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Aug 18 Stop spoiling it for us please >.> Okay hate to complain and all but my grievance is actually not with WoW on this one its with the community. The rp community specifically, people keep complaining about the Demon hunters and trying to make some 'edge lord meme' out of it. Sorry but most of the warcraft community has wanted to play DH's sense the start. Honestly to me and alot of others what they are doing in this expac so far is awesome lore wise, and on game play levels too. However I'm not going to get into why I like this expac I'm just going to say please, please don't be elitest douche bags to all the people exploring DH roleplay please give it a chance and don't exclude people from the rp community based on their class they chose aaand please don't !@#$ on our moment. (sincerely from true warcraft fans)Xarduss144 Aug 18
Aug 18 Looking for Archimonde Carry (20k - Horde) As the title says. :) Anyone know any guilds/groups selling runs?Sopheriel0 Aug 18
Aug 18 We're Looking For... A Few Good Gnomes. http://www.pictureshack.us/images/11711_G4-HFC081416b.jpg Doesnt pay much, but the medical is top drawer. Apply in person. - Forbs "For Gnomeregan!"Forbidra3 Aug 18
Aug 18 Fun thought. Very rarely have I seen actual hunters be referred to as hunters. I've seen snipers, workers, archers, but on an IC basis very few hunters actively hunt anything. But now with Demon Hunters, we're actually referred to as hunters. I find this funny. Carry on.Amurel15 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H-RP] <House Ravenscar> ... Index I. Introduction II. Ranks III. Achieving Ranks IV. GM and Officers V. Important Links ... <House Ravenscar> is a guild led by the family members of Ravenscar with the intent to bring on all races and paths together in relief efforts against the Burning Legion. The guild's desire is to be around multiple other guilds. To give them aid in their IC events, as well as casual RP. This can range from in the city or to the battlefront. We will aid those that have personal stories of their characters missing or captured (as long as proper communication is given), as well as be reinforcements to other small guilds for their events. It is led IC by Sineros Ravenscar, Master rank of the Blood Knight Order and his sister, along with a good portion of the rest of their family. ________________________________________________________________________ ... Commander: GM rank but not the Lord of House Ravenscar. He is in charge of all of their relief efforts and more. Captain: Officer rank that can be achieved by being an incredible member, veteran member, or just knowing what to do with this rank honestly. Promotions will be at random when people prove themselves, or when it is needed. Family: Not officers, but important members of the House itself to carry on the Ravenscar reputation. Revered: The elite veteran rank. Awarded to outstanding members. Brigade: The main task force Sineros has accumulated over time. Mostly comprised of rogues, there are some random recon operatives within. Sworn: Infantry and battlefield relief. This is where most of the guild's enlisted will go. Patriot: Pledges of fealty/no important role in militant or relief efforts. Can be scholars or friends of the family. OOC/Alt: Yes. ________________________________________________________________________ ... Commander: Unobtainable. Captain: Through necessity or by outstanding activity and helpfulness. Family: Just by RPing family. Of course not everyone can be family, but all you need do is ask if there is anything available. Revered: With outstanding OOC and IC activity. Brigade: Be part of the recon team/personal guard and assassins to Sineros himself. Sworn: Common IC rank. Given upon the interview. Patriot: Common IC rank. Given upon the interview. OOC/Alt: Default rank. ________________________________________________________________________ ... Commander(1): Sineros Captains(3): Mavorick ---- ________________________________________________________________________ ... Apply at the shivtr site listed below. If no one responds in 24 hours, give us a poke in-game. Discord link will be hidden and only viewable on the website. Google Docs and tinyurls will be added in time. Rules and Guidelines are on the site due to their length. + http://house-ravenscar.shivtr.comSineros10 Aug 18
Aug 18 [A] Lonely Weirdo Looking For Guild I guess I've always managed to have luck in randomly meeting folks over my years off and on with WoW, but it seems I've had no such luck this time around. Friends come and go as subscriptions waver, so I'm looking for a home for me and my Alliance characters. I'm just a bit... flabbergasted on where to look. I like my hand in all of the cookie jars, though my role play has definitely suffered since I've returned. I'd try the in-game browser for guilds, but I guess I'm just looking for a guild where I can be everything. A casual raider, maybe do a little PvP, but also have time for some RP, ya dig?Galeae4 Aug 18
Aug 18 Forsaken Ranger LF Guild I'm looking for a guild. I need people to talk to, and I haven't been able to find anyone. I don't care if it's a small guild as long as you guys will do stuff with me. My character is a pariah and a third war veteran; a human orphan raised in Quel'thalas. As a result, she is for all intensive purposes Quel'thalassian but is banned from most Blood Elf only guilds. She's not really a typical Forsaken either because she's not really interested in pursuing greater powers or taking revenge. She sees her "after" as a second chance, and although she's strange (I have given her Autistic traits, as I, myself, have Autism) she generally just wants to make friends and shoot things. I want to RP but it seems I've created a difficult character to find a group for. (I have a problem with the forums kicking me out and creating an infinite login loop but if you leave your character name I'll definitely message you in game.)Axélle3 Aug 18
Aug 18 4 Players Looking for a Home for Legion A group of friends and myself are returning to the game for Legion. We come from a semi serious raiding background, but are mainly just looking for a guild with people we can get along with while raiding. Weekend raid schedules work best for us. As of right now we are a Resto Shaman, Feral Druid, Blood/Frost DK, and WW/MW Monk.Cilara1 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H-RP] Nameless Jackals Introduction and General Information Since the Burning Legion has risen again.. We have watched our leaders fall at the hands of Guldan and his army of demons. No longer can we stand by and watch them all one by one. Instead we must rise and give our world hope of survival. ----- The Jackals were founded a while ago, although due to IRL issues it has taken until now to really get set-up and running. The Jackals will be a medium to heavy RP guild while playing out a timeline that follows closely along with that of Legion. They will take on a variety of threats, like demons or another variety entirely. As per the norm, there will be PvP as well as PvE whenever RP is not currently transpiring, and when it suits ourselves. ------ Ranks: Commander- GM Rank Council - Will be a group of six that advises the Commander on which missions to accept/deny Captain: Division Leaders there will be 4 or 5 Sharpshooter - Ranger Division Assassin- Espionage/Stealth Division Brawler - The best way I can describe this one is brute force or bodyguards Magi - Anyone with magical abilities Enlistee - OOC Rank ---- Division Leaders: ((Division Leaders are given to people who earn the position. I will be accepting applications for them, although I have the right to approve or deny.)) Sharpshooter- Rayth Sha'lion Assassin- needed Brawler- needed Magi- needed ------ How to Join: You can join by finding any officer in game that would be myself, Cerìdwen ((alt code 0236)) or Råyth ((alt code 0229)). You could also add myself on bnet, TheiaX17#1191 I look forward to hearing from everyone!! :)Cerìdwen0 Aug 18
Aug 18 Any RP in Thunder Bluff? I'm relatively new to the RP scene, and even more new on Horde. I transferred my main over to WA recently because I'm interested in some casual RP with the prospect of getting more into it from there. I bopped around Org and SMC and saw some RP going on but didn't approach anyone (I'm worried a random undead may be unaccepted in those places but what the hell do I know?). My favorite Horde City has always been Thunder Bluff, it's beautiful and I love just porting there into the nice sunny atmosphere top the mountains. My question is, if anyone knows, where I might find some casual RP in Thunder Bluff? Does it go on? Are people more inclined to RP with Tauren since it's their capital city or will they strike up a conversation with an old Forsaken just trying to soak up some sun? I want to get out there but worried about proper RP etiquette!Astyenax10 Aug 18
Aug 18 Rpers get the short end of the stick? Anyone else feel rpers get short end of the stick? It seems most we ever get is just slightly empty pretty areas to rp in, and things the community loves as whole like transmog. It's not like its hard to please to the community. Most rpers including myself really want is more casual clothing options, and less NPC populated areas. with maybe more empty buildings and houses in general. Am I just being cynical and pessimistic or does anyone else feel like this too?Sylenniis31 Aug 18
