Aug 20 [H] Druid looking to Raid in Legion! Howdy! As the title says, I'm looking to raid in Legion. I don't have any Mythic experience, but I have been playing on and off since TBC, and I'm ready to make the jump into serious PvE for this xpac. I'm very willing to learn, and like to carry my own weight, but might need some direction here or there. I'm available to raid regularly Monday-Thursday after 5:00 Server Time (That's 7:00 CST for me), and can go pretty dang late. Weekends are spotty, but I'll often be around. I have the most experience healing, and a decent amount of rdps (mage) experience, but am more than happy to fill any role, and flexing when necessary. Have headset and Discord. Mature, social, helpful, looking to get better. :) I'll be checking this thread, but feel free to message me, BattleTag: WhyLater #1218.Weilder5 Aug 20
Aug 20 <BACKWOODS BOYS> Recruiting Backwoods boys is recruiting. Smoke them woods? Do you just enjoy herbalism in general? PST Ausoul in game for more information.Ausoul0 Aug 20
Aug 19 Looking for a guild. New to the server I say I am looking for a guild, but the guild I am looking for is pretty specific. Allow me to elaborate. My wife and I used to be in the perfect guild. This guild started as strangers but ended as friends. We were on vent (back then) constantly. We got home from work, hopped into vent, and stayed there for hours until we called it a night. We raided. We raided all the time. We were in raids at least five times a week for a minimum four hours each. Between mains and alts, we were pushing constantly. We got "Firefighter" 10 man back in '09. It was amazing to play with talented guild mates. It was great. We pushed from BC all the way to mid LK before life crashed us all. I will never forget though the friends we made and the fun we had. We pvp'd. We had groups for whatever, constantly. If someone needed assistance, at any time there were several guildies on that would drop everything and lend a hand. We power leveled each others alts. We rescued each others lowbies from the gank-fest. We were always there for each other. Guild chat was "PG" because we had our kids in there. Vent though, was fair game. This guild taught me never to follow a vent link. I ended up on meat spin one night thanks to one guildie's link. Trust is overrated. We would drink and laugh at each others' stupidity. Drinking actually ended up a Friday night occasion for most of us. It was just as much tragic as it was beautiful. We all looked forward to it. Since then, my wife and I have been searching for that again. To be honest, the search for that holy grail has kept us playing this game long after. We have found many guilds but none have worked out. What we have found since has been: • Guilds asking for item levels that 90% of their members can't claim • Guilds requiring skill levels that are far above their average. • Guilds claiming activity levels that are non-existent Honestly, I don't think we are asking for much. We're just looking for normal adults to raid with. We have lives. We drink (sometimes heavily). We talk trash. We want to make the most of the limited free time we have. Because when it comes down to it, this is the hobby we have chosen. This is how we balance our hectic, neurotic, professional lives. I don't think that's too much to ask, but then again. Here we are, on another server, looking for another guild. What we are looking for: • Adult guild • Active VOIP • Talent (not hardcore, but talented. We have a daughter now so we can't raid 5 nights a week anymore.) •Late night active (we are AKDT so it's PST -1) It doesn't seem like much when you write it down, but it is deceptively hard to find. If this sounds like something your guild is like, please let me know and we can chat. Thank you for your time in reading this whole thing. Me: Mainly warrior tank for almost 10 years, give or take 2 years as fury. My wife: split between pally healer and hunter dps for the same. P.S. I have approximately one bottle of rum in me atm. TLDR: Guilds suck. Looking for Guild. PST.Antísocíal9 Aug 19
Aug 19 Hello Tichondrius My cousin and I are tired of playing on our low population realm. We've been feeling like we've been missing out on something. We just made some new guys on this realm and we're probably going to use our Legion bonus insta 100 to start playing here. We checked out the guld finder and There was some guild called "Booty something." It stood out with it's funny name, so we were probably going to join it, but is there anyone out there that might need a couple druids to join you? I have a weird schedule but my cousin Vanbustruck works that normal weekday shift. We're pretty laid back and don't eat much, isn't there someone who will show us the way? Also, we're in no way used to playing Alliance, so this whole things going to be a new exciting adventure for us.Vanbuscar10 Aug 19
