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Nov 22, 2010
Guilds of Tichondrius [PVP Guild Listings] Welcome to Tichondrius! We all know it's a headache finding the perfect PVP guild to join and having information nowadays is hard to come by. I will be listing every PVP guild on the Alliance and Horde side and hopefully we can get this stickied for new people. This will help new comers who venture into Tichondrius find a new home without having to struggle. I'm asking you to please create a comment and put your guild name, summary of what you do, recruitment thread link, website and who to contact to join. I will add this to the list and I will constantly update this as people add their guilds. PLEASE REQUEST AS STICKY!! Horde Side: Guild name: Warsong Vanguard, Warsong Cartel, The Warsong Offensive. Summary: Large/Small Scale WPVP & Rated BGs/Arenas, HFC progression Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16203380741 Guild website: www.warsongvanguard.com Who to contact: Wreckmode, Keeana, Inenta. Guild name: The Skychaser Tribe Summary: Rated BGs/Casual PVP Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Shamulike, Rankêd Guild name: The Knights Radiant (The Dream as it shows currently) Summary: Light World PVP & Rated PVP Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16412002103 Guild website: www.TKRguild.com Who to contact: Cerrseii, Adolen, Randuun. Guild name: Jahony Brothers Inc Summary: Rated PVP Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16490309313 Guild website: pending. Who to contact: Mysterblasty Guild name: DRACONIANOS Summary: Rated BGs/Arenas Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Xsmoks, Asenett Guild name: Lost Legends Summary: Casual PVP Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Moroxx, Capziel, Rammie, Beinion. Guild name: GamingLyfe Summary: Casual PVP Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Narcyist, Capnhammer. Guild name: MASAGUNDI Summary: High Rated BGs Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Phewrekt, Phewgood, Phewgoodqt, Itekumo, Phewgoodirl Guild Name: Lugal Ki En Summary: Casual PvP, Achievements/Transmog, Questing/Leveling, Raids Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20742809869 Guild Website: N/A (For now....) Who to contact: Gobekli, Teperion, Kotalkahn, Tekkar Guild Name: The Horde Empire Summary: World PvP, Rated PvP Recruitment thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20744884325 Guild Website: Pending Who to contact: Cadogan, Ceneria, Deathologyz, Meowfythecat. Guild Name: Axion, Axion ll Summary: Casual PvP Recruitment Thread: N/A Website: N/A Contact: Lollita, Headwillbob, Kngfuatlanta Guild name: Is Probably Drunk Summary: Rated PvP/RBGs/Leveling/Social Recruitment thread: N/A Guild website: N/A Who to contact: Lunnix/Chaospwn Trapstâr86
Jul 19
8m 31m
[H] WSV/WSC LFM Legion RatedPvP/WPvP Hello everyone, Let me tell you about our community as we are currently in open recruitment for all of our 3 guilds on Tichondrius US Horde. Who are we? We are Warsong Vanguard. We're an established mutli-server power house World PvP/Rated PvP guild led by a multi-class 2k+ exp leader. and 2k Co-GM's. We've ran over 500+ For The Horde runs, medium large and small scale World PvP and much more. We're currently opening our doors to our 3 guilds Warsong Vanguard, Warsong Cartel and The Warsong Offensive. We're a great gaming community with a lot of absolute amazing people who go above and beyond to help people in need. What do we do? We do a little bit of everything! But here is a list of the majority of the activities we do and offer: World PvP, including For The Horde, Storm shield attacks and city defenses. Rated Battlegrounds. Rated Arenas. Guild War-games for gold and prizes. Lady/Lord of War title farms. Constant normal BG farming for new and returning players. PvP training for new and returning players. Guild PvP Tournaments for gold, prizes, pets, etc. 13/13 Hellfire Citadel progression and content. Gank protection. (We form groups to help lowbies being camped by 100s, and etc.) Old school raid farming for transmogrification gear. WoW Token giveaways. (When available.) Leveling help, bags,100+ gold repairs, etc for new players. Weekly raffles with 20k+ in gold and pet giveaways. What is required in terms of Voice Com and Add-ons? We require you use the basic and simple PvP addons when grouping with our core groups. (This also applies for our PvE progression raids.) Addons: Battleground Targets Gladius Greenwall (This is NOT a PvP addon, however it merges all of our 3 guild chats and is useful.) Healers have to die Nameplate Cooldowns (Just to name a few) Voice Comms: Teamspeak3 Curse Voice Do we HAVE to attend certain events? No, but we do ask you to help and or join in when you can. There are many guilds who will kick you out of the guild for not attending events such as World PvP and etc. We do not condone