Oceanic General Discussion

Sep 15 Mythic group every week. Need people that are interested in farming mythics until were done every week consistently If your interested in farming all the mythics in 1-2 days add my btag Mangos#11677 Be 835 + and Experienced Probably be after 5 pm server time during the weekends or later in the week after the mains have been done. We have 1x tank 1x dpsMangös1 Sep 15
Sep 14 Could not connect BN again? I really dont know wats going on here. This happens to me frequently these two days. Is there any bugs which need to be fixed? I have lots of quests to do. Really HURRY :(Ummage1 Sep 14
Sep 14 South East Asia Server Now that Oceanic server is now AUS i thnk blizz needs to create atleast ONE southeast asian server for us south east asia players cause we also wanted to feel the 40ms right guys? pls !!! pls pls plsplsplsplspslpslpsls :( its really unfair tho while i pvp i fight 40ms/ and me 200 ms when it was old oceanic we fight fairly with 200ms vs 200ms now its kinda hard :(Hyszkoa9 Sep 14
Sep 14 <PRISM> LGBT+friends guild raid recruit <PRISM> is an LGBT + friends guild on Khaz'Goroth. We're recruiting for raiding members. Thurs & Mon weekly 7.00pm-10.30 AEST. Specifically wanting Rogue, Hunter & Spriest but more welcome. Also open to more social members to join our active group. You don't have to be LGBT, but there will be a lot of talk revolving around genitals.ßjørn0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Legendary So I was just curious. How many of you have managed to get a legendary or do you know of someone who has one? Just wondering how rare these are.Mistiah11 Sep 14
Sep 13 Just logged in. I can log in now. 11:24pm Sydney time. Just in case anyone is hanging to play. Give it a shot.Lormaeus0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Frostmourne! Ready for queues ? Come 6 pm we'll have them for sure.Jezaa4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Legion Is Amazing Just sharing my thoughts, I finished the main quests of the four areas and I'm now in Suramar, I have played with proffessions and jumpe dinto dungeons. The areas look great and suramar is really well done, I think my favourite places would be Val'Sharah and Highmountain, those quests were great. This is my favourite expansion, I have played since just before BC however I was a child and my memories of it weren't so great, so I suppose it is a little biased, but from mists to now, really Legion is great. A lot of fun for me, personally. cheers Blizz.Aèria7 Sep 13
Sep 13 Class hall talents hey guys, So i was looking at the class hall talents and actually chose the wrong talent.. yes i can change it back but are class hall talents really that big of a deal? If so what talents are the best..? im basically just asking for an opinion on class hall talents to sum it up.Taniél1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Maintenance I was online until 5am PDT but the Maintenance stated it will start at 3am. Am I gonna lose the 2 hours progression~?Syllabéár1 Sep 13
Sep 12 Any... ...Hufty McGufty out there?Covey0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Terrible fps from over crowded areas. Is it just me or is everyone else getting terrible fps in ogrimar. I belive it's because of seeing ppl from other servers. I'm finding melself going as low as 40fps on ultra because there is like 50 ppl from barthilus i can see on a jubeithos server. I payed a lot of my money for my rig which is a core i5 6500 with a gtx 1070. I shouldnt have to have low fps so i can see some clown from another server that i will never have anything to do with. I understand why we have it for the legion invations but appart from that whats point. I mean so it looks like theres heaps of ppl on my server that i will have nothing to do with. It seems really dumb. I can't imagen what someone with a crap pc is going through. All for the sake of making places look populated. Anyone else agree that this should be removed from the game permanently.Tuténg0 Sep 12
Sep 12 Help: Error #132 (0x85100084) Hey guys! Recently there was a new Windows 10 update and a Wow update (about two days ago) after that I keep getting this error whenever I try to login. Anyone else had the same problem? Any tips would help, thanks. PS: I've already tried fix and repairing wow files, defragmenting my HD, clearing my addon folder.Amonredux5 Sep 12