Aug 19 Resto Shaman LFG I haven't played since lich king and the guild I am in since vanilla died off. I am looking for an organized PVP/PVE guild for legion which will at least be trying all content. My play times are 8-11 MST depending on what we are doing.Mugánk3 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A] Looking for an active Guild I'm about to part ways with my current guild sadly, the activity is extremely low lately, and when theirs people on no ones even talking. I'll ask if people wanna run PvP, BG's and even Raids and literally don't get a response. I'm looking for a somewhat mature guild to grow into, and work my way up the ranks with. I have 3 level 100's I'd like to add to the guild if possible, and a level 70 Shadow Priest.. This class, a Assassination/Combat rogue, a 100 Feral Druid(Might switch to boomkin/Resto) and a 100 Fire mage. If you think I'd fit in either reply here or give me a shout on battlenet at Jewpac#11974. Take care everyone!Invisuality4 Aug 19
Aug 19 LF GUILD So, I just recently came back after about 2 years or so. I'm looking for a tight-knit group of fun players who like to PvE/PvP. It would be nice to make some friends to make the game a little more fun.Mayuki3 Aug 19
Aug 19 LF Guild Progression Horde or Alliance I'm looking for a guild to push content in Legion. My main is a Ilvl 745 resto druid hes currently on horde tich but can and will be switch if need be. I am an experienced Healeer got him to 745 without a guild this expansion i would like to be in an environment where im pushing my skills everyday why doing mythic dungeons & ETC please feel free to reach out to me I would love to tell you more DumperThump#1361Bkmoney3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Lf guild [A] Hi I am a looking for a guild currently as the title says. I am just looking for a chill group of players to play with and just have a great time. Feel free to send me a PM in game if I am online. :)Itsmedatboi1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Experienced Blood DK LF mythic guild Hello, a very brief summary of my experience. I've raided end-game content Vanilla - Cata on top 10 server guilds. Stopped PVE in MoP after the first tier and focused on PVP achieving 2300+ in multiple seasons on a multitude of classes in 3v3 and 5v5 and Grand Marshal in early MoP. Took a long break recently for a deployment but coming back to the game i want to focus on the PVE aspect of the game and preparing for the legion expansion.Yilly1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Arbiter - Mythic Raiding <Arbiter> Mythic Raiding Guild looking for people to fill our Legion Raiding roster. We're a dedicated and determined group of people. Prior raiding experience preferred but not necessary. Faction: Horde Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7-10 PST (Server Time) PRIORITY NEEDS: [If your class or role is not listed, feel free to apply. We will always make room for exceptional talent.] - 1 Tank - Sword and board preferred. - All Ranged Dps CURRENT RAID TIER COMBAT LOGS ARE NOT REQUIRED BUT ARE PREFERRED. Raid Style: Myself and the other officers are 10/13 Mythic Exp. We're here for progression and would want like-minded raiders. We are a fresh guild reformed from an old. Loot Distribution: Master loot during Pre-Patch. We will be implementing EP/GP come Launch. Voice Communications? Discord. We stay active in voice channel playing other games, Theorycrafting, discussing non-wow related business, or just having fun. We are a mature community (avg age 23) so please keep that in mind. What can you expect from Arbiter? -Strong relationships and friendship. -Growth. Critique. We will constantly push you to improve. What do we expect from you? -Dedication. -Teachable; receptive of critique -Ability and willingness to communicate. *If you match or exceed our standards as raider, then we want you. Contact Us:[/b] If you are interested in joining or would like more information, feel free to contact Myself (GM) or the following officers via in-game mail or bnet message: Loqki#1915 (Guild Master) Heljin/Xaathrael - Tichondrius Fel#11492 (Officer) Fellifel/Miic - Tichondrius Drplaynwatch#1757 (Raid Lead) Greatlight/Greatmorph - TichondriusHeljin8 Aug 19
