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Jul 26 Australian Servers and FAQ We are pleased to announce that the upcoming deployment of Australian World of Warcraft game servers ahead of the games next expansion, Warlords of Draenor. This new infrastructure will support Australia and New Zealand and should provide a significant smoother gameplay experience for players in the region. Players currently on an Oceanic realm—Barthilas, Frostmourne, Thaurissan, Saurfang, Caelestrasz, Jubei'Thos, Khaz'goroth, Aman'Thul, Nagrand, Dath'Remar, Dreadmaul, and Gundrak—should automatically experience improved latency once the new game servers go live. To help those currently adventuring on North American realms, such as Blackrock and Proudmoore, optional free character and guild master realm transfers will be offered for a limited time. Q: What benefits will local game servers have for Australian and New Zealand World of Warcraft players? A: The introduction of World of Warcraft game servers hosted in Australia, which will support the Oceanic realms, should provide local Australian and New Zealand players with reduced latency, which should provide an improved gameplay experience as a result. Q: Where will the servers be physically located? A: The game servers will be hosted within an Australian data centre, ensuring Australian and New Zealand players receive the best possible latency. Q: Will I still be able to play with my friends who are on U.S. servers? A: Yes! Because the new Australian World of Warcraft game servers will continue to communicate with the existing North American hardware, players will still be able to play with friends on U.S game servers, just as they can today. They’ll still be able to use their Battle.net friends list to easily group up and chat, regardless of where they are playing. Q: Will the new game servers have any impact on my current characters? A: No! Because the local World of Warcraft game servers will replace the existing U.S.-based hardware which currently hosts the Oceanic realms, all individual characters, gold, and guilds already on an Oceanic realm will be unaffected. The introduction of Australian game servers will be completely invisible to players in the region, with the immediate benefit of providing greatly reduced latency; resulting in a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience. Q: When will local game servers be available? A: We’re aiming to have the new local World of Warcraft game servers available ahead of the release of the upcoming expansion, Warlords of Draenor, which will go on sale in Australia and New Zealand on November 13, 2014. An extended maintenance to the current Oceanic realms will be required in order to migrate player data to the new hardware. Servers will be taken offline on Tuesday October 28 with normal scheduled maintenance and we will have the new game servers online as soon as possible. Q: Will the new local game servers only be available to players who purchase World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, or will they also work for players without the expansion? A: While we’re excited for players to take on the Iron Horde and help repel the invasion of Azeroth in World of Warcraft’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, all players will be able to take advantage of the introduction of the new local game servers straight away. Optional character transfers will be made available for a limited time for those players who wish to play on the new Australian game servers, but who are not currently part of an Oceanic realm. Q: How will the character transfer process work? A: Once the new regional hardware comes online, players who are already on an Oceanic realm will not be required to take any action to move to an Australian server. Players who are currently on Oceanic or North American realms will be offered a two-week window to transfer their characters to one of the existing Oceanic realms. While players will be required to purchase a paid Character Transfer service for each character they wish to relocate, full refunds for each toon moved will be automatically processed and returned within 72 hours. This process will begin from 6:01PM AEDT Oct 29, 2014 and end at 6:59PM AEDT Nov 13, 2014. Players will still be able to transfer characters to Oceanic realms after this time, but associated server transfer costs will not be reimbursed. Please note that while Character Transfers and Guild Master Realm Transfers will be offered without charge, bundling additional services, such as a Faction Change to a Character Transfer or Guild Master Realm Transfer will mean the bundle is no longer eligible for refund. To ensure the cost of your Character Transfer service is returned, first move your character to an Oceanic realm and then initiate a separate faction, race or name change as desired.Watcher1194 Jul 26