this, as everyone pays to have fun and play their game. If you're able to attend great, if not then no hard feelings, maybe next time. But when we do host World PvP events, we do require you to get on Teamspeak3 to follow directions and listen to targets being called out. Do we have any rules? Yes, we have a listing of rules on our website which is being created currently. However we keep it pretty simple, and most are as follows and keep in mind we do NOT tolerate the following: Trolling in general, in guild chat or trade chat, and etc. Racism, or racist jokes in and out of guild chat which also includes Teamspeak3, Curse and etc.. Spamming, no creating/starting drama, and we do not tolerate childish attacks of peoples Real Life. We have a 0 tolerance rule system and we only give warnings once. How can we join the guild? You can whisper anyone and ask for an officer. Only officers, and warlords can invite to either one of our guilds. Please keep in mind, each guild does a bit everything, however this is a quick list of what they do: Warsong Vanguard - Core WPvP/Rated PvP and 13/13 PvE Progression (Level 90s+ only accepted.) Warsong Cartel - Core WPvP/Rated PvP and 13/13 PvE Progression (Level 90s+ only accepted.)) The Warsong Offensive - This guild will mainly for leveling and returning players.) Bonus: We have an all stealth gank group within the guild. We send these people out to do impossible city kills on high ranking alliance players. This group is called The Wolf Pack. Here is a video of The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies, and more videos will be upload of them as 100s and so forth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diySVJZ-M40 - The Wolf Pack video intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyHItgjeGKw - The Wolf Pack goofing around as lowbies and etc. Or visit us at www.WarsongVanguard.com Cydelz365
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&lt;Relentless&gt; 5/13M NIGHT RAIDING GUILD <Relentless> (Est. May 24th, 2013) [5/13M] is a Area 52 Night raiding guild. Our raiding community consists mostly of working adults with a love for raiding. ♦♦♦ Progression ♦♦♦ 13/13N + 13/13H + 5/13M HFC ♦♦♦ Raid Time ♦♦♦ Friday/Saturday 10:00PM - 1:00AM EST---Eastern [Area 52 Server Time] 9:00PM - 12:00PM CST Central 7:00PM - 10:00PM PST---Pacific 8:00PM - 11:00PM MST---Mountain 12:00PM - 3:00PM (Next Day) AEST---Australia (Sydney) 2:00PM - 5:00PM (Next Day) NZST---New Zealand 11:00AM - 2:00PM (Next Day) JST---Japan 3:00AM - 6:00AM WET---Western Europe (UK) ♦♦♦ Recruitment Needs ♦♦♦ ALL exceptional players of any class and spec! Please do feel free to apply even if your classes/role are not listed. We are always looking for exceptional players and those who prove themselves capable will have a chance at core spot. ***Note: attendance is a big thing we look for in our recruits, so please make sure you can commit to our weekly raid schedule before applying!!! ♦♦♦ Classes/Specs Needed ♦♦♦ Dps, Melee primarily but don't be afraid to msg me if you're ranged. ♦♦♦ Raider Expectations ♦♦♦ - High Attendance with few exceptions. - High proficiency with your class and role. Know how to optimize your talents/rotation/spec on per encounter bases. - Excellent situation awareness. Doesn't tunnel or have bystander syndrome. - Fast learner, intelligent, and able to think on your feet. Capable of adjusting to pull situations accordingly. Good listener. - Progression mindset. Doesn't mind wiping on fights. Turn criticisms into actionable items and tries not to make the same mistakes twice. -Team player, mature, and drama free. Doesn't mind sitting out occasionally for the guild to achieve optimal composition for a kill. ♦♦♦ Loot System ♦♦♦ Primarily going to be Master Loot based on rolls unless it otherwise massively benefits the raid for a specific player to receive the item. ♦♦♦ Addons Required ♦♦♦ TS3, DBM, EPGP Exorsus Raid Tools. ♦♦♦ How to Apply ♦♦♦ To apply, please fill out an application at: http://relentless.wowlaunch.com/ You can also speak with one of our officers directly. If you have logs please also message me with a link to your previous raiding tiers logs. ♦♦♦ Contact ♦♦♦ Recruitment Officer: Fallscreek#1219 Thank you Córrupted1
