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Oct 9, 2013 (RP suggestion:) Gilneas battlefront? Maybe a Forsaken and Worgen guild who enjoy PvP would try to do a PVP RP event in gilneas? That would be cool, that is, if the people who already RP in gilneas are ok with it? if not you could challenge each other to the battle for Gilneas rated BG, though it might not be as fun, without having couriers who could be intercepted by the enemy as they travel to different outposts, or Commanders. (PS, this is a suggestion of what a good RP event might be, Bump if you like it.)Auridin2 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 -Traded- Thanks all!Acrid16 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Welcome to WrA! Server FAQ, Info & Events! Hello and welcome to Wyrmrest Accord! On January 16th, 2009, two months after the release of Wrath of the Lich King, Wyrmrest Accord was opened for free transfers from various other roleplaying realms before it was opened for character creation two weeks later. Server time is Pacific Standard Time but there are many EST and Oceania players that call WrA home as well. Our data center is in Phoenix as part of the Emberstorm battlegroup. We’ve had a steady supply of questions about the server for a while and now I will be making a valiant attempt to answer the most frequently asked, along with some general information about the server, like in-game channels, WrA related sites and reoccurring events. This thread is a work in progress so please share your helpful information and advise about WrA so I can add it to the proper section! Be sure to like this post and request a sticky!Loreynna66 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 @Zandrae Hi.Tyrazdormu33 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 I finally got it! :D Flametalon of Alysrazor! After so many kills on normal mode for my DK and Monk and lots of normal and heroic kills on my Paladin the mount finally dropped for me today on my Monk! :> In addition to this an awesome friend finally returned to WoW after a little over a week break from the game <3 was happy to see them and glad to know that we were still best friends. Good day today! :DDawnsky4 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 [A] Revolting Peasant: Come and be Peasant! Hello there, Wyrmrest! Do you like stabbing Hordemans in the face? What about Mogus? Or Dinosaurs? Or Trolls? Well you are in luck! Revolting Peasant is a level 25 guild that is looking for more people to join our ranks of Rabble! We are looking for new members to join our raiding roster, new RPers who like to talk about the lore of the game, or even just people that like to hang out. Primarily, we are looking to expand our raiding core. We are looking for competent, capable raiders that are able to: A. Not stand in Bad B. Move mobs around while tanking C. Handle raid mechanics on their own without being yelled at over Vent D. Wear sunglasses at night We are currently recruiting primarily tanks. Any tank will do. We also need Ranged DPS of at least 90-100k minimum (more is better). We also require all of our raiders to be fully gemmed, enchanted, and free of PvP gear, and have at the very least done any raid we are doing on LFR. We are currently 7/12 in Throne of Thunder (unofficially), regularly clearing but haven't officially progressed further due to not being able to have a full guild group. You can help us change that! We are looking to finish Throne progression before moving on to Siege. We raid Fridays and Saturdays at 5pm server time (8pm EST) and go until 8:30pm server time. Send us a message in game, or go to our website at revolting.enjin.com to leave us a message there!Ixidane285 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Late-Night Roleplay Partners I find it's hard for me to have fun in RP until I find good companions for my characters, it is even harder when you change not only faction but server too. I've already met a few really nice people who let me join in on their events when we're both online but being Australia I log on mostly from midnight onwards and would love RP partners for my orc Skotan in those times, preferably long-term but doesn't have to be anything too serious. He's a member of the Kor'Kron, which I heard had quite a bad reputation but it makes more sense for his character. Skotan wouldn't be the type to start yelling for proof of your loyalty to the Horde but would likely insult you, or perhaps worse; depending on the tone, if you mention the Rebellion, but other than that he's fine. I would usually just go around looking for walk-ups on my Alliance characters but it seems Orgrimmar is more dead this patch, or perhaps I just don't know where to look. My usual time probably doesn't help either.Skotan1 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 LF Raid Group (H) Shadow/Disc looking for a steady 10m raid group. Drop an ingame mail to Tolira. Thanks.Tolira0 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 The Alliance Will Fall. ((RP-PVP Event.)) As the Sun rose just over the horizon, it's light shined over Azeroth revealing a poster at the corner of every Horde City, and Horde outpost sticking to the post by a magical sun symbol. At Silvermoon City a Sin'dorei guard patrolled passed one of the posters and noticed that there was a paragraph of text and at the bottom was a sketch. Walking towards it a little closer his eyes widened and gasped noticing the violent and disturbed image. It showed Night Elf combatants dismembering young Orcs, Trolls, Blood Elves, and other various races belonging to the Horde. Without bothering to read the text he ran towards the other nearby Sin'dorei to show them what he had saw. Before long there were mobs of Sin'dorei surrounding the posters screaming and