Oct 5 ANZ Streamers & Content Creators We’re looking for talent from the ANZ region! Are you an avid WoW streamer or video creator from Australia or New Zealand? Looking to grow your community or just raise awareness about what you do? Then this thread is the place to share your details! Post links to your channel in this thread, along with a few reasons why people should drop by to check it out. Think about including some of the following details in your post: Type of content (Streamer/Pre-recorded content) If you’re a streamer, what are your usual play times? Level of experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Preferred class/spec A bit about yourselfTakralus23 Oct 5
Sep 7 Share Your Stories and Experiences! Do you have an interesting World of Warcraft-related real life story to share? Did you meet your partner through the game? Did WoW inspire you to head down a different career path? Did you make life-long friends on the other side of the world, or even in your own backyard? Share your stories and experiences with the community in this thread, and tell us how WoW changed your life.Takralus14 Sep 7
3h LF PLAYERS INTERESTED TO REROLL Hi! I'm looking for players active around 8pm (+8GMT) interested to reroll a new toon and level together. Plan is to get 5 players including myself covering tank, DPS and healer rolls and start leveling 1 to 15. We will then spam random dungeons together!! Reply me here if you are interested or looking for more info!!Huntter7 3h
3h Day and Night are Backwards I noticed this a long time ago and I'm sure you guys have too, but I'm just now making the complaint because I'm sick of nighttime in WoW. Daytime and nighttime in WoW are essentially the opposite of us in Australia. So when we play during the day, afternoon, and early night, it's always nighttime. I'm so over seeing nighttime constantly. The only way we get to see day is if we were to play between midnight and 6am. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume every server and realm go by one universal day/night cycle?, and that it's calibrated to mimic America? That's nice for you guys, but I would like to see day for once. Can we please get out own separate day and night cycle to suit us Oceanic players?Stabriel64 3h
4h Sick of Being Forced Into Oceanic Instances As a NA player, I really hate being forced to run with 200+ ping. With the introduction of Mythic+, I'm running more pugs than ever. The game becomes virtually unplayable as a melee with high haste, as you're effectively a GCD behind on your rotation and positioning. Another problem is the instability that comes with such a long distance connection; Oceanic instances have a much higher chance of intermittent lag compared to local instance servers. Is there an addon that flags Oceanic players, so I can kick or avoid them? Is there a workaround to guarantee a NA-based instance server? We tried passing party lead to a NA player, but were still stuck with an Oceanic instance.Breadfast17 4h
4h Frostmourne... yeah sucks to be horde There is no fun in 20 vs. 1 world PVP, and having 3min+ respawn timers doing world content just to finish one world quest is beyond a joke. If any other horde are in the same boat and sick to hell of the faction imbalance of this server (70/30 last check in favor of alliance, although it feels like 95/5 most the time) and are hoping for some free transfers to open up to make life happier again i have some bad news. I only post this because most times i am at a world quest i end up having a conversation with another solitary horde who is feeling the same and just over it, maybe this info will help others wondering what the deal is according to a GM. Conversation with GM > http://imgur.com/gallery/kP1Pv Key notes from this discussion - Bliz only monitor population, not faction balance - this means that even if a server was 100% one faction they wouldn't be worried. - We will never get free transfers off as horde, rather they will offer any horde stupid enough to leave their current server a free transfer to our hell. (or offer alliance a transfer off what must be pure bliss for them.. why would they leave?) - Unless we pay money for server changes (x10 toons.. not happening) or a faction change (yuck) our only FREE option for a chance at enjoying the content on a PVP server with a good population split is re-rolling on a different server. So either i spend more money on this game then i have already over the past 10 years or i just call it quits, I will be going with the latter unless things miraculously improve before the end of this moths sub.Sharteal49 4h