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[H] Lucid Dream - Late Night Legion guild Thank you for your interest in Lucid Dream We are a tight knit group of individuals who play WoW for the love of pushing PVE content to its fullest extent. We recently moved servers and are looking to build a stronger player base with similar mindsets when it comes to clearing content. Our members dedicate their time to clear content pre-nerf, push server firsts and strive for upper US and World Rankings. We intend to make that happen every expansion. Our current members are highly experienced with previous double digit US rankings , many server firsts and current end tier mythic experience. We came together from different factions, servers, and time zones with the soul purpose of hitting Legion as hard as we possibly can and bringing our new, budding raid group together for the long haul of end tier legion content and all future expansions. If this kind of environment is the place for you, please read on. We value our members and expect them to portray our guild tag with the highest respect. We do not tolerate trolling and inappropriate behavior. Maturity is a must within Lucid Dream. Our members are expected to have a a thick hide to take criticism and the strive to be the best player of the classes you choose to play. All applicants striving for a raid spot are required to do their own research, maintain a proper raid set up and be raid ready with any consumables or equipment required for the fights. Raid Times: 11PM EST to 2AM EST Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Website: luciddreamgaming.enjin.com Please understand that ALL RAID SPOTS INSIDE LUCID DREAM ARE COMPETITIVE prior to applying. You must maintain your "A" game to maintain a progression spot inside Lucid Dream. We are currently looking for the remaining few to help fill out our main raid group for the first tier of Legion content. Current Recruitment Needs: Warlock (Any Spec)- High Rogue (Assas/Sub) - High Deathknight (Unholy/Frost) - High Mage (Any Spec) - High Priest (Shadow) - High Warrior (Prot /arms/Fury) - Low Demon Hunter - Low Paladin (Prot/ Ret/ Holy) - Low Hunter - (any) - Low Druid - Closed Shaman - Closed Monk - Closed If you are highly interested in our raid team but you do not see your class, you are more than welcome to fill out an application on our website or get into contact with any officers for any questions you may have. Lucid Dream is always recruiting high skilled and experienced players to fill our ranks no matter what class. If you are an old retired vet, can't make all the raid days but still want to see content or hang out with us because we seem like a good community fit for you, we do accept applications for Bench spots and casual positions. Our bench is a little different than most guilds and is NOT used as a dusty disciplinary timeout. For more information on these positions and what they incline, please visit our website listed above. Thank you again for your interest in Lucid Dream, for any questions please direct them to: Guild leader Poonezz#1718 Recruitment / Website Assistance Tiarette#1559 Ravenswing8
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[H] The Warsong Family LFM Rated PvP & PvE Greetings from The Warsong Family, Thank you for taking interest to review some information in regards to joining our family! Now, while I have you here let me breakdown some quick and short stuff of what we do together, what we require, what rules we follow, what add-ons we require and so on. Who are we? We are The Warsong Family. We're the originators of World PvP on Tichondrius. Over our time here, we've expanded to different aspects of the game such as Rated PvP, PvE Progression and other guild events. We're made up of 3 guilds due to the capacity our main guilds get on a daily basis. Regardless of which guild you’re in, we’re still under The Warsong Family’s flag and those guilds are: • Warsong Vanguard (Level 100’s only.) • Warsong Cartel (Level 85-100 only) • The Warsong Offensive (All levels welcome) You are more than welcome to join either guild upon being level 85+. If you're a new or returning player who will be leveling, you can join our leveling guild which is The Warsong Offensive and once you become 85+ you can apply to one of our other 2 main guilds. What rules do we have? We at The Warsong Family keep it very simple and plain. We do NOT tolerate the following: • Racism in guild chat, TeamSpeak or around other guild members and players. • Disrespect of officers, warlords or other high ranking members. • Chats about alcohol, substance abuse, etc. • Harassment of other guild members, players or people in general. What add-ons do we require? The following add-ons are required while joining our guild(s). The first two are urgently needed to keep in constant contact with our guild in case you’re being ganked, need help with pvp, raids, etc. Please keep in mind a working microphone/headset is needed to be apart of our guild so we can communicate easier in WPvP, Rated PvP or PvE raids. • Green Wall (This add-on merges all of our guild chats, so you can see what everyone is saying.) • Teamspeak 3 (This is our preferred method of voice communication.) • Battleground Targets • Healers Have To Die What events do we do and what’s our main focus for Legion? We’re always up to something in The Warsong Family. Whether it be Rated PvP, to progression PvE or World PvP, we always have groups ready to have fun and play with other awesome people. Our main focus in Legion will be Rated PvP and Progression PvE. We will continue