Aug 18 (Story - WIP) Fragments and Foundations A MESSAGE FROM THE DARK Black boots stepped across stones of white. The only light to illuminate the darkness of the small room was that of the candles that sat upon wooden shelves, flames flickering this way and that. They were not enough to reveal the identity of the feminine figure stepping between them, her form but a silhouette traveling in the dark. She stopped before a square desk. On its surface, a variety of books were placed, none of them of importance to her. It was the bulky and mechanical box at the center of the desk that drew her attention, black eyes scanning the variety of buttons spread across its edge. There was a time when she would have mistaken what the box did for magic, back in a childhood gone. She knew better now. She knew it was all the work of technology, constantly advancing all throughout the world. Pressing a finger against one of the buttons, a small slot lifted open at the top of the box, the shape of a rectangle. She lifted a pale hand to eye level. Clenched in its fingers was an object that would be a perfect fit for the slot on the box, made of a flimsy black material with two white gears visible at its center. Turning it over in her fingers, she read the black letters that had been inked onto a piece of parchment carefully applied against the object: “To New Horizons, And Old Peaks” Flipping the object back onto its other side, she slowly slid it into the slot on the box. Her left hand pushed the slot down, crooked ring finger giving off a involuntary twitch. Then, she pressed her thumb against one of the buttons, this one a triangle tilted over on its right side. The mechanics of the box began to whir. Through a shield of glass, she could see the white gears of the object she had slid inside begin to turn. Then, from black slits carved all over the box, a faint hissing began to emit... followed by the voice of a man. “I hope you rested well,” he began, smoothly and elegantly. “But now, I feel it is time for us to finally begin to wrap up this game of ours...” She placed both hands against the desk, leaning in to hear every word this speaker without a face had to say.Thepatient16 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H]Emergency Council: Warlocks of the Horde! "That which seeks to divide only draw us closer." Day after day, Azeroth faces an endless onslaught of hellish invaders. The Burning Legion has returned once more, and they have returned stronger than ever. Both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom are battered by demons as felfire rains from the sky and their defenders die in droves. Despite their best efforts, Azeroth's protectors have been dealt a mighty blow. Both leaders of the Horde and the Alliance have been killed on the Broken Shore, along with the Argent Crusade's own Highlord. Even with the valorous return of the Illidari, the world and it's people will have to face even more death and harrowing trials in order to free their world from the grip of the Burning Legion. There are those who see wisdom in wielding the terrible powers of the Legion, even if it means accepting the risks involved. Warlocks. Long has their kind been distrusted by the so-called "righteous", and even by each other. This has caused them to seek isolation in caves, abandoned buildings and ruined towers in order to ply their craft and expand their wealth of power. No font of knowledge is too forbidden, too taboo for a warlock to delve into. In any other time, each warlock would have their own reasons for walking their path, whether it be for good or evil or simply for interest of self. With the looming threat of the Burning Legion, however, the status quo for most warlocks is shattered, leaving most with a single goal: to save their world. It's time for years of isolation to come to an end. Across the vast expanses of the Twisting Nether, once visited many years prior by Horde and Alliance alike in response to a similar demonic threat, lies the broken world of Draenor, now simply called Outland. When the Orc warlock Gul'dan wished to make a display of his frightening power for all to see, he raised of volcano of fel from the very soil of Shadowmoon Valley. Now called the Hand of Gul'dan, it continues to remain an example of the terrible power a warlock can wield, and even inspiration for further study. With Outland relatively safe from the Burning Legion's eye, the Hand of Gul'dan serves as a perfect spot for warlocks of the Horde to gather and discuss what is to come of their future, and how they can fight back the demons with the same power they wield.Bartholemus6 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H] The Steelpaw Shaodin: The Emperor's Fist We are the Might of the Emperor! “When faced with opposition, be like the sea, which washes over all without doubt or hesitation. It will topple the unsecured immediately or shape the land into its own image with persistence and patience.” The Steelpaw Shaodin is a Heavy Pandaren RP guild. Made up of a union of Huojin aligned and Mainland Pandaren, united under the creed “Perfection through Victory”. Staunch adherents to the ideology that bettering oneself is wrought through pursuing challenges and overcoming opposition, the Steelpaw band together under the values of honor, strength, and their vigilant desire to see the Pandaren people reach new heights of power. Martial, determined, and eager to find wisdom through success, the Steelpaw operate within the Horde as a predominately militant order. Through the sword or quill, the clan's mission aggressively revolves around advocating Pandaren interests, along with their own. Recognizing that the current state of Azeroth is in proverbial disarray, the clan strives to train warriors, gather artifacts, empower their allies and be at the forefront of a cohesive union of the Pandaren people. Pandaren that are enthusiastic to master martial disciplines, eager to enjoy the thrill of victory, and wish to capitalize on the shift of powers on Azeroth- returning their people to a height of power, then the Steelpaw clan wants you! ________________________________________ The Steelpaw as a concept started with just a few friends from Moonguard and Wyrmrest that enjoyed playing as part of a rough housing family together. After gathering enough popularity from roleplay and guilds that helped evolve what started as a loose/improvised concept, eventually there was enough interest to form a guild centered around Pandaren Heavy RP. That, and we wanted an excuse to dress our Pandaren in the most fearsome mog combinations and not feel bad about it. We roleplay all throughout Azeroth. From Orgrimmar to the Jade Forest, members of Steelpaw and their allies can be found adventuring just about anywhere. The diverse lot of characters that make up the guild ensures that their pressence is felt everywhere, pursuing the troubles of the world or pushing the agenda of the Pandaren people. From hardened warriors to shrewd diplomats, you'll find that the clan brings in all types, each with a role and purpose, all working in an effective tandem to flesh out the end-game of the guild. Pandaren of all walks of life and disciplines are welcome, but not all may have what it takes to carry the burdens that the Shaodin faces. The Steelpaw's vision is a unified Pandaria, restored to an era of witnessed only during the legacies of their late emperors. It is a goal far too precious and meaningful to shirk responsibilities or for the faint of heart. Those in the Steelpaw are expected to be disciplined, committed, and willingness to act whenever necessary to oppose those who act against them or their allies. To reach us, whether to join, coordinate RP, or anything else feel free to contact the following officers or any of our members. By in-game mail is or signing to our site prefered, as whispers are often lost in the chat spam our officers and the GM tackle on a routine basis. Emeraldstorm - Clan Leader Chenju, Saiachi, Yauhhei - Tiger Generals(Officers) Website: http://thesteelpawclan.shivtr.com/ Tumblr: http://steelpawshaodin.tumblr.com/ Music: https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/we-only-know-victory-the-steelpaw-shaodin https://soundcloud.com/tomresnick/charge-of-conquerors-wipEmeraldstorm316 Aug 18
Aug 18 [[STORY]] Devils in the Frost ((The following is a sort of prologue to an upcoming storyline for the guild DEATHMARCH. Some elements of the lore may be interpreted in ways different to how others would. And there are other elements that are intentionally fourth wall breaking, as those involved in the storyline will know.)) [[PROLOGUE]] A distant green glowed beyond the clouds overtaking the snow covered mountains. It had been building up to the south for some time now, accompanied by flashes that gave way to low booms, rumbling across the sky. Slowly, but surely, the unnatural storm was drawing closer... and who knew what it would bring? He hated having his plans cut short. Absolutely hated it. When one was rushed to finish the work that they could, they got sloppy. Mistakes end up being made, people under his command start to think that they don't have to do their jobs since they're leaving soon, and worst of all... resources went to wastes. Valuable, if not irreplaceable, resources. Lowering his gaze from the distant skies, he set his eyes upon a dozen of those resources. "We have to go," moaned one of the orcs from behind the bars of his cage. His eyes wore that familiar wide look of horror, frail arms trembling as he struggled to just hold himself up. "They're coming! We don't have long. Please... let us go!" "Quiet down!" Barked one of the guards patrolling between the iron cages, a human man adorned in steel plate, with a pure white cloak draped over his shoulders. He banged the handle of his mace against the bars of the orc's cell, sneering. "If you don't want your legs to end up like your cellmate's, I suggest you sit down and shutup." All of this, He observed a stone's throw away as he approached the prison area. All of this was something He had seen many times out here, and several other places all around the world. It was His way of life, and had been for... a very, very long time. Even before He died. The snow crunched against the weight of His black boots as He entered the prisoner compound, passing between two soldiers dressed just like their comrade patrolling inside. They gave a firm salute, lowering their hands only when He nodded their way in acknowledgement. As He made his way between the cells full of moaning prisoners, a collection of several races and ages from all across Azeroth, He could hear the two guards muttering to one another. "Wearing nothing but a ball suit in this cold. Is he crazy?" "Not like he needs anything else," the other responded. "Being a rotter will do that to you." "Hey... careful what you say. He can still hear us." He did not care. He knew that the men and woman under his command had plenty of things to say about