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Sep 17 [A RP/PvE] Looking for Like-Minded People Hello folks, I recently returned to WoW after a lengthy hiatus (from about mid-way through Cataclysm till now) and have been looking to jump into roleplay and dungeoning again. A bit about myself, I spent from Vanilla to Cataclysm on the Steamwheedle Cartel server. I raided and roleplayed there, and got to see a lot of content. My free time has gone down a bit since then (adulting, right?) so I definitely fall into the 'casual' category. For those interested in RP, Craft's mostly an old soldier being pulled back into the fight because of the threat of the Legion. For those interested in dungeoning, my arms gear is slightly ahead of my protection, but I do enjoy both. What I'm looking for are people (or a guild) of easy going folks who are interested in running PvE content as well as roleplaying. I run eastern time, which I know puts me in an awkward timezone for a PST server. I've been lurking in /RP and looking to see if any guilds caught my eye. So now I'm reaching out on the forums. Anyways! Thanks for reading my rambling, and if anyone's interested in dungeons or RP or both, definitely reach out to me. Cheers!Craft0 Sep 17
Sep 17 WTB High Society Top Hat Hello citizens of Wyrmrest Accord. I am looking to buy a High Society Top Hat, so that I may become a truly dapper gentleman.Riddle3 Sep 17
Sep 17 7.1 PTR and Class Changes http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/5969-Patch-7-1-PTR-Build-22578-Patch-7-1-PTR-Build-22578 Outlaw nerfs I saw coming, but Sprint getting pushed to a 2m cd? !@#$ing ouch.Sideswipe41 Sep 17
Sep 17 A Music Thread So I am not a fan of music. Weird start to this thread, huh? I genuinely just don't enjoy a lot of it. I used to listen to all kinds of it, but these days it's just... I don't know. I don't feel anything when I listen to music anymore, and a lot of it I just don't like the sounds; I find them annoying. Everything from rock to orchestral to dubstep to country, I don't find myself liking. I do have a respect for lyrics though and upcoming artists who have unique styles. I can't say I enjoy how they sound, but I can recognize talent when I see it. I want this to be a thread about sharing the little-known artists out there. Upcoming talent and skill that needs to be shown. My choice is a man named Elysian Bailey. I heard one of his songs from another small YouTuber's intro and luckily got the name of it. He has a very unique and interesting style and he just posted this new one that I actually think sounds pretty cool. His videos are really neat to watch too and tell interesting stories about these odd, diamond-shaped objects appearing on Earth. https://youtu.be/j_x2y8dT2eg What's some unpopular or otherwise unknown music you guys listen to?Cannibal20 Sep 17
Sep 17 Having issues enjoying RP Hey, WrA. Recently I joined a new RP/PvE guild on one of my mains and I'm enjoying the people there, and I've also tried out RPing in some non-guild RP groups. However, ever since the end of MoP I've been having difficulty really immersing myself in the RP I participate in as well as my characters themselves. Part of this may have been due to the fact that the group of friends that I had been RPing with with broke apart, though I'm not sure that that's the entire issue. I've been playing a few different characters with concepts that I've been wanting to try for a while, though after a certain point and the novelty of a new character wears off I find myself attending events simply to...attend events. I don't look forward to guild events because I want to roleplay my characters, it feels more like I'm just watching the event unfold and occasionally dropping a paragraph emote or making an IC comment on something every now and then. I don't feel invested about my characters, and I don't really care what happens to them – assuming something did happen to them. I can't remember the last time one of my characters has gotten seriously injured, let alone some sort of emotional character development. I've also found that a pretty key part of getting invested in a character for me is that I actually enjoy playing them and their class. I have a hard time getting into characters that are strictly RP, likely because I wouldn't be playing them that often (outside of RP, of course). I also feel the need to feel invested in or even 'proud' of their class and to an extent, their race. This might be part of why I've hit a roadblock with one of my characters who essentially distrusts most of his kind and is somewhat of an overall broken loser. All in all, I've just been having troubles enjoying my characters and feeling immersed in the RP that I participate in. I don't feel like my characters have any sort of progression anymore and I'm at a loss of what to do to enjoy RP again.Vardarin11 Sep 17
Sep 17 RP Contest: Win a Sandstone Drake! Contest theme: Your character is actually a member of the Sandstone flight. That's right, you're a sandstone drake in disguise! This does not have to be canon to your character you are posting on, but it must be about it. THE POSTING CHARACTER MUST BE LEVEL 110 TO BE ELIGIBLE. Contest ends Friday, Sept. 9, 11:59 PST. Post a link on here, and tag your post's title with [RP Contest].Freyja23 Sep 17
Sep 16 [Dwarf-RP] The Thunderstaff Offense As the skies turn green and Demons rain down upon Azeroth, The Thunderstaff Offense once again takes a stand to protect their kin from the impending doom that is the Burning Legion. However, even though our Dwarves are some of the most skilled individuals when it comes to fighting, we continue to require fellow kinsmen who are willing to give up everything in order to protect Azeroth, and more importantly, Khaz Modan! The Offense’s Ranks: Initiate: Those who have yet to meet a commanding officer. Magna Level 1: This rank belongs to untested recruits. Magna Level 2: Bestowed upon those who have proven themselves in combat on their first mission in the presence of a high-ranking member. Magna Level 3: Bestowed upon those who have proven themselves a second time in the presence of a high-ranking member. Magna Level 4: Bestowed upon those who have proven that they can represent the Thunderstaff Offense unsupervised and work alongside their comrades. Magna Level 5: Bestowed upon those who have proven that they can represent the Thunderstaff Offense when on their own and can handle missions on their own. Magna Level 6: Bestowed upon those who have proved to be valuable assets to the Offense and possess the necessary dedication to our cause. Magna Level 7: Bestowed upon those who have truly found a home within the Offense. They have repeatedly proved themselves on the field of battle and have earned the fear of the Offense's enemies. Magna Level 8: The Champions of the Offense. Those who have withstood the test of time and represent the might of the Offense. Champions are expected to be peerless, battle-hardened combatants who have time and time again, struck down the Offense's enemies. The Generals of the Offense decide when one is ready to become a Champion. Magna Level 9: The Captains of the Offense, those who have proven that they not only