Wyrmrest Accord

5d [A- RP Event] Ironforge Craft Fest 10/15 ... What: The Dwarven clans of Khaz Modan, as well as other brothers and sisters of the Alliance, wish to host a crafter's festival to honor centuries of fine craftsmanship! The Spring and Summer Festivals were such hits, that we're bringing it back again! Not a Dwarf? No problem! When: We plan to host the event from 6pm to 9pm server time, October 15th. Opening ceremonies will take place outside the "Cask and Anvil" next to the flight path at 6pm. Where: The Great Forge of Ironforge, of course! (Though this is subject to change depending on numbers and spreading things out!) Contacts: You can message Bathildis, Davonna, or Modarin in game at any point or send your request via in-game mail! What you can do: As a visitor, you are welcome to roam around the festival grounds, enjoy the night atmosphere and some good casual RP! Come by and shop around, purchase fine goods from craftsmen and women around the forge. Enjoy great music, drink, and food! Even register to participate in any sub-events we may have (like a dueling tournament). As a vendor, you can register for a booth to show and sell your wares! We plan to spread out along the outer ring of the Great Forge, allowing tons of space for different players to form small gatherings. Blacksmiths, engineers, scribes, even chemists and cooks are welcome! If you can craft something, wish to take on an apprentice, or teach your trade, you can register. Don't worry, there are no fees or anything! We just want to keep track of how many people want to fill this position. Please get your booth approved beforehand! As an entertainer, you can claim a spot to put on your act. Whether you are a bard, have an show, or wish to provide games for others to play, you're welcome to fill this roll! We usually have a bard wandering around the festival playing actual music using the addon GHI, so this is really just limited to creativity. We definitely want to spread you guys out so that you're not being overwhelmed by RP chatter, so it's very important that we get you set-up in a spot early! If you don't want to do any of these things, but wish to be a part of the festival, you are welcome to volunteer to help out where/when it is needed. If you wish to get involved in planning the event, please contact Bathildis in game! I look forward hearing from you!PS: If you use the addon GHI, you'll also be in good company at this event. We'll have special wares available (I have a full bar, as well as a limited edition Festival Brew), as well as at least one bard playing live music throughout part of the event. PPS: I'll keep this post edited as events unfold! Currently: Vendors: - Modarin of the "Cask and Anvil" will be providing you with the finest Dwarven dining under the mountain! - Bathildis of "The Steel Pub" will be supplying some of the finest brews in Khaz Modan! - Davonna will be assisting fest-goers at the "Cask and Anvil" pub! - Gorval will be setting up a blacksmithing booth to display his finely crafted wares! - Halflan will be providing fine mechanical masterworks with an engineering booth! - Metalbanger will be showing us all the merits of the Gnomish side of engineering! - Lilyanabell of Elegant Paws Pet Sale will be providing a literal menagerie of companions to take home! Entertainers: - Bigeasy will be wandering the festival, providing festive music! Hosts:Bathildis10 5d
5d (H-RP) The Coalition Seeks New Personnel! ( For optional ambience of this encounter, please take a listen to this link: https://youtu.be/gfLo-1Sjkr8 I hope you will enjoy it, and this post! :] Note: Jonas Lefvert has no affiliation with Northeastern Coalition.) On a misty evening, which was quite oft the usual in Tirisfal, a knock rings loudly upon the solid oaken door of Vreth's office. Faint music can be heard just beyond the wooden portal, soon a muffled voice answers just loud enough to be heard, "Please, come in!" The voice seems to echo slightly with each word. "Hail to you, so very pleased you could make it. I know that at times it can be difficult to work such things into one's schedule and thank you for what sparse few moments you can give me. I am called 'Vreth', you may know me by this name, or maybe by another... it's not important really. Though what matters is that I have returned and with me, the Coalition!" Vreth motions to the comfortable yet worn looking chair before his desk. "Have a seat, friend. Rest your weary bones, hum... now where was I?" Raising a claw to the plate of faintly glowing metal that masked his face, Vreth pondered for but a moment before continuing. Off to his side, another Forsaken sat strumming guitar. The melodies he strummed were mournful, yet oddly soothing, but what wasn't comforting was the intense gaze the rogue seemed to be giving you. Glowing green eyes shifted their attention from you then the door; it was clear this leather cloaked man was a bodyguard. "Ah yes, I imagine that is why you are here isn't it? I'm certain you've heard a number of things about us, and likely as many about me. Allow me to enlighten you as to who we are and what we do." Vreth clatters his spindly fingers excitedly against the desk with this shift in conversation, his bodyguard uttering a bemused grunt at his employer's palatable enthusiasm. "The Northeastern Coalition is an organization that operates in the movement of resources, manpower, information, and other assorted things with the intention to give purpose to those who may lack it." The spellcaster leans back in his chair, steepling his claws. "Yes, giving purpose is a rather wide, far-reaching goal isn't it? You see, an epidemic of listlessness and loss of direction has fallen upon our peoples as conflict throughout this world and many others becomes resolved." A wistful sigh from the bodyguard. "What do you do when you find yourself newly risen as a Forsaken? When your business dismisses you or after you take an injury that sees your past profession absolutely impossible?" The burly Rogue feigns a mournful gasp at these misfortunate scenarios, a hollow chuckle escaping his blood-red mask soon after. Perhaps you ponder these scenarios yourself now, they are all equally lamentable as well as difficult to recover from all on one's own! Perhaps your musings show on your features, for Vreth's eagle eyes soon pick up on this. "Oh, lovely, these words hit home; I see you understand what I am talking about hm? Yes, yes, yes it is a dreadful thing, being cast aside... abandoned. It is foolish though, for all can come to a purpose of their own!" Once again, Vreth seems to almost read your mind, a smile audible in his tone. "Ah! Now you start to follow me, yes? This is where the Coalition steps in, for we take those who are lost in a world that is ever in strife and give them the means to pursue their own goals, to find their aspirations! All we ask in return is that you offer similar in exchange. The stipulation is this: You are provided with means, comrades, and organization to achieve your desires, and in turn you offer yourself as a resource for others to obtain their own goals..." As the Necromancer trails off, his bodyguard finishes playing his melody and sets the instrument aside, a lone hand nursing the pommel of one of his blades... now flitting his vigilant gaze upon you and your reply. Vreth purrs with rare amusement, clicking his claw against his mask. "So tell me, friend... are you ready to make a deal?" The Rogue rises to his feet, unfurling a roll of parchment atop the desk, along with an enchanted quill. The document before you seems to be a contract, written in a foul glowing ink the likes you've never seen before. Dare you sign? ------ Greetings, friends! Northeastern Coalition is a Forsaken centered guild recruiting role players of all classes for its ranks! We are a friendly, active guild with frequent RP events or in game social gatherings in order to promote a healthy and fun environment for our members and friends in other guilds who wish to join us. We are a Forsaken aligned organization, but operate independently of the Forsaken military hierarchy.Vreth20 5d
5d Arrr! Happy talk like a Pirate day maties! (How you doin' Wyrmrest?)Sylfdra22 5d
5d Broken Isles RP - Your destination? Hey there WrA, A lot of my guildies and myself are scattered in Broken Isles, enjoying each place. But a discussion came up between us about where we love to RP the most. Personally: I can't choose just one, I'm torn between all of them due to the wonderful structure and the story everywhere! It's rather hard... But everyone has a different standpoint. Some say Azsuna for magic dwellers, and demons. Highmountain for tribal and explorers stuff. Stormheim for the culture. Etc, etc. I am here to ask: where is your favorite place to RP? If you're not sure, then how about this: where did you go when you first got to Legion and why were you drawn there? If you agree with someone and their reasoning; give 'em a thumbs up! I want to hear you WrA! :DLunaxia28 5d