Aug 19 Favorite Transmog Costumes Hey all, What's your favorite transmog costumes, and what are you looking forward to from Legion? Here is my all time favorite Leather set on my DH: http://imgur.com/a/oKFvWKezos0 Aug 19
Aug 19 [A] Deathwatch Hatchling Any guild here on Alliance have the Deathwatch Hatchling pet & doesn't mind inviting me into the guild to grab it? ThanksDano0 Aug 19
Aug 19 WTS Demon Hunter Names! I have Yolodemon, Demonyolo, Demonhunt, and Demontko for sale. All with the real letters no squiggly characters. Willing to negotiate on pricing because I need some gold for Legion!Rekliss2 Aug 19
Aug 19 LF Late Night Raiding Guild I am a resto shaman and I have mained this toon since WotLK my boyfriend plays a Prot Pally which he has mained since WotLK. We looking for a guild that raids on or after 10PM PST 12AM ST 1AM EST We were in a very competitive guild in Cataclysm and finished realm first Heroic DW. Once MOP launched we raided casually because the guild fell apart. We Cleared most of the heroic content while taking many breaks in that Expac. In this Expansion we have cleared everything on heroic. We are looking to get back into progressive raiding and mythic content. We are both great players and are looking for something long term. We would prefer to join a guild that has been around for awhile and has a strong core group. If you are what we are looking for please send me a message BananaPanda#1655 The shaman pictured is not the one I am applying for.Sunscreen0 Aug 19
Aug 19 [H][PvE]Pixelated is recruiting! Hello All, <Pixelated> is a returning guild that is looking to start raiding again in Legion. We're looking for dedicated individiuals who are competent in their class. We need players who take the time to look into their class and strive to be the best player they can be. We're a semi-hardcore guild. We raid 2 days a week, but we make the most of those 2 days. We also will raid on some Sundays or Mondays if people are on and willing to go, but those days are not required. Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday at 5:30 to 8:30 (Server/PST)[Required]. Sundays or Mondays at 5:30 to 8:30 (Server/PST)[Not Required] What do we need: DPS: Hunter, Mage and Warrior Healers: Monk We're always looking for exceptional players so feel free to message us if you're still interesed. What can you expect: Guild Repairs Guild Bank to help with Food/Potion Buffs A guild that aggressively progresses on a 2 raid day week A website that offers Videos/Strats/Raid Logs/Forums What do we expect: Come to every raid prepared. Review all the fights before we attempt (Videos posted on site). Achieve the best gear you can before the first raid (Don't expect to be carried). Learn from your mistakes. Voice Service: Discord. Why? Because an Officer can always be reached here so if you are going to be late you can send an Officer a message from the App/website letting them know. Also its a great place to post guild info/ screenshots/ off-topic / etc. Contact Us: GM: Splitix#1338 Website: pixelatedguild.comExitplan8 Aug 19
Aug 19 Late night raiding guild for legion howdy everyone, ret pally trying to find a late night raiding guild with times around 9-10 pm pst Ive been raiding for a decent amount of time, but took a break around the time brf came out ive also got really thick skin if that helpsZakarùm1 Aug 19
Aug 19 <Endless Pursuit> LF Raiders <Endless Pursuit> Is an alliance Guild LF a solid group of raiders!! Expectations of the Guild We expect people to be at the raids 80% of the time To be on time for raids though RL issues occur and we understand that. To be patient, flexible and mature over situation Drama free environment let the officers know if you have issues Times and Days Raid times are Set at 8Pm for our EST team 9pm for our PST team. EST are TBD, but PST will be T, W, TH. Guild Environment You can expect a group of 18+ players with different expansion experience. We have several returning players and some people who were heroic raiders in WOD. You can expect a patient and helpful group that enjoy each other company and many are RL friends. Our goal is to clear content while it is still relevant but not be total dicks. We would like to strive to beat things on heroic and maybe mythic but it wont be the end of our worlds and we wont be dicks if we dont clear things on mythic. We are a group that