yelling with a burning fury. Below the image wrote: "All Horde banners If you wish to seek revenge against the Kal'dorei seek out the Jaded Sun in the Jade Forest" ((Thanks for taking the time to read this over. Feel free to reply In character or whisper me in game to Noxian Horde side. Looking to start up a chain of events involving multiple horde and alliance guilds.))Noxian1 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 RP Prompt: Justice Evaded So, occasionally I think of a situation, and ponder how my characters react. Perhaps it is a situation I've seen another character, in RP, a book or TV, go through. Perhaps it crawled up from the murky depths of the id. Where ever their genesis, I tend to use them to more fully understand my characters, or just to indulge in creativity. And I thought I might share. Justice evaded, or not. You, your character, have through some twist of fate, or by your own choice, become the official of some organization's law keepers. Call it what you will, guard, police, your duty is the upholding of said law or regulation, and the apprehension of those who break it. In the course of fulfilling your duties (or not, as the case may be), you come across the case of an individual who appears to have committed many crimes, but never been punished or convicted of any of them. Perhaps they are too careful, too intelligent, to be caught. Perhaps their connections are too powerful. But now you are involved in a new case against them. And at the end, when you thought they had met their match, they do it again. They evaded justice, and they know it. They played you, or your organization, and they won. They are sitting across from you, having trumped your work against them, and they are smug. What it your response?Arkturas23 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 My Adventure in Stormwind Apparently the war still burns within your hearts, Alliance. Offering the peace pipe for your assistance in a matter that was optional for you to even send forces to. Instead of the open palm I offered, I was given nothing in return but a cold, brutal fist. I understand what we may have done in the past may never guarantee our friendship. But, all things must be taken a step at a time. You have taken a step back, not to mention those who took a breath of the pipe then struck me after the initial blows. You are the worse on the matter. To those who supported my escape, I thank you. To those who wished me dead, or made attempts to do so? You are the reason we still fight over specs of earth. Blood and honor, never forsake it.Oxauuda2 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Just me and Mr. Bitey! So I finally got into the beta, and I must admit that I'm enjoying this game far more than I ever thought I would. I'm pretty much trash right now, but Ill be looking to play you guys in the weeks ahead and once it's fully released.Quintus9 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 9, 2013 Help me pay for college! Joyouka11 Oct 9, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Meanwhile, in Hearthglen... It is just about noon in the Western Plaguelands, and all is well. Today is as normal as normal gets for the men and women of the Argent Crusade. A lone traveller climbs the hill towards Hearthglen on foot, leading his warhorse behind him, weariness evident in every step they take. Both are adorned in the colors of the Crusade, although their armor is battered and travel-worn, and the insignia emblazoned upon the traveller's tabard has faded slightly. They have clearly seen better days. A small feline, lazy watching her surroundings with the dignity of a princess, is curled around his neck like a living, furry scarf. The traveller pauses just before the town gates, tilting his head back and raising his gaze to take in the sight before him. Bright green eyes sweep over familiar walls and buildings, and a smile brightens his features. "It's good to be home." ~ (( Quick bit of writing while I patched the game. Hello, Wyrmrest Accord. It's been a while. ))Jadoth10 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 <Twerk for Jesus> is now recruiting! <Twerk for Jesus> is a fresh level 1 guild looking for new member. e plan on doing PvP, PvE, and RP, as well as providing a friendly community to all members. If you would like to join, meet me somewhere, or send me a whisper. ;)Takumi51 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Interested in Arena Carries Evening, WrA. I'm interested in buying arena carries to conquest cap every week. I've got 9nearly) full Tyrannical, but I just can't really muster the skill to not drag down normal 2's partners. I don't know what the typical rate for this sort of thing is, but I'd be interested in learning! Leave replies here or contact me in game.Steelbelly31 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Happy Birthday to Jannit! Even though it looks like you've been inactive, on the off chance you're out there somewhere reading this, Happy Birthday! Hope everything is going well and that you have a good day.Vandrysse5 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Anyone doing Ulduar 25 normal... And don't mind having me tag along? I'm looking to finish up the Conqueror's Darkrune set whose tokens (legs from Freya, shoulders from Yogg, and a pair of boots from Vezax) only drop off of Ulduar 25N bosses. I know I can probably solo Ulduar at 90, but I just came off of an leveling binge and don't intend to do any of that for a while. So if there are people out there already doing Ulduar regularly and don't mind helping me out, please leave a message in this thread. I should also clarify that I don't intend for this to become a continuous thing. I'm looking for a single run. If I get what I'm looking for, great. If I