have skill in combat, but in leadership. To become a Captain you must not only be a skilled combatant, but must possess the mindset necessary to lead your comrades in battle. (Captains will be expected to be capable of hosting events). Magna Level 10: The Generals of the Thunderstaff Offense. There may only be 3 at one time (excluding the Commander General). The Generals are able to conduct negotiations and are a major influential force within the Offense. To become a General one must be selected by the Thane and the other Generals as one who has displayed exemplary leadership, strategic ability, and a will of steel. The current Generals are: Kalorr Rockwill. The High General: The second in command and the leader of the Generals. In the absence of the Thane, the High General leads in his place. The current High General is Thelgref Stouthammer. The Thane: The Leader of the Thunderstaff Offense. The Thane is our political voice and directs the efforts of the Thunderstaff for the good of Khaz Modan. The Thane wields the Thunderstaff, our greatest symbol. The Thane is Zenfrox Barnabelius. Mercenary Rank 1: Untested Mercenaries. Mercenary Rank 2: Mercenaries who have proven themselves valuable in battle while under the command of an officer. Mercenary Rank 3: Mercenaries who have proven that they can be trusted to complete missions while not under command. Mercenary Rank 4: Mercenaries who have proven time and time again again that they are a valuable asset to the Offense. The Offense’s Divisions: Ironguard: These Dwarves are masters of the Hammer and Axe. Their physical strength is beyond imagining, and their agility when it comes to Melee Combat is astounding. These individuals are not to be approached if you are an enemy. Mountaineer: Only Dwarves with the sharpest of eyes may join this division. Some of the individuals in the Mountaineer division are so skilled, that with a single bullet they can take down an armored vehicle. Spellcaster: Masters of Fire, Frost, Fel and Arcane magic, these individuals have studied their whole lives in order to master the art of spellcasting. With the Thane being among those in this division, these Dwarves are not to be trifled with. Elementalist: These Dwarves are masters of the elements. They have studied the ways of the Shaman for years, in order to learn how to inflict pain by using the world around them. Specialist: Always expect the unexpected from this division. These Dwarves are masters of some of the rarest arts around Azeroth. Whether it be detectives, grenadiers or even intel gatherers, these individuals always have something up their sleeve.Zenfrøx8 Sep 16
Sep 16 Legendary Items Bug http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749088056?page=4#post-70 Context: Apparently, if you got a Legendary, you were more likely to continuously get more for every legendary you get. Blue post confirmed. So, now that it's been confirmed, congratulations to all of those who already got a legendary! And DAMN YOU FOR GETTING THREE. It really does explain why the people who got a legendary kept getting more. The rich get richer, etc. The rest of us are basically SOL until further notice.Furshot0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Looking to Join an RP Guild Hey, I'm looking to join an RP guild and thought I would come to this server. I will make any character since I have a level 100 boost. I'm looking to being someone or a group of people's servant, doing whatever they want for them including tanking, healing, damage, or even just farming specific materials for them. I have over 10 years of role playing experience under my belt and wish to be of service to you!Eleni0 Sep 16
Sep 16 H <Conundrum> Recruitment What are we: A raiding guild that has been together since Mists. A bunch of friends that were continuously in guilds that fell apart, so we banded together. Shenanigans will be had. Shots will be taken. And bosses will die. -We also have events from time to time, Pirates vs. Ninjas happening frequently. When do we raid: Tues/Thurs 6pm -9pm server time What are we looking for: Ranged. Please, for the love of god, ranged. Boomies. Elemental Shamans. Shadow Priests. Hunters that aren't Survival. If you fall into anything that stands out from the boss, apply. How: 1)Whisper the following people in game Pí (alt+161) Khilana, Reknaps, Amejin -Or anyone else and they'll direct you to the appropriate people 2) http://wyrmrestconundrum.guildlaunch.com/ We use Discord chat for our voice chat. TL;DR Recruiting for warm bodies that aren't in fire1 Sep 16
Sep 16 Permadeath leveling RP group? Hello all! If there's anything that makes a game much more immersive and thrilling for me it is a harsh penalty for death. I would like to start an RP group, if not an entire guild, where the idea is to RP through the leveling experience without suffering a single death. Something like The Ironman Challenge but much more forgiving as far as skill selection and group leveling is concerned. I must say that no boas would be a must. Anyhow, thought I'd try to gauge people's interest on this subject. I know it's not up most people's alley but if even a few people were interested I'd like to give it a go :P Let me know what you think! Edit: Please note I'm weighing interest on both Wyrmrest and Moon Guard. The actual server, faction, and starting zone has yet to be determined, but I am interested in any input. Update: Guild will be formed on Moon Guard, I apologize for any confusion. Here is a link to the MG thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748957515 Rules so far -Must start at level 1 -Cannot die -Cannot wear boas -Must remain in character -No transferring of items or gold from other charactersEtcheland22 Sep 16
Sep 16 [A] 847 Guardian Druid LF Raid Guild EDIT: Guild found... again! Thanks all! Hello! As the title says I'm an 848 (edited, now a little higher!) ilvl guardian druid tank looking to find a permanent spot on a Normal/Heroic raid team for Legion. I'm a dedicated and knowledgeable player who has been raiding in WoW for quite some time now. Not interested in pushing Mythic raids. Heroic Raids/Mythic + dungeons only. Did really hardcore stuff in Cata and just didn't find it fun. Not interested in loot council guilds. Evenings preferred, but any reasonable time is okay with me; I'm a student and so I have a totally open schedule. I am also open to playing resto or feral, though the huge majority of my AP has been spent on Guardian, so I'll need time to catch up. Balance is the only thing I'd rather not play. RP optional, but welcome. Alliance only, not interested in faction swapping. Contact me here or in game, happy to hear from you!Freylin6 Sep 16
Sep 16 Looking for (A) Casual Raiding Guild I've been out of the raiding loop for an expansion and some change, but I've done everything from main-tanked and raid leading, to being a flexible healer/dps to fill space. WoD did little for me, so I sat it out and did my own thing, but I'd really like to get back into it. I've been bouncing around trying to find a group, but a lot of them are already well established and aren't looking for more people. My most geared character is a 110 DH tank, but I have a series of 100s in the leveling process ranging from mage, to hunter, so depending on the needs, I am -happy- to level and gear any of them to fit the makeup. Ideally I'd like to get into a night owls group, I tend to be responsible for meals and general housekeeping during the evening hours, so anything past 8pm server is just dandy. Just looking for some place that's not overly drama riddled!Valuret0 Sep 16