our World PvP ventures however that will not be priority during schedules rated or progression events. We are pushing 5-6 RBG teams, hundreds of Arena comps and 1-2 progression raids to clear PvE content. We have big dreams to fulfill in Legion and with your help, we can make them come true! Also, for those who play other games, we also play Steam games, Xbox and PS4 games together! We have channels for all of those in our TS. We’re not only limited to WoW but we’ve expanded to other platforms as well! Who do we contact to join? You can contact any Warlord, Officer or the Guild Master himself if you need an invite to one of our guilds. But please keep in mind, before joining, we require you to join us on our Teamspeak so we can get to know you better and you can get to know us. Afterwards, we introduce you to all of the other members so you can get to know them. You may contact the people in order of rank or add us to battle tag: Guild Leader – Wreckmode (Wreckmode#1300) Co-GM – Inenta Co-GM – Elvengoddess Co-GM – Kushjuice Thank you for checking our WSV/WSC/WSO. We hope to see you soon! And if this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, give us a shout! Wreckmode3
[A] Genesis 13/13M - 2day/wk - LFM for Legion [A] Genesis of US-Tichondrius have currently finished progression and will be continuing to farm mounts until the expansion. (Archimonde + Blackhand) Our raid schedule is: Tuesday 6:00 - 9:30PST Thursday 6:00 - 9:30PST We will be going down to a 1 night a week schedule once Archimonde is on farm until Legion. (Currently we are one night a week - Tuesday) If you are looking for a mythic progression guild, but don't have the time to commit to 3+ days a week, we could be the right guild for you. We are looking for players with current mythic mode experience during actual progression, who knows their class very well and who comes prepared to raids with all the necessary gems/enchants etc. We also require at minimum, 725 ilvl with raid logs of your performance in Herioc HFC, preferably Mythic. We are currently recruiting these specific classes and specs: Ranged DPS - Mage Warlock Elemental Shaman Shadow Priest At this time we are looking for people for Legion (both for alternates and core), but would try to slot you in during farm night to trial you. We run a very small bench, so this is a good chance on a weekly basis to show us what you can do. This will allow us to gauge if you are the right fit for us and vis versa. We are fairly laid back guild whos goal first and foremost is to have fun with friends. At the same time, we take progression seriously. We have been raiding together for many years and plan to for many more. Our goal is to progress and clear as much as possible with the time we are allowed. Being on a two day raiding schedule means that we demand productivity. No room for lazy raiders. We expect you to come prepared for raid being properly informed and knowledgeable of what is to come. If you feel like you would be a good fit with our group, please feel free to submit an application on our forums at http://www.guildgenesis.net/ and/or add me on bnet @ edub#1360 We look forward to hearing from you. Knowledge15
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< Sons of Liberty > WPvP/PVP guild! Hello Tichondrius....Thank you for taking the time to come here. We want to focus primarily on WPvP and being as active as we possibly can in it so currently we do plan on holding guild RBG's but WPvP will always come first. PvE is not on our agenda. Dont get me wrong, we have members who regularly participate in these things, myself included, but the guild leadership will not be setting up events for them. As far as staying geared, its usually not a problem finding guild mates that want to do arenas, bgs or ashran groups. Guild leadership is divided among the two of us, the official guild leader Spincer, with my brother as Co-GM Lichthis, The rest of the leadership is made up of our officer core and great guild members. Guild repairs and bank access are based on rank, which is based strictly on WPvP participation. The people who participate the most in WPvP will be the ones reaping the rewards. But with legion on the rise we want to get players ready for WPvP and have fun also! ;) We do provide an environment that is relaxed and fun, but we want to be legit and good at what we do too. This being said, guild members are expected to follow simple directions during WPvP so that we can operate as a unit. Listening and following orders quickly are critical in our success during combat so we do expect all members to download and use Teamspeak during larger engagements. Very easy to do and effective! The ranks in our Guild are based on your Guild dedication and effort and you will be rewarded if you put the work into being a SoL member. Sons of liberty is more then a guild! Here we are famiily... Every single day we grow and we plan to move forward and bring our best to the field. We have a established core with alot of active players and we know how to have a good time.. Our guild foundation is built on family so there is alot of dedication and love for SoL. We also have tons of military people in our guild who have made their home here. If you are a vet or serving the US military we would love to have you here and join our guild. Any questions ask me in game :D Battletag SPENCER#1938 Spincer212