don't, hey, no big deal. Thanks in advance!Telaenos2 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 If you thought I hated humans before... ...then you cannot fathom how I feel about you now. I will be your extinction event.Borgg141 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Trade Mounts LF some one that is willing to trade Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger for Depleted-Kyparium Rocket or any other cool mount make an offer worst that can happen is I say noMccrush3 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Outland is gone. What little remained of the "planet's" broken form has finally crumbled away and drifted into space as tiny, lifeless chunks of rock. With nowhere to go, many of the native species are now extinct. No more gronn, no more arakkoa, no more sporelings. The animal species have survived in some small way thanks to the pet-collecting habits of adventurers and their ilk. One intelligent species has survived, however, and it is rather obvious who it was: the draenei. With nothing stopping them from joining their Azeroth-bound comrades, the draenei remaining in Outland have finally found a new, whole planet to live on. The questions you face as their leader are many, but first and foremost among them is where do you go? Where will you take your people? Though they are not accustomed to human-ish life, will you settle them in with the rest of the draenei in the Alliance, alongside the elves and stunties (and furries)? Will you try to sit them in the Swamp of Sorrows at the Arborage, with the still-recovering Broken? When you find a suitable locale, how will you start to build your society? What challenges will you face as a leader, particularly those concerning the issue of Alliance vs. Horde?Viezra65 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 WTS Champion's Helmet I recently got this helmet while leveling/killing rares in the Eastern Plaguelands and I know it's a white off-color of the helmets the Stormwind guards wear! So, if anyone's interested, I can sell it off using the neutral AH or in game. :3 PST Halolani or...just reply to this thread.Halolani1 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 3's for the Mount Good morning WrA. I'm looking for buddies who are competent but relaxed who want to do a couple three's wins a day / week so I can get my damn War Wolf. This isn't a bid for 2.2K or MAXIMUM COMPETITION or to be PVP LEGENDS, I just don't like playing with pubbies when it comes to RBGs and I think three wins a night / few a week towards 100 is more feasible with my schedule than trying to get 40 Cross-Realm RBG wins. I used to be Aibreann or Wexter if that helps (or hurts) my case. Me : - Does Not Yell - Doesn't Mind Losing - Laughs a Lot - PvPs to Eddie Van Halen's Eruption Guitar Solo for maximum DPS - Veteran Warrior - Uses Skype, though honestly my level of concern is low enough that I don't even care if you have voice chat - Available M-F after 5PM EST, most hours of weekends. - Work in IT - Attractive with brown hair and blue eyes and a warrior beard. You : - Doesn't Mind Losing - Class synergy would be nice - just kidding everything synergizes with Arms right now - Be able to win matches, just because we're not going for 100 - 0 W/L doesn't mean 0 - 100 W/L is really conducive to my (our?) goals. You may RID me at bhenley85@comcast.net to discuss your qualifications, resume, and desired salary.Khuzog40 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 can anyone give me some roleplaying tips can anyone give me some roleplaying tips im new thankErium57 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Great Developer Q&A Posted! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeV5Cj7sES8 Almost fell out of my chair when they answered one of my questions about Gnomes! Didnt like the answer very much but at least they answered one. - Forbs "For Gnomeregan!"Forbidra2 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 The B.B Brewery Is Open! [Horde] A small goblin, covered in jewelry, makeup, and Horde pins, stand in a small stall. The stall is decorated with Horde banners, and it has a sign on it that says, in large words: "B.B BREWERY WELCOMES YOU!"The goblin maintains a wide, unnaturally large smile, and puts a megaphone to her painted lips. "Has the hot Durotar sun made you lethargic and feelin' blue? Is your throat parched? Are you itching for a good brew? Well, search no further, for we here at B.B Brewery DO know you when you're down and out! Swing by the tavern at Razor Hill and check us out! Our brew and drink are legendary! We here at B.B Brewery dutifully support you and the cause of the Revolution! There's a 40% discount for all Rebels helpin' the Cause! And now, we have a new batch of "Uprising Smokes" cigarettes! One purchase for 5 silver, two purchases for the price 7 silver!" The goblin stops, smiles, and waves furiously, her bangles jingling against each other. ((Hi everyone! This is an event I'll be hosting every day from now until October 6th. This will take place from 4:00 to 5:00 PM, Server Time. Come down when you can! I'll be at the front of the tavern in Razor Hill. See ya 'round! <3 ))Bonda8 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Turwinkle Talks to Phenelo! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a new Turwinkle talks episode with guest Phenelo! A wonderful RPer with a great Draenei rp! Come and see what her RP is all about and a little bit about her as well! It was a great time and you will be glad you joined us! So grab a soda, some popcorn and snuggle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! :D http://youtu.be/L6QZQrulxBwTurwinkle9 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 A dwarf is needed! Good evening everyone, I have always admired the friendship between two unlikely character from opposite ends of the spectrum be it books, movies or small collective stories. The better of those in my opinion is the relationship between Legolas and Gimli from Lord of The Rings. I currently roleplay a High Elf and find them agreeing with most rather than disagreeing. I would love nothing more than to find some burly, drunken, loud, dwarf to ruffle my toons feathers. Giving them someone to yell at and find strife in their now menial daily routine. Perhaps they meet simply on the streets and find themselves caught in a rolling duel of who was first. Mayhaps they are forced to work together, I am not picky but I would adore nothing more than the funny banter on occasion of a Dwarf and A High Elf. All I ask is for a decent roleplayer who likes detail. - If you wish to contact me please mail Müle on WRA. The ü is done by holding alt and pressing 129. I apologize for all the bumps,Ii am used to fighting for forum space, haha.Grizwhirl6 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Looking for Dwarf Guild Hello my fellow Wyrmies! I am looking for a dwarf RP guild. I am new to RP, but I have a very good grasp of lore and think I should be fine at it! Anywho you have any good recommendations for dwarf guilds with whom I can form a brotherhood/camaraderie type relationship? My other 90 is a dwarf mage named Dagrim. I would do most RPing with him. I hope ye have a great day! Keep yer feet on the ground!Vaida6 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 [A] <Acquisition Inc> New and Recruiting! The call to adventure is often irresistible- the promise of fame and fortune, of discovery and truth. It calls to us in the late hours of the night when the camp fire licks at the darkened sky and we sit between the worlds of consciousness and dreams. The tug of our hearts, the whispers of maybe, just maybe, there is more to life than what it seems. And maybe you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Opportunities are endless- all you have to do is open your eyes and take hold of it. <Acquisition Inc> is a brand new RP guild that centers around the thrills of adventure seeking and treasure hunting. Tired of the mundane city-centered RP, and the endless sea of mercenaries and guards, this guild was created for those wishing to seek Role Playing opportunities outside of the awkward banter outside the Cathedral Square or picking bar fights, and provide a fun and active environment for you, your characters, and their stories,to grow. Our wish is to promote world RP and get us back out into the wonderfully massive world of Azeroth and beyond. We encourage and accept any and all players in joining- be you a BG junky or a procrastinating RPer who has been the same level for the last three years! We are also very welcoming to New RPers and more than happy to work with you with character development and help you find your style and technique to help you put a mark in this world, for the better! What is expected of you: We do not have a level requirement, but we do expect some activity. If you are active, then your level does not matter. No trolling. We accept any and all players, but that does not give you any right to mock or be a jerk to any one of them. Currently site-less, we wish to eliminate the middle man and forego the usual and tedious forum application. Instead, please contact our officers to set up your interview. Please be advised to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, when going for this interview. What we lack with website applications, we make up for in in-game, in-character, interviews. We value quality over quantity, and in doing this, it gives us ample time for us (and yourself) to learn each others style, the character, and the person behind the pixels. We expect each and every applicant and member to function on a mature level. We do not tolerate drama. Decent grammar skills are a must. We must be able to read what it is you are saying, after all. Each and everyone of us with a guild name under our own, represents not just ourselves but an entire group of people. Your actions and words impact those around you, for better or worse, and not only will you be judged for them, but the entirety of the guild will be as well. Respect yourselves, and respect those you represent. If you have any questions, comments, or what have you, feel free to post here in the thread, or find any of us in game: Rìnshao Váanerion Larranna Salastia Estaranth One more important thing! As a new guild, recruiting for the first time, we wish to make a good impact on the server and population. If you run into any trouble with a member of our guild, or you witness them being disrespectful, do not hesitate to contact one of our officers. We're hear to make RP enjoyable, not to cause trouble. For those who wish to sumbit a written application. Here is our App. Some people cannot spare the time to do an IC interview, or do not feel comfortable without a written one done first. That is understandable, so I have out together this application that you can email us at AcquisitionIncorporated@gmail.com. Name IC class (if applicable) Age Personality History Does your character have any features or quirks that set him a part from most others? What are they looking for in life/ what are their goals? Do they adhere within the walls of lore? If not, how? Do you have RP experience? *Lastly add a minimum of 3 paragraphs (5-6 sentences) of a sample RP. It may be of any topic as long as it involves your character. Larranna39 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Turwinkle Talks about RP relationships! Hi-ho folks! Turwinkle is back in a special Turwinkle Talks episode on in-game relationships with guests Mirianda and Devoner. That's right! Why do people