Sep 12 cant connect to battlnet i`ve been playing this game since 2004. first time i`ve had major issues like this! Tracing route to us.battle.net [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 2 ms 2 ms 6 ms 2 110 ms * 86 ms 3 91 ms 101 ms 106 ms 4 91 ms 101 ms * bundle-ether4.ken-edge901.sydney.telstra.net [] 5 101 ms 89 ms 66 ms bundle-ether13.ken-core10.sydney.telstra.net [] 6 97 ms 97 ms 100 ms bundle-ether1.pad-gw11.sydney.telstra.net [] 7 88 ms 103 ms 111 ms bundle-ether1.sydp-core04.sydney.reach.com [] 8 232 ms 251 ms 235 ms i-22.tlot-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net [] 9 256 ms 199 ms 226 ms i-0-4-0-1.tlot02.bi.telstraglobal.net [] 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 there your tracert, timing out!. if you aussies are wondering why you cant connect, there you have it!. now me personally, i have stop my wow subs on both my accounts, as i can reach gw2 rift, wildstar etc basically every other online mmo except wow! (they are also free to play). get your act together blizzard this long term player is disgusted!Reaperau2 Sep 12
Sep 11 Terrible MS on US Bgs And i'm talking 5k+ ping. I was in a group of 3 and 2 of us had unplayable levels while the other person was fine which leads me to believe there is a routing issue. I'm with Telstra and from Melbourne if that helps but curious if anyone else has had this issue. And no it wasn't on my end .Hawkzee1 Sep 11
Sep 11 $70 AUD for Legion You have got to be kidding me Blizzard, you have just gave me a damn good reason not to play this game anymore. what a complete and utter rip off.Shedalandia132 Sep 11
Sep 10 Stuck on US server. Help?! Hi, I have been grouping with some friends on the Eredar server which also share with Gorefiend, Spinebreaker, and Wildhammer. While looting is quite slow etc I put up with it as I enjoy playing with friends. After a fairly good session of play they went to bed on I continued my adventures in broken isles solo. I have left party, logged on different characters, exited game, etc yet nothing I do will allow me to leave the Eredar, Gorefiend, Spinebreaker, and Wildhammer cluster when I am in Stormheim. I havent tested other zones besides Dalaran, which seems fine however whenever I go back to Stormheim my latency jumps up and I see players from the above servers despite not being in any group at all. It has been a couple of hours since I have stopped playing with my friends however this problem is persisting. I could use some help because I don't want to be on a US server when I am solo. EDIT: After trying numerous things like inviting other people to party, logging off and on numerous times. Flying everywhere, the issue has seemed to resolved itself. While that is great there is obviously an issue that needs to be looked into of somehow getting stuck onto US servers.Ampz2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Oceanic Server Only PvP Option With the introduction of Oceanic servers Australians and New Zealanders can finally have the opportunity to experience the game in the way it was designed, with low latency. Unfortunately the way the PvP queue is structured is that we can end up playing against players on US servers and brings our latency back to 180-250. This is a large disadvantage for Oceanic players that are finally afforded the opportunity to play melee classes competitively without having to run through your opponent to attack. I propose that all oceanic servers have the option of only queuing against other Oceanic servers so that we can truly enjoy the servers that are costing Blizzard a lot of money and that we have petitioned for since release.Treatzy173 Sep 10
Sep 9 Oceanic realms all connected? Did I miss the announcement but it seems all the PVE oceanic realms are now connected? Or are they just crossed realm and main cities are now just include in the cross realm status?Rommee7 Sep 9