does more than just raid. You can expect RBGS, Mythic dungeons and plenty of other achievement or group work. We are not only raiders who want to break the faces of monsters but also a community who enjoy each others company. https://www.guilded.gg/#/teams/zMlvqoRJ/games/10800/home Alfaro#11593Alfaro0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Nerf or Nothing <NoN> Guild Recruitment Hello hello! We are a close group of friends who are looking to raid 2 days a week. We are raiding EST Tues&Thur 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm (5-8 pm server time). All are welcome but raiding spots will go to competent players but of course there is plenty of room! Apply here --> nerfornothing.shivtr.comRoidrat1 Aug 19
Aug 18 LF Full mythic clear of HFC LF Full mythic clear of HFC (including mount(s)) PST with price.Chelms0 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H]: Eclipsed the Heptalogy The quest for even more loot... Hello and welcome to the recruitment post for Eclipsed - Tichondrius - US - Horde. Brief Intro: Was "Started" in FFXI, in WoW Eclipsed has been around since mid Vanilla with varying degrees of success throughout. In legion we are shifting focus on players playstyles rather than our realm PvE rank (They've gone to plaid!... err causal...). Eclipsed "Environment" We are typically older (25+) with varying levels of available free times to devote to this game we, still... want to play. In Legion we are dropping Mythic raiding as a guild focus and switching to smaller groups or squads with not as strict of rules when it comes to skill. As long as your personality fits with the guild and are able to handle heroic raiding mechanics and/or at least middle of the pack pvp, then we probably have a squad for you. Disclaimer: Not everything will be pretty but we'll have fun doing it. Squads can be PvE or PvP focused but they will be the players with style of "endgame". (More specific squads possible in the future). To join some or all of the following must be true: I am looking for and am capable of PvP/PvE on par with the guilds environment and am not a douche. "The Squadless" we just like each other sooooooooooo much you'll sometimes carry me. (or you haven't picked a squad yet) "Altimusprime" I am an alt, dummy... "The Ringers" I am capable of PvP/PvE on par with the guilds focus but cannot commit to groups or schedules. Content: Player Scheduled (schedule varies), PvP: 2v2 & 3v3 Arenas, BGs, Tournaments, PvE: Social, Old Content, Leveling, Questing, 5m:H-M, R:N-H10+ "The Mahonys" Same as above + Content: Squad Scheduled (schedule varies), PvP: 2v2 & 3v3 Arenas, BGs PvE: 5m:M, R:H10+ "The Llamas" Same as the above+ Content: Guild scheduled (schedule consistent), PvP: BGs, PvE 5m:M, R:H10+ If you're interested in any or all of the above hit us up on our Discord: https://discord.gg/CdHSwpm or me up on my BTag: Bene#1343Benediction2 Aug 18
Aug 18 LF Alliance PvP Guild I've been playing my MM Hunter a lot since Legion Pre-Patch and I'm in love with Hunters again, and I wanted to transfer to Tichondrius because I have heard it's a really good Alliance PvP server from a lot of people. I'm switching because I want to start doing some real PvP again and I need a PvP guild. Can you guys suggest some of the good PvP guilds on Tich please? I would really appreciate it :)Ihuntyounow1 Aug 18
Aug 18 Return of a legend LF raiding Guild Sup yall is ya boy bahjira and today I want to tell you that I am offering my skills as a fury warrior to a guild that is/will have the patience and humiltiy to understand core gameplay of wow raiding (ie legion). Now about me Im a harcore raider back on TBC. Retired and went back to play wod. But alas wod was not appealing to me and left early. Now that the burning legion has returned. It is up to me and the rest of the crew to stop them (avenge king variann). If you are think your guild has the characteristics O mentioned, hit me up or add me on bnet. Together we will save azeroth togethet. For the alliance.Bahjira0 Aug 18