him, none of them in a positive light. Yes, they feared Him, there was no doubt... and it worked to His advantage when leading them, as it did in all other things. And as He approached the cell in the far corner of the compound, He could see that the human man crouched inside of it feared him as well. Not through the captive's face, no... but the lack of him showing it, his knees huddled against his chest, a mat of brown hair draped against his face. He came to a stop before the cell. Black gloved hands rose to the collar of His tuxedo, wiping away the snowfall that had gathered against it and his shoulders. And through the visors embedded into the sockets of His mask, carved in the shape of a skull, Wraith's eyes narrowed on the prisoner, a misty breath gliding out from the three slits where his mouth should sit behind. "Colonel Maximus," he called, voice coming forth in a ragged growl that resonated with confident authority. "I'm afraid this will be the last time you and I meet." The prisoner slowly lifted his head, blue eyes staring toward Wraith without expression. "It seems the world is moving along at quite the pace. One that, unfortunately, requires I cut our time together short." The prisoner said nothing. He did not so much as shiver in the cold, despite having only a tattered blanket to drape over him, his ragged pants and vest doing nothing to aid his condition. All he did was stare, Wraith uncertain if the man was even listening at this point. Still, he continued to speak. "Perhaps you'll be seeing the crusader girl in whatever afterlife you two wind up in," he suggested. "I reckon she'll be waiting for you. Her condition is... not well. But, of course, you already knew that." "What the hell else do you want from me?" the broken colonel rasped. "I talked, damn it. There's nothing left to say." [[CONTINUED]]Nectarlos7 Aug 18
Aug 18 [A - RP] The Draenei Fellowship (Old Thread) ... Welcome! INFORMATION Founded in May of 2016, The Draenei Fellowship is about nurturing strong bonds with likeminded Draenei and helping others in need. Draenei are encouraged to continue to shape their culture, preserve customs, and create new ones as well as new memories and new friends. Here, you can be imaginative. Character development and progression is important to us and there is plenty of room for you to try out new things. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a roleplay where your character gets an issue resolved, opens up, matures, or even learns a lesson or something new. If you get stuck, no worries! Just ask and we are happy to help you. Ranks Our guild is designed in the likeness of normal Draenei society so each members' rank is equal despite being numbered in-game as 2-10. The ranks are name variations of each class and a Draenei may wish to join their coinciding class rank. Events We have a weekly meeting covering casual roleplay as well as important topics and regularly schedule one or two events per week. Events vary on the time of year and include educational talks, different classes of art or history, to fundraisers, tours, trips, and anything in between. For the future, our goal is to plan an ongoing storyline. Activities The Draenei Fellowship's focus is on heavy roleplay. We understand that our members may not always feel like roleplaying or instead want to level, raid, or P.v.P. That is fine with us! We do it as well, especially in light of new expansions and content. In the future, we may try to form raid or P.v.P. groups but that will never be our top priority so please keep this in mind. Loyalty Per the lore, the Draenei have aligned themselves with the Grand Alliance since coming to Azeroth, pledging their allegiance early on. Many of the Draenei have felt the call to arms and actively participate in war against the Horde as well as any threat to the Alliance. Though not every character in our guild is a fighter, we would like to see patriotism under the banner of blue. Thus, The Draenei Fellowship proudly represents the Alliance. What Makes Us Different There is no hierarchy, no full application, and no interview. We wish to focus on what truly matters; bringing players together without the pressure and stress of ranks, dictatorships, and competition. We take pride in our uncommon approaches. This is what makes us different from most other guilds and we hope to be recognized for our fairness, honesty, and uniqueness for years to come. JOIN US! We look for... • Basic knowledge of roleplay and Blizzard's official roleplaying guidelines. • An understanding of general Draenei history and culture endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. • Draenei characters that are memorable, still being in accordance with Draenei lore. • Thoughtful, serious, and friendly players who are active and willing to participate in roleplay! IMPORTANT FACTS • We allow Draenei (M.U. and A.U.), Broken (Krokul), and Lost Ones. • All levels and classes are accepted and we never have a limit on recruiting! • New and returning players and roleplayers are absolutely welcome! We will provide instruction if you are willing to learn. For full information or to fill out our form, visit TheDraeneiFellowship.shivtr.com. Whisper or send a letter to Electrika for further questions. You are invited to be a part of The Draenei Fellowship! Thank you!Electrika17 Aug 18
Aug 18 {A - RP} The Draenei Fellowship ... Welcome! INFORMATION Founded in May of 2016, The Draenei Fellowship is about nurturing strong bonds with likeminded Draenei and helping others in need. Draenei are encouraged to continue to shape their culture, preserve customs, and create new ones as well as new memories and new friends. Here, you can be imaginative. Character development and progression is important to us and there is plenty of room for you to try out new things. There is nothing more fulfilling than having a roleplay where your character gets an issue resolved, opens up, matures, or even learns a lesson or something new. If you get stuck, no worries! Just ask and we are happy to help you. Ranks Our guild is designed in the likeness of normal Draenei society so each members' rank is equal despite being numbered in-game as 2-10. The ranks are name variations of each class and a Draenei may wish to join their coinciding class rank. Events We have a weekly meeting covering casual roleplay as well as important topics, an ongoing storyline, and general gatherings. One or two events per week are regularly scheduled. Events vary on the time of year and include educational talks and classes, fundraisers, tours, trips, and anything in between. Activities The Draenei Fellowship's focus is on heavy roleplay. We understand that our members may not always feel like roleplaying or instead want to level, raid, or P.v.P. That is fine with us! We do it as well, especially in light of new expansions and content. In the future, we may try to form raid or P.v.P. groups but that will never be our top priority so please keep this in mind. Loyalty Per the lore, the Draenei have aligned themselves with the Grand Alliance since coming to Azeroth, pledging their allegiance early on. Many of the Draenei have felt the call to arms and actively participate in war against the Horde as well as any threat to the Alliance. Though not every character in our guild is a fighter, we would like to see patriotism under the banner of blue. Thus, The Draenei Fellowship proudly represents the Alliance. What Makes Us Different There is no hierarchy, no full application, and no interview. We wish to focus on what truly matters; bringing players together without the pressure and stress of ranks, dictatorships, and competition. We take pride in our uncommon approaches. This is what makes us different from most other guilds and we hope to be recognized for our fairness, honesty, and uniqueness for years to come. JOIN US! We look for... • Basic knowledge of roleplay and Blizzard's official roleplaying guidelines. • An understanding of general Draenei history and culture endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment. • Draenei characters that are memorable, still being in accordance with Draenei lore. • Thoughtful, serious, and friendly players who are active and willing to participate in roleplay! IMPORTANT FACTS • We allow Draenei (M.U. and A.U.), Broken (Krokul), and Lost Ones. • All levels and classes are accepted and we never have a limit on recruiting! • New and returning players and roleplayers are absolutely welcome! We will provide instruction if you are willing to learn. For full information or to fill out our form, visit TheDraeneiFellowship.shivtr.com. Whisper or send a letter to Electrika for further questions. You are invited to be a part of The Draenei Fellowship! Thank you!Electrika2 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H-RP Event] Call of the Wild ... Date: Thursday, August 18th Time: 7PM Server Location: Crushblow, Twilight Highlands Whispers in the forests. Rumblings of the earth. Azeroth speaks in many languages, and it is We who always keep an ear to the wind. Take heed to the Call of the Wild. Missive Taking advantage of all-eyes on demonic assaults, poachers have been trapping the gryphons of the Twilight Highlands! The Cenarion Circle has called for immediate confrontation with the culprits to derail their operations. ... Join the <World Keepers> as they lead an RP Scenario abroad in Azeroth. These are our guild's roleplay 'missions' that are open to anyone interested in our themes of druidism, shamanism, nature and adventure. Duration: Roughly an hour Contact: Tarrhoof or Nazzrix for more info in-game or a Calendar invite <World Keepers> Guild thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20745105889 <World Keepers> website: http://worldkeepers.enjin.com/Tarrhoof1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Moving Dalaran (SPOILERS) So wow, there was a lot of new stuff in the quest to move Dalaran. Just about everything past "meet Khadgar" is brand new and was not in the Beta. So with that said, what do you guys think about all this new info? Magni and Ulduar, Jaina 'porting away in a huff yet again, etc.Sideswipe127 Aug 18