Sep 7 Legion companion app broken for oceanic Anyone else not able to load their characters in the legion companion app? Every oceanic player I've talked to seems to have the same issue - we can select our characters but the app instantly returns to the home screen.Ghostmourne14 Sep 7
Sep 7 anyone notice the game always put us in US server (dungeon/bg) we have to play with 200ms+ :(Dhop2 Sep 7
Sep 6 ANZ Questions for Celestalon & Gen St-Michel Hi all, We know that not everyone can be at the Legion Invasion celebration we are holding this Thursday in Melbourne, but you still have a opportunity to be part of the experience! We will be sitting down with Chadd "Celestalon" Nervig and 3D Artist Gen St-Michel later this week to ask them any questions you may have. For the most interesting question, we may even be able to find a little something from our loot chest that we will post out to you. Just for those living in Australia/New Zealand of course! I'll transcribe some of the more interesting questions next week and will post them below. So fire away, we want to ask Chadd and Gen your questions!Arcagnion28 Sep 6
Sep 6 WW Monk Roll/FSK Bugged Hundreds of posts/reports later and we still hear nothing... Roll, Flying Serpent Kick etc - the things we need to survive, are bugged.. 50% of the time we hit an invisible wall... PLEASE fix this... at least respond and tell us you know about it... Talk about garbage customer service..Sweetcrits1 Sep 6
Sep 5 Wrong end of the knife When I got to kill Feorias he is stunned and you cannot kill him is it a bug or is there a trick to killing him help plsHumblehunter1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Day/night cycle? I'm East Coast Australian and I play on Saurfang. It's currently just after 11pm here and it's broad daylight in Elwynn Forest? Is there something up with the day/night cycle on Oceanic? Even with CRZ, surely we should get night... at night.Muel8 Sep 5
Sep 5 Fury Warrior Anyone else having a rough time with fury?? Our damage is kinda low and 30% damage while enraged penalty seems absurd. Check the warrior forums and see the amount of people calling on these issues.Metalliica1 Sep 5
Sep 3 DDoS August 31 until September 3rd - I couldn't access battle.net forums , couldn't log into battle net, couldn't play WoW. I am no idiot, I have followed and carried out all the troubleshooting tips and the news about the DDoS. I tried to get someone on the twitter feed to give me some help or information, but no luck. I've no idea what those that got replies did to warrant them, maybe it was sheer luck? I think there were many in the world (not just oceanic region) who were locked out for over 48hrs too. Not nice. I play for fun, not to become well versed in the innards of Windows 10, the psychology of DDoSers and a paraphernalia of stuff that should not be necessary. No Blizzard technician will read this. I will not play this game again.Frøme0 Sep 3
Sep 3 Gaming locations Sunshine Coast Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas of any gaming cafes etc on the Sunshine Coast where I can log on and play. On holiday and have a (rare) full day to myself.Painadin1 Sep 3
Sep 2 returning player Hi all, just got back into this game and wanted to know which guild i can join. There server i'm playing Dath'remar who can help me with my mage build and gears and can help me gear up as wellGraewarrior0 Sep 2
Sep 2 Looking for some people to level with Hey guys, just created an alt. it will be a resto druid looking for some people to level with through till 110. Im going to be playing quite a bit this weekend so only looking for people that can put in some hours :) Chappy#1901Chaappy0 Sep 2
Sep 1 Timer for Aussies (Sydney) Countdown for legion 5:01pm 30th of aug http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20160830T1701&p0=240&msg=Legion+WoW+US+launch&font=cursiveDrakreap1 Sep 1
Aug 31 bad connection having been disconnect from server several times and it shows cannot connect to server after the loading screen, help! My internet connection should be fine since i have been keep checking if i can refresh my website. There must be some issue with the serverAsepa1 Aug 31