Sep 16 [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] RP Ideas Hello. JJBA is a popular franchise, both in manga and anime, and it's very good. I definitely recommend it. In JoJo's, there are spiritual manifestations called Stands that certain people develop. They are called Stand Users. Each Stand has a different power, like super-strenght, time stopping and healing. I was wondering if this universe would work in WoW. Of course, it would be non-canon. We would just call our pets (demons, animals and such) stands and roleplay between ourselves. Would that work? Thank you.Jotarõ5 Sep 16
Sep 16 Quests and Adventurers, a Warcraft System So what is this "Quests and Adventurers" thing, I might hear you asking. If you can't already tell from the Clever Title™, this is a ripoff of Dungeons and Dragons, meant to be a 'pick up and play' system for World of Warcraft, which can be very, very simple, up to a minor level of complexity, though obviously it won't be as complex as an actual system that's been designed by people who actually do this for a living. Quests and Adventurers attempts to add a 'system' to be used with World RP and events, as many RPers know the pain of attempting to hold an event in the world, and the lack of immersion that comes when NPCs and Mobs can't even scratch the paint of your armor, and can be struck down with your weakest ability. This system attempts to be something very simple that can be set up in just a few minutes of time, while still providing some customization in order to better represent player characters and their in-character achievements. Once the basics of QnA are learned, it should be a simple matter to set up a party of Adventurers and to start an Adventure by giving out a Quest. Storytellers can often design NPCs and Mobs on the fly, or use existing in-game NPCs to stand in or take important places in an ongoing storyline. Note that any numbers given are simply to be treated as the 'default', and can be adjusted one way or another based upon Storyteller or Adventurer preference, depending on difficulty or simplicity desired. Note: Quests and Adventurers is a Work in Progress. Critiques, questions, suggestions and comments are all welcome. I simply ask that you be constructive. Please no 'this sucks' or 'why would you write this'. This is not meant to be an end-all-be-all system used by any and everyone, it is simply meant to be an option should someone desire to use it. Table of Contents: Important Concepts Designing an Adventurer Combat Rules Attack Results Combat Effects Character Abilities Miscellaneous Example Character Sheet Example Combat Turns PvP Questions and Answers (Ctrl+F to jump to a section) Important Concepts: Pips: Pips are what represents health and armor in QnA, and how much damage an attack deals, and are divided into two categories: Health Pips and Armor Pips. Health Pips: Health Pips represent the actual HP of your character. They represent serious damage or injury that your character takes over the course of an adventure. Health Pips do not regenerate after combat, but can be healed with application of the proper magics. Health Pips are not meant to represent every cut, scrape, or bruise that a character receives, instead being saved for the 'bigger' hits that would do a person serious harm. Characters by default start with 3 Health Pips. Armor Pips: Armor Pips represent the armor, equipment, and shielding- magical or otherwise- that your character has to protect their more-vital Health Pips. Armor Pips regenerate after combat, where Health Pips do not. Characters by default do not start with any Armor Pips. Attack Rolls: Attack rolls are done on a very simple D20 basis. Adventurers add a modifer to reflect skill levels, and most NPCs do not. If an attack roll beats a set DC(Usually 10 for Adventurers or 15 for NPCs/mobs), then the attack succeeds. If it rolls a natural 20, it Crits, and deals an extra damage. If it rolls a natural 1, the attack Fumbles. These will be covered more in-depth later in the guide. Adventurers: Adventurers represent the player characters in a QnA adventure. They are given a simple character sheet, examples below, and one or more abilities. One by default. These may be customized using basic options, or given more advanced options if allowed by a Storyteller. Mobs and NPCs: Mobs and NPCs represent the figures that Adventurers interact with while playing QnA. These can be hostile, friendly, or anywhere inbetween. They are controlled by the Storyteller. Mobs and NPCs start with 3 Health Pips by default, but cannot gain Armor Pips. However, NPCs and Mobs may have more Health Pips or other special mechanics to represent an especially strong or well-protected target. Weaker Mobs or NPCs may have fewer, down to as few as 1 Health Pip, to represent their 'trivial' or weaker nature. Mobs may come in larger packs than the often 2-4 groups that Adventurers travel in, meaning they cannot have too much Health so as to not provide too difficult a challenge for Adventurers. How many Health Pips that a Mob or NPC has should be made available at any time by the Storyteller to Adventurers if desired, and should be continually communicated through combat.Slywyn10 Sep 16
Sep 16 Acceptance of Fel Magic Greetings. I will keep this brief so as not to waste your time. I am looking to take up residence around Stormwind, in an attempt to expose myself to as much of the world as I can now that the wall has fallen. What I wish to know is if I should keep my Warlocking ways as quiet as I've been keeping them in Gilneas. Of course keeping a demon in tow while walking around the main city seems like a mistake waiting to happen, and thus, would not happen. But I'm wondering if I should take further steps to remove the idea that I might dabble in such Fel Arts. Should I downplay any particularly... "demony" looking pieces of clothing? Dreadmist might be useful when out and about but while in a safe city being covered by skulls might not be the most low-key form I could be taking. In Gilneas nobody knew of my... trade, but as you all might have heard, Gilneas was full of secrets. Not so many these days. Should my skills as a Warlock remain one of these secrets?Rakes34 Sep 16
