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Feb 3, 2014 Chimaeras, what's their Deal? I read some lore recently that stated Chimaera, those two headed beast creatures are sentient, and allies of the night elves. Yet, in all my time playing wow, I've never seen a single night elf mention them, or interact with one. Is it because they are so reclusive and territorial? Also, I read in lore on the same page that Chimaera are rather strong in a fight, what their acid and lightning breathe. So tell me, community people, how strong do you think Chimaera are, and being they are sentient how hard could it be to befriend one?Lokiira14 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Happy Birthdays for 2/1 & 2/3 Best Birthday wishes to: Azaeluna Pyrillia Kelzthalas KrenkHope all of you had/have a good day! The winner of the January Birthday contest will be announced this Thursday.Vandrysse1 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Introduction and looking for guilds story given to landi on emerald dreamEyslk1 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 [Alliance] Seeking an RP guild. Hi there, WRA. It's been a while since I last played World of Warcraft, having left around 14 months ago and now, having returned, I'm looking to get back into the RP side of things. Sadly, my old guild, the Shan're is no longer around, so I'm looking for a new guild. I'm after something with a bit of plot behind it, and preferably one with members active late at night as I live in Australia (I think 16 hours ahead of server.) Any info would be greatly appreciated :)Alyraen5 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 WTB Pauldrons of Eddward the Odd! Okay so- I got a faction change today, and came across a TERRIBLE thing. My Transmog is broken, SO broken... So~ I need a certain shoulder slot to fix my problem. Said item: Pauldrons of Edward the Odd Please help me! Oh, and thank you for any replies. ^^Luthae4 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 13/14N MDPS/FC LF Raiding/PvP/RP Guild (H/A) Hello Wyrmrest! To get right down to business, as the title states, I'm currently in the market for a new home. =) The current guild I'm in is, alas, unfortunately falling apart and people are breaking away due to the brick wall that is known as Garrosh in our 10N raid. More than half of our core team has left, leaving us with alts and fresh 90's to gear to bring into this fight, and we never have the same roster two weeks in a row, and alas.... patience is being strained. =( But I do not wish for this to be the end of my raiding career. A bit about me.... I love chocolate, long walks on the beach, autumn air, killing zombies.... oh wait... wrong resume. -clears throat- I've been a long time player of WoW for 7 years, and I've been involved in raiding since the Wrath Era. I led my guild's raiding progression with our 25 man and two 10 mans from Naxx through ICC before the GM decided to disband the guild due to his lack of interest in continuing the game. I then took a break as well, but came back in Cata in time to raid through Dragon Soul 10 before MoP was released. At the start of MoP, I decided to put raiding on the back burner to more or less focus on PvP, and I became more involved in arenas and RBGs for the first time, and found a new love. I currently hover around the 1700 bracket in RBGs as an FC and I'd love to push more, if possible. But with the release of 5.4, I decided to get back into raiding, and joined a friends guild in which we pushed through 13/14 and put everything up through Paragons on farm. But week in and week out.... unfortunately, we've been unable to down Garrosh, and frustrations are showing. People are leaving, and I, unfortunately, don't want to be left in a dying guild when I'd really like to push to see heroic content. I love progression, I love bashing my head against walls for boss kills and DKP. I currently raid on a 563 melee DPS, and I can provide multiple logs from Warcraft logs or WoW Logs on request if needed. I would like to see heroic content, but that's just an added bonus. If anything, I just want a solid group of people to raid with, kill mean orcs and bugs, and have a good time with. That aside, if PvP is an added asset to the guild, I would also very much so love to try and weasel my way on to an RBG team. I'm a 1700 experienced FC who's played pretty casually, my usual team never really pushing for rating and only running for fun. But like with raiding, I'd love to push my skill cap and try for rating, but again... this is just an added bonus. <3 Finally, last but not least, I've been an avid roleplayer in WoW for 4 years now, and this current character I'm looking to place in a home has been my baby, my first and longest running roleplay character with the most fleshed out backstory and personality, so if anything, I'd really like to find her a home with RP as well, so she can continue to grow. Now, as far as Horde/Alliance, I'm willing to go to either side of the fence for the right guild. But seeing as I'm not currently on WrA at the time, I'm very very new and unfamiliar with the guilds on WrA, Horde or Alliance side. My running times are pretty open. Sunday through Saturday at any given time, and I'm free. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, direct me to XYZ guild site for applications, or lemme know who to contact in game to talk more about details, and I'll be more than happy to speak with you. =) I look forward to hearing from you all and hopefully working with you in the near future! <3Miikata0 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Hey Panda Bear! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgjWbJuOYEg I kid..Malodin4 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Looking for a Hordeside guild 2 Electric boogaloo Well, not really, because unlike the Dark Soul series, Holy magic is not lightning/thunder. I have asked this before, but here I am, asking again. I am looking for a RP guild, that is semi casual in it's player base, Horde side, in preparation for WoD (maybe a bit early to start looking for a guild, but oh well). I am an experienced RPer, and generally pretty friendly. I am primarily trying to find a guild for Leileran here, whom is a healer who specializes in battle-front operations and the like, while also being a fairly level headed (if a tad awkward or nervous) individual. I am also a bit nervous over the whole...meeting a new guild thing, which is why I have been searching for so long, and have yet to make any progress with choosing a guild.Leileran0 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Intriguing Thread Topic Here So, I've noticed something that applies to forums as it often has to real life for me. I have a remarkable talent for going unnoticed. I suppose that's why my self-insert character is a rogue. (I'm also extremely lazy, which explains why he's still twenty levels behind my fourth highest level character, but that's beside the point.) You see, I think I've mastered the art of stealth, and assassinating (conversations, just check my thread history), but I like to alt every once in a while. I play a paladin, a mage, a druid and a hunter. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, how do I unstealth?Guinefort29 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Yo, <Cult of Nerzhul> peeps! You here? I've been finding old members on Moon Guard (omg don't h8 me plz ily wyrmrest) after yeeeeeeears of not hearing from them and I was told "Hey, some of them skidaddled off to Wyrmrest but I don't know their names there! You should go find them!" So I thought I'd come here and see if any of ya'll were here doin' your own thing. Or whatever it is you do in your spare time...anyways. Are any of you here? Any at all? I have cookies. And milk. We must reminisce and catch up. That is, if any of you are here. *shiftyeyes*Chalilia4 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Beginner Rper LF RP Mentor I'm a long time wow player. Played since vanilla but I haven't played much in the past few years. I'm out of work for a few days due to surgery and wondering if there are any experienced RPers that would want to roll new chars with the focus on RP for the week. I love RP servers but have not been able to get engaged in RP as of yet. Does not necessarily have to be new chars. I have many chars already on this server ranging from 1-87 as well as heirlooms for a few different classes I understand how RP works but cant seem to tap into the creative aspect. Back stories and in general having a story line are what usually stump me but if someone else were taking the lead I'm pretty sure I could play ball. I may not be able to play much after Thursday but am open to playing basement-dweller style til then. Hoping to get started on an adventure tonight!Neyle8 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Guilds worthy of a mere commoner? I would be posting this on the toon this thread relates to, but Blizzard doesn't want to let me change my main forum posting toon, so here I am. Anyway! I have a cute human warrior named Amelia who will be hitting 90 in the next few days. Because of that, plus my newfound inspiration to play her, I figure it's finally time to start putting her IC character to use. It isn't that I don't love the guild she's in right now, but it's not really roleplay-oriented, and when it is, the things they do don't really fit her style. Therefore, I am now on the lookout for a new place for her to call home! There's only a minor setback: she's a commoner. And not just your regular commoner who has a pocketful of gold or dabbles with magic in the Mage Quarter or occasionally fights dragons or things of that nature. She's a -legit-, down on her luck young lady. Here is a copy paste of her current TRP history: Amelia was born in Year 17 in the lush forests of Elwynn, healthy and without issue. Her childhood was lived well in a small but sturdy cottage on the outskirts of Goldshire, where she stayed with her mother, Lisa, who was a tailor well known for the quality of her handiwork. Amelia's father was not often home, however, for he would have to work long days and nights at the Eastvale Logging Camp to support his family. In Year 30, Amelia's father was killed by a group of Defias ambushers while out gathering wood. Her and her mother mourned often, but managed to struggle past the event. In Year 34, feeling the need for a change of pace, Amelia moved to a very small, inconspicuous apartment in Stormwind with her mother beside her. While older and frail, Lisa was still able to make her famous clothes. It was off of her clothing sales that the Johnsons lived, until Year 37 when she became too weak and sick to work her loom. Barely able to afford food, Amelia searched hard until she managed to obtain two jobs: barmaiden and bread seller. Presently, Amelia cares for her senile mother, working strenuously to earn ample income from her occupations in order to avoid living on the streets. (if any of that seems lore-inaccurate or remotely off, feel free to let me know. I'm always up for constructive criticism) She's probably a bit of a far-fetched character as far as most Alliance guilds go, since I mostly seem to spot magic academies and militaries and mercs, but I'm making this thread in the hopes that a guild or two that could envision taking in a generally ordinary lady into their spectra of quality RP. TL;DR: Got any room for a bread lady?Sarcasm16 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [H] <Proven> 25 is recruiting! Good afternoon WrA! H<PROVEN> Lvl 25 is now recruiting new members. Established in April 2009, we are a casual raiding guild with a focus on 10 man raids and rated battle grounds. After taking a break from raiding during tier 15, we came back and although we started behind going in to SoO, we've caught up some to take down 11/14 bosses. Now real life rears it's ugly head and we find ourselves in need of a few roles, specifically , 1 tank and 1 healer. We could also use back ups of all roles. Our raid times are Wed & Thurs 6-9 server. Our active pvpers are also looking for more to fill out our rbg team. All roles are needed. Even if you don't raid or pvp, good people are always welcome, regardless of experience or level. Proven recruits people, not 'toons’. Many of our members are working adults with families and other responsibilities, and we value our friendships within the guild as much as we do downing that next raid boss. In the end, it is the experiences we share with each other that we will remember, not the random loot drops from some on-screen pixels. If this sounds like your type of guild, then please visit our website and fill out an application for membership. Also feel free to speak to any member in game. 18+ preferred Website: http://provenx.guildlaunch.com/Blucifer44 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Vanitas stuff Auction (A) Our bank is stuffed with things we won't use from transmog items to pets. So I've decided to hold a small auction don't care what you bid as longs as it goes goes goes. So this will be held February 5th at 6 server in Stormwind behind the Cathedral. Bare in mind we will be in character and well will be acting as if we're not a super evil guild bent on destroying everyone and everything. All are welcome just take the stuff!Historia3 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Green fire isn't worth it This crap is making me so angry.Golavar61 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [H-RP] Ninth Fist - A little of everything! Newly formed guild. Current level: 1 Accepting members?: Kiiiind of. Still setting things up. Feel free to contact me to join, but don't expect RP to occur for a couple days. Introduction Fire is not only a destructive force. Some trees bare seeds that rely on flames to bring new life into the forest. Fire is life, and it is knowledge. Just like a phoenix, beginnings can be born from endings. The Ninth Fist is a beginning from an end. Aldrig Fleming founded the Ninth Fist after his Awakening. His mortal life was filled with anger and fury, born from a tragic childhood and the inevitable loss of innocence. A boy who wanted to love, raised by the uncontrollable circumstances of a world that wanted him to hate. A young and gentle heart became bitter and shielded. With nowhere to put his love, such thoughts withered and perished, letting hatred take root and sup on his anguish. He became a warrior and his soul shriveled and died as he was lost in the bloodshed and rage. After Aldrig's mortal shell was consumed by flames of his own creation, and the spark of life extinguished, he was brought out of death along with many under Sylvanas. He chose not to serve. With undeath came a complete emptiness of his mind and soul. Whatever infernal machination had put life into his corpse also wiped clean his mind. His mortal self only a collection of memories, this corpse a rebirth. After seeking tranquility through monasticism and his eyes having been burned away, Aldrig saw the world from a new perspective. He was once an enemy, he knew. He understood why. He understood how he thought and his motives. He understood why he hated. Did he have free will in life, he wondered? Was the living Aldrig simply a victim of the push and pull of the world? Was in the world's intention to make him as cruel as he was? It seemed all things sought peace in life and the world sought to be at peace itself. But then why did it seem the world created killers through cause and effect? A boulder falls on a boy's dog, then the boy curses the world. Was this the world's doing? The more he understood, the more questions arose. The timeless proverb. Aldrig created the Ninth Fist to understand the world around us. To set out and explore the meanings of the land and of the people. To understand why the wind blows