5d WTS: Reins of Poseidus Hey folks looking to sell my sea horse! Current Highest Offer - 470k Looking Price - 1MKained25 5d
5d Did you know- - that even with safety harnesses on saddles people die all the time falling off gryphons? I thought that was interesting.Furshot19 5d
5d Appropriate names & puns Quick question: Jubearlee is a silly name I realize but is it so silly as to ruin RP? I'm not looking to dive right into a heavy RP guild but just having this handle around isn't going to be overly obnoxious right? Was thinking of doing idle RP with people I meet along my travels, wondering if my name alone would signal that I'm some yahoo and not worth spending time on. In other discussion: what are some other "borderline acceptable names" you've come across?Jubearlee30 5d
5d <The Eternal Hunt> Greetings! [H] <The Eternal Hunt> is recruiting! We are a small, friendly guild formed by a group of friends looking to explore content at a casual pace. Want to raid? We're searching for committed individuals for our core raid team, which is lead by experienced raiders, that are interested in casual progression. We're here to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment so that you can get your fill of raiding content, and hopefully make some friends along the way. We are willing to help new recruits with gearing up for raids as long as you put in equal effort in the process. All we ask is please come prepared for raid days! Raid Times: Fri-Sat: 6-9pm server (Pacific Standard Time). Roles Needed: Heals/DPS Interested in: Priest and Paladin heals. Death knight, Warrior, Shadow Priest, and Shaman DPS. Quick Info: Our most active times for the guild are afternoon/evenings, especially on weekends. We plan on starting out in normal, and then progressing to heroic if things go well! We will be using Discord for voice, no mic required, but you must be able to join and listen. Weekend only players welcome! If you're interested in helping this lovely little guild grow, or just want some more information, please message me in game or send me a battle tag request! <3 Battle tag info: MookieBeans#1208.Mookîe0 5d
5d IZIT WURKIN?! IS IT!?Borgro14 5d
6d The Steel Pub - Youtube Video (September 18th 2016) Hello there just thought I would share a video I had recorded of a special place known as the Steel Pub. Located within the Halls of Anvilmar located within Coldridge Valley. The Pub is open every Sunday Night from 6 to around 9 server. Though it may extend it's hours some nights. The events I had witnessed were tame this night, but that is not always the case as it can get quite busy but all in good fun. The clip is just over 30min long but that by no means was the end of the night. If you happen to see yourself in the video give a shoutout both here and on the video itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVYjTcZG2Xo&list=PLa7YmCdZ0gHhNWRPywX5jFSIBeWNO8o_k&index=8 I may do more of these and they may extend the time depending on the activity within the Pub on any given Night. So who knows. If you stop by you may see yourself in the next one.Nimuedoseki2 6d
6d Fight Night Hey, hey, folks! V from <Alchemical Wonderporium> here. We're hosting a bi-weekly sparring and fight night just outside the rear gates from Ogrimmar in Azshara! Join us at 5pm server time on Sept 20th this month! Our little sparring fights use a /roll 50 system. Both sparring partners roll 50 to see who goes first. First person emotes, then the partners do competing roll 50s , then the defender emotes defending or getting hit, and then they emote attacking in turn, competing roll 50s, until one player gets 3 points and victor! Settle grudges! Start new ones! Be indiscriminately violent! Be more ridiculous than Krixxek! It's goblins going into a ring and fighting, what more could you want. Every first and third Tuesday! Whisper Blastowitz to join the fighting raid or just come watch! Just west of the rear gate in Azshara. ~ V Venzix, Venture CapitalistVeendel10 6d
6d [H-RP] <Reclamation of the Sun> A single sheet of crisp vellum could be found pinned to the places of congregation throughout Silvermoon, Quel'Thalas, and the jealously kept isle of Quel'Danas. The piece could be seen tacked up in conspicuous display in the far flung outposts and bastions of Outland, Northrend, Draenor, or the meanest watch fortification bearing the rampant phoenix on the Icon of Blood. Across its smooth surface was written—in a flowing script placed with almost machined precision—a simple message to any curious enough to read: Bal'a dash, malanore, brothers and sisters. You've not heard of us, yet you know of us. We are your kindred. We are those elven faces you stride by under the swaying silks and lofty gilded towers as you walk the streets of Silvermoon. We are those that stand tall at the gates, or work tirelessly at stalls full of wares. We are the warriors, the arcanists, the clever tinkers and stubborn architects. We are the strangers that are acknowledged only in passing, and the cherished loved ones sharing the fires of homes only recently reclaimed. We are you. We are Sin'dorei. Ours was once the bright fount of civilization and learning in the North, long before the rise of factions, of Alliance or Horde or the fracturing that followed. Once, the line of Sunstrider established a powerful nation in its own right, and we were the guardians of that heritage. Sadly, the line was sundered, and sullied by petulance and ambition. Our ever-Autumn lands tasted death and decay. Our very honor was questioned by humans too corrupt to see past the boundaries of their own race. And so, we floundered in the dark, and grasped at any lifeline, any branch, no matter how thorn-covered it proved to be. Time has passed. We were shattered, but as with our blades we were reforged anew, and stronger for having endured the forge-fire. We atoned. But where are we now, after so many campaigns, after so many times our prowess was called upon to serve the Horde? The Well is reignited, but the sun over our forests still seems dim; a mark of the majesty we've yet to reclaim. The chain that binds this Horde is only as strong as its weakest link, and make no mistake, ours is yet tarnished and pitted. We have much to do, and it is high time we honor the wishes of Regent Lord Lor'themar in seeing our tasks completed. Stand with us in reforging our nation. Stand with us, and rise from these old ashes that none save for us can sweep away. Kindle the fire in your heart for the conquering Sun. Rise as the phoenix, and help us bring our people back into their full might and eminence. We are you, Sin'dorei. Selama ashal'anore. --- IC Mission Statement: After the countless battles and wars the Sin'dorei have participated in since joining the Horde, our numbers and resources are dwindling. Reclamation of the Sun was founded by Jyrunai and Medelitha Sol'aria with the aim of rebuilding the Sin'dorei society, and through that, further aiding the Horde. OOC Mission Statement: Reclamation of the Sun is a lore-driven heavy RP guild. We aim to balance character driven stories with both single and group PvP in Ashran, Battlegrounds, and world environments. We are just now branching out in to PvE as well. Both aspects are CASUAL for the guild. First and foremost, however, is our drive for good, lore-based RP both within our guild, and also within the community of the server. --- <RotS> is looking for more members of all classes, and while we are a Sin'dorei-focused guild, all races are welcomed. Please note that we are a GOOD based guild, so if you play a total Palpatine, that's cool, but it won't fit well with us. Potential members are required to both apply at our site and have an IC interview. Guild rules, ranks, etc can be found on our forums at: http://reclamationofthesun.shivtr.com/forums Please feel free to contact Medelitha, Jyrunai, Andalthir or Elitharan in game with any questions! Edit 5/21/16: Closed recruitment Edit 6/13/16: Reopened recruitment Edit: 6/26/16: Promoted Elitharan to Officer: PvE LeadMedelitha160 6d