Aug 31 Oceanic Arena and BG ping To experienced PVPers, what % of the time would you say we get put on lower ping OZ servers for Arena and BGs respectively? Trying to pick a class for pvp but will not go with melee if we get put on US servers a majority of the time Thanks in advance, appreciate the advice!Marionette0 Aug 31
Aug 30 Forming an Oceanic Day Time Raiding Guild. As the topic suggests, I am trying to form an oceanic Day Time raiding guild. I work nights, so can only play during the day. I assume there would be at least 9 other people in the same boat. So lets get together and stab some stuff with the pointy end of our swords. Can add me on Bnet -> Cornellious#1289Daltón2 Aug 30
Aug 30 Free Moose Run Tonight ! 16750 263 posts 1 hour ago 3 Hello friends. To celebrate over 4000 people obtaining their moose through our sale group and my 300th Archimonde Kill we are doing 1 free moose run between 8 and 8:30 pm server time (Oceanic GMT +10 - [roughly 1 hour from time of post]) for the Alliance ! Please leave your battletag here and after double checking that you indeed do not have the Moose I will add you and invite you for the run. Note# Applicants are chosen at my disgression Only for those who do not have the mount Any level 100 Character welcome No item level or experience requirements.Jidai3 Aug 30
Aug 30 Perth Players Legion comes out 3pm today just letting you know! People where getting comfused.Twosword3 Aug 30
Aug 30 We get the better time for xpac releases 5pm is a great time. We've had time to get home from work/school whatever, relax a bit and then kick back for an evening of new gameplay. Sounds better than having to wait up till midnight before getting a taste. Must suck to be on the other side of the Pacific ;)Onshu2 Aug 30
Aug 29 Auckland WOW Players Hi, I recently started playing WOW as a newcomer. I need someones help to know where, how, and what to do in wow. I have a account boosted to lvl 100. If you can help me i can pay you $3 per hour for help. Contact me on (skinny mobile) 020 40 68 03 28 ThanksNastalivan4 Aug 29
Aug 29 Legion release in Australia? Hi, Could any GM please confirm for us Australians what time legion will be released for us? i put in a ticket a week ago and got a "we dont have a time" response. Im hoping that 1 day before expansion you can give us an accurate day/times in order to put in for time off work and prepare the snacks? Thanks!Sinzzs3 Aug 29
Aug 29 What time in NZ/AU will Legion be open? Can someone please clarify what the title says for me and others if they're un aware; Thanks in advance!Zyrox28 Aug 29
Aug 28 Disperse: Legion Rank 1 Spriest Arena Video http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=246802 Part 1 3v3: @0:00 Part 2 2v2: @11:16 Tracklist: @29:42 This Shadow Priest arena video showcases the new PvP and normal talents Spriest's have acquired in the upcoming Legion expansion in 2v2, 3v3, and 1v1 arenas. More specifically, the video consists of LEGENDARY Void Torrent, Mind Bomb, Shadow Crash , Void Form, Void Shield, Void Shift, etc. *WCM stream is 2 minutes longer than Youtube link, so I added an extra youtube video link of the missing clip.* -No confusing macros, add ons, or communication used. -Expect some mistakes, as it is beta realms and everyone is new to the game essentially. PvP Honor Talents- http://www.wowhead.com/talent-pvp/priest/shadow/Jms Talents- http://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/priest/shadow/MpP0Disperseog2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Which PVE Server is best for Alliance? Hello, Returning player, coming back to the game for legion. Was wondering, what is the best PVE server for alliance? I am looking for a social friendly community with a good Auction House for gatherers. SirlankyLankyhealyou2 Aug 28
Aug 28 looking for guild Hi, i havent played for a long time. Looking for a friendly drama free guild, maybe with a few older people in it. I've been playing wow on and off since the start of BC but I've lost contact with people I once played with. I'm happy to change servers or even factions. ThanksBarelynuf4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Legion Launch 24hr Party Come join in the fun at Lanworld Rockingham u8/20 Merchant Drive, Rockingham, WA 6168. Lanworld is running a Legion Launch party with 24hr passes for $35. 12pm Tuesday 30th to 12pm Wednesday 31st. Prizes to be won, fun to be had. Must have your own WOW account. Use lanworld's booking system to secure your computer and go into a draw to win our major prize valued over $400.00*Condition Apply http://www.supersaas.com/schedule/lanworld/Computers or visit Lanworld Rockingham on Facebook. For more info call 08 9528 3930Danvamphunt1 Aug 28