seeds where it does and why a child might grow up to build an empire on the blood of the innocent. What is the Ninth Fist? It is an organization founded to investigate and gather information about the world and all things in it. It is a crusade to understand all things. In this process, it is the mission of this organization to assist those in need, to understand our enemies, know who our real enemies are, and to help right the wrongs of a seemingly broken world. It is a quest for knowledge fueled through taking on jobs to lead us to new horizons and line our pockets with gold to fund our exploits. On the side, Aldrig also offers training in his fighting style and philosophy. On his inspired journey of enlightenment, he has learned much. There are separate ranks for those who wish to be disciples, but still take part in the same events as everyone else. The monastic ranks are slightly more private and you may or may not be permitted to partake, depending on Aldrig's scrutiny. Again, the monastic experience will differ only very slightly from everyone else's. What do we do? It will start off as a small operation. Warriors, researchers, and explorers will band together to take on jobs and assignments. The Ninth Fist takes job requests, whether they be a strange mystery at hand, appeals to borrow our strength, or simply the common man in need. Teams to take on specific jobs are chosen based on both the task at hand and difficulty. Sometimes, a bloodthirsty warrior might not be fit to help an architect track down a delicate artifact. We take on anyone, because we also take on nearly any job. A simple task of helping a farmer may lead to something entirely new. We go with the flow of the world in an attempt to learn from it. [Continued]Aldrig2 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 @Metric team jadepaw My internet is out (on neighbor's computer) so unless I figure out the problem I won't be able to make it tonight. Sorry!Chonga1 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [A] Any interest in an explorers' guild? I happened across the new trivia addon Explore the World, and it got the old cogwheels a'turnin'. Here's what comes to mind: Light, casual guild RP Trivia nights with the addon Exploration for achieves and RP (maybe do one whole zone at a time on foot, RPing along the way) Treasure Hunting and Tomb Raiding - transmog/pet/mount/achieve runs with some light RP thrown in Just curious if there was anyone out there that would like to see this fun little idea come to fruition!Indraani7 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Saturday Sermon (Thanks for coming! ) The Order of the Golden Law is hosting a public sermon (this Saturday) on the 1st of February in the Cathedral - speaking on the topic of Brotherhood, and the bonds that are far stronger than any faith. Light follower or not, this event is meant to be widely accessible - aiming to offer some inspiration to those in need! The sermon will begin at 5pm Server Time and shouldn't go more than 30 minutes total - but we invite and encourage everyone to stick around and engage each other in RP! For the trolls and hecklers - we will have a table set up in the back with fruit juice and cookies for you to keep your mouths occupied while the grown ups talk. The fruit juice and cook are being prepared by the tiny orphan children across the street - they may have bits of rock and dirt baked into them, so be careful and make sure to wash it down quickly with the water from the bubbler on the other side of the Cathedral. Ennalor11 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Steaming 10man Normal Raid on Nazgrim! Our raid team of The Horde Clan is raiding tonight and we are working on Nazgrim in 10man normal mode. We raid 1 night a week and are always recruiting new people. Come check us out and watch us collect phat loot!!! http://www.twitch.tv/ggjeedGgjeed1 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 [A]Starting A Mafia Theme Guild - Interest? An idea started in this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11223762840?page=1 about why there was a lack of criminal/mafia style guilds Alliance side. Since making that thread people have contacted me in-game and on the forums expressing a strong desire that a guild like this happen. Most people agree that the RPing community needs an antagonistic guild that is run respectfully and has a certain moral code. And the idea of playing 'the bad' guy in a non-magical way seemed appealing. The problem, however, comes with the fact that most of us individually do not have the free time to solely create, recruit and run such a guild. To resolve this, it was suggested that we could create the guild with a council type of leadership to spread out the workload. So thus this thread is looking for those interested parties to step forth and brainstorm their particular ideas. I believe everyone can agree that creating and running a guild requires a significant amount of work and dedication but there's certainly no harm in at least trying. The benefits could potentially far outweigh the difficulties if the idea takes off. If the idea loses steam then we move on, simple as that. Feel free to add your constructive criticism but leave purely negative thoughts to yourself. Interested?Laurre18 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 A ragged journal. You find a ragged journal on a table in the Wyverns tail, no one seems to be around close by, it wouldn't hurt anyone if you took a small peek... NORTHREND EXPIDITION, ENTRY 1, DAY 1, ORGRIMMAR. I came back to this Frozen Hell as a favor to my friend and also a favor from my friend, Kyteara Dawnblade of the House Bloodravager, we met at the Brawl'Gar arena, and after a terrible brawl against a sniveling Arakkoa, I met up with her and her comrades, we'll set out for Northrend soon... NORTHREND EXPIDITION, ENTRY 2, DAY 1, BOREAN TUNDRA. We found a place to set up camp, camp Taunka'le, the Taunka are generous, allowing us to stay for the night, it must be a member of our group, a Tauren that the others refer to as 'the Warden' that makes them respect us more than a normal group of Orcs and Blood Elves. We originally were going to set up camp in the wailing Ziggurat, but it was filled with Skeleton spearmen, they would keep arising, even though they were easy to fight, we couldn't sleep in there, they would eventually stab us, so again, it's much better to be with Taunka. I'm glad that they're so generous to us, the Totem of Storms keeps me comfortable with its zapping sounds, so unlike those electronic monstrosities that the Goblins make... NORTHREND EXPIDITION, ENTRY 3, DAY 1, BOREAN TUNDRA. *The writing looks quick and emboldened,, as if the author was angry when writing it.