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Looking for a guild. New to the server I say I am looking for a guild, but the guild I am looking for is pretty specific. Allow me to elaborate. My wife and I used to be in the perfect guild. This guild started as strangers but ended as friends. We were on vent (back then) constantly. We got home from work, hopped into vent, and stayed there for hours until we called it a night. We raided. We raided all the time. We were in raids at least five times a week for a minimum four hours each. Between mains and alts, we were pushing constantly. We got "Firefighter" 10 man back in '09. It was amazing to play with talented guild mates. It was great. We pushed from BC all the way to mid LK before life crashed us all. I will never forget though the friends we made and the fun we had. We pvp'd. We had groups for whatever, constantly. If someone needed assistance, at any time there were several guildies on that would drop everything and lend a hand. We power leveled each others alts. We rescued each others lowbies from the gank-fest. We were always there for each other. Guild chat was "PG" because we had our kids in there. Vent though, was fair game. This guild taught me never to follow a vent link. I ended up on meat spin one night thanks to one guildie's link. Trust is overrated. We would drink and laugh at each others' stupidity. Drinking actually ended up a Friday night occasion for most of us. It was just as much tragic as it was beautiful. We all looked forward to it. Since then, my wife and I have been searching for that again. To be honest, the search for that holy grail has kept us playing this game long after. We have found many guilds but none have worked out. What we have found since has been: • Guilds asking for item levels that 90% of their members can't claim • Guilds requiring skill levels that are far above their average. • Guilds claiming activity levels that are non-existent Honestly, I don't think we are asking for much. We're just looking for normal adults to raid with. We have lives. We drink (sometimes heavily). We talk trash. We want to make the most of the limited free time we have. Because when it comes down to it, this is the hobby we have chosen. This is how we balance our hectic, neurotic, professional lives. I don't think that's too much to ask, but then again. Here we are, on another server, looking for another guild. What we are looking for: • Adult guild • Active VOIP • Talent (not hardcore, but talented. We have a daughter now so we can't raid 5 nights a week anymore.) •Late night active (we are AKDT so it's PST -1) It doesn't seem like much when you write it down, but it is deceptively hard to find. If this sounds like something your guild is like, please let me know and we can chat. Thank you for your time in reading this whole thing. Me: Mainly warrior tank for almost 10 years, give or take 2 years as fury. My wife: split between pally healer and hunter dps for the same. P.S. I have approximately one bottle of rum in me atm. TLDR: Guilds suck. Looking for Guild. PST. Antísocíal7
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Experienced raider looking for raiding guild Hello good sirs! Let me take a brief moment to introduce myself. I've been on Arthas since release, where most of my time was spent in the guild <TG>. TG was the top guild on Arthas since around the start of BC. We had the achievements of every server first boss up until MoP. including a top 14 Heroic Ragnaros kill. In WoD some of us came back after taking a break in MoP and we cleared through Blackrock at a semi decent pace. Up until that time I remained the #1 fury warrior on Arthas, from 2007-2014ish. Now that some background info has been laid out, I'd like to tell you what I'm looking for in a new guild! 1. I'm looking for a guild that does not raid a lot, I would even venture to say that I don't want to raid anything past heroic. Mythic is nice and all, however for me it tends to lead to me having to devote more time to this game than I should *cough cough, 70 hour raid weeks in cata*. 2-3 night a week raiding is prefered, That being said, I am open to joining a mythic guild, just not a top guild. 2. A guild that is willing to take me as I am now, my current gear is ilvl 701 with no HFC 4pc. So my dps is around 25% lower than that of someone with 4pc normal. I also have an equally geared disc priest and Mage. All my characters are currently on Arthas excluding my Mage which is on Ticho. 3. I'm looking to possibly tank in legion or sooner. for 8 years I've played fury, I think it's time for a change up! I'm looking to main a DH in Legion, however if required to play another class, fury warrior would be preferred. For those of you looking for the TL;DR version. Super hardcore fury warrior looking for semi casual raiding guild. Thanks for checking me out! :) Cramer3