7h LGBT Guilds on Frostmourne Looking for one. Please let me know if you are part of, or know any :) Thanks!Iavana29 7h
7h Rp Realm needed for the Oceanic Community. As the title of the thread says... I think it's time that an Rp realm was added or at least officially designated for the Oceanic Realms. Maybe an RP PvE realm and an RP PvP realm just to even things out. It makes it difficult making events with guilds on the US Servers with the time differences But yes, I think it's time for at least one Oceanic RP realm to be designated. Officially.Adenan0 7h
7h Random terrible world latency, anyone? Have done speed tests and my home latency is stable, but world latency random shoots up over 400 with annoying frequency before settling 5-20 minutes later. Is this just me?Jyru8 7h
10h Shaman 3rd Relic I've done the 30wq's part of my quests and the other quest that accompanied it around the same time you receive it and now my artifact quest has just stopped. Am I missing something?Ziyizhang0 10h
10h Can we give Nomi a title? I must request that Nomi be titled "The burner of food", cause this fat bastard of a panda has ruined more food then vegetarians. I thought he was supposed to be a chef, or did he take cooking lessons from my Grandpa who thought there was only 2 spices, salt and pepper. At this rate I can only assume that the recipe for lean steak must require burnt food as an ingredient. Anyway can you either give him the title, or just make him increasingly fatter every time you give him food.Neurosurgeon8 10h
10h Legendaries The way the legendary system functions is ruining the entire experience of this xpac for me.. i want to be like "oh i dont need one it'll come when it comes" but watching people in my guild get their second, third and some of them fourth legendary.. im getting mad the DPS increase from some of these legendaries is INSANE.. i have been playing since day one of the xpac.. doing every box.. clearing normal/raid finder each week they have been out.. progressing through heroic.. running countless numbers of mythic +'s .. and i havent gotten a single one.. sure tell me im "QQing" while some people are running around with 2 legendaries equiped.. the fire mage in my guild is doing 750k single target sustained DPS with his 2 BiS legendaries.. tell me that isnt !@#$ed up i havent been this mad about a system in this game in along time.. if hey legendaries were just high Ilvl with the stats to show for it.. then fine.. but they arnt.. they are %^-*ing game changers for your specIvraanu11 10h
11h Ret Pallys I just love how dumb everyone is. Ret Pallys currently hold the #2 spot for dps if i'm not misinformed and yet people still refuse to invite them for lfg mythics. 1: they'll most likely pull top dps in group 2: they'll help healer keep everyone alive (good rets anyways) 3: survivability Unfortunatly you can't fix stupid, so rets will be left behind yet again. Thanks Blizzard for screwing pallys over in WoD and giving them a bad name for LegionMadmurdock1 11h
15h Ally/Horde Ratio? Hi Blizz, I know I'm going to get pummeled by players here, but whatever, and this has probably been covered already, but I haven't seen it, so whatever. What's up with the Alliance/Horde ratio on Oceanic servers? As in, every day, every contested area, it's at least 15:1 in favour of Horde? I can't do dailies, worlds, zone into portals, go to flight paths, gather, or just play in general without dying maybe twenty times per hour. I played yesterday on a six hour bender doing nothing but worlds and without a word of a lie, I didn't see a single other Ally player. Not once. I saw probably hundreds of Horde though. And I know what people are going to say... Gear up. Get better. Play better. Go to PvE. Group up. Blah blah. But I like PvP, and I like running on a PvP server solo like many others do. I shouldn't have to LFG to kill 15 harpies. And with regard to gear, it's impossible to gear up against a 5 to 1 gank, and that's literally how it is every fight. I can 1v1 and sometimes 2v1 no problem, but the second I start busting some faces, it's inevitable every time that another one, or two, or three Horde cruise along (you guys are like ants) and step in. gg. Or they just come at me straight up, 5 to 1. So what's up? Surely there's a way to balance this out? It really slows progress efficiency, not to mention the 300G repair bill every time I log, because I'm grossly outnumbered.Selexis8 15h