Sep 16 [Story] Vesthara / Nectarlos With Legion being kind of a "soft reboot," of Warcraft, making the universe feel like the one that I fell in love with again after three expansions of it resembling something else, I realized that we were going to have to tweak elements of my character and storylines to fit with those returning themes. This story serves the purpose of soft-rebooting the character of Vesthara Nectarlos. Enjoy. INTRO Hell had come to the plains of Westfall. Descending from the darkness that had overtaken the heavens, burning boulders came crashing down against the flat terrain. Fel fire blazed upward from where they impacted, spreading upon the dry golden grass so rapidly, it would no doubt become a blazing inferno across the plains. From the craters formed by their landing, the boulders rose tall, their rocky bodies dwarfing anything unfortunate enough to be nearby. Through shimmering gateways of green, hulking armored forms marched forward, axes blades and spears wielded for a single purpose. At their front line loomed a tall and horned finger, his violet wings outstretched as a pale claw extended forward, pointing a black fingernail straight. Through fanged teeth, the Nazrethim screamed two words in demonic that many had come to learn the meaning of in the past bloody month: "ERADICATE THEM!" The demons poured forward without relent, roaring as they raised their weapons high. The ground itself seemed to shake from the rumble of their charge, hundreds of the devils crushing anything beneath their feet as they rushed to fulfill their one purpose. To stand against them would be impossible... ...But stand against them, the brave men and woman of Westfall would. With his silver gauntlets clutching the reigns of his armored brown house, Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle's eyes narrowed toward the oncoming armies. This was far from his first battle in life, as the scratches on his silver armor and weathered face could indicate, but he could not help himself from wondering if it would be the last. It was a thought he dared not share with those that followed him. No, they would have not the slightest hint of his doubts. Turning his head over his shoulder, he looked toward the hundreds of silver armored soldiers lined up behind him, each one sporting the blue and gold of The Alliance upon their chests and shields. "People of Westfall!" he bellowed, raising his hammer high above his head. "People of Stormwind! For too long, we have faced ruin at the hands of those that would see us slaughtered. They would have every one of our heads shoved on spikes. Your sons and daughters made into their playthings, denied the love of their own families and homes. To them, we are but a stone on their unholy conquest. "But I say not!" Marshal Stoutmantle rode his horse down the line, his eyes sweeping across his army. "I see before me heroes, ready to give everything they are for the good of Man! We will not go silently and fearful into the night, made victims as our very world is darkened from the smoke of their foul flames. We will not perish, begging to these fiends for a mercy that is not even a concept in their sickened minds. We are not a single stone to be treaded upon in the name of their conquest, but a wall! A wall that stands between them and all that is good in this world! All that you hold dear to your heart!" Bringing his horse to a stop, Marshal Stoutmantle turned it toward the oncoming demons. They were ascending the hill and would be on the human army in moments, their winged commander leading the charge. [[CONTINUED]]Nectarlos19 Sep 16
Sep 16 Greetings, Wyrmrest! (ISO raiding guild) I have started playing again with the release of the expansion, and transferred to play with some old friends. However, the atmosphere is not my cup of tea! I am wilting in the community that Zul'jin has, and I am in desperate need of a new place to plant my roots. I'm an enhancement shaman, and I would love to find a home that raids in the evenings, starting at 7pm central or later. I know melee is pretty full up in the rosters, but I'm hoping that somewhere there might be a place for me. Edit: changed to reflect times. Realized since I'm on day shift now, I don't have to raid on nights off.Thryna4 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] Hunter LF raiding guild hi im looking to transfer back to WrA to do some RP and raid , im trying to stay horde to cut costs of faction changing as well my playtime is pretty open right now but im looking to raid mostly at nights generally around 6pm CST to about midnight are my open timesJiang3 Sep 16
Sep 16 We shall have order, Wyrmrest. Good afternoon. How are you doing today? I'm all right, personally. I've just completed the Rogue Order Hall campaign and I was actually fairly surprised at how interesting it was. It focused primarily on sneaking, intel gathering, spycraft and minimal killcounts, which I greatly appreciated. The weapons collection quests were likewise pretty neat. I took the Kingslayers first and found them a very fulfilling experience. The Fangs of the Devourer were also interesting, but way more straightforward. The Dreadblades were fine, their sole downfall being that they weren't quite as compelling as the others. The Hunter Order Hall by comparison, is...erm... It's perfectly fine, I suppose? But there's not much going on in the campaign that's really interesting to me. And while the Lodge itself is really neat, there's a sense of immediacy and legacy that it just doesn't have. I suspect it's because the Hunter champion you meet at first is someone you don't even know and the threats your class hall tackles aren't that unique. The artifact quests, too, are kind of eh. Thas'dorah was neat, even if it was just basically "kill demons, get thing." Titanstrike was a little convoluted (it felt supremely weird dealing with so many mechanical things as a Beast Master). I haven't collected Talonclaw yet, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Now I'm debating which alt to pursue next. Mage? Warrior? Shaman? I've heard good things about Mage and Warrior (less about Shaman), but I would like to see Thrall go away. Anyway, how about you? Are you finding your Order Hall campaign to be satisfactory? Enjoying your weapons collections? Any ones you're curious about?Enekie53 Sep 16
Sep 16 Horde RP/Raiding So I've got a friend who's been in a bit of a rough spot. His guild hasn't been very active and he wants to leave it. What he's looking for is a guild that aims to do semi-frequent RP events as well as the upcoming raiding content. Personally I don't know any guilds like that. But do any of you guys?Izzilox0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Holy Strider/Longwalker RP? Mecha here, posting from relevant character. I made a tauren monk because I felt that class fit the "holy strider" description pretty well, and after reading around on the WoWpedia I discovered that they actually seem to exist in game as Longwalkers, just without a lot of the mystical connotations that holy striders have. Has anyone else RP'd these concepts in the past? Any pitfalls to avoid, or things I should look into? I am really in love with the tauren monk combination so I'm gonna main Anisaye regardless come Legion, I just want to see if I should pursue this avenue further or change her backstory before I get too attached.Anisaye18 Sep 16
Sep 16 Strange ic relationship advice. A close online friend and I are intending to enter an romantic rp relationship. He will be playing a male tauren, and I am a forsaken mage. My mage died in unusual circumstances that lead to her being held together by arcane magics instead of necromantics magics. What are your thoughts, advice? How much would she be able to feel emotionally? Is she capable of physical contact and love? Thanks for your thoughts!Yvonn50 Sep 16