* Gorlocs! Curse their scum! They attacked one of our comrades! a student of a one I call brother, and a friend of mine no less! I am outside culling their numbers now, dare poison him, do they? Well I'll show those cowards what it means to- [a large blood stain that looks like gorloc blood covers a large part of this journal.] -too many to kill alone, I'll have to forget it tomorrow, but when we come back, I swear, I'll wipe them off the face of Northrend. Luckily, a monk was able to heal him, he'll survive, and for that I am thankful, I'm setting this journal down to rest... SEARCH FOR A CURE, ENTRY 4, DAY ???, SCHOLAZAR BASIN. It's been a few days since Nagrash was poisoned by a Gorloc, I heard about two of my comrades saying that they'll have to cut an arm off to save him... for how long I've been gone it's probably happened already. There's far too much arrogant beasts who think that I would make a tasty treat, I woke up once in a Giant crocolisks maw ready to snap, and don't even get me started on the Wolvar and the Oracles, I can't even get any sleep around here with them fighting day and night. And those aren't the worst sounds I'm hearing, sometimes I hear a catlike roar that shakes the very basin itself- I think I've found it, after all this searching I [The journal end on this page suddenly, you see some more blood stains, some from a common Orc, the other from a large beast, the blood stain seems Blue...] ENTRY 5 Damned Loa beast, I'm losing so much blood now... I had to chase it off after it ravaged my leg and mangled my right arm, I must find shelter, I don't understand though... why did the spirit beast attack me? I've never heard of the rare creature attacking someone unless it was fighting back, perhaps it guards this miracle antidote? SEARCHING FOR THE BLOOD RAVAGERS. I must find the others soon, I've found a "friend" to carry me to them, he said that he recently say them around Dragonblight, we're flying there now, it's tough to write while flying... I asked him if the scourge seemed to be growing stronger again, and he simply replied that they might, knowing that he wasn't about to tell me more about it I decided to change the subject, I asked my friend, (A dragon if you don't have enough intelligence to read my writing,) how things have been since the aspects became mortal, he looked behind at me and simply stated that they've been uneasy. I hate it when Immortals don't share with you... SPEAKING WITH THE DRAGONQUEEN. We finally made it to Wyrmrest temple, but still I saw no signs of the Bloodravagers, so I decided to ask around and see if any other Dragons had a clue, but they were either too busy, too puffed up, or did not have a clue. So I decided that there was only one dragon I could get some sense out of, Alexstraza, When I finally saw her, she was standing at the top floor of the temple with the ambassadors of the other flights, she welcomes me with a kind greetings, and asked me while I was here, she used long words and lots of chivalry, unfortunately I was already in a sour mood from the other Dragons, and this only made me angrier on how she wasn't getting to the point, so I did what only felt right. <continued on the lower part.>Banrok13 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 So to those guys who read webcomics... Today's Unsounded pages. WHELP. Was not expecting that.Zieto14 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Turwinkle talks to The Silver Hand Chapter! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle gets the chance to spend the evening discussing all the ins and outs of the guild called the Silver Hand Chapter! A wonderful Holy order of Paladins, Priests and Death Knights! Come and see what this guild is about! They have a great RP history and fantastic guild classes and events! Find out what these are and what they are about to the guild as we have a great time talking! So grab a soda, some popcorn and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! :D http://youtu.be/lEhz3Vumt2QTurwinkle1 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Writers, ya feel me? So i decided to go down to my school's student center the other day to just pass some time between classes. My schools student center is where people go to play card games, video games, or just yuck it up about nerdy stuff in general. I came across someone who was making cartoon sketches that were pretty good, so i asked him how long he had been drawing. He told me for quite a while, and then i said that my friend and I are aspiring writers and that we were working on a comic script, but neither of us knew how to draw. his response was "eehh, stories are easy." Didn't feel like talking to him after that. Yea, i suppose stories are "easy" if you're just writing something that templates the hero's journey, has no direction or meaning, or is so predictable, you could skip to the end from any given part of the story and not be surprised. Maybe im just too defensive when it comes to this stuff, but that kinda really put me off. It reminds me of video game companies that give their single player teams the shaft to focus on the online multilayer department. Anyways, i dont want this thread to be all about my rant. So gather here all ye writers, novelists,poets/lyricist, short story peeps.Skaler30 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 [A-RP]<The Star Sworn> We changed... again! Note: Argas Moonseer has returned to the game, and with the help of a faithful few <The Kaldorei Resistance> has been reborn into a new guild. We are looking for active members who can play a pivotal role as an officer as we build ourselves back up. ~&~ “The span of our intelligence, the fury of our strength, and our unwavering loyalty to the Goddess - these traits will guide us through times of strife, the Kaldorei will always be eternal in mind and body, in life and death. The prosperity of our sacred groves is measured not in how much we tend to it, but by our actions that lead us to pour those lifegiving seeds. Intelligence, strength, and patience are the keys to ensuring that our way of life is preserved in these violet hills and emerald leaves. We watch our home from the shadowed treetops, we strive to attain higher learning and work with the flowing waters of a changing society. Repair the wounded land and deliver it from the desecration that it did not deserve. With an open mind and a stern palm, we will act without hesitation should there be a threat to our home and allies, striking down all who would wish to reap devastation and death for their own selfish gain. This truce may be everlasting or momentary, but the Kaldorei will be everswift in our virtues of battle. We are the Star Sworn.” ~&~ Who are we? The Star Sworn’s duty is to defend against those threatening the Kaldorei way of life, and to assist the citizens of the Kaldorei society cope with the ever changing world. With the Highborne allowed back into their society and the begrudging “tolerance” of death knights, this group understands that desperate times call for desperate measures. Here, mages, druids, warriors, and even death knights are banded together for the common good of their people. These members form an accord with the understanding that the Kaldorei find it difficult when it comes to coping with change. Due to their long lifespans the Kaldorei have difficulty breaking away from their ways, as they are comfortably settled. This group helps ease a bridge between traditional mindsets and modern necessities, combining Kaldorei of various different talents, skills, and experiences. They may come off as “radicals”, to even allow the Highborne and Twiceborne into their fray, but they believe that through example the polar normatives can be shifted. “The waters of change are an interesting phenomenon. Placing an arrogant boulder in the riverbend to block the flow, will only end up threatening the habitat down the rest of the stream.” ~&~ <The Star Sworn> is a level 25 Kaldorei Heavy RP guild on Wyrmrest Accord. We welcome enthusiastic individuals bearing fresh ideas and the motivation to help expand on storylines with their peers.. If you enjoy role-playing Night Elf lore, and want to be a part of a casual, friendly guild, then you may want to make this guild your home. The guild has been refurbished and is starting back up with a fresh coat of paint and a shake but slowly steadying foundation, those devoted few are working hard to bring this guild back to its former glory! We only hope that the lovely WrA community will embrace and help us get back on our feet. What can we offer you? Once we solidify a core, here is what we can do for you. -Weekly meetings and get togethers -Active RP community -Friendly members willing to help you with questions you may have -D20 events and guild storylines that can weave into your character’s own story arc -Level 25 perks(oo la la!) -Bank tabs -And you better believe we’re going to have a flex group. How do I join? Head on over to; thestarsworn.shivtr.com Read the FAQ, get to know us, get a feel for the website and if you think you’d be a good fit, then fill out an application! The