enjoy engaging in couple's RP? What are some of the benefits of having a significant other in-game? What about ERP? We talk about all this and more! So grab a soda, some popcorn and cuddle up to all the Turwinkle goodness! :D http://youtu.be/4IRnu6QcE-wTurwinkle28 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Sarace's Touch Pre-Order Event Morning! Short post, nothing fancy. What: There will be an event for those who wish to order a custom dress or item. This eliminates the waiting period if the order was placed at the market. These are for crafted items only or for those who are picking up an order placed last market. All interactions are IC and no payment will be due until the item is delivered. In addition, my catalog will also be available via GHI. Come by to pick up a copy. All Market workers from last month's market may shop freely. When: Monday, October 7 2013 7:00-9:00 PM ST Where: Larson Clothiers http://www.wowwiki.com/Larson_Clothiers How: The IC/OOC knowledge bridge will be in Sarace's flier. This will only be posted this month for awareness since this event is new to this month. All following posts will be the shop's thread to prevent spam.Sarace1 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Motivational problems with my Warlock. Now don't get me wrong, now that I've decided to go all out and start leveling Demonologist Warlock, I'm chewing through the levels, especially with some Account-bound goodies to boost the power-level ... but I'm hitting an emotional wall. I can't play Warlocks or Death Knights because they're ... well ... inherently evil. I don't mean "I'm going to push you down the stairs" evil, I mean "Murder and eat your wife and children in front of you." evil. Warlocks regularly traffic with avataristic incarnations of Chaotic Evil, Death Knights have to kill at least one sentient being at least once a week, if the lore I have is correct, or else they go into a mindless killing frenzy. And I'm the kind of guy who gets accused of having an Inner Paladin when playing a half-orc Barbarian at the D&D Table. I ... can't help myself. I have to be good. Even in Fable when I played an 'Evil' character, I never once killed a Merchant, only those ludicrously annoying Guards endlessly to get my Horns, red eyes and the like. I just ... maybe I'm just stuck on the whole 'pact with the very same evil that's attempting to skull-@#$% Azeroth yet again' angle, but how do I play a Warlock without being this evil monster? Since sooner, rather than later, this 'Lock will be heading to Team Blue to give me an Enchanter/Tailor for that side, I've come up with a few angles. 1) Twisting that Trope. You know all the Manga and Series where the lonely, luckless-in-love shmucks accidentally call down a goddess or find themselves blessed/cursed with an otherworldly beautry with supernatural powers? Where it rapidly ends up a damn harem around this guy (and rarely, gal) and a bumbling Demonic Antagonist who tries to break the relationship up for a variety of reasons? Well, how about somebody who does that 'accidental summons of the hottie' ... but calls up a Demonic Antagonist instead. And a real Demon, not one of these 'Magical Girls'. And Warcraft Succubi are exactly the deliciously evil blend of obsessive stalker and sex-bomb that would draw in said shmuck. A young Mage, frustrated at being turned down again and again, summons a Succubi in a flawed pentagram and instead ends up in not the master/servant pact he/she hoped for, but rather with a Demon they can't get rid of without putting their own life in jeopardy. Quite literally a match made in Hell. The 'Warlock' in question now has an almost-unbreakable contract with said Succubi, who is sweet and adorable to their master ... and starts offing all the 'competition' as well as everyone who ever hurt 'her darling'. And for those of us who are 'Troped Up', Yandere-like beings like Warcraft Succubi don't take well to rejection ... http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Yandere Could be fun to have a 'reluctant' Warlock running around, trying to subtly figure out a way to send the Succubi permanently back to the Twisting Nether without getting gutted in the process, with a gushing Succubi following them around and treating everyone around them as a potential love-rival. 2) Dark Scholar Some people say, ignorance is bliss. The Dark Scholar says that's probably what the cow was thinking. Now it's the steak on your plate. This character doesn't summon Demons for the power or out of some vengeance against the enemy. The Dark Scholar summons Demons to tear information out of them about the Twisting Nether, the Legions' plans for Azeroth and to expose them to a myriad of tests designed to pinpoint the weaknesses of each and every Demonic species. Of course, there's only so long one can stare into the Abyss without it finally noticing you and staring back ... Grim, driven and justifiably paranoid, the Dark Scholar comes across as a deranged crackpot to the common folk, a devious arcanist who belongs in a cell to the moralisticly up-tight or, for some adventurers, the go-to guy on how to handle a Demonic enemy or artefact. And other suggestions?Felluck17 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 What do?! So The last two weeks I've been pretty much bed ridden after coming down with a severe case of pneumonia. It started off with me going into septic shock at our local Target after work and me spending the night in a hospital wearing a backless gown (Ladies! *wink*.) While I'm very much improved, I still have issues with my lungs and managing to get enough oxygen so I'm not moving around too much. And honestly, being sick is uncomfortable, unpleasant and BORING. Passing the time while in a bed is a hard thing to do, and thankfully