Aug 18 [H] <Atypical> | Now recruiting for legion. Top contending guild of Tichondrius, <Atypical> (11/13M) is reforming our raiding lineup for Legion from the ground up. We are looking for talented yet dedicated individiuals who look to get the most out of their class. You must be willing to learn and have the best attendence you possibly can. We are focused about progression, however, we also try to have some laughs and enjoy our raid times. The main core team requires serious players who are dedicated and willing to put in the necessary effort (and make all raid nights). While we’re happy to have anyone join the guild, you must meet the requirements below in order to become a part of the core team. We're very generous when it comes to helping out guild members and we all pitch in to get people what they need. Schedule: Sun / Tue / Thur | 6pm PST - 9pm PST Requirements: -Reliable attendance. -Deep understanding of your class and spec. We expect all raiders to research their stat priority, rotations, gems, etc. While this is a new Xpac this will be more appropriate with time. -A positive and perseverant attitude. Progression raiding takes time and wipes will happen. While it might get frustrating at times, we expect you to be able to control it and not take it out on your fellow raiders. Currently in search of high level healers! Posting logs from HFC is a bonus. Contact: If you have any questions, please contact: NoJay#1918 Quail#1772Yesjay16 Aug 18
Aug 18 Returning Player Considering Transfer Here Hello, I am a returning player for the upcoming Legion expansion and looking for a new (US) server to transfer to as it seems my current server is pretty dead and I'd like one with a medium-high to high population I think. I was hoping those who currently play on the server might be able to give me a little insight into it? - How's the horde/alliance balance ratio? (I'm Horde so I don't want a server that's 90% alliance) - How is the economy/availability of items on the AH? - Good server for both PvE and PvP (seems to be a popular PvP server from what I've looked at so far). I'm a somewhat casual player who enjoys PvE and PvP, but not looking to necessarily have a weekly raid/pvp schedule to commit to. Would this server be a good fit? Thanks to anyone who might be able to add some insight for me. :)Viskahn11 Aug 18
Aug 18 'Gank-a-lowbie Pwnesday.' It's been a while, but I'm back to ganking lowbie trash every Wednesday. Just a few selfies below, which you can also see here - https://twitter.com/OwlcapwnTV http://imgur.com/a/CkbW7 I'm really proud of the shots, but it's not easy getting the bodies to fall exactly where I want them, so I have to work around that. See, not only is the Horde terrible at every type of PVP, they can't even die in the right position. It's almost like they're trying to annoy me, and ruin my content.Owlcapwn2 Aug 18
Aug 18 Dragon Retribution Guild (Tichondrius) Tichondrius Guild- Dragon Retribution. Join our guild to become a part of the Dragon Retribution! When you first join you are a newborn drake. Later in your stay you become a training drake. Then you become the fury drake. Lastly after we see you have a lot of respect you will become a Battle drake. We do guild Raids, Roleplays, Dungeons, and PvP. Join our guild! Just whisper me for questions! Friend me also!Ensheaue0 Aug 18
Aug 17 LF Guild iLevel 710 Demon Hunter looking for a decent raiding guild for legion. It can be casual, just looking for a nice pve/raiding guild. Just Whisper me in game. (Copy paste this Mêrcý)Mêrcý1 Aug 17
Aug 17 Some beautiful scenery in Wow JK It's Cowcapwn taking out the trash: http://imgur.com/a/wkg0m Tanking Invasion Bosses on the graveyard..it's fun watching 40+ people rez and then die immediately. This is a great way to make friends, trust me. http://i.imgur.com/vveK8eJ.jpg What's worse than being ganked by a bear? Two bears obviously. http://imgur.com/a/GMNyl Smile for the camera! http://imgur.com/a/ilp2V Remember to follow me on Twitter cause I do follow back: https://twitter.com/TherealcowcapwnCowcapwn0 Aug 17
Aug 17 <Donut> Late Night Legion Raiding Donut is recruiting for Legion. We're a late-night semi-hardcore progression raiding guild, newly formed on Tichondrius. We're looking for other competent raiders to fill our ranks and clear mythic content on the upcoming expansion pack. <strong/> Raid Times: Wednesday & Saturday, 11:30pm - 2:00am A third day with the same times will more than likely be added on, possibly Tuesday. Roster: Tanks: -Drop (Brewmaster Monk) - Healers: -Skrypts (Priest) - DPS: -Infected (Demonhunter) - - - - - To apply please fill out the below form on the character that you want to join: Spec: Other classes willing to play: Raid exp: Voice chats available: About you:Drop5 Aug 17
Aug 17 LF PvP Guild Looking to server transfer over here with resto shaman and/or resto Druid looking to do RBGs and arenas don't care so much horde or allianceIycè1 Aug 17