recruitment right now is a bit heavy while we get things off the ground, so get in early! Once you’ve applied, go ahead and send a message to either Moonseer(GM) or Tarondel(Co-GM), or just whisper someone in the guild for information. We look forward to hearing from you!Tarondel65 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 A Leave of Internetless So yeah, it's taking a bit longer to set up internet in my new place than I hoped (though not as long as I feared), and while I might bop in on other peoples' internets occasionally, I'm decidedly going to be hard to track down. This is Anyaka (blatantly), Hyogori, Sgatha, and a couple of others. Anyway, I'm good, I'm happy, my plane didn't run into a mountain. While I'm gadding about, fill me in on what's up on Wyrmrest. I do so hate missing my soaps! And seriously, RP is like a really fun soap with 90% more summoning demons than any but the strangest telenovelas.Anyaka18 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 [A] The Three Lanterns Market - Jan 13th Attention Alliance citizens! Come one, come all to the next Three Lanterns Market on January 13th! <The Wandering Lantern> welcomes you and looks forward to seeing you! Have you often gathered materials, crafted fantastic items or found amazingly rare things only to store them in your bank, and later find yourself asking what you could possibly do with them all? Well, Three Lanterns Market is the solution to that very problem! Come join us for an evening of fun, food and profit! We here at <The Wandering Lantern> are welcoming everyone to come join us at the Three Lanterns Market, whether it be to sell your wares or peddle items you happened to come across while out adventuring in the world. Don't have anything you want to sell? Perhaps you're looking to bolster guild activity through recruitment? You're more than welcome to open a recruitment stall to let people find out what your guild is all about first-hand! Not wanting to open your own stall? That's perfectly fine~ Any good market needs patrons to make it worth while! We urge you to take a few minutes out of your busy days to come down to the Three Lanterns Market for a look around! Still unsure? Take a look here to get a small idea what it's like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLdMtwviE5g ... Three Lanterns Market Location: Ironforge Hall of Explorers Date: 2nd Monday of every month Time: 6 - 8 pm (server time) Type: Market/Community RP ... Stalls of all sorts! Opening fireworks! A Raffle! (prizes to be announced) ... If you would like to run a stall please copy and paste the corresponding type of stall info in a reply and I will add it to the list. Vendor Stall Info. <Enter name of stall here> Owner: Stall Type: (eg. Herbs, Potions, Glyphs, Armor, etc.) GHI required: (Y/N) Info.: (Anything else we should know about your stall) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Entertainment Info. <Enter stage name or stall name here> Character Name: Entertainment/Talent Provided: (eg. Games of Chance, Fortune telling, etc.) GHI required: (Y/N) Info.: (Anything else we should know about your stall) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Info. <Enter Guild name here> Contact: (Any characters working the stall) Recruiting: (Any specific classes you are looking for or Open) Info: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... First, a HUGE thank you to last market's contributors! If you would like to contribute anything towards the market or future markets, whether it is fireworks, raffle prizes, suggestions, or anything else you can think of: Please let us know either by commenting with your name and a statement you would like to contribute or you can send me an in game mail and we can talk about it there. We hope to see you there! **If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in game via mail, whisper or my battletag (Ari#1770)**Ariel65 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Horde- Friendship Sandwich - 7/14 Heroic LFM Who are we? We are a band of super heroes led by our super leader, Ezzee. We are a group of long time friends who came from a distant world. We are only here because while traveling in our super ship on a super mission, a meteor smashed into our ship forcing us to crash on Wyrmrest Accord. Unfortunately, our ship was destroyed leaving us stranded here but luckily for us our lives were saved by the super powers we have gained through sunshine and friendship. What are we about? We are about going on super missions to save the world from super evils. Sometimes we take a break to look for buried treasure and a few of us get distracted by everything shiny. We kick !@# and generally don't take names. No time for that non-sense. Our long term goal is to rid the world of any super evil, including alliance scum that so often tries to ruin our super adventures. What are we looking for? Quite frankly to be honest, we need more super friends. We have lost many of our friends over the years to super evils including: -the inability to move out of fire, -the inability to perform their skills while moving out of fire, -the inability to move out of group with mind sear -the inability to not get married, -the inability to not have kids, -the inability to grow up, -the inability to deal hostile situations, -the inability to not get drug convictions, -the inability to not get mad at their wife and punch a wall, Basically to sum this up, we have lost many friends due to their inability to use common sense. OH! I almost forgot we lost friend due to their inability to not get eaten by a huge freaking dinosaurs. In conclusion, I need a couple skilled raiders for permanent spots. Current needs: 1 super talented melee damage 1 Non-priest Non Druid healer If you feel you are super material- contact me at Deadrat#1521. I can't wait to be your super friend. ps. we are not gay but its okay if you are. pss - we sell garrosh kills psss- It has been brought to my attention that I did not mention our super times - Friday- 630-1030 server time and Sun/Mon 5-830 server timeEzzee10 Feb 1, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Moo! (Character Artz) http://www.tinyurl.com/Dawnsky1 I'm so giddy today after having got my first ever paid commission done of Dawnsky from one of the artists I watch! It's made me wonder though so far, does anyone else have pictures of there character? Ones that you yourself have drawn? Ones you've gotten from friends or gifted from artists? Or even ones you've paid to have done of your characters? I only have three right now; one that was gifted from a buddy on Moon Guard, one that was a gift from Felixani who has drawn quite a few people on the Wyrmrest forums, and now a paid commission from an artist on FA. Still not happy with how I draw just yet otherwise I'd be churning out art of my characters all the time! D:Dawnsky9 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 WHO DID IT?! I was just about to go play in Sunwell. :(Taraimira33 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 #wowsecrets If you haven't seen Blizzard's twitter recently, you should check out the recent statistics they've released. They even got the "dangerous to go alone" bit in there. Linken would be proud.Soronus1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Your fashion headcanons- give me them! Lets talk costumes Or, rather, cultural wear! I'm a huge fashion geek. No, I don't mean that I spend my days scouring the internet for the latest fashion trends or watch channels specifically made for runway shows. I'm talking Louis XIV's french court, with tons of tousled curls, paniers, bows upon bows and the extravagance of baroque fashion. Anne Boleyn with her daring, almost scandalous french hairstyles and tight stays, gowns made of silk and lined with jewels. Henry VIII's codpiece and puffy pantaloons to show off his striking calves. Elizabethan frilled collars of stiff, starched