I've had Seashen keeping me company when she can. Along with a pile of movies, books, and games like angry birds. I'm able to play WoW now but for a bit there I couldn't sit up and was forced to figure out ways of occupying the times I wasn't sleeping with things that kept my mind off how I was feeling. And it got me curious what other people do when they're sick. I noticed a trend. When I'm sick, I read. I love to read normally but It's just a hell of a lot more comforting when you're sick and you have a book with you. My son when he's sick, has to play pokemon on his DS. It's usually the only time he plays it too. So when you're sick, what things do you do? What habits do you fall into? Are there things you -ONLY- do when sick? What is a comfort thing you enjoy when laid out?Civardi28 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Bored at Work Please delight me with inane conversation. :(Khuzog38 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Wyrmrest pls You're making me miss you all over again. Lately, I've reconnected with some old Wyrmrest buddies and done other stuff with them though, primarily, I don't have the time to play WoW anymore. I also have a 250-man guild to take care of, though I've passed on the GM title to the co-GM because I'm too busy to really play WoW anymore. In other words, I'm finding a lot of excuses because I AFK in Blade's Edge 3/4 of the time. I've always very much loved this server, though I've always believed that it lacked a bit in the PvP department and wasn't sufficiently active for me after I'd spent so much time in big realms through CRZ. Sometimes, I wonder if I should come back home; GM has been passed off, the guild is taken care of and I'd always have a couple toons over on Moon Guard. I left you without a goodbye or an explanation; I went rather inactive, I went Alliance for PvP and then I was gone after killing off Arielen Bloodwrought without rhyme or reason. And now I miss you. If I move Ari back (under the different character that just carries the same first name), I probably won't join a guild. I've bounced around a lot of guilds during my time over on Wyrmrest, most notably: MokOshkazil, The Grey Legion, Bloodsworn Vanguard/Apex, The Sunshield and a plethora of other smaller guilds. I just wouldn't know where to stick Ari right now, though I'll probably make a guild search post in this thread eventually. I currently don't do arenas (and never really have) and really have little/no interest in actually playing the game right now anyway. Should I come home and dabble in a bit of RP?Arielen23 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 You Knew This Was Coming - Again https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BVrfqxcCQAAsMjb.jpg:large Edit: Not mine. Belongs to some fellow who posts on WoW-Insider.Vyrael17 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Selling Reborn 502 Weapon! [Blacksmithing] I've finally taken the time to accumulate the required resources to craft one of the Blacksmithing weapons. Unfortunately, now that 5.4 is out and LFR is offering 528s, these aren't particularly competitive at the moment. However, before LFR, the best you can get is a 476 from the Timeless Isle for 10,000 Coins. With that said, I'm looking for a potential buyer, transmog or otherwise, for one of the following weapons: 22,000g Wicked Edge of the Planes, Reborn 22,000g Dragonstrike, Reborn 22,000g Blazefury, Reborn 27,500g Bloodmoon, Reborn 27,500g Stormherald, Reborn 27,500g Lionheart Executioner, Reborn Prices are negotiable, but there is a minimum for each weapon cumulative to the cost of Living Steels + Daily Cooldown Value.Suli16 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 An Unexpected Turn (Story) Found this in the depths of my hard drive. It's a old fic I wrote in the waning days of the Burning Crusade for characters whose concepts I was trying to flesh out. Enjoy and by all means, let me know what you think. The tent's interior was brightly lit, with a large fire pit in the center with beeswax candles all along the edge, encased in metal as to be no threat to the cushions also littering the tent. Brightly colored fabrics hinting at imported goods from the Eastern Kingdoms blended it with the rather plain hemp sack cushions of Orc manufacture. Dried herbs and roots hung from streamers hung from the support rafters, and a plain tin kettle lay suspended on wire over the fire pit. The tent was not a standard feature here in the Valley of Trials. As far as he could tell, it had been constructed late last night and sat, seemingly abandoned, throughout the day. Only when night again fell upon the Valley did the glow of a fire within tell the denizens of the Valley that anyone was even within the tent. No one had seen anyone enter or leave the entire day. Gramax took it all in as he was escorted into the tent by a pair of Den Guards. A younger Orc with Bluish Green eyes, he wore a well worn, but well balanced axe at his hip and a large wooden shield on his back. His small topknot of reddish black hair was complimented by a large braid that hung down to his waist from his chin. Chain lightly slapped flesh as his armor shifted with his movements, and his walk seemed to relay a bull about ready to charge, but something off about it as well. It was as if the implications of the walk had to be forced, as if the warrior wanted to stalk with more grace then strength. Gramax stood to his full height in reflex as he caught the persons within the tent itself. His warrior trainer was there looking none too happy, but then Frang never looked happy. Another bald Orc of middle years sat opposite Frang and did not appear to be a warrior. He had a slightly distracted look to his eyes, and eyed Gramax as if he were judging a piece of