Aug 17 LF Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild Been playing since Cata and have a friend who joined shortly after me. We are both looking for a guild come legion. We'd like a guild that focuses mainly on Raiding(2-3 times a week), Mythic+ and of course WPVP. Drop a comment and we can discuss some stuff, thanks!Kreandis3 Aug 17
Aug 17 DH Rank 1 All Star ATM Hello, I am currently the rank 1 All Star DH on warcraftlogs and I'm trying to get my stream out there. So if you would like to watch some DH raiding come legion just give me a follow at www.twitct.tv/hoodratqt http://imgur.com/a/l1snx The rank 1 all star screenshot http://imgur.com/a/imXXQ All my current and highest ranks Thanks for taking the time to read this!Starfoxx0 Aug 17
Aug 17 LF Guild (2 New Players) Couple looking for guild... we played back in 06 for like 6 months. Essentially we are new players, just looking for a fun casual guild to join.Rhyannon5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Dps/heals LF late night raid group Due to a recent job change, I am looking for a new group/guild to raid with. Preferred Raid Times: approximately 12am-3am EST, two to three times per week I am looking for a fun, yet serious guild that is planning on Heroic and some Mythic progression in Legion. Feel free to check my armory for a feel on my experience. I have been raiding on and off since the end of BC. I have a number of classes that I am willing to play in Legion, such as: shaman, paladin, priest, demon hunter, mage. I have max level toons on Thrall and Stormreaver for horde, and Sargeras for alliance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thanks! Bnet: Trixietotems#1494 Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Trixietotems/simpleTrixietotems3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Seeking Guild for Legion PVE Progression. Hello everyone I was very active in the beginning of WoD, progressing through HM, BRF and HFC. My main is Deophyte (A Resto Druid on this server) if you wish to see what I've done or whatnot. I had left prior to WoD, stopping my subscription back in WOTLK, where I hardcore raided as a Hunter. However, the reason I am here: I am looking for a PVE Progression guild for Legion. I will be playing this Monk here, as I love the class, and I am actually having FUN playing it. I have great focus, am reliable and always strive to excel at whatever class I am playing. I research for hours, and always take advice when it comes to perfecting and optimizing my performance in my role. I would be willing to raid 2-3 nights a week, and I promise you that if you grant me a core spot - that I will NEVER miss a raid. Show me what you've got Tichondrius!Brewdhism3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Looking For Late Night Raiding Guild Looking for late night raiding guild at least 10 pm starting time. Can play warrior, DK, shaman... (DPS).Tactik2 Aug 17
Aug 16 LF Ruin my level 81 !@# is still runnin around doin invasions at spawn, seen not one ruin... im so tasty! mmmmmmmm lowbie here come eat me daddy =D $%^-*ezz wont come...Manacreampie6 Aug 16
Aug 16 Comeback for Legion.Server change! Hi guys, I'm playing WoW since Vanilla. I played WoD but stopped 3-4 months ago. I just Re-activated my account and i'm looking to change server. I re-rolled Horde for WoD on Arthas server but now i'll comeback as Alliance because i didin't like Horde that much and i feel that i'm an alliance guy. -- I like the fact that a realm is ''active'' and there's action on it. -- I like both PvE ( End-game ) and PvP ( Maybye WPvP ) so i would like to find a good guild for that. -- I'm a 28y/o dude so i'd like to have a mature guild and all.. Would i be on the correct Realm? I'm waiting for all kind of answers! Thanks guys a lot guysHellwitcher1 Aug 16
Aug 16 [A] Healer looking for raiding guild. I have both a resto druid and resto shaman, I would be willing to raid on either. I'm looking for raids starting around 8pm pst. I have previous raid experience in BC and WOTLK. I am a quick learner and will try and mold to any raid group I am accepted into.Jelluh1 Aug 16