6d [H-RP] <World Keepers> - Druid/Shaman Guild ... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/wyrmrest-accord/World_Keepers/ Guild Site: http://worldkeepers.enjin.com/ ... The World Keepers are the collaboration of the Cenarion Circle and the Earthen Ring formed when Deathwing shattered the world. For years the two organizations have worked together to extinguish threats, harmonize with the elements, and secure Azeroth's natural state and beyond; their dauntless efforts across Azeroth and Outland (Draenor) have often times led them to work on their own, but with the ever-present threat of the elements' wrath and nature's growing fury, their efforts within select forces soon joined to form a massive mantle of security: The World Keepers. Our guild was founded to engage Shaman and Druid to work together in themed Roleplay aimed to mend & defend Azeroth and beyond with natural, spiritual and elemental methods. Headquarters: Valley of Wisdom, Orgrimmar RP Genres: Nature, elements, shamanism, druidism, adventure, spiritual, world events, social ... World Keepers' recruitment is always open! We are a guild founded OOC during Mists of Pandaria that has pursued active 'adventure' style roleplay focusing on shaman and druidic themes. We are an inclusive community, extending the roleplay that we lead beyond just guild members. We have over a year of experience leading group adventures and are excited to share our passion with others! The guild’s primary focus is Roleplay, but doesn’t shun PvE or other guild activity should members wish to organize OOCly in those regards as well. Interested in joining us? Please contact one of the Prime Keepers: Tarrhoof or Nazzrix via: In-game mail In-game whisper Private Message on our Enjin siteTarrhoof25 6d
6d WTB Medallion of the Legion Buying at least 20, paying 3k each. Feel free to C.O.D them (Even singles) to me or check if I'm online. Cheers. Edit: Got all I needed, thanks for the deals guys.Corwyn0 6d
6d What should I expect on WrA? Lately, for whatever reason, Wyrmrest has been on my mind. I've been RP'ing since 2008, exclusively on Moon Guard, and I've admittedly never tasted the WrA side of things. Lately, I find myself kind of itching to see what RP is like on the "other side." What should I expect to find, when I jump ship? What's big, what's small, what's "in" and "out" in RP, what's the time/schedule like... I may just transfer a character and dip my toes in.Tellurien41 6d
6d LF Guild Hello there! I'm currently looking for a social, friendly and active guild to join. I'm tired of the random invites I get without people ever whispering me and telling me about their guild so I thought I'd take to the forums! Tell me about your guild! Or Pst Yanyi in game! If you have a website I'd love to take a look! Thanks for reading! (Guild under character is not accurate)Yanyi3 6d
6d [A] Duo LF raid team or guild A simple as the title puts it. Warrior and a paladin, all specs, raid ready. Both experienced. Paladin is Seidita Warrior is me, duh. Not looking for a completely hardcore experience, but would prefer a group that intends to progress into mythic.Khajiitsauce0 6d
6d What We Want as 6th Skins? IIRC there was hint at more progression to be added to artifacts as we continue in Legion. One could assume even more skins to be added. So for sake of discussion what would you guys want to see added to your artifact? For me as a Warrior? Give the Scale an Elf themed skin. Taking hints at both Night Elf and Blood Elf style gear. (Think Spellbreaker meets Warden, meets Sentinel). For the Shield a more narrow tower with the scales still visable decorated with 2 eagles/phoenixs/ravens/hawks ect. and a fine glaive/double bladed sword for the weapon(hey we get a flail why not a glaive as well?) Colors the first 2 for sure in Red/Gold and the othet in Purple/Gold but also one reflecting on Odyn's Ravens. (I need to find an artist to put this to concept art!)Faradei45 6d
6d Help me pick professions for Legion pls. Something fun with some income potential. Kam's a miner/engineer, this is for my DH though.Kamazhi11 6d
6d How to murder Dro This guy is STILL the worst-designed thing in the history of game design, but with the right method, you too can walk through the Elemental Plane of Developer Excrement and live to tell the tale. 1. Start with 20 dudes. Any fewer is suicide. If you can't afford 20 dudes because you can't hold all that mana, start with as many as you can given your AM cap. If you can't afford 20 dudes because you can't be bothered to farm...get off your lazy butt and farm. It's really, really easy. 2. Have 25+ dudes when you encounter him. This is up to luck, and also up to not letting them die. You can still kill him with as few as one dude (he will not attack your dude if you only have one), but that's not a victory, that's prolonging your failure. If you have too few dudes, he will murder all but one. 3. Pop EVERY COOLDOWN. Got a bloodlust? Use it too. EDIT: 3.5. Use rampage too. Make your dudes go hog-wild; their lives depend on it. 4. Dro is equally capable of murdering YOU. He hits for about 170k on me, but that's not the dangerous part. The dangerous part is when he uses his 300% haste buff. Use this WeakAura. When you see the big, impossible to miss, spinny thing, RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. /wa -> New -> Import -> Copy/paste the following dquCgaqjiPAuOsNIaRsQ0ROcMLO6wKe7skyycQJrLwgv0ZKsMgKQUgrLTru13qfmoPqNdskDpcQ6GuHAHsrEibvMOuuxKkKnsq5Jqs0jHKuRuk1mHuQBcPKDkWprfAOqsXsjj9ujtLqxvq0xHu0yLQCwiXEv(RG0GromulwQQhdXKfLlRQnts9zu1OjiNMQwnKK8AifMnPUnrz3I8BHgojwUkphLPt56ez7qQ8DijmEbHZlvSEur7h8CN4k)cKRvJY1s(vSvoBWzdUnG(vYwLTkBIRqI64nXfG(jm5BSL8CGdn2QvRgrTYZHWCyQvro0pBvhoQwn7Tf0kC4vyeZJUx8888)HwXSFbQ4gEfo5LHnFmnXvYW(0exHe1Xt1f4Ukt6WMpMwTcjQJxtlWDfsuhpu5cCxXqW6pelWDLe7d1oCIPX2V(RqI6454f4UsI9HIe1XB9xXqW6xSJYVsnwkeQ1ELvmeS(fMuczfqabeq3Bsxci1sjeZhtCvUi)9mwoqmdFwVCGyg(muYbIHG1FVCGyiy9JIaOnqabeqabKoIG1aHt86hiHhiLlYFpJbuxGCcuxGKHnHAqXdTbciGaciGU3KUeqmdFwpGCaiUkxK)EgdOUaXLHG1FpGubiMHpRNab5ajdBc1asKXfN41VaG6cedbRFuG2abeqa9PmOnqaTIHG1FNf4UYoCIPX2lmPeYkGaciGU3KUeqQLsiMpM4QCr(7zSCGyg(SE5aXm8zOKdu2RnCVCGYETHrra0giGaciGa6Et6saXm8z9aYbG4QCr(7zmG6cu2RnCpb5aXm8zOaKdaXv5I83Zya1fOSxByueaTbciGa6tzqBGaALY9S3wPw7vwH1kcHxq4v2Htmn2EXok)kMDypVqM4Htmn2(vDwq4virD8e7O8Ry2H98czcxuhVvHybYl3kj2hkdbR)1FfsuhpHjLqwbeqab09M0LasTucX8XexLlYFpJLd05MdeVBoq9DZbc7Md05mhiEN5a13zoqyNcG2abeqabeq3BsxcOZfihaIRYf5VNXaQlqCpNaPcqNRab5aX7cKdaXv5I83Zya1fiU8obsfG4DfiihO(Ua5aqCvUi)9mgqDbIBFNaPcq9DfiihiSlqoaexLlYFpJbuxG4IDcKkaHDfiaAdeqab0NYG2ab0QlAy7xq4vwhLFLY9S3MnBLDEE()M4kPK3wz4J)TvsSpuMYJ4v7rcvk5T1Fvcl7ztCbURAgZjNAFIhOM04SNnB2kHEpVq2cCgo8kDeNnXvgw)jBIRKjPn)eNnBvMxTApIK26mXvYK0MFIZMT6I6FIRKjPn)eNnBLc6umS(t2exjtsB(joB2QdJ8tCLmjT5N4SzRuJrmFmnXvYK0MFIZMTI558N4kzsAZpXvmKpHpFCnnB2SvQJjR8C(lOL8RY8mfnUtzye0GTc1vas1qgaKJrthJcqCuvGAwvoceAIQrB0gi0kKQ2SJufiu4yibc1vwDpVpMe7O8R8iX0kFYBHIeLPOF7ZwG7kF2QMXCYP2N4bQjno7zRqf(mtOfix4WRssYeppp)FSf4UkZZqvsjeZJUFfwRxXmmcAWqnrFYwjCokq0rQoBfEIRAgZjNAFIhOM04SNTa5A1OCTKF2k0Tax070D2ga EDIT: Dro seems to be a subject of mixed response. Some claim he is easy, some claim he is hard. Guess what: All of you are right. Some classes laugh at him. Some classes get rekt by him. Fire mage is among the latter. "git gud" is not a valid response from anyone who has no need to "git gud" in order to beat him. A tank can beat him without issue so long as you have enough dudes, because you don't need to worry about taking massive damage. Cloth-wearers do not have that luxury, and must run away if his haste buff is up. Don't get me wrong, I have options, it's just they're different from what I normally do, whereas tanks can do what they always do and be totally fine.Manabender49 6d
6d Just Another Hidden Gem in the Underbelly... So I was wandering through the bundle of shacks and lean-to's down in the Dalaran Sewers when I happened upon this booming small business: ... A quaint little coffee shop right below the city streets! Look at that, they have their own cute little sign, big bags of fresh coffee beans, stacks of mugs ready to go, and- Wait... What... What are those rats doing? ... ... Oh... Oh god... Sweet merciful Light... And what is that trough of water labelled as in-game? Dalaran Sewer Roast. Eww. ...Taldin24 6d
6d Dalaran FP Hilarity Already posted on the General Forums. Not going to post on the Bug Forums because I don't think that it should be fixed what-so-ever; some bugs are just worth it. But I figured I could share the amusement with our fellow server folks, so here you go. Video: https://youtu.be/dPjWWVGoPfQ Original Topic: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749088677Geranguas0 6d
6d Where is the Silver Covenant? I am guilty of only really playing Axiann, so I've only seen Mage Class Campaign stuff. The Sunreavers have been allowed back to Dalaran, but their former part of town is taken over with Forsaken. Likewise, the Silver Convenant's former spot is now Worgen occupied. So where is Vereesa Windrunner? Where are the Silver Covenant? Has this been expressed in-game? Could Khadgar, having re-invited the Horde, "kindly" asked the ones who hunted down and murdered Horde citizens to leave the city to help make the Horde feel more comfortable? Anyone?Axiann19 6d
