organization as they can) can sell goods of their own craft, or deal The Ring's "product." Intel is pretty straight forward. They are the eyes and ears of The Ring, and their job is to actively spy around the city and gather up information that will be useful to the highest bidder. These not only include rogues who slueth about in the shadows, but also those who can coax information from targets without raising suspicion and do their own investigation. Part of what The Ring hopes to accomplish is to have plenty of connections throughout the criminal underground. The Ring is lead by the Ringleader Aiden Anelle and her right hand Miranna Snowlight. ((OOC )) As stated already, The Ring is a new crime RP guild based out of Stormwind City and looking for new members to help us get up and running. "Oh look, another crime guild pretending to be something that isn't a criminal organization ICly. What makes your's so special?" Great question! As someone who has been in many similar crime guilds in the past, I know it can be difficult to set a clear, original theme that will make people want to join and set ourselves apart from other crime guilds. Well, what we're wanting to accomplish with The Ring is lots of roleplay with other guilds. As also noted previously, we tend to try to stay as peaceful as possible. If your character is the mercenary sort, we might not be the guild for you. We want to really delve into the information-gathering side of criminal RP (Without metagaming by any means, of course.) When someone is like "Man, I need to know more about this thing, who do think could help me out?" We want to be the ones where someone is like "Aw man, you should contact The Ring. They got fingers in all the pies." We also are hoping to form alliances with other guilds (criminal or otherwise; we're neutral) and possibly even form longterm RP storylines. Once we get a solid member base, we will be regularly scheduling guild events to keep all guild members in the loop of guild updates, or even just to hang out and get to know each other (IC and OOC.) Apart from that, we hope to get some long-term DM event series in the works. dat character development tho. Above everything, OOCly we want to be a warm and welcoming guild where members can chill and have awesome roleplay together. (We accept all races and classes, even gnomes.) If you'd like to apply, or find information not covered within this thread (including specific ranks, and IC/OOC rules), visit our website (still partially under construction, expect changes) theringguild.shivtr.com. Any other comments, questions or concerns? Feel free to contact Anelle or Miranymph in-game and we can help you out. Thanks for reading. Here's a cookie (::)Anelle23 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Delurk Bloodsnarl conquers Ashenvale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK5Xihj_g2YDelurk1 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 [ Duo Luna ] I have a Horde! Hey there, So I recently swapped my other hunter back over to Horde, and I would like to meet some new people on Horde! :D Don't be a stranger, I love to RP, and well... I like to chat! <3Lunaxia9 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 BAD Guild Invite Hi Everyone I just had to Vent!! I received a email that i was approved for the Guild that i applied for on thier Website . So I logged into the Game made my toon and Asked someone in the Guild how to i get a invite into the guild. The Gentlemen then invited me and told me their was a 5:00 pm Guild Meeting Today. I then said ok and thank you. I then Said Hello to Everyone in Guild Chat and then was told that was wrong you can only use Channel chat /join .... is this Normal? I then leveled a few hours then went to the Meeting i arrived an hour early because i wanted to meet some of the members in the guild when they arrived. I was only level 6 atm people arrived some where nice others quit Np. Because i was level 6 they where making a raid party and i couldn't be invited because of my level. So i sat their while the meeting went on for an hour and i couldn't hear or read anything that was going on. Then they all left. And i was standing there alone. I was thinking it would have been nice for her to introduce me to all the Guild members during the Meeting but she never acknowledged me. I then /t then Guild Leader and asked if the Meeting was over she then tells me the meeting started an hour ago and it is now over. I said i know i was their. i couldn't be in raid chat she then says right. I then ask if i can go she said yes. She then Pm me back and said can we chat i said ok. I then went back to look for her. I found here then she tells me that it looks like a member invited you into the guild i said yes. She then asks how did you her about the guild i explain i received a email that i was approved and she then tells me that was a mistake. Then she starts to explain about the guild and rules and RP. I then explain to her that I'm New to Wow and RP and this Server Ive been trying to find a Guild to call home and some people on another server told me that the people on RP servers are the best people around. So i came here. She then starts to explain how RP in chat channels work and how to speak in character in them. She asked if i understood. I tried to explain using a reference as a Vampire if i where one IC in the chat channel she then starts Screaming at me THEIR ARE NO VAMPIRES IN AZEROTH!! I then had enough and said I apologize this was a mistake and thank you for your consideration and left. Are all RP Guilds like this? If i understand correctly RP is Fantasy and anything can happen.Espar48 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Delurk Bloodsnarl is Indestructible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tgpsuYIhuEDelurk8 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 World Bosses No Longer Faction Specific! Felt like this deserved its own thread. Recent patch made it so bosses are no longer faction tagged! Either faction can now hit the boss and receive loot (as long as it dies, obviously). So no need to stand there and watch the opposite faction kill the Celestial you need, or watch as they steal your Ordos kill for the time being! I'm happy this was finally done (about time, really), but I can see some