Aug 16 LFG(guild) Resto Shaman - out since Cata I know this is a long shot but figured id give it a go! See if anyone has any advice on guilds on tich... I previously was a "hardcore/elite" raider I guess you would call it back when I played. I had 6 toons I cleared all the heroic raids every week - ran sell/carries weekly. I have only ever played the game and been in a "top guild". Now i have been out for so long I know that is basically impossible (because i look like a scrub now since I've been out 2 expacs) which is totally understandable for guilds to feel this way about players that have been out. This obviously doesnt make me any less of a player I was back then - just lack the achvs basically for MOP/WOD. I currently intend on playing my resto shaman in Legion as it was the character i was always strongest at. (enhance OS). Guilds have changed so much since I've been out I am unsure where to look to apply(what guilds are good/ba etc) I do PVP also and I have pvp'd in legion slightly here the last couple months when I came back . I'm 2.2k exp on a warrior/resto druid. I am hoping to find a raiding guild that is more serious in their progression(push progression/heroic/mythics early on) . Also would consider just a PVP guild to hang out in until I find a fit for a PVE guild. If anyone knows any guilds that would maybe fit my match please let me know! I have several toons I could consider playing if a pve guild is interested. Resto Shaman(enh or ele os) Resto Druid(boom os) Warrior - dps/tank(most exp. as tank) Disc PriestSpankdatmnky3 Aug 16
Aug 16 LF Hardcore PVP guild! 10+ year Player. I have played Rogue since Vanilla Beta. Experience with High rated PVPReaperèss0 Aug 16
Aug 16 <Hold the Door> is LF Legion Raiders Guild: Hold the Door Website: http://htd.gamerlaunch.com/ Faction: Alliance Server: Tichondrius (PvP - PDT) Objective: PvE Progression Attitude: Semi-Casual, Friendly Raid Times: Tues/Thurs @ 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EST Progress: 12/13 Heroic (Archi down x3... we skip Ishkar) 'Sup? I'm here(GM Trissai) representing <Hold the Door> a relatively new guild looking for people to join our guild and our raiding team. We are a semi-casual progression guild dedicated to making raids fun and enjoyable while still downing bosses and clearing content. As a guild, we are serious about clearing content while maintaining an enthusiastic and helpful team environment. We are mostly interested in active, friendly players who use Mumble (our voice server). As the name suggests, a lot of us are fans of the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Most of us haven't read the books though, and being in the fandom is by no means a requirement of joining. Technically, I am the Guild Master, however our guild is controlled by a council of founding members, and we all take part in weekly discussions and vote on guild policies (link to source). All are welcome into the guild, however, we do ask more from those wishing to participate in our core raid team. We are currently planning on raiding Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 PM PDT/Server time (6:00 PM EST) during Legion, approximately three hours, till 6:00 PM PDT/Server time (9:00 PM EST). If you are interested in joining a new raiding guild and are willing to transfer to another server, or are already on Tichondrius, <Hold the Door> could be a good guild for you. What we want to know before inviting you... Character Name: The character you'd most likely join the guild with. If you have multiple characters you want to get into a guild, list them all. Character Class(es) & Spec(s): If you have a preference for which class/spec you want to play, let us know. Note that if you have a desire to Tank or Heal, you should be able to play an off-spec if we need you too. Current Server: If not Tichondrius, are you willing to transfer or boost a character onto Tichondrius? What are you waiting to see/find out before you do so? Item Level: We'll need to know what tier and level of raiding we can get you into right away. Our primary concern is whether or not you will be able to learn and follow a strategy, and adhere to fight mechanics, however, not what raid tier you are ready for right now. Activity Level: How active are you now and will you be more or less active for Legion? Do the raid times work for you? What days and times do you normally play? If you're interested, respond to this thread. You can also find out more and sign up on our website at http://htd.gamerlaunch.com/ . You can also contact myself or another officer through Battle-Net if we are online. Trissai - Flashy#1194 TooEasy - DurrackTu#1742 Vudu - Squishyteals#1959 Shvirgz - MightySaxon#1396 Lunalovejoy - fbzfbd#1719Shvirgle0 Aug 16