20h Change Realm from PVP to PVE. Nagrand? Hi, Want off Dreadmaul asap. Can't even do world quests now. ( playing holy priest makes it even more difficult). Something has changed in the last few days that has sent horde bonkers. Landing at a FP means insta death now for some reason. More horde servers cross joined? I dunno. What PVE server do you recommend ( Oceanic obviously ) and why? I've heard the population of Nagrand is pretty good.Stoneaid3 20h
1d Oceanic dead servers most oceanic servers feel dead now except for Frostmourne (Alliance), dear Bliz, can we have more merges like Gundrak Jubei'thos?? while LFG and battle.net friends has been amazing, I simply can't invite people to my guild for social purposes beyond the occasional Dungeon/Raid eventsYokuni3 1d
1d Frostmourne [A] <Rising Darkness> 1/7M LFM <Rising Darkness> is a Semi-Hardcore guild looking to further our mythic progression in legion and are looking for a few more ranged dps to Bolster our core team. We will consider all other melee dps. We currently have Heroic on farm and are 1/7 M. We take progression seriously and when it's time to get down to serious business we get things done. But we know when to relax and make fun of the guy who ate the cleave/breath/fell off the platform. We're aiming for constant, and swift improvement from our members and it shows in our performance, every night we see a noticeable increase in the quality of play from the team. We want excellent people to raid with, both in execution/skill and as quality people to spend our time with. If you're looking for a guild who will get things done quickly in a fun environment and is always striving to improve then Rising Darkness is the place for you. Willing to give any skilled dps a trial. Recruiting: Ranged DPS High Priority - Shadow Priest/Mage/Hunter Medium Priority - Boomkin /all melee Raid Times Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 8:00-11:00 Server Time Contact Redmicrowave - Redmicrowave#2739 Angryzz - Angryzz#1710 Lockspoons - Spoonsy#2873 Ropegang - Choonz#1211Angryzz4 1d
2d <Asperity> 2/7M Recruiting 1dps 1 Tank Hey Guys, Asperity is a pretty new guild - but formed from old friends and raiders alike - we are generally a friendly bunch but look up the meaning of the guild name too :) We are currently recruiting :- 1 Tank - Preferably a pally but any please apply 1 Ranged Dps - ( full time ) 1/2 Range/melee dps ( part time ) You will get runs mythic and heroic Also, any exceptional raiders will be accepted. Contact myself or Aizlin Barrowwind#1537 Aizlyn#1254Barrowwind0 2d
2d @Dev Dragon scales http://www.wowhead.com/spell=203576 Is dragon scales(Protection warrior Artifact Trait) still scales with haste? This is from Alpha/Beta when you decided to make the artifact trait to scale with haste. Dragon Scales is 0.85*Haste RPPM on Blocking. (Likely to change to a % chance when we get to tuning.) My question is does this trait still scales with haste and if so is there a future plan to change it to %Block chance?Achilles1 2d
2d Character Transfer US to OC I'm planning to transfer my 5 alts from US to OC 3 Ally in Frostmourne and 2 Horde in Barthilas. I want to know if the queue in dungeons,pvp and raid is good and does this two realms are active everyday and night? I want to know it so if its worth to buy character transfer or not.Saphiex0 2d
3d Philippines based guild? Anybody from Phils want to start from 1-90? Have fun turbo levelling our chars? Gimme a shout, let's choose a server and rule!Celinee14 3d
4d Legion experience Hi Oceanic General, So we're 1.5 months into Legion and I'm already finding my interest waning. Myself and my PvP guild were very excited for this RBG season, but we've found that there aren't any Aussie teams playing around our rating. We scheduled nights to play but find ourselves ping-ponged between 1500 teams (pugs) and the farm-all-night 2200+ teams. Last week we got the same 2200 team five times in a row. Legion actually offers very little outside of arena and questing. There is no WPvP zone, people are out in the world, but only to do a couple of WQs, it feels very hollow. There are no Alliance and Horde cities. There is nowhere to duel my friends, there is no social area. There's just nothing else to do. We did some dungeons & mythics but frankly PvE just isn't that fun after you've run through the dungeons once or twice. How's everyone else doing?Creeks2 4d