Sep 16 Can we talk about Xal'atath? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSWzlc5JzUc ... "Xal'atath has a mind of its own. Ignore its maddening whispers. Do not trust the lies it spins. Take from it what you need, but always remember that the dark presence in the blade is not your ally." There is a lot of information being spit out by this dagger that, should proven true, is rather unsettling to think about. My issue is that the blade is outright proclaimed to be a liar, deliberately coaxing everyone that wields it closer to madness by whatever means possible. Naturally, we are expected to regard its words with contempt and disregard them as little more than deceptive ramblings. However, the Old Gods, and everything related to them is so blatantly inspired by Lovecraft that it borders on copyright infringement, and a running theme of Lovecraft's works on the Outer Gods, Old Ones, and Elder Things is that the truth is so maddening, so incomprehensible and frightening, that we lie to ourselves for the sake of our sanity. This has led me to the conundrum of whether or not Xal'atath's whispers are sincere or pointless lies. On the one hand, everything it tells us meshes quite well with lore we, as outside observers, know. On the other hand, it's called a lying liar that lies purely for the sake of abusing us as vessels of power. What do you think?Vyrael40 Sep 16
Sep 15 [H] Archive OOC RP Guild Recruiting Archive is recruiting! We have a handful of active members, and we’re looking to grow. We’re a no pressure, close-knit group of adults with a long history in WoW, as well as a number of other MMOs. We enjoy all aspects of the game at a casual pace including RP, PvP, and PvE. While we don’t have any grand plans for raiding, once we have the numbers, we’d certainly be open to the idea. Archive is an OOC RP guild. We don’t have one single overarching guild storyline, nor does “Archive” exist as an organization within the game, which leaves members free to collaborate and build their own stories. We’re the canvas, and you’re the paint. RP is encouraged in the guild, but like everything else we do, we’re casual about it; it isn’t a requirement to join. Note: We are not an ERP guild. Interested? We’d love to meet you! Contact Daviin or Tetharion in game through whisper or mail. You can also find us on our website at: https://archive-rp.comTetharion3 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] Looking for a Weeknight Raiding Guild Posting a fresh post, ignore this!Zhaevi0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H-RP/Raiding] Kiljoys When anyone first looks at or joins a guild, their first instinct is to find out more about the organization. Our mission with Kiljoys is to create a open and available guild for both raiding and RP. All of our storylines have ways to bring in everyone from the most carefree, happy Tauren to the Death Knight that sits at the bar and says nothing. We encourage everyone to participate in events, and want to help our players grow to be successful in the many aspects of this game. This guild is heavily roleplay focused. There will be a central storyline running at all times that people can take part in during events. Outside of that, there will be many members openly roleplaying in the world. We encourage our members to go out and make friends with guildies and non-guildies to get our message across: we are a collection of varying misfits from around the realm, working together for many different purposes. Our secondary focus is raiding. Just because it is second does not make it any less important. We are already organizing for raids and progression, having already had many successful runs in present Mythic content. Our raid leader has participated in Mythic progression guilds, and will be taking the reins in leading raid content. We encourage everyone to participate in raiding, even if they have never raided before. This is not a hardcore guild about ‘get it right the first time or be kicked’. We want to nurture our players, and teach them how they can be successful raiders. Players that participate in roleplay will have a better shot at being selected for raid slots. We intend to pull many of our members from the RP pool in order to foster interest and support in RP. Players with exceptional skill that are not roleplayers may still be offered a raid slot if they have proven themselves. Sabraine: Kiljoys is not a guild with a rich, extensive background. Instead it is the collection of the stories that we participate in. The intention is to make it so that everyone that participates has a hand in its foundation. Below is a collection of stories that have transpired. We are a den of thieves as well as a convent of saints. We are what you make it. We have all gathered for some purpose, and remain for another. The is the refuge for the outcasts and the loners, the socialites and sociopaths. All are welcome to join! In closing, we are a guild that wants our members to have fun and enjoy themselves. We want to be that niche that many players are missing, like the RP raiders that can't find a home or the RPers that cannot find a place for their character. We hope that you find our dedication to openness and inclusiveness inviting, and that you can make a happy home here.Sabraine2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Class and Fantasy The Legion pre-patch brought a lot of changes to the world of Warcraft, as I'm sure you all know, and "class fantasy" is the Blizzard buzzword du jour. Have these changes (and the siren call of easy invasion leveling) inspired any of you to try out new classes? New specs? Mage is... fine. Nothing much has changed, although the overall "feel" of the class is perhaps a bit smoother; more streamlined. But it isn't grabbing me. I've mained a mage since vanilla and never once thought that'd change, but now I find myself looking at the other classes and considering trying something new. I leveled a warlock during the waning days of WoD and didn't, at the time, find it very engaging. Turning into a purple-black demon blob wasn't all that interesting, nor did it feel like it fit with what the class was supposed to be. In Legion, though, warlocks look a lot more exciting. I love demonology's new shtick, their artifacts look great, and the warlock campaign is pretty okay from what I've heard. How's Legion treating your character roster? Also, what are your thoughts on this "class fantasy" business?Kazimir31 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H PvE] <Nighttime> Weekend Raiding <Nighttime> is a cross-realm guild recruiting for Sat/Sun 6-10pm Heroic Emerald Nightmare and weekday mythic+ dungeons. Currently looking for: Holy paladin Add me at Brandon#15814 or message this character in-game.Nytheilla2 Sep 15