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LF raiding guild or weekend guild (Horde) Hello Folks!! I'm looking to join ether a Late night raiding guild from 1030pm-when ever(M-F) or weekend raiding guild (pretty flexible on times there). Can even settle for a early morning raiding guild M-S. ( I'm currently working swing shift at work 130pm-10pm M-F) that's why the weird schedule. I'm a wow raid veteran from end of Vanilla and up through the end of MoP. I've done all raids in BC including BT and Sunwell Plateau as healer and tank(paladin) as well as all in Wotlk as heals(druid) roaming on into Cata as a guild MT(Paladin) and than into MoP (mage) only playing through early beginning of WoD before taking a break for the xpack. Returning towards the end of WoD just to level alts. Now returning to WoW for legion looking for a raiding guild to progress end game content with. Currently on horde side I'm trying to main Mage atm but also have a prot/holy pally that I am currently finishing off on leveling and also will be looking to play as well in legion. As you can see from a brief look into my WoW past I have much experience leading and learning raids/fights also a very devoted individual for showing up to raids on time ready to fight in order to progress into harder content and am definitely excited as well as willing to continue doing so through legion with a new guild and also looking to progress into mythic. Thank you for your time if you are a guild recruiting for legion reading this and is interested in recruiting a Ranged DPS(Mage) or healer/Tank(paladin) for legion please post here, I will be checking this post often. Shrimptaco2
9/13M <Transcendent> M Raiding Recruitment Transcendent is actively seeking dedicated raiders for current tier and Legion raiding. We are 9/13M currently. Realm: Tichondrius Faction: Horde Raid Times: PROGRESSION - Wednesday & Thursday 7-10 PST (Server Time) ***RAID DAYS ARE APT TO CHANGE DURING LEGION - TUESDAY WILL LIKELY BE ADDED TO OUR SCHEDULE. PRIORITY NEEDS: [If your class or role is not listed, feel free to apply. We will always make room for exceptional talent.] ALL RECRUITMENT IS CURRENTLY OPEN. YOU ARE FREE TO TRY FOR A SLOT. CURRENT RAID TIER COMBAT LOGS ARE NOT REQUIRED BUT ARE PREFERRED. Raid Style: Our raid is lead in a semi-hardcore format. Since this is a game, of course we want to enjoy our time but we also don't want to waste our time due to complacency. We strive for progression-mindedness within a lively atmosphere when it comes to raids and want nothing short of the best from our members. You will be expected to know your role and play your specialization(s) to the best of your ability. Yes, that means play a role if it is needed. It is understood that mistakes happen, but we expect improvement and the ability to acknowledge when you mess up. Those who are unable to see their flaws will never grow. Loot Distribution: Transcendent is currently distributing loot using a Main Spec over Off Spec. During Legion, we will be moving to a EP/GP format of loot management. Voice Communications? Teamspeak. We own a server. We try to keep it as active as we can, be it playing other games together or having unrelated chatter. It can get pretty scandalous in Teamspeak during casual hours, so thick skin is recommended. This is a mature community, after all. What can you expect from Transcendent? Strong relationships and friendship. Growth. Critique. We will constantly push you to improve. Fun-loving, humorous commentary. Mature environment.What do we expect from you? Dedication. I don't want you 2 hours a week. You need to be able to attend all days for the time stated. Have goals and reach them. Teachable; receptive of critique Ability and willingness to communicate. Come prepared. Want to improve. Be reliable. ************************************************************************************************************** If you consider yourself a competent raider and would like to progress through the best content this game has to offer, then we want you. Contact Us:[/b] If you are interested in joining or would like more information, feel free to contact the following officers via in-game mail or bnet message: seffaer#1807 (Myself, GM) / Ryneon-Tichondrius Greatlight-Tichondrius Heljin-Tichondrius ************************************************************************************************************** <Transcendent> Ryneon61
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