Aug 18 Battle Hardened's Free Meeses <Battle Hardened> is taking a break from carries for the remainder of the WoD. Over the past four weeks 160 people got their mounts in our groups, and now it's time for us relax and enjoy the last bit of the expansion. Congrats to all those who got their meeses! And to those who weren't able to run with us, there are still a few weeks left to find a group!Shalathe167 Aug 18
Aug 17 H-RP - Medical Support for Xroads 8/17 In lieu of Whitehorn Tribe's normal Wednesday Soup Night at the Crossroads, We, along with our Brothers and Sisters in the Wolfmane Tribe, will be hosting Medical tents for those injured and in need of medical aid from the Legion attacks in the Barrens. Anyone who has a healer type character is welcome pitch in and help. And yes, there will also be soup. When: Wednesday 8/17 Time: Evening - we will start earlier than Soup Night does. but time is TBA Where: Barrens -TBA. Still scouting for locations close to Crossroads that won't be overrun by demons. We have 2 strong options. I will update this post later today with time and place. If you have questions post them here, and I'll answer as I can (on breaks at work). Or send me an in game mail and I'll answer tonight.Kinarra1 Aug 17
Aug 17 PSA: Phasing Bugged, Ravika Visible To anyone without level 98 or above Horde characters, the pre-invasion vendor is currently visible to all Horde-side lowbies due to a phasing bug. The price for all 4 items is 90g. For those unaware, she sells one of the most desired cosmetic items in the game, as well as 3 toys. She was originally available during 5.3, but was removed once the Battlefield: Barrens patch ended. She was added back in for Horde-side only for any players who had yet to complete the invasion scenario. http://www.wowhead.com/npc=113615/ravika#sells Not sure how long this bug will last (or if it's actually intentional), so come get them as fast as you can! Edit: I believe the phasing is actually bugged for Demon Hunters as well, so, if your only max level Horde character happens to be one, you should be able to see the vendor now as well.Kíd1 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A] <Twelve Gates> Casual RP; Alchemy Updated for Legion: About Twelve Gates Twelve Gates is an Alliance apothecary guild and shop, located in the Mage District of Stormwind. Guild events are slotted for Wednesday and Saturdays at 6 p.m. ST. Our events range from roll based adventures to public lectures on alchemy and herbalism. As an adventuring group of apothecaries, we would like to work with you! If you or your guild/group need assistance in acquiring potions, flasks or herbs (both ICly or OOCly), please get in contact with us. GM/Contact: Vandrysse Guild Site: twelvegatesrp.shivtr.com Guild Tumblr: twelvegatesrp.tumblr.com Guild Recruitment: Open Please visit our guild site for a fully detailed explanation of the kind of players we’re seeking to add to our ranks, what we expect of our members, and how to join. We welcome new roleplayers, are EST friendly, and older players are encouraged to check us out, as we aim to create a calm, mature environment where members feel comfortable. Positive attitude is a requirement. I have undoubtedly left something out, so if you have any questions, please post here or find me in-game :) Thanks for reading! ~VVandrysse12 Aug 17
Aug 17 (H) <Exiled> recruiting Looking for a fun casual guild? Well we’re those neighbors down the street you probably didn’t even notice till now. Exiled is an older guild that actually formed on this server just a bit after the server opened for business. We’ve always been a smaller guild liking the challenge of the 10-man raiding style better then the zerg nature of 25s. Currently we’re looking to get back into raiding with the new Cata content and are accepting applications to expand the guild. There are a few dps spots still open for the raiding group. As of right now the guild is very low on the druid, hunter, warrior, and rogue classes. If you enjoy more of a casual fun group, check us out at exiled-wow.wowstead.com and feel free to fill out an application. Raid time is scheduled Thursday-Friday 8-11pm server time and will be expanding into Wednesdays once more raids are put on farm. These hours are flexible and may change from time to time. Outside of raiding we do a variety of different things both in game and out of game as well. We have Vent, a large bank, tabard, and website as mentioned before. PvP and RP is welcome though no events are held for them as of right now. Guild chat is ooc. Come check us out or feel free to send a whisper to Cagnazzo if you have any questions in game. You never know, you might even get a cookie.Cagnazzo3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Tauren and Magni's Message (Spoilers!) So this week's pre-Legion quests dropped, setting up Azeroth as a female Titan and the importance of the Pillars of Creation. Now that we have been given this information in-game, I wonder how it changes the views of the tauren regarding their venerated Earthmother, if at all. I assume they've always been clued in on it a little, what with calling their great spirit the Earth "Mother" and all that. If the Earthmother is the tauren perception of the "world-soul" of the Titan Azeroth, would that give them a similar connection to her like what we've seen Diamond Magni possess? Is this connection even stronger to tauren shaman? I don't like metagaming as much as the next guy, but signs would point to tauren in tune with the Earthmother at least having visions or whispers akin to Magni's message. Maybe not quite as clear, but it could be there. What do you think, tauren brothers and sisters? Should we be able to "hear" Azeroth in the same vein as Magni, or would Azeroth's warnings and advice be too metagamey or out of the league of the common tauren?Kasaya15 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A] <The Shadow Vault>: Ebon Blade & Cult RP ... and casual PvE! The Shadow Vault is a true neutral, medium RP guild primarily for Death Knights who serve, or once served at the Ebon Blade base of the same name in Icecrown. The guild is Alliance side but we are very open to cross-faction RP. Most of our roleplay occurs in Northrend. Our goals (IC): ● To continue to purge Azeroth of the restless remnants of the Scourge and the Cult of the Damned. ● To provide support for Death Knights with the difficult process of reassimilation into civilized society, and to monitor and deal with unstable death knights residing in areas populated by the living. ● To maintain diplomatic relations between the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Alliance and Horde. Our goals (OOC): ● To provide a friendly haven for experienced death knight roleplayers and Scourge fans, and help to repair the poor reputation held by death knight roleplay on the server in general. ● To function as a reliable, neutral Ebon Blade presence for the server to refer to when they need contact with the faction. ● To create and foster roleplay on Wyrmrest Accord related to DKs, the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, etc. ● To provide assistance for new and leveling Death Knights with questing, dungeons, and learning the class. ● To assemble 20 Death Knights and complete Hellfire Citadel (not really) This is not a class-restricted guild! We welcome any living characters who have an interest in associating with the Knights of the Ebon Blade: family, diplomats, researchers, historians-- any curious minds who can stand the smell. :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cult of the Damned Cult of the Damned characters are also welcome: friends and guildies OOC, enemies IC. Once we used temporary 'disposable' cultists for plots, but we have shifted more towards a model where these characters can develop and explore what led them to desiring undeath. The cultists are in a unique position where they are on their last legs and attacking the Ebon Blade directly is not an option. The Ebon Blade is in a unique position where they cannot risk harassing innocent civilians while hunting cultists down. Therefore, it is very easy for them to hide, but every move they make is a risk since it's over if they're found. This makes for a more cat-and-mouse style of villainy. Read more about our expectations for cultist characters here: http://theshadowvault.weebly.com/cult-of-the-damned.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Casual PvE We enjoy casual PvE (N/H raiding & mythic dungeons) a few nights a week. We are primarily a RP guild, so while some of us are experienced raiders, we are very beginner-friendly. Our goal is to enjoy raid time as a stress-free social activity for the guild to do something together outside of RP. What to expect: ● Raiding one night a week (Saturdays 5-8 PM ST) in a casual, friendly environment. ● Jokes and puns and chatter and probably alcohol. ● Personal loot system used most of the time. We have a lot of death knights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miscellaneous notes: ● This is not a military guild. (Our focus is character development). ● The guild is an OOC construct, as we are not ICly a group called 'The Shadow Vault'. We simply represent some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. ● Given that we're trying to maintain a positive reputation with our guild name, we're somewhat strict regarding characters and play being lore-abiding. We do not support the notions of death knight pregnancy, death knight copulation, death knights who somehow became alive again, death knights who make trouble in major cities, etc. (See website for more). ● We maintain a friendly, drama-free atmosphere and do not tolerate members who godmod, troll or harass anyone else on the server. There is no age restriction but we happen to all be adults. Our guild website with this info and more: tinyurl.com/theshadowvault Old recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412401825#1 Please friend Evelyne#1179 or send me an in-game mail if you're interested. Thanks for reading and suffer well! :)Evelyne34 Aug 17