Sep 15 (@Dwarves) Baelaxe Events Starting -Being updated and revised after postponement.Felextas3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Spellbreaker Concept? Does this make sense to anymore according to lore? (It was written over 2 years ago) http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1436349-My-Spellbreaker-class-concept-(long)Faradei5 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] The Steelpaw Shaodin: The Emperor's Fist We are the Might of the Emperor! “When faced with opposition, be like the sea, which washes over all without doubt or hesitation. It will topple the unsecured immediately or shape the land into its own image with persistence and patience.” The Steelpaw Shaodin is a Heavy Pandaren RP guild. Made up of a union of Huojin aligned and Mainland Pandaren, united under the creed “Perfection through Victory”. Staunch adherents to the ideology that bettering oneself is wrought through pursuing challenges and overcoming opposition, the Steelpaw band together under the values of honor, strength, and their vigilant desire to see the Pandaren people reach new heights of power. Martial, determined, and eager to find wisdom through success, the Steelpaw operate within the Horde as a predominately militant order. Through the sword or quill, the clan's mission aggressively revolves around advocating Pandaren interests, along with their own. Recognizing that the current state of Azeroth is in proverbial disarray, the clan strives to train warriors, gather artifacts, empower their allies and be at the forefront of a cohesive union of the Pandaren people. Pandaren that are enthusiastic to master martial disciplines, eager to enjoy the thrill of victory, and wish to capitalize on the shift of powers on Azeroth- returning their people to a height of power, then the Steelpaw clan wants you! ________________________________________ The Steelpaw as a concept started with just a few friends from Moonguard and Wyrmrest that enjoyed playing as part of a rough housing family together. After gathering enough popularity from roleplay and guilds that helped evolve what started as a loose/improvised concept, eventually there was enough interest to form a guild centered around Pandaren Heavy RP. That, and we wanted an excuse to dress our Pandaren in the most fearsome mog combinations and not feel bad about it. We roleplay all throughout Azeroth. From Orgrimmar to the Jade Forest, members of Steelpaw and their allies can be found adventuring just about anywhere. The diverse lot of characters that make up the guild ensures that their pressence is felt everywhere, pursuing the troubles of the world or pushing the agenda of the Pandaren people. From hardened warriors to shrewd diplomats, you'll find that the clan brings in all types, each with a role and purpose, all working in an effective tandem to flesh out the end-game of the guild. Pandaren of all walks of life and disciplines are welcome, but not all may have what it takes to carry the burdens that the Shaodin faces. The Steelpaw's vision is a unified Pandaria, restored to an era of witnessed only during the legacies of their late emperors. It is a goal far too precious and meaningful to shirk responsibilities or for the faint of heart. Those in the Steelpaw are expected to be disciplined, committed, and willingness to act whenever necessary to oppose those who act against them or their allies. To reach us, whether to join, coordinate RP, or anything else feel free to contact the following officers or any of our members. By in-game mail is or signing to our site prefered, as whispers are often lost in the chat spam our officers and the GM tackle on a routine basis. Emeraldstorm - Clan Leader Chenju, Saiachi, Yauhhei - Tiger Generals(Officers) Website: http://thesteelpawclan.shivtr.com/ Tumblr: http://steelpawshaodin.tumblr.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/we-only-know-victory-the-steelpaw-shaodin https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/charge-of-conquerors-wipEmeraldstorm322 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] Hunter LF Casual Raiding Group Hi there! I usually post on these forums as Wolf, but I'm taking a temporary break from my rogue and other classes to enjoy my hunter for awhile. This post is also going to be slightly long, so bear with me. I'm currently i846 and have 20 traits in MM and 13 in BM for Mythic+. Have unlocked everything in the Nightfallen, etc. I can not do Saturdays right now, but this might change in the future. Every other day/time is generally free game at the moment. ---- After a few realizations, it sort of hit me that outside of actually doing group content with friends, I wasn't really having fun in the environment I was in. So I am now looking for any sort of casual raiding that might be happening on Wyrmrest Accord that's looking to fill a ranged DPS slot. While I am not looking for a guild to join right now (though this can be changed), I am hoping to at least put myself out there for pugging purposes or if there are any casual raid groups forming inside the server before I start to use the LFG tool (which, before anyone says anything, I am perfectly capable and have used before). I am not expecting to get into a mythic raid without joining a guild, so normal/heroic is perfectly fine. Thanks for reading!Furshot0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] <The Shadow Vault>: DK RP & casual PvE! ... and casual PvE! The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve, or once served at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend. Our goals (IC): ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To provide support for Death Knights with the difficult process of reassimilation into civilized society, and to monitor and deal with unstable death knights residing in areas populated by the living. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete The Emerald Nightmare (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. The Ebon Blade is in a unique position where they cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for them to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (N/H raiding & mythic+ dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us bring previous raid experience, we are very beginner-friendly and prefer to do lighter content to be more inclusive. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. This worked well during Warlords of Draenor and we will be continuing in Legion. What to expect: ● Unscheduled Mythic and Mythic+ groups forming through the week ● Raiding one night a week (Saturdays 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● Given that we're trying to maintain a positive reputation with our guild name, we're somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to all be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne38 Sep 15
Sep 15 @Borgro I believe you were looking for this? https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/52t3ik/corrupted_ashbringer_skin_found/d7n1j9lTorkus3 Sep 15