Aug 28 lf 2400 rogue for rbg team [H] <Pilots Only> Barthilas recruiting 2.2k+players for legion we are in need of a 2400+xp rogue for main team main team is all 2300+ xp with a few of us 2700+ will be pushing hero and high warlord next season hit me up on btag Singleton#11150 and as usual currently looking for exceptional players from all classes for rbg's next season for our second team, and arena'sDeceivezlol1 Aug 28
Aug 28 Is it fine to never raid? I work at night so I can only play in the day. Anyone know of any guild on Frostmourne Alliance that raid in the day?Devodil6 Aug 28
Aug 27 EB Games releasing Legion on Monday https://scontent-syd1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/14102589_1178653828839632_5343009932887281252_n.jpg?oh=9d04ec0830a5fb10c1a2fb91556fe4bb&oe=584226D9 SO if you have hard copy go pick it up on monday and play DH before launch <3Drakreap1 Aug 27
Aug 27 WTB - Felsteel Annihilator Just returned to Legion after a long break. Am looking for a Archi carry (Mythic), specifically for the Felsteel Annihilator. Battletag : Seratul#11117Seratul2 Aug 27
Aug 26 FriendshipMoose Update-Free H Archimonde Good Morning Everyone, Total US-Alliance Runs Completed: 548 Total US-Horde Runs Completed: 358 Total EU-Alliance Runs Completed: 53 Total EU-Horde Runs Completed: Unknown Total Runs Between US/EU Alliance & Horde: 989 Moose Mounts Obtained US-Alliance: 6,168 Moose Mounts Obtained US-Horde: 4,182 Moose Mounts Obtained EU-Alliance: 245 Moose Mounts Obtained EU-Horde: 207 Total Moose Mounts Obtained Between US/EU Alliance & Horde: 10,802 24 hour final FriendshipMoose run on 8/27 - 12 AM - 12 AM EDT My name is Zelse and I am someone who enjoys to helping online gaming communities. Some of you might know me from OpenRaid. I helped 1000's of people through OpenRaid get their achievements, experience content, and/or got them a mount. Some may know me for Diablo Season 4, where I power leveled people to 70 for the HOTS mount. I have returned to WoW recently and have decided to extend my hand at helping again by helping the US-Alliance community in getting their Heroic Archimonde kill for the moose mount. With that being said, I will be assisting the US-Alliance side with their mount runs, with at least one run a week. I will probably do an average of 2-3 a week; however, this will be dependent on how many helpers I have. These will not always be a 1 shot type of raid and may require some progression. The run will consist of a few carry's (1-3 under the ilvl), raiders that have the ilvl/experience. but maybe not a kill, and carriers (Those of us that are overgeared). People just need to be aware that it might take a couple of pulls to get everything to click together. Let's be there for one another and help everyone out that would like a moose! And of course... FOR THE ALLIANCE :). friendshipmoose.com has been updated to show when the next run will be along with US-Horde runs and even both EU-Alliance & Horde!. If you need to message me, please do so on Twitter instead of Twitch. It is much easier for me - @Zelse007. Offering me gold or money for a spot is frowned upon. Please do not act entitled that you should go because of x, y, or z. These are free runs and I will do my best to get people in as I can. Yes Mumble is required :) Yes the runs are free! :) You're not required to follow me on twitch.tv/zelse007 to get into the runs. Followers are definitely appreciated if you enjoy the stream and what I do. I randomly select people on the stream to get into these runsZelse110 Aug 26
Aug 26 Being taged pvp in an Invasion I now no longer wish to do invasions since i have been pvp targeted and killed multiple times by alliance players while the invasion is occurring. NON PVP server NON PVP setting means I don't want and should NEVER be targeted by pvp. Players reported.Katnema6 Aug 26