6d [A-EVENT] Twice-Monthly Colloquium Series Stormwind University is proud to announce its Colloquium Series in 2016! WHEN: First and Third Wednesday of each month at the 6th bell of the evening ((6pm pacific)). WHERE: Pommie's garrison. WHAT: Stormwind University professors and guest speakers from the Alliance will present fascinating talks on academic subjects of importance to us all—delivered in a friendly and non-academic tone that everyone can understand and enjoy. Topics may include and are not limited to: History Religion Biology Alchemistry Martial arts and sparring Lore First aid Defense against dark arts Herbalism The art of relic recovery Mechanized automatons and other engineering topics Performing arts Psychology in the modern world Alliance law and jurisprudence And many more! LOOKING FOR SPEAKERS: Are you an expert in your field—and can explain it in simple terms to a knowledge-thirsty audience? SIGN UP! We have spots open throughout the year. Talks should be around 20 minutes (expect about 10 minutes for questions) for 30 minutes total. To propose a talk: Send a note ((in-game)) to Pommie ((Send an email to shoo+pommie@BlackLotus.info)) ((Send a direct message on Twitter to @pommie_tappet)) ((Send an ask on Tumblr to pommie-tappet)) NEXT TALK: August 17th, 6pm ((pacific)) TOPIC: Why You Should Never Give Up Hope BY: ValariePommie51 6d
6d Another Ashbringer Thread. Hello, it's me again, one of the few that challenged the Ashbringer Dawnblood for his title, some would say the most vocal, some would say... "Who are you again?" But today isn't about my past, today I have a question that's somewhat related. I had an idea where Borgro forges his own blade, similar to the Highblade itself in tribute, not as powerful, and with a purified fire elemental core instead of a Naaru's heart, with this blade being forged only after many trials and tribulation... And while I'm posting this fast because my internet i acting up ATM, is this a good idea? Or am I getting greedy? Is this a storyline better left to my imagination? I would very much like to hear your advice before I attempt this...Borgro6 6d
Sep 18 An illusion! What are you hiding?Kazimir30 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A-RP] <Echo of the Ancients> Intro: During the War of the Ancients, the world came together to fight off the horrors of the Burning Legion- the dragons, the kaldorei, and the Wild Gods alike. Countless fell to their endless army, but in the end, the forces of Azeroth were victorious. During the War of the Shifting Sands, the kaldorei, then immortal, worked with the dragons to fight off the Qiraji. As in the past, the losses were many, but Kalimdor had been saved. And when Deathwing awoke and brought forth the Cataclysm, the many races of Azeroth stood united- the dragons, kaldorei, and Wild Gods, as in the War of the Ancients, but also the humans, the orcs, the draenei, and so many more. Countless races stood together and Azeroth was once again spared from disaster, at great cost. Perhaps the greatest way to honor these sacrifices is by continuing the work these heroes began. Only together, only united, can we stand against the Legion and the Old Gods, and secure the future of our world and its people. Against the threats we face today, a world divided stands no chance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In-Character Info: In-character, the Echo of the Ancients was created as a joint venture between a few druids and a handful of people from various walks of life, as well as a small group of young dragons primarily from the Red, Green, and Blue Dragonflights (although the dragon part is not publicized). Recognizing that Azeroth has always been stronger united, their goal was to create an organization where people of all races and all paths would work together for the good of Azeroth. In-character, the guild is neutral and in theory accepts members of both Horde and Alliance races, but is Alliance in terms of game mechanics. This idea of unity is what the name "Echo of the Ancients" refers to; an attempt to imitate the level of cooperation seen during the War of the Ancients, with the ultimate goal of protecting Azeroth. It also pays homage to the Wild Gods that fell during the war, and the ferocity with which they protected their world. While both druids and dragons play an important role in the in-character organization's founding, neither group is the focus of guild plots. Druidic themes and individual druid or dragon-centric events may find themselves being incorporated into storylines, but the guild is not druid nor dragon centered. Out of Character Info: At the moment, the guild is set to focus on defending Azeroth against the current Legion invasion. However, we'd like to open the door to focusing on different threats in the future, such as the Old Gods or the naga, depending on how the World of Warcraft story develops. Our goal is to center guild plots on whatever best suits the characters and the guild members, and we'd like to focus on character development and enjoyable storytelling rather than drama and roll events. At the moment, we're just starting out and looking to get our feet off the ground. We're still working on setting up our guild website, and we already have a working Discord server. While we are new, we'd like to do brief in-character interviews to help ease characters into the guild. We ask that prospective members fill out a short application on our site (linked below). Contact Loriette or Venrel in-game if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about the guild. Guild Site: http://echooftheancients.shivtr.com/Venrel2 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] Hunter LF Weeknight Raiding Guild Heya all! As the title says, I'm looking for a Guild that raids on the weeknights, preferably with times ending by midnight EST, 2-3 nights a week. I'm looking to push into Heroic raiding with a possibility of Mythic raiding, or at least pushing into Mythic+ dungeons as a side activity. About me. I raided from Vanilla through WotLK, took a break through Cata and MoP, then raided LFR through WoD. I've been on Wyrmrest for about two years, staying without a Guild the whole time. I prefer to stick to Marksman (L17 artifact) or Beast Mastery as needed, but could learn Survival as needed. I'm iLevel 832 and running Heroics/WQs to keep working on better gear. I'm also a leatherworker, so I can just gear myself up quickly if needed. I'm not a huge PvP player, but will happily run BGs with guildies for fun, and sometimes work on them for Achievements for the heck of it. Straight PvE or PvE-RP both work for me. I'll be gone this weekend (and gone 1-2 weekend a month), but back on Sunday. I can be found online as Zhaevi or Moireena. Thanks!Zhaevi1 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A] Exemplar - Topping off Legion Raid Team Rather than just throwing some kind of guild recruitment ad that you'd expect to see on Trade Chat, I'm going to simply say that [Exemplar] is a group of friends that have known one another for several years, always looking for new people and new friends to meet, hopefully bringing new long-term friends into the mix. Currently we're looking for nearly all roles and simply more people to fill the ranks. We do basically everything in the game, even though we wouldn't describe ourselves as some kind of PvE/PvP/RP guild. We're a guild of friends who play the game and just want to have fun doing it. The days we would raid would be Saturday and Sunday for about 3 hours a night. The hours haven't been decided, but we're definitely hoping to drum up some interest. You can contact myself on Jack or Rhymor#1932 and the guild leader on Gabranth or Rassler#1464 Thank you and happy hunting.Jack67 Sep 18
Sep 18 Paladin Healer LF Premade for Raids / Mythic+ Hi folks! I'm back again, still looking for a group for mythic+ runs and raids but am opening the doors to any premade groups who will be running content in the next week and need to fill a healer slot (temporarily or longterm). I'm currently sitting at 842 ilevel, artifact level 20, enchanted, optimized spec and stats, and will come with full buffs (infusers, flasks, potions, food, etc.). I have about 4 years of raid healing experience (BC through Cata, MoP) and a year of MT experience (mainly Cata and early MoP). I tank when needed but have focused more on developing as a healer in Legion. For any premades, I'm pretty open for hours this week so just contact me and let me know when you plan to raid (nights/times in EST). If you're representing a guild please let me know your website addy or throw me contact info and we can chat in-game. I'm mainly looking for a guild that raids 2 times a week (3 in the early phase of raid launch is OK with me), preferably between the hours of 6-11pm EST. Thanks for reading and good luck with the new content! :DEndei0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Soulare in anyone's garrison? Hey guys, just wanted to try my luck here since I haven't been able to find him in my inn. Do any of you have Soulare in your wod garrison? I'd really appreciate it, add me in game, on this guy :)Raedric6 Sep 18