5d Barfailus is Dead for ally So after 4 or 5 years of not playing wow, I've come back for the new expansion. All my toons are on barth and so is my guild. Doing world quests as ally isn't fun at all. A 2min quest took me a hour today because i was constantly killed and camped by horde. The ratio of the server is 13 horde to 1 ally (total joke). Nearly every world quest i do there are 20 horde and im lucky to see 1 alliance. With the new system of grouping different realms you would think they would at least try balance it which is obv not the case and is becoming very painful. Im left with 2 options.. Pay a stupid amount of money to blizz to xfer all my toons to a different server. Or just quit again. At the rate barth is going there wont be any alliance left at all. Im all for pvp and getting killed but not by 20 horde and then camped.Mythundras26 5d
6d Unoffficial Oceanic RP Server? Is there an unofficial RP server for Oceania? I read around and I saw a couple people say Aman'thul but a lot of those were older posts. I wouldn't even mind just joining an RP guild on a PVE server or something.Malignivus0 6d
6d Thank you blizzard Hey blizz just wanted to give you a shout out for your nerf to BM hunter damage decreasing agility stat in pvp by 10%. I mean it makes me feel real good having given up raid viability by choosing bm instead of mm because i also liked to pvp. Like seriously there are way more picked and better specs in pvp than BM and blizz is leaving them untouched. Ty blizz for honoring your word that you would be buffing the poorest performing specs instead of nerfing the strong ones so no one would feel like they wasted their time and energy gearing up and grinding AP for a certain spec.Bigarms1 6d
6d Looking for a regular EN Pug group Long story short, i love my guild, i dont want to leave it. However, they raid before i am able to. I raided back in vanilla and BC but have come back for Legion and want to raid again. I can raid starting at about 8:15-8:30 PM PST almost every night. I prefer DPS but all 3 specs are all about the same gear level.Cambriellion0 6d
Oct 17 FriendshipLegion - Community Raids Starting Good Evening Everyone, For those that recall, I did a post about a month ago to give an update on FriendshipLegion community raids and a little bit of information on FriendshipMoose 2.0. I have finally finished the schedule for the community raids which will start this upcoming raid reset week. The idea of this was to evolve FriendshipMoose more and continue to still help the community, especially for those that need an extra hand when it comes to raids. These community raids will have a lower ilvl requirement to get into and will help teach people how the fights work and keep it in a laid back atmosphere. Not just myself, but FriendshipLegion as a guild wants to help you all have a positive experience with raiding without having to resort to buying runs for gear and/or experiencing negative situations in Warcraft. The raid schedule of these community runs are listed below: All times are in Eastern Monday - 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - WoW: FriendshipLegion/Community Raid Team Thursday - 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - WoW: FriendshipLegion/Community Raid Friday - 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM - WoW: FriendshipLegion/Community Raid Saturday - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM & 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM - WoW: FriendshipLegion/Community Raid Sunday - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM - WoW: FriendshipLegion/Community Raid FriendshipMoose 2.0 is still going to happen later down the road in Legion. Once Nighthold has been released, this will startup shortly. In the meantime, we are hoping to get more people in Emerald Nightmare and possibly the Trials of Valor as well. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information on these runs. I'm looking forward to helping the community again and bringing more positive interactivity within the World of Warcraft community.Zelse6 Oct 17
Oct 17 Mythic+ Blacklist .Flope0 Oct 17
Oct 17 [H] Elitist 7/7H Late Night Mythic Raiding <Elitist> is a guild of people looking to have fun while also progressing at a higher than average pace through current content. Elitist is a guild composed of many people with prior experience of hardcore progression in not only WoW, but other MMOs as well, and we are looking for dedicated raiders with a similar mindset. We are currently 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare, and looking for more members to push into mythic. Our raid core is composed of multiple people already who have prior top 5 server, top 100 US, and competitive PvP scores. We all have exceptional experience within the game, and want to combine it to push further into the game with a cohesive group that can buckle down and get things done, while still having fun. We already have precision down, with our group having parsed in the 99th percentile for execution of the