meat. Idly, Gramax thought he recognized the Orc from within the Den, but who he was he could not say for certain. Sitting between both Orcs, was a wizened Orc of many, many years. That was the Orc Gramax had straightened for - a Shaman. Shamanism was still a recently rediscovered heritage of the Orcs, but some of the Orcs had preserved the tradition during the Demon Worshipping days of the Old Horde. Yarg was one of the oldest Orcs alive, and he was also one of the strongest in terms of spiritual attunement. He had exiled himself when the Horde came over to Azeroth, and had remained in hiding until the Third War, where he had come to Kalimdor with Thrall and fought against the Burning Legion. Yarg's chest quivered where a still bright red wound gnarled its way down his exposed chest, a demonic wound that would never completely heal. Yarg was almost completely bald save for two stringy braids that hung down below both shoulders and a long braid on his chin that split into two streams. Green flesh hung off stout Orc bones, it gave the impression Yarg was melting and teeth so yellow they were almost turning black fit in well with the yellow tint to his eyes, which were also taking on a creamy color. He also wore a permanent smile, something that other Orcs frowned at. He looked like a fool, smiling as if the world was a joke only he understood. "So," Yarg said in a raspy voice, the smile never leaving his face. "You have come." With a slight motion of Yarg's hand, the Den Guards suddenly seized Gramax. The young Orc roared in outrage, but he was caught off guard and gasped as powerful hands suddenly wrenched his axe and shield away, along with his mail shirt. His axe and shield were tossed at Frang, who caught both with a perturbed look, while his mail shirt was tossed in a heap in the corner. The two Den guards then forced Gramax onto his rump, sitting across the fire from the three Orcs, struggling against the guards all the way. "You have spirit." Yarg said in a bemused voice, still smiling. "That is good."Zagen8 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 RP Patterns, reasons and questions Alright folks, RPing on both sides I've noticed patterns on both factions that I have questions about. First thing is first, the listing off of RP experience at a tag for one's MRP. Example being I'll see people with. "Fulltime- 10year exp" As their Roleplay status. While I get the "Fulltime" bit, what I do not get is the need to list off one's experience here, or anywhere in one's MRP. What does this accomplish? And I bring this one up first because I think about 1/3 of RPers -both factions- do this. If you do this, why? What are your thoughts to those that do? To me it feels off-putting, like a way of saying "RP with me, not the new guy." "Walk ups loved/adored/welcome." I see this regularly to, and I understand the meaning of it. But I do, many times see people have this, while actually being closed to walk ups, and not doing any walk ups of their own. I understand it may not be the personality of one's character, to walk up. But I don't imagine the population of this type is high. "Alignments" I know what this means, as I have been doing D&D for about twenty years now. But I do not understand why a lot of people put it in their MRPs, yet their histories read. "RP to find out." Shouldn't alignment be a secret to? At least to the naked eye? I'm not sure there's anyone with the ability to "Detect Alignment" in Wows universe. Not saying any of the above are bad, I just want WRA's thoughts on the above. Why you do it? Why do you think others do them? Why one should not do them? What do you think of them? ~ Thank youCarvyre25 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 [H] The Cult of Shadows "Walk in the Shadows" Name: The Cult of Shadows Level: 3 Affiliation: Horde Cult, dark roleplay Races: All Alignment: Neutral; Chaotic Neutral / Lawful Evil Guild Leader: Morgánná (Contactable via alariyah alternatively) Role-playing: medium Player vs. Player: Casual Player vs. Environment: Casual Chat/Discussion Channel: /join Shadowhalll Officership: Positions open, contact guild leader for further information. Current Plot After researching much of the old gods in the shadows, Morgánná has been receiving strange feelings to grow an army of old god believers and worshipers. Knowing it to be dangerous, members must hide in the shadows and have been kidnapping young workers and citizens to satiate the blood lust of the old gods. The old God's communication is key to the doorway of new power, and the cult seeks it. The only figure that has come to the guild has been an elusive figure called "The Night Mother". Whether she is an old god is still unknown. With her help, the Cult reaches new heights of power never seen before! OOC Goals Create a long lasting, safe and fun community of friends! Religious Goals Garner support and acceptance for worship of the old Gods within the Horde. Spread worship of the "Night Mother" amongst all races within the Horde. In particular, the Sindorei and The Forsaken. Lessen the threat that the Church of Light’s zealous followers represent. Rally against the Church of Light’s edicts and beliefs within the Horde.www.TheCultOfShadows.enjin.com Contact MorgánnáCatriyona24 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 [A] Pug and Pray- A Casuals Guild Pug and Pray is looking for more nerds! Let's talk Lore, Quests, Classes, & more! We are level 13, mostly leveled by myself and one close friend. I have five bank tabs full of profession mats, gold for repairs, and friendship daily! Here's what I don't want: ERP players Elitists/Bad attitude Non-talkers I don't do blind invites and I help anyone that I can. Wanna roll a new toon? I'll give you some dungeon runs! Got a DPS you want to run heroics