Sep 15 Speculation, Aman'thul. So it's now no secret to anyone that the Titans are dead, you may have known before if you bought Chronicles or browsed through wowpedia recently, but as with Legions launch we know that they're all dead... sort of... A small piece of Aman'thuls soul remains, Ra, the only Titan Keeper to realize that the random surge of new memories from seemingly nowhere was the last scraps of his former masters soul somehow removed it and stored it in the vault near the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Then Lei Shen arrived, saw that Ra was just a mopey !@#$%^-, smacked him around and absorbed the last of the first Titans power, then became the Thunder King. Seeing as this is WoW, and that it likely won't end with a sad ending ((mark this down for posterity in case I'm wrong,)) we're going to talk to Aman'thul somehow, so how do you think we'll do it, and how do you think it will go down afterwards? There are TWO possible options for Aman'thul to talk to us... Wrathion, seieng as he ate Lei-shen's heart and now has a bit of the Titans essence within him, or Jaina, or rather, her staff, as Antondias' former companian in knowledge is now filled with the latent power of the storms... plus it's a better option than her going kooky and trying to kill everyone... Anyone else got other ideas? How do you think this one fairs up?Borgro0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H][PvE] LF Heroic/Mythic Guild Hello Wyrmrest Accord! A friend of mine and myself have recently transferred to this server after taking a hiatus through most of WoD. He is a Prot/Holy pally, I'm Unholy DK. Both of us are 845+ and ready to raid. We've been raiding together since the days of old Kara back in BC. We've gone into battle in Hyjal together, to the top of Icecrown Citadel to take down Arthas, and to the Maelstrom to topple the Destroyer. Many years of raid experience including progression through heroic content (back when heroic was the thang.) We came back right at the end of WoD and did a little bit of HFC. Now we're looking for a guild we can call home and raid with. Days we can't raid are Mondays/Fridays/Saturdays. Literally any other days during the week work. If there is any guild out there that could fit us in, we will put in the work and make sure progression happens to our best abilities :) Please contact either by responding on here, or preferably by Bnet. Tag is Drood#1937 Thank you for your time!Domragoogrim1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A] <Twelve Gates> Casual RP; Alchemy Updated for Legion: About Twelve Gates Twelve Gates is an Alliance apothecary guild and shop, located in the Mage District of Stormwind. Guild events are slotted for Wednesday and Saturdays at 6 p.m. ST. Our events range from roll based adventures to public lectures on alchemy and herbalism. As an adventuring group of apothecaries, we would like to work with you! If you or your guild/group need assistance in acquiring potions, flasks or herbs (both ICly or OOCly), please get in contact with us. GM/Contact: Vandrysse Guild Site: twelvegatesrp.shivtr.com Guild Tumblr: twelvegatesrp.tumblr.com Guild Recruitment: Open Please visit our guild site for a fully detailed explanation of the kind of players we’re seeking to add to our ranks, what we expect of our members, and how to join. We welcome new roleplayers, are EST friendly, and older players are encouraged to check us out, as we aim to create a calm, mature environment where members feel comfortable. Positive attitude is a requirement. I have undoubtedly left something out, so if you have any questions, please post here or find me in-game :) Thanks for reading! ~VVandrysse15 Sep 15
Sep 15 [A-RP] Wrath of the Betrayer ... What is the Wrath of the Betrayer? The Wrath of the Betrayer is a heavy RP Illidari guild focused on supporting and forming bonds along with roleplayers within the Wyrmrest Accord community. Inspired by the recent information given from Harbringers, Illidan novel, and Demon Hunter starting zone, this guild hopes to give a proper feel where one can get into the shoes of the Ilidari. While also containing a slight Kaldorei theme within the guild, we hope that this will promote future Illidari style RP events. What are we looking for? We seeks people who have a basic understanding of the Warcraft lore along with the lifestyle of Demon Hunter. With that being said, our primary locations will be Tainted Scar, Demon Fall Canyon, and Felwood so that lower level roleplayers have a chance to roleplaying with the guild. We seek people who are active and willing to support the guild in anyway they possibly can. What does the Wrath of the Betrayer offer? The Wrath of the Betrayer offers a family feel that allows members to form a friendly bond with each other. We offer not so strict rules when it comes to roleplay events due to understanding of members have different schedules from one another. Due to Demon Hunter being a new hero class, we understand some members are still learning how to roleplay as one and are willing to help. None the less, we hope to make this guild as friendly and social as possible. How does one join the Wrath of the Betrayer? The recruitment as of this moment is quite simply, we only ask that you complete an Out-of-Character and In-Character interview so that we can get an understanding of both you and your character. If you are inexperienced with roleplaying fill free to let us know right away during the Out-of-Character interview as we are willing to help in solving the issue. If interested and/or have any questions contact Mallath, Rosewinds, Ilyrhin, or Falrendis. What is the Wrath of the Betrayer’s goal? IC: To continue the work of the Illidari by destroying the Burning Legion and defending Azeroth from their demonic corruption. Due to the mistrust by the Alliance and Horde, we seek to build relations with the two factions in hopes to ease tension. OOC: Promoting Illidari roleplay and Cross Faction roleplay using the new function to the Demonic language. Is the Wrath of the Betrayer Demon Hunter only? As of this moment, yes, to experience the feel of being an Illidari and a demon hunter we believe it's best to keep it as that. However, this does not mean we aren't willing to work with non-demon hunters as we face the Burning Legion. After all, Azeroth will need all forces united if we are too succeed and Wrath of the Betrayer is aware of this.Mallath2 Sep 15
Sep 14 Club BOOM! 9/9 7pm PT From the DJs of the Club Trix afterparty comes.... Club BOOM! Club BOOM! is a monthly event in the Gadgetzan Auction House (for now - Amy's in negotiations with the Kirin Tor to bring it back to the Purple Parlor. We'll see :) ), held on either the first or second Friday of each month (some months the first, some months the second) at 7pm server time. Your hosts for the event will be DJs Pixy & Amy Stormpike (trading off months), the DJs you loved from the Club Trix afterparty! The event's music will air on Fire Mage Radio...so even after the party, the music doesn't stop as you can rock out to some great WoW music! https://www.facebook.com/FireMageRadio/ Club BOOM! #5: Friday September 9Amylin7 Sep 14
Sep 14 RP leveling group 100+ A buddy and I are looking to start an RP leveling group that would meet 2 or more nights a week for IC leveling / questing. Both he and I have a number of alts so we aren't set on what roles to take and can adjust to fit group composition. We are in the Eastern time zone so it would likely be later in the evening or possibly on weekends. If anyone is interested in joining us feel free to message here or contact Laece/Lusio or myself (I'm usually on Daesong when in game ). Thanks!Vlea1 Sep 14