fight, and we're looking forward to doing that in Mythic as well with you on our team. Currently Seeking: Melee DPS: - DK (high priority) - DH (med priority) - Ret paladin (high priority) - Any plate wearer with OS Tanks given higher priority over those without Ranged DPS: - Hunter (high priority) -Boomkin (high priority) - Spriest (high priority) Healers: -Holy/Disc priest -Resto druid - Holy paladin Exceptional applicants of any class or role will be happily accepted as well. Guild Info Server: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Voice Platform: TeamSpeak3 Loot System: Loot Council Raiding times: 14:00-17:30 Saturday/Sunday AEST (Server TIme) 9:00PM - 12:30AM Fri/Sat PST 12:00AM-3:30AM Sat/Sun EST What We're Looking for in Raiders - Dedicated raiders: Raiders who will do what it takes to understand their class, the game, the encounters, and those who are dedicated to the team and seeing it succeed. - Stable internet and computer: A DC'd or consistently lagging raider is a poor excuse for a raider. - Good etiquette: Don't be waving your e-peen in everyone's faces. Be on time for raid (pref ~15 minutes early). Be responsible for yourself and your actions. - Humble raiders: Accept criticism. Realize that your s*&t stinks just like everyone else's. Be willing to be there for others who were previously in your shoes. - Ability to have fun: That's what we're all here for, right? We are serious about progression, but in the off-time we're all joking and having a great time. We'd like to see people who can be in a similar environment. All exceptional players are more than welcome to add me for an interview. Looking forward to hearing from all applicants. That1MikeGuy#1191 is my btag, add it at any time.Zorade0 Oct 17
Oct 16 Pvp server with good balance of H/A? Hey guys, Is there any PVP servers with a decent balance of Horde and ally? I mostly play Ally but I do not want it to be completely dominated by either faction. I would have no idea as I have just started playing again. Any help would be great!Miltøn2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Moving to NZ, can I play in Stormrage? Hello, Like the title says, I'm moving to NZ and I wondered how's the ms latency over there when playing in Americas servers? I have lotso friends in Stormrage-US and I am worried that from NZ , I may not be able to play with them anymore due to high latency... NZ players usually pick SEA/EU servers when playing their games or USA servers are OK?Ahmandi7 Oct 16
Oct 16 Emerald Nightmare - A hidden boss!!!! Hello guys, please watch this video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA4Fu1XmjSA Does blizzard start hidden some bosses in raids ?!!!Fireman0 Oct 16
Oct 15 Average Age of Oceanic Players. Hi, I was curious as to what the Average age for an Oceanic WoW player was. So I have decided to start a thread where you can post your honest age and hopefully we can get a rough answer for this. I think it would be quite exciting to see what age group is playing WoW more. ThanksDahovikain458 Oct 15
Oct 15 H Caelestrasz (Hades)Perth Casual Guild Hi all Perth Based Horde Guild Hades is recruiting all, We are a very casual guild bunch vet Vanilla Players who have taken a step back and are mostly rl mates and are now looking for a good bunch of people who love the game but prioritize Life. Doing H's atm but would love to start a Mythic/Raiding Group when Numbers Permit. So if you're keen to hang with a good tight chill bunch of Adults get in contact with myself at @Arothoss#1722Arocaixs0 Oct 15
Oct 14 Oceanic RP Realm X-Post http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749087229 Are there any plans to open an RP Realm hosted in Sydney? Is this forum the best place for trying to make that happen, or should I use the in-game feedback function?Ljosalfr20 Oct 14
Oct 14 Faction Balance Across Oceanic (stale I know) What downs me out about this faction imbalance is that to the core id honestly consider myself a hordie at heart, the lore, the aesthetic, the races, all of it. But I know damn well the current situation of you poor bastards and getting your daily emissary quest/trying to summon at stones, so here I am, with my mates, all wishing we were horde but remain pidgeonholed here in order to do anything on a casual daily basis. Why not transfer? I can't budget a couple hundred to a videogame to transfer the amount of characters I like to play. So yes, sort this out, the lovelies at blizzard have enjoyed their CRZ (someone has to), so they may as well make a faction balancement out of it. 50/50 the ratio per zone, couldn't be that difficult. The franchise at it's core has always been the horde and alliance struggle. STRUGGLE. Right now I feel like I'm part of a bigger legion than anything Sargeras can shart out when I'm doing withered Jim and some poor sod Orc gets fustigated by enough unfocused alliance cleave and aoe to blot out the sun. Thanks for the read -A conceded hordieShadethi1 Oct 14