lace! Puffy sleeves and loooong bodices! Plucked foreheads and drooping necklines! Puritan prudery with high necks and low skirts to hide any tempting flesh. Indian Sari and Ghagra Choli, colourful and gleaming with intricate embroidery! Victorian gowns be they bustled or crinoline skirts! Edwardians with their women in pigeon-chest corsets, and their men in snappy, crisp suits! I could go on all day. I've certainly watched enough documentaries to go on and on and on. So why am I gushing about my love for historical costuming (granted, mostly western European)? Because I have headcanons. You have headcanons! And we all have cultures given to our character races that aren't exactly the most detailed by the glory that be Blizz. I mean, okay. We have robes and ‘clothes’ models presented to use in game, but they’re all basically the same model. No difference in shape outside of some very well done shading. The art is, to me, generic fantasy of a modern age. Gilneans seem to be a mix of Victorian and Edwardian sensibilities- does their fashion sense follow this as well? Which decades? There is more than just one style of dress from Victoria's reign! Draenei seem (To me, at least!) to have a little inspiration from India- could their traditional cultural wear be similar to traditional Indian Sherwani for men, and Sari for women? A mix of both? Could Stormwind's noble court be filled with modern style, slinky, revealing gowns- or perhaps they are in the style of Italian nobles in the renaissance period with puffy upper sleeves and empire waists? Something from Marie Antoinette's closet, prior to chop-chop? Medieval clothing with those cliche princess cone-hats? Do Tauren wear clothing similar to the Native American people? What regional wear might they draw from? So many questions!! I want to know if you have fashion headcanons. Do you draw from historical fashions for your characters? Personally, I have my own little ideas that I use in art for my characters. My Night Elf wears clothing similar to the ancient Greek and Roman people- tunics and leather sandals. Toga-inspired dresses for important matters. Then, for formal events, I deviate and go for Korean hanboks! Both cultures that seem to have inspired the Night elf race. My Blood elf pulls from the Italian renaissance- high waists and slashed sleeves, all in intricate red and gold of course. Pure speculation on my part and art, but the decadence seems fitting! My Paladin human wears clothing similar to Tudor peasantry- supportive stays and simple frocks. Perfect in my mind for the lower class of a human nation. So tell me, WrA! Tell me- what does your character wear? What is it inspired by? What are your cultural headcanons for the races and their fashions?Amberarrow42 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 A kindred spirit asks for your thoughts. Over the last several years this game and you the community at large have become quite dear to me. So to those that always gave a helping hand, I thank you. Yet I call upon your assistance once more. During my time playing I have seen many of you stick to one character which I applaud, I wish I could show such conviction. Instead I find myself going through certain periods where one character will be that -it- character for me. When I first took a waltz into moon guard it was a worgen Mage, then a gnome warlock. About a year after that a forsaken priest. then a troll Druid. And here I find myself ready for something new. New people. New beginnings. So here is all I ask of you, what would you reccomend next based on your experiences? I'd like to hear an argument for your faction, your race, your class. No, an argument isn't right. I'd rather read what makes you love what you're playing. I'd prefer to stray away from the above as I have already done their classes. I have tried to make several death knights but deleted them. Not for any dislike of the class, only the story I concocted never felt -just right- . For anyone who has stuck with the post for this long, you have my thanks. Hope to see you all again soon with a fresh face! TL:DR Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord? Horde or Alliance? Favorite playable race? What class do you love for game/story reasons.?Hradruk24 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Headcanon Ice Troll Lore Not sure why I'm posting this now, but hey, why not? Some of you may remeber from a while back, but once upon a time I tried running a guild named Icebound Blood. It was a short lived, but extremely enjoyable guild, the premise of which was Ice Trolls of all different tribes coming together under one banner with the eventual goal of journeying back to Zul'drak to reclaim their ancestral homeland. It was great fun, tons of tribal style RP out in the snowy parts of the world, but ultimately it came to an end. One of the things I loved most though was coming up with all of the 'Guild' lore, filling in the blank holes in the lore with our own headcanon. It was an extremely satisfying process, and I was proud of what we created. So as a throwback to those days, here's some of the stuff we came up with. It makes for an interesting read, whether or not you play an Ice troll or not! ======================================================== The Gods of Zul'Drak The Drakkari tradition does not only revere and worship the Loa. They also find give praise and thanks to a pantheon of powerful spirits, who make their home within the Empire of Zul'Drak. These gods differ from the Loa in that they only grant boons temporarily and only at the price of tribute to them. While these gods are mainly worshiped by Drakkari Trolls (or other Ice Trolls in Zul'Drak) they have also been known to grant their boons to anyone of another race or Tribe who offers a tribute to them. Dubra'Jin, the Ever Hungry Dubra'Jin is a cold and sinister god. He is known to the Drakkari as the god of sacrifice and death, but also of protection. He oversees the lives of those who live within Zul'Drak, granting protection from deaths cold embrace, for a time and only for a hefty price. His favored means of tribute is a sacrifice of life, whether in the form of a sacrifice of a live animal or a captured enemy, but most commonly in the sacrifice of eggs, stolen from a mothers nest. In return for this, he grants upon mortals a temporary protection, postponing their inevitable death, for anywhere from a matter of minutes to days. But always, his protection runs out and one becomes vulnerable again. Zim'Abwa, the Warbringer Zim'Abwa is a violent and bloodthirsty god, reveling in bloodshed and carnage. He is the Drakkari god of strength and ambition and brutality. He allows worshipers for a time to become much more powerful, granting boons of increased strength. Zim'Abwa, like most of the gods of Zul'Drak favors offerings in the form of small urns of ashes, bones, flesh, herbs and any nuber of other objects collected in Zul'Drak. His boons upon the faithful are blessings of war. Often times he shall simply make one more powerful for a time, but he is also known to have granted weapons and armor that inspire great bloodlust within a mortals soul. Zim'Rhuk, the Wise One Zim'Rhuk is a quiet, thoughtful but also harsh god. He is the Drakkari god of wisdom, secrets and of retribution. He is a knowledge keeper of Zul'Drak, hoarding history and magic for his own. His favored form of tribute, like most other Gods of Zul'Drak are traditional Drakkari ritual offerings. His shrines are also closely guarded by his sentinels, allowing only those he deems worthy to even make an offering. The blessings of Zim'Rhuk are often mystical in nature. He often grants a boon allowing one to channel magical power with greater ease for a time. he has also been known to offer boons of knowledge, wisdom and even in rare cases, magical artifacts. Zim'Torga, the Mother of Prosperity Zim'Torga is the kindest of the gods of Zul'Drak, but she is still a difficult and often times capricious being. She is the god of prosperity, kinship and of greed. She is often considered a god of nature, granting growth of life, food or health. Tribute for Zim'Torga comes in the form of traditional Drakkari offerings, but she also requires respect and praise from mortals, before she shall grant upon them her blessings. The boons granted by Zim'Torga are most frequently a gift of health or food. She removes injuries and sickness and will also grant upon mortals boons of food, furs or drink.Taldin6 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 [A] Hiring Leatherworker The position has already been filled, thank you to each person who messaged me. I still can't believe it took a forum post to get this done. >.