Sep 18 WTB Mekgineer's Chopper. Offering 20k, money's on the Alliance side but I can buy it in the AH from a Horde seller and I'll pay the 15% commission. Cheers.Corwyn2 Sep 18
Sep 18 Any Blood Elf Guilds? Thinking of moving Hey everyone. As the title says I'm thinking of transferring my Blood Elf paladin from Moon Guard, but wanted to ask around to see if I could find a guild that would be a good fit. Personality-wise, he's pretty Blood Elf centric. He doesn't hate the other races of the Horde, but is more concerned about the well being of Silvermoon than Orgimmar. Despite being a paladin, he isn't strictly religious. I created him back in Burning Crusade and RPed him as one of those that "stole" the Light. Gameplay wise he's been specced Ret since BC and I'm not sure I want to change despite the poor shape of things. I'm mostly looking for RP with a bit of PVE on the side maybe causal raids, but not looking for realm-firsts or anything. Anyway, I look forward to the responses. Thanks!Zeldred10 Sep 18
Sep 18 [A-RP] <The Tipsy Hourglass> There always seemed to be a warm glow pouring from the open windows of the small tavern, as well as the inviting sounds of laughter and chatter coming from inside. You step inside and are immediately greeted by a smiling face and a warm tankard of mead pushed into your hands. From across the room you see a familiar face waving you over and pointing to an open chair around a crowded table. You are filled with a sense of belonging and a feeling of home. Welcome to The Tipsy Hourglass. Greetings and welcome to The Tipsy Hourglass, where our vision is to bring back a good ol’ fashioned adventurers guild into the community. Whether you are a new hero starting out in the world or a seasoned warrior just seeking a warm place to rest their old bones – we open our doors to people from every walk of life at every stage of life! We offer weekly quests and events that will cater to all different time zones, both normal server time and much later into the night, as the guild is co-owned by both an American and Australian! This offers a more round-the-clock environment and place for people who are seeking a guild that is also active in the later hours. The tavern is located in Dalaran inside A Hero’s Welcome inn as we found it offers a safe place for lowbie guild members to safely hang out and enjoy some relaxing roleplay, as well as a less-crowded experience than in Stormwind City. If you happen to be in the area, feel free to come in and enjoy a drink or two! Example of events currently planned for a weekly basis: [Saturday] •Drinking games and bonding! Can your stomach compete with the Wardens’ iron liver? Out-drink and survive for a grand secret prize. Must be able to remain standing to be included amongst the winners – loser must stay behind and help clean the tavern. Are you game? [Thursday] •Weekly Quest The Matron has been speaking with people in need and has a few quests for willing heroes to take on. Rewards will be given upon successful completion. Gather your party and prepare for adventure! We understand that building a community on the server is important and that sometimes people would like a foot in many guilds rather than just one. Fear not! All are welcome in TTH at any time as well as welcome to any planned events. If you are interested in being a part of TTH’s events without having to leave your guild, feel free to contact either of the owners and ask for the name of the chat channel we have created so that everyone may stay in contact. As well as characters we are also hoping to make connections with other guilds that could use an outlet for quests, supplies, and general goods. We’re hoping to branch out and be a useful cog in the roleplay community that offers beneficial partnerships for all parties involved. From large scale event suppliers to a place in small markets to represent ourselves, we are interested in all! We have also decided to add in some PvE and PvP into the mix! We'll be aiming for possible raiding in the future as well as Mythic dungeons and BGs/RBGS! If this sounds like the place for you, please feel free to contact us in-game or mail to: Zae –The Matron Ämelia (alt) (alt-142 for the A) Róuke – The Warden Stewards: Ollivier Graece Elintha Keveros We will be checking the forums as well.  You can also /who the guild and ask any member! Website: Got! http://tipsyhourglass.shivtr.com/ Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you around.Zae118 Sep 18
Sep 18 HELLO FROM IRONFORGE! To our dearest friends, the Blood Elves, We would like to thank the fine folk in Silvermoon City for allowing the Dwarven Delegation to visit your fine cities. The warm reception we received in Silvermoon was heartwarming, and allowing us to share a drink, and use your facilities was wonderful. So, once again, thank you from The Bouldershoulder Brigade, and the rest of the Dwarven Community who joined us. With love and admiration, Tairneach IroncladTairneach11 Sep 18
Sep 18 An odd dilemma (looking for RP guild) So, I am an individual who enjoys maining on horde for RP and the what not. The issue is that I still have Alliance characters who I do tend try and get some love in RP while i take breaks from leveling. The issue is that I can hardly manage to level them because I am the kind of person who likes the presence of a chat and for horde I have always had a gchat I could relax among to solve that. With Alliance I do not have that and the lfg chats and trade chats are just.... eugh. The question is are there possibly any interesting Alliance RP guilds out there who would be willing to accept one of my characters? For the most part they are straight forward and could always do with more RP to help further flesh them out but they roughly come down to a druid who was a member of the Cenarion Circle, a Dwarf who was an Argent Knight and a Human Hunter who is from Hillsbrad and still disgruntled about the whole forsaken thing. Any help or pointing towards the right direction would be awesome.Daleinor0 Sep 18
Sep 18 Respec cost is GONE for Legion Blizzard listened. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743706264?page=4#72 It was going to cost gold every time you changed specs, building up to 70g per switch. Fine for those of us who have been garrison gold farming and have hundreds of thousands of gold, but a pain for those who spend all of their gold on pets and stuff, or new players. Now the only catch is you need to go to a resting place (town, class hall, etc) or scribes can make a Tome that works like a feast to allow people in range to change specs. But you will have access to all of your specs without paying extra gold.Kaiwren9 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H-Undead RP] <Deathmarch> has arrived! "The Burning Legion rises once again... Our leaders perish one by one. The Horde; the Alliance; the Crusade who fight for the very cause of life and peace in the Light's name. For them, hope is a dwindling flame. But for us... For us hope never existed. It was ripped from us by a curse of undeath. A curse that the Legion so haphazardly introduced to our world. So here we stand- ready to thank them. In the Light's absence, the Darkness will take the vanguard! While the Burning Legion marches on Azeroth, Death will march on the Legion! Show them that we have no hope, no pain, no fear- and that they can never have Azeroth!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information <Deathmarch> is a new heavily RP-centered guild recruiting Death Knights, Forsaken, and other undead (this includes Zombie Trolls, Dark Rangers, etc.) to join the fight against the imminent threat of the Burning Legion. We strive for a friendly and relaxed environment and naturally when not RPing we plan to PvE and PvP as it suits us. Deathmarch will be playing out a guild storyline where we, as a combined force of the Forsaken and Ebon Blade, take on the most dangerous threats to the world and make the choices and sacrifices the living cannot or will not. We will also be hosting open world RP events in tandem with other guilds that anyone can attend throughout Legion. Rules on behavior are lenient but action will be taken if you make too much of an !@# out of yourself, whether to fellow guildmates or outside players. Roster sweeps will occur on occasion and anyone who has not logged in for more than 14 days will be kicked- though rejoining is an option. Speaking of joining... While there is a short interview so that we can know you and your character a bit more before bringing you in, we're experimenting with a recruitment "event" that's held every round of new recruits- much like scenario's you see in game, this DM'd RP event centers around a single point in time when Deathmarch began as a fighting force where your character is given a special objective in a dire moment so that right from the start your character has already played a role in the guild's story. As the story continues the event will be updated to a different scenario at a different point in time so that time doesn't get too messed up for our members. (This ones a little tricky, but we're excited to try it out and think it'll work) How to Join Message an officer (Renhorn, Nectarlos) in-game for a quick and painless OOC interview! Make it in and you'll be scheduled for the aforementioned DM'd RP event to make your character's IC entrance into the guild epic; After all, we don't have time to take your character's resume and put them on standby for the real fight- we need you out in the field now. The officer position is always open for capable and willing applicants- especially for the Forsaken side of the roleplay at the moment. (Note that a lot of RP events will take place in new content and Northrend. So being appropriately leveled is very convenient)Renhorn27 Sep 18