Aug 17 *Legion Spoilers* future of Mr Smites Improv. Greetings friends, I am Dreyfus Xano. Before I say anything, I wish to discuss the Broken Shore scenario and how that pertains to my Improv show, Mr. Smites Improv. If you have not done that yet, for either side, please don't read this until you complete the scenario. You have been warned. ***Post Begin*** So, last night I just did the Broken Shore scenario and man was it epically bittersweet. Seeing Varian take down the demon with his epic face stab move and epically saying "For the Alliance..." I literally laughed until...yeah... I am going to be familiarizing myself with the Horde side stuff to to see how it affected them. Now that this has happened, my improv show is going to be harder to do. For those of you who don't know, I host an improvisational comedy show every Friday and Saturday on the Wyrmrest Accord server, at seven server time at the Gazebo behind the cathedral. I make it no secret that I have occasionally poked fun at Varian and his chin, Voljin and his posture and wanting to set up a posture clinic, or even Tirion and his constant announcements at the Argent Tournament Grounds. I was always very careful about referencing Gnomeregan and always tried to frame my 185 jokes in a way of them retaking the city or just a standard "For Gnomeregan" shout. I will admit I have let a few short jokes slide occasionally slide, I have always tried to make sure they stayed family friendly and inoffensive. I occasionally riffed on Arthas until a DK pulled us aside and told me that other DKs might take offense to this. I did not know that so I stopped making any jokes about Arthas What am I getting at? Well, I am still learning how to RP and the last thing I want to be is a laughing stock or that insensitive guy who doesn't care who he insults. I was serious when I said I want my show to be a continuous staple for WRA. I didn't learn about the concept of "Mary sues" until...well watching Turwinkle's interview series and a few unique situations when I RPed on Kirin Tor with my first attempt at a character of a prince from another world. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, I have no intention of stopping my show, though my shows may change. One big reason I improvise is that it is a big stress relief for me. There have been plenty of times when I have had my cast laughing or they got me to laugh really hard at a silly joke. I have had so many people whisper me or one of my cast members, thanking us for livening up their days and making them smile. If I can get some genuine laughs made, That helps make my week worth it. I feel like my character is going to be even more altruistic in his beliefs. Both factions are in need of a smile and need hope in a time of fear and anger. Human and Orc, gnome and goblin etc. I think that is enough for now. I'm going to work hard and make sure that I continue to help people get through this hard time, even if it means putting a smile on their face. I look forward to the events I have planned in the future. Dreyfus Xano Head Entertainer and Lead Innovator of The Xanoic Brotherhood on Wyrmrest AccordDreyfusxano5 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A-RP Guild][Worgen]<Blood Howl Clan> Vulrick falls to his hands and knees before the druid. "What did you see?" the druid questions. "Fire, brimstone, death..." Vulrick pants and slowly rises to his feet. "I was surrounded, by hooves, claws, fangs, and wings." The druid scratches his mane humming in thought. "I see, and you faced them alone?" Vulrick looks to him bewildered, "How else do I face my foe, druid?" Vulrick sheathes his daggers, flexing and clenching his hands. The druid smirks and looks to Vulrick. "You face them, with friends, families, allies. The demons are many in numbers, son of Goldrinn. To fight them, you must seek aid in others..." OOC Information: Guild Name: Blood Howl Clan Archetype: Worgen RP GM: Vulrick PvE: Light PvP: Light RP: Heavy FAQ: Is this another “pack guild?” In the past, the term “pack guild” was used as a way of role-playing groups of Worgen together who might not take on the more noble stances of their non-afflicted brethren. Over time, it was used to mean people who wanted to play as feral, or worgen who has renounced their humanity entirely. While we certainly do not have anything against the more feral versions, we have come together as worgen who appreciate the ideology of things such as: the Old Ways, ritualistic hunts, and the familial-like atmosphere while not forgetting that we have human roots. Do you have a base of operations? Currently, we are seeking to proliferate our guild story in Grizzly Hills; a sort of second chance at life while others are rebuilding Gilneas. We feel that because some of our Worgen don’t necessarily come from Gilneas (as an exclusive thing), we would begin to make our home further north. What type of RP and events are to be expected? The guild's main focus is to thwarting the Legion invasions and advancement onto Azeroth. The Legion is truly one of the most evil forces in the WoW universe, so some RP events maybe for mature audiences. There will be combat events, and campaign like storylines. Along with this, camaraderie within the pack itself with hunts, pack-running, and the familial-like atmosphere as stated above. How is this guild ad, different from your previous one? The last recruiting post I had made for the guild, supported a different RP objective. It was too vague and would not hold to much interest. I believe with the coming expansion, we can be given ideas to run the guild off of, allowing the worgens to go to their true roots and battling the Legion (specifically satyrs!) Requirements Preferably level 100 or above. We will be operating in Northrend, Grizzly Hills and The Broken isles, but there will be some story lines taking us to other areas of Azeroth. Lower level toons may be permitted on a case-by-case basis. The level requirement is strictly for those who will be attending other in-game functions. Mature, friendly and respectful to others. Worgen (Afflicted-Humans prefered. Kaldorei Druids of Goldrinn are welcome on a case-by-case basis) An interest in worgen/pack style RP! How to apply! Contact me, Vulrick, in game! Or add my B-Tag Vulric#1576 All applicants go through an OOC/IC interview with me personally.Vulrick11 Aug 17
Aug 17 Nelf only archer guilds? Are there any Night elf hunter only "marksmen" guilds here on WA?Zulil3 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A-RP] The Eternal Watchers - Recruitment -You walk the streets of the Dwarven District, Stormwind, in the dead of night. The streets are all but pitch black, the darkness only being broken by the flickering light of your torch. You finally find what you are looking for: Flintcrag’s Arsenal, an unremarkable little store sitting on a dusty corner of a Dwarven District street. Tentatively, you push on the old, creaky door. The hinges protest as it slowly opens, revealing a dimly lit store, with an elderly dwarf standing behind the counter- “Bit late tae be doin’ some shoppin’, innit?” The dwarf says in a gruff and irritable voice. He puffs smoke from his pipe absently, while cleaning out the barrel of one of his guns. “What do ye want?” -Your mind is cast back to a few days ago, and the interesting little flier that caught your eye as you glanced at the billboard in your local town. Red, with a single black eye, it said simply “If you wish to protect this world, seek out the Eternal Watchers.” You tore a slip of paper from the poster, and writing burned into the paper, and your mind. “Travel to Flintcrag’s Arsenal, Stormwind, at midnight.”- Now, you have found it, and the dwarf raises an eyebrow as you respond to his question. “The Eternal Watchers, ye say?” He beckons, and opens a door at the back of the shop, behind the counter. He holds out his hand, and points. “In there if ye want tae know more. If no’, it’s best ye turn back now.” -If you were to walk in, the door would slam shut as if by a gust of wind. BANG! You are left in utter darkness. Suddenly, a male voice would speak. It seems to surround you. In the darkness, you cannot identify its source.- “Welcome, seeker. I am your guide. You have boldly sought out an order that has a past shrouded in mystery, an order that has long been a shadow of its former self. But this shadow, is growing…” “You must think that with all this talk of shadows, we are some form of evil cult.” The deep voice laughs, a surprisingly happy sound. -You would sense amusement in is voice at the next comment- “Well, let me assure you. Not everything that works from the shadows is evil.” -Suddenly a dim light would illuminate the room. Despite the fact that the lighting is dull, in contrast to the pitch black you were formerly experiencing, it still seems momentarily blinding- -The source of the voice is revealed before you, however. A reasonably young, bearded human clad in red and black armour. On his chest is a tabard, proudly emblazoned with a large black eye upon the deep blood red background. It is finely crafted, ornate even. -You would also now see around the room. It is circular, and three small statues stand on pillars at about waist height to the average human male. Each has a feel of some kind of magic; there is more to these statues than meets the eye. One is simply a statue of an open book, its pages covered in an indecipherable language. It pulses with an eerie purple light. The second is some form of gun, technical, precise, and engraved with an image of crossed swords. It gleams a brilliant gold. The third is a fist of black iron, clamped hard and strong, and appearing unbreakable. The man speaks quietly and calmly, a gentle smile on his face- “We hide in the shadows, because that is where our enemies hide. There are forces of evil in this world that nobody notices, that elude the eyes of armies and nations, that go on for centuries as a secret blight upon society, with nobody ever noticing. The Cult of the Damned, the Twilight’s Hammer and many other such organizations were not discovered by nations and the world until it was too late. If only there were Watchers active, people who lingered in the shadows, and engaged the enemy on their own level… then perhaps Lordaeron would never have been plagued. Perhaps the Cataclysm would never have occurred. There is much that could have been prevented….” -He sighs- “We are an anti-cult, you could say. The Eternal Watchers lingers in the shadows so that we can prevent darker powers from crawling out. We hide within society to notice those who also do so, for darker purposes. We engage enemies that can move fast and stealthily, too fast for armies, but able to be reached by those who can also move fast and stealthily.” -He looks at you intently- “If you wish to join us…. I will not lie. It is not easy. You will be in danger. But… you will be able to fight to save this world. To protect it from the evil lurking in the darkness that we cannot see.” -The statues pulse with light- “There are many paths we take. We have a long and detailed history, and we fight towards our shared goal in a variety of ways.” -He points towards the book- “The Keepers of the Lost, the Lor’Verloren. These are the seekers of knowledge. They search for and record all manner of things, and are invaluable in the pursuit of justice. Without knowledge, we are blind.” -He points toward the gun- >>>>>>Harrigann25 Aug 17