<Alledria1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Apologies for not being online ... 2 I apologise for going awol for ... over a month now, popping in only to manage the mail. In-between flipping to the ME-Trilogy, trying to find a job for almost a year, unsuccessfully I might add, family dramas and dealing with idiots in the police department who keep screwing up my Police Clearance, which has been going on for over 5 months now and costs me $100 each time, and I've had to re-do it 6 times before they finally narrowed down the reason to some arrogant bastard on their end who couldn't accept the unusual spelling of my last name and kept 'correcting' it, and they refused to reimburse me for their error ... Yeah, before this turns into the Ben Hurr of whines, let's just say I have little time or inclination for WoW these days, but I do miss you guys. Hopefully by the end of Febuary I'll have gotten a steady part-time job to supplement my jewellery home-business, and will be out there kicking !@# with you fine people shortly. This is Krenk, signing out.Krenk9 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 That was Quick All I did was went to put my kids to bed...When i came back...BAM!!!!! Server Down.....I will smack my kids tomorrow for what they have done!!!Bartras1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Crash?! Wat the happen is this?! I are confuzled!Tyédis121 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Looking For Patrolling Partners! (H) The following is written neatly on a weathered piece of parchment attached to various signs and posts through-out the major cities of the Horde: ATTENTION! In order to ensure the safety and security of the Horde and its' interests, a privately funded PATROL is currently being formed. Regardless of your profession, any assistance will be appreciated -- if you have a skill, a use will be found. Negotiable compensation will be given to participants. If interested, please contact: Kaido Lightpalm Knight of the Order of Devotion. Light protect. --------- OOC: I thought this would be a fun way to not only potentially benefit the community in a small way, but to also initiate contact between new people and to help foster an open RP experience outside of the cities. The idea is simple: this patrol will announce when they have arrived in a designated area and proceed to routinely walk various routes for a period of time. During that time frame, ANY requests of assistance in the area will be answered. While IC requests would obviously be preferred, OOC requests will also be answered and dealt with accordingly. I'm well aware questing and the acquisition of gear is not nearly as difficult as it was, so more than likely requests for help will be rare. However, the patrol will also provide ample RP opportunity for those within the group. Spontaneous and random scenarios will occur during each patrol session. These scenarios could be ANYTHING, and they'd be spontaneous because -- really -- I'd be coming up with them on the spot, based off multiple factors. I'm hoping to create a very fluid, natural, and overall enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you'd be interested in something like this, please get in touch! You can either post here or contact me in game. As of right now, I'll just add you to a friend's list and coordinate that way. Should there be enough interest, we may upgrade to a channel. Also! "Negotiable compensation" is legit -- I'll be willing to pay ACTUAL gold to those participating, based off an actual IC negotiated contract. ... I'm kind of broke, but it'll give me a reason to do things besides PvP! Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask!Kaido3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 State of Wyrmrest Community Hello there Accordians (I hear that's what you call yourselves), I've got some questions about Moon Guard's sister server and would like some feed back and active dialogue instead of searching the forums for bits and pieces of information. I've played on Moon Guard from early-mid Burning Crusade (Sin'dorei Warlock), through Wrath and ending my subscription about a month or two after Cataclysm (never purchased it). After years of poking in on my beloved server's forums, a few free trials and some holiday sales, I resubbed about a month ago. To my great chagrin my once beloved server has fallen to cults of personality who bully, blacklist, and ignore everyone who disagrees with them. The great Kaldorei community that old friends, colleagues, and myself tried to build went down the toilet in my absence because of these personality cults. I won't give names of individuals and guilds. A bit frustrated and lacking friends that play, I have zero ties to my old community besides nostalgia and old characters, and I'm hoping Wyrmrest might offer a fresh start with a new community not clogged with the problems of Moon Guard. My questions; How are the sub-communities of racial RPers? Dwarf, Gnome, Kaldorei, Sin'dorei, Troll, etc. Are they distinct and thriving, or has the playerbase let them dissolve into purple, short, or blue humans? How extensive is the variety of guilds? Moon Guard seems swamped with military-themed RP guilds, and I don't particularly enjoy them. What sort of guilds do you see on your server? Are there public and random role play abound, or is it all within cliques and guilds? Moon Guard Alliance had plenty, and it seems less common outside of Stormwind nowadays. Horde is even worse and situated in a few taverns. Your responses will be appreciated. Help me Wyrmrest Accord, you're my only hope.Eldamar21 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Looking to start RP, need some help! Hi Accordians (Did I say that right?), I've just returned to the World of Warcraft, and after running a couple lvl 1's around some RP servers, I really liked what I saw going on in Wyrmrest. If you can abide it, I've got some questions on starting though: I was considering transferring a character over, namely my 80 Night Elf. Is that the right call, or should I move over a different character for race/level reasons? I've written my character and everything, I'm sure I'll catch on with the walk-up RP as well. For the more organized stuff, though, how do I find a good fit in a RP-oriented guild? Thanks, everybody!Lavielen4 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Interest in a Winterspring Tauren tribe? I've been wanting to start a Tauren tribe for a while, and I'm hoping there will be interest from other players! Tribe info: The Skyspear are refugees from Winterspring, driven from their homeland by worsening conditions following the Cataclysm. They have recently moved into Thunder Bluff with the permission off Cairne Bloodhoof. While sharing many fundamental beliefs with many other Tauren tribes, they have certain unique cultural traits. Like most Tauren honor the Earth Mother and are heavily shamanistic, but unlike many other tribes, they have a strict ban and fundamental hatred of shapeshifters, and view them as betrayers of the Earth Mother, changing what she made. Their tribe elder is given the title of Fire keeper, who had the crucial responsibility