Sep 18 Lightning Lancers PVP tournament Come, join us for the annual monthly tournament! Duel others, for gold, for glory! All are welcome to watch and fight. (Healers are not allowed to fight) Reward for 1st 2500g 2nd 1000g Raffle winners get 1500g Whisper Exkillu for an inv, tournament starts at 7:10 pm TodayExkillu0 Sep 18
Sep 18 "Kal'dorei" http://i.imgur.com/nyQLp8B.jpg Blizzard, please.Vyrael58 Sep 18
Sep 18 An Antagonistic Advertisement ((Edit: I am not a part of Symphony of Sylvanas. I was, but the forum is not registering that I'm not anymore.)) Hi there! Are you looking for a sinister, cunning, and truly evil antagonist for your guild? How about a foe for your group's members/characters to grow to hate more and more as time goes on, playing their personalities against each other and sending waves of differing challenges at them? Do you need an experienced storyteller that loves what he does, is flexible to any given guild premise, and will work to the best of his ability to make every one of your members feel important to the tale he is telling? If you said yes to any of these, Zaru'san Felmaw and I just might be what you need! I will not be revealing any of Zaru's backstory here, for the sake of keeping it behind the curtain until it becomes relevant. However, if you're interested in recruiting him/me as a potential antagonist for yourself, your group, or your guild, don't hesitate to contact me on this forum post, in-game via whisper, or through mail. Thanks for reading!Felmaw1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Server Old Guard Check-In Looks like I'm back for another round though with each new expansion WA naturally feels more and more alien to me. My memory stretches back to day one and I remember the early days very well. The old crew left a mark on this server that I imagine is akin to cave drawings at this point but... who's left? Consider this an old guard check-in. If you remember Mean Girls snatching the server first or the Helion days on Ally side... or my beloved Stormrise Warband before it's implosion. Of Last Legion and the hammering down of Arturias. Of Quintus and Shadowmorne? Stormrise Warband parachute assaults into Wintergrasp (and the controversy that followed) or the whole bottom feeding Grimrage Horde gaggle that claimed superiority of an alliance that barely fought back later on? Champions of Graveyard Camping, those guys. Wrath of the Lich King was an interesting time on this server, alot of good memories.Avenzi68 Sep 18
Sep 17 [A] Silverwing Sentinels: Ana'duna thera! Website: http://silverwingsentinels.shivtr.com/ GM: Shaureyne Officers: Sarynth --- The night was calm. It was not unlike any other evening within the lush purple forests of Ashenvale. A gentle wind blew through the bushes and trees, the faerie sprites' song carrying through the air. Within the Silverwing Grove, elite Sentinels eagerly consumed their meals of kimchi and moonberry juice. Shaureyne Razorleaf sat quietly in her own corner of the bunkhouse, glancing over a document as she sipped on a tea of her own creation. Things were quiet. Serene. More peaceful, some would say, than it had been in years. The quiet rumbling that began to echo throughout the small forest clearing begged to differ. The ugly sound of orcish battle cries nearing the base went unmistaken by the newly promoted Captain, as well as her subordinates. Some cracked their knuckles. Others stomped their feet. Pushing her tea to the side, Shaureyne stood and pressed a righteous fist to her heart. "Sentinels!" she shouted loudly. "Prepare to fight!" One by one, the Sentinels swiftly lined up on the edge of the Grove. The bright light of the moon graced their gleaming glaives and waxed bows. Their deep violet uniforms were primed to perfection. Not a single quiver was left unstocked, and each hidden dagger was sharpened to a deadly point. Together they stood, straight and proud, readied for battle against their enemies. Captain Razorleaf stood tall before her unit, brows furrowed, weapons in hand. "Sisters... Sentinels," she started. She turned around to face the entrance of the sanctuary. She stared, fearless, at the stampede of orcs that would be at their door in mere seconds. "Will we let these ugly beasts take our home tonight?" "No!" the group yelled. "I thought not." Shaureyne raised her right hand. Each archer nocked a blessed arrow, aiming towards the angry green skins that raced to close the distance between them. The Captain smiled, a fierce expression across her face as she and the rest of her soldiers shifted into combat position. A single dagger was shoved forward into the air. "Ana'duna thera! For Ashenvale!" --- Led by Sentinel Captain Shaureyne Razorleaf, the Silverwing Sentinels roleplay as an elite Silverwing military unit representing regional Ashenvale, as well as secondary defenders of Kaldorei zones across Kalimdor. Our events and plotlines vary between local defense, offense, social gatherings, training, patrols, and more. Our goal is to provide a friendly, fun, and high-quality roleplaying environment with traditional Kaldorei RP for like-minded people. We intend to further spread random roleplay throughout northern Kalimdor, to form healthy relations with other similar guilds, and provide frequent roleplay events. To us, the guild is a family, and our goal is a passion. On the side, we tend to dabble in PvP, PvE, and other aspects of the game. However, our main objective is to promote lore-accurate roleplay and, on a deeper level, give a name and face to those generically-named guard NPCs that so willingly hurl themselves at the Horde who step where they shouldn't. Not just to show others what Sentinels are like, but to really show them why they are what they are, and why they do what they do. If you have any questions, comments or concerns that aren't already answered here or on our site, feel free to contact Shaureyne or Sarynth in-game. --- How do I join? Potential recruits are required to fill out an application, located on our guild website. You can find all of our info on who we are, what we do, and what kinds of people we're looking for at http://silverwingsentinels.shivtr.com/ on our Information page. Any potential recruits are always welcome to whisper officers before, during, and after the application process if there are questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions on how we can do better for you. Other races? Night Elves ONLY! No other races are permitted IC. Death Knights, Mages, and Demon Hunters? Also no. What about male Sentinels? As we are a traditional Sentinel guild, males looking to apply to Silverwing have and always will undergo extreme scrutiny. While we will not deny them outright, we will ensure that any and all applicants are able to fit our requirements before considering them for our ranks. (Male druids are, obviously, exempt from these rigorous standards) Thanks for taking a look, and remember, kids: p dolls go yen gizmo tubing do boxcarShaureyne362 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H-RP] The Thundermoon Tribe When the land was split asunder, so many cried out in terror and agony. The people, the land, the very spirits that inhabited all living things - they wept in confusion and desperation, having lost so much with nary a hand to save them from their fall. When the drums of war and revolution thundered through the lands, countless more fell victim to the merciless destruction and senseless violence. The Shu'halo especially felt the brunt of loss. Taurajo, Freewind, Cliffwalker, Aparaje ... so many villages, so many tribes lost or scattered. No longer. There must be a symbol of hope and sanctuary, even as the drums of war cause the ground to quake. Forged from the shattered past of a once thought extinct tribe, the Thundermoon tribe will meet those who would dare threaten the children of the Earth Mother and turn them back. From