disappointment from people who enjoyed being jerks- I mean, enjoyed the competition between factions.Troy11 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Tuesday Boredom: Revenge of the Gygax Alright, character creation mode, Gygax Style! Get yourself three six-sided dice. If you don't have some dice, shame on you! Fortunately dice roller programs are everywhere. Random.org for instance. Fill in the columns top down with no rerolling or rearranging. A 10 is considered human average. Strength: Dexterity: Constitution: Intelligence: Wisdom: Charisma: For me: Strength: 9 Dexterity: 9 Constitution: 13 Intelligence: 9 Wisdom: 11 Charisma: 16 Errrm... I'm a really pretty basketweaver?Maltora35 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Reddit RP Guild taking shape on WA this week Cross-posted this to the guild recruitment thread- if posting it here as well is out of bounds, let me know and I'll remove it. Guild Name: The Aetheric Order Leaders: Jeihu, Brylinne Faction: Alliance Alignment: Neutral Motto: "As Above, So Below" Short Description: The Aetheric Order is a fully in-character RP guild formed by members of the /r/wowroleplay subreddit. Non-redditors are welcome to join us. Our guild members have been contacted by the director of a mysterious tech/mystic think tank who has asked us to assist his organization with a number of field expeditions; however, the ultimate intentions of this strange society are still unknown (think "the Stonecutters," "The DHARMA Initiative," "Ghostbusters," "The Millennium Group," fused with Mormon temples, the Skull and Bones, and that really weird philosophy professor you had in university). Website: http://aethericorder.weebly.com Note: Anyone who becomes active on the forums (posts a character bio and self-introduction) before this weekend (April 13th, 2014 realm time) will be considered a member and invited to join, bypassing the application process. Please come check us out. We'd love to have you on board.Jeihu2 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Hope Animal Clinic The tiny priestess stands outside the huntsman's lodge, gripping the flyer nervously. She had worked two long days on it and though she wasn't very good with words, she was quite proud of it. She was still shocked if not excited over the fact that it had been approved by the registry as an official business. This was the biggest step in this venture she had taken and her hands quaked slightly as she nailed it up, next to the stable master, smiling as the woman responded " A fine Idea miss, I hope it goes well for you." Standing back to scan the parchment she mouths for what seems like the hundredth time the words she had written : " In notice, to hunters and their pets, and any other who may be in need of it... " In our drive to succeed within the tremulous times, we all have found different friends to aid us in our many causes. The animals that stand by our sides, be them big or small, have become vital to a lot of our survival.. It saddens me to think, there are some out there that perish, just due to the fact that they are to injured, for even the master to be able to aid them, and I am sitting somewhere unwittingly doing other things with my talents, that could be used to aid in some way. That is why I am opening Hope Animal Clinic. Bring me your wounded, or sick, and I will heal with all that is in my power, to ensure, your most faithful companions, be they the ones who aid you in battle, or the one carrying you to your next task, even the tiny critters that keep you all company as you travel. , that they are able to stand by your side, lift you up, or your spirits, and carry you to victory for times to come.:" ** Any and all interested in the cause, would be welcome to volunteer as well, please sent me a short note and we can discuss things at a time best for you.** ~Glory to the Sin'dorei~ Darkcyn Nighthaven Nodding quietly at the parchment, still nervous as ever, she steps back and makes ready to finish the Final preparation to open for the first time Hoping the best, and trying to shove the fears of the worst out of her mind. (OOC-) Hope Animal Clinic Time, 6:00 pm (Server) Wensday Evenings Place:The Ranger's Lodge, Silvermoon City Chat Channel : /j HopeAnimalClinic for Rp out side the event, or Field visits. Open to the public, and all. Healer will be working with hunter pets, as well as companions and mounts should they need tending too, and any other who may need her help. If you are interested in volunteering to aid, it would be greatly appreciated, as I am one lone priest at this point lol please send me in game mail and we can get together to work out the details. I hope to see you all soon, and get to know a lot more of the amazing people on this server with this new exciting event in the works. Also, seeing as not all will always be able to make it to official events, she does do field work as well, for any who want an opportunity to Rp as they are able to, just send an in game tell, or post for a head up :D)Darkcyn18 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 9, 2014 Afternoon Coffee Topic: Horde Shaman Races Which one is the best, in your opinion? This may or may not affect the choice I make for 90 boost. :>Vespyr23 Apr 9, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 (A) Moonshadow Vale (RP) Greetings! I've been searching for a guild like my old one, and could not find one sadly, so I decided to try and make one. The guild is a Worgen / Night Elf guild (Other races can join but they will be required to prove loyalty) Our goal is to protect Ashenvale, Feralas, Teldrassil, as well as other Kaldorei lands, from threats that could affect them. Also hope to get occasional cross faction "wars" going at times if those are interested. I do plan on having events. While this is not a raiding guild, Flex raids could be possible (I have a one month old son so I can't commit so much to raids) I am working on a website slowly, when I have the time..hehe. I hope there are some others interested in this. If you have any questions please feel free to post or ask me in game =)Saelwynne14 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 [RP EVENT Thursday] Deathmatch Nefarious Aaaaand we have another Deathmatch, coming up rather soon! ***THURSDAY, 6PM Moon Guard Time, invitations will be sent out*** Deathmatch Nefarious, Episode 4 of the Deathmatch Series. Last Deathmatch, Deathmatch Agony, one of the largest, and longest, deathmatches we've had thus far, 23 contestants entered the arena of Darkshore to battle to the death for fame and glory, enjoying 4 solid hours of RP! It was Lady Maay who became victor; using her charm and flirtation tactics to survive to the very end! Departure: Halt Anguish: Trophis Agony: Maay Nefarious: ??? Where will Deathmatch Nefarious take us too this time around? Who will survive to be the last man standing and partake in Deathmatch Superior, a battle of the champions? Find out THURSDAY, 6pm SERVER TIME! --- EARLY RECRUITMENT: Sign up on this forum if you wish to partake in the event! I will invite you in game on Thursday; make sure you are on!! :) --- Look at this forum to read more about the Deathmatch Series, and its rules and regulations! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12203110529Jahpú0 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 HELP your pal Kiethoo buy a new computer! I haven't been on much the past few weeks which is very upsetting to me. We are understaffed at my place of employment. Worse the staff we do have is undertrained putting even more burden on those of us like myself with the technical skills for certain parts of the job. The one and only bright side to this is that I get Overtime Pay. Not that I want it, I would be much more happy having my nice 3 days off in a row like normal to spend with Mugala and you Wyrmrest Accord. So to make myself feel alittle better upon my hopefully soon return to everything normal. I'm going to use my overtime and savings to buy a new Computer! Trouble is, I've been using the same PC for over 5 years now and since leaving High School I've allowed myself to lose track of new developments in PC Component technology and advances. For those of you who are tech savvy, to give you some idea how long its been since then, my last PC before my current one was still using a AGP Card and had 2 sticks of 512mb ram. ^.^ So I am hoping if anyone here on the forums is so inclined and knowledgeable as to help me choose and fall me in on some things. I am currently looking at these two options with the links posted below. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/March_Madness_Deal_Z87-I7 or http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/March_Madness_AMD_Eight_Core. The Z87-I7, I have never had a Intel Processor before. I have always used AMD. Plus with the AMD Eight Core machine I have the option of upgrading the processor to a Eight Core 4.00mhz processor for only $100 more. So I'm not sure why I should choose the Intel Machine over the AMD. With the exception of my laptop I have always used Nvidia cards. Although I don't have anything against AMD Cards, I've heard good things about them. So another reason the AMD machine appeals to me. If I got the AMD Machine I would change the Motherboard and CPU bringing the price up to about $1100. For both machines I would be getting the max fans, fan mounts, and a powersupply gasget for the extra $25. I have never had a machine that used Liquid Cooling before. My current PC has the cooling paste on the CPU but other then that it just has a huge copper heatsink and fan. Im not really sure what options to choose with liquid cooling. If I should splurge or if a single regular cooling unit is fine. If they are loud and I should pay more for a quiet one or if they are overkill and just flashy for todays PC market. Any help, comments, suggestions are appreciated! Thanks !Kiethoo27 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 Character Evolution - A Discourse So I'm a pretty shy individual, all told. Nevermind the fact two hours ahead of server time + Early Morning Work Shifts (5 am start time) means I generally don't participate, but I'm also pretty private. As such, I tend to evolve my characters in my own little head canon (Since work leaves me plenty of time to think). Case in point - I've been doing a lot of brooding on Starstalker lately, specifically in regards to the destruction of Theramore. It's been part of his backstory since Early Wrath that he left a Human lover behind when he rejoined his people, and that's been affecting him quite a bit since I picked him back up now that I've come back to the game. Subsequently, I've had him go through a rampant phase of Bloodthistle Abuse, a "rehab" career with the Reliquary (The NPC Organization, not the Guild) as their first Warden, and now back with the Farstriders. But that felt too "status quo". Hence the present Transmog change. I've decided Starstalker, while visiting the ruins of Theramore, discovered a buried and battered chest...a chest he'd entrusted the woman he'd left behind. Within it, his old Ranger garb from his time with the Alliance. He has decided to wear it in memorial of who he was, who he's lost, and as a reminder of who he really is. As a result, I've also updated his MRP profile to reflect this new attitude. Specifically, people will notice he's only identified as a "Elf" Hunter. This isn't me being coy. He IS Sin'dorei, but he was once Quel'dorei. He chooses to identify as neither. He is merely an Elf. Am I the only one who does this, or is this fairly common to evolve the character in absence of others?Starstalker18 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 Artcraft: Running of the Bulls http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/13607366/artcraft-running-of-the-bulls-4-7-2014 Male tauren rejoice! Your Warlords model has been revealed in action, with a surprising focus on emotion and expression. I hope this brings up interest in tauren RP characters! I know a few tribe guilds that could use some...*sunglasses*...beefing up.Minzel32 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 WTB Pristine Glowbear Pelt Looking for this hordeside for the transmog I'm working on for my belf monk. Problem is... it drops from Arcturis, a spirit beast bear in Grizzly Hills. So for a 8-12h spawn timer - the mob is tamed far more than its killed. Anyone hordeside have this chilling in their bank and willing to sell?Azurok2 Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014 WoD Alpha Female Night Elf model (incomplete) Daodian2 Apr 8, 2014