of keeping the communal fire burning. Being too far north for Kodo to survive, they have Mammoths for generations and continue to do so after relocating. If there is interest then I can post further information, or if you have ideas then we can decide together whether or not to implement them.Chogahn21 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 If you're an RP guild, read this. As someone who has been through cycles and cycles of RP guilds throughout my time since vanilla WoW, I've had some great experiences and some mediocre experiences, and want to offer a service that I think remedies the most common problems that RP guilds in general, have. First, I'll explain the problem, and then my solution. What is the problem? Guilds stagnate. Even the most active and well-organized guilds with GM's who come up with well-thought stories end up grinding to a terrible halt. More to the point- the stories never quite flesh out in the grandiose way that the GM's intend- that is to say, the argent guild whose story is to defeat a terrifying necromancer who has somehow obtained a fragment of Ner'zhul's power, never really *gets* to that endpoint. Why? Because there's no one to play the Necromancer! If this is the case, the conflict isn't interactive. Anyone can roleplay that they're battling an NPC or imaginary foe, but they're playing solitaire at that point- and people RP because they want to interact with other people! And even if you found some evil guild to play your counterpart, were they willing to lose to accommodate your storyline? Probably not. My solution I have created a guild named <Antagonists> specifically to address this issue by furthering the servers' roleplaying capabilities and to assist guilds with their stories. We are a guild of experienced and veteran roleplayers who have assumed the job of playing antagonists to other guilds. Our characters are amorphous and do not possess incumbent stories and personalities- rather, you tell us what you need for your guilds' villains and we fit the bill accordingly when we show up to your event(s). What we promise: Quality roleplayers who adhere to strict grammar and behavior consistent with lore. (If your guild departs from lore a bit, that's okay with us, but we will attempt to reconcile our part with lore as much as possible without conflicting with yours.) A wide variety of possible counterparts for you. (You tell us what you need and I almost guarantee you we can provide it.) Need an evil necromancer? We've got you. A rival treasure hunter? Check. Are you an evil cult and need a Paladin captain of the guard to assassinate? We can do that too. We are willing and happy to lose the fight, (after some epic battling of course).If you're interested, please send me an in-game mail or respond here. I'm often AFK or setting auctions, so if you whisper me there's a chance I'll miss it outright. FYI, our services are free!! Though tips are vastly appreciated.Slarr27 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 What do you feel is missing? While I ponder with little work to be readily done, I wondered what the community, as represented on the forum, felt was missing from Wyrmrest Accord? In your experiences, is there anything that you (personally) would like represented but isn't? Or you wish you could see differently? A type of guild? A specific theme? Some space or organization you feel would be ripe for storytelling, but your character (or you) isn't in a position to enact on it? Try to be as detailed as possible. And if you happen to see an idea someone else posted but is represented, try shouting out for more recognition on it.Tendiel3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 First time WoW RPer, WA was suggested Hello! Longtime WoW player, longtime RPer (tabletop, forum). I sat out most of Pandaria, but came back late last fall at a friend's request. After playing around on Baelgun, we both realized we'd like a larger and more active community. While researching servers, I happened upon a Reddit thread that highly recommended this server as a Lite-RP server. It was said that you didn't need to RP all the time, and that raiding and PVP progressed as they do on other servers, outside of events or choosing to RP. That said, I like roleplay, and I think that exploring this side of Warcraft might just be what I'd like after 9 years of playing WoW as a raiding and PvE game, if you follow. My WoW mains have always had personalities and backstories in my head, I play Shadowrun and D&D among other games, and I'd love to see how it works in Warcraft for me. The main concern we have is that we wouldn't want to always be RPing. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to step into character, but I don't want to ruin others' experiences. Is this server okay with that? The Reddit thread hinted it would be. I would be going Horde. My main from BC is a BE blood knight who I really got into, but she's been moved to Alliance as a dwarf. I'd be willing to move her to WA Horde if it fit the community and a guild was looking for a paladin for Raids. Otherwise I have two characters (on paper), an Orc and Undead Rogue, both scratching at the inside of my head lately. I'd love to be an Orc considering Draenor, but I do find Sylvanas and the undead curious and a new challenge to play with. I've spent the afternoon reading stickies and random posts, but just thought I'd like to run my approach and ideas by the forum, as I usually do when I join any new RP community to work my concepts with. Thank you!Kendranna16 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 The Death of Gilded-Anchor Yes, the Vykrin Jarl has went out in a gory and glorious last berserker charge. And with that said, I want to thank Kalery, Ennalor, the Golden Order and those randoms who witnessed Rorvikks End. You helped me end Rorvikk on a note true to his character, and I very much appreciate it.Rorvikk0 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 ESO is In, Vykrins be Out. With the imminent release date of Elder Scrolls Online, I find there is truly no longer a need for the Vykrin any longer. And I will be looking for an end to Rorvikks reign of terror when it came to the good citizenry of the Alliance. May sound selfish, but the entire reason I made this guild is that Dwarves are Dwarves, not Norse enough for me but their own unique identity I didn't feel comfortable with imposing on, but Humans...Humans are malleable, able to be molded into so many different things. The Vykrin was one outlet for me to do so. With mine and my wifes Imperial Edition already ordered in, I feel this is as good as any time, to end the Vykrin. ~RorRorvikk45 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Happy Birthday to Kanas! Best wishes for a good day, and many more to come!Vandrysse12 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 [A] Worgen druid looking for an RP guild! Daphne Crowfeather here is a Gilnean worgen druid and member of the Cenarion Circle, ICly Balance/bear tank (OOCly Balance/...something I forget because I never use it). With the Siege of Orgrimmar over, she's gleefully resigned her position in the Alliance military and is looking forward to a return to civilian life. Especially the money-making and fun-having opportunities. She's not particularly bothered by what she might need to do to earn that money, either. Make and sell leather armor? Sure. Steal someone's coin purse? Sure, if they look rich enough. Kill a guy? If they make her angry enough, sure. She'd love to return to full-time work as a Druid of the Talon, but that seems unlikely at this point in time. Caveats: [ No military guilds Humanitarian guilds are probably a bad idea, as are Light-based guilds since she doesn't follow the Light. I'd actually love a druid guild, but I don't think there are any that take worgen? I'm probably wrong. Heavily Alliance-focused/patriotic guilds are a no-go.Daphné0 Jan 30, 2014