Mu'sha's gaze, there is light in darkness. From An'she's radiance, there is comfort in the lonely Hunt. From the Thundermoon, there will be peace for our people. ----------------- Basic Info Horde Guild - RP/PvX (Is that a thing? We do whatever.) Guild Site: thundermoon.enjin.com Leader: Ebon Thundermoon You may request to join through either in-game mail or signing up on our website. Who Are We? <Thundermoon Tribe> is a Horde RP guild - specifically, a Tauren tribal guild. While new to Wyrmrest Accord, we have a long history dating back several years on our former server, Feathermoon. Having gone into remission shortly after the end of Cataclysm, we have come seeking a new home among the verdant lands of the Accord. We have a small core of friendly players with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge - anywhere from staunch lore buffs to high-end PvE progression to even "Hordecore" PvP! Our goal is simple - to enjoy what we love. What we love is the Tauren culture and mythos. The Thundermoon Tribe is one of new beginnings, where anyone in the tribe may influence the course of its future, so long as their passions and tenants are strong enough. Will we be a progressive raiding force? A PvP juggernaut? A center of lore and history? Perhaps all of the above? We will see. FAQs Are only Tauren allowed in? Actually, no! We accept all races and levels, so long as their character is in line with the guild's major tenant - aiding and protecting the Tauren people, lands and culture. You have an interesting idea for a quirky merchant looking to establish a trade route with a fledgling Tauren village? Perhaps you're a wandering mercenary looking to aide the Thundermoon in their endeavors? Or maybe you're just wanting to hang out with the biggest and debatably most cuddly (Pandaren be muscling in on this territory) race in Azeroth? Do you plan on raiding? We plan on it, yes. We have voice chat set up and quite a few seasoned raiders in our group - we might not be on league to do progression style raiding, but we undoubtedly will have a strong raiding core going forward. Can my guild form a pact/alliance with yours? I don't see why not, unless you're part of the Evil League of Evil style of guild (or Alliance based). Always fun to interact outside the walls of an insular guild setting, you know! What kind of RP can I expect to find with the tribe? We are a Tauren community, seeking to protect and flourish all that is Tauren related. You will find a good amount of social interaction among guild members, though given that we call from all flavors of player, you can find anything from PvP warparties to friendly, casual chatting. We do encourage all of our members to take an active role in building the guild - events run a rather large gambit. Feel free to add your own, should you be so inclined!Thundermoon93 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H/A-RP] Pandaren Rp... Im really wanting to get into some Pandaren Rp but im not sure if i should roll horde or alliance. Also I hear Pandaren and DH can cross faction talk now??Xamithus4 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H-RP] <Treehoof Tribe> - Recruiting! The tree is the symbol of life. They provide the air we breathe, grow food for the hungry, and provide shelter from the elements. As a Treehoof, you are the trees of Azeroth. A tribe upon druid foundations, we seek to help uphold the balance of nature anywhere it is disrupted, help give lost and wandering druids to bind together for the greater good, and to be a benevolent face upon Azeroth, all while maintaining its shu’halo roots. This world is always under constant threat of those wishing to tear it apart, we will be the ones to help keep it together while trying to bring a future generation for druids to flourish their skill. Who are we? We are a new guild focused on bringing more druid based rp all the while adding more diversity to the shu’halo culture. Although the guild is tauren-centric, it does not mean it is tauren exclusive, any and all is welcomed to join if they wish to seek help the balance of nature. Not only will we provide events to fending off adversaries against the land, but also training session for young fledgling druids and give purpose for elders and seasoned druids to help spread their knowledge. With the coming druid and Emerald Dream/Nightmare lore in Legion, we’ll be sure to create lots of interesting views and storylines regarding the Broken Isles, as well as coming into terms with the Highmountain Tauren to help with their plights. On top of that, we will be cooperating with other tribes such as the Wolfmane, Stormsong, Broken Horn, and Stonewind on MG. Where are we? Our tribe’s village will be hosted in Ghost Walker Village in Desolace near the Cenarion Grove. The grove will also be a great place for rp, and the zone is accessible to many as it as low lvl 35 zone. It’s also not a far flight from Thunder Bluff. We will also try to bring more rp to Moonglade for training sessions and meditations. Otherwise, wander the world, helping the needy. What are our plans? Our plan is to take advantage of the new coming lore in Legion to create fantastic storylines that adheres away from the “rush in, kill bad dudes, win.” style of RP. We will have plenty of combat rps, but also there has to be someone to help repair the land after battles, or diplomatic encounters with those trying to over-resource farm some of the land. While we’re not out in the land, we’ll also be helping other druids further their skill in either one on one or group sessions of all different schools, helping people grow their own personal plot development within the guild, and take on old tauren traditions such as the great hunt, festivities, and rituals. We will also be contributing to the community as a whole to Wyrmrest, participating in server-wide events. What do we need? People! We are a fresh guild so we need people to help kick-start the guild in the right direction. But more importantly, we are seeking Elders and Officers to help direct and provide for future members. Contact me through whispers or mail on either Etutreehoof for more information or interest in joining. How can I join? We will be doing both an IC and OOC interview. A great way to reaching out is to visit the website, http://treehooftribe.shivtr.com/, apply, and we will get in contact as soon as we can. Q&A Q: Can I join if I’m not a druid? A: Yes! Any class is able to join. A tribe will be more versatile if we have different hands to help. Q: What about if I’m not a tauren? A: While our guild will have a focus on tauren culture and rp, it does not necessarily mean we will only be accepting tauren. Keep that in mind if you’re willing to join, but all races are welcomed! Q: Do you have a website? A: Yes, over here at http://treehooftribe.shivtr.com/ (Still under construction) Q: What lvl am I required to join? A: Lvl isn’t a requirement but since our tribe will be located in Desolace it is suggested that you be at least lvl 35 to be able to safely venture. And once we get into the Broken Isles be content lvl appropriate, but we will do our best to bring all levels in. Q: Any requirements? A: We require at least one(1) roleplay addon such as MRP or TRP, and a general knowledge of druid lore (we’ll even take those new to the lore and help inform them icly and oocly), and a drive to be an active member of rp. Q: Will you be Raiding/PvPing? A: As of right now our focus is RP but if our numbers grow considerably in the future we can focus on PvE and PvP content if anyone wishes to contribute. Q: What are the rules? A: Our guild will have a friendly and welcoming environment so please be respectful to your fellow guildmates on all level skills of rp, as well as anyone outside of the guild. Know when to separate IC and OOC, and generally be a good name. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We also have a discord available to guild members!Etutreehoof29 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H-RP Event] Call of the Wild ... Date: Friday, September 16th Time: 7PM Server Location: Southfury Waterfall, Azshara (Coordinates 11,43) Whispers in the forests. Rumblings of the earth. Azeroth speaks in many languages, and it is We who always keep an ear to the wind. Take heed to the Call of the Wild. Missive The Southfury River has become a natural duct for runoff during the Azshara and Barrens invasions. Conduct the assessment of fish and aquatic wildlife and tend to any evidence of fel-taint. Any invasion debris found poisoning the river during the assessments is also a priority. ... Join the <World Keepers> as they lead an RP Scenario abroad in Azeroth. These are our guild's roleplay 'missions' that are open to anyone interested in our themes of druidism, shamanism, nature and adventure. Duration: Roughly an hour Contact: Tarrhoof or Nazzrix for more info in-game or a Calendar invite <World Keepers> Guild thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745105889 <World Keepers> website: http://worldkeepers.enjin.com/Tarrhoof9 Sep 17