Aug 16 <Endless Pursuit> LF Semi Serious Raiders < Endless Pursuit >We are a guild that started about 2 months ago. Founded by players from different servers who rerolled from all over the place. Our count is up to around 97, but we are still looking for more core raid members for raiding. All levels of experience are welcomed but we are currently looking for more leaders for the Legion Expansion. Message Alfaro#11593 , We don't have raid times fully established atm because we want to figure out the main group and adjust to what works for them. We plan on having 2 tiers within the guild at least when it comes to raiding groups.Alfaro0 Aug 16
Aug 16 [H]<Obey The Void> LFM for Legion! <Obey The Void> is a fresh guild recruiting all active player types for LEGION. PvP/wPvP/PvE. We are looking for a mage to complete our 10m group. Come help us stop the Legion's invasion! New players welcome! Come hang out in Discord! If you have any questions, feel free to ask here in the forums or in-game! We look forward to hearing from you. -MindbendMindbend11 Aug 16
Aug 16 [H] MOD OR RIOT (PvE/PvP) About MOD OR RIOT is a casual guild recruiting people for PvP and raiding. We're a serious group of friends, but we like to have a good time while doing it. We've been playing the game since launch on and off but are going to be taking Legion fairly seriously. Raiding is our primary objective with battlegrounds coming as a close second. Furthermore, we don't plan to "just raid". We're looking to progress and take things seriously when it comes to getting the job done. We enjoy all aspects of the game and are in it for the long run, so here's what you can expect. Expectations As mentioned, we're a casual group of friends looking for more people to have a good time with us. Although we're casual, we expect everyone to bring their game faces to our raiding and PvP nights. We will be raiding at least 2 nights a week. Exact times and days are undecided until we have a full group established, but you expect it to be late night Pacific. We are looking for all classes and all roles at this time. We will have at least one night a week dedicated to battlegrounds. We are looking for all classes and all roles at this time. We use Discord for our communication. Please be willing to use this. We expect you to have and use a microphone. Buy one at Walmart for $1.99. Be sure to message one of the leaders in-game to get more details or an invite. We're looking to have a good time and hope you can join us! Kelvarus Tanili Dologarr Grefe Or just reply here! Thanks.Kelvarus0 Aug 16
Aug 15 Barbonesa This guy creates troll groups in the group finder for dread infiltrators. Just a friendly reminder that this guy is an !@#$%^-.Felgoris2 Aug 15
Aug 15 [H] Priest LF Raiding Guild Hi. I'm returning to WoW and I want to get back to hardcore raiding. I've been a player since Vanilla but didn't raid seriously til MoP. I generally parsed in the top 5% on heroic/mythic fights when I played as Shadow. I'm experienced at healing and plan to pick up Discipline as well. I'm looking for a guild that doesn't do progression on Thurs-Sat nights, since that's when I work. I'm available any time on the other days. I'd prefer a guild that uses Discord as their primary means of communication. I'd also prefer to stay on Tichondirus/Horde. My Battletag is Airhorn#1159. Please feel free to add/message me!Heegonetay0 Aug 15
Aug 15 Owlcapwn gets one shotted I've had lunchables give me more of a struggle. http://imgur.com/a/0QylB You can follow me on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/TherealcowcapwnCowcapwn2 Aug 15
Aug 15 LF Late Night Raid Guild I am a player returning with Legion planning to get back into raiding. Have been out of Raiding for awhile now. Last time in WoW was WotLK, but I raided after that through Greenscale's Blight, River of Souls, Hammerknell Fortress, Gilded Prophecy and Drowned Halls in RIFT as a class officer. I plan on playing a Shaman (Enhancement) for legion, but will have a Priest (Shadow), and Mage that I would be willing to play as well as I enjoy them, or Elemental Shaman and while I would prefer not to main it I would be willing to Resto Shaman on fights needing an extra healer. As for raid times, I can raid 3 nights a week. I can do Monday/Sundays any time, but every other day I can only be on between Midnight and 7am ESTT which is 9pm-4am server time. Even though I can only raid 3 nights a week, I do take it seriously when I do though, making sure to know the class, know the fight, etc. Please either message me in game on Kaileran, or reply/PM me here if you would be interested in having me in your guild.Kaileran0 Aug 15