with? I'll run you on my DK! You can never have too many friends in Warcraft! PST Tandrian in-game!Nalanei0 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 [Help] Y'all Drive Me INSANE One of my longest WoW goals (ever since I discovered it at the end of WotLK) was to obtain the Magic Rooster Egg. Well my friends... http://i.imgur.com/iwSf2kH.jpg As you can see, Thokk is a happy rooster owner. (Thanks to my dear friend Amberlei) But I need a title to go with it, and what better title than "The Insane"? BUT THOKK, YOU'RE CRAZY! Exactly. I need Heavy Junkbox for this to happen as I can take care of the rest through farming and blood, sweat, tears, and other horrible fluids. Ergo: I am willing to pay 5g per Heavy Junkbox you have lying around or can get your hands on. Yes, it's not much, but when one only has 8k to their name, things aren't exactly affordable to the highest degree. So if anyone out there has a rogue and is willing to kill time and C.O.D. a bunch of Junkboxes to me, I would appreciate it. My rogue is level 42 and I would rather not grind it to 90 for the title, but I will if I have to. TL;DR? What I want: Heavy Junkbox How much: 5g each C.O.D. to: JOVOLKO Faction: Alliance I have the rep on JOVOLKO. Thokk has no money. Just used for reference in this pic.Jovolko32 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Looking for a panda monk for an RP role Hope I word this right... I'm looking to do a bit of a "backstory merge". I came up with this character as one that was orphaned as a child and raised by a kind traveling pandaren, taught the way of the monk, etc. I'm looking for someone interested to basically play the father figure. This can be an existing pandaren, or a new character if someone was thinking of making a pandaren monk. Just must be horde, obviously. This may seem a bit odd to some, but I liked the idea. My character is quiet, but respectful, and has picked up on several pandaren habits due to being raised around them. Looking for someone to play his adoptive father to hang out, train with, and have silly monk adventures. Also wanting someone who can be a friend! I'd even join their guild if it is RP, this was just a random one that invited me. >.> Any opinions or thoughts in this character idea that are constructive would be appreciated too. I didn't think it was tooooo lore bending or anything. I'm normally online in the evenings.Karzhak25 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 top 10 reasons i love glenn danzig 1 Whoa-oh 2. skeleton shirts 4. his first name is Nnelg backwards and that is cool because it sounds like a nordic goblin's name 3. Because he looks like my father probably looked (i don't know) 8. REASONS UNKNOWNErium6 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 RP... Is it slowing. Or did it die? (Discuss) So... Take what I say with a grain of salt. All right. I've noticed lately that WrA's RP river has been drying a bit. It seems many walk ups. Namely in Stormwind. While they ARE bountiful. I remember just a month ago it was twice as much. So what happened? Did a massive new RP spot open up, that I didn't know about, or is everyone just on down to Timeless Isle and we'll just need to wait for them to finish? Maybe Timeless Isle itself became the new Go-to RP spot? So as I said. Take what I said with a grain of salt. RP is NOT dying. But it seems to just be slowing. Hopefully for the time being. So. What's your opinion on the matter? Is RP on Wrymrest Accord dying. or maybe is it just a little dry for a bit? Let me know. I think this is a very discussable manner.Xaviér63 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 In search of a theme-less RP guild Not particularly fond of themed guilds. 1) the people never get comfortable with me because they've known each other for 15 years and I'm new. 2) they typically aren't as active as they claim to be and don't keep their storytelling steady. 3) this particular character isn't geared for a themed guild. Just want it to be a guild where RPers get together and have the option of setting events with one another. Not as a guild, but as an OOCly organized meet(whether the characters are ICly strangers or not). I wont be joining immediately, but in the near future(between levels 25-35).Telesarah3 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 WTT Horde Gold for Alliance Gold I am looking to make a purchase on blueside and am looking to trade some Horde gold for some Alliance gold. I'm looking to trade about 20k. No, I don't expect it all to come from the same person. Leave a note here, mail me on Lyneira (A) or Zandrae (H). Ty.Zandrae2 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 The destruction of the Light..? Alright, here is a hypothetical for you all to chew on. If some group of nefarious.. Beings went through and killed all the Naru (Remember this is hypothetical) and some how destroyed the Light Well.. Would the Light cease to exist? Unless I am mistaken there are only two actual god/god groups. That would be Elune and the Old Gods or the Titans, unless I am mistaken. Back to the main point, would destroying the Lightwell and destroying all the Naaru cease the use/presence of the light?Molteng12 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 New Terraria 1.2 update this forest that werewolf so wow excelent But yes. I was recently informed that the new epic amazing awesome super terrific update came out LAST !@#$%^-ED TUESDAY and not later this month, and so I just made a new character and world to explore the changes. My brain has already exploded due to all the new forest textures. Ropes are so amazing. THE MOON IS SO DETAILED. Do the rest of you Accordians play this game and love it as much as I do, or am I alone in my blatant update happiness?Sarcasm3 Oct 6, 2013