Sep 17 [A] New RP/Social Guild: Alara'shinu We live in an imperfect world facing difficult times. It can be easy to get swept up in the current of life, passing through each day so quickly we lose sight of our purpose. We, the Alara'shinu, pledge never to forget our mission to find beauty in the imperfections around us. We are adventurers, artists, warriors, and romantics merging our very different paths into a journey to explore and protect the world around us. Whether you come seeking thrills or leisurely sightseeing with fellow globetrotting naturalists, you're sure to find a place in our ranks. What are we? Alara'shinu is a brand spankin' new guild looking for friendly, eager members. Our goals are centered around RP, but we approach this casually. With member input, we will be hosting RP events centered around questing and exploring world content - which will likely include some immersive, supportive leveling. We will also have scheduled dungeon and battleground times and will be considering raids in the future. Many of our events will be scheduled during daytime or early evening hours, as there seem to be few guilds to support players who are not active at night. Who is welcome? Anyone! We have no restrictions on races, classes, or level. As long as you're Alliance and can be a kind human being OOC, you're golden. Please do keep in mind that our RP events will be centered around Alara'shinu (finding beauty in imperfection) with the world as our playground. If you are looking for militaristic RP or anything specific to a certain race or class, you may want to look elsewhere. If you like to travel, seek adventure, find artifacts, or learn about cultures and creatures of the world, you'll fit right in! Do I have to RP? We do encourage all members to join us in RP, but do not enforce any strict activity requirements. If you're just looking for a casual social guild full of people to chat with as you go about your WoW adventure, that's fine! If you're new but interested in RP, that's okay too. We all have to start somewhere and we will not turn away any interested members for lack of experience. Rules Our rules are simple and listed in more detail on our site. In a nutshell: Be a nice person, no ERP, and HAVE FUN! Contact GM: Alluciana Officers: Kezzandre, Alsippe, Silveah Website: http://alarashinu.shivtr.com Please note: In-game we are "Alarashinu" since guild names do not allow apostrophes. We decided to embrace this imperfection and hope you will too!Alluciana4 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H-RP] The Stoneblade "The Horde doesn't need soldiers. It needs heroes." The Stoneblade (formerly Stoneblade Legion) is an organization that was founded during the Darkspear Rebellion by a group of the Horde's champions in defiance of Garrosh Hellscream's tyranny. They have since become an elite coalition of heroes tasked with upholding the tenets of strength, honor and brotherhood for which the Horde was built upon, maintaining order and protecting the Horde's people and lands. Composed of some of the most renown warriors, spellcasters and adventurers the Horde has to offer, the Stoneblade draws its strength from their diversity. Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, Undercity and more send their greatest champions to serve under the Stoneblade's banner as a single, elite force, utilizing their many strengths and resources together. Where an army would fail, the Stoneblade triumphs. As an independent organization the Stoneblade operates on its own accord, answering only to the Horde's leadership. This freedom allows them to take on their own assignments, deciding for themselves where their services would be best suited. Lead by a council of representatives from each race the Stoneblade exemplifies what it means to be Horde, uniting together, putting prejudice and indifference aside to protect their peoples and way of life. OOC Information: The Stoneblade is a heavy role playing guild that focuses on immersive storylines and character progression. We emphasize our characters and their place in the world, building events not just around the game continuity but how our characters connect to it as well. We strive for a casual, yet engaging atmosphere for new and experienced roleplayers alike and to maintain our community of creative and diverse players. We hold regular RP events to expand our ever growing story as a guild. Events are held throughout the week usually using our own custom RP system famously called Rollcraft. Based on a d20 system that utilizes unique perks and benefits for each class and specialization, you may find more information on our website. Going into Legion we have ambitions to branch out to casual raiding and regular PvP as well, as many of our members already enjoy grouping together to partake in these activities. However our primary focus will always be on high quality Roleplay. We are selective with our recruitment, seeking unique and creative characters that adhere to the lore of the game world and fit in with our guild theme. You may contact us if you wish to seek more information on our recruitment policies or visit our website. We encourage any and all interested to apply and seek us our in game. Website ... Rollcraft ... Guild Contacts ...Neruk40 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H-RP] The Southfury Watch Recruitment The Southfury Watch Red Dust and Honor! The young warriors...No, not just the young, the thick skulled mercenaries, the warriors fattening on the comforts of Orgrimmar, they do not understand the honor. They do not see the glory in mixing the blood and dirt in our own lands. Many have lost the memory that we were without a home for so long. All of us here, the Orcs, the Shu’halo, the Darkspear should remember this. That is why the Watch is out here. That is why we defend these lands. The enemy’s blood, our blood, all of it mixes with the dust, but it is our honor that will remain. - Overlord Valkosk Blacktongue What is the Southfury Watch? The Southfury Watch is a warband of Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Goblins dedicated to defending the Horde lands bordering the Southfury River. The Watch is part of the Horde military as an independent militia. It is responsible for recruiting its own watchers, building its own outposts, and supplying itself in the lands bordering the Southfury River. The Southfury Watch’s prime motivation is defending the lands and it does not attack Alliance held lands unless it is necessary to the defense of the Horde. The Southfury Watch has protected the Barrens and Durotar for near a decade. Originally named the Hammer of Kalimdor, the warband led the defense of the Barrens from their fortress atop a northern mesa. The Hammer defended the Crossroads during the Cataclysm from human encroachment, they aided in the fights to keep the Southern Barrens under Horde control, and as always they defended from the roving marauders that attacked the Crossroads. It was during Warchief Garrosh’s peak that the Hammer of Kalimdor found conflict within itself. The Kor’kron took their mesa fortress from them, and several prominent members were called to action fighting for Garrosh Hellscream’s forces in Ashenvale. A rift formed between Hellscream Loyalists and Vol’jin Revolutionaries. This split in loyalties came to a head during the Siege of Orgrimmar where members of the Hammer loyal to Hellscream were stationed in Azshara to defend a river crossing from Night Elven or Revolutionary forces. The revolutionaries of the Hammer of Kalimdor found themselves trying to cross at that same point. An arrow launched, a charge was issued, slaughter between former brothers and sisters of battle commenced. The Hammer was largely destroyed that day and the leaders of each side ended the fight, and made peace vowing to keep the idea of the Hammer alive no matter the outcome of the Siege. They renamed themselves the Southfury Watch to honor the fallen. [ We have been a guild since 2007 with largely the same format. RP-PvP but the PvP part is not a must for joining members, just highly encouraged. Our roleplay is conversationally developed, that is to say that there is not much structure to storylines. We defend Horde hubs in the Barrens and Durotar ICly, and we treat the Crossroads and Far Watch Post as hubs for our roleplay. There are overarching campaign ideas that push us in a certain direction, but it is largely based on characters’ interaction with each other. Everyone plays a part. We will be pushing for some RP-PvP events in the near future, and SPOILER, Legion will offer some good conflict in the Barrens for the guild. ]Valkosk33 Sep 17