Aug 17 Looking for an Alliance Guild So I've got two alts that I actually want to get some sort of activity on coming Legion. Playing in the Beta, the blue side has some interesting oppertunities for RP and everyone knows how much I'm a sucker for the faction conflict. That said, I don't know enough about current Alliance guilds aside from the ones I do some PvP against and I'm leaning to develop my RP with those toons as well. I've got two Gilneans. A rogue and warlock. One is a recent conscript/recruit into SI:7 who brings a bit of savvy and sophistication to clandestine work. The other is hex wizard and former school teacher. When he's not consulting the Alliance on all things occult, he's trying to be a gentleman to ladies in pubs-posing as a nobleman even though he has no claim to royalty whatsoever...and his fortune is likely stolen. Being a GM of a guild I can't promise activity 100% of the time so please be mindful of that. In addition, I'm looking for friends to PvP with as that's my main time spent in game, even over RP. A guild that can facilitate both would be outstanding and ideal.Lianshí1 Aug 17
Aug 17 [H-RP] Delvers Society Adventure. Excitement. Danger! Explore deep, dark caves and crumbling tombs. Discover ancient relics, artifacts of power and treasure. Battle against oddities of nature and unknown spiritual forces. Become a part of Delvers Society! Introduction From the amazing and strange to the twisted and odd, the Delvers Society have seen it all on their adventures across the lands of Azeroth. Made up of a team of talented individuals ranging from the intellectually gifted to the combat inclined, this particular band of adventurers specializes in the more curious aspects of the world around them; seeking out or taking jobs not just any run-of-the-mill mercenary group can handle. What We Do Once a humble archaeological group, the Delvers Society blossomed into more dangerous territories. The work of the society includes making expeditions around the world, traveling far from the safety of their home base often on nothing more than whispered rumors and tips to investigate the truth. Days, weeks, or even months might be spent searching or exploring with the goal of uncovering and isolating volatile relics, creatures, or spirits. Once isolated these discoveries are returned to base to be studied--kept out of more malicious hands. The notes made and copied of such finds are sold to trustworthy sources, giving the society a comfortable wage to live on. While hired work is not relied on, the Delvers Society may take payment for specific tasks relating to their interests--meaning the Delvers can be hired for work! The Out-of-Character Aspect As a guild Delvers Society is small and prefers to keep it tightly-knit and friendly. Members are not just another number on the roster here, but valued individuals, each having the capability to became well-known and loved by their fellow guildies. Getting lost in mass numbers and becoming a blur in the background is just what the Delvers intend to avoid. We want to provide a setting in which to make new friends and truly get involved in entertaining, engaging story-telling. We usually host two events per week at 6:40 pm server which can last anywhere from 2-4 hours. The days we have our events are normally on Wednesdays and Saturdays, though extra events or out-of-character meetings may be placed on Fridays. We do long storylines, single events, and even social meet ups! How to Apply While actively recruiting in-character letters will be sent out to random, guildless individuals. If you have not received one of these and wish to join the guild there are a few ways to do so. First, send a letter to us instead! A letter to the GM (in-character or otherwise) will have you contacted as soon as possible. If you do not want to send in a letter, feel free to whisper any of our members online with /who Delvers Society and they will direct you to an officer or the GM if available. Please note that if you send a letter, you must make yourself available to be contacted. If we cannot find you online within a week of responding to you, your name will be taken off the contact list. Before applying be sure that the character you want in the guild is level 20 and that it is ready for roleplay as it will be needed to complete your interview! GM- Nafani Officers- Xenaji, Kotrawi If you are still curious about Delvers Society you can read even more about us on our info page! Guild rules, ranks, and even event history is listed here: http://delverssociety.tumblr.com/Nafani42 Aug 17
Aug 17 [Looking for Moose Run] Hello there! I've heard that some people are selling Moose runs for gold. I'm hoping to find someone willing to sell me a spot on a moose run. I've got about 21k gold, I hope that is enough. I have almost ilvl 700 and can do 26-28k DPS. I've watched videos on the fights but I have not do this raid before. I am available Friday evening, or any time Saturday or Sunday. Thanks in advance!Sopheriel2 Aug 17
Aug 17 Herbs and flowers I swore back in the day there use to be tool tips or little thumb notes on the plants.. maybe I am remembering wrong or something... but they use to tell little facts or tidbits on the flower or herb that you gathered. My question is if there is some collection out there of what each plant is used or could be used for. I've been winging it a little as I rp my character as a traveling herbalist and healer but if there was more information I could weave into I would be more than open to it. ^^; If there isn't a list out there.. I guess I could try to put together one basing the WoW plants off of real ones and their purposes or past uses.Rosekitten2 Aug 17
Aug 17 <A> LF raiding guild Just what the title says I am a mythic exp tank and am looking to join a raiding guild that plans on to push into the content available for raids come legion. I put dedication into every thing I do from researching fights to my own class. I have a blood dk that I am exp and now I am maining the Dh tank spec. I have logged various hours into this spec trialing in raids and testing it out and what its future holds in the raiding environment. If any guild out there is in need of a tank for Legion for Raiding I am available. my btag is Jenobi#1952Keldreia1 Aug 17
Aug 17 [A] Cryptic Tide - Adventure/Research RP Azeroth is filled with so many untouched wonders and untapped possibilities. There's so little we actually know about. It's overwhelming to think about, sometimes. Piece by piece we aim to uncover those wonders, to hone in on those possibilities and use them to forge a better future. This is what Cryptic Tide aims for in our work. ------------- Cryptic Tide was brought over to Wymrest Accord from it's original home on Moon Guard four years ago, and to this day we stand strong with a great community. But enough about our past, lets get to why you're really here, yeah? Basic Information & Activities What is Cryptic Tide? Filled with all walks of life, Cryptic Tide is a heavy rp guild based off of the theme of artifact recovery and research. We're made up of three different divisions: The Medics, the Bodyguards, and the Researchers and each division is lead by a different officer and assistant. We're a neutral organization that makes a home for those that need it while doing our work, and we always do our best to support one another. In the simplest of terms: We take care of our own. What types of events do we run? We run several different kinds of events! Our main large events are three to four week long expeditions to various areas in Azeroth, following along a certain plot line and getting into all sorts of shenanigans while making our discoveries! Other events include separate division meetings, storytelling events that could be comprised of anything from experimenting on the artifacts we have in our vault, to making negotiations with NPC factions. Of course we also have our holiday parties, fun get togethers and all that in between too. All guild members are also allowed to make their own approved events when they have an officer helping them, so it doesn't have to be all officer run events either. What are our peak times? We've got people on nearly all hours of the day, but our event times are often around 6-6:30 PM server time and our peak hours are in the evening around that time as well and last well into the night. Are events all we do? Not at all. There's almost always random RP going on. We like to have a healthy amount of events and spontaneous RP going as well. What's our out of character policy? We're a strict no OOC drama zone. Drama can be great for RP but we rather not let it flow over into OOC. We use our officer chat as an OOC channel so everyone in the guild can talk and joke around. Themes can turn mature sometimes, but the golden rule is to be respectful to everyone. What kind of people are we looking for? We're looking for experienced RPers with a decent grasp on lore and a light hearted OOC attitude. Because we are a larger guild we need people that are capable of going out there and finding their own RP at times. Both lighter and darker characters are accepted into the guild, though there is a line with darker themed characters (pure evil characters and what not). We love people that take the initiative to start up their own RP and story lines within the guild. Recruitment The Cryptic Tide is almost always looking for new blood, and right now our focus is on filling up our Research and Medic wings. It's a simple process to go through, just contact any of the officers listed below and request admittance. They'll take you through an OOC interview which, if passed, will be followed up with an IC interview. When everything checks out, you'll be invited to join the Tide! If you're interested in setting up a joint event between our guilds or joining in on events, contact one of the officers in the list below to let us know so we can talk about it! Guild Website cryptic-tide.tumblr.com/ Guild Leader & Officers Kaylir (Guild Leader) Altheira (Officer) Astrellan (Officer) Christiara (Officer) Riverthorn (Officer) Lydea (Officer) We hope to see you soon!Astrellan21 Aug 17