Sep 14 I love you all You all have nice butts and I love you all. Thank you for having good butts.Liadrea19 Sep 14
Sep 14 851 Havoc DH LFG [PvE] [H or A] Any guilds starting their raids on or after 9pm PDT?Xaelic0 Sep 14
Sep 14 <Order of the Dragon>Seeking Officers! Guild Name: <Companie of the Dragon> Guild Leader: Earl-Marshal Sir Derron Forrgrim RP: Heavy PvP: Medium-heavy PvE: Casual Guild Officers: Order-Marshal, Komtur, Lore-Keeper. Website: <Under Construction> The audience chamber of Stormwind Keep, while not the biggest room within the huge structure was none the less intimidating, especially for a minor Lord who had received a summons out of the blue. Lord Derron paced the room, starting from one imposing stone wall to the other, completely ignoring the magnificent tapestries and paintings that lined the walls, and flat out forgetting about the convenient and comfortable plush lounge chairs. The summons he’d received had been non-specific and simple, which as far as he was concerned was always a bad thing, but try as he might he couldn’t think of anything he’d done wrong. The young man’s head snapped up as the large oaken door to the royal chambers groaned in protest, the hinges creaking just a bit. However, the King did not emerge, instead an old man wearing the robes of an attendant exited the chambers with several sheafs of parchment under his arm. He squinted at Derron through his monocle before speaking in a high nasal voice, “Lord Derron, it is his Majesties desire to inform you of a new pet project of his,” The clerk began, Derron noted that the man’s voice held nothing but contempt for the young lord, after all judging by the emblem on his robes he was a member of the Drakewood family, a much older and more distinguished house than the Forrgrims, “In light of recent catastrophic events the Kingdom and indeed the Alliance is in need of its Knights once more, thereby in recognition of your past service and…exemplary record,” The old man’s face almost contorted in distaste for using such a word, “you are to command this new Order of the Dragon.” Derron could hardly hear as the impact of the words sunk in, a proper command, something his own father could barely dream of. “Should this venture prove successful, The Order will assume the name and place of the former Brotherhood of the Horse. To go with this title his Majesty does on this day confer upon Derron Forrgrim, Lord of House Grim the titles of Knight, Earl-Marshal of the right noble and honourable Order of the Dragon, any questions?” Derron shook his head and the Clerk stepped to attention, offered a nod of recognition, the closest someone of his station would ever come to recognising a Forrgrim, and exited the chamber.Forrgrim7 Sep 14
Sep 14 Solved: Everyone has artifacts? I'm sure someone has already come up with this idea, but I feel like I've developed a rock solid explanation for why everyone has these one-of-a-kind weapons: They don't! Considering how ownership of such powerful weapons paints a target on their champion's back, the Order Halls and the ethereal transmogrifiers arranged a deal to offer elaborate illusions to conceal the True Wielder. Thoughts?Judeli56 Sep 14
Sep 14 A NewMember of the Horde... ...was born at 12:06 pm cst on 9-11-16 to Nakhu's oldest daughter. Now, Nakhu is a grandfather in both Azeroth and irl :)Nakhu37 Sep 14
Sep 14 WRApvp [Alliance PvP Channel] /join WRApvp In an effort to rally up PvPers on this server, some of us are trying to beef up a global chat channel that can be utilized by anyone and everyone on Alliance for networking with other players for various PvP-related hijinks*! Horde have developed a very nice network over the course of WoD, so it's high-time the Alliance forges our own to have some fun! *Hijinks may include but not be limited to: -Random Battle Grounds -Rated Battle Grounds -World PvP -Arenas -RP-PvP -War Games -Pizza PartiesThane14 Sep 14
Sep 14 <Keepers of the Moon> (Night Elf, Heavy RP) *Flyers are posted on Notice Boards throughout Alliance cities.* Kaldorei. The Children of the Stars. Keepers of the Land of Eternal Starlight. Our people have a rich, complex history, though in recent years, we have faced many uncertain changes. From the Battle of Mount Hyjal to the Cataclysm which has reshaped our very homeland. The return of the Highbourne and even the reintroduction of the Twicebourne challenge our longest-held values which have served as pillars of our society for milennia. Our once-great ancient cities now lie crumbled and ruined, their remaining power being exploited by our enemies. We will stand united- Kaldorei, Highbourne, and Twicebourne- to assist our people, heal our society from within, and together adapt to an ever-changing world to build a brighter, prosperous future. OOC: Formerly known as <Wardens of Teldrassil>, we have changed direction and decided to focus on the cultural aspect of Kaldorei roleplay in contrast to the more militaristic approach of other guilds as well as personal and story-driven character development.We accept both male and female Night Elf characters and all classes- mages and Death Knights included. If interested, please visit our guild site at www.keepersofthemoonwra.shivtr.com to fill out an application. An in-character interview is required to join. Officers: Azaeluna/Illyirana, Minarya, Miriael, Laraiena Connect with us! /join KaldoreiRP.Illyirana164 Sep 14
Sep 14 Good Morning WRA! 09/13 Edition. As I slave away at work (not really slave away, I work for a Nature Centre... fitting right?) I see on the forums that I AM BEHIND IN EVENT POSTS! Which is not a bad thing necessarily. My Warcraft thoughts today are... I like the new app but does anyone find that the follower quests seem a bit off considering the follower levels? I find I am having a hard time sending my followers on quests because of the failure rate or that it is a quest that is going to take a day and a half. O.O What are your thoughts today?Lindiwe6 Sep 14
Sep 13 Spreading the Corpse Gas wide! In the dark alleys of any city there is always a small gang of thugs or cut-purses. Such petty thugs are but an annoyance to the guards and the Alliance. Now, as you pass the dark alleys, there is something much worse. Those poor thugs lay dead in their alley and a new threat rises. Some have strange views on the war between the Horde and Alliance, some have no opinion of either side. Some wish to slaughter all in their wake, to raze the cities for their own putrid goals! That is Chaos. Men and women with a loss of morals and sense of greed to take what they want. This is Chaos Incarnate. ------OOC Chaos Incarnate----- If you read this far then you probably know I am trying to recruit for my guild, thanks for your time. We are very new and extremely friendly(for a guild about chaos and what not.) Our guild accepts a number of 'evil' or 'corrupt' characters that actually want the option to truly be evil. We are strongly based of the idea of a 'Chaos Warband' from Warhammer Fantasy, which means that a lot of us also likes Warhammer! Our story is still coming up, a little halted by Legion and some moving, but seems promising! I would love to see some great role players ask about us, I can answer many questions. <Chaos Incarnate>Nurglesh1 Sep 13