Oct 13 Recruit a friend! Found a friend already!Justingfun1 Oct 13
Oct 13 Roll Call: Where you hail from? Central Queensland checking in!Rivena391 Oct 13
Oct 13 Fix Orgrimmar - The Lag capital! Whats the deal? Orgrimmar has been lagging for almost every day for the past 2 weeks (especially on Khaz'goroth). Whats the deal? Takes a good 20-40 seconds to post an auction or even take something out of the bank, or even talk to a guard.... Any other Oceanic servers getting the same?Deathrowe2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Indonesia players - looking for help Hi All, I am in Jakarta for a few days for work and looking for help finding an internet cafe near by to play some wow. I am staying near this place (http://www.citywalksudirman.com//home/showlocation), as the traffic is pretty nuts here looking for something close by if possible. Thanks for your helpPositivity0 Oct 13
Oct 12 Quests for Rep i cannot find quests in stormheim to get the necessary rep needed to open world quests.. I over enthusiastically collected quests from all over the broken isles, and dumped most of them. stupid, I know, but my quest log got too full, and some of the quests I found were just irresistible. I am using my main Prudene, on Caelestrasz. fellow guildies have been really supportive, but have been unable to share their Stormheim quests as I am not eligible for them. is there some way to rectify this? I would be grateful for any positive advice. thank youDruihui0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Can I have some clarification? This is a warrior (dps) question. I don't seem to get into ANY Pre made groups. (Mythic dungeons mostly) I can get into them with any other class (In a damage spec) but as soon as I try warrior. No one takes me in. I'm 831 so correct ilvl for Mythic dungeons, I got Gold damage in the ring of Trails (Not like it matters that much) So I don't really understand the declines. Someone care to explain why the community segregates warriors? (This was a bit of a rant, and possibly not allowed on the forums but I had to let it out)Thaxor9 Oct 12
Oct 12 What days are blizzcon for aus Hey sorry if this has been answered had a quick look but couldnt see it. What dates and starting times are blizzcon in aus does anyone know.Ihealitank2 Oct 12
Oct 11 Frostmourne Alliance:Horde Ratio Hi everyone. Does anybody know the alliance:horde ratio in frostmourne? I feel as if there are a lot more alliance players compared to that of horde. Most resting zones i have observed within legion has like a ratio of like 8:1. (I'm actually not exaggerating.) I can't level without being ganked by a bunch of alliance players every 10-15 minutes. I would transfer to a pve server but i can't afford to dish out $25 for each of my characters. :(Elluin2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Oceanic Roleplay! A guild has emerged! So my friends and I decided to create a guild on Aman'Thul for Roleplay called iRoleplay. We had seen all the posts on the forums for people asking for some Oceanic Roleplay and we decided to do something about it! Since this forum is General Discussion we aren't going to post the ad here but feel free to Check out the Oceanic Guild recruitment page for more information or whisper Sieralyn or Miayshu in game! See you guys there! P.S; We have already had some great interest so its not all for nothing. We want to make this big and eventually expand into several guilds. If Blizz won't give us an Oceanic RP Server we will make one! At least that's the theory.Seiralyn32 Oct 11
Oct 11 LF 3s team LF 3s team, kickback just tryna push 2k rating, maybe get a serious 3s team going hit me up if you're down. Poetes#1668Zaviar0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Need a change Hiya friends, A friend of mine and I have been playing alliance on Saurfang for awhile now and we've gotten rather tired of alliance and would like to find a horde server. I'm aware the majority of realms where decent sized horde communities lay are on PvP and we're not opposed to that, just want to make sure there's a decent community, guild opportunities, functioning AH all those good things you want in a realm. Also we're pretty raid orientated, not so much PvP - though we can do it from time to time. Can anybody out there help, or even give us their two cents about servers they know? Thanks guys.Fabhorn1 Oct 11