Aug 17 Another Legion Surprise? So finally getting around to finishing up the Isle of Thunder Quests and I think I came across another new addition that flew under the radar with Legion. Halduron Brightwing has his own voice overs now and no long the basic male Blood Elf NPC voice. Is this new or not really? (Another one of our leaders propped up to fall this expansion?)Faradei1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Call to Arms {Pandaren Event} http://imgur.com/a/0oogA “Stand with us and fight!” Black and White banners raised in protest to the violent streaks of green that made up the sky, waving their tattered images against winds just as malevolent as the crackle of thunder echoing over the horizon. In Dawn's Blossom, noddle carts and shops, places where people offered wares accompanied with smiles-had been replaced with racks of armaments. Lines of armors and weapons, all of varying forms of quality and use sprawled just short of where the bodies were, covered in stained white drapes. There were a few gathered around them, but not much, but all were at least decisive. Either rapidly taking what ever odd combination of arms to suit them, or turning around, seeing the row of corpses that reminded them of a fate that was all to much a possibility. The guards at Dawn's Blossom did not want to let the Steelpaw in at first, fearing that, with the gates open legions of demons would pour in behind them. Though perhaps it was in their curiosity, looking upon the beaten and chared armors, the rows of wounded fighters who still appeared defiant in the face of calamity, did they usher in just a few to go about their task. Though they were asked to help with the villagers, they paid them little mind, a token effort to what minor greviances that did not distract them too much from putting a sword in any able hand and demanding they turn the tide of war. “Those who have the courage to crush the threats of the homeland—join us at Tian Monastery!” There was one Shado-pan among them, recognized by their near tell-tale hat and insignia, but he was deathly quiet. His arm soaked in medicine and blood that turned the wrap into a sickly color as he took time to shuffle civilians into homes that were more structurally sound than the others. Occasionally he spoke with those carrying the Steelpaw's colors. A few times, he even seemed to grow frustrated, each time however, he shifted his concern back to those who needed him—leaving others to round up those who seemed healthy enough to hold a spear. “And those who do not have such resolve to push back these villians from our home—should find the strength to do so!” {We[Steelpaw Shaodin] will be having a meeting at Tian Tuesday(8/16) 6pm ST, cross faction with other Pandaren guilds/groups to discuss the full threat that the Legion faces and perhaps combine efforts to push back. Bring your friends, translators via mages will be present.}Lianshí7 Aug 17
Aug 17 Moosen? Meese? Mooses? Hi. I'm going to make this short and sweet, I need players who are geared, preferably 720 or higher to help carry players who either aren't good, or as geared. Or perhaps they couldn't even find a raid group to do the content? Either way; If you can help let me know. If it wasn't clear, this is to get other players the Grove Warden mount without them paying a large chunk of gold for a mount. As far as it stands, we need healers, tank(s?) and a few DPS. Either send me a mail in game, or post here if you want to help, or even add me on btag at Itorizal#11897. Once I find a few like-minded people who are willing to do this; a time will be set and we will start bringing in friends / whoever from Wyrmrest. Thank you for taking time to read this post, and I hope to see you help other people!Akous24 Aug 17
Aug 17 <Netherwatch> RP / Raiding Guild Recruiting. "Founded off the leadership of a group of like minded comrades, the guild known as Netherwatch vows to investigate worrying demonic activity. Our members come from all walks of life, and have connections to their respective factions that we can all benefit from in our fight against the legion. If you are willing, and if you have the courage, I invite you to join our ranks to rid Azeroth of all demonic threats." Netherwatch is a project of a collection of friends with deep raiding experience. We all are fans of wow rp, and all decided to move here and make a guild for legion raiding and progression. For now, though, we are working to improve our place in the world, and craft an ongoing narrative with our guild and maybe others as legion is released. Once legion is released, or shortly before, we will work out schedules for raiding. If necessary I would also like to reach out to other guilds in similar positions, working together to fill 25 man raids in friendly cooperation. If interested, whisper Talsaras, Andathros, Chiyomi, or Nizibel for an invite. We are open to regular invites, or RP oriented invites at your discretion. Hope to hear from you!Talsaras1 Aug 17
Aug 17 A living dark ranger Just a random question, was wondering if it's possible at all for their to be a living dark ranger at all.Tyllimath30 Aug 17
Aug 16 Tank/Healer looking for Legion raiding guild Hello! I recently re-subbed after Draenor's lack of interesting content, and am looking back to getting into the raiding scene again. I have raided in just about every expansion from BC through Cataclysm, so I am no new player here, but very much the opposite. I'm not sure who i'm going to be maining for Legion, but it will likely be a Vengeance DH or a Blood DK, along with Shaman/Priest healer as my second, depending on what the raid team/guild needs. I'm very flexible and am willing to work with a composition. You can either reply to this forum post, or you can find me in game on my DH quite often, Alidraea. Or my Bnet is also Tinytunez#1794. Thanks for taking a read! :)Alidraea0 Aug 16
Aug 16 Where do I find info about server events Ok, just to give an idea. I took a break from this game about a year ago and my last month I decided to play RP characters to have a little fun. The forum sticky that had events was actively updated and accurate. There were even some larger server events I went to, like the Horde side halloween party. These were all great and I would love to see more. Here's my questions now that I've come back! That stickied post with events on it has not been updated for a while. Are there still weekly events and the like happening? What about any big upcoming events like that halloween party? If so where can I find information for things like these?Squelben14 Aug 16
Aug 16 (H-RP) The Coalition Seeks New Personnel! ( For optional ambience of this encounter, please take a listen to this link: https://youtu.be/gfLo-1Sjkr8 I hope you will enjoy it, and this post! :] Note: Jonas Lefvert has no affiliation with Northeastern Coalition.) On a misty evening, which was quite oft the usual in Tirisfal, a knock rings loudly upon the solid oaken door of Vreth's office. Faint music can be heard just beyond the wooden portal, soon a muffled voice answers just loud enough to be heard, "Please, come in!" The voice seems to echo slightly with each word. "Hail to you, so very pleased you could make it. I know that at times it can be difficult to work such things into one's schedule and thank you for what sparse few moments you can give me. I am called 'Vreth', you may know me by this name, or maybe by another... it's not important really. Though what matters is that I have returned and with me, the Coalition!" Vreth motions to the comfortable yet worn looking chair before his desk. "Have a seat, friend. Rest your weary bones, hum... now where was I?" Raising a claw to the plate of faintly glowing metal that masked his face, Vreth pondered for but a moment before continuing. Off to his side, another Forsaken sat strumming guitar. The melodies he strummed were mournful, yet oddly soothing, but what wasn't comforting was the intense gaze the rogue seemed to be giving you. Glowing green eyes shifted their attention from you then the door; it was clear this leather cloaked man was a bodyguard. "Ah yes, I imagine that is why you are here isn't it? I'm certain you've heard a number of things about us, and likely as many about me. Allow me to enlighten you as to who we are and what we do." Vreth clatters his spindly fingers excitedly against the desk with this shift in conversation, his bodyguard uttering a bemused grunt at his employer's palatable enthusiasm. "The Northeastern Coalition is an organization that operates in the movement of resources, manpower, information, and other assorted things with the intention to give purpose to those who may lack it." The spellcaster leans back in his chair, steepling his claws. "Yes, giving purpose is a rather wide, far-reaching goal isn't it? You see, an epidemic of listlessness and loss of direction has fallen upon our peoples as conflict throughout this world and many others becomes resolved." A wistful sigh from the bodyguard. "What do you do when you find yourself newly risen as a Forsaken? When your business dismisses you or after you take an injury that sees your past profession absolutely impossible?" The burly Rogue feigns a mournful gasp at these misfortunate scenarios, a hollow chuckle escaping his blood-red mask soon after. Perhaps you ponder these scenarios yourself now, they are all equally lamentable as well as difficult to recover from all on one's own! Perhaps your musings show on your features, for Vreth's eagle eyes soon pick up on this. "Oh, lovely, these words hit home; I see you understand what I am talking about hm? Yes, yes, yes it is a dreadful thing, being cast aside... abandoned. It is foolish though, for all can come to a purpose of their own!" Once again, Vreth seems to almost read your mind, a smile audible in his tone. "Ah! Now you start to follow me, yes? This is where the Coalition steps in, for we take those who are lost in a world that is ever in strife and give them the means to pursue their own goals, to find their aspirations! All we ask in return is that you offer similar in exchange. The stipulation is this: You are provided with means, comrades, and organization to achieve your desires, and in turn you offer yourself as a resource for others to obtain their own goals..." As the Necromancer trails off, his bodyguard finishes playing his melody and sets the instrument aside, a lone hand nursing the pommel of one of his blades... now flitting his vigilant gaze upon you and your reply. Vreth purrs with rare amusement, clicking his claw against his mask. "So tell me, friend... are you ready to make a deal?" The Rogue rises to his feet, unfurling a roll of parchment atop the desk, along with an enchanted quill. The document before you seems to be a contract, written in a foul glowing ink the likes you've never seen before. Dare you sign? ------ Greetings, friends! Northeastern Coalition is a Forsaken centered guild recruiting role players of all classes for its ranks! We are a friendly, active guild with frequent RP events or in game social gatherings in order to promote a healthy and fun environment for our members and friends in other guilds who wish to join us. We are a Forsaken aligned organization, but operate independently of the Forsaken military hierarchy.Vreth17 Aug 16
Aug 16 Dark Whispers Event This is a friendly reminder as I guarantee you many people have likely forgotten it because of the Invasion and Demon Hunter hype. There are four things coming out tomorrow. Demon Hunters Invasions Broken Shore Quest Dark Whispers For those that do not know, or haven't read, as Blizzard hasn't appeared to done an article on it yet. The Dark Whispers event is an event that happens in cities, presumingly only Stormwind/Orgrimmar (unconfirmed yet). A player at random will get a new UI and a buff, allowing them to corrupt other players into being FFA flagged for PvP for 15 seconds and attackable by any player. Doing this removes one of their own debuffs of 'Frail Mind'. When the player removes all 9 debuff stacks they may turn into a Dreadlord and attack anyone for 1 minute. They also have a few other moves as well as a cloak, and can be attacked either during or after casting Turn Ally. This is a big PvP war thing within the cities, more of a controlled one than the Scourge event but comes with it's own reward. Any person(s) capable of killing a Player while they are still a Dreadlord will be able to loot the Dreadlord body for a chance at the Pocket Fel Spreader toy. It's not 100% and you only have 1 minute to kill them before they change back and die automatically. If this event doesn't interest you, you are able to opt out of it by clicking off the game buff it gives you.Dawnsky73 Aug 16
Aug 16 So where is Varimathras? He wasn't at the Broken Shore or any invasions. Any sign of him from those that played through the beta leveling experience? I decided to not spoil myself and play through it but have been wondering if he is going to show up again.Chonga64 Aug 16
Aug 16 [A-Contest] Illidari Bootcamp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSS5dEeMX64 ... Hi guys! Since the end of the world is upon us, I thought I'd take a bit of time to introduce an event of dire necessity to the cause: jumping puzzles! I've spent an amount of time which shall go undisclosed over the last week vaulting around Stormwind while pretending I'm Donkey Kong. In that platforming journey I've found two jumps in particular that I think will make a fun challenge to test the mettle of all our new DHs - and net you a little chunk of gold in the process. THE RULES: 1. Your spec of choice shall be Havoc. 2. Start at the designated starting point and get to my stated objective using only Demon Hunter abilities. (Jump, double jump, glide, Fel Rush and Vengeful Retreat.) 3. No mounts of any kind. 4. Provide a gif link covering your entire attempt or /whisper Selare when I'm online to have me oversee your attempt. 5. Obey the spirit of the contest. Don't do things like gliding from the mountains above Stormwind to the target and expect me to pay you. 6. You're allowed to miss one jump (Missing the platform you were aiming for). if you miss more than one jump, back to the start with you! ... if you aren't there already ;) If you think I won't be able to tell you missed then by all means carry on. 7. Uncollected total prize pool will be distributed equally among all qualified recipients at the time I close the event. ... ... I've done enough testing to know these are both 100% possible, so don't get discouraged! That's it for now. Overcome both these challenges and I have it on good authority your jumps will take you anywhere! http://imgur.com/36ZDWtrSelare0 Aug 16
Aug 16 Dark Convocation [Alliance Warlock RP.95+] The next demon you summon from the twisting nether is not alone. Standing behind it cowering in fear is a rather weathered looking imp. Its ears are burnt at the tips and tearing, its tail is missing several chunks, and a single horn has been cracked right off. As it realizes it has been summoned along with your demon it lets out a startled yelp before rushing to grovel at your feet, a leather satchel around its neck bouncing off its body with every hurried step. "M-missive from Master Elegan! Please don't send me back!" it whines as it produces a scroll from the satchel. The imp hardly has time to issue another plea before it is instantly yanked back into the twisting nether, sobbing excessively the entire time. It seems as if it was tasked to provide the scroll before being yanked back to its owner. The scrolls itself is made of a delicate vellum, sealed with wax. As the wax crumbles away words burn themselves across the page in common; "Greetings, If you have received this scroll that means you are known. You are of talent, skill, and power. We are a breed of people who often wish to stay hidden, even from one another less the masses turn on us. But something is coming that may force a change. There is a storm and we are on the very cusp of it. You, like the rest of us, must have felt the tremors each time you reached out to the nether. I invite you to join us, fellow practitioners of the Alliance in a brief convocation to decide how we will proceed. Strength in numbers is key not only to our survival, but our victory in the days and weeks to come. If you wish to attend we will be meeting in one of the houses in the Mystic Wing of Ironforge. For further information call out to the worthless imp who delivered the message, Geljub, and he will relay it to me. Please burn this scroll after you have made your decision, less it fall into the wrong hands. -Elegan" [[I'm putting together a little pre-legion event! Demons are going to have a HUGE part in the next expansion so I'd like to get a little Alliance only cabal/convocation going on so we can discuss what is happening, and how we as a Warlock community will deal with it. I'd love to have a lot of higher level warlocks show up to this. PM me in game if interested. As of right now [July 15th] this event will be 7:30 PM EST on July 20th, 2016]]Elegan18 Aug 16
Aug 16 The Azeroth Gazette--News you can trust. Ultimate Battle Between Good and Evil Continues in Local Tavern STORMWIND – What began as a minor disagreement over who would sit in the cool brooding-guy under-the-stairs table in the popular Stormwind Eatery “The Blue Recluse” has since escalated into an ultimate battle between good and evil, as two of the most powerful beings in the universe battle it out in the mages district tavern. The human paladin Roland Lighthammer, 32, and Night Elf Death Knight Darkvlad, 15, have been locked in combat in the tavern for nearly three hours at last report. Onlookers say they have unleashed incredible powers directed at each other, but no clear winner has emerged. “They keep dodging,” said local dwarf Harold Ironbeard, 75. “The death knight will summon up a terrifying legion of the dead and they will claw the Paladin to pieces, but then the Paladin just dodges it.” When asked for clarification as to how one would dodge an attack from hundreds of zombies called forth from the very floorboards of the drinking esablishment, Ironbeard was unable to explain. “Their abilities are truly spectacular,” local woman Marta Marlowe, 24, said. “At one point the Paladin took his holy-bullet infused pistol—which I hadn't even known existed—and shot it point blank into the Death Knight's skull. The Death Knight dodged that, too.” “It hasn't been all fighting, of course,” Marlowe added, “after each dodge there's about 15 minutes of arguing that the attack should have landed.” “One time the Death Knight actually beheaded the Paladin, but the head re-attached and claimed to have dodged the attack.” The combatants were unable to be reached for comment, as both were arguing with each other about an attempt to cut off the Death Knight's arm. At last report they were targeting a local squirrel so that they could maintain their combat poses. The squirrel characterized their behavior as “disruptive”. 1,000,000 dead in Booty Bay rep grinding disaster, pg 12 Reasons for decline in Draenei birth rate described as "obvious" by Sociologist, pg 15 What to expect when you're expecting and also you're a death knight, pg 20 Prophet Velen "Very Lonely", report finds, pg 21 Word Jumble, pg 30 (( Feel free to write your own! ))Craddock89 Aug 16
Aug 16 Realm restart just re-enabled Stormwind CRZ. Title. Why. I literally cannot find a Wyrmrest player in any of the RP hotspots; nothing but Moon Guard.Morgana12 Aug 16